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嘉兴开眼角哪家医院好嘉兴名韩脱毛团购Bernanke did argue that the fed had taken a fairly decisive step against those downside risks in Sep. by reducing interest rates half a percent, so I wouldn't necessarily say, uh, as a result of his comments last night that it, it makes a rate, another rate cut in October, a done deal. Indeed we feel that the Fed will probably leave rates on hold and will only adjust rates down further, if some of the perhaps more gloomier assessments of the economy prove correct. Well, he did say, did he not ? that he was y to act again, should the situation occur like that?Well, that’s correct, I think that was obviously a reference to the situation in the financial market, it's the fed has made it pretty clear that some of the stresses and strains that we are seeing in the financial markets were effects behind the fed’s decision. But at the same time, as again as Bernanke suggested himself there seemed to be some degree of normality coming back to markets. So that provided that continues again, we feel that the fed will, will just keep its powder dry on, on another rate cut for now. And is it not a little bit worrying when you have Ben Bernanke himself, saying that the ultimate implications of the credit crunch on the broader economy remain uncertain, shouldn’t, shouldn't things be getting a little clearer at this stage?Well, problem of course is that you are reliant on some economic data that is always by its nature somewhat historic, it takes time for the collection of data and the interpretation of data. We've obviously had a fair amount of data from the August period. Um, and we will be getting soon, obviously, more, more data for September, but I think when you look across that data, obviously you see the weakness in the housing that Bernanke refered to, but in other areas of the economy, employment, consumer spending, now things will actually stay a little bit more solid than perhaps the fed might have anticipated back in September, and again that gives us hope that, or expectation that the fed would probably not reduce interest rates later this month. And what do you make of this so called super-fund that is on the front page of the FT again today? Is this super fund to plan that helps to ease the markets, these banks that are getting together to build up this multi-million dollar fund, is that a good thing, is that gonna make much difference to get some more certainty and calm in the markets?I think it’s a confidence issue. If that's the sort of development that brings back confidence, then it may well be something that is a good thing, and though the fund itself might actually not be sort of exhausted, but obviously, if financial market tensions escalate, then it may be a fund that perhaps proves inadequate, so it very much depends on confidence, and whether moves like that, or moves from policy makers can restore confidence in the markets, so now I think the confidence is coming back, it’s very slow and it could be set back again, but for the moment, things are probably still just heading in the right direction. Notes:Keep one's powder dry on sth: get prepared for sth to come200807/43858桐乡除晒斑多少钱 food coma ------ 食物昏迷(指吃多了感到疲惫乏力)(俚语)英文释义(SLANG) A feeling of listless exhaustion after eating too much.例句My mom makes such delicious food that I always eat twice as much as normal at her house, and then fall into a food coma.我妈妈做的菜实在太好吃了,我在她家总是吃下平常两倍的饭量,结果陷入了食物昏迷的状态。 /201611/471219嘉善县妇幼保健所激光去黄褐斑多少钱

