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One little girl was clutching her favourite toy while her younger sister was sucking her thumb – and both looked utterly lost and forlorn.一名小女孩抓着她最心爱的玩具,她的在一旁舔着拇指,俩看起来孤零零的,似乎迷路了。In a bygone era, a concerned adult might have stopped to ask them where their mother was. But in a damning indictment of modern Britain, hundreds of busy people simply walked on by.以前,路过的大人也许会停下来问问她们的妈妈去哪儿了。但是在英国,行人们谁也没有停下的意思,这是对英国社会的控诉。The girls stood for an hour on a Saturday morning in a busy shopping arcade looking for #39;help#39;, as part of a social experiment for television.周六早晨,女孩们在繁华的商业街站了整整一个小时,寻求路人的帮助。其实这是英国某电视台进行的一次社会实验。Astonishingly, over the whole hour only one person, a grandmother, took a moment to find out if there was a problem. All of the 616 other passers-by completely ignored the girls.令人震惊的是,一个小时里,只有一位老奶奶看出了不对劲。616名路过的人直接忽略了女孩们。Heartbreakingly for the mother of the sisters – who was watching from a hiding place nearby – passing couples even split apart to walk around either side of the #39;lost#39; girls and people wheeling suitcases took evasive action to avoid Maya and Uma, not thinking to check if they needed help.女孩们的妈妈在不远处注视着这一幕,心中酸涩。两个女孩一个叫玛雅,一个叫乌玛。并肩行走的两个人遇到她们时会直接绕开。拖着拉杆箱的路人对她们避之不及。没有人关心女孩们是不是需要帮助。Yesterday the NSPCC said the results of the experiment were shocking and called on members of the public to step in if they saw a youngster looking lost.昨天英国反虐待儿童协会表示实验结果令人唏嘘。他们呼吁大众积极帮助走失的儿童。Maya and Uma agreed to help and were brought along by their mother Reshma Rumsey, who watched from behind a nearby pillar with a presenter. Uma went first, standing alone in the middle of the concourse, holding her pink doll and putting on a good act of being scared and vulnerable.实验经过了两个小女孩的同意,她们的母亲一路陪伴着她们,在附近的拱柱旁静静观察。乌玛先出现在路边,一个人站在聚集的人群中间,抱着她的粉色娃娃,脸上是害怕受伤的表情。Under the gaze of the hidden cameras 25 yards away, dozens of shoppers and travellers bustled past. A mother with a pram manoeuvred around her, then a group of women pulling suitcases turned a blind eye.25个隐藏的摄像头记录下的是匆匆避过的顾客和游客。一位推着婴儿车的母亲绕过了乌玛,接着是一群冷眼旁观的女性拖着箱子离开了。After 20 minutes, not a single person had stopped to ask the seven-year-old if she was all right, even though some of them had plainly seen her.20分钟过去了,尽管一些路人确实看到了乌玛,当中没有一个停下来询问7岁的乌玛的情况。Next, it was her five-year-old sister#39;s turn. Maya stood sucking her thumb, and then tried kneeling down, gazing up forlornly at passing shoppers, but she too seemed to be invisible.接着,是5岁的玛雅。她吸着手指,甚至试图跪下来,眼睛盯着经过的路人。但是她就像是透明的。Eventually, a pensioner gave her a concerned look. At first, Pearl Pitcher, of Kent, who is in her seventies, carried on walking, but she soon turned around and came back to ask Maya if she was waiting for somebody.终于,一位老人给她投去了关心的目光。这位老人70来岁,一开始,她也直接走了过去,但很快就转身去询问玛雅是否在等人。Mrs Pitcher said later: #39;She had stood too long by herself and no parent or friend came up to see her. I was very hesitant to come and ask her, and I walked past but I thought I must come back – just in case.”老人后来透露:“她一个人站了很久,没有父母或朋友过去照顾她。