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青岛哪里洗纹身好青岛去豆印的有效方法Zhoubi Suanjing《周髀算经》The oldest mathematical classic in China, Zhou,bi Suanjing or The Arith-metical Classic of the Gnomon and the Circular Paths of Heaven,is an astronomy text as well.It is thought to have been compiled sometime between 500 and 200 AD.During the Tang Dynasty, the book was listed as the first of all the texts included in the Ten, Mathematical Classics.It contains some important mathe-matical sections and measures the positions of the heavenly bodies.How a gno-mon might be used is described in a conversation between Duke of Zhou and his as astrologer Shang Gao in the text:《周髀算经》是中国历史上最早的一部数学典籍,也是一部天文学著作。成书时间大约在公元前5世纪与公元2世纪之间,唐代被收入《算经十书》,并被列为《十经》的第一部。该书包括许多重要的数学内容,还对天体方位作了测定。例如书中周公与商高的一段对话描述了如何用日圭标竿进行测量:Duke of Zhou: How great is the art of numbers? Tell me something about the application of the gnomon.周公日:“大哉言数!请问用矩之道?”Shang Gao: Level up one leg of the gnomon and use the other leg as a plumb line. When the gnomon is turned up, it can measure height; when it is turned o-ver, it can measure depth and when it lies horizontally it can measure distance.Revolve the gnomon about its vertex and it can draw a circle; combine two gno-mons and they form a square.商高日:“平矩以正绳,偃矩以望高,覆矩以测深,卧矩以知远,环矩以为圆,合矩以为方。”Zhoubi Suanjin,g is a collection of 246 problems encountered during the conver-sations between the Duke of Zhou and Shang Gao. Each question has stated their numerical answer and corresponding arithmetic algorithm. The author of the Zhou-bi Suanjing writes that Emperor Yu quells floods, deepens rivers and streams, sur-veys high places and low places by using the Gougu rule. And this book contains one of the first recorded proofs of the Gougu rule, or the Pythagorean Theorem in the world.《周髀算经》中周公与商高之间的对话涉及246个问题,每个问题都以相应数学算法得到解决。其中谈到了勾股定理(亦称毕达哥拉斯定理)及其在测量上的应用,记载了大禹如何运用勾股定理治理水灾、加深河床、测量高低。这是世界上关于勾股定理最早的文字记录之一。The text of the Zhoubi Suanjin,g also explains that the reason that mathematics can be applied to so many different cases i-s as a result of the way that mathemati-cal reasoning allows one to pass from particular to general situations. This realiza-tion of the abstract nature of mathematics is important.《周髀算经》还解释了数学在各方面广泛应用的一个原因,即数学推理使人们能够从个别推及普遍,这是对抽象的数学性质的一个重要认识。Zhoubi Suanjin,g contains calculations of the movement of the sun through the year as well as observations of the moon and the stars, particularly the pole star.此外,《周髀算经》还计算了太阳在一年内的运动,并对月亮和星星,尤其是北极星作了观察。 /201512/410707青岛东营无痛隆鼻手术价格 BYD, the Chinese electric-car company part-owned by Warren Buffett, is poised to raise up to .9bn through the issue of new shares.沃伦#8226;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)持股的中国电动汽车公司比亚迪(BYD)正计划通过发行新股募集至多19亿美元。Trading in the company’s shares in Hong Kong was halted yesterday, and in Shenzhen on Monday, pending the announcement of the deal, which the company described as a private A-share placement. The number of shares and the price would be revealed after the deal was completed, BYD said.比亚迪在深圳和香港上市的股票已分别于周一和周二停牌,等待发布有关A股私募的公告。比亚迪称,新股的数量和价格将在交易达成后对外披露。The company counts among its investors Mr Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway, and has benefited from the frothy share prices seen across China’s tech sector.比亚迪的投资者包括巴菲特的伯克希尔哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway),该公司还获益于中国科技行业全线虚高的股价。