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Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:I live with my boyfriend, Mike, in a very small apartment. Last month, his mother and 14-year-old sister moved in. They had nowhere else to go.我和我的男友迈克住在一个非常小的公寓里。上个月,他的母亲和他14岁的搬了进去。她们无处可去。His mom has no money and nothing to contribute except for some food stamps, which keep the pantries slightly stocked. When we buy food, we have to buy enough for four.迈克的妈妈除了一些食品券之外一无所有。这些食品券把食品室都塞满了。如今,我们买饭要买四个人的。We have no idea when she will be able to move out. Our electric bill has doubled and we are paying a lot more for water. Mike and I are having trouble making ends meet, and I dont sense much effort on his mothers part to find work. She is only looking for a specific type of job.我们不知道她什么时候搬走。我们的电费增加了一倍,水费也涨了很多。我和迈克入不敷出了。我感到他的母亲并没有努力寻找工作。她只是在寻找她想要的工作。This is taking a toll on our relationship. How do we tell her to just take any job she can get and move out? - Squished这令我们的关系紧张起来。你能告诉我们,怎样让她对工作不再挑拣然后搬出我们的公寓吗?;;;一个为生活所迫的人;Dear Squished:You cant tell her anything. Mike has to do it. Mike needs to give Mom a deadline for getting a job (perhaps three months), making it clear that if she cannot find one in her particular field by then, she must take whatever allows her to pay rent. She should not be freeloading. However, Mike may be unwilling to stick with such an ultimatum, so consider moving out until this resolves itself.亲爱的;为生活所迫的人;:你不能对她说些什么,但迈克可以跟她说。迈克需要给他妈妈制定一个期限(比如3个月),在这期间她必须找到工作。和她说清楚,如果她最后无法找到她想要的工作,她就必须接受任何可撑她房租的的工作。她不应依赖别人。但是,迈克可能不愿意对他的妈妈发出最后通牒,所以让她搬出去这事还是顺其自然吧。201203/173236

You notice your tears most after a good cry or while slicing an onion, but actually your eyes are constantly moistened by a thin film of tears.切洋葱或者痛哭之后你会注意到自己流泪了,但事实上,泪薄膜使你的眼睛常常保持湿润这种状态。This film has three distinct layers: an outer, oily layer to prevent evaporation; a middle layer of lacrimal fluid, the main ingredient of tears; and an inner, mucous layer. This three layer film is replenished every time you blink, and it provides essential protection for your eyes.泪薄膜由三个不同的层面组成:外层是防止蒸发的油脂层,中层是眼泪的主要成分——泪腺液体,内层是粘膜层。每当你眨一次眼睛,这三层薄膜就得到补充,这为你的眼睛提供必要的保护。Most of your body is protected by skin of course, and your outer layer of skin is made of dead cells and keratin, an opaque, protective substance. Your eyes need to be transparent,however; they cant be covered by a layer of dead cells and keratin. One of the main functions of tears therefore, is to keep these cells alive.当然你身体的大部分是由皮肤来保护,皮肤外层是由死细胞和角蛋白(即一种不透明的防护物质)组成。然而,眼睛却需要透明的保护层;在眼睛表面不能覆盖有死细胞或者角蛋白。因此眼泪的一个主要的功能就使这些细胞保持活力。Tears are loaded with electrolyte salts, chemicals that are also found deep inside your body. These salts make your outer eye cells feel like theyre inside your body, preventing them from turning into cells similar to skin cells.眼泪含有电解的盐类物质,这类化学物质在你身体的深处也存在。这些盐类物质将外眼细胞与外界隔离,防止它们变得类似于表皮细胞。Tears help your eyes in other ways too. When a speck of dust gets in your eye, its coated with mucous from glands in the white of your eye, then washed out with extra fluid from the lacrimal glands, the main tear producing glands above the eye.眼泪也能从其他方面保护眼睛。当一粒灰尘进入眼睛时,眼白部分的腺体就会分泌粘液将它包裹起来,然后随多余的液体从泪腺中流出。泪腺是产生眼泪的主要腺体。