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TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201612/480365。

原味人文风情:I a lot of great books in 2016. Heres a few that were especially interesting and you might wanna consider.我在 2016 年读了许多好书。这里是一些特别有趣而且你们可能想要考虑的书。String Theory by David Foster Wallace. You know, tennis is kind of amazing. Theres interesting personalities and incredible play. The more you know about it, the more you are impressed by those people playing at the top level. It requires a lot of concentration. I loved him talking about his tennis career, and being slammed into the fence, and being a little bit modest about how he just, sort of, grinded it out. If you ever one tennis book, this is probably the best.David Foster Wallace 的《网球拍弦理论(暂译)》。你知道,网球有点令人赞叹。其中包含有意思的选手与精采的球赛。你了解越多,你就越会赞叹那些在球界顶端的人。那需要极高的专注力。我喜爱他谈论他自己的网球职涯,以及被逼到网球场边围篱的经验,还有以谦虚的态度说自己付出。如果你要读一本网球书,这本大概是最棒的一本。Then a great company story, I would choose Shoe Dog by Phil Knight. Its a really well-written story about Nike.Its amazingly honest, and the company almost didnt succeed. It points out the unusual characteristics of the key people who helped the company succeed. I think theres tons of people who would find it an interesting story about how business really works and personnel management really works.接着是一个很棒的公司故事,我会选择 Phil Knight 的《跑出全世界的人:NIKE 创办人菲尔 奈特梦想路上的勇气与初心》。那是本关于 Nike 写得很好的故事。它惊人地诚实,而且这个公司曾经濒临失败边缘。它指出那些帮助公司成功的关键人物拥有的独特个性。我想许多人会发现它是个关于公司真正如何运作的有趣故事,以及人员管理运作的真实情况。A political book, Myth of the Strong Leader, by Archie Brown. Its a really good book because it looks at styles of leadership. I think hes right that theres a big danger, both in the corporate world and government,about this individual who embodies all things and hes just doing it largely himself. Leaders who dont listen can get more and more isolated. Mandela in his own way was very collaborative, trying to draw people in. He understood that he was gonna step down, and so he wanted to build up the capacity for his successor.一本政治书,Archie Brown 的《强大领袖的神话(暂译)》。这是本非常好的书,因为它探讨了不同的领导风格。我想他是正确的,在公司界及政府都存在着一大危机,便是有这么一个人代表一切,且大多时候都自己完成事情。不愿倾听的领导者会变得越来越孤僻。曼德拉自己的风格是非常合作取向的,他试图拉更多人进来。他知道自己有一天会卸任,因此他希望能为他的接班人培养能力。A book called The Grid by Gretchen Bakke. She teaches us about the history of the grid, how it got built up piece by piece. She talks about how its becoming critical not only for reliability, but to deal with these intermittent energy sources that are in very different locations than the actual uses of the power. So the grids gonna have to be dramatically better in the future.一本由 Gretchen Bakke 撰写的《电网(暂译)》。她教导我们供电网络的历史,关于它如何被一步一步地建立起来。她描述到,电网不仅对电力稳定性变得重要,在处理间歇性能源方面也很关键,因为电力的来源可能和实际用电的地点相隔甚远。所以电网在未来必须要有巨幅改善。The Gene: An Intimate History by Siddhartha Mukherjee. He did such a good job on the history. He really tells you what the gene is. Theres three big domains that genetic technology helps, and one is plants, the other is livestock, and the third is humans.Some countries may be very liberal at letting parents edit genes related to beauty or intelligence. Itll get people up to the point where they can participate in that debate, which will be fairly intense over the next 10 or 20 years.Siddhartha Mukherjee 的《基因:亲密历史(暂译)》。他非常善于描述历史。他确实地告诉你基因是甚么。基因科技有助于三大领域,一是植物,另一个是牲畜,而第三是人类。有些国家可能对于让父母编辑有关美貌或智慧的基因非常开明。这有天会走向全民皆可参与针对那的辩论,而这在未来的十或二十年会逐渐白热化。Loved ing these books, and I hope a few of them are books that youll enjoy.我爱阅读这些书,我也希望你们会喜欢其中几本。201703/498522。

The UN refugee agency said more than 700 migrants trying to reach Europe are feared to have died in three Mediterranean Sea shipwrecks south of Italy over the past few days.联合国难民署称,过去几天里在意大利南部700多名试图进入欧洲的移民在三起地中海沉船事故中恐遇难。On Sunday a spokeswoman for UNHCR said that an estimated 100 people were missing from a smugglers boat which capsized Wednesday.周日,联合国难民署的一位女发言人称,周三一艘走私船翻沉,大约100人失踪。She said about 550 other migrants and refugees are missing from a smuggling boat that capsized Thursday morning. 她说,周四早上一艘走私船沉没,另有550名移民和难民失踪。The boat departed the western Libyan port of Sabratha a day earlier. 一天前,船从利比亚西部港口塞卜拉泰开出。According to refugees who saw the boat sink, the boat didnt have an engine and was being towed by another packed smuggling boat before it capsized. 据见到过船沉没的难民说,船没有引擎,沉没前被另一艘拥挤的偷渡船拖着。It was carrying about 670 people.About 25 people from the capsized boat managed to reach the first boat and survive. 它载着大约670人。沉船上的约25人设法到达第一艘船并且获救。79 others were rescued by international patrol boats. 15 bodies were recovered.79人被国际巡逻艇救出。15具尸体被找到。Italian police have corroborated the account of the Thursday but came up with different numbers.意大利警方已经实了周四的报告,但出现不同的数据。译文属。 /201605/446624。