一开始我有些犹豫,所以走了过去,但是我觉得自己必须回头帮助她,万一她走失了呢。”#39;I think the older generation would stop, but very cautiously, a bit like I was. I don#39;t know about the younger generation. A lot of people walked by and didn#39;t take any notice at all.#39;“我认为老一辈的人会停下来的,但是会很小心,就像我一样。我不了解年轻人,他们路过之后就直接走了,一点也不关心。”Mrs Rumsey said she was gobsmacked by seeing her daughters ignored by more than 600 members of the public.女孩的母亲说,看到女儿被600多个行人忽视的时候,震惊极了。Experts said the reluctance of the passers-by was partly explained by people being busy, and partly a fear – especially among men – of any help they offer a child being misinterpreted.专家们表示行人不愿意停下的原因可能是因为太过繁忙。也可能是出于担忧,尤其是男性,给孩子们提供帮助可能会引起误会。But the NSPCC said a child#39;s welfare was more important than worrying about being labelled a #39;stranger danger#39;.但是英国反虐待儿童协会称孩子们的健康比被误解为“不怀好意的陌生人”要重要的多。 /201403/282078On a wooden stake planted in Africa’s equatorial forest, a small hand-painted sign s: “Here will be erected the water intake of the Inga 6 power plant.”在非洲赤道地区的森林里,有一个木桩上一个手写的小牌子写着:“因加(Inga)6号电站入水口。”The hopeful claim refers to the latest plan to realise one of Africa’s largest and longest stalled white elephants: Grand Inga, the world’s biggest hydropower dam, not far from where the river Congo meets the sea.这句充满希望的标语指的是完成大因加(Grand Inga)水电站项目的最新计划,这是非洲规模最大、拖延时间最长的大型项目之一,也将成为全世界最大的水电站,距离刚果河入海口不远。Located in the far western extreme of the Democratic Republic of Congo, several dams and hydropower plants would deliver 42,000 megawatts, nearly twice the size of the world’s largest power station, the Three Gorges Dam in China. If built, it would double the electricity production capacity of Africa and resolve what Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank, calls Africa’s “energy apartheid”.大因加项目的地址位于刚果民主共和国的最西端,由多座大坝和水电站构成,装机容量将达4.2万兆瓦,接近目前世界第一大水电站中国三峡(Three Gorges Dam)的两倍。如果建成,它将让非洲的发电能力翻一番,解决世界(WB)行长金墉(Jim Yong Kim)所说的非洲“能源隔离”(energy apartheid)问题。Grand Inga has for decades been the stuff of dreams. Now, say its World Bank backers, it is the stuff of cogent plans. One sign of Grand Inga’s growing momentum is that it has prompted an unprecedented offer from China to work alongside the US to finance big infrastructure projects in Africa.数十年来,大因加水坝项目一直是个可望不可及的梦想。如今,世界持这一项目建设的人说,这已经成为一项切实可行的计划。一个积极迹象是,中国史无前例地提出,愿与美国一道,为非洲大型基建项目提供资金。“Energy is the development of a country,” says Richard Kapia Boshinga, director of Snel, the state power company, standing on a narrow bridge at the Inga rapids. “It’s got to work.”站在因加河湍急的水流上方一座狭窄的小桥上,刚果国家电力公司(Snel)负责人理查德#8226;卡皮亚#8226;欣加(Richard Kapia Boshinga)说:“能源关乎一个国家的发展。必须成功。”Still, the project faces obstacles as great as its dimensions. Even if Washington and Beijing opt to collaborate, it remains hostage to shaky financing. It is also beset by opposition from environmental groups, poor management and the uncertainties of working in one of the world’s least developed and most corrupt countries.不过,这个项目面临的困难跟其规模一样大。即便华盛顿和北京方面选择合作,项目的资金情况仍不确定。此外还有环保团体的反对、管理水平低下、以及在一个极不发达且极为腐败的国家开展项目所带来的不确定性等诸多困难。