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龙岩做结扎恢复手术那个医院最好莆田检查精子多少钱C. Keywordswomen, web, websites. Vocabularysurpass, Jupiter, genealogy.C1. The following passage you are going to hear is a news report on women and the Internet. Listen carefully, find the major difference between men and women when they surf the Internet. Then write down in the note m the different reasons why women use the Web. the first time ever the number of women on the web has surpassed the number of men, pushing the huge growth of females between the ages of and .Music websites like nsync.com are attracting teen girls and so are sites focused on fashion and shopping.An unscientific survey of teens, mostly girls attending Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, Calinia, shows teens are using the World Wide Web many reasons.My name is Fi and Im . I check my e-mail on the net and I chat sometimes. That all I did.My name is Sonia Fay Phillips. Im years old. Mostly I use the Internet looking up my college inmation or check my e-mail or chat. I use...mostly use it resources and studying because I dont have time play and stuff.My name is Lucien Morrison. Im . And I use the Internet to chat on, to get codes Play Station games, to check my-email and to play games on.Im Meesha, Im years old. I usually just search on the web, just anything Im looking or just search because Im bored or anything like that.Summer school students attending Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, Calinia.The Internet study released today conducted by Media Matrix and Jupiter Communications shows that men and women use the Web differently.Women use it as a tool, men tend to spend more time online playing around.Among the other most popular sites reported women on the web, ages 35 to , market-day.com and birthday-express.com. ages 55 and up, theyve been posting the second biggest jump in usage, aarp.org and genealogy.com.C. Now listen again, match column A with column B by figuring out who likes using which website. 508闽清县去那孕前检查 A boy found an eagle’s egg and he put it in the nest of a prairie chicken. The eagle hatched and thought he was a chicken. He grew up doing what prairie chickens do — scratching at the dirt food and flying short distances with a noisy fluttering① of wings.   It was a dreary life. Gradually the eagle grew older and bitter②. One day he and his prairie chicken friend saw a beautiful bird soaring③ on the currents of air, high above the mountains.  “Oh, I wish I could fly like that!” said the eagle.   The chicken replied, “Don’t give it another thought. That’s the mighty eagle, the king of all birds — you could never be like him!” And the eagle didn’t give it another thought.   He went on cackling④ and complaining about life. He died thinking he was a prairie chicken. My friends, you too were born an eagle. The Creator intended you to be an eagle, so don’t listen to prairie chickens!近年来,网络购物越来越流行,因其方便快捷赢得了诸多消费者的青睐,然而,产品质量和欺诈等问题也不容忽视The Annoyances of Online ShoppingNowadays, online shopping is anything but new to us. Its comparative advantages of convenient shopping and quick product deliveries have won over the hearts of more people. Figures from the China Internet Network Inmation Center, CNNIC, suggest that one in four netizens shopped online in a total of 0 million.Han Miao, Director of the customer complaint call center at the State Administration Industry and Commerce, says online shopping is still in its takeoff period, so some unexpected problems may occasionally pop up."Online shopping is an original consumption pattern. It's in a fledging stage, so it comes as little surprise that inappropriate operating behaviors would make their way into the process."Figures released by State Administration Industry and Commerce also echo this point. Among the top complaints related to consumption in , those involving the internet totaled ,0, an increase of 7 percent over last year's number. A big chunk of those complaints centered on online shopping. Online shoppers are frustrated by such problems as low product quality, difficulties in requesting refunds faulty goods and misleading inmation on websites."I shopped online once, but the product delivered to me was not what I expected according to the inmation on the website. I was hoodwinked. What am I supposed to do with that unwanted merchandise?" 18667福州治输卵管堵塞那间医院好

福州市做人授哪里最好The Pennsylvania Mutiny of 83 and the creation of the District of Columbia; The Hollywood Sign; next versus upcoming versus future; critical situation versus critical position; steamingWords:financesmutinymilitiapermanentresidenceto representto erectluxuryeyesorechamber of commerceto restoreprankto trespassnextupcomingfuturecritical situationcritical positionsteam 93龙岩市第二医院检查封闭抗体好不好费用多少 Sam:Wait a second.山姆:等一下Is this all youre having lunch, this microwaved burrito?你午饭就吃这个微波炉玉米煎饼吗?Leticia:That all I have time .莱特西亚:我的时间只够吃这个的It better than just eating it out of the package, right?比外面随便吃上几口要好的多,是吧?Sam:That does not look appetizing.山姆:那看上去一点也不可口I see indigestion in your future.我觉得你以后会消化不良的Leticia:It filling and that all I care about.莱特西亚:往肚子里塞点东西,这才是我所关心的I need to gulp down something bee the meeting at 1:00.一点开会前我需要狼吞虎咽吃点东西Sam:Why dont you brown bag it?山姆:你为什么不带份午餐来呢?Even if it something premade, you wont have to rely on instant food.就算是半成品也可以,你就不必依靠速溶食品Leticia:Who has the time to prepare a lunch?莱特西亚:谁有时间准备午餐啊?This burrito is actually more than I eat on most days.这个玉米煎饼实际上比我大多数日子里吃的要好的多Normally, I munch on candy bars or bags of chips and go lunch altogether.通常,我就吃点糖果,要么来几袋薯片,就算不吃午餐也可以的Sam:That not very healthy.山姆:那样不健康的Leticia:No, but it keeps me going when Im on the run on busy days like this.莱特西亚:是不健康,但这样忙碌的日子里就只能靠这些了I have a stash in my desk.我桌上还有一些呢Do you want to take a look?你想看一看吗?Sam:That collection makes fast food look like haute cuisine!山姆:你的这些食品让快餐看起来都像高级烹饪一样!译文属 385福建做人流费用

