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China#39;s commerce regulator launched a further probe into Microsoft#39;s alleged anti-monopoly case on Tuesday, showing the country#39;s latest effort to enforce its Anti-Monopoly Law.周二,中国国家工商总局对微软公司涉嫌垄断案展开进一步调查。这也表明中国正在做出努力以加强其反垄断法。State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) task force launched an inquiry for Microsoft to clarify major problems found in electronic data during the probe.国家工商总局专案组对微软公司进行询问调查,要求其就调查以来获取的电子数据中有关重大问题进行说明。The company needs to submit a complete explanation after the inquiry, the SAIC said in a statement.国家工商总局在一份声明中表示,微软公司在调查后需要提交一套完整的解释。In 2014, Microsoft was suspected of not fully disclosing information of its Windows operating system and Microsoft Office application, causing incompatibility problems.2014年,微软公司就被举报其Windows操作系统和Office办公软件相关信息没有完全公开,从而造成兼容性问题。According to Chinese law, incompatibility without advance warning to customers could be regarded anti-competitive.根据我国法律,没有对消费者进行事先警告而产生兼容性问题就可以认定为反竞争行为。 /201601/420879

HONG KONG — Liu Xuelong, a television and documentary producer in Beijing, hasn’t used his television in years. He gets all of his entertainment on his iPhone 6 Plus, where he also taps a plethora of apps to buy plane tickets, pay bills, talk with clients.香港——在北京从事电视和纪录片制作工作的刘雪龙(音)多年没打开过自家的电视机了。他的一切都是在自己的iPhone 6 Plus上进行的。轻轻点击那上面的大量应用,他便可以买机票、结账,或者与客户沟通。Weixin, a text and messaging app, is among his favorites. “Every morning the first thing I do when I wake up is log onto Weixin to see what new things my friends have shared online overnight,” said Mr. Liu, 25.即时通讯应用微信是他最喜欢的应用之一。“每天早上醒来第一件事,就是登陆微信,看看前一天夜里朋友们在上面分享了些什么,”25岁的刘雪龙说。Advertisers increasingly want to be part of Mr. Liu’s digital world — and of the other 527 million people in China with smartphones. Next year companies are expected to spend more money on digital advertising than on television campaigns in China.广告商越来越想进入刘雪龙——以及中国另外5.27亿智能手机用户——所在的那个数字世界。在中国,企业明年在数字广告上的资金投入,预计会超过电视广告。It is a stark shift from three years ago when nearly half of the advertising dollars went to television and just 14 percent went to digital, according to ZenithOptimedia, an advertising agency. China is also diverging from the ed States, where television continues to dominate.广告公司实力传播集团(ZenithOptimedia)称,同三年前相比,这是一个重大转变。那时候,近一半的广告投入流向了电视,而用于数字领域的广告投入仅占14%。中国也正在与电视依然占据主导地位的美国渐行渐远。“It’s the first time we’ve had an enormous middle class emerge while being digitally connected,” said Jeff Walters, a partner at the Boston Consulting Group in Beijing. “It sets the stage for why digital advertising is so important.”“这是我们首次看到,一个庞大的中产阶级的崛起伴随着他们与数字领域的密切联系,”波士顿咨询集团(Boston Consulting Group)驻北京的合伙人魏杰鸿(Jeff Walters)说。“这为数字广告的极端重要性奠定了基础。”With the largest pool of smartphone users in the world, China has become a petri dish for marketers and technology companies alike to test ways to get consumers to buy both online and off.在智能手机用户人数居世界之最的背景下,中国已经同时成为了营销和科技公司的试验田,被它们用来测试那些旨在吸引消费者在线上和线下消费的广告方式。Homegrown social media platforms in China are at the center of the push. Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are all blocked in China, giving platforms like Tencent’s Weixin — known as WeChat outside the country — and Sina Weibo an advantage.中国本土的社交媒体平台是这番努力的中心。Facebook、YouTube和Twitter均在中国大陆遭到屏蔽,让腾讯旗下的微信及新浪旗下的微占得先机。Coca-Cola tapped into Weixin’s built-in er for QR codes, two-dimensional bar codes, to start its Lyric Coke campaign in China. Coke bottles there featured famous Chinese lyrics like “Baby, I’m sorry,” and “I love summer.”可口可乐(Coca-Cola)利用微信内置的二维码扫描器,在中国发起了歌词瓶活动。可乐瓶外面印上了“宝贝对不起”或“我爱夏天”等著名的中文歌词。Coca-Cola then encouraged consumers to share a 10-second clip of a song with friends through social media by scanning the QR code on the bottle. Since its start in May, the Coke campaign has generated over three billion views, according to Isobar, the company responsible for the campaign.然后,可口可乐鼓励消费者通过扫描瓶身上的二维码在社交媒体上与朋友分享一段时长10秒的歌曲片段。负责这次营销活动的公司安索帕(Isobar)称,自5月开始以来,可口可乐歌词瓶已经带来了超过30亿的点击量。Five years ago, marketers could get away with simply using the same ads they used globally and just translating the message, said Shaun Rein, the founder and managing director of the China Market Research Group. Today, they have to speak to the Chinese dream.中国市场研究集团(China Market Research Group)创始人和董事总经理雷小山(Shaun Rein)表示,五年前,营销机构可以使用和全球市场一样的广告,只要翻译一下核心信息就行了。但现在,它们必须要切合中国人的梦想。“What is happening is that Western brands have to create new aspirations that the Chinese consumer wants,” Mr. Rein added.“目前的情况是,西方品牌一定要创造出中国消费者接受的那种新的渴望,”雷小山还说。In its campaign, Coke used contemporary Chinese pop songs. Ads for North Face, the outdoor wear company, featured images of animals from an African safari, in an effort to appeal to the growing legions of Chinese travelers.可口可乐在自己的营销活动中利用了中国当代流行歌曲。户外饰公司北面(North Face)的广告则主打非洲之旅中的动物图片,以吸引规模日渐壮大的中国游客消费群。As in the ed States and Europe, advertisers have to learn to adapt to changes in digital landscape, which in China can unfold at breakneck speed.与在美国和欧洲一样,广告商必须学会适应数字领域的变化。在中国,这种变化的速度的可谓一日千里。For several years, the microblogging site Weibo was the most popular forum in China. Much like Twitter, the platform allowed users to broadcast information to any user.在早前的几年时间里,新浪微一直是中国最受欢迎的平台。和Twitter很像,它允许用户向任何其他用户发布信息。But last year in an attempt to quiet public debate, the government cracked down on some of the forum’s most prominent verified commentators, nicknamed the Big Vs, accusing microbloggers of sping false statements and detaining them.然而去年,为了压制公众辩论,政府对新浪微上部分经过认的最著名的人士采取了严厉措施。这些俗称“大V”的微用户被指传播虚假消息,并遭到拘捕。This prompted some Weibo users to leave the site. At the same time, Weixin was quickly gaining popularity as free alternative to text messaging.这促使一些用户离开了新浪微。与此同时,作为一种可以代替短信的免费工具,微信的人气飙升。Weixin is now the most popular forum in China. Weixin and its international version WeChat together have 468 million active users. Weibo has 167 million active users today.微信是中国目前最受欢迎的平台,国内版和国际版共有4.68亿活跃用户。新浪微则是眼下拥有1.67亿活跃用户。“I’ve been here four years. In that time I’m now on the third dominant social network — first it was Renren, then Weibo and now it’s WeChat,” said Chris Jones, the executive creative director at the ad agency Wunderman in China.