“We think the whole project will cost more than bn, but who will invest money like that in Congo?” says Albert Mbafumoya, a senior adviser in the prime minister’s office.刚果总理办公室高级顾问艾伯特#8226;姆巴福雅(Albert Mbafumoya)说:“我们预计整个项目将耗资逾500亿美元,但谁会在刚果投那么多钱?”Two dams – Inga 1 and Inga 2 – aly exist but are in a sorry state. Conceived by Belgian colonialists and built more than 30 years ago under dictator Mobutu Sese Seko, five of their 14 turbines no longer turn, producing only 1,000MW for a country the size of western Europe.因加1号和2号两座水坝已建成,但状况不佳。这两座水坝由比利时殖民主义者设计,30多年前在独裁者蒙托#8226;塞塞#8226;塞科(Mobutu Sese Seko)主政下建成,如今14部涡轮机有5部已经坏掉了,发电量仅为1000兆瓦,而刚果的面积与西欧相当。The lack of power is hurting miners in the Katanga region of southern Congo, where some facilities are losing the equivalent of a month of annual production from blackouts.电力不足对刚果南部加丹加省的矿业企业造成很大影响,由于经常停电,一些矿厂一年下来相当于停工一个月。Many previous efforts to develop the site, where the river’s broad brown waters narrow to little more than 100 metres after gushing down over 15km of rapids, have all stalled. But Congo has this time adopted a plan that some financiers believe might work: a seven-phase effort to build Grand Inga in increments.人们曾多次试图开发因加河段的水力资源——15公里的湍急河段、宽阔的褐色河面,在这里陡然缩窄下落,落差达100多米。这一次,刚果采取了一种一些出资方相信可能成功的方案:分7个阶段,渐进式建设大因加水坝。The incremental approach might lessen the objections of environmentalists, who warn of loss of species and agricultural land to coastal erosion and releases of methane gas. The smaller pieces would also be less daunting to finance, starting with Inga 3, which would#8201;cost#8201;bn#8201;and#8201;deliver#8201;4,800MW.渐进式方法或许会减轻环保主义者的反对,他们警告称,水坝的建设会导致物种灭绝、河岸退后侵蚀农地、甲烷释放。分阶段建设可能也会减轻融资压力,首先需要融资的因加3号水电站预计将耗资120亿美元,装机容量达4800兆瓦。The government in Kinshasa hopes the World Bank and the regional African Development Bank among others will commit a quarter of the funds. That still leaves nearly bn to come from other sources, including the US, China and the private sector.刚果政府希望,世行和非洲开发(African Development Bank)等能承担四分之一的资金。即便如此,还有近90亿美元的资金缺口,需要从美国、中国和私营领域等来源取得。Jan Walliser, an official at the World Bank, says the third phase of Inga looks feasible. But he cautions: “Private investors will not step in until enough electricity can be sold to creditworthy customers – which is why exports to South Africa and sales to the mining sector have to be looked at to make it a viable investment.”世行官员扬#8226;瓦利泽尔(Jan Walliser)表示,因加3号水电站工程看上去可行。但他谨慎地指出:“在能够将足够多的电卖给有信誉的客户之前,私人投资者不会入场。所以必须观察水电站向南非和矿商销售电力的情况,以判断投资是否可行。”South Africa last year agreed to purchase 2,500MW from Inga 3 as well as a chunk of subsequent stages. Kinshasa also hopes the domestic mining sector will take 1,300MW and the rest of Congo another 1,000MW. But Congo has a poor record in paying its electricity bills, making it difficult to raise money for a project that cannot guarantee payback.南非去年同意从因加3号水电站购买2500兆瓦的电,并同意从后续几个阶段建设的水电站购买相当大一部分电力。此外,刚果政府希望国内采矿业将吸收1300兆瓦,其余行业再吸收1000兆瓦。但在刚果,电费账单经常被赖掉,这种情况使得人们很难为一个无法确保回报的项目融资。After years of delay, mining companies are applying plasters to the existing infrastructure rather than waiting for Inga 3.