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栏目简介:很多人都说中国人喜欢说客套话,该客套的时候客套,不该客套的时候,大家都在客套。不光是中文,在英文中客套的词语也是满天飞。今天,Jeremy老师就将为您教授英语中的客套常用语。我们一起来看看吧!本期内容:dressed to kill 穿得好美丽(本栏目主播为:Teacher Jeremy,欢迎关注微:Jeremy杨家成) /201505/374274Todd: OK, Julia, were talking about types of people and we have some more that we can discuss. So the next one is worry wart. Are you a worry wart?托德:朱莉娅,我们继续来看不同类型的人,这里还有一些我们可以讨论的类型。下一种类型是杞人忧天型。你是杞人忧天的人吗?Julia: I guess when it comes to some things maybe yeah. Like sometimes I get insomnia and I know its because my brain is worrying about stuff.朱莉娅:我想在特定事情上我可能是。比如有时我会失眠,我知道这是因为我在担心一些事情。Todd: Right. You just cant let it go?托德:好。你不能不去想吗?Julia: Yeah, which is kind of why I took up yoga and meditation because just calming down those, you know, those thoughts that are just going crazy round in your head. So I would be a worry wart if it wasnt for my yoga practice. I think the yoga helps me keep my mind calm.朱莉娅:所以我才会去上瑜伽课和进行冥想,因为这会让你平静下来,不去想那些在你头脑里变得疯狂的想法。所以如果不进行瑜伽练习的话,我可能会成为杞人忧天的人。我想瑜伽让我的头脑可以冷静下来。Todd: Oh, cool.托德:哦,真酷。Julia: But I have that natural tendency I think.朱莉娅:不过我想我有那种自然倾向。Todd: OK, so what about things around the house? Are you a clean freak?托德:好,那家事呢?你有洁癖吗?Julia: No. No, I am messy, like ridiculously messy. I dont see mess. I dont see it. Its like a blind spot.朱莉娅:没有。我的东西很乱,非常乱。我会无视那些脏乱。我看不到那些。就像盲点一样。Todd: So youre a slob?托德:那你是懒虫?Julia: Yes, kind of, yes and this is the one thing that drives my husband crazy because hes very tidy, hes very clean, very neat.朱莉娅:有点儿,这也是快把我丈夫逼疯的一件事,因为他非常整洁,他干净又整洁。Todd: So you guys are yin and yang?托德:你们两个人就像阴阳两极一样?Julia: Yeah. He likes things to go in the proper place and he likes things to be tidied up, put away and for him its very, its a sort of therapeutic thing. Its, I guess, the mirror of his mental state. If theres a mess going on he feels uneasy so he needs to tidy up in order to kind of be focused and calm. Im kind of the opposite. If everythings too tidy and neat, I get a bit freaked out. I like, Im comfortable in mess, very comfortable in mess.朱莉娅:对。他喜欢把东西放在适当的地方,他喜欢把东西整理妥当、放好,对他来说这是一种治疗。我想这反映出了他的精神状态。如果东西很乱,他就会感觉不安,所以他要把东西整理妥当,这样他就能集中精神并平静下来。我和他正相反。如果一切太整洁干净,我会有点紧张。我在有些乱的环境中会感觉很舒。Todd: Comfortable in chaos?托德:在混乱中感觉舒?Julia: Yeah.朱莉娅:对。Todd: Well that leads us to the next one and maybe this relates to your husband. Is he a control freak?托德:嗯,下面我们来说下一个,这个可能与你丈夫有关。他是控制狂吗?Julia: Yes. Absolutely. He is, yes.朱莉娅:对,他绝对是,他是。Todd: So can you explain what a control freak is?托德:你能解释一下什么是控制狂吗?Julia: A control freak is someone who likes to be in control, has to be in control all the time over all things.朱莉娅:控制狂就是喜欢一直掌控一切的人。Todd: And if theres not, if theres disorder or something left?托德:如果有些混乱,或是落下东西了呢?Julia: It causes him stress. It causes him stress so just simple things like maybe like a house guest. While hes a very friendly and generous and warm person, having an extra person in the house makes him uneasy because its a factor thats out of his control.朱莉娅:这会让他有压力。这会让他感到压力,就好像留宿客人这样简单的事情。虽然他是非常友善、大方又温暖的人,但是让客人住在家里会让他很不安,因为这是不受他控制的因素。Todd: Hm, yeah. So how about other things like are you a, like a game junkie or TV junkie?托德:嗯,好。那其他呢?你是迷或电视迷吗?Julia: There are certain games that I have to take off my phone because they will eat away my time.朱莉娅:有些游戏会让我关掉手机,因为这些游戏会占用我很多时间。Todd: Right, like Angry Birds and stuff like that?托德:好,比如《愤怒的小鸟》这种游戏?Julia: Stuff like that. The ones that, just really simplistic ones, things like Tetris and putting squares in boxes and Bejeweled where you change, moving things around. Those kind of games I can get very ily addicted to so I have to, I have to be careful, I take them off. I had like a brief intense fling with TechM, like those fighting games. I was really into fights, fighting games and playing.朱莉娅:差不多。就是那种很简单的游戏,比如俄罗斯方块这种游戏,要把方块放在盒子里,还有宝石迷阵这类游戏,要移动宝石的位置。我对这种游戏非常上瘾,所以我会很认真,会把手机关掉。在玩格斗类游戏时,我会全情投入进去。我非常喜欢玩格斗戏。Todd: Wow, thats hard core.托德:哇哦,那是核心。Julia: Yeah, but it was shortlived and I felt like it was an unhealthy obsession.朱莉娅:对,不过那只是一时,我认为那种沉迷并不健康。Todd: Yeah, you can, yeah.托德:对,是的。Julia: But yeah it was great. I enjoyed it when I did it. It was fun.朱莉娅:不过那感觉很棒。我玩的时候很享受。很有乐趣。 译文属 /201612/483891

