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  • Vitamin B9 is also known as folic acid or folate. Technically, folate is the term for the vitamin B9 that is found naturally in foods, while folic acid is the name for the synthetic supplement that is added to foods and vitamins.维生素B9也称为叶酸片或叶酸。从学术上讲叶酸存在于天然的食物中,是维生素B9的术语,而叶酸片是人工合成物,添加到食品中补充维生素。Adequate amounts of folic acid have commonly been recommended to prevent birth defects such as spina bifida. But, did you know that getting enough folate has also been associated with a reduced risk of developing dementia?充足的叶酸可以预防出生缺陷,已经被推荐使用在如脊柱裂预防上。但是,你知道吗是否得到足够的叶酸还可大大降低患痴呆症的风险吗?The Research研究调查One study conducted involved 166 people: 47 of whom were diagnosed with Alzheimer#39;s, 41 with vascular dementia and 36 with a mixed dementia diagnosis. Additionally, 42 people who did not have cognitive impairment were also included in the study. Researchers measured each participants#39; levels of folate and, after reviewing the results, they found that people with dementia had significantly lower levels of folic acid as compared to those without dementia.开展一项涉及166人的研究:其中47人被诊断为老年痴呆症,41人患血管性痴呆和36人确诊为混合痴呆。此外,在这项研究中还包括42个没有认知障碍的人。研究人员测量每个参与者的叶酸水平,在评估结果后,他们发现与那些没有痴呆症患者相比,痴呆症患者的叶酸水平显著降低。A second study reviewed multiple research studies and concluded that low folic acid levels clearly were associated with the presence of both mild cognitive impairment and dementia.第二项研究回顾了多项研究,并指出低的叶酸水平与轻度认知障碍和痴呆现象是有联系的。Does Adding Folic Acid to Your Diet Help?在你的饮食中添加叶酸有帮助吗?Possibly, although the results are not conclusive thus far.尽管到目前为止结果并不是肯定的,但存在可能。One study involving 900 older adults who lived in their own homes found that long-term supplementation with vitamin B12 and folate improved memory.一项研究涉及900名住在自己的家里的老年人,研究发现长期补充维生素B12和叶酸可改善记忆。Another study which involved administering folic acid to rats found that both short-term and long term memory improved. (Whether this would translate to humans is unknown.)另一项研究是关于对老鼠的叶酸实验,发现可改善短期和长期的记忆。(这是否能转化为人类所用尚未知晓)译文属 /201612/484603。
  • Sixtus of Plolein, it has been decided that your divine writings will be reproduced in 10 copies. They will bey in 4 years ...Plolein的克斯,已经决定将会把你的神圣作品拷贝复制10份。他们将在4年……Dude, that cat stepped on my phone and sent some totally amazing messages! Let#39;s publish them! #39;Hilarious Texts Fron Stupid Cat#39;!老兄,那只猫踩了我的电话和发出一些完全惊人的消息!让我们发表了他们!“搞笑短信弗伦联盟笨猫”!Publish before and now以前和现在的发表 /201609/464495。
  • Since #39;The dress#39; divided the world, there have been countless mind-boggling illusions that have popped up online.“蓝白裙子”之争把所有人分成了两派,之后网上又出现了无数令人难以置信的错觉图。And the latest is perhaps one of the most confusing yet.最近出现的这张可能是迄今为止最具迷惑性的图片之一了。An image shared on Twitter by Japanese #39;experimental psychologist#39; and Professor of Psychology, Akiyoshi Kitaoka, appears to show a bunch of red strawberries on a tart - and seems to be filtered with a blue hue.日本心理学教授兼实验心理学家Akiyoshi Kitaoka在推特上分享了一张图片,图中是一个馅饼上面堆满了草莓,整张图覆盖着一种蓝色色调。But in reality, there is not a single red pixel in the picture.然而事实上,这张图片里就连一个红色的像素也没有。#39;Illusion of strawberry by the two-color method. Although this image are [sic] all made of the pixels of the cyan (blue-green), strawberries appear red,#39; Prof Kitaoka wrote on Twitter.Kitaoka教授解释说:“双色法创造了草莓的幻象。虽然这张图里只有蓝绿像素,草莓却呈现出红色。”Expert on visual perception from the National Eye Institute, Bevil Conway, described the baffling image as an example of the brain #39;colour correcting the world#39; when it is filtered through a different light.国家眼科研究所视知觉专家Bevil Conway表示:这就是大脑在不同光线下的“色校正”。#39;If you imagine walking around outside under a blue sky, that blueness is, in some sense, color-contaminating everything you see,#39;“想象你在室外散步,天很蓝,这种蓝色在某种意义上会影响你看到的所有东西。”#39;If you take a red apple outside under a blue sky, there are more blue wavelengths entering your eye.“如果把一个红苹果放到蓝天下看,你的眼睛会接收到更多蓝色波长。”#39;If you take the apple inside under a fluorescent or incandescent light without that same bias, the pigments in the apple are exactly the same but because the spectral content of the light source is different, the spectrum entering your eye that#39;s reflected off the object is different.#39;“如果把苹果拿回室内,在荧光灯或白炽灯下观察,苹果的颜色没有变,但光源的光谱含量不同就会导致物体反射后进入人眼的光谱有所不同。”Other Twitter users proved that there was no red in the image by isolating some of the colours that appeared red and put them on a white background. As a result, only shades of grey and blue were visible.有推特网友从这张图中分离了几个看着像红色的色块出来放在白色背景中,实这张图中确实没有红色,能看到的只有灰色和蓝色。This isn#39;t the first time Prof Kitaoka has shared illusions on his Twitter page - with the most recent a number of flowers that appear to grow in size as you stare at them.Kitaoka教授还分享过很多幻象图,比如最近这一张——盯着图中的花看,它们在不断变大。 /201703/496029。
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