在多年的拖延之后,采矿企业正在对现有的基础设施修修补补,而不是等待因加3号水电站建成。Glencore, the miner-cum-trader that has several big projects in Katanga and its partners are lending 8m out of its own pocket to rehabilitate the turbines of Inga 2 as a way to increase electricity production.矿商兼贸易商嘉能可(Glencore)在加丹加省有多个大型项目,它的合作伙伴们将自掏腰包提供3.68亿美元贷款,修复因加2号水电站停转的涡轮机,以增加发电量。Freeport-McMoRan, which has a bn copper and cobalt mine in Katanga, is lending Snel 0m to build a smaller local power plant. “Future expansion will be dependent on our ability to get incremental power, and reliable power,” says Bill Harris, the mine’s president.自由港麦克莫兰公司(Freeport-McMoRan)在加丹加省有一座价值30亿美元的铜钴矿,它即将向刚果国家电力公司提供2.2亿美元贷款,以建设一座小型的地方电厂。该矿总裁比尔#8226;哈里斯(Bill Harris)说:“未来的扩张将取决于我们能否获得更多稳定的电力供应。”Mo#239;se Katumbi, the governor of Katanga, agrees. He estimates miners could be digging 1.5m tonnes of copper a year right now, up from the current 990,000 tonnes, were it not for the power shortages. “The problem for Inga,” he says, “is that the project took so long.”加丹加省省长莫伊兹#8226;卡通比(Mo#239;se Katumbi)表示认同。据他估算,要不是受到电力短缺的影响,铜的年产量可能不止现在的99万吨,而可能达到150万吨。“因加的问题在于,”他说,“这个项目花了这么长时间。” /201409/331782Incorrect and missing records and an apparent lack of co-ordination among firefighters are complicating the clean-up after the massive explosions of hazardous chemicals warehouses that destroyed an industrial section of the Chinese port city of Tianjin.一次危险化学品仓库发生的大规模爆炸,毁灭了中国港口城市天津的一片工业区。之后,记录的错误和遗漏,以及消防队员显露出来的缺乏协调,令事故现场的清理工作复杂化。The official death toll rose to 55 on Friday, with hundreds injured. Residents donated blood at hospitals as well as food and clothing to thousands of displaced people taking shelter overnight in schools. Many had fled in their nightclothes.周五,官方公布的死亡人数上升至55人,还有数百人受伤。居民们一方面在医院献血,一方面向在学校连夜避难的、成千上万无家可归的人们捐献食品和衣物。许多人逃出来时,身上只穿着睡衣。Hazardous chemicals teams removed sodium cyanide, a toxin, from sewers leading from the bonded warehouse zone that was at the centre of the Wednesday evening blast, Chinese media reported. On Thursday afternoon, authorities shut some of the drains leading into the nearby Bohai Bay.据中国媒体报道,危险化学品处置团队从多条下水道里,移除了有毒的氰化钠,这些下水道源自周三晚间爆炸核心地带的保税仓库区。周四下午,当局关闭了部分通向附近渤海海湾的排水管道。Authorities do not know what was stored in the warehouses operated by Ruihai International Logistics, the city’s second-largest licensed handler of hazardous cargos.目前,当局并不知道这些由瑞海国际物流(Ruihai International Logistics)运营的仓库里储存着什么。瑞海国际物流是天津市持有许可的第二大危险品处理企业。“There are large discrepancies between custom papers and inquiries conducted with the company,” Zhou Tian, head of the Tianjin city fire brigade, said on Friday. His comments were echoed by Gao Huaiyou, vice-director of the safety watchdog, who said: “The information the management of the company provided is not consistent with our investigation.”周五,天津市消防总队总队长周天表示:“海关报单数据和对该公司调查的结果存在很大不同。”周天的说法得到了天津安监局副局长高怀友的印。高怀友说:“该公司管理人员提供的信息与我们的调查结果并不一致。”