南平检查输卵管造影费用BGC慈善日是纪念姊公司Cantor Fitzgerald的9.恐袭罹难员工该公司痛失658人,比任何机构都惨重;哈利则代表自己共同创立的非洲孤儿慈善组织明星们做善事屡见不鲜了,但是这次还有哈里王子哦!一起看看忙碌中的明星们吧!Celebrity Standing Traders around the world, including Prince Harry, J, Mark Sanchez and Ben Stiller, work at the market the 7 annual Global Charity Day on Wall Street. The goal to raise million dollars, Celebrity Stylist Phillip Bloch took to the floor.慈善日在世界各地都有这一活动,当中包括哈里王子,J,马克桑切斯和本斯蒂勒,他们在华尔街辛勤工作,只为第7次的全球慈善日以筹集了00万美元为目标,明星设计师菲利普布洛赫走上了地板上Were gonna talk about Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation youre working today.我们会谈论你工作的幼年型糖尿病研究基金会Absolutely with JDR. It um, it on dear my heart.绝对的这是,嗯,它是我心倾注的地方Youre gonna be doing that.你会那样做的World Wide Orphans is a group that Jane started in 1997.世界孤儿组织始于1997年,由简开始创立Thank you.谢谢你Who helps orphans in need all over the world.该组织帮助世界各地的孤儿And I knew you get the La La Foundation going.我知道你会获得拉拉基金会的帮助Yeah, we are. So that cool. You know, just getting started, now that warrant in New York like that we said, you know, it finding a nestle with around us, but it about now giving back.是的,我们是那非常酷你知道,我们才刚刚起步,现在我们在纽约这样说,你知道,这是我们应该做的,现在涉及到回报Yeah, that what were looking area.是的,正是我们正在寻找当中Im here in support of 5nd Street Project which is an organization that helps kids to be well intricated in the commy, gives maths school programs, offers them scholarship.我在这里提供5个街头项目的持,组织社区细心照料孩子,由老师们教授学校的课程,还提供她们奖学金My husband supports marines, so Im here the Wounded Warriors. Ive been trading very hard.我的丈夫持海军,所以我在这里照料受伤的战士我一直是尽职尽责How much money did you made?你筹集到多少善款?I dont know how much money what you made, but Ive traded over a billion dollars today.我不知道有多少,但我今天交易超过十亿美元Youre actually the King at the moment.你是这里的佼佼者Yes. How is that struggle going you?是的你是怎么去奋斗的?It hard. But you know, you got liberty. You gotta have fun. You gotta do everything that you want to do in life.这很难做到但你知道,你有自由你必须得充满乐趣你必须做的一切,这是你一生中想做的And it exciting to be zoning like celebrity coming out to support you and help, fight with you.那是很令人兴奋的, 就像名人出来持和帮助你,与你并肩作战Five million.五百万词语解释:1. orphan n. 孤儿. struggle v 挣扎 59 But it a kids movie, so when you make something like this and there a lot of eft, a lot of time in the movie.但这是一部孩子的电影,所以当你做出这样的电影,会有很多的努力,在电影中花费大量的时间Yeah.是啊Goes to the preparation in the filming. They have a lot of, a lot of, what kind of test the testing.准备拍摄他们有很多,很多,试验测试Yeah, test the testing, and they focus the group.是的,很多测试,他们集中于团队Yeah, I mean it a family film, it a movie the whole family. So we did two separate test screening: one adult which went great, one kids which is even better. And then Disney gives me a comment card they have the friends.是的,我的意思是说这是一个家庭电影,这是为整个家庭的电影所以我们就做了两个单独的测试筛选:一个是为成年人,非常不错,一个是为孩子,反而更好然后迪斯尼给我一张卡,这是张朋友卡Yeah, this is one of the little kids and the parents felt a lot of these carts.是啊,小孩子和父母觉得非常不错Parents feel of their version.家长觉得有他们的版本Right.是的While kids have their own version.而孩子有自己的版本Right.是的And producers look at that而制作人看这个They assess them in numerical scores.他们用分数来评价They try to make changes. They saw what weve seen.他们试图做出改变他们看到我们已经看到的Yeah, absolutely and there one change particularly they were not able to make. There one comment card where it was written by a little 7-year-old kid.是的,当然,还有一种改变是他们不能做到的有一张卡是七岁的孩子写的Is that we have to you?是我们给你的吗?I think I brought it you.我想我能为你买它And this is my new favorite position at all time. This is kind of scared these people have this power over your career.这是我一直最喜欢的新位置一种你的事业让这些人害怕的感觉Yeah, I play a character in Gary.是的,我扮演角色加里Right, OK.对,好吧OK. How we just describe the movie, the Muppet to your friends? Walter tries to save muppets, adorable.好吧我们仅仅是电影、布偶是你的朋友吗?沃尔特试图拯救布偶,很不错Right.是的What did you like about the movie? I like they were funny. What did you not like? Gary face.这部电影你最喜欢什么?我喜欢他们有趣你不喜欢什么?是加里的脸吗?Oh my God.哦,我的上帝Wow.哇It just not getting better than kids. The seven-year-old doesnt lie. And it wasnt my acting, it was my face.没有比孩子更好的了七岁的孩子不会有说谎这不是我的表演,这是我的脸Yeah, yeah, good luck with that.是啊,是啊,祝你好运注:听力文本来源于普特 36福州做支原体检查那家比较好福州博爱医院黑吗



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