To protect your eyes from germs, tears also contain bacteria fighting enzymes. Whats more, tears provide a good optical surface. They smooth out the microscopically uneven cells of your cornea. Without tears, tiny irregularities in your eye would give you constantly fuzzy vision.为了保护眼睛不受细菌侵袭,眼泪中也含有抗细菌酶。更重要的是,眼泪能够帮助抚平微小不均匀的细胞角膜,从而形成一个良好的视觉表面。没有眼泪,那些微小不规则的角膜就会使视线变得模糊。Although theyre most apparent during a good cry, tears are actually an essential part of everyday life.尽管只有在哭泣的时候才见眼泪,但它的确是日常生活中不可缺少的一部分。原文译文属!201210/205763


  Imagine youre camping deep in the woods on a summer night. The sun sinks below the horizon and the temperature begins to fall. You shiver, and as you pull your jacket around your shoulders, you wonder just how cold it really is. Heres a clever way for you to find out, and all you need is 1. Wrist watch 2. Your ears 3. A little of patience.设想一下,你在夏夜的树林深处露营。太阳落到地平线以下,温度开始下降,你不禁打了一个寒颤。于是你在肩上披上夹克,你想知道到底有多冷。有一个聪明的办法能帮你找到,你只需要三样东西:1. 手表;2.耳朵;3. 耐心。Start by listening for a chirping cricket. Male crickets around the world make this characteristic sound by rubbing their wings together. The edge of a male crickets right wing is covered with little ridges, like a file or a washboard. As he rubs his left wing cover across the uneven right wing, he produces an insect love song that female crickets find irresistible.首先,倾听鸣叫的蟋蟀。世界各地的雄性蟋蟀擦翅膀时都会发出一种独特的声音。雄性蟋蟀的右翼边缘上布满了小小的突起,就像文件和搓衣板一样。当它擦翅膀,左右翼交叉碰撞时就唱出了一种让雌性蟋蟀很难以抵抗的悦耳的情歌。Female crickets use this amorous chirping to find their perfect mate, listening with a pair of special ears located below the knees. Now you can use these same serenades to calculate the temperature.雌性蟋蟀凭这种多情的鸣叫来寻找完美的伴侣,它们可以用位于膝盖以下的特殊耳朵来聆听。现在你也能利用这些情歌来计算出温度。Most insects tend to be more active when its hot, and more sluggish in cooler weather. Crickets are no exception to this rule.天热时,大多数昆虫往往很活跃,天冷时则行动迟缓。蟋蟀也不例外。In cold weather, a cricket will do everything more slowly, and as the temperature drops, so does the tempo of his love song. By measuring how quickly he chirps, you can find out approximately how cold it is.天冷时,蟋蟀做所有的事情都更慢一点,因为温度下降,它们的情歌节奏也随之变慢。通过测量鸣叫的速度,你就能知道大概有多冷。Its easy to do: Simply count the number of chirps a single cricket makes in a fifteen second period, then add thirty seven. Although individual species might be a little faster or slower, this should give a fair approximation of the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit.方法很简单:只要数一只蟋蟀每15秒钟鸣叫的次数,然后加上37就行了。尽管有时候会因个体差异而忽快忽慢,但计算结果仍然很接近华氏摄氏度的温度。Remember: fifteen seconds worth of chirps, plus thirty seven. Even if the chirping keeps you awake all night, at least youll know the temperature.记住:15秒内鸣叫的次数,加上37。尽管这种鸣叫会让你一夜难眠,但至少你能靠它计算出温度。原文译文属!201212/212257。


  In the often super-secret world of high-tech military hardware, this is an unusually public display. Made for television unveiling by the regions most powerful military. Its called the Eitan, the Hebrew word for strong and its Israels latest edition to an expanding fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs. With a giant wingspan of 26 meters and a hefty 1,200 horse power engine, the Eitans manufacturer, Israel aerial space industries said it is capable of flying at extremely high altitude to the range of about a thousand kilometers.高科技军事装备通常神秘莫测,但这个公共表演却不同寻常。