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invite sb to do sth 邀请某人做某事invite sb to somewhere 邀请某人去某地例句:I invited him to have dinner with me yesterday.昨天我邀请他和我一起吃晚餐。Lucy is shy, she would not invite her classmates to practice dancing with her.露西很害羞,她不会邀请她的同学和她一起练习跳舞。A:Where are you going?你要去哪里?B:Im going to the cinema, Lucy invited me to see a movie with her.我要去电影院,露西邀请我去陪她看电影。背景音乐:Pixie Lott—Caraven of love更多英语资讯欢迎关注微信公众号SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201607/4553829.The payment Dialogue9.付款 对话Steven is talking the payment terms with the customer. 史蒂文正和客户谈论付款条件。Steven: Could you tell me which kind of payment youll choose?史蒂文:能否告知你们将采用哪种付款方式吗?Customer: Were going to pay by check.客户:我们要开票付款。Steven: Will you please have the check certified?史蒂文:那么请开保付票,好吗?Customer: If you think it is necessary.客户:如果你认为有必要的话,可以。Steven: Its just our policy. We would accept a certified check or a direct bank remittance.史蒂文:这只是公司的政策。我们接受保付票或是直接汇款。Customer: OK, no problem.客户:好,没问题。 /201512/416390kick back 休息;放松例句:I really need to kick back during the holiday season.我真的需要在度假季好好休息一下。I want to kick back and relax after the exam.我想要在考试后好好休息。A:What are you doing tonight?今晚你打算做什么?B:Im going to kick back and watch a movie.我打算休息一下看场电影。背景音乐:小野丽莎-Its only a paper moon关注微信公众号 SmethilyFM(注意:“S”“FM”均为大写) /201612/480909

get the hang of something 掌握某事的诀窍Im just starting to get the hang of driving.我慢慢的掌握了开车的要领。My goal this year is to get the hang of cooking.我今年的目标就是学会做饭。A:Hey,I heard you just bought a new iphone,right?嗨,我听说你刚买了一个苹果手机对吗?B:Yeah,absolutely.是的。A:So did you get the hang of it?你现在会操作了吗?B:Well,Im still working on it.我还在捉摸着呢。背景音乐:shortie欢迎关注微信公众号:Emily_aiyingyu /201601/423842

Warren: So Antoinette, youve been living in Japan for a while now, right?沃伦:安托万内特,你已经在日本生活一段时间了,对吧?Antoinette: Yes, thats right.安托万内特:对,没错。Warren: Well, can you tell me, do you like to use chopsticks or forks and knives more?沃伦:我想问你,你现在更喜欢用筷子还是更喜欢用刀叉?Antoinette: It depends on what Im eating really. For the most part, I enjoy using chopsticks. They are easy to use. I dont have to worry about cutting anything. And especially if Im eating Japanese food, which tends to be chopped in small pieces, small bite-size pieces, chopsticks are perfect. But when Im eating Western food or spaghetti, I prefer using Western style utensils.安托万内特:这取决于我在吃什么。大多数情况下,我喜欢用筷子。筷子用起来很方便。我不用担心切到东西。尤其是在吃日本食物的时候,日本食物一般会切成小块,大概一口大小,非常适合用筷子。不过在吃西方食物或意面的时候,我更喜欢用西式餐具。Warren: Oh okay, that makes sense. What about sleeping, do you like to sleep on like a Western bed or a Japanese futon?沃伦:哦,好,有道理。那睡觉呢?你是喜欢睡在床上还是睡在日式床垫上?Antoinette: Actually, it depends on the season.安托万内特:这要看季节而定。Warren: Why is that?沃伦:为什么?Antoinette: Well, in summer, I prefer sleeping on a futon. It seems cooler than a bed. But in winter, I love a cozy, plush bed with lots of pillows and quilts or duvets. And yeah, I like to feel cozy.安托万内特:夏天我喜欢睡在日式床垫上。因为日式床垫好像比床要凉爽一些。不过冬天我喜欢睡在温暖舒适的床上,上面要有很多枕头和被子。我喜欢舒适的感觉。Warren: That sounds nice. Okay. How about having shoes on or off in the house?沃伦:听起来不错。好。那你在房间里穿鞋吗?