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It like the opening gambit of a badHollywood romance. A Brazilian town populated only by women has made an appeal eligible bachelors.这就像蹩脚的好莱坞浪漫电影的开头一个只有女人的巴西小镇现在正在招募黄金单身汉More than 600 women live in the town of Noivado Cordeiro, south-east Brazil. And most of them are aged between and 35years old.600多名女性居住在巴西东南部的Noiva do Cordeiro小镇上而且大多数在-35岁之间 Now they have extended an invitation topotential suitors. But dont start packing your bags just yet - any men who gohave to understand that this corner of the Brazilian countryside is very much awoman world.现在,她们开始向单身汉发出邀请但是你不要急于出发,想去的男人真的要想清楚这真的是个女儿国 35570Yellow dragon fruit黄龙水果 1995.Seeing Your Future Husband5.看见你的未来丈夫Now here is an old wives tale especially those women too impatient to wait to find out who their future husband will be.现在有一个荒诞故事特别适合那些迫不及待想要知道自己未来丈夫的女人Wait until midnight on Halloween. Go stand in front of a mirror in the dark and then light a candle. While staring at your own face, take a bite out of an apple and slowly brush your hair at the same time. Concentrate hard. Slowly your face will morph into that of your future husband. Another option is to peel the apple in a single strip and and then throw the peel over your left shoulder. These peels will then spell out the initials of your future husband (a cynical man might change his name to something beginning with C or S). In some versions the woman face does not morph—instead a vision of her Prince Charming will appear behind her and stare back at her in the mirror.一直等到万圣节的午夜点在黑暗里站在镜子的面前,然后点燃一只蜡烛在你盯着自己的脸看的时候,咬一口苹果,同时慢慢地梳理自己的头发集中精力渐渐地,你的脸就会变成你未来丈夫的脸另外你还可以选择把苹果皮削成单独一条,然后把它扔在你的左肩这些苹果皮会拼出你未来丈夫名字里的首字母在一些版本中,女人的脸不会发生变化——相反,她的白马王子的影像会出现在她的身后,在镜子里盯着她看This tale dates back to ancient Celtic times and the festival of Samhain (pronounced SAH-win) on November 1, which is the traditional Celtic New Year. Samhain is almost identical to the modern-day Halloween. The Celts believed that during this celebration, time ceased to have meaning and spirits crossed over from their own world. These spirits included ghosts, fairies, and demons. People would light bonfires to protect themselves from them until Samhain was over. It was also believed that apples were magical fruit from the spirit realm—Avalon, where King Arthur is said to lie, means ;Isle of Apples.;这个故事可以追溯到古凯尔特人时期和月1日的夏末节Samhain(读作SAH-win,也是凯尔特人传统的新年)夏末节和现代的万圣节几乎如出一辙凯尔特人认为在这个庆祝活动期间,时间不再有意义,鬼神们会跨越他们自己的世界出来活动这些鬼神包括鬼混,精灵和恶魔人们会点燃篝火保护自己不被鬼神附体直到夏末节结束人们还认为苹果是来自灵界的神奇水果——阿瓦隆(凯尔特族传说中的西方乐土岛),据说亚瑟王就长眠于此它的意思是;苹果的岛屿;.Doorbells Of Death.死亡门铃If you hear a knock at your front door and you get up to answer it only to find no one there, open the door wide a couple of seconds and then close it. This will let a good spirit in. But dont open it again if there are more knocks. Not even if they continue the rest of the night. You might just be inviting an evil spirit into your home. And if there are three knocks the first time around, dont open the door at all! If there is a knock at your back door, it is the devil himself looking to come in.如果你听见有人在敲前门,你前去应门,但是发现什么人也没有,门大大地敞开着持续了几秒然后再关上这样,好的鬼神就会进来但是如果还有人来敲门的话千万不要开门,即使敲门声持续一个晚上也不行你也许会把恶鬼邀请到家中如果第一次听到三下敲门声,千万不能开门!