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栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201605/431375You just look fantastic. Oh, well, thank you.你看上去很棒 哦 是么 谢谢Thank you. You look so good.谢谢你 你看上去很好Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.谢谢 谢谢 谢谢 谢谢Now, I have not been back since从八月份节目开播以后uh, I I started the show I guess back in August,额 我就没有回去过so I haven#39;t been, uh, up north lately,所以我最近没 额 北上去but we are neighbors and you have brought me vegetable once.但是我们是邻居 你曾经带给我蔬菜 就一次Actually, a couple of times. No, twice, twice. Okay, thank you. Twice.事实上 不止一次 哦对 两次 是两次 没错 谢谢 两次You missed that time. No, twice.你忘了那一次 不 两次But now, I know you have a big garden.但是现在 我知道你有一个很大的花园I know you have an overflow.我知道你大丰收What don#39;t I get more? Because--为什么我没有收到更多?因为And see, you see how you just forgot然后你看 你看你忘了that I actually bought it the second time?我其实给你送过两次Uh-huh. It#39;s because when--when I brought that big basket in--额 对 因为 当 当我带着那个大篮子去给你的时候Uh-huh. And you said, ;What am I supposed to do with this?;嗯 你说“我要拿这些怎么办?”Oh, no I didn#39;t. Yeah, you did.哦 不 我这么说了么 是的 你说了You said, ;What am I supposed to do with this?;你说 “我要拿这些蔬菜怎么办?”because you--you know, I decided you don#39;t cook--you don#39;t cook. No.因为你 你知道么 我知道了你不做饭 你不做饭 不做And you are-- you do not get as excited about basil as I do.然后你 你不会像我这样对香料很感兴趣I get-I get really excited about basil, and keeping the basil, so--我对 我对香料很感兴趣 种植香料 所以I decided I would just give the vegetables to other people. Aw, no.我决定把这些菜给别人 哦 不I would give the vegetables to other people.我宁可把菜给别人Now, you all don#39;t know this, or maybe you do,所以你们不理解 你可能知道that Ellen gave me an apple tree for my birthday. Yup. Yes.艾伦在我生日的时候送了我一棵苹果树 是哒 没错Which is now bearing fruit. I thought to bring you the fruit--这棵树现在结果了 我想过给你带点果实But? I thought better of it. Oh, no.但是?我想到更好的主意 哦 不They#39;re my apples! I said, ;I#39;m not bringing her those apples.;这是我的苹果! 我说“我不给她带苹果”#39;Cause, first of all, Stedman loves apple pie, and we can just use the apples因为 最重要的是 斯特曼喜欢苹果派 所以我们决定用这些苹果for people who want to use the apples, #39;cause--给那些想要用苹果烹饪的人 因为Well, I want-I#39;ll come over for apple pie and have it with Stedman. Okay.好吧 我想 我会来吃苹果派的 然后和斯特丹一起分享 好的I thought-I thought you would, like, feed the apples to your horses or something.我猜 我曾经猜你会 比如用苹果喂马之类的Well, uh, Portia would definitely do that,这个么 额 波西娅肯定会这么做but there#39;s nothing wrong with that either.但是这样也没什么错Are the big apples? Are they tiny?那些苹果大么 还是很小的那种They#39;re not tiny. They#39;re not the little cranberry-No, they#39;re not that.它们不小 不小 不是那种小浆果一样…不是 不是那样的They#39;re not tiny. I should have brought them. I should have sent-I was gonna--它们不小 我应该给你带点的 我应该送 我本来准备while I was passing them this morning,当我早上分发苹果的时候I thought to take a photo-Yeah. And then, I#39;m not--我想过拍张照 是么 然后 我没有拍You have the most amazing property你有着最令人惊奇的财产and the most amazing trees and that#39;s why最令人惊讶的树 这也是我I gave you a tree #39;cause I know you love trees.送你树的原因 因为我知道你爱树Yes. But really, you have a magnificent-Well, you know,是的 但是真的 你有着壮观的… 嗯 你知道having that property was a dream of mine.拥有这样一片土地是我的梦想I remember when I was doing ;The Color Purple.;我还记得当我还在拍《紫色》时That#39;s where I sit. Is that my--oh, that#39;s my favorite tree on the property.我就坐在那里 那是我……哦 这是我花园里最爱的一棵树Um, we call that the promised land tree.嗯 我们叫它 应许之树So I I have, you know-I remember when I used to go to church with my father on Sundays.所以我 你知道么 我记得 小时候跟我爸爸一起去教堂做礼拜He had a big, green 1958 Oldsmobile.他那时候开着一辆大的绿色的1958通用汽车and we would drive through the rich people--rich white people#39;s neighborhood.我们会从有钱人旁边开过 有钱的白人邻居After church-- anybody, any black people ever do this--礼拜后…任何人 任何黑人也这样做过么drive through the rich white people#39;s neighborhood?从有钱的白人邻居家旁边开过?And you would--you would look at the houses--然后你会 你就会看着她们的房子I would drive through rich, white people#39;s neighborhoods.