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to bear out ---- 验(短语)英文释义(phrase)To confirm a statement as true.例句Im quite sure that next years economic results will bear out the accuracy of my global trade predications.我非常确定,明年的经济数据将验我对全球贸易预测的准确性。 /201609/464978。

探索世界奥秘之万里长城 4 These aren't miniatures, they are life-size. So far, the Chinese have only dug up 10% of the site. And aly thousands of warriors and some 10,000 weapons have been discovered. Look closely at the faces, each one is different. The Terracotta Army was sculpted from its real-life counterpart. The army is drawn up in battle formation. At the rear, a command post of senior generals give commands. Their age and status shown by their sping waistlines. In all, it took almost 700,000 men 38 years to complete the construction of Emperor Qin's tomb. Once China was united, and he had reorganized his empire, Qin sent 300,000 soldiers to the northern frontier to drive back the ever- threatening nomads. When their job was done, Qin ordered his army to stay. And with an extra half a million peasants, they built the first Great Wall of China. The wall was made with compressed earth. It's a technique still used every day in the Chinese countryside. First, wooden planks are laid parallel to one another as wide apart as the wall's thickness, then earth is shoveled between the planks, watered and packed down by human feet. Then the planks are built upwards, and the wall continues to grow layer by layer. It is a cheap and fast way to make a wall. A hundred times easier, it has been calculated, than building with stone. That's how Qin built 4,000 miles of wall in just 12 years. Surprisingly, these walls can last a very long time. The walls of this ancient city are nearly 2,000 years old, preserved by the extreme dryness of the Gobi Desert's climate. The wall protected China but it took a terrible toll on its people. Millions of men died of exhaustion while working on the wall. Some say the dead were used as mortar and buried in it. They said that the bones of the dead were so numerous, it turned the mortar of the wall white. No one escaped the terrible rule of the Emperor Qin. Every peasant paid his taxes and contributed to the growing wealth of his empire. The greatness of China was built on the backs of the poor. And the history of the Qin Dynasty is laced with tales of sadness. There is a fairy tale in China as well-known to the Chinese as the story of Snow White or Robin Hood is to us.real-life: existing or occurring in realitydrive back: repel, repulse, ward off, resist200707/15844。

Tell me, do you have any other artificial fruits in this range?告诉我,在这个范围内你还有其他人造水果吗?Yes. Well, its a bit of a secret, but youre a trusted client, so I think I can tell you... Go on...是的。这是一个秘密,但您是值得信赖的客户,所以我想我可以告诉您…… 继续……Were about to unveil a new Imperial Lemon. Really?我们将推出一款新型皇家柠檬。 真的吗?I cant tell you any more for now. But… Yes...现在我还不能告诉您更多消息,但是…… 什么?Maybe we could present it to you more formally in a couple of weeks, when its y for release...?也许在几周后当我们准备好发放的时候正式给您送去?Sounds perfect.听起来很棒。You would be the first to see it!你将是第一个见到它的人!Excellent. Thank you, er...Anna, isnt it? Yes.太棒了,谢谢,安娜是吗? 是的。A very pretty name.名字很好听。Thanks. Its spelled the same forwards and backwards.谢谢。正反拼写都一样。Is it really?真的吗?Anyway, Mr Lime, well fix this grapefruit problem for you, and I promise you, it wont happen again.总之,Lime先生,我们将为你解决葡萄的事,我保绝不会再出现这种问题。 /201612/483609。