地方军队通过电视向我们揭示了军备的神秘面纱。这架飞机叫做Eitan,Eitan一词来源于希伯来语,代表强壮,这架飞机也是舰队扩编所加入的最新飞行器,或者说是无人战斗机。这架飞机配备有26米的巨型机翼和1200高强马力引擎,以色列航空航天工业表示它能在一千千米左右的高空飞行。This can fly 24, 36 hours, so you can continuously patrolling the area to make sure that your enemies do not approach areas of your own country.它能飞行24到36个小时,所以你可以持续在空中巡逻以确保敌人没有接近你的国家。And while offering the latest intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance technology, can also be modified to carry missiles.它可以提供最新的监视情报,侦察技术,通过改装它还可以加装导弹。It would be a major weapon system of the future world.它将是未来世界的主要武器。But why so much publicity? Call it part force projection and part good old-fashioned marketing. As the war of words between Israel and Iran over Tehrans nuclear ambition stokes regional and international tensions, both sides have engaged in some very public saber rattling, which tit-for-tat missile test, military exercise and troop movements have become the norm. And now a new Israel UAV capable of reaching Iran, on this day, Israel stresses the nonlethal applications of its new UAV. But with a not so subtle acknowledgement that its capabilities can be expanded.为什么要公开军事装备?一部分原因是军事部署,一部分原因是良好的营销传统。从以色列伊朗不和,到德黑兰的核野心,再到地区国际局势紧张,都是在虚张声势,针锋相对的导弹试验,军事竞争,军队演习都成了家常便饭。现在以色列有能够直达伊朗的无人战斗机,以色列强调其无人机的非杀伤性应用,但并未介绍其可能存在的其他功能。Its for gathering information and getting intelligence, but the future capabilities of this vehicle will allow us what ever needed to carry in this vehicle.这架飞机主要是为了收集信息和情报,但未来可能允许搭载任何需要运输的物品。Really not for acts of strike vehicle?这真的不是攻击性武器吗?I can not going to that area.我不能确定。Can this go as far as Iran?它能去到伊朗那么远吗?I can not going to that, but I can ensure you that we can fulfill any mission that needed by the ideas.我不能确定,但我能确定的是需要完成的任务它都能够办到。Whether the Eitan has flown to Iran or not. Its manufacturer which sells 8 UAV models to countries around the world is banking out being a big seller.不管Eitan能否飞抵伊朗。它的制造商已经向全世界国家出售了8架无人机,累计已经成为了大卖家。More and more percentage of UAVs will be part of the force of all the different countries.无人机将会越来越广泛地应用于各个国家。For the government of Israel, it seems this UAV showing tout was as much for Iran as it was for luring future costumers.对于以色列政府来说,这架飞机既是在向伊朗炫耀又是在吸引潜在客户。Kevin Flower, CNN, Jerusalem.Kevin Flower,CNN消息,耶路撒冷。注:本篇文章英文来自普特论坛,译文属原创,,。201205/184379A sailboat is powered by wind, a motorboat by gasoline, and a rowboat by whatever the rower had for breakfast. Theres one water craft, however, that gets all its horizontal push from the downward pull of gravity alone. Is this some futuristic new type of boat? Not at all. Its the humble surfboard, and well learn about the physics of surfing on todays Moment of Science.帆船靠风行驶,托车靠汽油发动,而划艇的动力则来自于浆手的早餐。然而有一种水上运动完全依靠向下的重力获得水平方向的推力。这是具有前瞻性的新型船只吗?不,根本不是。那就是不起眼的冲浪板,在今日科学时刻,我们将要学习物理冲浪。Surfing is a lot like riding a skateboard down a hill—with the added advantage that the hill is moving along with you! When a skateboarder rolls down a hill, shes letting gravity pull her downward. She gets all her horizontal motion as part of this gravitational bargain. Once she reaches the bottom of the hill, she cant coast anymore unless she climbs the hill again.冲浪与乘滑板从山上冲下非常相似,只不过多了一项有利条件——“山”会跟随你一块前行!当一个滑板运动员滑向山下时,重力将她往下推。她的水平方向的运动也部分来自于重力作用。一旦到达山底,她就不能继续滑行了,除非她再次爬上山。