“我来了中国四年,先后使用过三种主要的社交网络——先是人人,然后是新浪微,现在是微信,”伟门广告公司(Wunderman)中国区执行创意总监钟志勤(Chris Jones)说。Weixin’s particular quirk — that users communicate only with friends and contacts within their circle — has allowed companies to develop direct relationships with consumers. But it also poses a challenge since users have to first choose to include a brand within their Weixin network.微信的特殊之处在于,用户只能跟圈子内部的朋友和熟人交流。这让企业可以与消费者建立直接的联系。不过,它也构成了一个挑战,因为用户有权决定是否把某个品牌加入自己的微信平台。The fashion house Burberry worked its way into consumers’ circles by giving users a chance to watch its Autumn-Winter 2014 runway show in real time, along with commentary from designers and celebrities watching the show. To get access to the show, users just had to add Burberry’s public account to their Weixin network.时尚品牌柏利(Burberry)进入消费者圈子的方法,是让用户有机会实时观看2014年的秋冬时装秀,以及设计师和名人对它的。为了观看这场活动,用户必须把柏利的公众号加入微信。Once Burberry is in their network, the fashion house can target users directly in the future. One interactive feature prompts users to click on “My Burberry” and type out their initials. An image of a monogrammed bottle of perfume then appears, along with details of how to buy it.一旦进入了消费者的朋友圈,柏利从此之后就可以直接对准目标用户群。柏利还提供了一个互动功能:用户可以点击“My Burberry”,输入自己名字的首字母。然后,屏幕上就会出现一瓶印有首字母花押字的香氛,以及如何购买它的具体信息。Not all digital ad campaigns in China have gone smoothly. One Chinese company called Tidy Laundry recently tried to stir up some attention online with a posted to Youku Tudou, a Chinese streaming site. In the , two young women strip down to their underwear on the Shanghai metro. A man wearing a blue uniform then enters the subway car and hands them a clean set of clothes, which they change into. The Shanghai police fined the company, according to state media.并非所有中国市场上的网络营销都进展顺利。中国公司泰笛洗涤最近曾试图通过在流媒体视频公司优酷土豆的网站上发布一则视频来吸引关注。在视频中,两名年轻女子在上海的地铁里脱掉了层层衣物,最后只剩内衣。一名穿着蓝色制的男子随后进入地铁车厢,递给她们一套干净的衣,让她们换上。据官方媒体报道,上海警方对这家公司处以了罚款。Televisions and other more traditional advertising venues also play a complementary role in the digital world.电视和其他一些更加传统的广告手段也对互联网广告营销起到了补充作用。This year, Oreo began Play Together, a campaign that riffed on the idea that children don’t spend enough time with their parents, a subject of debate in China. Collaborating with Weixin, Oreo created an app that allowed parents and their children to take photos and turn them into playful emoticons to send to friends.今年,奥利奥(Oreo)启动了“亲子一刻玩起来”的营销活动,灵感来自于父母和子女相处时间不足的问题——这是中国当下的热门话题。奥利奥与微信合作推出了一款应用,使得家长和孩子可以用它来拍摄照片,然后把它们变成有趣的表情符号发送给朋友们。The campaign also featured a television ad for the Weixin campaign in which a mother and her daughter play together and share a bag of Oreos. As part of the media blitz, it used celebrity dads from the popular reality television show called “Father, Where Are You Going?” to promote the campaign through their own microblogs.本轮营销中还推出了一则宣传微信活动的电视广告。广告中,妈妈和女儿一边玩耍,一边分享着一包奥利奥饼干。作为媒体攻势的一部分,公司找来了人气颇高的真人秀节目《爸爸去哪儿》中的明星爸爸,邀请他们在微上进行宣传。Television, too, helps bridge the generational gap. Even though Chinese consumers are highly connected, not everybody is getting the messages that brands are sending.而且,电视也有助于弥合代沟。虽然中国的消费者上网程度高,但品牌试图传递的讯息也并非能够接触到所有人。Mr. Liu’s father is one of them. Mr. Liu bought a Samsung smartphone for his father, who lives in Weifang, a city in Shandong Province, and taught him how to use Weixin so that they could -chat.刘雪龙的父亲就是其中之一。刘雪龙给住在山东潍坊的父亲买了一部三星手机,并教他如何使用微信,希望可以和他视频聊天。But it could be a while before his father gets the hang of Weixin, Mr. Liu said. “I am the only friend in his Weixin contact list, actually.”不过,刘雪龙说,要让父亲真正学会使用微信,可能还需要一段时间。“其实,我是他微信上唯一的联系人。” /201412/350215



  Online marketplace Amazon.com Inc made its debut in the 2015 Thomson Reuters Top 100 global innovators list, leaving International Business Machines Corp, the world#39;s largest technology services company, out of the list.电子商务巨头亚马逊首次进入汤森路透2015年全球创新百强名单,而世界上最大科技务公司IBM却未能上榜。Amazon joins the innovators list for the first time for innovations in data centers, devices, electronic methods and systems, according to its latest report.根据最新相关报告表示,亚马逊凭借在数据中心、设备、电子方法和系统等方面的创新而上榜。The Thomson Reuters Top 100 global innovators program identifies innovators annually through an in-depth analysis based on a series of patent-related metrics that analyze what it means to be truly innovative.汤森路透2015年全球创新百强名单是基于对专利相关的标准进行深入研究,寻找真正的创新企业。There are 27 companies that are dropped from the list this year, including ATamp;T, IBM, Siemens and Xerox.包括ATamp;T、IBM、西门子和施乐等在内的27家公司今年未能继续上榜。;For IBM, although they regularly top the list of U.S. patentees by volume of patents each year, the Top 100 Global Innovators listing evaluates not just volume, but also success, globalization and impact,; said Bob Stembridge, analyst with Thomson Reuters.“尽管IBM每年拥有的专利数量经常位居美国榜首,但本榜单不仅评估数量,也评估成功、全球化和影响力,”汤森路透分析师Bob Stembridge表示。Besides, Japan and the ed States are still innovation hot spots and chemical, semiconductor and electronic components and autos are the top innovative industries, according to the report.除此之外,报告还显示,日本和美国依旧是创新的热点,其中化学、半导体、电子零部件和汽车等行业的创新最多。What deserves to be mentioned the most is, Uber and Tesla Motors Inc did not make it to the list. ;Both Uber and Tesla do innovate, but not at a sufficient level to feature in the Top 100 list of innovative organizations around the globe as measured by patent metrics of volume, success, globalization and impact. They neither have sufficiently large portfolios to qualify for inclusion with less than 100 granted inventions during 2010-2014,; Stembridge said.值得一提的是,优步和特斯拉也未能上榜。“优步和特斯拉都在创新,但用专利数量、成功、全球化和影响力进行衡量,都不足以上榜,”Stembridge说道。“还有,这两家公司在2010-2014年这段时间也没有获得超过100项的专利技术,从而达到该榜单要求。” /201511/410110