Some of the chemicals known to have been stored in Ruihai warehouses explode on contact with water. The blasts and subsequent fireball and shockwave that devastated the area occurred more than half an hour after firefighters arrived to fight a fire at the Ruihai warehouses, raising questions over whether the firefighters were trained in combating chemical fires.在瑞海仓库已知存储的化学品中,部分化学品与水接触会发生爆炸。爆炸及随后的巨大火球和冲击波毁灭了整个地段。此次爆炸发生在消防人员抵达瑞海仓库并开始灭火半小时后,这引发了这些消防人员是否曾受过扑灭化学品大火培训的质疑。Firefighters from the Tianjin Port police initially responded to the fire. Then, following calls about burning cars, the first brigade of city firefighters “investigated and assessed the conflagration according to regulations”, Mr Zhou said on Friday morning.周五早上,周天表示,最初回应火灾的是天津市港区公安局消防队。接着,在收到多个关于汽车着火的电话后,天津市到场的第一个消防队“按照规定进行火灾侦查和判断”。The second brigade of city firefighters had just arrived on the scene when a double explosion sent a mushroom cloud over the city, Mr Zhou said. “I am not clear on the details of their firefighting methods,” he added.周天表示,在天津市第二消防队刚刚抵达现场时,现场就发生了爆炸,接连两次爆炸在市区上空产生了蘑菇云。他补充说:“之前是天津市港区公安局在进行处置,具体处置方法不清楚。”Several of those firefighters are among the dead and severely burnt. So are onlookers that had gathered to watch the fire, residents told the Financial Times.此次事故的死者和严重烧伤人员,就包括了上述消防人员中的几人。当地居民告诉英国《金融时报》,那些聚集现场查看火情的围观者中,也有人因此丧生或严重烧伤。Mr Zhou said rescuers were still searching for missing firefighters. “They were caught off-guard so the casualties are grave,” he said.周天表示,救援人员仍在搜寻失踪的消防人员。他说:“他们是在毫无防备的情况下遭遇爆炸的,这导致伤亡情况十分严重。”Photos shared online of charred bodies and the large population of migrant construction workers building high-end property developments next to the chemicals warehouses makes it likely that some of the dead will never be identified.网上分享的烧焦尸体的照片,以及在化学仓库旁修建高端楼盘的外来建筑工人的巨大人口,导致部分死者可能永远无法确认身份。The rapid expansion of the chemicals industry in Tianjin created an opening for companies licensed to handle hazardous goods. Ruihui Logistics has come under scrutiny but its website is down, as is the corporate registry database for the city of Tianjin. Executives who answered phone calls at warehousing businesses registered as “Ruihui Logistics” in two other cities said their companies were unrelated.天津化工产业的急剧扩张,为获批处理危险品的企业提供了机遇。爆炸发生以来,瑞海物流受到了人们的严格审视。不过,该公司网站已经关闭,同样关闭的还有天津市的企业注册数据库。而在其他两个城市,注册名为“瑞海物流”的仓储企业应答电话的主管表示,他们的企业与发生事故的瑞海物流并无关系。Authorities said on Thursday they had detained senior executives at Ruihai Logistics.周四,当局表示瑞海物流的高管已被控制。 /201508/392892

Hopes of finding any more survivors in modern China’s worst aquatic tragedy were fading rapidly on Wednesday as rescue workers prepared to cut open the hull of a stricken cruise ship.现代中国最糟糕的水上悲剧发生后,找到更多幸存者的希望周三变得越来越渺茫。救援人员准备切割开一艘翻沉客船的船体。The Dongfangzhixing, or Eastern Star, capsized on Monday night on a section of the Yangtze river. The cruise ship was carrying 458 passengers and crew, most of them elderly tourists from eastern China, towards the scenic Three Gorges area.“东方之星”轮周一晚在长江湖北监利段翻沉。当时该船正开往三峡景区。船上载有456名乘客和船员,多数乘客是来自华东地区的老年游客。As of Wednesday afternoon there were only 26 confirmed dead and 14 survivors. Most of them managed to escape as the ship turned over, with only two found alive in air pockets some 15 hours after the tragedy and pulled to safety.