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黄浦丰胸多少钱上海玫瑰医疗整形美容医院减肥瘦身多少钱The world#39;s top business leaders are using their visit to the London Olympics to raise tough questions about the coalition#39;s management of Britain#39;s stagnant economy and the country#39;s vulnerability to a euro break-up. 全世界顶级商业领袖正利用他们前往伦敦观看奥运会的机会,提出两方面的尖锐问题,一是英国联合政府对陷入停滞的英国经济的管理,二是英国在欧元区解体情况下的脆弱性。 While David Cameron, prime minister, is trying to use the games as a showcase to boost UK trade and investment, chief executives from the US and Asia – many of them big investors in Britain – are privately voicing anxiety at the state of the economy. 尽管英国首相戴维#8226;卡梅伦(David Cameron)试图将本届奥运会打造为一个展示英国的机会,以此促进英国的投资与贸易,但在私下场合,美国及亚洲企业的首席执行官们——其中很多企业都是英国的重要投资者——对英国经济状况表示焦虑。 ;Cameron is giving us a big sales pitch, but we are not taking any notice of that,; said the head of an Asian multinational. ;We want to know what#39;s happening to the economy and what are the prospects for us.; 一家亚洲跨国公司的负责人表示,;卡梅伦对我们作了一大通推销演讲,但我们一句也不想听。我们想知道的是,英国经济目前形势如何,我们的前景如何。; One US corporate chief called bluntly for the government to change course after last week#39;s official figures showed that the UK economy shrank 0.7 per cent between April and June. 一家美国企业的高管直白地呼吁英国政府调整策略,就在上周,官方数据显示,英国经济第二季度收缩了0.7%。 ;You need a short-term fiscal policy to boost demand and a credible long-term plan to address welfare, taxes and the labour market. If you do that, the bond market will be fine,; he said. 他指出,;你需要一项短期财政政策来提振需求,以及一项可信的长期政策来解决福利、税收以及劳动力市场的问题。如果你们做到了,债券市场将平安无事。; As business leaders gathered to watch the games, the chatter in corporate hospitality suites was less about sport, and more about London#39;s competitiveness as a financial centre. 在商业领袖们来到伦敦观看奥运会之际,他们之间的谈话内容并没有多少是涉及体育本身的,更多的是涉及伦敦作为金融中心的竞争力。 One financier, referring to the forced resignation of Bob Diamond, the former Barclayschief executive, said: ;What#39;s going on in London? You are killing your bankers.; 一位金融家在谈到巴克莱前首席执行官鲍#8226;戴蒙德(Bob Diamond)被迫离职一事时说:;伦敦到底发生了什么?你们在谋杀你们的家。; Another high-profile executive added: ;Bob got shot by the regulators,; expressing concern about pressure exerted by the Bank of England and the Financial Services Authority for Mr Diamond to quit. ;There are big implications for London from all of this. When you#39;re abroad you get a lot of people saying, ‘Who would ever want to work for a British bank?#39;#8201;; 另一位知名高管补充说:;是监管者害了鲍。;这名高管对英国央行(BoE)以及英国金融务(FSA)施压迫使戴蒙德辞职的做法表示担忧。;这件事对伦敦是有重大影响的。当你在海外时,你会听到很多人说,‘有谁还愿意为一家英国做事?#39;; Some of the concerns surfaced publicly at last Thursday#39;s global investment conference at Lancaster House in London, where Mr Cameron faced awkward questions about airport expansion and immigration in front of 200 business leaders and policy makers. 上周四在伦敦Lancaster House举行的全球投资大会上,一些发言者公开表达了他们的担忧。会上,面对200名商业领袖和政策制定者,卡梅伦遭遇了有关机场扩建以及移民的尴尬问题。 /201207/192753上海市第六人民医院 开双眼皮手术价格 宝山区中西医结合医院打玻尿酸价格费用