如果后门有一下敲门声,那就是恶魔自己想要进来Superstitions surrounding door-knocking abound in many different cultures and it no surprise that after the invention of doorbells, they started to be included as well. example, in some places it is believed that if a doorbell rings continuously no reason, something dful has happened or is about to happen. Whitney Houston mother revealed in a letter that her doorbell had mysteriously started ringing the day her daughter died. She firmly believed that Whitney had come to visit her and was making her presence known by ringing the doorbell.A woman in east Tennessee claims to have had a similarly chilling experience. After moving into a new house, Emily Miller was woken by the sound of her doorbell ringing at three in the morning. She got up, disgruntled, only to find there was no one at the door. the next couple of weeks, the bell rang at least every second morning at three oclock. No logical explanation could be found, even after the installation of a motion sensor camera at the front door and calls to local police. No one was ever there. Weeks stretched into months and then years until finally Emily had had enough. She had her son rip the doorbell out of its mounting and throw it away. That night, the now-missing doorbell rang again . . .关于鬼敲门的迷信在许多不同文化中数不胜数,门铃被发明之后也开始被归于迷信一列也是情理之中,无需惊讶举个例子说吧在一些地方人们认为如果门铃无缘无故响个不停,那么一些可怕的事情已经出现或者即将到来惠特尼·休斯顿(女歌手)的母亲在一封信中透露说:在她女儿死去的那天她家的门铃就诡秘地响个不停她坚持认为是惠特尼来看她,她门铃是为了让母亲知道她来过在美国田纳西州东部的一个女人声称自己也有一段不寒而栗的经历,与其非常相似艾米丽·米勒在搬到新家之后隔天早上三点就被她家的门铃吵醒了于是她起床,一脸愤怒,却发现门前什么人也没有接下来的几周里,每天早上三点钟至少每隔一秒门铃就会响起来甚至在前门装了监控摄像机和报案给当地警察之后,也没能得出合理解释那个时候没人在那里时间匆匆流逝,转眼间已经几年过去,艾米丽终于受够了她让儿子把门铃从装备上扯去并把它扔掉那个晚上那个被丢弃的门铃还是一遍一遍响个不停……3.Risks Of Falling Asleep3.入睡风险There are many old wives tales about the supposed dangers of sleep—not surprising, given a person vulnerability in that state. Many people used to believe that having plants in one bedroom was a terrible idea. It was thought that the plants sucked up all of the oxygen in the room, ultimately killing the people asleep there. There was also a belief that the soul leaves the body during a deep sleep and so if youre woken with a start, you could immediately die. This tale is most likely where the urban legend regarding the waking of sleepwalkers originated.人们猜想人在入睡后会有危险,这种荒诞故事非常之多——这也不足为奇,因为人在睡眠状态的时候是极其脆弱的过去人们常常认为在房间里放一盆植物是一种可怕的想法,因为植物会吸光房间里所有的氧气,最终会杀死那个还在梦乡的人还有一种说法就是在深睡眠的时候灵魂会脱离身体,所以如果你突然被叫醒的话你就会马上死去关于叫醒梦游者的传闻最有可能来源于此Sleeping in direct moonlight was said to lead to madness and even blindness. Sleeping with a mirror facing you was also a big no-no. Negative energies are supposedly caught in mirrors and reflected back to the sleeping person during the night.Another creepy old wives tale says that whoever falls asleep first on their wedding night (of the bride and groom) will be the first to die.据说,在月光的直照下睡觉人会变得疯狂,甚至还会失明睡觉的时候脸面对着镜子也是绝对的禁忌据说镜子里面聚集着负面的能量,在晚上会反射到正在睡觉的人身上另一个荒诞故事是:新郎和新娘,谁在新婚之夜先睡着谁就会先死.Newborn Babies.新生的婴儿Due to the high infant mortality rates in pre-modern times, a vast number of superstitions have sprung up around the months after birth. In Russia there used to be a strong belief among new mothers that you shouldnt show off your newborn baby to strangers or take it out in public at least 0 days. This will ensure that no negative energy or evil presence latches onto your little one. Only the mother and father were allowed to see the baby during this time, not even extended family. In many Christian traditions, the period between birth and christening is a particularly risky time, because of the belief that unbaptized babies cannot go to heaven.