浙江嘉兴胎记医院排行榜UN Goes 'Green' on Trial Basis 联合国大楼八月室温将调高以减排 The ed Nations is going green. The secretary-general has announced a new initiative to help lower the U.N.'s greenhouse gas emissions and reduce pollution. Thermostats will rise during the month of August. 联合国总部将实行绿色环保。联合国秘书长宣布了一项新的倡议,以协助降低联合国的温室气体排放量和减少污染。联合国大厦在八月份的室温将会调高。Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has made curbing the effects of global climate change one of his top priorities. Now, he says, the world body must lead by example. 联合国秘书长潘基文把遏制全球气候变化作为他现在最优先考虑的事项之一。 他说,这个世界机构必须以身作则。Starting Friday, the U.N. will raise thermostats by three degrees Celsius to 25 degrees in most parts of the huge headquarters complex. Conference rooms will be slightly cooler. 从周五开始,联合国巨大的总部大楼内大部分办公室的温度将调高3摄氏度,到25摄氏度,会议厅的温度将稍低。The U.N. is currently undergoing a multi-year renovation of its 39 floors. Michael Adlerstein is the executive director of that project. He says the new climate change initiative, known as Cool UN!, will both help the environment and save money. 联合国目前正在为其39层大楼进行为期数年的翻修。迈克尔.阿德勒施泰因是这一项目的执行主任 。他说,被称为“清凉联合国”的新的气候变化倡议,将有利于环境并将节约资金。"The Cool UN! campaign will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and even save some expenses here at headquarters," he said. "It is a practical action that will also raise the awareness of staff and of the U.N. missions in New York of climate change and our need to take action." “清凉联合国运动将减低我们的温室气体排放量,节约能源,甚至节省联合国总部的一些费用。这是一个切合实际的行动,能提高工作人员和在纽约的联合国使团在 气候变化和我们需要采取行动方面的认识。” During the August trial period, Adlerstein says he expects the U.N. will save about 0,000 on its air conditioning bill. The benefits will also include cutting large amounts of carbon dioxide that would have been released into the atmosphere.  阿德勒施泰因说,在8月份的试验期内,他预计联合国将可在空调费方面节约10万美元。其他方面的好处还包括减少大量的被排放到大气中的二氧化碳。August temperatures in New York City average around 28 degrees - cooling the enthusiasm of some U.N. staffers to the project. Edna says she thinks it is important to save energy, but says it is aly too hot in some offices. 纽约市八月的平均气温约28度,这使得一些联合国工作人员对这个项目缺乏热情。埃德娜说,她认为节省能源很重要,但是她说,很多办公室的温度太高了。"I think it's worth it to help the environment," she said. "But also, there are a lot of things you can do to help the environment - shades on the windows, be more careful turning off the computers, things like that to save energy. But we cannot concentrate with the heat inside the offices." 她说:“我认为帮助环境是值得的,但是同时你也可以做很多事情来帮助环境,例如给窗户加窗帘,不用电脑的时候小心地关掉电脑,这类事情都能够节省能源,不能只着眼于办公室的温度。”If the initiative is successful during August, the program will continue year round, with thermostats being lowered about three degrees throughout the complex during winter.  如果这项计划在八月期间能够成功,那么该计划将在全年实行,整个冬季联合国大厦的温度降低三度。Adlerstein says over the course of a year, the initiative could save million on energy costs in addition to cutting greenhouse gas emissions. 阿德勒施泰因说,这项计划一年期间可节省1百万美元的能源费用,除此之外,还能减少温室气体的排放。 The ed Nations is encouraging employees to relax their dress code to cope with rising thermostats. Even the secretary-general has said he will be wearing lighter clothes this summer. 联合国鼓励雇员放宽着装的标准,以应付比较高的温度。甚至联合国秘书长也说,他今年夏天将穿比较凉快的装。200807/45209嘉兴内双眼皮怎么变外双 Residency居住咨询A:Professor Zhang, recently I am working on a paper about immigration. I ran across some difficulties in my paper. Could you help me out?A:张教授,最近我正在写一篇关于入境的论文,现在我的论文遇到一点麻烦,您能帮我解决一下吗?B:Yes, sure. What is it? Just go ahead. I have told you that do not hesitate to turn to me whenever you are in trouble.B: 当然可以啊。是什么问题?尽管问吧。我不是跟你们说过吗?无论什么时候遇到问题都一定要来找我。A:Thank you do much. Thats very kind of you. There is a chapter in my paper about the right of residency a foreigner has in another country. Could you give some information about it?A:真的非常感谢您。您实在是太好了。