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A Date 约会 -01-6 3:8:5 来源: Brother : Hey, Sally! Are you going to stay in that bathroom the rest of your life? Sister : (From the bathroom) Come on, I just got in here. Brother : You're kidding me. You've been in there two hours twenty-four minutes and fifteen seconds. Sister : All right! Five more minutes, OK? Brother : What're you doing in there? Sister : (Coming out from the bathroom) Taking a bath. What do you do in a bathroom? Get a sun tan? Brother : A bath two and a half hours? Sister : What's wrong with that? I'm going out with Daniel tonight. Brother : You what? No way! Mom doesn't let you go out on dates. Everybody knows that. Sister : Yes, she does: She said I was old enough to make decisions. Brother : That's a quick change. Sister : Do I look good in red? Or maybe black? Brother : No, you look awful in either red or black. I think white is better. Sister : Is that so?...I better ask Mom opinions. Are you free tonight? Brother : Yeah....No, you're not going to use my car. Sister : Come on, this is my first time going out on a date. I'll give you Stella's telephone number in exchange. Brother : That's a deal. Vocabulary 注释 1. Opinion n.看法、观点 . exchange n.交换,亦可做动词 约会 Brother Sister bathroomOld John And The Devil(An American Folktale) This folktale1) comes from the South eastern ed States. It takes place in the days bee automobiles when everyone used horses. A blacksmith――a man who makes horseshoes and other items from metal――was at that time quite an important part of the commy. Because every one needed horseshoes and pots and pans and metal tools and things like nails, which the blacksmith made, the black smith shop also became a commy gathering place where neighbor met neighbor. Once there was a blacksmith everyone called Old John. He was the only blacksmith miles a round and since he did very good work, his shop was frequently crowded with neighbors and old friends and other shopkeepers from the village. Old John himself, however, was not a friendly person. In fact, he was considered a terrible grouch, a very mean-spirited and temperamental) person. He was always complaining about people borrowing his tools, and sitting in his rocking chair to pass the time away in idle chatter, and tearing branches off his sythia bush to use as whips their horses. People generally tolerated Old John because they had to and because he was a good workman. Given that he was comparatively well off and an important member of the commy, no one could understand why he was so mean. One day when John was not very busy, a figure in a long, white robe appeared beside him as he clanged away making tools. “Old John,” the figure said. “I have come to give you a chance to redeem yourself and save your soul. ”Old John kept right on hammering. “You have, have you?” he said with a grin. “And who says I need redeeming3) anyway?”“Everyone knows, ”the figure said, “you are a person of no generosity) and a very mean spirit. ”“Is that right?”Old John said, lifting his hammer in his visitor’s face and giving it a shake. “And just what it is you propose to do about it?”“I am authorized, ”the figure said, “to grant you three wishes. ”“Well, I am authorized, ”Old John said, “to tell you I don’ t believe a word of it, and if you don’t haul your behind out of here and quit bothering me with all this work to do, I’ll put you out myself. ”“I insist I am quite serious about this, ”the figure said, “and furthermore you had best consider carefully what you wish as your chances going to heaven depend upon it. “Old John just laughed. “Why I figure my chances of going to heaven are just as good as anybody’s, ”he said. “I don’ t do anything but work, eat and sleep. And kick the dogs when they get under my feet. And chase away these loafers5) that are always hanging around here. What’s wrong with that?”The figure just shook its misty head. “What are your three wishes, Old John?I don’t have much time to spend with you. ” 80“找茬”怎么说 -01-7 00:: 来源: “找茬”游戏盛行已经好多年“找茬”说白了就是“挑毛病”、“挑刺”,今天咱们就来看看“找茬”怎么说1. Nitpick这个词据说来源于“抓虱子”,nit就是“虱子”,虱子很微小,但实在是很烦人很讨厌,于是人们都要“抓虱子”nitpick,后来这个词就变成了“挑刺儿,找茬”,nit比喻无关紧要的细节例如:He tried to get her to stop nitpicking all the time. 他试图让她不要总是找茬而 nitpicker 就表示“挑刺找茬的人”那要形容一个找茬的人怎么说呢?就是nitpicking了,比如:a nit-picking lawyer 喜欢找茬儿的律师. Find fault with someoneFind fault 的意思就是“批评criticize, express dissatisfaction with”,例如:He is such a man who is always finding fault with other people. 