Most people are too busy looking on the outside to really check what their barometers say inside.大多数人都太忙于看外部世界发生的事 无暇顾及内部指标So as an entrepreneur, if you look inside, youll find things that they all need that could become immensely popular,if someone had the courage to promote it.Or to build it.作为企业家 往内看 你可能会找到广受欢迎的产品 只要有人有勇气去推广它 或去创建它For years,J.P.Morgan has lived in the long shadow of his legendary father.多年来 J·P·根一直生活在传奇父亲的阴影之下Hes desperate for a way to make his own mark,and electricity might be it.他渴望取得自己的成功 电可能就是他想要的Morgan is considering an investment in Thomas Edisons company,and his newly-developed electric light bulb.根正在考虑投资托马斯·爱迪生的公司以及他新发明的电灯泡He hires Edison to install electric lighting in his home on Fifth Avenue, in New York.他雇爱迪生到他在纽约第五大道的家中安装电灯设备Sometimes youve got to take ownership.有时 你需要自己去用They call it ;eating your own dog food;, right?人们称这为 ;吃你自己的食;If you arent willing to use your own product,then how is anybody else going to trust it and have confidence? You know如果你自己都不愿用自己的产品 那其他人怎么会信任你的产品并有信心用呢Some people might call that being a showman,I call it demonstrating trust in your product,which any smart business has to do.有人把这称作是拿自己当试验品 我则更愿意把这看作展示你对产品的信任 任何精明的商人都需要这样做The Morgan home quickly turns into a laboratory for Thomas Edisons famous electric experiments.根的家很快就成为了托马斯·爱迪生著名电实验的实验室Edison installs a small power plant in a shed on Morgans property.爱迪生在根家的一间小屋中安装了一台发电机He then runs four thousand feet of wiring through the walls and ceilings of the house,and installs nearly four hundred electric light bulbs,some of the first to ever be manufactured.之后他走了四千英尺的线通过房屋的墙壁和天花板 并安装了将近四百个电灯泡 这些电灯泡可以说是首批制造的产品After months of trial and error,the home is y to be displayed.经过数月的反复尝试 整个房子做好了展览的准备201605/443581。

All I know, Its all spin and hype,就我所知 消息很快传出去了 but it was hype for England and it did make a difference.这激动人心的讲话确实有所成效Just like Churchills rhetoric made a difference in 1940.就像丘吉尔在1940年在下院的讲话一样Almost instinctively,the queen seems to knew what it was her people needed to hear.就在那一瞬间 女王就清楚地知道她的子民想要听到什么Look, She said, I may be a goddess,but Im also flesh and blood,你们看 她说道 我也许是个女神 但我也是有血有肉的凡人Your flesh and blood. Whatever you go through,Ill go through it with you.如同你们的血肉之躯 你们经历什么 我也会与你们一道经历That made the difference between terror and determination,that is what we have queens for.这就是为什么人们能从惊慌变得坚定 这就是女王的作用You couldnt top that and Elizabeth couldnt.The euphoria of 1588 was short-lived.人们不能如此标榜此事 伊丽莎白也不行 1588年的沉醉转瞬即逝In the closing years of the Tudor century,famine across the country triggered food riots.在都铎王朝的末期 全国的饥荒导致人民暴乱 争抢食物Cut-throats and beggars prowled the roads.杀人犯和乞讨者遍地皆是The Irish, who was spoken of as savages,were driven into a nine-year war.爱尔兰人 曾被称为野人民族 开始了长达九年的战争And for the queen herself,the distance between the mythology of Elizabeth ageless body那么女王本身呢 传说中的永葆青春之躯and the shrivelled reality, became more glaring.和干枯的身体 差别越来越大Thoughts inevitably began to turn to her succession.人们不得不开始着想她的继承人了Everybody knew who that would be, James,son of Mary, Queen of Scots.所有人都知道 继承人定是詹姆斯 苏格兰女王 玛丽之子So in the end, was it Mary, Queen of Scots, the mother,最终 玛丽 苏格拉女王 一位母亲who had triumphed from the grave over her rival, Elizabeth?她是否会在九泉之下感到自豪呢Elizabeth had one comfort though James had been brought up a Protestant,令伊丽莎白宽慰的是 詹姆斯是在新教的环境中成长的forced to disown his own mother after her disgrace.由于其母行为不端 被迫否认他的母亲 /201606/449844。