  Q. For me, one hindrance to using social media and trying new things online is having to remember the various usernames and passwords. Do you have any advice on simplifying or codifying this process?问:我使用社交媒体、在网上尝试新事物时遇到的一个麻烦是必须记住各种用户名和密码。有什么办法能让这件事变得容易一些吗?A. Paper or digital notebooks for recording account information are an inexpensive option, but they are not very secure. Using a dedicated password manager program is another solution. Such an app can take time to learn, but it can help create, organize and secure a growing collection of online credentials.答:把账户信息记在纸上或电子设备里是一个便宜的方法,但不太安全。还有一个办法是使用专门的密码管理程序。你需要花些时间掌握这些应用程序的使用方法,但它能帮你创立、组织并管理更多的密码。Most password managers work the same way: You create a master password for the program and then add the usernames and passwords for your various accounts to its database. During the setup process, some password programs can automatically help you find and add all your login information to their encrypted databases.大部分密码管理软件的操作方法都是一样的:为这个应用程序创建一个主密码,然后把不同账户的用户名和密码输入它的数据库。在创建过程中,有些密码程序能自动寻找你的所有登录信息,并加入它们的加密数据库。Later, when you have the password manager running and you visit a site that needs login information, enter your master password. The program consults its database and fills in the specific username and password for that site. You just need to remember the master password to get to all the other passwords stored in the program.之后,如果你访问一个需要登录信息的网站时,密码管理程序也在运行,那么你只要输入主密码,这个程序就会访问数据库,把这个网站特定的用户名和密码填写上去。你只需要记住主密码,就能获得程序里存储的所有其他密码。Most password managers have versions for Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. To have your passwords available wherever you go, many programs can sync the password database across devices through a secure web connection — or locally over your own Wi-Fi network. The online storage servers for at least one password manager, LastPass, were hacked last year and even though the data was encrypted, some people may prefer to keep password data on the ground and out of the cloud.大部分密码管家都有Windows版、Mac OS X版、安卓版和iOS版。为了让你随时随地获得密码,很多程序都能通过安全的网络连接或你自己的Wi-Fi局域网在不同设备上同步更新密码数据库。去年,至少有一个密码管理程序的网上存储务器遭到黑客攻击,LastPass去年就遭到了攻击。虽然密码数据库是加密的,但是有些人可能更喜欢把它保存在本地,而非云上。LastPass has a dedicated following and offers additional authentication options like fingerprint recognition to help protect your master password. Additional cross-platform password managers to consider include Dashlane and 1Password, among many others. Prices range from free for basic use on a single device to and up for an annual subscription and syncing your password vault among computers and mobile devices. Check the features offered by each program you consider, the setup information and make sure you are comfortable with its user interface before diving in.LastPass拥有忠诚的客户群,还提供其他认方式,比如指纹识别,以帮助保护主密码。你还可以考虑其他一些跨平台密码管家,比如Dashlane和1Password等。这些应用程序的价格不等,有的免费,有的需要付12美元,提供单个设备的基本务,还有些是缴年费,可以在电脑和移动设备上同步密码库。研究一下每个程序的特点,了解一下设定方法,在开始使用之前确保你喜欢它的用户界面。 /201601/424051The companies behind two of the hottest stock market debuts of 2014, Lending Club and the Alibaba Group, are teaming up — to help American companies buy parts from Chinese manufacturers.跻身2014年最热门上市事件之列的两家公司——Lending Club和阿里巴巴集团——正在展开合作,以帮助美国企业从中国的生产商那里采购零部件。The two announced on Tuesday that they would form a partnership to provide financing for manufacturers in the ed States to buy products and supplies through the Chinese marketplace Alibaba.com. Through Lending Club, the giant of the online marketplace lending industry, those companies can line up from ,000 to as much as 0,000 for each purchase order.双方周二宣布将成立合作平台,为美国的生产商提供融资,帮助它们在中国的市场Alibaba.com上购买产品和进行补给。通过在线市场借贷行业的巨头Lending Club,各家企业可以为每笔订单筹集5000至30万美元(约合3.1万至190万元人民币)不等的资金。It’s an unusual move meant in part to replace traditional business supply-chain borrowing, at least for the small- to medium-size businesses that look to Alibaba for a portion of their manufacturing. Rather than have to rely on banks or other traditional lenders who require collateral for their financing, these customers can instead use Lending Club’s systems to procure an unsecured loan with near-instant approval.此举出人意料,一定程度上是为了取代传统的企业供应链借贷,至少对那些部分生产指望阿里巴巴的中小型企业来说如此。它们可以利用Lending Club的系统获得无担保贷款,并且几乎立即就能获批,而不用依赖或其他传统借贷机构。在提供融资时,传统机构一般要求对方进行抵押担保。“This partnership is going to make a pretty big difference in terms of U.S. business’ ability to buy goods from China,” Renaud Laplanche, the chief executive of Lending Club, said in a telephone interview.“这一合作关系,将让美国企业从中国采购商品的能力取得相当大的提升,”Lending Club的首席执行官雷诺·拉普朗什(Renaud Laplanche)在接受电话采访时表示。And it is a unifying of two of the most talked-about online marketplaces of the moment. Alibaba is one of China’s biggest Internet companies, whose multiple platforms — including Alibaba.com, which is meant for wholesale purchases — draw millions of customers. And Lending Club helped define what once was known as peer-to-peer lending, in which potential investors can go online to be matched with hopeful borrowers.这也是当下最为外界热议的两家在线平台的联手。阿里巴巴是中国最大的互联网企业之一,旗下拥有多个平台——包括主要面向批发生意的Alibaba.com——吸引了数以百万计的客户。Lending Club则参与建立了一度被称作“个人对个人”的借贷模式。在这种模式中,潜在投资者可以通过上网来寻找与自己匹配的潜在借款方。The loans for the new venture, to be called “Alibaba.com e-Credit Line, Powered by Lending Club,” comes at lower interest rates than what others can provide. According to Mr. Laplanche, the new venture offers a monthly interest rate starting at 0.5 percent, about half of what a more traditional lender could provide.名为“Alibaba.com e-Credit Line, Powered by Lending Club”的这座新平台提供的贷款利率低于其他机构。据拉普朗什介绍,该平台的月利率最低为0.5%,大约是传统借贷机构的一半。But unlike more traditional manufacturing financing options, such as “factoring,” the loans aren’t backed by particular assets.不过,与“保理”等较为传统的制造业融资选项不同,这些贷款不会有特定资产担保。Alibaba had begun searching for a lending partner several months ago, eventually reaching out to both traditional banks and newer market-based lenders. After what amounted to a lengthy audition process, including trips to Alibaba’s offices in China, the Chinese e-commerce giant ultimately chose to go with Lending Club.阿里巴巴几个月前开始寻找从事贷款业务的合作伙伴,对传统的和基于市场的新兴贷款机构都进行了接触。经过了相当于漫长面试的一个过程,包括几次走访阿里巴巴的中国办公室,Lending Club最终被选为与这家中国电商巨头联手的伙伴。“First of all, they are also a platform business,” Michael Lee, Alibaba.com’s global marketing and business development director, said in a telephone interview, adding that customers had asked for an simple financing solution for some time. “They are also very transparent with their rate and the way they do business. And they got good feedback from their own users.”“首先,他们也是一家平台型企业,”阿里巴巴的全球营销与业务开发总监迈克尔·李(Michael Lee)在接受电话采访时说。他还表示,一段时间以来,客户一直在寻求一个简单的融资解决方案。“他们的利率和业务模式也非常透明,从自己的用户那里得到了很好的反馈。”