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调查表明:女性无名指长运动能力强A groom puts a wedding ring on his bride's finger during their mass wedding ceremony at South Korea's largest amusement park Everland in Yongin, about 50 km (31 miles) south of Seoul, September 20, 2006. The length of a girl's ring finger could be an indicator of her future sporting potential, researchers at King's College London said on Thursday.In the largest study of its kind, hand measurements of 607 female twins aged 25-79 from the UK were compared with the women's lifetime sporting achievements.The findings, published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, found that women withring fingerslonger than their index fingers had performed better at running and associated running sports such as soccer and tennis.In women the ring finger is commonly shorter or the same length as the index finger, while in men the ring finger is generally longer.The report said detection of sporting potential by examining the ratio between the index and ring fingers "could help identify talented individuals at a pre-competitive stage."The reasons for the findings were unclear, said one of the report's authors, Professor Tim Spector from at King's College, who said he was originally sceptical about the link to sporting ability."Previous studies have suggested the change in finger length was due to changes intestosteronelevels in the womb", he said.But he said it had been found in a separate study of twins that finger length was largely inherited, possibly explaining why sporting parents often have sporting children."We found that finger length was 70 percent heritable with little influence of the womb environment," he said."This suggests that genes are the main factor and that finger length is a marker of your genes."He said no specific candidate genes had been identified for the link and that multiple genes were probably responsible.Previous studies looking at the link between finger length and sporting ability have mainly focused on men.A study published in 2001 of 304 English professional soccer players found they had a significantly larger ring-to-index-finger ratio than a control group of 533 other men.(Agencies)伦敦国王学院的研究人员周四提出,从女性无名指的长度可以看出她的竞技潜力。这项调查是同类调查中规模最大的一次,研究人员对英国607对年龄在25岁到79岁之间的女性双胞胎的手指长度与她们所取得的体育成就进行了对照。此项研究结果在《英国体育医学》上发表,研究发现,无名指比食指长的女性在跑步和与跑步相关的一些项目,如足球和网球中表现较为突出。女性的无名指通常比食指短,或和食指一样长,但男性的无名指普遍比食指长。研究报告中说,通过研究食指和无名指之间的比例探测人的竞技潜力"可以及早发现(未过竞技年龄)竞技人才"。研究报告撰写者之一伦敦国王学院的蒂姆·斯派克特教授说,至于其中的原因,目前还不清楚。他说自己原本对无名指长度关系到竞技能力持怀疑态度。他说:"此前的一些研究表明女性手指长度的不同主要是因为子宫中睾丸激素的水平变化。"但是,他说,对双胞胎所做的另一个研究表明,手指长度主要受遗传因素影响,这可以解释为什么运动能力强的父母生的孩子运动能力也较强。他说:"我们发现,手指长度70%是遗传而来的,子宫环境对此没什么影响。""这说明基因是影响手指长度的主要因素,同时,手指长度也是基因的一个标志。"他说,目前未发现哪种特定的基因形成了手指长度和竞技能力的这种关系,所以很可能是多种基因造成的。之前的一些研究主要着眼于男性的手指长度和竞技能力的关系。2001年公布的一项研究发现,304名英国职业足球运动员的无名指和食指的比例要远远大于另外533名普通男人的手指比例。Vocabulary:ring finger :无名指testosterone :睾丸激素(是一种与生殖以及精力有关的雄性荷尔蒙) /200803/29696南昌大学上饶医院激光祛太田痣多少钱You’ve probably seen the message, “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail,” at the end of e-mails you receive.Adding a green message to your e-mail signature can be an effective way to draw notice. After all, the people you’re e-mailing know you. If you care about the environment, they may wonder what more they can do as well. Here’s a story to illustrate my point. Michael, that’s my husband in case you didn’t know, added an e-mail signature like the one above to his work e-mails. Others in his department started doing the same. In a staff meeting, the organizer said something like, “Well, I didn’t print out an agenda for everyone this time because of all that save-the-paper messages in your e-mails. I wrote it on the board instead.”That’s a small, but great change. E-mail signatures can help people think. Now here’s something for you to think about:Do you actually refer back to those e-mails you print? How often can you make PDFs of documents instead of printing them?Here are some e-mail signatures I came up with just for you to consider:#8226;If you hug a tree, you’ll be hugged back twice. Please think about not printing this e-mail.