还是会脱掉鞋?Antoinette: Hmm, I like to go barefoot – well, with socks. My feet get cold.安托万内特:嗯,我喜欢光脚在房间里走动,当然要穿袜子了。不然我的脚会冷的。Warren: Well, do you use slippers?沃伦:嗯,你穿拖鞋吗?Antoinette: No.安托万内特:不穿。Warren: Okay.沃伦:好的。Antoinette: I find slippers uncomfortable unless they are the kind that fit your foot. Theyre not actually the correct size for my foot.安托万内特:我感觉,如果拖鞋不合脚的话,穿着非常不舒。拖鞋的尺寸不符合我脚的尺寸。Warren: Oh, I see. So Japanese slippers are a different size from you.沃伦:哦,我明白了。日式拖鞋的尺寸不适合你。Antoinette: They are one-size fits all and I just feel like kicking them off anytime.安托万内特:他们只有一种尺寸,我穿着的时候感觉随时会把鞋踢掉。Warren: Right. Okay. How about, you know, in Japan, a lot of times people sit on the floor, but you dont really do that very much in the ed States. Do you like sitting in chairs or on the floor more?沃伦:好。好的。在日本,人们经常坐在地板上,不过美国并不经常这样做。那你喜欢坐在椅子上还是坐在地板上?Antoinette: I like both actually. Again, it depends on the season. The floor is so nice and cool in summer, and I like just feeling that coolness. But in winter, I want fabric underneath me, and I want cushions that tend to act – provide a barrier for cold wind.安托万内特:两个都喜欢。我要再说一遍,这要取决于季节。夏天的时候地板很好,因为凉快,我喜欢那种凉爽的感觉。不过冬天的时候,我喜欢坐在垫子上面,希望坐垫能抵抗寒风。Warren: Right, right. Eating out is a little different, too. I think in Japan, you tend to share all the meals that you have but maybe back home you usually just buy one meal.沃伦:好,嗯。在外出就餐方面,两国也存在不同。我认为日本喜欢共享食物,不过在美国通常我们只买自己的饭。Antoinette: Thats true. Maybe Im a germ-phobic American – I dont know. I like eating my own food. I dont like to share. If its one huge serving plate thats meant for several people, then fine. But I like just having my own plate of food.安托万内特:没错。也许我是有洁癖的美国人,我也不清楚。我喜欢自己吃自己的食物。我不喜欢分享食物。如果一个特别大的餐盘里装着几人份的食物,那我也可以接受。不过我喜欢吃饭的时候有自己的餐盘。Warren: Oh, okay. Theres one more. What about having a shower or a bath? I think in Japan, they usually have like a detachable shower-head and you can shower yourself before going into the bath. What do you prefer?沃伦:哦,好。还有一个问题。沐浴或泡澡呢?日本一般用可拆卸的淋浴喷头,在进浴缸以前可以先冲洗一下。你喜欢哪种洗澡的方式?Antoinette: Well, I like showers, either way as long as the water is hot. Whether its detachable or not, as long as the water is hot, I like showers. And I like having water run down my body. Thats a pleasant feeling. But I also like sitting in a hot tub of water but not for too long.安托万内特:我喜欢淋浴,只要是热水,哪种都可以。无论是不是可拆卸的淋浴喷头,只要是热水就可以,我很喜欢淋浴。我喜欢水流过我身体的感觉。那种感觉非常舒。不过我也喜欢坐在热水浴缸里,不过时间不会太久。Warren: Well, what about the bathtubs because I think they are different sizes, arent they?沃伦:嗯,那浴缸呢?我知道日本浴缸和西方浴缸的尺寸不一样,对吧?Antoinette: They are. I like the fact that Japanese baths allow you to sit in water up to your neck. But I also like the fact that Western style baths allow you to recline in the water.安托万内特:没错。日本浴缸,你坐进去以后,水可以到你的颈部,我喜欢那种感觉。不过我也喜欢西方的浴缸,因为我可以斜躺在浴缸里。Warren: Right. You can stretch out more.沃伦:对。可以伸展身体。Antoinette: So you can stretch out, yeah.安托万内特:没错,可以伸直身体躺在浴缸里。Warren: Oh, okay. I see.沃伦:好的,我明白了。Antoinette: Thats a hard call.安托万内特:很难选择。 译文属 /201706/513467