我会从有钱的白人邻居旁开过We drive through the rich, white people#39;s neighborhood--我们从富有的白人邻居旁开过I was poor. And you#39;d look at all--look at the houses. And I would dream about我小时候也很穷 然后你就看着 看着这些房子 你就会梦想a house that I could own one day or possibly live in one day.我将来要拥有或者住的一栋房子And all the houses that I loved were surrounded by lots of trees.然后我爱的所有房子都被一大堆树包围着So I, in my mind, measured wealth with trees.所以我 在我心目中 我用树来衡量财富So the more trees you have, the wealthier you are.所以你有越多的树 代表你越有钱And I do believe I won. Yeah. I think I won. I think-- Yeah. I think you won.所以我相信我赢了 是的 我想我赢了 我觉得 耶 我也觉得你赢了Now I look out at my yard in the morning,现在每天早餐我看着我的院子and all the trees-I measure, you know--Yeah. Success by trees.和所有的树 我在算 你懂么 是的 我成功了 Article/201706/512490

More bear poo.熊粪便更多了So, you know what,it doesn#39;t make it a bad place to camp.你知道吗 这对我们的露营没有影响It makes it a scary place to camp.在这露营有点恐怖We#39;re in the bears#39; neighborhood now.我们现在和熊做邻居了Bears aren#39;t territorial.熊没有领域性This is purely a sign that they#39;ve passed through.这只是显示它们曾经过这里I#39;d go for this. Are you happy?Happy.就在这里吧 你们觉得怎么样 就这样吧Okay, first thing we want to do is clear this.好的 首先我们得清理一下这里And then we need to find some long logs.然后去找一些长的树枝These sort of things.That#39;ll do for one.就像这种的 这样就行了Get a longer one and run that to there.再找一根长点的从那头架到这头And then we#39;ll just cover that.然后我们把它封好All this timber is avalanche debris.这些木材都是雪崩的遗留物With failing daylight,We don#39;t have to waste time cutting trees.太阳要落山了 我们就不用花时间砍树了But Joe#39;s got other things on his mind.但乔在考虑其它的事情I#39;m on a constant bear lookout now.我现在在巡视是否有熊出没Do you know what?你们知道吗It#39;s so much easier with three people.三个人干活容易多了I can#39;t imagine being out here by yourself.我不敢想象你自己在这儿会怎样Parts of it are magical.一方面 独自在野外是神奇的经历Parts, though, when you#39;re tired,and you just want to, you know另一方面 特别是当你累了 你只想make camp fast and rest.赶紧搭个帐篷休息一下If the devil had a boot camp,this is what it would be like.This is evil.如果恶魔有个训练营 应该就是这个样子 太惨了I haven#39;t worked this hard since ever.我从来没这么辛苦地工作过This is bedding? Yeah.这是睡觉的地儿吗 对Spruce branches on top of the avalanche debris are ideal for both roofing and bedding.雪崩的遗留物最上层是云杉枝 它是帐篷顶部和底部的理想材料One layer underneath worth two on top, okay?底下铺一层比上面铺两层还管用 This is where we#39;re gonna lose most of our heat.在这里我们会消耗大量的热量Cause you#39;ll thrill in the morning, when you#39;re cold,you#39;ll be grateful for every inch of bedding under you.当清晨你感到很冷打寒战的时候 你就会对身下的每一寸垫层感激不尽了I am beat, exhausted.Now it#39;s looking like a shelter.我太累了 崩溃了 现在看起来像个安身之所了I don#39;t want the guys to have to kill for their dinner,So I#39;ve brought it with me.我不希望他们杀生获取晚餐 所以我随身带了一些Nice. I#39;m allergic to bunnies.But they#39;re gonna have to work for it.很好 我对兔子肉过敏 但他们得付出努力才行 Article/201705/511810

Imagine you#39;re at a football game when this obnoxious guy sits next to you.想象你在一场足球赛中,这个讨厌鬼坐在你的旁边。He#39;s loud, he spills his drink on you, and he makes fun of your team.他大吵大叫,把饮料溅到你身上,并且还嘲笑你持的足球队。Days later, you#39;re walking in the park when suddenly it starts to pour rain.几天之后,当你正在公园散步,突然下起大雨。Who should show up at your side to offer you an umbrella?此时谁会出现在你身边为你遮雨?The same guy from the football game.恰巧就是足球赛上你旁边的那个人。Do you change your mind about him based on this second encounter, or do you go with your first impression and write him off?此时你对他的看法会因为第二次相遇而改变,还是会坚持对他的第一印象继续讨厌他?Research in social psychology suggests that we#39;re quick to form lasting impressions of others based on their behaviors.社会心理学专家认为我们会基于别人的行为作出永久的印象评价。We manage to do this with little effort, inferring stable character traits from a single behavior, like a harsh word or a clumsy step.我们为此无需付出太多努力,通过单一的行为作出对他人稳定性格的判断。比如一句伤人的话,或者笨拙的步伐。Using our impressions as guides, we can accurately predict how people are going to behave in the future.凭借主观印象,我们能准确预测他人将会发生的行为。