For Alibaba, according to Mr. Lee, the hope is that customers will use such financing to make orders at least once a year. And if the system proves as easy to use as both sides hope, it could help convince more American businesses to order from Alibaba.com more often.迈克尔·李表示,阿里巴巴的希望是,客户将至少每年一次利用这样的融资来进行采购。如果这个系统像双方希望的那样容易使用,就可以有助于说更多的美国企业更频繁地通过阿里巴巴的网站下订单。For Lending Club, the move is meant to help further a move into new kinds of lending. Though it began life by offering debt consolidation loans to help pay off credit cards, the company has pushed to enter new kinds of financing, including elective surgical procedures and small-business loans.对于Lending Club来说,此举有助于公司进一步尝试新的贷款类型。尽管这家公司最初的业务是提供债务合并贷款来帮助人们偿还信用卡欠款,它如今已经开始涉猎新的融资种类,包括面向选择性手术和小企业的放贷。Last month, the company formed a similar kind of partnership with Google, offering a way for businesses that resell the American technology giant’s services to gain low-cost financing.上个月,Lending Club与谷歌(Google)也达成了类似的合作关系,为这家美国科技业巨头的务销售商提供了一个获得低成本融资的途径。“It’s showcasing Lending Club’s unique ability to provide financing for the new economy,” Mr. Laplanche said.“这明了Lending Club为新经济提供融资的无可匹敌的能力,”拉普朗什说。 /201502/358719

  Apple has issued a voluntary recall of millions of its two-prong AC wall plugs after incidents of them breaking and causing electric shocks.近日,苹果公司主动召回了大批双插交流电源插头转换器,因为这些插头曾出现了破损和触电等事故。Apple said it knew of 12 such incidents and asked customers to stop using them.苹果方面表示,目前该公司已获悉12起事故,并已通知用户停止使用有问题的插头转换器。The plugs came with Macs and other iOS devices sold in Continental Europe and five other countries around the world between 2003 and 2015 and were included in the Apple World Travel Adapter kit. Apple said customer safety was its ;top priority;.这些有问题的部件在2003年至2015年随Mac和其他iOS设备一同在欧洲大陆和世界上的其他五个国家上市,还曾包含在旅行充电套装Apple World Travel Adapter kit当中。苹果公司表示他们始终把用户的安全问题放在首位。The recall relates to plugs for: Continental Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.包括欧洲大陆、阿根廷、巴西、澳大利亚、新西兰和韩国在内的国家和地区的转换器将参与召回。It does not affect plugs for: US, UK, China, Japan and Canada.而在美国、英国、中国、日本和加拿大等国家出售的插头转换器不受此计划影响。Affected users can exchange their plug at their local Apple store or request a replacement via the website.用户可以在当地苹果公司零售店更换插头转换器,也可以选择在官网申请更换。Last year, Apple urged owners of one of its Beats loudspeaker systems to stop using the kit because it posed a fire risk.去年,苹果公司曾召回一种存在火灾风险的Beats音响。In 2014, the company offered a free exchange for one model of USB iPhone chargers sold in Europe between 2009 and 2012, after a few cases of overheating.另外,2009年至2012年在欧洲出售的一批苹果USB手机充电器出现数次过热事故,苹果公司在2014年针对该批部件提供了免费更换。 /201602/425226You can tell a lot about the state of the tech industry by looking at the company that’s currently scaring the crap out of everybody. A decade ago, it was Google . More recently, Facebook became the 800-pound gorilla in social media and photo sharing. This year, the heavy is one that was unknown in the US until a year or so ago: Xiaomi.要想深入了解科技业的现状,只需要看看那家让所有人都吓得发抖的顶尖公司即可。10年前是谷歌公司。近几年则是社交媒体和照片分享领域的巨无霸Facebook公司。而今年的重量级选手,却是一家直到一年多前还不为美国人所知的中国公司:小米。Out of countless smartphone makers that have emerged to build on the Android mobile operating system, Xiaomi has not only broken apart from the herd, it’s quickly given other smartphone manufacturers a run for their money. Xiaomi’s share of the global smartphone market rose to 5.3% in late 2014 from 2.1% a year earlier, according to Statista.在全球无数家基于安卓系统打造的智能手机厂商中,小米不仅杀出重围,而且让其他厂商感受到了极大的竞争压力。根据德国统计公司Statista提供的数据,在全球智能手机市场上,小米占据的份额已从2013年的2.1%升至2014年年末的5.3%。A big reason for Xiaomi’s sudden success is that it designs its own hardware as well as the firmware that rides on top of Android’s open-source software. Xiaomi’s MIUI interface evokes the speed and sleekness of an iPhone or a high-end Samsung phone, but often retails for half the price. Most Android phone sellers, by contrast, rely on similar design templates offered by third-party manufacturers like Foxconn.小米飞速成功的一大原因是,它是基于安卓开源软件设计自己的硬件及固件的。小米MIUI系统运行起来平滑流畅,完全可与iPhone或三星的高端手机媲美,但售价却常常仅是后者的一半。相比之下,绝大多数安卓手机厂商只依赖富士康公司这类第三方代工商提供的相似设计模板。Xiaomi’s simple strategy of high-quality gadgets at lower prices is threatening the business models of some of the biggest names in technology, including:小米这一简单的优质低价战略,已威胁到了几家业界大佬的商业模式,比如:Samsung.In China, where the bulk of Xiaomi’s phones have been sold to date, the company’s market share has risen to 15% from 5% a year earlier. Samsung’s, meanwhile, has fallen to 12% from 19%. According to IDC, Samsung’s smartphone shipments in China declined by 22% in 2014, while Xiaomi’s surged 187%.三星公司。中国是小米手机销售的主要市场,该公司的市场份额已从一年前的5%升至目前的15%。而三星的份额则从19%降至12%。IDC公司的数据显示,三星智能手机2014年的出货量已下降22%,而小米却暴增187%。Samsung has been a big presence in other emerging economies, but Xiaomi announced in January that it would be pushing aggressively into Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets. After launching in India in July, Xiaomi aly has a 4% market share. And the company raised .1 billion in December, proceeds that could go to building manufacturing and marketing presences in new countries.在其他新兴经济体,三星的市场地位一直如日中天,但今年1月小米宣布,该公司将大举进入巴西、俄罗斯和其他新兴市场。在去年7月进入印度后,小米目前已拥有4%的市场份额。此外去年12月,小米成功募得11亿美元,这笔钱将用于在新兴市场建厂和营销。Apple has emerged as the predominant smartphone company at the high end of the market. So with Xiaomi offering stylish phones at lower prices, Samsung may find itself pinched between iPhones and low-cost commodity Android phones. Now Xiaomi is gunning for another core Samsung market: TV sets. In November, Xiaomi paid0 million for Midea Group, a maker of consumer electronics, and said it would spend billion to build out its TV ecosystem.苹果早已是智能机高端市场的霸主。所以,随着小米推出价格低廉的时尚手机,三星可能会受到iPhone和低价安卓机的双重挤压,可谓腹背受敌。现在,小米又把火力对准了三星另一个核心市场:电视。去年11月,小米付给家电厂商美的集团2亿美元,并称其将斥资10亿美元打造自己的电视生态系统。GoPro.Xiaomi is also planning on launching a site to sell its goods in the US. But for various reasons like the complex subsidies US carriers pay to offset sticker prices, Xiaomi won’t sell smartphones here but instead will sell its fitness tracker, headphones and other accessories.GoPro公司。小米还计划推出一个网站在美国销售自己的产品。但出于多种原因,比如美国运营商常常向客户付复杂的补贴,从而能够抵消一些昂贵手机的零售价,小米不会在美销售智能机,而是打算销售它的健身追踪器、耳机和其他配件。