Surfers dont need to climb their watery hills. They simply wait on their boards for a wave to rise up beneath them. When they get near the top, they stand on their surfboard, then let gravity start pulling them down the watery hill of the wave.冲浪者不必爬上浪形成的山。它们只需在冲浪板上等待浪花从底下翻涌上去便可。当他们接近顶部时,就站在冲浪板上任重力将他们推到浪花形成的水山下。The key to successful surfing is to slide downhill at exactly the same speed the wave moves up beneath you. If you slide down too fast, youll reach the bottom of the wave quickly and your ride will be over. If you slide down too slowly, the wave will outrun you.成功的关键在于,冲浪的速率要与浪花在你身下翻涌的速度一致。如果你滑行的速度过快,很快你就会到达浪底,行程自然就结束了。如果你滑的太慢,浪花就会将你淹没。Imagine our skateboarder again, but instead of a regular hill theres a monstrous hundred-foot-tall mole pushing up the ground beneath her wheels. If she rolls downhill at the same rate the mole is pushing the dirt up, shell stay at the same height above the ground--and be coasting downhill the whole time!再次设想一下,将正常的山换成一只巨大的,有几百英尺高的鼹鼠,它从地底破土而出。而滑板运动员刚好站在鼹鼠之上,她以鼹鼠推开泥土的速度滑向山下,一直保持在地面之上同样的高度,并且自始至终一直滑行!原文译文属!201208/197365

  Spotting these rings from a backyard telescope is a treat.从后院的望远镜观察这些土星环是一种不错的选择。In an instant, they can all but disappear when Saturn tilts toward the sun.在一瞬间, 当土星朝太阳倾斜他们会全部消失。The overwhelming thing that a US space tourist would be struck by is how incredibly thin they are.令人震惊的是美国的太空游客们也将会因其极为稀薄而受困。They are no thicker than about one or two stories in a modern day building.他们和当代建筑的一层或者两层相比不是很厚。Interested in seeing for yourself? Strap in, space travelers, its quite a ride.为看到自己感兴趣吗?系好安全带,太空旅行者们,这是一次非常快的旅程。After seven years and a billion miles of space, the Cassini-Huygens spacecraft faces its greatest challenge on June 30th, 2004.经过七年和十亿英里的太空旅程,在2004年6月30日,卡西尼·惠根斯航天器面临最大的挑战。注:听力文本来源于普特201206/185126

  fight tooth and nail全力拼In our civilized, modern life, we use our teeth for eating only, and our fingernails and toenails are used hardly at all, except for decoration. Among animals, however, teeth and nails are often used to collect food or catch prey. More aggressive animals, such as tigers and bears, use teeth and nails to attack other creatures or defend their territory. If attacked themselves, they will fiercely ;fight tooth and nail; to avoid being wounded or captured.在现代文明生活中,我们只用牙齿吃东西,但是手指和脚趾却鲜有派上用场的时候,除了用来装饰。然而动物则经常使用牙齿和指甲来采集食物或者追捕猎物。攻击性更强的动物,例如老虎和熊,则用牙齿和指甲攻击其它动物或者保卫自己的领土。如果自身被攻击,它们会拼命用牙齿咬,挥舞爪子,以避免受伤或者被俘。From that animal origin, we have imported this idiom into our civilized, modern life to represent any situation where we humans feel we must fight aggressively for some cause or purpose. It does not mean to fight physically, as animals do, but to fight verbally using ideas and arguments.从动物身上,我们将这一习惯用语引入到文明的现代化生活中,来表示我们人类为了某些原因或目的,去全力拼搏的情况。不一定是像动物一样来肉搏,而是指用各种想法和争论,从言语上力拼到底。原文译文属!201208/194642