中国媒体报道,根据最新统计,共搜到43人,其中14人生还,29人遇难。生还者当中,多数是在该船翻沉的过程中设法逃离的,只有两人是在悲剧发生差不多15小时后在气穴中被找到并被救出的。“It’s a race against time,” said Yang Chuantang, China’s transport minister. “As long as there’s even a little hope, we will not give up.”中国交通部长杨传堂表示,这是一场与时间的赛跑:“只要有一点希望,我们就不会放弃。”The Eastern Star was one of six Yangtze river cruise ships cited for unspecified safety violations two years ago, according to an August 2013 document posted on the Jiangsu Maritime Bureau’s website. Bureau officials were not immediately available for comment.根据江苏海事局网站贴出的一份2013年8月的文件,“东方之星”轮是两年前被指违反安全规定的六艘长江旅游客船之一。记者一时联系不上该局官员请其置评。But local media also noted that the Eastern Star was subject to frequent safety checks, the most recent on April 10. Official accounts have suggested that the ship was the victim of a freak tornado and China’s domestic cruise industry has a good safety record.但是当地媒体也指出,“东方之星”轮受到频繁的安全检查,最近一次是在4月10日。官方说法似乎表明,该船是一股反常龙卷风的受害者,中国的内河客船航运业有着良好的安全记录。State media reported that three bodies had been found 50km away from the wreck, in Jianli county, Hubei province, while one tour guide survived after he grabbed a life jacket and floated 90km downstream.据官方媒体报道,三具遗体在湖北省监利县被找到,距离沉船地点有50公里,而一名导游在紧急关头抓到一件救生衣后,向下游漂流了90公里,最后被救起。The Eastern Star was travelling from Nanjing to Chongqing — a route that would have taken it through the locks of the Three Gorges Dam, the world’s largest. Officials reduced the amount of water flowing through the dam in an effort to help the search effort, which is being hampered by bad weather.事发时,“东方之星”轮正从南京开往重庆,途中将通过全球最大水坝——三峡大坝——的船闸。为了协助搜救作业,官员们调低了三峡大坝的下泄流量,但搜救工作仍受到恶劣天气的影响。The Eastern Star’s captain and chief engineer, who both survived the tragedy, reportedly told police that their vessel had been hit by a sudden tornado. The China Meteorological Center confirmed that a tornado with winds of more than 90kph had been recorded in the area at the time.“东方之星”轮的船长和轮机长均已获救,据报道他们告诉调查人员,该船遭遇一股突如其来的龙卷风。中国气象局(China Meteorological Administration)确认,事发地点当时记录到了风力12级以上的龙卷风。If the apparently high death toll is confirmed, it will exceed the more than 300 people, mostly high-school students, who perished in last year’s Sewol ferry disaster in South Korea.如果显然很高的死亡人数得到实,此次事故的严重性将超过去年发生的韩国“世越号”(Sewol)客轮海难,那次事故导致300多人死亡,其中大多是高中生。Chinese officials have aly pronounced the Eastern Star their country’s worst aquatic tragedy in more than 60 years.中国官员已宣布,“东方之星”轮是中国60多年来最严重的水上悲剧。Thousands of police and People’s Liberation Army soldiers have descended on the area, setting up cordons near the site of the accident and at a hospital where the few survivors were taken.数千名警察和解放军官兵已抵达事发地点,在沉船现场附近以及收治了少数生还者的一家医院拉起警戒线。State media released pictures of Premier Li Keqiang visiting the survivors. He headed to Hubei to direct rescue efforts shortly after the news broke overnight, in a sign of the government’s concern about the tragedy.官方媒体发布了中国总理李克强看望生还者的照片。他在沉船消息于周一晚间传出后不久便亲赴湖北指挥搜救工作,这个迹象表明政府对这场悲剧感到关切。