The company did not elaborate about what funds from the private placement will be used for, but analysts said timing would enable the group to take advantage of the ramp-up of its share prices. The cash would potentially be used for investment in research and development and gain an edge against rival Tesla, analysts suggested.比亚迪并未阐明此次私募所得将用于何处,但分析师称,此次发行的时机选择将使该集团从股价上涨中受益。分析师表示,募资所得很可能被用于投资研发,以期获得相对于竞争对手特斯拉(Tesla)的优势。BYD’s Shenzhen-listed shares have nearly doubled this year, pacing the overall Shenzhen market, while China’s tech stocks have overall been some of the best performing in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchanges.今年以来,比亚迪深圳上市的股价已近乎翻了一番,领跑整个深圳股市,而在上海和深圳的券交易所,科技股总体来说都属于表现最好的一类。BYD started out two decades ago making mobile phone batteries, but has since evolved into the production of electric and hybrid vehicles. The group has outlined plans to take on Tesla in the electric automobile market, where its own advantage is mainly in batteries. High energy, lightweight and efficient batteries are judged to be the most important component of successful electric automobiles.比亚迪20年前以制造手机电池起家,自那以来逐渐涉足电动及混合动力汽车的生产。该集团已宣布计划,要在电动汽车市场与特斯拉一争高下。比亚迪的优势主要在于电池。高能、轻质而高效的电池被认为是任何一款成功电动汽车的最重要组件。 /201505/377490翻译仅供参考 中文在上 英文对照在下苹果(Apple)正求助于合作方的应用来说消费者付成百乃至上千美元购买该公司的新产品Apple Watch。自蒂姆#8226;库克(Tim Cook)接替史蒂夫#8226;乔布斯(Steve Jobs)出任首席执行官以来,这是苹果推出的第一款全新类型的产品。Apple is turning to partners’ applications to persuade consumers to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for its new Watch, as it launched its first new category of device since Tim Cooksucceeded Steve Jobs as chief executive.昨天的发布会聚焦于信息发送和健康,库克在会上预演了撑迄今最高调可穿戴技术产品的第三方应用。Yesterday’s event focused on messaging and health as Mr Cook previewed third-party apps to back up the most high-profile piece of wearable technology to date.“它是一种与他人交流的具有革命意义的新方式,是一款综合性的健身伴侣,”他表示,“将会有一些很棒的第三方应用……”“It’s a revolutionary new way to communicate with others and it’s a comprehensive fitness companion,” he said. “There will be some great third party apps#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;”在乔纳森#8226;艾夫爵士(Sir Jonathan Ive)的领导下,苹果为Apple Watch设计了一系列表壳材质和表带,试图以此来赢得时尚行业的追捧。各式Apple Watch的定价从349美元至上千美元不等。Under the design leadership of Sir Jonathan Ive, Apple has wooed the fashion industry with an array of finishes and bands, with pricing from 9 to thousands of dollars.然而,一些分析师质疑,该产品紧凑的色触屏以及“数字表冠”能否赢得那些并未受到三星(Samsung)、托罗拉(Motorola)或Pebble类似产品吸引而购买智能手表的消费者的青睐。However, some analysts have questioned whether its compact colour touchscreen and “digital crown” controller can win over consumers who have not been tempted to buy smartwatches from the likes of Samsung, Motorola or Pebble.华尔街预计该设备上市头一整年的销量将在2000万到3000万块之间。只有2012年以来发布的iPhone能与这款将于下月上市的智能手表兼容,这意味着潜在用户大约超过3亿。Wall Street forecasts for the device’s sales in its first full year on the market range between 20m and 30m. Only owners with iPhones launched since 2012 — estimated to be more than 300m people — will find their smartphone is compatible with the Watch when it goes on sale next month.除健康追踪、信息发送、付、计时这几项功能以外,库克还加入了Facebook、Instagram、微信(WeChat)和Twitter的应用,以及叫车软件优步(Uber)和美国航空(American Airlines)订票软件等交通务应用。Alongside the smartwatch’s health-tracking, messaging, payment and timekeeping functions Mr Cook introduced apps from Facebook, Instagram, WeChat and Twitter, and transport services such as car-hailing app Uber and American Airlines ticketing [APP NAMES T]持者表示,智能手机用户每天大约查看150次手机,这款产品能让他们不再那么频繁地查看手机。Advocates say it can reduce the estimated 150 times a day that smartphone owners check their mobile devices. /201503/363493莱芜人民医院吸脂