Earlier this month, Xiaomi said it would also start selling the Yi Camera, a 1080p high-definition action camera that sounds a lot like the best-selling Hero sold by GoPro. Only the Yi will sell for , or about half the price of the Hero. The Yi even improves on the Hero with a 16-megapixel camera shooting 60 frames a second. So again, high-end quality at half the price.本月初,小米宣布将开始发售小蚁运动相机,这是一款1080p高清运动相机,听起来很像是GoPro最畅销的Hero相机。只不过小蚁相机仅售64美元,约为Hero售价的一半。此外,小蚁运动相机还在Hero的基础上大幅改进,搭载了一个1600万像素的镜头,每秒可拍摄60张照片。这显然又是一个高端低价产品。GoPro’s brand is much stronger in the US than Xiaomi’s. If that changes, GoPro faces a tough choice between slashing the Hero’s price or watching its market share erode. GoPro’s stock has aly lost 39% this year amid concerns about whether it can maintain its torrid growth pace. The bigger the splash that Xiaomi’s camera makes in the US, the more those concerns will grow.GoPro的品牌在美国要比小米强势得多。如果不是这样,GoPro就将面临一个艰难选择,要么将Hero的售价腰斩,要么眼睁睁看着自己的市场份额遭到侵蚀。今年GoPro公司的股价已下跌39%,就因为投资者担心它是否还能保持高速增长。小米相机在美国掀起的波澜越大,投资者就会越发担忧。Google.As a thriving smartphone company built on Android, you’d think Xiaomi’s success would be a positive for Google, which still makes the vast bulk of its revenue from online ads. But Google’s services and mobile apps are either blocked or hamstrung in China, so local companies like Alibaba and Baidu have long since learned to work on Android phones without Google’s API.谷歌公司。作为一家建立在安卓系统之上,发展迅猛的智能手机公司,大家可能会认为,小米的成功对谷歌这家大部分收入仍来自在线广告的公司大有好处。但是,谷歌的务和移动应用在中国不是被屏蔽就是被禁止,所以阿里巴巴和百度这样的本土企业很早就学会在没有谷歌应用的安卓手机上开展业务了。Google has never had a strong footprint in China. What isn’t clear is what role Google apps will play on Xiaomi’s phones sold outside of China. On the one hand, Google takes a hard line on companies that use Android without its services. On the other, Xiaomi VP (and former Googler) Hugo Barra indicated last week that Xiaomi may not export to new markets the app store it uses for its Chinese customers.谷歌在中国一直就没怎么风生水起过。目前尚不清楚的是,在小米卖到国外市场的手机上,谷歌应用将扮演什么角色。一方面,谷歌对那些使用安卓手机却不用自己务的公司态度强硬。另一方面,小米公司的副总裁(也是前谷歌高管)雨果o巴拉上周称,小米可能不会把目前中国用户使用的应用商店出口到新兴市场。Apple.Given the popularity of the iPhone 6 in China and across the globe, Apple seems to be immune for now to any threat posed by Xiaomi. But glance a few years down the road and it’s not hard to imagine the Chinese manufacturer competing with the best products offered by the reigning king of Silicon Valley.苹果公司。鉴于iPhone 6在中国和全球的热销,苹果眼下似乎丝毫不会被小米撼动。但是展望未来几年,不难想象这家中国厂商将很快与硅谷王者打造的最佳产品一较高下。Xiaomi’s MIUI is several years younger than Apple’s iOS. But despite Apple’s early lead, Xiaomi has quickly created an interface that is not only drawing more comparisons with the look and feel of iOS, it’s designed to be used on a wide array of devices from phones to tablets to wearables.小米的MIUI系统要比苹果的iOS晚推出几年。尽管苹果享有先发地位,但小米迅速地打造了一套外观和使用体验都能和iOS媲美的系统,还让它应用于手机、平板和可穿戴设备等产品。Xiaomi’s expansion trajectory also looks a lot like Apples: a smart TV console that streams digital content, a fitness tracker that could easily mature into a smartwatch, headphones that offer stylish looks and gold-colored metal. There were even reports this week of a Xiaomi electric car–spurious, to be sure, but it fits the idea that the most innovative companies are interested in the car market.小米产品的扩张轨迹也和苹果十分类似:一台可播放流媒体数字内容的智能电视终端,一款能很容易开发为智能手表的健身追踪器,以及一款外形时尚的金色头戴式耳机。甚至本周还有传言称小米要推出电动汽车——这当然纯属谣传, 不过这种说法也符合大家普遍认同的一个看法,即最富创新性的公司都盯上了汽车市场。Apple’s earlier iPhones suffered phases when their features weren’t terribly distinctive from other top phones on the market. If that happens again, and Mi’s user experience comes closer to that of the iPhone, Xiaomi could steal some of Appple’s market share. In the meantime, the two emerging rivals have aly taken to throwing shade on each other.苹果早期推出的iPhone也曾经历过低谷,因为当时它的功能与市面上其他高端手机并无显著差异。如果这种历史重演,小米的使用体验更接近iPhone,小米就会夺去苹果的一部分市场份额。目前这两个对手已经开始相互抨击挑刺了。Xiaomi is sure to face speed bumps as it races forward, like the patent suitsit’s aly facing in India. Competitors may use patent litigation to slow Xiaomi’s global expansion, but then again, a company worth billion and planning an IPO can easily raise enough cash to buy a substantial patent portfolio of its own. Beyond that, it’s hard to see what will slow Xiaomi’s steady march ahead.在迅速发展的进程中,小米一定也会碰上障碍,比如该公司已经在印度遭遇了专利官司。各路对手可能会用专利诉讼来拖慢小米全球扩张的脚步,但对这样一家市值高达450亿美元,而且正在筹划上市的企业来说,要筹得足够资金收购一大堆属于自己的专利是轻而易举的事情。除此之外,还很难看到有什么障碍能阻挡小米坚实而有力的步伐。 /201503/364333


  The great philosopher Homer Simpson once memorably described alcohol as “the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems.” Internet advertising is a bit like that — the funder of and terrible nuisance baked into everything you do online.“伟大的哲学家霍默·辛普森(Homer Simpson)曾经令人难忘地将酒精描述为“生活中所有问题的源头和解决方案”。互联网广告和它有一点类似,它资助了你在网上进行的各种活动,但又给你带来很多惹人厌的麻烦。Advertising sustains pretty much all the content you enjoy on the web, not least this very newspaper and its handsome, charming technology columnist; as I’ve argued before, many of the world’s most useful technologies may never have come about without online advertising. But at the same time, ads and the vast, hidden, data-sucking machinery that they depend on to track and profile you are routinely the most terrible thing about the Internet.你在网络上享受的所有内容基本都是因为有广告收入才得以存在,包括这份你正在阅读的报纸和它又帅又有魅力的科技专栏作者;正如我曾经说过的,如果没有网络广告,世界上很多最有用的技术可能根本不会出现。但与此同时,广告及其赖以追踪你的信息和分析你的需求的巨大隐蔽的数据收集系统,却往往是互联网里最可怕的东西。Now, more and more web users are escaping the daily bombardment of online advertising by installing an ad blocker. This simple, free software lets you roam the web without encountering any ads that shunt themselves between you and the content you want to or watch. With an ad blocker, your web browser will generally run faster, you’ll waste less bandwidth downloading ads, and you’ll suffer fewer annoyances when navigating the Internet. You’ll wonder why everyone else in the world doesn’t turn to the dark side.现在,有越来越多的网络用户通过安装广告拦截软件来躲避网络广告每天的狂轰滥炸。这类简单的免费软件可以让你在上网时不会碰到广告突然冒出来挡在你想阅读或观看的内容前面。装了拦截软件,网页浏览器总体上会运行得更快,浪费在加载广告上的带宽会更少,上网时也更少碰到让人恼火的情况。你会奇怪,其他人为什么不也加入到这个没有广告的世界来。Well, everyone may be catching on. Ad blocking has been around for years, but adoption is now rising steeply, at a pace that some in the ad industry say could prove catastrophic for the economic structure underlying the web. That has spurred a debate about the ethic of ad blocking. Some publishers and advertisers say ad blocking violates the implicit contract that girds the Internet — the idea that in return for free content, we all tolerate a constant barrage of ads.