他总是找别人的毛病She was a difficult traveling companion, constantly finding fault with the hotel, meal service, and tour guides.3. Pick a hole in似乎“找茬、挑刺”就和pick脱不了干系了,pick a hole in pick holes in,pick apart,pick to pieces 这几个片语都可以用来表示“找茬,挑刺,严厉地谴责”,我们来看几个例子:As soon as I presented my argument, he began to pick holes in it. 我一表明我的论点,他就开始挑刺They picked her apart the moment she left the room. 她一离开房间,他们就开始挑她的毛病The new editor picked her manuscript to pieces. 新编辑把她的原稿批得一无是处(英语点津 Annabel 编辑) 怎么 找茬 pick withAn American Professor’s Advice to Chinese Students美国教授对欲赴美留学者的忠告Try a little to stretch yourself and integrate into1 the greater society around you. It’s definitely a challenge. It can be difficult and unpleasant. But it can also be fun and enriching, rewarding and of the utmost benefit in the long run3.试着扩展你的生活范围,参与到身边更广阔的社会中去这肯定是个挑战,会是困难和不愉快的,但这也是有趣和充实的、有价值并从长远来看有最大收益的Chinese TOEFL scores are averaging a little above 600, an amazing standard. But U.S. admissions officers are keenly aware that elevated TOEFL scores do not necessarily indicate truly superior command of the language.中国人的平均成绩在600出头,这是一个惊人的高水准但是美国的招生官员非常清楚,成绩高并不一定表明真正很好地掌握了这门语言The phenomenon of the Chinese graduate student who can’t speak English is quite common and widesp among U.S. universities. When they arrive with stunted5 verbal skills, this brings into serious question their competence and, in many cases, the continuation of their scholarships. 在美国大学,中国研究生不能说英语的现象非常普遍,司空见惯他们来到美国时口语技能很差,这就使他们的语言能力成了严重问题,而且在很多情况下,这还会影响到他们的奖学金延续Some U.S. universities now conduct phone interviews of prospective Chinese graduate students. All this to insure that students culled6 from the highly reputed Chinese talent pool have the linguistic7 skills to bring their talents to bear on those tasks with which the university needs help.现在美国一些大学对预期的中国研究生实行电话谈话这是为了保从非常有名的中国人才库中挑选出的学生,具备使其才能得以施展的语言能力,以胜任学校需要帮手的工作 most Chinese graduate students the language problem soon begins to resolve itself after arrival in the U.S. Be that as it may, a large number of Chinese graduate students continue to struggle with English years after arrival and even years into their professional lives here, which does have a negative impact on employment especially in times like these when market downturns dictate8 massive layoffs9 across many industrial sectors.大多数中国研究生的语言问题,会在他们抵达美国后很快就得到解决但是还有一种可能的情况就是,有大量的中国研究生在来到美国后仍需努力学习英语,甚至在美国从事专业工作数年后仍要刻苦学习英语,以克这个障碍这对他们的就业,确实有着不利的影响,特别是在市场衰退导致许多行业大量裁员的那些时期尤为不利The crux of the problem lies in the Chinese student commy. Not surprisingly, most Chinese graduate students begin their U.S. experience in a shared apartment or house exclusively with other Chinese. If they happen to work in a lab where there are other Chinese graduate students then there is often hardly any need to interact with Americans.这个问题的症结在于中国学生的群体观念大多数中国研究生开始他们在美国的生活时毫无例外地都是与其他的中国学生合租公寓或合租住房这是不会令人感到意外的如果他们工作的实验室里恰好有其他中国研究生,那么通常就几乎没有必要和美国人打交道了The long and short of this is that it is well worth a Chinese student’s trouble to learn English well. Spoken English. Not just test--taking, TOEFL--blasting English. U.S. university admissions officers are less and less to be fooled by only a poor to middling command of the spoken language. And those with little or no opporty of improving this aspect of their eign language skill while still in China, if you are lucky enough to get a chance to come to the U.S. study, take full advantage of opporties here. Take an English as a second language class. Most universities have them. City governments and commy colleges offer them. Join some university clubs to begin to get to know some American students. Get to know your American classmates and office mates. Do Not Be Shy. ce yourself to join conversations. Find an American roommate. This last can be such a big boost in so many ways if you find the right match.无论从长远还是短期来看,中国学生费点力气学好英语都是十分值得的要学口语,不只是应试或式的短期英语美国大学的招生官员越来越不会受骗了,只有蹩脚的口语和一般的口语水平是通不过的对于那些仍在中国、很难有机会提高外语口语能力的人来说,如果你有幸能有机会来美国学习,那就要充分利用机会参加一个英语为第二语言的学习班, 大多数学校都开设此类课程市政府和社区大学也提供这些课程参加一些大学俱乐部来结识美国学生,去认识你的美国同学和同事别怕难为情,强迫自己进行交谈找一个美国室友如果你找到了合适的对象,最后这个方法会在许多方面使你有很大提高注解1.integrate into 使成一体,使结合.enrich [In5rItF] vt. 充实,使丰富3.run [rQn] n. 一段时间.elevated [5elIveItId] adj. 提高的,升高的5.stunted [5stQntId] adj. 发展不良的,受阻的6.cull [kQl] vt. 挑出,选出7.linguistic [lIN5gwIstIk] adj. 语言的,语言学的8.dictate [dIk5teIt] vt. 发号施令地规定,命令9.layoff [5leIBf] n. 临时解雇(期),失业期.crux [krQks] n. 关键,症结.boost [bust] n. 推动,促进,激励 835