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上海曙光医院东院减肥手术价格Chinese fashion has come a long way since the days of monotone Mao suits. Zhou Chengjian, a rags-to-riches entrepreneur, has played a big part in that sartorial journey. He is chairman of Metersbonwe, the fashion retailer that arrived on the map when Millward Brown Optimor, the research agency, selected it as one of the global brands with the most growth potential. Not only that, its brand is said to be more valuable than Calvin Klein. Can that be true? 距离穿着单调中山装的日子,中国时尚已经走过了很长的路。周成建,一个白手起家的企业家,在这条装发展的道路上发挥了很大作用。他是时装零售商美特斯邦威(Metersbonwe)的主席,该公司因获研究机构华通明略(Millward Brown Optimor)评选为最具增长潜力的全球品牌之一,而在时尚界脱颖而出。不仅如此,该品牌估值据称高于CK(Calvin Klein)。果真如此吗? For anyone wanting to build a brand in China, retail fashion is a good place to start. China is the second-largest clothes market in the world after the US, according to Euromonitor. And people in China are spending more on clothes than on rice and soya milk. Clothing sales grew by a quarter last year, 40 per cent faster than overall retail sales. That has given rise to a number of fashion houses with European-sounding names, from Semir and Septwolves to Giordano and Metersbonwe. As these brands go, Metersbonwe has done well. It was one of the first to go national: 4,000 shops. Its cheap casualwear makes it the most popular brand with China#39;s students. Sales growth has averaged a third each year since 2007. 对于任何一个想在中国建立品牌的人来说,零售时装业是一个很好的起点。据市场研究机构欧睿国际(Euromonitor)称,中国拥有仅次于美国的第二大装市场。中国人在装上的开销超过大米和豆奶。去年装销售额增长了25%,比整体零售增长快40%。这令一批听上去带有欧洲色的时装店名(从森马和七匹狼,到佐丹奴和美特斯邦威)迅速崛起。在这些品牌中,美特斯邦威表现不俗。它是第一批从地区走向全国的品牌:拥有4000家分店。其平价的休闲装,令其成为中国学生人群中最流行的品牌。自2007年以来年销售增长平均达33%。 But then along came the likes of Zara, H and M and Uniqlo in China, which are challenging Metersbonwe on the financial front. It might have twice the number of shops globally of, say, H and M, but it makes just 10 per cent of the Swedish group#39;s earnings. It is true that shifting large volumes of tracksuits and T-shirts has supported operating margins just below those of international peers at about 15 per cent. But even each of Metersbonwe#39;s most upmarket shops generates 14 times less revenue than H and M#39;s shops in China. 然而随后在中国又出现了像ZARA、H and M和优衣库(Uniqlo)这类品牌,在财务前线上向美特斯邦威发起挑战。比如说,美特斯邦威可能拥有双倍于H and M的全球分店,但仅有该瑞典品牌集团盈利的10%。没错,大量销售运动和T恤为其撑起15%左右的运营利润,仅略低于国际同行。然而,即使在美特斯邦威最高端的门店,其营收也比H and M在中国的分店低14倍。 Mr Zhou is one of the most ambitious of China#39;s fashion retailers, with aims to take his brand global within three to five years. But it is probably going to be a long march. 周成建是中国最雄心勃勃的时装零售商之一,他的目标是在三到五年内将自己的品牌推向全球。但这可能是一个漫长的征程。 /201206/185399 Aging populations, longer life spans and ever-higher expectations of quality of life are placing burdens on public health-care systems across Asia. At first this sounds similar to the challenges facing policy makers in Western countries, but there is a critical difference. While leaders in the U.S. and Europe struggle to adapt existing but inefficient health-care systems to changing circumstances, many Asian governments have the opportunity to build from scratch. As they do so, they should be alert to ways the private sector can help.日趋老龄化的人口、更长的寿命以及对生活质量越来越高的期望正在给亚洲各地的公共医疗卫生系统带来压力。这种情况乍听起来跟西方国家决策者面临的挑战相似,但其中存在一个重大差别。美国和欧洲的领导人正在艰难地对现行效率低下的医疗系统进行调整,使之适应变化的形势,而许多亚洲国家政府则有机会从头开始打造医疗系统。而在构建这个系统的时候,他们应当留心私营部门能够在哪些方面提供帮助。According to the ed Nations, the number of Asians older than age 65 will soar to 857 million in 2050 from 207 million in 2000. As a result, the dependency ratio is projected to rise sharply, to 27.8 young or elderly dependents per 100 people in 2050 from 9.1 dependents per 100 people in 2000. An ever-greater proportion of resources will shift toward health care. While the U.S. economy devotes roughly 18% of its annual output on health care, in China that number is only 5% and in Indonesia 3%.