US Military, Afghan President at Odds Over Airstrike Deaths美军与阿总统对空袭结果说法不一Afghan President Hamid Karzai has condemned a U.S. airstrike in western Afghanistan that some Afghan officials say killed more than 70 civilians on Thursday. The U.S. military disputes the number of civilian casualties and insists the operation was a successful strike against a wanted Taliban commander. 阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊谴责美国星期四在阿富汗西部的空袭,阿富汗官员说那次空袭造成70多名平民丧生。美国军方对平民死亡数字表示异议,并坚持说,这次对一名受到通缉的塔利班指挥官的空袭行动取得了成功。President Hamid Karzai's office issued a statement Saturday strongly condemning what it called a "unilateral operation of Coalition Forces" in the Shindand district of Herat Province.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的办公室星期六发表声明,强烈谴责“联军部队在赫拉特省辛丹德区的单方面行动”。The statement said local political and security officials reported at least 70 people, including women and children were killed in the airstrike.  声明说,当地政府和安全官员报告说,至少70人在空袭中丧生,包括妇女和儿童。The U.S. military disputes the civilian casualty figures and says troops called for airstrikes after a group of wanted militants fired on a joint patrol of coalition and Afghan forces.  美国军方对平民死亡数字提出质疑,说由联军部队和阿富汗部队组成的一联合巡逻队遭遇一夥被通缉的激进分子火力攻击之后,请求实施空中打击。U.S. coalition spokesman, First Lieutenant Nathan Perry, told VOA the troops were able to search the compound following the battle to confirm the casualty figures.  联军部队美方发言人佩里中尉对美国之音说,战斗结束之后,联军部队对受到空袭的院落进行了搜查,确定了死伤人数。He says five civilians, who were believed to be related to the militants, were among the 30 people killed in the strike. 佩里说,有30人在空袭中丧生,其中有5名平民据信是激进分子的亲属。"There was aly a battlefield assessment of this operation," said the spokesman. "We want to point out that this was an Afghan army operation. Coalition troops were in support of the Afghan operation. And after the operation, those troops on the ground were able to do a battlefield assessment. Not only did they confirm that they killed 25 militants, they also confirmed the main target that they were in pursuit of."  佩里说:“已经对这次空袭行动做了战场评估。我们想要指出的是,这是一次阿富汗军队的行动,联军是持阿军的行动。这次行动之后,地面部队进行了战场评估。他们不仅实了他们消灭了25名激进分子,还确定了他们追剿的重要目标。”The spokesman said despite the initial battlefield assessment, U.S.-led coalition forces have launched an investigation into the airstrike. Afghan officials have also called for an investigation.  这位发言人说,尽管进行了初步战场评估,美国领导的联军部队还是对这次空袭展开了调查。阿富汗官员也要求进行调查。Civilians deaths from U.S. airstrikes are a contentious issue in Afghanistan and in recent months the Afghan government has been more assertive in publicly rebuking foreign allied forces for civilian casualties.  美国空袭造成平民死亡在阿富汗是个容易引起争论的问题,阿富汗政府近几个月对外国联军部队造成的平民死亡进行了语气更加强硬的公开指责。President Karzai said Saturday that so far, Afghan efforts to stop civilian casualties have not had "desired outcomes." The president said the government will soon announce new initiatives for avoiding civilian deaths.  阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊星期六表示,到目前为止,阿富汗争取制止平民伤亡的努力还没有取得“理想的效果”。卡尔扎伊说,政府很快会宣布避免平民伤亡的新措施。In the village in Herat where Thursday's airstrike occurred, hundreds of locals protested Saturday after rejecting offers of food and other aid from Afghan military troops. Local media reports said some of the protesters turned violent and soldiers fired on the crowd, injuring several people. 在星期四受到空袭的赫拉特省的这个村庄,数百名村民星期六举行抗议,他们拒绝了阿富汗军队向他们提供的食品等援助。当地媒体报导,一些抗议者后来开始使用暴力,阿富汗部队向人群开,有几个人受伤。200808/46605。