Public grief can quickly turn to anger if people believe government officials and tightly controlled state media are withholding information or covering up administrative negligence. On Tuesday relatives of the victims were involved in chaotic scenes at a Shanghai government office near where their loved ones had booked the journey.如果人们相信政府官员和受到严格控制的官方媒体知情不报或隐瞒管理上的疏忽,公众的悲痛可能很快会转化为愤怒。在上海,乘客家属周二在亲人预订旅程的旅行社不远处围住一个政府部门,当时出现了一些混乱场面。As hopes fade for those still unaccounted for, Chinese officials will have the delicate task of making arrangements for distraught relatives to visit the remote area.随着下落不明的乘客生还希望越来越渺茫,中国官员将面对安排悲痛欲绝的亲属到偏僻的事发地悼念遇难者的微妙任务。 /201506/378935

President Fran#231;ois Hollande’s controversial 75 per cent marginal tax rate on high earners has finally been given the green light by France’s constitutional council, clearing the way for its imposition on salaries above 1m paid in 2013 and 2014.法国总统弗朗索瓦#8226;奥朗德(Fran#231;ois Hollande)对高收入者征收75%边际税率的争议性提案终于获得法国宪法委员会的批准,这为法国在2013年和2014年向年薪超过100万欧元的雇员征税扫清了道路。The council struck down the tax a year ago in a blow to Mr Hollande, who had made it a key proposal in his successful 2012 election campaign against former president Nicolas Sarkozy.一年前,法国宪法委员会否决了上述税收提案,对奥朗德造成了打击。在2012年成功击败前总统尼古拉#8226;萨科齐(Nicolas Sarkozy)的大选中,奥朗德将该提案作为一项关键的政策主张提出。Despite strong protests from business leaders and others that the levy symbolised an excessively high tax regime that was driving many people into exile, Mr Hollande’s socialist government reformulated the tax to make it payable by companies or organisations paying salaries above 1m.尽管商界领导人和其他人士表示强烈抗议,称它象征着税制过高,正促使许多人逃离法国,但奥朗德领导的社会党政府对提案做了修改,提出由企业或组织负责缴纳这项税收。This got around the constitutional council’s objection that it was unconstitutional to levy it on individuals rather than on households, as is the norm for French income tax. The government balked at imposing it on households as that would have greatly widened the number of people hit by the tax.这绕过了宪法委员会反对该提案的理由,即向个人而非家庭征收所得税是违宪的。法国以家庭为单位征收所得税。法国政府不愿对家庭开征这个税项,因为它将极大地扩大该税收影响的人群。In a ruling published yesterday, the council said the reformulated tax “conforms with the constitution”. In its revamped form, employers will have to pay 50 per cent income tax on the portion of salaries they pay above 1m – other taxes and social charges will bring the effective rate up to 75 per cent. The tax, capped at 5 per cent of a company’s revenues, will apply for incomes paid this year and in 2014, before lapsing in 2015.法国宪法委员会在昨日发布的裁决中表示,修订过的提案“符合宪法规定”。按照修订后的提案规定,雇主将为职员100万欧元以上部分的薪资缴纳50%所得税,再加上其他税收和各项社会费用,实际税率将达到75%。该税收最高占到企业收入的5%,将对企业在2013年和2014年付的薪水征税,在2015年废止。In practice, the tax amounts mainly to a political gesture intended to emphasise the extra contribution being made by the rich to help overcome the post-2008 financial crisis.在实际运作中,该税收主要作为一种政治姿态,旨在强调富人应为帮助克2008年后金融危机做出特别贡献。It will raise only a few hundred million euros, including a significant proportion from football clubs paying high wages to their star players. Mr Hollande has said it was also intended to encourage companies to curb excessive executive pay. But it became a symbol for critics of the heavy increase in taxes imposed by Mr Hollande that has seen the overall tax burden rise to more than 46 per cent of gross domestic product, one of the highest levels among advanced economies.该税收只会为法国政府带来数亿欧元的收入,其中一大部分来自向明星球员付高薪的足球俱乐部。奥朗德表示,该法案也旨在鼓励企业减少向高管付过高薪水。但批评人士指出,这项税收象征着奥朗德的大幅增税措施,目前法国总体税收负担已上升至国内生产总值(GDP)的46%以上,从而使得法国成为发达经济体税收水平最高的国家之一。 /201312/270844