  Books and Arts; Book Review;Post-apartheid South Africa;The rejected son;文艺;书评;后种族隔离时代的南非;游子被拒在外;Sometimes There is a Void: Memoirs of an Outsider. By Zakes Mda.有时候有一种空虚:局外人回忆录;Zakes Mda著。They “stopped the gravy train just long enough to get on themselves,” said Desmond Tutu in disgust over the post-apartheid greed of South Africas liberation elite. If Zakes Mdas account is anything to go by, the Nobel laureate was guilty of understatement. The African National Congress (ANC), he claims, is “overtaking Nigeria” in patronage and cronyism.对南非解放精英在后种族隔离时代的贪婪,戴斯蒙德·图图(Desmond Tutu)气愤地这样说,“他们长时间停下这辆财富之车好让自己上去”。扎克斯·姆达(Zakes Mda)宣称,非洲国民大会在赞助和任人唯亲上已“超过尼日利亚”。如果他的看法有任何参考意义的话,那这位诺贝尔和平奖得主(Desmond Tutu)恐怕低估了情况。J.M. Coetzee, Christopher Hope, Damon Galgut and other South African writers have also been critical of the countrys governing party. But Mr Mdas attack is far more bruising than theirs. Not only is he the countrys leading black playwright and novelist; as a member of a prominent family forced to flee apartheid South Africa, and as an angry campaigner during those harsh years, his political credentials are impressive.J.M. Coetzee, Christopher Hope, Damon Galgut 等其他一些南非的作家都对执政党持批评态度。但是姆达先生的攻击比他们的更加激烈。在本国他是黑人剧作家和小说家的领军人物,当显赫家族被迫逃离种族隔离政策的南非时他是一员,在那些艰难的岁月里他成为一个愤怒的活动家,他的政治立场总是让人印象深刻。His father, A.P. Mda, was the “founding spirit” of the Pan Africanist Congress of Azania (PAC), which broke with the ANC in 1959 in protest against, among other things, that partys links with the Soviet Union. In political exile Mda senior practised law in Lesotho where, as an austere Christian, he embodied the PACs motto: “Service, Sacrifice and Suffering”. He charged deserving clients little or nothing for his services and moved his impoverished family into what his son describes as a slummy township. Their house had no electricity, a rusty corrugated iron roof and no ceiling; “the toilet was a pit latrine outside and we had to draw water from a communal tap a few streets away.”他的父亲,A.P. Mda是阿尔扎尼亚泛非主义者大会(PAC)的精神铸造者,PAC于1959年与ANC进行对抗时破裂,此外,PAC还是一个与苏联有关的政党。在政治流放时姆达前辈曾在莱索托从事过法律方面的事,也就是在这儿,作为一个严谨的天主教人,他践行着PAC的宣言“奉献,牺牲和忍耐”。对于那些值得帮助的人他往往是务了却不收钱或只收一点点钱,而他自己家却搬到了儿子口中所谓的贫民窟中。他们家里没有电,有的只是没有天花板的波纹铁皮屋顶;“至于卫生间也只是外面有一个蹲坑而且我们还得从几公里以外的公用自来水处抽水。”The underlying and sometimes overriding theme in Mda juniors anguished autobiography is his admiration for his fathers life and his failure to live up to it. He is, he bravely admits, a physical coward. His only stab at violent political action ended in farce. He was commissioned to murder an alleged Communist spy but was so frightened that he emerged from behind a boulder to hand over his Derringer pocket pistol to the man he was supposed to assassinate.在姆达早期十分痛苦的自传中,这潜在的有时是最重要的主题是他对父亲生活的崇拜以及自己却未能实现。他自己也坦然承认是个典型的懦夫。他在暴力政治活动中的仅有努力也以胡闹而完事。他奉命去谋杀一名嫌疑的共产主义间谍,由于非常害怕,他逃到一块岩石后面手持德林格(口袋里的小手)对准那个他要暗杀的人。The turmoil in Mr Mdas private life saddened his mother as well as his father. He constantly mistook lust for undying love and engaged in brief affairs with numerous women. The second of his three marriages ended in a protracted fight for the custody of children and the final pages of his book are spoiled by a spiteful assault on this former wife.姆达混乱的私生活让他的父母感到很伤心。他常错把情欲看成不渝的爱,和好多女的搞暧昧却又匆匆了事。他的第三次婚姻以漫长的争夺孩子抚养权的斗争而告终;他书的最后一页在一次对前妻恶意施暴时弄脏了。In contrast, Mr Mda achieved ever greater success in his public life. His plays were performed everywhere and he became a star turn at literary festivals in Europe and the ed States. “We Shall Sing for the Fatherland”, a play he wrote 30 years ago, was once rated among his least political. It is now seen among his most prophetic as, in its authors words, it “looks at the life of the veterans of the liberation struggle who are now marginalised in the new society they helped to bring about.”