青岛市南区血管瘤医院The Washington Post is looking to become a software provider to other news organisations to develop new revenue streams and raise its profile as a technology company.《华盛顿邮报》(Washington Post)正寻求成为一家面向其他新闻机构的软件提供商,以开发新的营收来源,并树立其作为一家科技企业的形象。The US newspaper, which has accelerated its search for digital revenues since being bought by Amazon chief executive Jeff Bezosfor 0m last year, has been approached about licensing the software it has developed to power its website. Potential clients could include the recently launched network of local and regional US newspapers whose subscribers receive free access to the Post’s digital products.这家美国报纸自去年被亚马逊(Amazon)首席执行官杰夫#8226;贝索斯(Jeff Bezos)以2.5亿美元收购以来,加快了搜寻数字业务营收的努力。一些潜在客户已接洽该报,涉及授权使用该报为自身网站开发的软件。这些潜在客户可能包括近期发起的美国地方和地区报纸网络,这些报纸的订户可免费访问《邮报》的数字产品。The paper views “the partner programme as not just about content but about us offering technology solutions”, said Shailesh Prakash, chief information officer.首席信息官沙雷什#8226;普拉卡什(Shailesh Prakash)表示,该报“把合作伙伴计划的关键不仅视为提供内容,而是由我们提供技术解决方案”。Student newspapers at Columbia, Yale and the University of Maryland aly use the Post’s content management software in a trial for how it could be opened up to other professional news services.哥伦比亚大学、耶鲁大学和马里兰大学的学生报纸已经在试用《邮报》的内容管理软件,看该软件如何能够被其他专业新闻务利用。Developing a licensing business would be a further step in the Post’s efforts to generate digital profits as its print business shrinks. It also comes as changing media consumption habits and pressure from new competitors are pushing news organisations to invest in beefing up their technological prowess.在印刷版业务萎缩之际,发展软件授权业务将是《邮报》在努力创造数字利润方面迈出的又一步。另一个背景是,不断变化的媒体消费习惯和来自新竞争对手的压力,正在推动新闻机构投资于加强自己的技术实力。The Post is swimming against strong currents. Standard amp; Poor’s estimated in September that US newspapers and magazines would see earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation fall by mid-to-high single-digit percentages to at least the end of 2015. Print advertising revenue was set for further falls, Samp;P said, and “digital strategies alone will not halt the overall slide in ebitda for publishers, which must increase subscription and cover prices to try and stabilise revenues”.《邮报》面临的阻力较大。标准普尔(Standard amp; Poor’s) 9月估计,美国报纸和杂志至少到2015年底将出现5%至9%的利息、税项、折旧及摊销前盈利(EBITDA)下滑。标普称,印刷广告收入肯定会进一步下跌,“数字战略本身并不能遏止出版商EBITDA的整体下滑趋势,它们必须提高订阅和零售价格,以求稳定营收”。“In the short and medium term, print provides the money until digital can become self-sustaining over time,” said Steve Hills, Washington Post president. “In the very long term, the battle is all about digital. We’re taking that Jeff Bezos long view,” he said.“在短期和中期,印刷版业务维持了收入来源,直到数字业务能够逐渐自我维持,”《华盛顿邮报》总裁史蒂文#8226;希尔斯(Steve Hills)表示。“就非常遥远的长期而言,竞争的关键完全落在数字方面。我们正抱着杰夫#8226;贝索斯的那种长远眼光,”他说。In past the 16 months, Mr Bezos has been injecting money into the Post. It has hired 100 editorial staff, for a net gain of about 60, and launched blogs and digital products, including an app on Amazon’s Fire tablet that offers morning and evening editions. The publisher no longer releases financial information but executives point to traffic growth as evidence that the strategy is working. Unique visitors increased 62 per cent to 45.8m in November from a year ago, according to ComScore.