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2019年08月24日 22:08:52 | 作者:大河指南 | 来源:新华社
Sometimes keeping up with your social media channels can feel more stressful than fun - and according to an experimental study conducted by The Happiness Research Institute, ditching Facebook in particular can result in a happier life. 有些时候,紧跟你的社交媒体渠道是一种压力而不是乐趣。根据一项快乐研究机构的实验研究发现,抛弃脸书(社交媒体)可以让生活更快乐。To determine whether using Facebook has any affect on one#39;s ;subjective well-being,; 1,095 participants in Denmark were randomly assigned to either quit Facebook entirely for one week or to continue as usual. Ninety-four percent of this sample visit the site on a daily basis, and 86 percent go through their news feed ;often; or ;very often.; The participants evaluated their lives prior to the experiment and were asked to again a week later.为了确定使用脸书是否对一个人“主观的幸福”有任何影响,1095个丹麦的参与者被随机安排成两组,一组在一星期内完全抛弃脸书,一组继续像平时一样使用。94%的样本每天登录这个网站,86%的人“经常”或“频繁”地访问他们的新闻来源。参与者在实验开始前评价自己的生活,并被要求在一星期之后再评价一次。Based on the results, the group that gave up Facebook for one week reported being significantly more satisfied with their life on a scale of one to 10 in comparison to the group that continued with their regular Facebook use. Both groups were also asked about their moods on the last day - those who#39;d taken a break claimed to be happier and more enthusiastic and less worried, sad, angry, and depressed than the other group.结论表明,放弃脸书一星期的群体对生活的满意度明显超出了继续使用脸书的人,高出了1到10的比例。两组人都被询问了他们昨天的心情如何,那些放弃社交媒体的人声称要比另一群人更快乐,更热情,不那么担忧,悲伤,生气和忧伤了。Quitting Facebook allowed the participants more time for social activity offline, which led to an increase in satisfaction with their social life. In addition, research showed that Facebook users are 55 percent more prone to feeling stressed. The study suggested that FOMO brings users down as seeing success and amazing experiences shared online can cause distress and ;Facebook envy.; ;Instead of focusing on what we actually need, we have an unfortunate tendency to focus on what other people have.;放弃社交媒体(脸书)让参与者有了更多线下社交活动的时间,这让他们提高了对社交生活的满意度。另外,调查表明脸书的使用者有55%的可能感到有压力。研究认为,错失恐惧症让使用者忧郁是因为看到网上成功且令人惊奇的经历会导致压力和“脸书嫉妒”。“我们有一种不幸的趋向,更容易关注别人有什么,而不是我们实际需要的。”Although the conducted study has its limitations, it may be worth a try to test this out on your own. Give up Facebook for one week to see if you notice a happier you!尽管这个实验有它的局限性,但你也值得亲自试验一下。放弃脸书一个星期,看能否发现一个更快乐的自己!译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201511/412792

Many people wonder what the secret to long-lasting love is. Whilst mutual trust, loyalty and a shared love of Game Of Thrones might spring to mind, scientists believe they#39;ve determined the formula to figuring out whether you#39;re well-suited to your partner - and it#39;s all down to how you behave together. A study published in the Journal of Family and Marriage has identified four types of relationship and revealed which type is most likely to get married.许多人都好奇爱情常青的秘密。我们心里最先想到的就是相互信任、忠诚和《权力的游戏》中的那种同心同德。科学家们相信他们已经确定了一种公式,这种公式能够搞清楚你和伴侣是否彼此合适——这完全取决于你们在一起时的行为。一项发表在《家庭与婚姻》杂志上的研究声称其确定了四种爱情类型,并公布了最可能结婚的爱情类型。Do you and your partner have a rollercoaster relationship? You fit into the first group, which is dubbed #39;dramatic#39;?你和伴侣有着“过山车”式的感情吗?那么你就属于第一类情侣了。这种类型的情侣被戏称为“戏剧性情侣”。The #39;dramatic#39; section of participants weren#39;t exactly consistent in their affections, often justifying the bad elements of their relationship by claiming that they #39;weren#39;t good together#39;; they are the most likely to break up.“戏剧性情侣”对待感情并不始终如一,他们经常用“我们在一起并不幸福”来解释感情中的负面因素;这类情侣最有可能分手。Scientists also identified a second group called the conflict-ridden couples who tend to argue a lot. Unlike the dramatic couples, though, this second group weren#39;t as likely to break up and didn#39;t have a tainted future.