#8226;Trees like you, so please wink back by not printing this e-mail.#8226;Love a tree, don’t hit print.#8226;Make sense, not waste. Don’t hit print.#8226;Ask me why you should think twice before printing this e-mail.#8226;Does e-mail make us print more than we did before?#8226;You’re too smart to print this e-mail.#8226;Lower your impact today by not printing this e-mail.#8226;Even recycled paper takes energy to make. Do you really need to print this e-mail?If you have a green e-mail signature, please tell us about it. 在你收到的电子邮件的末尾,你很可能看到过这样的留言:“在您打印此邮件前,请考虑一下环境”。在你的电子邮件签名中加入一条环保留言是一种很有效的提醒注意的方式。毕竟,你发邮件的对象是认识你的。如果你关心环境,他们也会考虑还有什么是他们可以做的。我这里有一个小故事可以说明我的观点。麦克——我老公(解释一下,以防你困惑)——在他的工作邮件中加入了一条上述类型的邮件签名。之后,在他们部门中,其他人也开始效仿。一次员工会议上,组织者说了些如下的话:“好的,为了所有那些在你们的邮件中的惜纸留言,这次我没有为每个人都打印一份议程表,而是把它写在了布告板上。”这是一个微小但伟大的转变。电邮签名可以帮助人们思考。现在,有些问题需要你来思考一下:你真的会再读你所打印的那些邮件吗?你把文件转成PDF格式,而非把它们打印出来的频率是多久呢?这里有一些我见过的电邮签名可供参考:#8226; 如果拥抱一颗树,它会给你双倍回馈。所以请考虑下不要打印此邮件。#8226; 树木喜欢你,所以请慎重考虑,不要打印此邮件。#8226; 爱护树木,请勿打印。#8226; 物尽其用,而非浪费。请勿打印。#8226; 在你打印前,可向我咨询为何要三思。#8226; 电邮让我们打印的东西比以前更多了吗?#8226; 你太聪明了,不会打印它的。#8226; 降低一下你今天的影响吧,不要打印这封邮件了。#8226; 即便再生纸也是要花费能源去制造的,你真的需要把它打印出来吗?如果你有环保电邮签名,请告诉我们。 /200804/35923上饶去法令纹Isn#39;t it amazing how energetically we clean our closets or organize the movie collection when a ded project is looming? Especially when that project feels abstract and difficult…I battle with this type of procrastination a LOT. And after much trial and error, I#39;ve found a simple system that works for me.很奇怪为什么要到万不得已关头,我们才会充满战斗力地整理壁橱或收藏的电影。尤其是在困难麻烦的事情逼近之时。我曾一度与拖延症抗衡。功夫不负有心人,最终我找到了一个既有效又简单的方式。If, like me, you tend to put things off or can#39;t seem to stick with it once you start, then I am confident it will help you too. Here it is:如果你像我一样容易拖延,或者对已开头的事物无法持之以恒。那么我坚信这个方式同样能帮助你。请看下面:There are two critical parts to procrastination. One is difficulty getting started on something you need to do. The other is not sticking to something you started (and getting distracted by more exciting or easier things).拖延症主要有两种表现形式。一种是很难开始需要做的事情。另一种是无法坚持已经开始了的事情(中途会被其他精或轻松的事物分散注意)。Today, I#39;m going to tell you how to beat the second one.今天,我就要告诉你怎样克第二种。So let#39;s say you have just started a new diet, or an important work project. Most people are able to see it as a series of small steps that have to be done one day at a time to get to the successful end point.举个例子,你现在正在节食,或者在做一个重要的项目。大多数人都会分成很多个步骤,然后在每一天里慢慢完成这些步骤,最后成功达到目的。But if you are a chronic procrastinator, you will have trouble seeing the process, and instead you see only the final product (the super thin, six pack physique; or the perfectly done work project that impresses your boss and his boss). This is a big problem, kind of like seeing the forest and forgetting the trees.但如果你是个慢性拖延症患者,你就很难看到这个过程,相反你只看得见最终的成果(瘦身成功,还有六块腹肌;或者完成了一个让老板或大老板刮目相看的项目)。这就麻烦了,就像一个人只看得见一大片森林,却看不见每一棵树一样。What happens when you can only imagine the perfect final product?当你只在乎完美的成品时会怎样呢?You are unable to imagine the steps it would take to get there and thus feel anxious and overwhelmed. It#39;s like being told to get to the moon and all you have for help is a mental picture of you standing on the moon.那你就无法构思出成功所需要的步骤,继而变得焦虑和不知所措。这就好比要你去登月,但你脑中有的仅仅是站在月球上的场景。 /201307/246555上饶市祛疤手术多少钱