在过去16个月里,贝索斯一直在向《邮报》注资。该报已经聘请了100名编辑人员,使编辑人员数量净增加大约60人,并推出各种客和数字产品,包括亚马逊Fire平板电脑上的应用,该应用提供晨报和晚报版本。这家出版商不再发布财务信息,但高管们将流量增长列为据,明这项战略正在奏效。根据ComScore的数据,11月独立访客数量同比增长62%,至4580万。But it is the technology side of the business that shows the clearest signs of the Amazon founder’s influence. The Post hired 20 engineers in 2014, and now employs 225, split between developers working on its digital initiatives and more traditional IT functions at its printing plant and human resources, sales and advertising departments.但从该报的整个业务看,科技方面展现出亚马逊创始人影响力的最明显迹象。《邮报》在2014年聘请了20名工程师,现在总共雇用225名工程师,其中一半是该报各项数字计划的开发人员,另一半执行比较传统的IT职能,分布于该报的印刷厂以及人力资源、销售和广告部门。Mr Prakash said he was “borrowing a page out of Amazon” in developing software that both suits the Post’s needs and could be opened up to other users. Amazon Web Services, which provides cloud computing to customers from the CIA to Netflix, has become the ecommerce company’s fastest-growing division.普拉卡什说,开发既适合《邮报》需要、又能被其他用户加以利用的软件,是在“借鉴亚马逊的做法”。提供云计算的亚马逊网络务(Amazon Web Services),已成为这家电子商务公司增长最快的部门,客户包括美国中央情报局(CIA)和流媒体提供商Netflix。“Technology is core to our business,” Mr Prakash said of the push to develop more software in-house. “You wouldn’t outsource the business plan or the revenue plant. Why would you outsource technology?”“技术是我们业务的核心,”普拉卡什在谈到自行开发更多软件的努力时表示。“你不会外包业务计划或产生营收的工厂。为什么要外包技术呢?” /201412/351385青岛诺德医院地址在哪 Tencent, the operator of the popular messaging app WeChat, has shut down dozens of WeChat accounts for promoting the services of Uber, a ride-sharing app.流行聊天应用软件微信所在的腾讯公司,近日关闭了打车应用平台优步(Uber)的十几个微信公众号。The move came after Uber#39;s rivals, including Lyft in the ed States, GrabTaxi in Southeast Asia and Didi Kuaidi in China, had announced a global ride-sharing partnership to vie with Uber. Tencent had a major stake in Didi Kuaidi.这项举措发生在优步的竞争公司宣布成立全球打车软件合作关系以对抗优步后。这些公司包括美国的Lyft,亚洲西南地区的Grab Taxi和中国的滴滴快的。值得一提的是,腾讯是滴滴快的的主要股东。Users of Uber who posted the shutdown of the Uber-related accounts have voiced their doubt about Tencent#39;s move, saying it is using its monopoly to fend off Uber. But Tencent said the closed accounts had violated rules and were suspected of collecting users#39; private information, according to a Saturday report from Beijing Times.在优步的微信公众号被封杀后,优步的用户开始质疑腾讯公司的这一举措,他们称避开优步是一种垄断行为。但是《北京时报》周日的报道称,腾讯表示优步被封号是因为他们违反了条例,并涉嫌收集用户隐私。Uber also took a counter-measure on Weibo, another social networking site backed by Alibaba, calling on its users to stand on its side.优步官方则在由阿里巴巴持的社交网站——微上采取了反击,号召用户站在他们这一方。Wang Yichao, vice director of Uber#39;s public relations, said on its verified Weibo account that Tencent fell short of providing evidence to support its accusation that Uber is doing ;malicious marketing activities.;优步公关部副主任王毅超在微认账号上发言称,腾讯没有据明优步有恶意营销的行为。It is not the first time that a popular Internet service has been blocked by another. Taobao, an online-shopping platform operated by Alibaba, blocked visits from WeChat in 2013. Tencent later blocked the music sharing of Xiami Music, in which Alibaba has a stake. JD.com, with which Tencent has signed a cooperation deal, also blocks Alibaba#39;s payment platform Alipay.这不是第一个被别的应用屏蔽的流行互联网应用。阿里巴巴旗下的网购平台淘宝在2013年就被屏蔽了。腾讯公司之后还屏蔽了阿里巴巴持有股份的虾米音乐。而和腾讯公司签订了合作协议的京东也屏蔽了阿里巴巴旗下付平台付宝。Before this, Uber#39;s official WeChat account was aly blocked by Tencent in March.此前,优步官方微信账号在三月份已经被腾讯封号。 /201512/414489山东省青岛连云港专业祛痘哪家好

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