因为近代时期婴儿死亡率极高,婴儿在出生后几个月的迷信故事就不断涌现在俄罗斯,新妈妈们过去常常会有一个强烈的信念:不该把新生的婴儿炫耀给陌生人或者至少在四十天内不能带到公共场合这样才能确保负面能量或者恶魔不依附在婴儿的身上在这期间,只有孩子的爸爸妈妈能够看自己的宝宝,甚至连其他家庭成员也不行在许多基督教的派系中,婴儿从出生到洗礼仪式期间是特别危险的一段时期,因为他们认为未经洗礼的婴儿是不能去天堂的A particularly unnerving old wives tale from the Dominican Republic warned new mothers to keep a watchful eye on their newborn so that they do not fall prey to the bruja. The bruja is a legendary witch with the ability to turn into a large bird. In order to turn into an avian creature, she has to remove her skin. Then in bird m she can suck the blood of a newborn either through its navel or big toe. At one point in history, also in the Dominican Republic, there were fears that if a mother rocked her baby boy crib when he was not inside it, it would cause the child to become insane. If, on the other hand, they leave a baseball glove hanging above the crib, the boy might grow up to be a talented baseball player. In some parts of the world it is feared that if a pregnant woman gets a fright during her pregnancy and touches her face, her baby will be born with a reddish-purple birthmark on the same place the woman hands rested.多米尼加共和国有一个特别让人紧张不安的荒诞故事人们警告新妈妈们要小心看护自己的宝宝,这样才能避免成为;bruja;女巫的猎物;bruja;女巫是传说中能够把自己变成一只大鸟的女巫为了变成鸟类她不得不脱掉自己的皮肤变成鸟之后她就能通过肚脐或者大脚趾吸食新生儿的血液多米尼加共和国历史上一度流行着一种恐惧如果在婴儿的灵魂出窍的时候妈妈摇了他的婴儿床,那么宝宝就会变成疯子另一方面,如果在婴儿床上放一双棒球手套,那么宝宝长大之后就是一个非常有天赋的棒球选手在世界的一些地方,人们心里有一种恐惧:如果一个妇在她怀期间受到惊吓摸了她的脸,那么她的孩子在出生时在她手曾经放过的地方会有一块红紫色胎记1.Whistling At Night1.在晚上吹口哨The sound of whistling seems to be upsetting many people around the world and also the focus of many old wives tales.口哨的声音对于世界上很多人来说是非常恼人的,同时它也是许多荒诞故事的焦点Not only is a constant whistling at night very annoying to those who have to listen to it, but it is seen as an invitation ghosts and even snakes to enter your home. It seems that this Japanese old wives tale developed from the time when child trafficking was very prevalent there. According to legend, whistling after dark was a signal to the sellers that children were y to be taken. It is thought that by creating a tale around it, children would be afraid of making a noise at night, in theory protecting them from these criminals—although it was probably just to keep them quiet so their parents could sleep.在晚上持续的口哨声对听到的人来说不但非常恼人,而且还会把鬼甚至蛇类邀请到家中这个日本的传言似乎是在拐卖儿童非常盛行的时候形成的据说,在晚上吹口哨就是通知卖家带走小孩的信号人们认为通过编造这个故事,孩子们就会害怕在晚上发出声音,理论上来讲是保护他们远离罪犯——尽管这可能只是为了让孩子们安静,这样父母就可以睡觉In Korea, the belief that whistling at night would summon snakes or ghosts also existed, and so people would play the traditional Korean pipe flute instead. In Turkey, people were warned against whistling as it was thought to be a summons the devil himself. And whistling at night in Hawaii is not a good idea either, because you might just anger one of the much-feared night marchers in the area.在韩国,在晚上吹口哨会召唤出蛇类或者鬼魂的流言一直存在,所以人们会演奏传统的韩国笛子,以此取代口哨在土耳其,人们被告诫不要吹口哨因为口哨会召唤出恶魔此外,在晚上吹口哨在夏威夷也不是一个好主意,因为你可能会惹怒该地区更为吓人的夜巡者翻译:高陈影 来源:前十网 3935This year Hong Kong Film Award has announced its nominees, and love story ;Soul Mate; has become a runaway favorite, topping the list with nominations.本年度香港电影金像奖于日前公布了入围名单,爱情片《七月与安生凭借项提名领跑榜单Recognitions the film by Hong Kong director Derek Tseng include Best Picture, Best Director and two Best Actress nominations its female leads Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun.由香港导演曾国祥执导的《七月与安生获得了包括最佳摄影、最佳导演、最佳女主角等奖项的提名,两位女主角分别由周冬雨与马思纯饰演The film, adapted from a novel of the same title, tells the story of two best friends falling in love with the same man.该片改编自同名小说,讲述了两个好闺蜜爱上了同一个男生的故事It was well received upon its release last September by audiences and critics alike, having aly received last year prestigious Golden Horse Awards in Taiwan and this year Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards.自去年9月上映以来,这部影片就广受观众和影评家的好评,在去年台湾金马奖和香港电影协会大奖上都有所斩获Other films nominated Best Film include police action drama ;Cold War II,; ;The Mermaid,; ;Trivisa; and ;Weeds on Fire.;获得最佳影片提名的还有警匪动作片《寒战、《美人鱼、《树大招风、《点五步Mainland actress Tang Wei has also been nominated best female lead her permance in ;Book of Love.;内地女演员汤唯也凭借在《北京遇上西雅图之不二情书中的表演入围最佳女主角的提名This year Hong Kong Film Awards will be announced on April th.今年的香港电影金像奖颁奖礼将于月日进行 936

His belt buckle is nearly as big as his face and his trusty steed is a stumpy-legged miniature pony, but the rodeo kid is causing a big stir in the gritty world of barrel racing. Little Royce Gill, from Upper Horton in western New South Wales, Australia should be kicking up tantrums as he goes through the terrible twos but instead he is kicking up the dust on his six-year-old pony Maybelline.据英国《每日邮报近日报道,澳大利亚新南威尔士州年仅岁大的小男孩Royce Gill在家人的熏陶下,从小骨子里就很喜欢骑马参加比赛父亲给他配备了一匹6岁大的小型马“美宝莲”It is perhaps no surprise the young cowboy has taken to the sport, which involves racing around barrels at high-speed and requires precise levels of horsemanship, as he is the seventh-generation rodeo rider in his family. Standing in front of his beloved animal Royce, who bears an uncanny resemblance to the character Woody from the film Toy Story, is competed in his first competition against under 18s last week at the Beaudesert Rodeo and although he failed to win a place he has plenty of time to catch up with his much older compatriots.大约两周前,Royce带领”美宝莲“参加了德瑟特牛仔竞技赛在18岁以下年龄组中,他与对手同场竞技尽管没能取得名次,人们还是把“世界最年轻牛仔”称号送给了他 185000

Oasis China concerts are shelved Oasis' debut concerts in China have been cancelled after the authorities revoked the band's licences to play, deeming them "unsuitable". Shows in Beijing and Shanghai due to take place next month have been pulled, and fans are to be reimbursed. Concert promoters said the Chinese culture ministry recently found out that Noel Gallagher played at a Free Tibet benefit in the US in 1997. The rest of the band's South-East Asian tour will go ahead as planned. Profane language In a statement issued through their publicists, Oasis said they were "extremely disappointed" about the news, and hoped the Chinese authorities would "reconsider their decision". Organisers said that the immigration and licensing processes the concerts had been completed bee tickets went on sale. The band are currently touring the world to promote their current release Dig Out Your Soul. Other acts have encountered difficulties in playing China, which is celebrating the 60th anniversary since the foundation of the People's Republic this year. Rapper Jay-Z was denied permission to perm in due to his use of profane language. And Britney Spears was permitted to play the country in on the understanding that her costumes were not too revealing. Last year, Icelandic star Bjork shouted "Free Tibet!" after a song about independence permed during a Shanghai concert. 63686

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