联合国数据显示,2050年亚洲65岁以上老人的数量将飙升至8.57亿人,2000年为2.07亿人。如此一来,抚养比率预计将会大幅上升,从2000年的每百人负担9.1名年轻和年老的被抚养者,上升到2050年的每百人负担27.8名被抚养者。越来越多的资源将被用于医疗保健。美国经济年产出的大约18%被用于医疗保健,而中国和印尼的这一比例则分别仅为5%和3%。Policy makers must t carefully, however. Higher spending alone could skew incentives and permanently cripple government balance sheets. The focus must be not only on expanding access to care, but building a sustainable financing model from the start.不过,决策者必须谨慎行动。单是出的增加就可能造成动机的扭曲,并且永久性地削弱政府的资产负责表。决策者关注的焦点必须不仅是扩大获得医疗保健务的渠道,而且要从一开始就建立一个可持续的融资模式。A first step should be to recognize that the private sector, including foreign companies, can offer valuable expertise. Through the aggregate decisions of millions of customers, commercial entities are acutely aware of consumer needs and demands. Furthermore, the global reach of international players offers a broader perspective of how different solutions can apply to various policy goals.第一步是要意识到,包括外企在内的私营部门可以提供有价值的专业知识。通过积累数百万客户的反馈,这些商业实体能够准确地意识到用户的需要和诉求。此外,跨国公司的全球影响力提供了更广阔的视角,可以帮助我们了解不同的解决方案是如何用于不同的政策目标的。Such collaboration aly is bearing fruit. The Hong Kong government, in its consultation on healthcare reform in 2008, solicited input from the private sector in such areas as enhancing primary care and reform of health-care financing. The insight, expertise and data private insurers and others were able to provide proved valuable for policy makers.这样的合作已经产生效果。香港政府2008年为医疗保健改革征求意见时,征集了私营部门有关加强基础护理以及医疗保健融资改革等领域的想法。私营保险公司以及其他机构提供的见解、专业知识和数据对决策者极具价值。Private insurers, both domestic and foreign, also can play a useful role in implementing solutions. Over the last 10 years China has made great strides in its health-care provision, enrolling 900 million people in various public schemes to ensure coverage of more than 95% of Chinese citizens. However, current coverage is patchy, leading to a lack of confidence among consumers and fears of high costs.国内外的私营保险公司在落实解决方案的过程中也能扮演有用的角色。过去10年,中国在医疗保健的储备方面实现了较大的跨越,在各种公共计划中纳入了9亿人,确保覆盖范围超过95%的中国公民。不过,目前的覆盖并不均衡,这打击了消费者信心,引发了对高医疗成本的担忧。Beijing says it will rely on private insurers to fill the gap beyond basic coverage. Aly local governments in Fujian province and Chongqing allow private insurers to manage public schemes. The industry has grown 27% annually over the past 10 years.中国政府表示,将依赖私营保险商填补基本覆盖之外的缺口。福建省和重庆的地方政府已经允许私营保险公司管理公共项目。这一产业过去10年平均每年增长了27%。In this regard, Singapore#39;s ElderShield Plan, started in 2002, provides a particularly good example for others to follow. The government developed the scheme in consultation with the insurance industry, and works by allowing citizens to select coverage from a slate of approved plans. Since then, the government has worked with its private partners to review and improve the service through additional public consultation and surveys from users, resulting in adaptable, more cost effective coverage.在这方面,新加坡于2002年开始的乐龄健保计划(ElderShield Plan)提供了一个可以效仿的良好范例。政府与保险行业磋商制定了该计划,并让民众从一系列得到认可的计划中选择保险类别。在那之后,政府一直与私营合作伙伴一起通过额外的公共咨询和用户调查不断审查和改进这项务,从而打造出适应性强、最具成本效益的保险类别。However, the mechanics of designing a new health program are only part of the challenge. Policy makers must also be alert to several other necessary components of health-care sustainability. Education is the most important.然而,设计新的医疗保健计划的技术细节只是挑战之一。决策者们还必须留意医疗可持续性的其他几个必要元素。其中最重要的就是教育。 /201305/237888上海市长征医院玻尿酸多少钱上海第九医院双眼皮多少钱



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