我的论文中有一章是关于外国人入境者的居留权问题,您能给我讲讲这方面的知识吗?B: No problem. In accordance with the laws in the host country and abtain long-term, short term or permanent residency.B: 没问题。根据所在国的法律和有关的国际条约或协定,可以在该国短期、长期或永久居留。A: Amazing. Does it mean that any foreigner can obtain residency?A:真是不可思议。这是不是说任何一个外国入境者都有居留权?B: Not exactly. Foreigners who can not obtain long term residency before he or she asks for and gets permission.B: 不完全是这样的。外国人未经请求并获得许可不能在一国领土内长期居留。A: So, if a foreigner wants to obtain long term residency in another country, he or she has to apply for it first and then wait for permission.A:因此,假如外国公民想获得长期居留权就必须先申请然后再等候被批准。B: You are perfectly right.B: 你说的完全正确。A: Are there any regulations and rules for foreigners to obey if they obtain residency in another country?A:当外国人所在国取得居留权后有什么要遵守的规章制度吗?B: Of course there are. The obligations and rights of a foreigner are stipulated by the host country while he or she is in the period of residency. Foreigners ought to obey the laws and regulations of the host country.B: 当然有。外国人在居留期间的权利和义务有居住国的法律规定。外国人应遵守居住过的法律。A: So, these are the obligations foreigners must obey, right?A:那么这些就是外国人要遵守的规章制度了,对吗?B: Yes. And at the same time the host country is responsible for protecting the lawful rights and interests of them.B: 是的,不过与此同时,居住国对外国人的合法权益应予以保护。 /201603/430564嘉兴曙光医院玻尿抗衰哪家好

平湖哪家医院开眼角技术好. . too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt . . Can you be too sexy for the job? A new study finds that women who dress more like Hillary Clinton and are more likely to land a job in the corner office compared with somebody says uhh, I dunno, look like Pamela Anderson. Is that fair? Let's ask Ginger Burr, Ginger is the president of Total Image Consultants. She joins us from Boston. Is that true? Well, to a certain extent, it is, but what we really have to do is look at the word "sexy", it's really provocative, that we are talking about not sexy. Sexy is a very subjective term. And it also makes a difference how high up the corporate ladder you are, what might be acceptable behaviour for a receptionist or an office assistant isn't the same for a senior VP or a CEO. Well, it's not really acceptable anyplace, but people who are at the beginning stages of work or in a considered lower-tier job, it's, it's overlooked. It's not expected that they are going to dress in a way that's as appropriate as somebody who is in a high-power position. So Ginger, what are we saying? In this age of Desperate Housewives where women of any age group are said and almost forced to be very super-sexy, that we don't appreciate or even want the same in corporate America? Well, we really don't, and to be honest with you, your average woman doesn't really dress like that generally anyway, um, it's, it...but we notice it when a few people do it. But that's the message that we're getting in the media , by celebrities, um, that, putting your body out there is the way to present yourself, and it really doesn't help women at all to get ahead. All right, so the tip for women who are looking to aspire to the corner office, guide them on conservative dress, what should first of all they have avoid? Well, they should've avoid anything that shows too much skin, cleavage, too short, too tight, um, you're not there to flaunt your body, you're there to work. But we're not talking about clothes that don't fit you properly, that things can be beautifully fitted, the colors can be gorgeous. You do not have to stick to navy blue and gray, but you don't want to be exposing body parts. Do you think there is a double-standard for men? Oh, always has been. And may always be. And that's part of what women need to be aware of, is that men can, first of all, dressing provocatively is generally