Armed with the knowledge the guy from the football game was a jerk the first time you met him,由于把足球赛中第一次遇见的那个人定义为混蛋,you might expect more of the same down the road.你可能会预想他会做出更多混蛋事。If so, you might choose to avoid him the next time you see him.如果是这样,下次遇见的时候你可能会选择躲着他。That said, we can change our impressions in light of new information.基于这样的理论,通过新的信息我们可以改变自己的刻板印象。Behavioral researchers have identified consistent patterns that seem to guide this process of impression updating.行为研究者发现了引导印象更新过程的固定模式。On one hand, learning very negative, highly immoral information about someone typically一方面,对一个人的负面评价所带来的影响has a stronger impact than learning very positive, highly moral information.要高于对一个人的正面评价所带来的影响。So, unfortunately for our new friend from the football game,所以,很不幸对在足球赛中认识的那位新朋友来说,his bad behavior at the game might outweigh his good behavior at the park.他在观众席上不道德的行为带来的影响会大于他在公园里的友善行为。Research suggests that this bias occurs because immoral behaviors are more diagnostic, or revealing, of a person#39;s true character.研究表明,这种偏见产生的原因在于负面行为更容易识别,或者说让一个人的真实性格更有呈现力。Okay, so by this logic, bad is always stronger than good when it comes to updating.根据这种思维逻辑,在涉及到信息更新时,坏行为的影响力要大于好行为。Well, not necessarily.这一理论不一定完全适用。Certain types of learning don#39;t seem to lead to this sort of negativity bias.某些认知方式不会导致这种负面的偏见。When learning about another person#39;s abilities and competencies, for instance, this bias flips.当了解到某人的能力时,以此为例,这种偏见就跳开了。It#39;s actually the positive information that gets weighted more heavily.实际上,积极信息的影响力变得更大了。Let#39;s go back to that football game.让我们再谈回足球赛的事。If a player scores a goal, it ultimately has a stronger impact on your impression of their skills than if they miss the net.一个球员踢进球在你对他技术的印象上比他们丢了球影响力更大。The two sides of the updating story are ultimately quite consistent.两方面的信息更新最终相当一致。Overall, behaviors that are perceived as being less frequent are also the ones总的来说,在人们建立或更新印象时that people tend to weigh more heavily when forming and updating impressions, highly immoral actions and highly competent actions.越是少见的行为人们越容易看得更重,比如,非常不道德的行为和能体现能力的行为。So, what#39;s happening at the level of the brain when we#39;re updating our impressions?所以,在我们刷新印象时大脑里发生了什么呢?Using fMRI, or functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging,利用fMRI--功能性磁共振成像researchers have identified an extended network of brain regions that respond to new information that#39;s inconsistent with initial impressions.研究者发现,回应新信息的新扩展出的脑区网络同最初的印象并无关联。These include areas typically associated with social cognition, attention, and cognitive control.这些区域尤其同社会认知、注意力以及认知控制相关。Moreover, when updating impressions based on people#39;s behaviors,再者,当别人的行为刷新了印象,activity in the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex and the superior temporal sulcus correlates with perceptions of how frequently those behaviors occur in daily life.腹内侧前额叶皮层的活动和颞上沟告诉我们这些行为在日常生活中是否频繁。In other words, the brain seems to be tracking low-level, statistical properties of behavior换言之,大脑似乎在进行低水平的行为统计in order to make complex decisions regarding other people#39;s character.以此来做出关于别人品行如何的复杂的决定。It needs to decide is this person#39;s behavior typical or is it out of the ordinary?大脑需要判断这个人的行为是十分典型还是与众不同。In the situation with the obnoxious-football-fan-turned-good-samaritan, your brain says,在这个烦人的球迷变成好人的情境下,你的大脑告诉你“;Well, in my experience, pretty much anyone would lend someone their umbrella,依据往常经验,通常大部分人都会为别人遮雨,but the way this guy acted at the football game, that was unusual.;但这家伙在球赛时的举动可不多见。”And so, you decide to go with your first impression.所以,你决定遵从自己的第一印象。There#39;s a good moral in this data: your brain, and by extension you,这个信息里存在良好的道德:你的大脑,或者说你本人might care more about the very negative, immoral things another person has done compared to the very positive, moral things,也许更关注别人做出的负面的、不道德的事而不是积极的、有道德的事,but it#39;s a direct result of the comparative rarity of those bad behaviors.