实际上,的确可能所有人都学会了用这种东西。广告拦截技术已经出现好几年,但现在它的使用人数正迅速窜升,其速度之快甚至让一些广告界人士认为觉得会对撑网络的经济结构带来灾难性影响。这种情况引发了有关广告拦截正确与否的辩论。一些出版商和广告商表示,广告拦截违反了约束互联网的潜在约定——为了获取免费内容,我们都需要忍受不断出现的广告干扰。But in the long run, there could be a hidden benefit to blocking ads for advertisers and publishers: Ad blockers could end up saving the ad industry from its worst excesses. If blocking becomes widesp, the ad industry will be pushed to produce ads that are simpler, less invasive, and are far more transparent about the way they’re handling our data — or risk getting blocked forever if they fail.但从长远看,广告拦截对广告商和出版商可能存在一个潜在利好:最终它也许可以免去广告业最大的浪费。如果广告拦截普及开来,将迫使广告商推出更简洁、侵扰性更弱的广告,他们处理有关我们的信息的方式也会比过去透明得多,否则就要面对被永远屏蔽的危险。“It’s clear to us that the ads ecosystem is broken,” said Ben Williams, a spokesman for Eyeo, the German company that makes Adblock Plus, the most popular ad-blocking software. “What we need is a sea change in the industry to get to a place where we have a good amount of better ads out there, ads that users accept.”“显然,广告业的生态系统已经遭到了破坏,”Eyeo公司发言人本·威廉姆斯(Ben Williams)说道。这家德国公司开发了最流行的广告拦截软件Adblock Plus。“广告业需要有一场真正的变革,使他们能创造一大批用户能接受的更出色的广告。”The industry may not have much time to wait. In a report last week, Adobe and PageFair, an Irish start-up that tracks ad-blocking, estimated that blockers will cost publishers nearly billion in revenue this year. Nearly 200 million people worldwide regularly block ads, the report said, and the number is growing fast, increasing 41 percent globally in the last year.留给这个行业的时间可能不多了。在上周发布的一份报告中,Adobe和追踪广告拦截情况的爱尔兰创业公司PageFair估计,广告拦截软件今年大概会让出版商损失将近220亿美元的收入。该报告还指出,全世界已有2亿人经常拦截广告,而且这一数字在快速增多,去年就提升了41%。Today ad-blocking is mostly restricted to desktop web browsers. But iOS 9, Apple’s latest mobile operating system, will include support for ad blockers when it becomes available in the fall. Several ad-blocking firms are aly creating apps for the new OS; when it’s out, you’ll simply download an ad blocker and no longer have to see ads on the iPhone’s version of Safari and possibly in other apps that open web links.目前,广告屏蔽软件大多只能安装在电脑上。但苹果预计于秋季发布的最新移动操作系统iOS 9将能持广告屏蔽功能。有几家公司已经在研发适用于这一新版系统的应用。等它发布以后,你只需下载一个广告拦截软件,就可以在iPhone的Safari浏览器上屏蔽广告了,也许还适用于能打开网络链接的其他应用。“What’s likely to happen is that of the 200 million people who use ad blocking now, let’s say half of them have iPhones — they’re all going to install one of these things,” said Sean Blanchfield, the chief executive of PageFair. “Then they’ll start telling all their friends about this amazing app that saves your battery, saves your data and speeds up the web, and it’s likely to go viral. A lot of people are going to get accustomed to having an ad-free mobile experience.”“很可能发生的情况是,现在使用广告拦截软件的2亿人中,就当其中有一半用iPhone好了,他们全都会在手机上安装一个这种软件,”PageFair的首席执行官西恩·布兰奇菲尔德(Sean Blanchfield)说道。“然后,他们会开始跟朋友谈起这个神奇的应用,能给你的手机省电,节省你的数据量,还会提高网速。它很可能会大面积流行起来。很多人将习惯于没有广告的移动上网体验。”It’s important to note that PageFair has skin in this game, and some have accused the company of self-interested alarmism.需要提醒的是,PageFair有利益关系牵扯其中。有人指责这家公司为达到自身利益而危言耸听。PageFair also sells technology that allows web publishers to determine if users are running blocking software — and then serves them ads anyway, going around the blockers. PageFair’s software, which Mr. Blanchfield said is currently being tested with a number of large websites, circumvents ad blocking by using “low-level networking” technology that he declined to detail in order to stay ahead of ad companies.PageFair同时销售的一种技术可以让出版商监测用户是否在使用广告拦截软件,然后绕过拦截仍向这些人发送广告。布兰奇菲尔德表示,目前有很多大型网站正在试用PageFair的软件,可以通过“低层次联网”技术帮助客户绕过拦截。为了能让自己在广告公司中保持领先,他拒绝透露这项技术的细节。Showing ads to people who have downloaded ad blockers sounds a little spammy. But in a twist, it may also lead to better ads. Here’s how: PageFair’s canny strategy to mitigate users’ outrage is that it will only show ads that aren’t “intrusive,” Mr. Blanchfield said. That means the ads won’t feature animations, they won’t block content, and they won’t load “trackers” that monitor and report back to some unknown server what you do on a web page.向安装广告拦截软件的用户展示广告,这听起来也有点像发垃圾邮件。但话说回来,它也可能会带来更好的广告体验。据布兰奇菲尔德透露,PageFair使用了一种精明的策略,可以减少用户的愤怒情绪,即只显示那些没有“侵扰性”的广告。也就是说,这些广告不会有动画效果,不会遮挡页面内容,也不会加载会监视页面活动并向乱七八糟的未知务器汇报的“追踪工具”。By requiring companies to run ads that are simple and transparent, Mr. Blanchfield said PageFair would return sanity to the ad business. “We as an industry have lost the trust of our users, who are right — there are a lot of very bad ads out there,” he said. “We have one shot as an industry to get this right.”兰奇菲尔德说,通过要求公司只打出简单干净的广告,PageFair可以给广告业带来健全的生态。“这个行业失去了用户的信任,而用户是对的,网络上的确有很多糟糕透顶的广告,”他说。“我们有这样一次机会,可以改变这种状况。”PageFair is just one of the firms trying to create an ecosystem that produces better ads. After wrestling with the implications of their software, the founders of AdBlock Plus created an initiative called “Acceptable Ads,” which sets out a standard for ads that the software will let users see despite having ad-blocking turned on. These ads are also low-fi — they can’t be animated or cover up a page’s content. (Eyeo charges some large companies a fee to show these ads; Google, for instance, pays Eyeo to have its search ads show up for Adblock Plus users.)有许多公司试图创造一个可以产生更好广告产品的生态系统,PageFair只是其中之一。为克自身产品给行业带来的不良影响,开发AdBlock Plus软件的Eyeo公司发起了一项名为“能接受的广告”的倡议,设立了一个标准,那些达到标准的广告,可以被所有用户看到,即使他们安装了广告拦截软件。同时,这类广告也是低保真的,不能是动画,也不能覆盖整个页面。(Eyeo会向显示这类广告的一些大公司收取费用,比如谷歌就给Eyeo付费以便它的搜索广告能让AdBlock Plus用户看到。)Then there’s Ghostery, which makes a plug-in that lets users find and block online tracking tools — the code in a page that sends data about your surfing habits to marketers. According to the company, the number of such trackers has exploded in recent years because marketing software used to analyze consumer behavior has become much easier to use. Ghostery reported 22 trackers on a page for Slate, 18 on one for Business Insider, 22 at The Wall Street Journal, and 26 for the New York Times.还有插件开发商Ghostery。这家公司开发的一种插件能让用户找到并拦截在线追踪工具,也就是可以把有关用户浏览习惯的数据发送给营销机构的网页代码。