not an issue for men in the workplace, and they are allowed more leeway in terms of what they can get away with, they can be a little messy, a little sloppy, a little mismatched, and people who either think it's cute or just kind of overlook it as : '' Oh, they don't know any better, they're just men. " That's not true for women, women are expected from birth to know how to dress themselves, and when they don't, which is totally non, crazy, anyway, then they are, um, looked down on as a result of that, and may not get where they wanna go for something as silly as how they dress. Ok, Ginger Burr, thank you. Good tips. Thank you! 200808/46259 Hearing Begins for 5 Suspected 9/11 Co-Conspirators at Guantanamo美国军方开始审判五名九一一恐嫌   Six-and-a-half years after the September 11 terror attacks, the accused mastermind and four other co-conspirators are facing a war-crimes tribunal at the U.S. detention center at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The arraignment of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and the four others is the highest-profile test yet of the controversial tribunal system, which is under review by the U.S. Supreme Court. All five men face the death penalty if convicted. 2001年9/11恐怖袭击已经过去六年半了。这个星期四,美国军方将在古巴关塔那湾的拘押中心审判被指控参与策划那次恐怖袭击事件的五名嫌疑犯。美国最高法院正在对有争议的审判方式进行研究和审查。将要受到审判的这五个人有可能被判处死刑。The defendants will face a military judge for the first time Thursday to hear the charges against them formally . They will have the opportunity to enter a plea and may also be allowed to speak to the court about other issues, such as the conditions of their detention and interrogation. Charges against a sixth detainee were withdrawn last month without explanation, but experts note he has claimed some of the evidence against him was obtained through torture. 上述五名被告星期四将首次面对军事法官,并聆听检方正式宣读对他们的指控。他们会有机会为自己作有罪或无罪申辩,同时也可能会被允许就拘押和审判条件等其他问题,向法庭发表观点。上个月,在没有任何解释的情况下,对第六名嫌疑人的指控被收回。不过专家指出,这位嫌疑人宣称有些罪是通过虐待获取的。This will be the first public appearance for the five men, who have been held by the U.S. government for years, first in secret CIA prisons and now at Guantanamo. Reporters, lawyers and human rights activists will be allowed to watch the hearing, but no sound, or pictures will be made public. In addition, sound from the hearing will be delayed several seconds to enable military officials to turn it off if someone reveals secret information. 这将是五名嫌疑人首次公开露面。在此之前,他们被美国政府关押了多年,先是在中央情报局的监狱,后来又到了关塔那湾。记者、律师、以及人权活动人士将被允许聆听审判,但是声音、图像、照片不会对外公布。除此之外,审判期间,说话的声音会推迟几秒钟以后才可以被在场人士听到,这样的话,假如有谁谈到机密,军方官员可以把声音关掉。The process for trying the men before what are called Military Commissions was created specifically for detainees in the war on terrorism. But the original system was struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court, and the court is now considering a case which could invalidate the revised process. Still, the senior military officer responsible for the process, Brigadier General Thomas Hartmann says the defense department is adding dozens of staff members to his team in an effort to move forward with arraignments and trials as quickly as possible.  把这些嫌疑犯交由军事特别委员会来审判是特别为在反恐战争中拘押的人士而设置的程序。但是最初设置的程序被美国联邦最高法院所否决。最高法院目前正在审理一个案子,这个案子有可能会让修正过的程序也被否决。尽管如此,为这一程序负责的军方高级官员哈特曼准将表示,国防部正在为他所在的团队增加人员,目的是让提审和审判尽快进行。Speaking to reporters here Wednesday evening, General Hartmann addressed one of the main controversies surrounding the process, the use of secret evidence. 哈特曼将军星期三晚间在与媒体见面时谈到了整个审讯过程当中颇为引起争议的一个问题,那就是保密据问题。"Every piece of evidence, classified or not that goes to the finder of fact will be subject to review, cross examination, challenge and understanding by the accused and his counsel," he said. 