但这是那些罕见的坏行为带来的直接结果。We#39;re more used to people being basically good, like taking time to help a stranger in need.我们习惯上认为人大体上是好的,乐于花时间帮助别人。In this context, bad might be stronger than good, but only because good is more plentiful.在这样的背景下,坏影响就远多于好的,但这只是因为好事更常见。Think about the last time you judged someone based on their behavior,回想一下你上次根据一个人的所作所为来评价一个人,especially a time when you really feel like you changed your mind about someone.尤其是在你真的想要改变对某人的看法时。Was the behavior that caused you to update your impression something you#39;d expect anyone to do,那个引发你改变对方印象的行为,是每个人都会做的事,or was it something totally out of the ordinary?还是不同寻常的事? Article/201707/516898英语口语1+1:When pigs fly【1+1英文】Angela: "Do you think you will ever work at that company again?" Andy: "When pigs fly!"【1+1中文】安吉拉:你认为你还会在那个公司工作吗?安 迪:绝对不可能!【1+1】When pigs fly is an informal way to joke that you will never do something. 中文意思:永无可能。 /200605/7015

On Monday, two astronauts will be launched on China#39;s longest space mission.周一,两名宇航员将被发射升空进行中国的太空任务。They#39;ll spend 33 days on the country#39;s new space lab conducting experiments in physics, medicine and biology.他们将在中国的新太空实验室停留33天,进行物理、医学和生物学实验。Thirty-three days probably doesn#39;t seem like much ,one Russian cosmonaut spent 438 days up there,but it#39;s actually part of some major plans that China has for its space program.33天可能不是很久,一名俄罗斯宇航员在太空待了438天,但实际上这是中国太空计划的重要部分。First on the list: China wants to boldly go where no probe has gone before,the dark side of the moon.首先,中国想大胆地探索以前没去过的地方,月亮的黑暗面。But exploration is just the first step. China#39;s lunar missions designer told the B the long-term goal is to eventually settle on the moon.但探索只是第一步。中国的月球任务设计师告诉英国广播公司,长期的目标是在月球定居。And the country#39;s growing space ambitions has the U.S. worried. So worried that in 2011 Congress passed a law banning NASA from cooperating with China due to security concerns.中国日益增长的太空野心引起美国的担心。2011年美国国会通过一项法律,基于安全考虑禁止NASA与中国合作。The U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission warns there#39;s too much overlap in China between civilian and military applications of space technology.中美经济与安全审查委员会警告称,中国民用和军事应用航天技术有太多重叠。And while China is part of the U.N. Outer Space Treaty of 1967,a treaty that forbids weapons of mass destruction in space ,the commission warns China could use satellite systems to assist in war and surveillance.虽然中国是联合国1967年《外层空间条约》的一员,该条约禁止在太空部署大规模杀伤性武器,该委员会警告中国可能利用卫星系统来协助战争和监控。Dean Cheng of The Heritage Foundation told The Planetary Society he thinks the real reason the U.S. is so worried about China#39;s space program lies in the fact that only America has ever landed people on the moon.美国传统基金会的程迪恩告诉行星学会,他认为美国非常担心中国太空计划的真正原因在于只有美国人曾登陆过月球。译文属。 Article/201610/472366栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201607/455209

栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201610/464458Two men were found dead on UCLA#39;s campus Wednesday morning in what police now believe was a murder-suicide. 周三上午,在加州大学洛杉矶分校发现两名男子死亡,现在警方认为是一起谋杀性自杀事件。The campus was locked down after a shooting was reported at a UCLA engineering building, and both local and federal authorities arrived on campus to search for a possible active shooter. 加州大学洛杉矶分校工程大楼报道发生杀后校园被封锁,地方和联邦当局赶往校园寻找可能的活跃手。UCLA students, who are still in school through June 10, were asked to go to a secure location until authorities lifted the lockdown shortly after noon local time.加州大学洛杉矶分校的学生到6月10日仍在学校,他们被要求前往安全地点,直到当局在当地时间正午过后不久解除封锁。Although Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck told KN a note was discovered near the two men found dead, a motive has not been reported to the media. 虽然洛杉矶警察局长查利·贝克告诉KN,在两人死亡地方的附近发现一张便条,但动机还没向媒体报道。The victims have not yet been identified. 尚未确定受害者的身份。译文属。 Article/201606/447372

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