该公司称,最近几年,因为用来分析消费者行为的营销软件变得好用多了,这种追踪工具的数量呈爆发式增长。Ghostery报告称,分别在Slate、“商业内幕”(Business Insider)、《华尔街日报》(The Wall Street Journal)网站和《纽约时报》网站的一个页面上发现了22、18、22和26个追踪工具。Not only do these trackers represent efforts to profile you, but they also waste time — when you see a web page stuck loading, you can usually blame one of these trackers. Ghostery aims to fix that. For a fee, the company reports to site owners which trackers are slowing down pages — which in turn may improve how ads are served. It will also soon unveil a “Ghostery score” that will show users which sites to trust based on the trackers that sites are loading up.这些追踪工具不仅反映出,有人在试图归纳你的特征,而且还会浪费时间。当你看到某个网页一直在加载时,通常都是这种追踪工具造成的。Ghostery致力于解决这个问题。该公司会告诉网站的经营者,是哪些追踪工具降低了网页的加载速度,并为此收取一定费用。这种做法反过来可能会改善广告的投放效果。该公司很快还将推出一种“Ghostery评分”,根据网站加载的追踪工具,来告诉用户哪些网站值得信赖。The pattern here is ironic: PageFair, AdBlock Plus and Ghostery, which all depend to some extent on consumers’ interest in blocking ads, are also all pushing innovative efforts to create better ads.这种模式颇具讽刺意味:PageFair、AdBlock Plus和Ghostery都在一定程度上依赖于消费者对拦截广告的兴趣,同时又都在推动旨在制作出更好的广告的创新行动。Even some in the ad industry acknowledge this dynamic. Scott Cunningham, the general manager of the technology lab for the Internet Advertising Bureau, the trade group that comes up with online advertising standards, said his group had aly begun to respond to users who are downloading the software; most recently, he said, the bureau has been working to create clearer guidelines for the trackers’ coded web pages.就连广告业的一些从业者也认识到了这种局面。制定网络广告标准的行业团体互联网广告局(Internet Advertising Bureau)的技术实验室总经理斯科特·坎宁安(Scott Cunningham)表示,他所在的组织已经开始向下载相关软件的用户作出回应。他说,互联网广告局最近一直在努力,针对嵌入追踪工具的网页,制定更清晰的指导方针。“As we’ve watched the incidence rate of ad blocking, we’ve said, ‘O.K., it’s time for us to put the clamps onto some of the areas we haven’t addressed yet,’” Mr. Cunningham said.“因为看到了广告拦截的发生频率,我们考虑,‘好吧,是时候对以前没应对过的领域做一些限制了,”坎宁安说。That suggests another practical utility of ad blocking — it appears to be an effective form of protest. For better ads tomorrow, block ads today.这显示出了广告拦截的另一个实用价值:它似乎是一种有效的抗议形式。为了明天能有更好的广告,就得拦截今天的广告。 /201508/394765。

  In the ed States, drones have interfered with aircraft trying to put out wildfires. They have buzzed dangerously close to jets taking off at airports and have irritated fans at sports events by hovering over stadiums.在美国,无人机已经干扰了用来扑灭山火的飞机。有时候嗡嗡轰鸣着,危险地逼近机场上起飞中的喷气机,还有的时候,它盘旋在体育场上空,令赛事观众们颇为不快。Now federal regulators, hoping to discourage mischief and negligence among drone pilots, are proposing a new system to require owners to register their unmanned aircraft.现在联邦监管者提出成立一个新系统,要求机主注册自己拥有的无人机,以此遏制无人机飞行当中的恶作剧与疏忽现象。At an event in Washington on Monday, the transportation secretary, Anthony Foxx, said the department had formed a task force to come up with the details for the registration process. The task force will be composed of more than two dozen representatives from the drone and manned aviation industries, federal government and other groups.周一,在华盛顿的一次会议上,运输部长安东尼·福克斯(Anthony Foxx)说,运输部已经成立专案组,制定这一登记程序的具体细节。该专案组由20多名成员组成,分别来自无人驾驶与有人驾驶航空业、联邦政府与其他组织。Mr. Foxx asked the group to deliver a report with its findings by Nov. 20, with the goal of putting them into place by December, an unusually speedy process for a new aviation rule with the potential to affect millions of drones. Mr. Foxx said the department was motivated to act fast because of growing reports of safety violations by drones, and because the devices are expected to be big sellers during the holiday season.福克斯要求这一小组在11月20日前递交一份报告,目的是于12月付诸实施,鉴于这项新航空规定可能会影响到数以百万计的无人机,速度快得非同寻常。福克斯说,运输部想做出快速反应,是因为部门接到的无人机影响安全的报告越来越多,而且一到假期,这种东西肯定会大卖。“We feel the level of urgency here is sufficient for us to move as quickly as we possibly can,” he said.“我们觉得这件事的紧迫性足以让我们尽快采取行动,”他说。Some drone makers were concerned, though, by the lack of detail about how the system will work and the speed with which the task force has been ordered to work out those particulars. Many questions about the regulation are unsettled, including exactly which drones are considered so harmless that they should be exempt from the new rules. The department said the regulations would not apply to toys and other small drones that posed low safety risks.不过,有些无人机生产者表示担心,因为这个系统如何运作,目前缺乏细节,而且专案组被要求很快制定出相关条文。关于这个规定,目前有很多问题都悬而未决,包括什么样的无人机应当被认为完全无害,可以排除在这些新规定里。运输部说,这些规定不适用于玩具无人机,以及其他低安全风险的小型无人机。“Whether a national drone registration system is workable and serves the purposes articulated by the secretary will depend on the criteria used to determine which drones are included, and the burden that is imposed on the public,” Brendan Schulman, vice president for policy and legal affairs at DJI, a leading Chinese drone maker, wrote in an email. “DJI is a strong supporter of drone safety initiatives, but the deadline announced today is extremely ambitious and surprising considering that the rule-making process for civilian drones has been in progress for a decade.”“全国无人机登记系统是否有效,能不能达到部长所强调的目的,关键在于对包含在规定中的无人机定义标准,以及该系统对公众所造成的负担,”中国顶尖无人机生产商DJI公司负责政策与法律事务的副总裁布伦丹·舒尔曼(Brendan Schulman)在电子邮件中说。“DJI非常持无人机安全倡议,但是鉴于为民用无人机制定规则的进程已经持续了十年,今天宣布的截止日期实在过于艰巨,令人吃惊。”It is not clear, for example, whether drones registered with the government will have to be physically labeled with the equivalent of a vehicle license plate — using a sticker, perhaps — or whether drones will be configured to electronically broadcast a unique registration number. A sticker could be useful if law enforcement officials are able to take possession of a drone after a crash. But it might not be as helpful if drone operators simply flew their devices away.比如,在政府登记的无人机是否应当悬挂和机动车牌照类似的实体牌照——可能会使用不干胶——又或者无人机是否应当配备具有独一无二的登记号的电子广播。这些目前都不清晰。如果执法人员能够在事故后得到无人机实体,不干胶可能有用。但如果无人机操作者让无人机逃掉了,那不干胶就没用了。Anyone who fails to register a drone could face civil fines up to ,500 and, if warranted, criminal penalties up to 0,000 or up to three years in jail, or both, according to a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration. He said the rule would apply to drones aly sold, not just new ones. Recreational fliers of drones do not have to be licensed, though there are stricter rules for commercial operators.