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市南区儿童医院专家胶州市妇幼保健院男科好不好Undercover on a Segway摄位车上进行的“秘密活动”Tourists beware游客们当心A report from the seamy underworld of unlicensed tour guides关于无导游这个阴暗地下世界的报道A TERRIBLE threat stalks the streets ofWashington,DC: unlicensed tour guides. These brazen lawbreakers imperil the public by showing them around the nations capital without a permit. Your correspondent went undercover to observe at first hand the dangers tourists face in their clutches. It was harrowing. First, your correspondent had to balance on a Segway, a two-wheeled vehicle from which she could have fallen several inches to the cold, hard pavement. “Just try to relax,” purred Bill Main, the outlaw guide, “Its easy.” With white knuckles and a pink helmet, the tour began.华盛顿特区大街上正蔓延着一个可怕的威胁:无导游。这些无耻的违法者扰乱公共秩序,在没有许可的情况下带领游客们参观这个国家的首都。记者亲历地下世界去观察第一手游客们关键时刻面临的危险。这让人很恐惧。首先,记者必须在摄位车上保持平衡,这种两轮电动车有让她从任何一边摔向冰冷坚硬的人行道上的可能性。“别担心,”违法导游Bill Main发出喉音说道,“很简单的。”在兴奋、紧张中带着一个粉色的头盔,这趟行程开始了。Mr Main never took the exam to become a tour guide, so your correspondent braced herself to hear a torrent of errors. Would he claim that the White House was once destroyed by aliens, as in the film “Independence Day”? No. Actually, he was pretty good. Yet he could be jailed for 90 days if caught.Washingtonrequires all guides to pay 0 and take an exam. That adds up: Segs in the City, the firm Mr Main runs with his wife, Tonia Edwards, employs a dozen guides.Main从未参加过成为导游的考试,因此记者准备好了听到一大串错误信息。他会说白宫曾被外星人摧毁过一次么,就像电影“独立日”中的场景那样?不会,事实上,他很好。然而如果他被抓到了会被判监禁90天。华盛顿要求所有导游付费200刀然后参加考试。还要加上:Main和太太Tonia Edwards运营的公司城市摄位车公司雇佣的大批导游。The permit system protects incumbents, raises prices and kills jobs. Mr Main also believes that it violates his right to free speech. Robert McNamara of the Institute for Justice, a libertarian law firm, agrees. “The government cannot restrict speech unless there is evidence the speech is causing harm,” he explains. Tour guide patter hardly qualifies. Mr McNamara helped Segs in the City file a lawsuit against the city government in 2010. The city won; Mr Mains appeal reached a DC federal court on May 5th. The city defends the licence as an essential safeguard for consumers.许可系统保护了在职者们,提高了价格,削减了岗位Main也相信系统侵犯了他的言语自由权。自由论法律公司——司法研究所的Robert McNamara同意他的话。“政府不能限制Main的言语除非有据说他造成了伤害,”他说道。导游的话很难界定资格。McNamara在2010年帮助城市摄位车旅游公司起诉了市政府。但是政府胜诉了;Main在5月5号上诉到特区联邦法庭。市政府辩护到书是为消费者设置的必要护卫。In the 1950s only one American worker in 20 needed a permit from the government; today that figure is around one in three. Some jobs, such as doctors, clearly need strict controls. But some states require licences for florists and interior designers. Such permits tend to cost hundreds of dollars and months of extra training, yet offer little benefit to consumers, says Morris Kleiner, an economist at theUniversityofMinnesota. Sometimes customers, like undercover tourists, can look after themselves.20世纪50年代政府平均20人中之批准了一位美国工人成为导游;今天数据到了大约三个过一个。一些工作,比如说医生,明确需要严格控制。但是一些州要求花匠和室内设计者考取书。这种许可需要花费数百美元和长达数月的额外培训,然而这对消费者来说受益甚微,明尼苏达大学的经济学家Morris Kleiner说。一些客户,比如“从事间谍活动的”旅游者们,能照看好他们自己。