原味人文风情:Much like hurricanes with names like Sandy, Dennis, and Katrina, typhoons, which originate in the Pacific, are also named. This may come to a surprise to folks in Japan, who do not refer to typhoons by a proper name at all but instead utilize a numbering system, in which the first typhoon of the year is number one, the second number two, and so on. This numbering system seems to serve the Japanese quite well, but lets look into the more interesting, creative, and official names for typhoons.就像飓风有着珊迪、丹尼斯和卡崔娜这些名字一样,台风,源自太平洋,也有被命名。这对日本人来说可能很意外,他们完全不用专有名称来讨论台风,而是使用一套编号系统,当年度首个台风是一号台风、第二个是二号台风,依此类推。这套编号系统对日本人来说颇管用的,不过让我们来研究一些更有趣、有创意且正式的台风名称。In the year 2000, a system was introduced by the World Meteorological Organization to name typhoons. A pool of 140 names is arranged into five lists—one list for each year. These names are quite diverse as they are supplied by 14 different countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including Cambodia, China, North Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Micronesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, the ed States, and Vietnam, who each provide 10 names for the list.在 2000 年时,世界气象组织推出一套台风命名系统。总共有一百四十个名字被分成五份名单--每年用一份。这些名字相当多元化,因为它们是由亚太地区十四个不同国家所提供的,包含柬埔寨、中国、北韩、香港、日本、寮国、、马来西亚、密克罗西尼亚、菲律宾、南韩、泰国、美国,以及越南,这些国家各自提供名单十个名字。Unlike the hurricane system of strictly using first names of people, typhoon-naming goes a bit differently. Typhoon names are based on plants, like Rumbia, which is ;palm tree; in Malay; animals, like Usagi, which is ;bunny rabbit; in Japanese; places, like Halong, a scenic spot in Vietnam; concepts, like Lupit, which means ;brutality; in the Philippines; mythological figures, like Wukong, the Chinese Monkey King. And there are some names thrown in there too, like Typhoon Francisco that touched the coast of Japan in October 2013.不像谨循人名的飓风命名系统,台风命名有点不一样。台风的名字是依据植物,象是伦比亚,这是马来语中的「棕榈树」;动物,象是乌莎吉,日文中的「兔子」;地名,象是哈隆,越南的一个景点;抽象观念,象是卢碧,这在菲律宾是「残暴」的意思;神话人物,象是悟空,中国美猴王。也有一些名字被丢进名单里,象是 2013 年十月对日本海岸造成损害的台风范斯高。Now, some confusion does arise in the variety of cultures and languages involved in these name origins. While Mindulle is a cute form of destruction approaching from the sea to the Koreans, to the rest of the world, its just a long, hard-to-pronounce foreign word. And when typhoons with foreign names come to town, like Typhoon Francisco, people are like, ;Francisco? Hes not from around here, is he?;—which is why perhaps going with the simple number system is a bit more understandable.现在,这些名字起源中牵涉到的文化和语言多样性确实引起一些困惑。尽管敏督利对韩国人来说是从海上靠近的破坏王的可爱版,对世界上其他人来说,这就只是一个冗长、难发音的外来字。而当有着外国名字的台风到来时,象是台风范斯高,人们就会这样说:「范斯高?他不是这附近来的,对吧?」--这就是为什么或许接受简单的编号系统会稍微比较好理解一些。201612/484592。

Its just 25 years since the World Wide Web was created.万维网自诞生起仅过了二十五年It now touches all of our lives,但它的触角却已深入我们的生活our personal information and data我们的个人信息数据swirling through the internet on a daily basis.每天都徘徊于网络中Yet its now caught in the greatest controversy of its life -现在它被卷入了自诞生后最大的争议之中surveillance.监控This is a spy masters dream.这是一个间谍之王的梦想No spy of the previous generations could have imagined that we老一辈间谍怎么也想象不到would all volunteer for the worlds best tracking device.现在的人们会主动去买世上最棒的追踪设备The revelations of US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden美国情报部外包技术员爱德华·斯诺登泄密事件have led many to ask if让众人不禁开始顾虑the Web we love has been turned against us...我们深爱的网络是否背叛了我们They dont just want your search data or your e-mail.他们不仅想要你的搜索数据或电子邮件They want everything.他们什么都想要And, as you are being surveilled 24/7,在你全天候被监视的同时you are more under control.你也越来越受控制You are less free.不再自由..Leading to soul-searching这一变化amongst those responsible for the Web itself.让网络的创始人开始深思I used to think that in some countries you worry about the government我以前认为有些国家的人需要提防政府and in some countries you worry about the corporations.而有些国家的人需要提防企业重点解释:1.be caught in 陷入; 卷入例句:We were caught in the storm and got drenched.我们遇上大雨全都被浇透了。2.lead to 导致,引起例句:The Governments present course will only lead to disaster.政府的现行方针后患无穷。3.under control 处于控制之下例句:You must get your spending under control.你必须节制开。201611/479158。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470012。