科学家还定义了第二种情侣,即“吵架倾向型”情侣,这类情侣经常吵架。和“戏剧性情侣”不同,第二种情侣不大容易分手,未来也不太糟糕。The third group - the socially involved - place high emphasis on social approval. So, these couples attribute social reasons - such as #39;my parents and friends like them#39; - for the positive points in their relationship. This type of couple have a bright future thanks to the importance they place on common social networks, as well as having a solid foundation of friendship and cite their partner as their #39;best friend#39; as well as their lover.第三种情侣——“社交参与型情侣”——很重视社会认同。所以这些情侣会把社会原因当做感情中的积极因素,比如“我父母和朋友都喜欢他们”。由于此类情侣重视共同的社交网络、有着坚固的友情基础,并且把对方当做最好的“朋友”和“情人”,所以他们的未来十分明朗。The final - and most successful - group is hailed the partner-focussed commitments.They have plenty of positive turning points in their relationship and credit their success to having plenty in common, as well as spending a lot of time together focussing on each other#39;s needs. Perhaps unsurprisingly, this group were the least likely to break up - and it#39;s all thanks to them being conscientiousness, indicating that they#39;re people who make long-term relationship goals.最后一种——也是最成功的一种——“专注伴侣承诺型”情侣。他们的感情中有许多正面能量,他们把各自的成功归功于彼此的共同点;同时他们也会花费很多时间用于关注对方的需求。毫无意外,此类情侣最不可能分手——这都归功于他们的责任心。当然,这也意味着他们视彼此为长期伴侣目标。 /201601/421232

Before he graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology this year, 22-year-old Liu Can spent every vacation interning in a different city.22岁的刘灿今年刚从华中科技大学毕业,大学时期的每个假期他都会去不同的城市实习。“I wanted to experience each of them before settling down in one. They’re all great in terms of career opportunities, but I identified best with the vibrant and energetic vibe of Shenzhen,” he said.“我想在安顿下来之前体验不同城市的生活。这些城市都有很好的就业机会,但是我觉得最有生机和活力的还是深圳,”刘灿说。Young people like Liu attach great importance to the chemistry they have with a city. It’s a phenomenon so common that researchers decided to investigate what it means to feel a “sense of belonging” somewhere.像刘灿这样的年轻人更关心他们和城市之间是否能擦出火花。时下,这种现象十分常见,于是研究人员决定调查一下何为人在某地会有“归属感”。Academics from Sun Yat-sen University surveyed 22,991 people from seven Chinese metropolises: Chongqing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Wuhan, Tianjin and Shenzhen. They found that residents in the first three identify most strongly with their city.中山大学的学者调查了中国7座城市(重庆、上海、广州、北京、武汉、天津和深圳)的22991名市民。他们发现前三座城市(重庆、上海和广州)居民的城市认同感最强。The research group divided this sense of identification into four categories, namely cultural, personal, status and regional identification. Put simply, these categories reflect how well a city matches an individual’s needs, both emotional and practical.研究小组将这种认同感分成了四类,分别是文化认同、身份认同、地位认同和地域认同。简单来说,这种分类反映了城市满足个人情感和实际需要的程度。Finding a city with the right combination of characteristics is valuable for young people, Zhang Zhi’an, dean of the School of Communication and Design at Sun Yat-sen University, told the press.中山大学传播与设计学院院长张志安告诉记者,寻找一个个性和自己匹配的城市对年轻人来说很重要。Traditionally, choosing a city involved weighing a number of tangible factors. But nowadays, young people put emphasis on the intangible qualities of a city, which determine how well they fit in, he said.通常选择一座城市需要衡量一些有形的因素。不过现在年轻人更重视城市无形的特质,这关系到他们能否很好地融入,张志安补充到。“In a city with strong sense of identity, its residents form a ‘we’ sentiment, recognizing with each other and feeling like part of a larger community,” said Yang Yiyin, a researcher of psychology at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.“在一座认同感高的城市,居民会形成一种“我们”的观念,他们互相承认彼此,并觉得自己是大社区的一员,“中国社会科学院心理学研究员杨宜音说。Chen Chen agrees. The 26-year-old Hunan-born architect left Beijing for Chongqing after her attempt to get a local hukou, or permanent residence permit, was to no avail.陈晨同意这种说法。这个26岁的湖南籍建筑师在发现无法取得北京户口之后,离开北京去了重庆。Without a Beijing hukou, people are not allowed to buy an apartment or a car in the city, unless they pay social insurance or income tax for more than five years. But there is no law restricting Beijing locals from making these purchases.没有北京户口的人不能在北京买房买车,除非他们缴纳五年以上的社保或个人所得税。而北京本地人则不用受这种法律约束。“Chongqing, by contrast, allows migrants to buy an apartment without a local hukou. Some even get a hukou because of the real estate they bought. The feeling of being welcomed and accepted is what attracts me more than the city’s opportunity and wealth,” Chen said.“相比而言,外地人没有户口也能在重庆买房。有些人甚至在购买房产之后拿到了重庆户口。这让外地人觉得被欢迎和接纳,这比机会和财富更吸引我,“陈晨说。 /201511/410666