Former Khmer Rouge Minister Appears Before Cambodian Court前红色高棉外交部长在柬法院出庭  Former Khmer Rouge foreign minister leng Sary appeared before Cambodia's genocide tribunal to press for his release from pretrial detention. He is one of five defendants being held by the so-called Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia, set up to try the former leaders of the ultra-Maoist group for crimes against humanity. 前红色高棉外交部长英萨利在柬埔寨一个审判种族灭绝的法庭上敦促法庭不要再对他进行审前羁押。他是被所谓的柬埔寨法院特别法庭羁押的5名被告之一。设立这个法庭是审判前极端的毛派组织领导人犯下的反人类罪。Looking visibly infirm, 82-year-old leng Sary appeared in court today to appeal for his release from pre-trial detention on the grounds of ill-health. 82岁的英萨利看上去身体非常虚弱。他星期一在法庭上以身体有病为由呼吁法庭不要再对他进行审前羁押。His lawyers said that he is too old and frail to pose a flight-risk or to threaten potential witnesses, and asked that he be placed under house arrest until his trial begins, probably next year.  他的律师说,英萨利年老体弱,不会构成逃跑的风险,也不会威胁可能的目击者。他们要求法庭在审理之前,对他实行软禁。法庭预计可能于明年开始审理。Leng Sary is charged with crimes against humanity, committed during the brutal 1975-1979 rule by the Khmer Rouge, when almost two million people died from starvation, disease, overwork and execution. 英萨利被指控在红色高棉统治的1975年到1979年间犯下反人类罪。那段时间将近200万人死于饥饿、疾病、过度劳累和处决。Known as 'Brother Number Three' in the organization's secretive hierarchy, he was deputy prime minister as well as foreign minister of Democratic Kampuchea, as Cambodia was renamed by the Khmer Rouge. Using his position, he encouraged thousands of Cambodians living abroad to come home. Almost all were later executed. 英萨利在红色高棉内部的秘密排名中以“第三把手”著称。他曾经是民主柬埔寨的副总理兼外交部长。柬埔寨后来被改名为红色高棉。英萨利利用其职位鼓励居住在国外的数以千计的柬埔寨人回国。这些人后来几乎都被处决。Youk Channg is the director of the Documentation Center of Cambodia, which is compiling evidence on the Khmer Rouge regime ahead of the upcoming trials. 尤区汉是柬埔寨档案中心的主任,负责在开庭审理之前搜集红色高棉集团的有关据。"He is sort of the international face of the Khmer Rouge, out there [to] convince the world, and the West, to believe that the regime was a success and was good for the country," said Channg. "His mission [was] to bring Cambodians abroad back to the country to help build the revolution - and usually [the] people ended up executed." 他说:“他在某种程度上是红色高棉在国际上抛头露面的人物,在国际上说全球,说西方,相信红色高棉集团的成功,以及对那个国家的好处。他的使命是让在海外的柬埔寨人回国,帮助建设革命,但通常这些回国的人最后都被处决。”leng Sary was given an amnesty by the government in 1996 as a reward for breaking with the Khmer Rouge, along with hundreds of his supporters. Until his arrest last year, he lived in a palatial villa in the capital Phnom Penh, earning a small-fortune from gold and precious-stones interests. 英萨利1996年被柬埔寨政府大赦,以此作为他断绝同红色高棉关系的奖励。他的数百名持者也断绝了同红色高棉的关系。在去年被捕前,他一直住在首都金边的一个宫殿式别墅里,靠着黄金和珍贵珠宝利息滋生的一小笔财富生活。Youk Channg says his prosecution is seen as particularly important for many Cambodians. 尤区汉说,对很多柬埔寨人来说,起诉英萨利被认为尤其意义重大。"He [was] the untouchable Khmer Rouge leader that has been protected by the government, given amnesty by the kings, and have so much money," said Channg. "So for all of us who is the victims having him arrested makes a huge difference."  他说:“他是不能动的红色高棉领导人,受到柬埔寨政府的保护,被国王赦免,家财万贯。因此,对于我们这些受害者来说,逮捕英萨利意义非凡。”leng Sary is one of five defendants being held by the tribunal, which plans to begin its first trial later this year. His wife, 76-year-old Ieng Thirith, who served as the Khmer Rouge's social affairs minister, is also being held on charges of crimes against humanity. 英萨利是特别法庭羁押的5名被告之一。特别法庭计划今年晚些时候首次开庭审理。英萨利76岁的夫人英蒂丽曾担任红色高棉的社会事务部长,目前也因被指控犯下反人类罪受到关押。A decision on leng Sary's appeal is not expected for a couple of weeks. Similar appeals by other defendants have been rejected. 对于英萨利请求不要对他审前羁押的裁决预计不会在几个星期之内做出。其他被告提出的类似诉求都被拒绝。200807/43137。