7Folk Culture7 Folk CulturesA folk culture is a small isolated, cohesive, conservative, nearly self-sufficient group that is homogeneous in custom and race with a strong family or clan structure and highly developed rituals. Order is maintained through sanctions based in the religion or family and interpersonal. Relationships are strong. Tradition is paramount, and change comes infrequently and slowly. There is relatively little division of labor into specialized duties. Rather, each person is expected to perm a great variety of tasks, though duties may differ between the sexes. Most goods are handmade and subsistence economy prevails. Individualism is weakly developed in folk cultures as are social classes. Unaltered folk cultures no longer exist in industrialized countries such as the ed States and Canada. Perhaps the nearest modern equivalent in Anglo America is the Amish, a German American farming sect that largely renounces the products and labor saving devices of the industrial age. In Amish areas, horse drawn buggies still serve as a local transportation device and the faithful are not permitted to own automobiles. The Amish’s central religious concept of Demut “humility”, clearly reflects the weakness of individualism and social class so typical of folk cultures and there is a corresponding strength of Amish group identity. Rarely do the Amish marry outside their sect. The religion, a variety of the Mennonite faith, provides the principal mechanism maintaining order.By contrast a popular culture is a large heterogeneous group often highly individualistic and a pronounced many specialized professions. Secular institutions of control such as the police and army take the place of religion and family in maintaining order, and a money-based economy prevails. Because of these contrasts, “popular” may be viewed as clearly different from “folk”. The popular is replacing the folk in industrialized countries and in many developing nations. Folk-made objects give way to their popular equivalent, usually because the popular item is more quickly or cheaply produced, is easier or time saving to use or leads more prestige to the owner. 民间文化民间文化是小型的、孤立的、紧密的、保守的、近乎自给自足的群体,具有同样的习俗、同样的人种和强有力的家庭或部族结构以及高度发展的宗教仪式秩序由宗教或家庭的约束来维持,成员间的关系非常紧密,传统至高无上,很少有变动且变动缓慢劳动专业分工相对较少每个人都要做各类活计,尽管男女两性分工不同绝大多数物品是手工制造的,经济一般为自给自足型个人主义和社会阶层在民间文化群体中的发展十分薄弱在象美国和加拿大这样的工业化国家里,一成不变的民间文化群体已不复存在了在当代美洲的英语区,与民间文化最相似的群体也许算是AmishAmish是美国的德裔农耕部落,他们基本上拒绝接受工业时代的大多数产品和节省劳力的设施在Amish地区,轻便马车仍是当地的交通工具,信徒们不允许拥有汽车Amish宗教中的核心观念Demut即谦卑典型地反映了在民间文化群中个人主义和阶级的不发达而与此同时,Amish对群体的认同性却十分强Amish人很少和他们宗派以外的人通婚其宗教,作为Mennonite信仰的一种,提供了维护秩序的主要机制相反,大众文化是包含不同种族的大群体,通常高度个性化而且不断在变化人际关系冷漠,劳动分工明确,由此产生了许多专门的职业世俗的控制机构,比如警察和军队,取代了宗教和家庭来维持秩序,而且实行的是货币经济由于存在着这些差异,;大众的;与;民间的;可谓大相径庭在工业化国家以及许多发展中国家里,大众文化正在取代民间文化民间制造的物品正让位于大众化产品,这通常是因为大众化的物品制造起来更快、更便宜,用起来更容易、更方便或者是能给其所有者带来更多的威望 680

常用英语口语之家中烹饪 -- 18:18: 来源: 常用英语口语之家中烹饪1. Did you add the MSG?你加味精了吗?. Use the cleaver to cut the chicken.用切肉刀切鸡3. Add some minced onions to the soup.加些洋葱屑于汤中. Marinate the pork chops bee frying them.炸猪排前先用卤汁浸一下5. My mouth is watering!我都要流口水了!6. Would you clear the table?能帮我把盘子收拾一下吗?7. Is the sauce y?调味酱好了吗?8. Have you ever tried using a pressure cooker?你曾经试过用压力锅吗?9.Do not put much salt.盐不要放得过多.I cut potatoes into stripes and put them in the deep fryer.我把马铃薯切成长条放进锅里炸 常用英语口语

To Benjamin Bailey, th June 1818 My dear Bailey; I was in hopes some little time back to be able to relieve your dullness by my spirits—to point out things in the world worth your enjoyment—and now I am never alone without rejoicing that there is such a thing as death –without placing my ultimate in the glory of dying a great human purpose Perhaps if my affairs were in a different state I should not have not written the above—you shall judge—I have tow brothers one is driven by the ‘burden of Society’ to America, the other, with an exquisite love of Life, is in a lingering state—My love my brothers from the early loss of our parents and even earlier Mistunes has grown into a affection ‘passing the Love of Women’—I have been ill-tempered with them. I have vexed them –but the thought of them has always stifled the impression that any woman might otherwise have made upon me—I have a sister too and may not follow them, either to America or to the Grave—Life must be undergone, and I certainly derive a consolation from the thought of writing one or two more Poems bee it cesease. Your affectionate friend John Keats 89