A mother kangaroo has been captured reaching out to cuddle her joey one last time before she died.袋鼠妈妈临死之前伸出手,试图最后一次去拥抱自己那年幼的小袋鼠。The photographer, Evan Switzer, captured the moment on a bushland property in River Heads, Queensland, Australia.在澳大利亚昆士兰州河头镇的一处原始林区,摄影师埃文·斯威策捕捉到了这一幕。He noticed what was going on while he was on a walk on the property on Monday morning.周一早上他在林区散步时,看到了袋鼠一家。The mother was dying under the shade of a mango tree, and being supported by a male companion as she reached out for her joey.在芒果树下有一只奄奄一息的雌袋鼠,她躺在雄袋鼠的臂弯,费力的想要伸出手来拥抱幼崽。Mr. Switzer told the Daily Mail: ;I saw the male pick up the female, he looked like he was just trying to get her up and see what was wrong with her.斯威策告诉《每日邮报》:“我看到雄袋鼠托着雌袋鼠的头,想要把她托起来,看她哪里不舒。”;He would lift her up and she wouldn#39;t stand she#39;d just fall to the ground, he#39;d nudge her, stand besides her ... it was a pretty special thing, he was just mourning the loss of his mate.;“雄袋鼠想将雌袋鼠托起,但她站不起来,反而倒了下去。他站在旁边试图轻轻推她……这一幕很特别,伴侣的离去令他很悲伤。As she died, the male propped up her head so she could see her joey before she passed away.雌袋鼠将死时,雄袋鼠把她的头托起,以便她能在离世前再看一眼幼崽。The joey stared at her the whole time, and stood in a protective stance near her body.小袋鼠的目光没有离开母亲过,以一种保护的姿势站在母亲身边。After she died, her male companion guarded the corpse.雌袋鼠死后,雄袋鼠守护着她的尸体。He chased after any kangaroos that came near her corpse.只要有别的袋鼠靠近,他就会驱逐他们。After the photographer saw what was going on, he ran home to get his camera.摄像师看到这一幕后,赶紧跑回家去拿照相机。Mr. Switzer has been walking there twice a day for ten years and said he had never seen anything like it.十年来,斯威策每天都来这散步两次,他说他从来没有见过这种场景。;I’ve travelled around a bit and you see a lot of dead roos on the side of the road – but I#39;ve never seen anything like that before,; he said.他说:“我来这儿散步时,会发现路边有许多死了的袋鼠,但我从来没有见过这种场景”。;The male would chase the other kangaroos that came around away – he was sort of protective over the female.“只要有袋鼠靠近那只雌袋鼠的尸体,雄袋鼠就会驱逐他们——他在保护她。”;The young one looked kind of confused, it would stand by the mother and then hop off and chew some grass, and then come right back again.;“小袋鼠看起来有些迷惑,它一会站在妈妈身旁,一会又离开去吃些草,然后又会回到妈妈身边。”The photographer was unsure how the female kangaroo died. She had no visible injuries.摄像师并不知道这只雌袋鼠是怎么死的,她身上并没有明显受伤的痕迹。However, it looks as if this story has taken a shocking twist later.不过,这个故事后来似乎又发生了惊人大逆转。Experts have said the male kangaroo may not have been mourning after all.专家称,雄袋鼠可能根本不是在伤心。Dr Mark Eldridge at the Australian Museum told the B the male kangaroo was trying to lift the female in order to mate with her.澳大利亚物馆的马克·埃尔德里奇士告诉B,雄袋鼠想把雌袋鼠托起来,其实是想与她交配。Not only was he trying to mate with the dying animal, an expert said he could have caused the death.不仅是要与垂死的雌袋鼠交配的问题,更有专家认为,雄袋鼠还可能一手造成了雌袋鼠的死亡。Dr Derek Spielman at the University of Sydney told the Guardian: ;Competition between males to mate with females can be fierce and can end in serious fighting,;悉尼大学的德莱克·斯皮尔曼士对《卫报》表示:“雄袋鼠之间争夺交配权的竞争非常激烈,可能导致恶性打斗。”“It can also cause severe harassment and even physical abuse of the target female, particularly when she is unresponsive or tries to get away from amorous male.”“这种打斗还可能给雌袋鼠带来严重伤害,甚至使她们身体受伤,尤其当雌袋鼠不配合或试图逃脱求偶的雄袋鼠时。” /201601/422307

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