President Bush says America's election-year politics will not affect his commitment to keep U.S. troops in Iraq. Mr. Bush says his decision to send more troops to Iraq has helped improve security. 布什总统说,美国选举年的政治气氛不会影响他保留驻伊拉克美军的决心。布什总统认为他的增兵伊拉克的决定改善了那里的安全局势。President Bush says he will carefully consider the recommendations of U.S. military and diplomatic chiefs in Baghdad when they deliver their status report on the war next month. 布什总统说,在巴格达的美国军事和外交主管们下个月提交伊拉克战争局势报告时,他将仔细考虑他们的建议。But he told a convention of religious broadcasters in the southern state of Tennessee he can say his decision to send 30,000 reinforcements to Iraq last year is making a difference. 但是,布什在美国南部田纳西州出席一个宗教广播组织大会时说,他可以说他去年增兵3万到伊拉克的决定正使伊拉克出现变化。"Since the surge began, sectarian killings are down and al-Qaida has been driven from many strongholds it once held. I strongly believe the surge is working and so do the Iraqis," he said. 布什说:“自从增兵以来,教派屠杀减少了,基地组织被赶出了他们原来占据的许多据点。我坚信增兵正在产生作用。伊拉克人也这样认为。”President Bush says the success of the surge has allowed him to bring some U.S. troops home from Iraq. But the pace of future withdrawals will depend on the recommendations of the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, Ryan Crocker, and the top U.S. commander there, General David Petraeus. 布什总统说,增兵决定的成功容许他能从伊拉克撤回部分美军,但是,未来撤军的步伐将取决于美国驻伊大使克罗克和美军最高指挥官彼得雷乌斯将军所做的建议。Mr. Bush says troop withdrawals is a decision for commanders on the ground not politicians in Washington. "The politics of 2008 is not going to enter in my calculation. It is the peace of the years to come that will enter into my calculation," he said. 布什说,从伊拉克撤军要由战地指挥官们来决定,而不是由华盛顿的政客们来决定。布什说:“2008年的政治不会进入我的考虑过程。未来几年的和平才是我所评估考虑的。”The president says recent gains in Iraq are fragile and reversible because the enemy there is resilient. 布什总统说,最近在伊拉克取得的进步很不稳定,而且可能会出现倒退,原因是在伊拉克的敌人仍有可能反扑。White House Spokeswoman Dana Perino says this was the first in a series of speeches the president will give on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan before next month's report from Ambassador Crocker and General Petraeus as well as April's NATO summit in Romania. 白宫发言人佩里诺说,在克罗克大使和彼得雷乌斯将军下月提交报告以及4月在罗马尼亚召开北约峰会之前,布什总统将就伊拉克和阿富汗的战争发表一系列讲话。布什总统星期二的讲话是这一系列里的首次讲话。All 26 members of the NATO alliance have troops in Afghanistan, but some have restrictions on their deployment that keep their soldiers out of areas where combat with Taliban fighters is more likely. 虽然北约所有26个成员国都在阿富汗驻有军队,但是,部分国家限制它们各自军队的部署,不让士兵驻扎在更有可能与塔利班作战的地区。President Bush wants more NATO troops on the front lines. At the Bucharest summit, he says he will thank alliance members for standing with what he says are the brave Afghans of a young democracy. "I will also ask NATO to join the ed States in doing even more. Now is the time for nations to make the hard decisions necessary so our children can grow up in a more peaceful world," he said. 布什总统希望有更多北约部队驻扎前线。在罗马尼亚布加勒斯特举行的峰会上,布什总统说,他将感谢北约联军成员国们与他所谓的一个年轻民主国家里英勇的阿富汗人民站在一起。布什总统说:“我还会呼吁北约和美国一道做得更多。现在到了该让北约国家做出艰难决定的时候了。这些决定势必让我们的子孙生活的世界更加和平。”The war in Iraq continues to be a big part of campaigning to succeed President Bush in . Presumptive Republican candidate John McCain generally supports the president's current policy in Iraq. Democratic contenders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton both say they would move faster to withdraw more U.S. forces. 伊拉克战争仍然是目前美国总统竞选活动的主题之一。有望成为共和党总统候选人的麦凯恩总体上持布什总统现有的伊拉克政策。民主党的竞选人奥巴马和克林顿都说他们会更快从伊拉克撤出更多美军。200803/30137。

A problem, bbbbut…一个问题,但是……Let me teach you some phrases you might need to explain that theres been a mistake.让我教你几个你可能会用来解释误会的表达。I think theres been a misunderstanding. Or: Theres been a bit of a mix up.我想有一个误会。或者这里有点混乱。But what misunderstanding? What mix up?但什么误会呢?怎么混乱了?You could also use: Let me explain what happened... But...你还可以说:让我解释一下发生的事…… 但……Ah, good afternoon everyone. Hello.大家下午好。 你好。Tom, this is an excellent piece of work! Sorry?汤姆,这次工作完成得很棒! 什么?These are by far the best ideas youve ever had.这是你迄今为止最棒的点子。I dont understand.我不懂。Our stock management system!我们的库存管理系统!Can I see? … Oh, thats not mine.我能看看吗?这不是我的。I think theres been a misunderstanding. I did it. You?我想有一个误会,我做的。 你?I got your note Paul, here.我在这里收到的你的字条,保罗。No, no, that note was for Tom.不,字条是给汤姆的。Oh, then theres been a bit of a mix up.那么这里出了一点状况。Did you take that note from my desk? No, no!你从我桌子上拿走的字条吗? 不,不是的!I suppose you threw my pear salesman certificate on the floor at the same time too!我猜也是你把我的年度水果梨销售员书扔在地上的!I didn’t! Let me explain.我没有,让我解释一下。 /201701/483852。