译者:彭威 译文属译生译世 /201601/421437青岛青岛做流产得多少钱 Leaders Imperial ambitions社论精粹 帝国野心 Mark Zuckerberg prepares to fight for dominance of the next era of computing马克·扎克伯格准备为争夺下一个计算时代的统治地位而战NOT since the era of imperial Rome has the “thumbs-up” sign been such a potent and public symbol of power. A mere 12 years after it was founded, Facebook is a great empire with a vast population, immense wealth, a charismatic leader, and mind-boggling reach and influence. The worlds largest social network has 1.6 billion users, a billion of whom use it every day for an average of over 20 minutes each. In the Western world, Facebook accounts for the largest share of the most popular activity (social networking) on the most widely used computing devices (smartphones); its various apps account for 30% of mobile internet use by Americans. And it is the sixth-most-valuable public company on Earth, worth some 5 billion.自罗马帝国时代以来,“竖起大拇指”这一手势就成为了公开且有力的权力象征。成立仅十二年之后,Facebook已成为一个伟大的帝国,人口众多、财富无数、领袖魅力非凡,且影响力和影响范围令人难以想象。这一全球最大的社交网络拥有16亿用户,其中十亿每天平均使用时间超过20分钟。在西方世界,Facebook在最广泛使用的计算设备(智能手机)上的最受欢迎的活动(社交网络)中所占份额最大;它各种各样的应用占美国人移动互联网使用的30%。它是全球市值第六大的上市公司,价值3250亿美元。Even so, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebooks 31-year-old founder and chief executive, has even greater ambitions. He has plans to connect the digitally unconnected in poor countries by beaming internet signals from solar-powered drones, and is making big bets on artificial intelligence (AI), “chatbots” and virtual reality (VR). This bid for dominance will bring him into increasing conflict with the other great empires of the technology world, and Google in particular. The ensuing battle will shape the digital future for everyone.即便如此,31岁的Facebook创始人及首席执行官马克·扎克伯格(Mark Zuckerberg)仍有更宏伟的志向。他计划用太阳能供电的无人机发送互联网信号,以连接贫困国家尚未连入数字世界的人,他在人工智能(AI)、聊天机器人和虚拟现实(VR)上押下重注。对统治地位的竞逐会令他和科技世界其他伟大帝国之间的冲突不断增加,尤其是同谷歌之间。今后的战斗将为每个人塑造数字化的未来。 Facebook has prospered by building compelling services that attract large audiences, whose attention can then be sold to advertisers. The same is true of Google. The two play different roles in their users lives: Google has masses of data about the world, whereas Facebook knows about you and your friends; you go to Google to get things done, but turn to Facebook when you have time to kill. Yet their positions of dominance and their strategies are becoming remarkably similar. Unparalleled troves of data make both firms difficult to challenge and immensely profitable, giving them the wealth to make bold bets and to deal with potential competitors by buying them. And both firms crave more users and more data—which, for all the do-gooding rhetoric, explains why they are both so interested in extending internet access in the developing world, using drones or, in Googles case, giant balloons.Facebook打造多个引人瞩目的务吸引大量用户,继而将用户的关注卖给广告商,以此取得成功。谷歌也是如此。这两大公司在其用户的生活中扮演着不同的角色:谷歌拥有关于这个世界的大量数据,而Facebook了解你和你的朋友;你用谷歌是为了完成任务,但要打发时间时你会找Facebook。然而它们的统治地位和战略正变得越来越相似。无与伦比的数据宝藏让两家公司都难有敌手,且获利颇丰,它们的财富足以掷下豪注并且通过收购解决潜在竞争者。这两家公司渴求更多用户、更多数据,用冠冕堂皇的说法,这解释了为何它们都对在发展中国家扩展互联网连接兴趣浓厚,Facebook使用无人机,谷歌则使用巨型气球。The task is to harness data to offer new services and make money in new ways. Facebooks bet on AI is a recognition that “machine learning”—in which software learns by crunching data, rather than having to be explicitly programmed—is a big part of the answer.现在的任务是利用数据提供新的务,以新的方式赚钱。Facebook在人工智能方面的赌注是对“机器学习”的认可,即软件通过分析数据学习,而不需要精确编写程序。 /201605/441740山东省青岛市第一医院门诊部电话