To Fanny Brawne, May 18 Wednesday morning My Dearest Girl, I have been a walk this morning with a book in my hand, but as usual I have been occupied with nothing but you I wish I could say in an agreeable manner. I am tormented day and night. They talk of my going to Italy. 'Tis certain I shall never recover if I am to be so long separate from you yet with all this devotion to you I cannot persuade myself into any confidence of you.... You are to me an object intensely desirable -- the air I breathe in a room empty of you in unhealthy. I am not the same to you -- no -- you can wait -- you have a thousand activities -- you can be happy without me. Any party, anything to fill up the day has been enough. How have you pass'd this month? Who have you smil'd with? All this may seem savage in me. You do no feel as I do -- you do not know what it is to love -- one day you may -- your time is not come.... I cannot live without you, and not only you but chaste you; virtuous you. The Sun rises and sets, the day passes, and you follow the bent of your inclination to a certain extent -- you have no conception of the quantity of miserable feeling that passes through me in a day -- Be serious! Love is not a plaything -- and again do not write unless you can do it with a crystal conscience. I would sooner die want of you than --- Yours ever J. Keats 199

Kitty Magic After a meeting one night,I felt very tired.Eager to get home and get to sleep,I was approaching my car when I heard mew,mew,mew,mew...Looking under my car,I saw a teeny little kitten,shaking and crying,huddled close to the tire.I have never had a fondness cats.I‘m a dog person,thank you very much.I grew up with dogs all my young life and cats always bugged me.Kind of creeped me out.I especially hated going into houses that had cat boxes.I wondered if the residents just ignored the awful smell.Plus,cats always seemed to be all over everything――not to mention their hair.And I was semiallergic to them.Suffice it to say,I had never in my life gone out of my way a cat.But when I knelt down and saw this scared little red tabby mewing like crazy,something inside urged me to reach out to pick her up.She ran away immediately.I thought,Okay,well,I tried,but as I went to get into my car,I heard the kitten mewing again.That pitiful mewing really pulled at my heart,and I found myself crossing the street to try to find her.I found her and she ran.I found her again and she ran again.This went on and on.Yet I just couldn’t leave her.Finally,I was able to grab her.When I held her in my arms,she seemed so little and skinny and very sweet.And she stopped mewing!It was totally out of character,but I took her into my car with me.The kitty freaked out,screeching and running at lightning speed all over the car,until she settled herself right in my lap,of course.I didn’t know what I was going to do with her,and yet I felt compelled to bring her home.I drove home,worrying the whole way,because I knew my roommate was deathly allergic to cats.I got home very late,put the kitten in the front yard and left some milk her.I was half hoping she would run away by the time morning came.But in the morning she was still there,so I brought her to work with me.Luckily,I have a very sympathetic boss.Especially when it comes to animals.Once we had a hurt sparrow in the office weeks that he had found and nursed back to health.All day at work,I tried to find someone who would take the kitten,but all the cat lovers were full up.I still didn’t know what to do with the kitty,so I took her on some errands with me when I left work.Again she freaked out in the car and this time wedged herself under the seat.My last stop that afternoon was at my parents’ house.Recently my father had been diagnose d with prostate cancer.He had undergone hormone treatment and the doctors now felt they had arrested the cancer.At least the present.I liked to go there as often as I could.That afternoon,parked in front of my parents’ house,I was trying to coax the kitten out from under the seat when she zoomed out of the car and into the neighbors’ bushes.There are a lot of bushes in that neighborhood,and I realized after looking a while that it was a lost cause.I felt a bit sad but consoled my self that this area had many families with kids.Surely someone would find her and give her a good home,I told myself. 1

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