too ..to 太……以至于不能……例句:Mike was too tired to argue further.麦克太累了,没劲再争论。The boy is too young to go to school.男孩还下了,还不能去上学。A:Mom, Its the first day of school, what should I wear?妈妈,开学第一天,我该穿什么?B:How about this one?这件怎么样?A:That one is too old to wear.这件太旧了,以至于不能穿。背景音乐:Qwote——Shawty Its Your Booty更多英语资讯,欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201606/448893小咖实用英语口语 第20期:扬子江中的大鳄 /201503/358052Joel: Im sorry, what was your name again?乔尔:抱歉,请你再说一遍你的名字,好吗?Ruth: My name is Ruth Archibald.露丝:我叫露丝·阿奇尔德。Joel: Ruth. OK, where are you from?乔尔:露丝。你来自哪里?Ruth: Im from Ireland.露丝:我来自爱尔兰。Joel: Ireland. OK. I can notice your accent a little bit. Ive never been to Ireland before. Whats famous about Ireland that you can tell me about?乔尔:爱尔兰。好,我大概能听出你的口音。我以前从来没有去过爱尔兰。你能和我说说爱尔兰什么比较出名吗?Ruth: Probably the most famous things are Guinness and whiskey, theyre alcoholic drinks from.露丝:可能最出名的应该是吉尼斯啤酒和威斯忌,它们是酒类饮品。Joel: Ive heard that its a pretty rough crowd in Ireland too. Is that true for women as well?乔尔:我听说爱尔兰有很多人都很粗鲁。女性也是这样吗?Ruth: No, I dont think so. I think it depends on where you go in Ireland. In the capitol, yes, maybe people are a bit more rough, but in the countryside theyre very friendly.露丝:不是,我不这么认为。我想这要取决于你去爱尔兰的哪个地方。爱尔兰首都的一些民众可能不太友好,不过乡村的人非常友好。Joel: OK, but for men, so if I went to a bar in Ireland, would I be in trouble?乔尔:那男性去爱尔兰的酒吧会遇到麻烦吗?Ruth: I dont think so. I dont think so. No. No. Its really good.露丝:我想不会。我认为不会。不会,不会遇到麻烦。酒吧很不错。Joel: And where are you from?乔尔:你来自哪个地方?Ruth: Im from a place called Bray, which is maybe one hours drive from the capitol of Dublin.露丝:我来自一个名为Bray的地方,距离首都都柏林有一小时的车程。Joel: OK, one-hours drive so what is the geography like?乔尔:一小时的车程,那里的地形怎么样?Ruth: Its pretty flat. There are some mountains but none of them are very high and the area around the city is very, its very built up but once you get outside the city its mainly countryside. Theres a lot of farming and country, particularly beef and dairy products and also sheep. Theres lots of sheep.露丝:地势非常平坦。那里也有一些山,但是并没有高山,城市周边有很多建筑物,不过出城以后就是乡村地区了。有很多农田和乡村,尤其是牛和羊很多,盛产奶制品。有很多羊。Joel: When are you going to be going back?乔尔:你打算什么时候回家去?Ruth: Ive just gone back. I went back in December for three weeks, so at the moment I have no plans to go home in the near future, but maybe sometime in September so maybe in another six or seven weeks.露丝:我刚回去过。12月份时我回去住了三个星期,所以近期我没有回去的计划,不过可能9月份的时候我会回家去看看,大概还有六七周的时间。Joel: Im going to have to go out and visit sometime.乔尔:我打算找个时间去那里旅游。Ruth: Definitely. Its really good. Its a really nice place to visit.露丝:一定要去。那里非常棒,是个旅游的好地方。Joel: Alright. Thanks.乔尔:好的。谢谢。Ruth: Youre welcome.露丝:不客气。 译文属 /201505/376692

I think youve overcharged me ten yuan! 我觉得你多收了我十元钱。例句:A:Could I have my bill please?请把账单给我好吗?B:Yes,sir.Ill be back right away.Here you are.好的,先生,我立刻就给您拿过来。给您。A:How much is it?多少钱?B:One hundred and fifty altogether.总共150元A:Well,I think theres a mistake.Sounds a little too expensive for what was ordered.Please check it again.我觉得不对。听起来对于我点的东西来说有点贵了。请再检查一下。B:Im sorry,sir.Let me look at the bill again.对不起,先生,让我再看看账单。A:I think youve overcharged me ten yuan.我觉得你多收了我十元。B:Ah,yes,sir.You are right.I do apologize for it.是的,先生,您说得对,对此我向您道歉。A:It doesnt matter.没关系。背景音乐:Could write a book更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写)0 /201704/501903

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