青岛市人流医院有哪些London embassies伦敦大使馆Envoy envy招人嫉妒的大使馆Embassies in London are worth a lot of money伦敦的大使馆价值不菲IN America sold its embassy in fashionable Grosvenor Square for a reported £500m (0m) to Qatars sovereign wealth fund. By 2017 its new embassy should be y in gritty Vauxhall. The details of embassies ownership or leaseholds are not known, but a new survey has created a sort of “fantasy embassy valuation”, estimating how other nations could be cashing in.年,美国以媒体报道的5亿英镑(8亿美元)向卡塔尔主权财富基金出售了其位于时尚的格罗夫纳广场的大使馆。美国在地表多沙的沃克斯豪尔(位于英国伦敦南部)的新使馆也将于2017年建成。使馆所有权和使用权的细节都不为人所知,但是一项新调查却创造了一种“大使馆估算体系”,以此来评估其他国家如何赚得个盆满钵盈。The report, by Spears, a magazine, and Lichfields, a buying agent, suggests that the embassies of Japan, Germany and Saudi Arabia could be worth more than £100m each (assuming they were sold as residential freeholds). More surprisingly, the Nepalese embassy and Zambian high commission, both in Kensington, are worth £30m and £40m respectively. Many members of the British Commonwealth gained locations in central London decades ago: Uganda, Zimbabwe and Tanzania have swanky central digs that would fetch a fortune.Spear杂志和买方代理商Lichfields的一项报告声称,日本、德国和沙特阿拉伯大使馆的价值可能超过1亿英镑/一座(如果他们把大使馆作为住宅不动产来出售的话)。更令人惊讶的是,位于肯辛顿的尼泊尔大使馆和赞比亚高级专员公署,分别价值3亿英镑和4亿英镑。早在数十年前,就有许多英联邦成员在伦敦中心占有一席之地:乌干达、津巴布韦和坦桑尼亚在伦敦中心地带都有房产,都可以大赚一笔。Some are aly liquidating their assets. Canada sold the long lease on Macdonald House, its consular section in Grosvenor Square, for £306m last year. The Dutch embassy on Hyde Park Gate is for sale and could fetch £150m. The Chinese may sell their embassy in Portland Place and search for a new site, perhaps also in Vauxhall.有些国家甚至已经开始清算他们的资产。加拿大去年以3.06亿英镑的价格出售了麦克唐纳大厦的长期租赁权,麦克唐纳大厦是加拿大在格罗夫纳广场的领事处。荷兰位于海德公园大门的大使馆也在出售,可能会卖到1.5亿英镑。中国也打算卖掉其在波特兰的大使馆,正为新使馆寻找一个合适的地址,或许也是在沃克斯豪尔。The cheapest embassy appears to be North Koreas semi-detached house in Gunnersbury. But least proportionate to national wealth could be the consulate of Tuvalu, based in a £750,000 property in Wimbledon. If sold, it could pay off 11% of the tiny states national debt.最便宜的大使馆似乎是朝鲜在根拿斯贝利的半独立式房屋。但与国民财富最不相当的要数图瓦卢的领事馆了,位于温布尔登,价值75万英镑。如果出售,所卖得的钱就可以偿还这个小国家国家债务的11%。 译者:胡雅琳 校对:邵夏沁译文属译生译世 /201411/340141山东青岛新阳光女子可靠吗 青岛做人流哪家正规

青岛收缩带价格 It finds its prey by detecting the minute electric fields produced by muscles when they contract, including the hard muscles, something no animal can ever switch off.它通过探测包括心肌在内的肌肉收缩所产生的微电场来寻找猎物,心肌收缩是任何生物都不能停止的。But they do have to swim directly over a beating heart to know that its there.但它们需要游到这颗心脏的上方才能感知位置。By sucking and blowing, the sting-ray escavates its target deep under the soft sand.通过吸和吹,这只刺鳐将细沙下的猎物挖了出来。Many rays feeding together reduces series of florals on the seafloor, but all that puffing and blowing can attract unwelcome attention.许多一起觅食的鳐在海床上制造了一连串的沙沟,而吞云吐雾会招来不怀好意的关注。The hunter can just easily become the hunted.猎手很容易变成猎物。This is the sting-rays worst nightmare,a great hammer-head shark.这是刺鳐最大的噩梦,一条无沟双髻鲨。It has electric receptors,too.它也有电感受器。They sp across the underside of its very broad head, which sweeps back and forth, searching for prey.它们分布在双髻鲨宽脑袋的下底面,脑袋来回摇动寻找猎物。The sting-ray has a formidable weapon, a venomous barb, but one hammer-head was found with 96 barbs in its body, and see none the worth.刺鳐有一种强大的武器毒刺,但是曾在一条双髻鲨身上发现过96根这样的毒刺。 201501/353821青岛治疗妇科最好的妇科医院青岛好的医院




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