上饶玉山县驼峰鼻矫正多少钱上饶瘦脸针多少钱一针China’s enrollment figures in private English as a Second Language (ESL) courses and related test preparation programs continue their longstanding high growth rates.长期以来,中国报名参加英语学习及相关考前培训的人数持续高速增长。Despite some prominent observers in the U.S. and U.K. lamenting the decline of these great countries and offering pessimistic views about the future, younger Chinese still correlate good English language ability with career success. This is sensible, practical, and smart.尽管美英两国的一些主流观察家都在哀叹美英地位的衰落,对未来充满了悲观情绪,但中国的年轻一代依然认为出众的英语能力是关乎事业成功的重要因素。这种看法非常明智和务实。An article in the Winter 2012 edition of the quarterly “City Journal” offers comparative profiles of the economic clout of the countries they describe as the “Anglosphere” (U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland) and those which comprise the “Sinosphere” (Greater China, including Taiwan and the Hong Kong and Macau S.A.R.s).《City Journal》2012(冬季刊)刊登了一篇文章,对所谓的“英语圈”(美、英、加拿大、澳大利亚、新西兰、爱尔兰)与“汉语圈”(包括台湾、香港、在内的大中华区)的经济实力进行了一番对比。The authors, Joel Kotkin and Shashi Parulekar, take the view that despite many challenges, the Anglosphere is alive and well:该文作者Joel Kotkin和Shashi Parulekar认为,虽然英语圈面临着重重困难,但状态依然安好:It’s indisputable that the Anglosphere no longer enjoys the overwhelming global dominance that it once had. What was once a globe-spanning empire is now best understood as a union of language, culture, and shared values. Yet what declinists overlook is that despite its current economic problems, the Anglosphere’s fundamental assets — economic, political, demographic, and cultural — are likely to drive its continued global leadership. The Anglosphere future is brighter than commonly believed.英语圈曾主宰全球的时代已一去不返,这一点无可争辩。曾经一统天下的英语帝国如今只能作为语言、文化和共同价值的联合体。但“唱衰者”们忽略了一点,虽然目前经济问题重重,但英语圈的根本——经济、政治、人口、文化——仍会保持世界领先地位。英语圈的未来比人们通常认为的都更加光明。In economic terms, using purchasing power parity data, the Anglosphere remains by far the world’s largest economic bloc, representing more than 25% of world GDP.按照经济学中的购买力等价数据统计,英语圈至今仍是全球最大的经济体,代表了全球25%的GDP。The Sinosphere is a strong second, accounting for just more than 15%. India, by comparison, accounts for some 5.4% of world GDP.汉语圈势头强劲,排名第二,但GDP只占全球15%多一点。相比之下,印度在全球GDP中所占的比例为5.4%。The Anglosphere’s per capita GDP is more than 5 times that of the Sinosphere, and 13 times that of India.英语圈的人均GDP相当于汉语圈的5倍,是印度的13倍。Although the Sinosphere has experienced explosive growth in the number of companies large enough in revenue terms to make the FORTUNE Global 500 list, it still has a long way to go in terms of having big global companies which are also widely admired for their innovation, their values, governance and management style.虽然汉语圈按公司收入能跻身《财富》世界500强的大企业在数量上经历了爆炸性的增长,但想要拥有在创新、价值观、公司治理、管理方式等各方面都广受尊重的大型跨国企业,该地区还有很长的路要走。Due in part to educational and legal infrastructure (e.g. intellectual property protection), the Anglosphere is home to the vast majority of the world’s software, biotech, and aerospace companies – industries where R amp; D and innovation are crucial elements of success.考虑到教育和法律基础建设(如:知识产权保护)的缘故,世界主要软件、生物技术和航天企业多选择在英语圈落户,因为这些行业的成功很大程度上取决于研发和创新。In countries lacking an adequate intellectual property rights protection regime, for example, companies will not invest the huge sums required to develop big new high-tech products. The current estimated average investment in R amp; D to develop a major new pharmaceutical product is in the range of US billion.例如,在缺乏适当知识产权保护的国家,企业不会投巨资开发大型高新科技产品。目前开发一剂重点新药的平均投资预计应在10亿美元左右。The article also states that some 40% of Europeans speak English versus 19% who speak French; while pointing out that English has been formally or informally embraced as an important language of business and science in many developing countries, including India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. Obviously this phenomenon is rooted in large part to a legacy of the colonial era, but English has survived the test of time for practical reasons. That is unlikely to change any time soon.