与此相反,姆达在他的政治生活上取得了巨大的成功。他的话剧到各地演出而他也成为明星出现在欧洲和美国文化节上。“我们为祖国歌唱”,这个他在30年前写的剧,在他最初的政治公演中还受到责骂。而现在它更多出现在他最多的预言中,用作者的话来说,“它看到解放斗争中老兵的生活,老兵们促成了这个新社会却生活在社会的边缘。”This was the fate of A.P. Mda, whose contribution to the struggle, his widow lamented, was entirely forgotten by the triumphant ANC. Like his father, Mr Mda also feels marginalised. He applied for several important cultural and media posts, the interviews went well but each time he was blackballed by the presidents office. He helped set up a film and television production company and then found no new contracts were forthcoming from the South African Broadcasting Corporation after he refused “to pay the bribes that the commissioning staff of the national broadcaster demanded from producers”.这就是A.P. Mda的命运,他的遗孀悲痛地说,他为斗争所做出的贡献,在ANC大获全胜之时已被统统忘到脑后。就像父亲一样,姆达也有边缘化的感觉。他申请了几个重要的文化和媒体发布,访问进行的很顺利但是每次都会被总统办公室给取消。他投资成立一个电视电影制作公司,他发现自从他拒绝行贿后也就是所谓的国家广播公司协调人员向制片人的要求被拒后,南非广播公司就再没有新的合同了给他了。As he was not wanted in his own country, Mr Mda left it to take up a professorship at Ohio University and strove to persuade himself that, as a liberal secular humanist, “South Africanness” was just one of his several identities. An autobiography suffused with love for his homeland says otherwise. So do his novels.他感觉在祖国没有归属感,姆达离开了南非去俄亥俄大学去深造,他极力说自己,作为一个自由的世俗的人道主义者,“南非公民”只是他数个身份的一个。那饱含对祖国热爱之情的自传对他轻语“要不然呢”。他的小说也是如此。 /201301/218649


  Dear Annie:亲爱的安妮:My sister-in-law, ;Daisy,; has discovered the world of blogging. While I enjoy seeing photos and ing news about my brother, his wife and their children, Daisy has recently been posting unkind remarks about myparents.我的嫂嫂黛西喜欢上了客。虽然我很喜欢看一些关于我哥哥、我嫂嫂还有他们孩子的照片,也喜欢读一读他们的文章,但黛西最近却发布了对我父母不友好的言论。My parents have been generous and supportive of Daisy for over 10 years, and it hurts me to these comments. I understand some of her frustrations, but I dont understand her publicly slamming my parents withcruel comments.我的父母慷慨地持了黛西十多年。黛西的这些言论伤害了我。我知道她受到了一些挫折,但我不明白她为什么公开抨击我的父母。When I was first married, I learned to thank my mother-in-law for her advice and then do as I thought best. I have suggested this to Daisy, but she seems hostile to the idea. Should I confront her about her statements? Should I ask her to stop? Thankfully, my parents do not have a computer so they will never know about this. Is there anything I can do? - Blogging Blues在我的第一次婚姻里,我学会了感谢我的婆婆给我的建议,然后努力做我认为最好的。我也曾如此建议黛西,但她似乎对此抱有敌意。我应该怎样面对她的言论?我应该要求她停止这样做吗?值得庆幸的是,我的父母没有电脑,所以他们永远不会知道这些。我该怎么做呢? ——忧郁的主Dear Blogging:亲爱的主:Try talking to your brother. Tell him you enjoy the news and pictures of the family, but you think the nasty comments about the folks are unnecessary. Other family members are apparently ing this blog, whichreflects poorly on Daisy, and she ought to reconsider broadcasting her negative opinions. Other than that, all you can do is remove yourself from her mailing list, or enjoy the photographs and stop ing thecommentary.试着和你哥哥说说这件事。告诉他,你很享受关于这个家庭的文章和图片,但对亲人们不利的消息就不必再传扬了。显然,这个家庭的其他成员都可以看到这个客,这对黛西的形象不利,她应该再三斟酌是否应该宣扬她的这些负面意见。除此之外,你能做的就是把自己从她的邮箱发送名单中删除,或者只是欣赏一下照片,还有,不要再阅读那些了。201204/177420

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