Afghanistan Says Foreign Agency Had Role in Indian Embassy Bombing阿富汗称外国机构策划阿炸弹袭击 Pakistan's government is denying it played a role in Monday's suicide bomb attack on India's embassy in Afghanistan. But Afghan officials say it is "pretty obvious" who was behind the attack. 巴基斯坦政府否认,它在星期一对印度驻阿富汗大使馆发动的自杀式炸弹袭击中起了任何作用。但是阿富汗官员说,这次袭击的幕后策划者是谁“非常明显”。A day after a massive suicide car bomb attack killed more than 40 people and wounded scores more outside India's diplomatic mission in Kabul, a spokesman for President Hamid Karzai said investigators believe that a foreign intelligence agency was behind it.  阿富汗总统发言人哈米德扎达星期二说,调查人员相信,一个外国情报机构是这次袭击的幕后策划者。星期一,印度驻喀布尔大使馆外遭到一个威力巨大的自杀式汽车炸弹的袭击,造成40多人死亡,150多人受伤。Humayun Hamidzada said that although the investigation is still continuing, officials believe they aly have evidence that the attack had significant foreign support. 哈米德扎达说,虽然调查仍在进行中,但是有关官员相信他们已经获得据,显示袭击得到了充分的外国持。"The sophistication of this attack and the kind of material that was used in it and the specific targeting - everything has the hallmark of a particular intelligence agency that has conducted similar terrorist acts inside Afghanistan in the past," he said. 他说:“这次袭击的周密性、使用的材料以及特定的目标等,都带有某个情报机构的特征,而这个机构过去曾在阿富汗进行类似的恐怖袭击。”In June, Afghan officials accused Pakistan's spy agency of being directly involved in April's assassination attempt against President Karzai. But at a news conference in Kabul, Hamidzada refused to directly blame Pakistan in the bombing targeting its historical rival India. 今年6月阿富汗有关官员指责巴基斯坦特工直接卷入了4月份企图暗杀阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊的行动。但是在喀布尔举行的一个新闻记者会上,哈米德扎达拒绝直接指责巴基斯坦针对其宿敌印度进行爆炸。"We believe firmly that there is a particular intelligence agency behind it. I am not going to name it anymore. I think it is pretty obvious," he said. 他说:“我们坚信,某个外国情报机构是这次袭击的幕后策划者。我不会指名说出这个情报机构。我认为,一切都很明显了。”Pakistani officials have strongly denied the government was involved in the Karzai assassination attempt or the Indian embassy bombing. The head of Pakistan's Interior Ministry, Rehman Malik, told a group of reporters in Islamabad that no part of the government played any role in the bombing.  巴基斯坦有关官员强烈否认巴基斯坦政府卷入暗杀阿富汗总统卡尔扎伊和炸印度驻阿富汗大使馆的行动。巴基斯坦内政部长马利克在伊斯兰堡对记者们说,巴基斯坦政府没有任何部门在爆炸袭击中扮演任何角色。He said Pakistan does not involve itself in such acts because it is not in its interest. He said that for Pakistanis, a safe Afghanistan is a guarantee for a safe Pakistan. 他说,巴基斯坦不会卷入这种行径,因为这不符合它的利益。他说,对于巴基斯坦来说,一个安全的阿富汗是一个安全的巴基斯坦的保。Pakistan's top intelligence agency, called the ISI, had fostered close ties with Afghanistan's Taliban government until 2001. Pakistan officially turned against its ally before the U.S.-led invasion of Afghanistan. Since then Pakistan has been praised as a partner in the war against terrorism.  巴基斯坦最高情报机构“国内情报局”在2003年以前同阿富汗塔利班政府的关系密切。在美国领导的盟军攻打阿富汗之前,巴基斯坦正式同其盟友阿富汗反目为敌。从那以来,巴基斯坦一直被称赞为反恐战争的夥伴。But in recent years, continuing attacks by Taliban militants in Afghanistan and Pakistan have strained relations between the two countries and raised questions about whether Pakistan's intelligence agency truly cut all ties with its former Taliban allies. 但是近年来,塔利班激进分子在阿富汗和巴基斯坦持续发动袭击,导致巴基斯坦和阿富汗的关系紧张。外界不禁怀疑,巴基斯坦情报机构是否真正切断了同前塔利班盟友的所有关系。200807/43677。