文章还指出,欧洲人中有40%会讲英语,但只有19%会说法语;同时还指出,在包括印度、马来西亚、巴基斯坦、孟加拉、尼日利亚、肯尼亚、南非在内的一些发展中国家,英语在商务和科学领域中被正式或非正式地作为重要语言。当然,这种现象很大程度上带有殖民时代的烙印,但英语凭借其实用性还是经历住了时间的考验,而且这种状况在短时间内不会有所改变。One other factor which the authors cite as a positive force for relative Anglosphere economic growth is demographics. Between 2000 and 2050, the US workforce is projected to grow by 37%. During the same time frame, due to aging, China’s workforce is projected to shrink by 10%, and Japan’s by 40%.作者提到另一个促进英语圈经济增长的积极因素是人口。从2000年至2050年,美国的劳动力预计将增长37%,而同期中国的劳动力将减少10%,日本将减少40%。Immigration trends are also a contributing factor, During the past ten years, 14 million people immigrated legally to the Anglosphere. In 2005 alone, among the top ten countries around the world in terms of immigrant arrivals, the US accepted more new immigrants than the next nine countries combined.个中缘由少不了提到移民潮。过去十年,前往英语圈的合法移民达到1,400万人。2005年在全世界接纳移民最多的十个国家中,美国接纳的移民数量超过了另外九个国家的总和。The moral of the story is that for young people in China considering their career plans, good abilities in both English and Chinese language will be extremely valuable assets no matter which direction they want to go.由此可见,对那些正在规划职业道路的中国年轻人来说,无论朝哪个方向发展,良好的中、英文语言能力都极具价值。One more word of advice to my younger friends: first and second language studies do not end with graduation. That’s really where they begin. So, study hard, and be prepared to keep it up for your whole lifetime. The time and effort invested will produce some of the best dividends you can imagine.我还要多劝年轻朋友们一句:学习母语也好,外语也好,都不能以毕业作为终点,其实那只是起点而已。要时刻努力,并作好终身学习的准备。你投入的时间和精力会为你带来可以想见的最好的回报。 /201302/226623婺源县妇幼保健人民中医院整形科Anyone who has heard the snap of a rubber band breaking knows it's time to reach for a replacement.But a group of French scientists have made a self-healing rubber band material that can reclaim its stretchy usefulness by simply pressing the broken edges back together for a few minutes.The material, described on Wednesday in the journal Nature, can be broken and repaired over and over again.It is made from simple ingredients -- fatty acids like those found in vegetable oils, and urea, a waste compound in urine that can be made synthetically.The material would be an asset to industry and might even help shed light on the physics of elasticity, wrote Philippe Cordier and colleagues at the Industrial Physics and Chemistry Higher Educational Institution in Paris.Standard rubber bands, which can stretch up to several hundred percent then snap back into shape, are made from long chains of cross-linked polymers.The new material is linked by short chains of a type of molecule called ditopic.If severed, the material mends itself when the ends are pressed together for a few minutes at room temperature."The mended samples are able to sustain large deformations and recover their shape and size when stress is released," Cordier and his colleagues wrote.The material can "withstand multiple fractures, needs no catalysts and is otherwise straightforward to produce," Justin Mynar and Takuzo Aida of the University of Tokyo wrote in an accompanying article."A final blessing is that it can be broken down with heat and easily recycled -- so it is environmentally friendly, too." “啪”!橡皮筋断了。遇到这种情况,我们都知道该去换根新的。不过,法国一组科研人员日前研制出一种可以“自我愈合”的橡皮筋材料,用这种材料制成的橡皮筋断了之后,只需将断裂两端按住几分钟,就能恢复得完好如初。这个新成果在本周三的《自然》期刊上公布。据介绍,这种材料能够反复地断裂修复。这种新材料的成分很简单——即蔬菜油及尿素(随尿液排出的一种可合成的化合物)中所含的脂肪酸。巴黎“工业物理与化学高等教育研究所”的菲利浦#8226;科迪亚及其同事写道,这种材料在工业领域大有用处,而且它甚至能为弹性物理学提供新的信息。标准橡皮筋由交错连接的长链聚合物制成,能拉伸至原先长度的几倍,释放后可缩回原型。这种新材料则由一种名叫“ditopic” 的分子短链结构组成。如果断了,只需在室温条件下将其断裂两端按住几分钟,即可自我修复。科迪亚及其同事写道:“修复后的皮筋能够承受很大拉力,在外力释放后即可恢复原型。”东京大学的贾斯汀#8226;麦纳和Takuzo Aida在一篇文章中写道,这种材料“能承受多次断裂,不需要催化剂,而且易于制造。”“还有一大优点是,这种材料经过加热后能熔解,易于回收,所以,它又是一种环保材料。” /200803/28879上饶韩美整形美容医院纹眼线手术怎么样

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