Around 30 percent of China#39;s Ming-era Great Wall has disappeared over time as adverse natural conditions and reckless human activities -- including stealing the bricks to build houses -- erode the UNESCO World Heritage site, state media reported。据官媒报道,中国的明长城大约有30%随着时间的推移已经消失,这是由于不利的自然条件和不计后果的人类活动(包括偷长城上的砖盖房子)侵蚀了这座由联合国教科文组织认定的世界文化遗产。In places it is so dilapidated that estimates of its total length vary from 5,600 to 13,000 miles, depending on whether missing sections are included. Despite its length it is not, as is sometimes claimed, visible from space。长城有些地方破旧不堪,所以对它长度的估算从5600英里到13000英里不等,这取决于是否把消失的部分涵盖在内。尽管长城很长,但不像有时人们说的那样从太空里能看见它。Of that, 1,200 miles has melted away over the centuries, the Beijing Times reported。《京华时报》报道称:“几个世纪以来,其中有1200英里已经消失了。”Some of the construction weathered away, while plants growing in the walls have accelerated the decay, said the report Sunday, citing a survey last year by the Great Wall of China Society。周日的报道引用了中国长城学会去年的调查,说一部分长城风化掉了,还有的城墙里植物疯长加速了损毁。;Even though some of the walls are built of bricks and stones, they cannot withstand the perennial exposure to wind and rain,; the paper ed Dong Yaohui, a vice president of the society, as saying。《京华时报》引用学会的副会长董耀会的话说:“即使部分城墙用砖石砌成,也禁不住常年风吹雨淋。”Tourism and local residents#39; activities are also damaging the longest human construction in the world, the paper added。报纸补充说:“旅游业和当地居民的活动也正在破坏这个世界上人类最长建筑。”Poor villagers in Lulong county in the northern province of Hebei used to knock thick grey bricks from a section of wall in their village to build homes, and slabs engraved with Chinese characters were sold for 30 yuan (.80) each by local residents, it said。据报道,位于华北的河北省的卢龙县里村民很穷,过去经常敲下村里部分城墙上青灰色的厚砖拿去盖房,而且刻有汉字的砖被当地居民卖到30元(4.80美元)一块。Under Chinese regulations people who take bricks from the Great Wall can be fined up to 5,000 yuan, the Global Times said on Monday。《环球时报》周一称:“中国条例规定从长城上偷砖会被处以高达5000元的罚款。”;But there is no specific organisation to enforce the rules. Damage could only be reported to higher authorities and it is hard to solve when it happened on the border of two provinces,; said Jia Hailin, a cultural relics protection official in Hebei, according to the report。报道称,河北文化遗产保护官员贾海林说:“但是没有专门的部门来执行这一规定,破坏行为只能报告上级机关,如果发生在两省交界处就很难处理了。”It added that explorations of undeveloped parts of the Great Wall -- an increasingly popular leisure activity in recent years -- had brought those sections more tourists than they could bear, damaging them severely。报道还提到,近些年探索未开发部分的长城作为休闲活动逐渐兴起,带来的游客数量超出了这些野长城的负荷,对长城损毁严重。 /201507/384803

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