他说:“每一条被送交据核查人员那里的据,不管是属于机密的,或者不是属于机密的,都要经过审核,辩驳,并且还要经过被告及其辩护律师的挑战和谅解。”The 'finder of fact' will be a military jury. General Hartman's statement raises the possibility that secret evidence could be revealed to al-Qaida members but not to the public, but that would likely only happen much later in the process. In these commission trials, the defendants are prosecuted, judged and represented by U.S. military lawyers, but private lawyers have volunteered to be part of the defense team. 判定事实指的是军事陪审团。哈特曼将军的上述讲话指出这种可能,那就是,保密据有可能透露给基地恐怖组织成员,但没有对外公布,但是这只可能会在整个程序的后期。在军事委员会主持的审判过程中,受审一方的审判、裁决以及代理全都由美国军方的律师来承担,但是也有非军方领域的律师自愿报名为被告进行辩护。Activists like Joanne Mariner of Human Rights Watch are not convinced that this process will be fair, as General Hartmann says it will. They say the military process does not sufficiently protect the defendants' rights, particularly regarding evidence obtained through mistreatment. General Hartmann says that decision will be made by the military judge in each instance. 一些人权活动人士,比如像人权观察组织的乔安娜.马里纳,都不认为整个审判程序会像哈特曼将军说的那样会是公正的。他们说,军事审判过程不会充分保障被告的权力,尤其是涉及到通过虐待的方式获得的信息。哈特曼将军说,军方法官要根据每个具体案例的情况做出决定。Mariner, who will be an observer at Thursday's hearing, says the relatives of the nearly three thousand victims of the attacks, and the public at large, deserve a more reliable process, like the regular U.S. federal courts. 马里纳女士将以观察员身份出席星期四的审讯听,她说,出于对9/11事件中将近三千名死难者的家属以及美国的公众的考虑,应该有一个更可靠的审理过程,比如像美国普通的联邦法庭那样。"A case as important as the September 11th terrorist attacks on the ed States should be tried fairly in federal court so that the result is some kind of finality in which both the U.S. public and the world can recognize that the result of the trial is reliable and credible," said Mariner.  她说:“像9/11恐怖袭击事件这么重要的案子应该经由联邦法庭公正地审理,以便最终的结局能够让美国公众以及全世界都感到是公正可信的。”The Bush administration is opposed to using federal courts to try the terrorism suspects, in part because of the secret evidence. 布什政府反对经由联邦法庭系统来审判恐怖分子嫌疑人,原因之一即是出于秘密据的考虑。The best-known of the men going on trial Thursday is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, known as the mastermind of the September 11th attacks. His alleged co-conspirators are Ramzi Binalshibh, Walid Muhammed 'Attash, Ali Abdul Aziz Ali and Mustafa al Hawsawi. Charges against Mohammed al Kahtani were dropped, but officials say they may be reinstated later. He is believed to have planned to be one of the September 11 hijackers. 即将被审判的五名被告当中,最出名的恐怕要算是哈立德.谢赫.穆罕默德,他是众所周知的9/11恐怖袭击事件策划人。被指控与他一道策划恐怖袭击的还有拉姆齐.比纳尔谢赫、 瓦利德.穆罕默德.阿他什、 阿里.阿卜杜勒.阿齐兹和穆斯塔法.阿勒-哈萨维。对穆罕默德.阿尔.卡塔尼的指控被取消了,但是有关官员说,那些指控以后还有可能重新被提出。据信,他是计划中9/11事件中的一个飞机劫持者。The arraignment will take place in a specially built building on this U.S. Naval Base, not far from the detention center where 275 detainees are held. Several others have also been charged and their trials are proceeding. Officials expect to charge and try more of the detainees, but some have been approved for release and others may remain in custody without being charged. These five detainees could face the death penalty if they are convicted, but if any of them is acquitted he could still be kept in custody as an enemy combatant. 假如被判定有罪的话,以上五名嫌疑人有可能会被判处死刑。假如他们其中哪一位被判无罪的话,他仍有可能作为敌方战斗人员被继续拘留下去。Both President Bush and Defense Secretary Robert Gates have said they would like to close the Guantanamo detention center, but Secretary Gates acknowledged recently that he has not made much progress toward finding an alternative way to deal with the terrorism suspects held here.  布什总统和美国国防部长盖茨都曾表示,希望关闭关塔那湾的拘押中心。但是,盖茨最近承认说,至今还没有找到一个更好的渠道,来审理拘押在关塔那湾的恐怖活动嫌疑分子。200806/41268嘉兴半导体激光脱腋毛浙江嘉兴注射丰太阳穴多少钱呢



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