Todd: So, Greg, you have a new book out, and youre book has lots of controversial topics, and one of the topics is organ donation. So first can you explain what organ donation is?托德:格雷格,你出了本新书,这本书涉及了很多争议话题,其中一个就是器官捐赠。首先,请你解释一下什么是器官捐赠?Greg: Sure. Organ donation is when a person living or dead allows his or her organs to be used in another person.格雷格:好的。器官捐赠是指活人或死人将器官捐赠给另一个人的行为。Todd: So for example like you donate a liver, or kidney or something like that.托德:举例来说,就是捐赠肝、肾等器官的行为。Greg: Thats right.格雷格:没错。Todd: And usually they have to get it... the person who dies, they have to get it soon.托德:实际上,他们要……人死了之后,他们要立即取出捐赠的器官。Greg: Yes, that 100% right.格雷格:对,完全正确。Todd: So is this something thats common in most countries?托德:这是大多数国家的通常做法吗?Greg: Well, actually some countries do not allow organ and tissue donation, or they allow only some organs, some tissues and not allow others.格雷格:实际上有些国家不允许器官捐赠和组织捐赠,或者只允许一些器官和组织的捐赠,其他的不允许。Todd: You know, your book is about controversial topics. What is controversial about organ donation?托德:你的书里涉及了很多争议话题。那器官捐赠有什么争议?Greg: Oh, theres a lot of controversial aspects to organ donation. Again, as I mentioned there are differences in every country. Some countries do not allow organ donation. Some allow some organs and wont others and there are also cases where say maybe a thousand people need a kidney but theres only fifty kidneys. Who is gonna get it? Should the kidney go to the sickest person but who might die? Should it go to the oldest person? Should it go to the youngest person? Should it go to the richest person? How do you decide? Whats a fair way to decide?格雷格:器官捐赠有很多争议。就像我刚才提到的,每个国家对器官捐赠有不同的规定。一些国家不允许器官捐赠。还有些国家只允许特定器官的捐赠,不允许其他器官的捐赠,也许需要肾移植的人有1000人,可是只有50个肾脏可以移植。那谁能进行手术?这些肾脏是要移植给那些生病最严重、可能会死亡的人?还是要移植给最年长的人?还是给最年轻的人?或是给最富有的人?要怎么决定?怎么公平地做决定?Todd: Now, also I think in your book you were talking about medical tourism. Can you explain what that is?托德:我想你的书中还提到了医疗旅游。你能解释一下吗?Greg: Medical tourism is when people go to a country for the purpose of medical treatment which they cant get in their country either cause the treatment is not allowed or its too expensive. You know, relating back to the question of controversy, there are lot of countries in the world which are very poor, and people are willing to sell their organs actually, so you have rich Arabs, rich Americans, rich Japanese, rich British people, people from any rich country, cant get an organ in their own country, and theyll go to a poor country to buy organs from poor people. Is that right? In some places its illegal. There are also laws in many countries that say someone must, before they die, give permission for the body parts to be used, but those body parts are sometimes taken from people after their death without permission.格雷格:医疗旅游是人们以医疗为目的前往另一个国家的行为,因为他们在本国无法接受治疗,或是治疗方法在本国不被允许,或是医疗费用太高。我们再回到刚才的争议问题上,世界上有许多国家非常贫穷,这些国家的人想卖器官挣钱,而有钱的阿拉伯人、美国人、日本人、英国人,那些有钱国家的人在自己的国家无法得到捐赠的器官,他们就会去贫穷的国家,从穷人那里买器官。这种做法对吗?在有些地方这种做法是非法的。许多国家的法律明确规定,活人捐赠器官必须得到许可,而有时死人捐赠身体器官是未经许可的。Todd: Yeah, thats pretty controversial stuff. Thats pretty deep.托德:对,这是备受争议的问题。是非常严肃的问题。Greg: Yeah.格雷格:对。 译文属 /201605/443675

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