联邦航空的发言人说,没有给自己的无人机作登记的机主可能会面临高达27500美元的民事罚款,如有必要,还会受到最高25万美元的刑事罚款,或入狱三年,又或二者兼有。他说,这项规定不仅适用于新的无人机,也适用于已经售出的无人机。宣传用的小型无人机不必登记,但对于商业运营者将有更加严格的规定。The registration proposal is just one of many measures that federal regulators are taking to open the skies to drones operated by civilians. The Federal Aviation Administration, which is part of the Transportation Department, has also introduced public education initiatives, including a “Know Before You Fly” campaign aimed at sping awareness about aviation rules among drone operators.这项规定草案是联邦监管者采取的众多措施之一,旨在向平民拥有的无人机开放领空。联邦航空隶属运输部,它已经发起了若干公众教育活动,比如向无人机操作者宣传有关航空规定的“飞前须知”活动。A “No Drone Zone” campaign uses signs showing a slash through a drone to let operators know where the devices are prohibited — near airports, for instance.“无人机禁飞区”活动使用了在无人机图案上画一道斜线的标识,让操作者明白,哪些地方是禁止无人机飞行的——比如说机场附近。“This isn’t riding your A.T.V. on your own property,” Mr. Foxx said. “This is going into space where other users are occupying that space. It’s a matter of responsibility that we take seriously.”“这和在自己家的地皮上开越野沙滩车不一样,”福克斯说,“你进入的空间里还有其他用户。这是我们要认真对待的责任。” /201510/405831

  Where do dogs come from?是从哪里来的?Gray wolves are their ancestors. Scientists are pretty consistent about that. And researchers have suggested that dogs’ origins can be traced to Europe, the Near East, Siberia and South China.灰狼是的祖先。在这件事上,科学家们的意见相当一致。研究人员认为,的起源可以追溯到欧洲、近东、西伯利亚和中国南方。Central Asia is the newest and best candidate, according to a large study of dogs from around the world.对世界各地犬只进行的一项大型研究最新显示,最有可能的起源地是中亚。Laura M. Shannon and Adam R. Boyko at Cornell University, and an international group of other scientists, studied not only purebred dogs, but also street or village dogs — the free-ranging scavengers that make up about 75 percent of the planet’s one billion dogs.康奈尔大学(Cornell University)的劳拉·M·莎伦(Laura M. Shannon)和亚当·R·伊科(Adam R. Boyko)与其他科学家一起,组成了一个国际研究小组。该小组不只调查纯种犬,也包括街上或乡村里的——全球共有十亿只,其中大约75%是自由来去的流浪。Dr. Shannon analyzed three different kinds of DNA, Dr. Boyko said, the first time this has been done for such a large and diverse group of dogs, more than 4,500 dogs of 161 breeds and 549 village dogs from 38 countries. That allowed the researchers to determine which geographic groups of modern dogs were closest to ancestral populations genetically. And that led them to Central Asia as the place of origin for dogs in much the same way that genetic studies have located the origin of modern humans in East Africa.莎伦士分析了三种不同类型的DNA,伊科士说,这是第一次对如此众多、如此多样化的犬只进行研究,包括了161个品种的逾4500只,以及来自38个国家的549只乡村。因此研究人员能够分析出哪些现代犬只的地理群落在基因上最接近其祖先群体。基因研究确定了现代人类起源于东非,而他们也采用大致一样的方式,确定了犬类的起源地是中亚。The analysis, Dr. Boyko said, pointed to Central Asia, including Mongolia and Nepal, as the place where “all the dogs alive today” come from. The data did not allow precise dating of the origin, he said, but showed it occurred at least 15,000 years ago. They reported their findings Monday in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.伊科士说,分析显示,包括蒙古和尼泊尔在内的中亚地区是“目前所有尚存的犬种”的来源地。他说这些数据不足以对起源进行精确测年,但从中可以看到是在至少1.5万年前。本周一,他们的报告发表在《美国国家科学院院刊》(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences)上。Greger Larson of Oxford University, who is leading a large international effort to analyze ancient DNA from fossilized bones, said he was impressed by the scope of the study. “It’s really great to see not just the sheer number of street dogs, but also the geographic bth and the number of remote locations where the dogs were sampled,” he said in an email. He also praised the sampling of different kinds of DNA and the analytic methods.牛津大学的格雷格·拉尔森(Greger Larson)是一个大型国际项目的领导者,主持对骨化石中古代DNA的分析工作。拉尔森说这项犬只研究的规模给他留下了深刻的印象。“该研究涵盖的流浪数目,以及采样犬只所涉及的地域广度和边远地区的数量,让人觉得很了不起,”他在一封电邮中说。他还称赞了对不同种类DNA进行采样的做法以及分析方法。But in the world of dog studies, very little is definitive. The most recent common ancestor of today’s dogs lived in Central Asia, Dr. Boyko said, although he cannot rule out the possibility that some dogs could have been domesticated elsewhere and died out. Or dogs domesticated elsewhere could have gone to Central Asia from somewhere else and then diversified into all the canines alive today, he said.但在犬类研究领域,很少有研究是确定的。伊科士表示,现存犬种的最近共祖生活在中亚地区,但他无法排除一些犬只可能在其他地方受到驯化并灭绝的可能性。他表示,或者在其他地方经过驯化的犬只从别的地方来到中亚,然后经过多样化发展,演化成现存的所有犬种。Dr. Larson, who was not involved with the study, said he thought the Central Asia finding required further testing. He said he suspected that the origins of modern dogs were “extremely messy” and that no amount of sampling of living populations will be definitive. He said a combination of studies of modern and ancient DNA is necessary.没有参与这项研究的拉尔森表示,他认为起源于中亚的结果需要进一步的检验。他认为现代犬只的起源“非常混乱”,即使对再多的现存犬只取样也无法确定。他表示,需要把对现代及古代DNA的研究结合起来。Dr. Boyko said the new research for the first time analyzed three sources of DNA from both purebred and village dogs worldwide. The team analyzed DNA from all the chromosomes in the cell nucleus, from the Y chromosome specifically, found only in males, and from mitochondria, cellular energy machines outside the nucleus that are inherited from the mother.伊科士表示,新研究首次分析了世界各地的纯种和乡村的三种DNA。该团队分析了细胞核的所有染色体、只有公犬携带的Y染色体及线粒体的DNA,线粒体是位于遗传自母体的细胞核外的细胞能量制造结构。Dr. Boyko traveled to a number of the locations where blood was drawn from village dogs. He said, “The great thing about working with dogs is that if you show up with food you don’t usually have trouble recruiting subjects. Usually.”伊科士走访了很多乡村的采血点。他表示,“与一起工作最棒的一点就是,如果你拿着食物,征召作为实验对象通常不会遇到困难。通常是这样。”He added: “We showed up in Puerto Rico at a fishing village and the dogs turned up their noses at roast beef sandwiches. They were used to eating fish entrails.”他还表示,“我们去了波多黎各的一个渔村,那里的过来嗅烤牛肉三明治。它们通常吃鱼内脏。” /201510/404917

  Ever tried to answer a smart phone with your hands full? Try your foot instead. Kick Soul is an insole that you can slip inside shoes to control digital devices with a flick of your foot.你是否尝试过当双手都被占满的时候接电话呢?改用你的脚试试。Kick Soul是一款鞋垫,你可以轻踏你的脚来滑动鞋垫,从而控制电子设备。Xavier Benavides and his team at the MIT Media Lab sewed a gyroscope and accelerometer between two layers of spongy insole. The system’s algorithm analyses the foot’s motion and transmits the information via Bluetooth to your phone.在麻省理工媒体实验室,Xavier Benavides和他的团队在两层海绵鞋垫间缝入了一个陀螺仪和加速计。系统算法会分析脚的动作并通过蓝牙发送至你的手机。It recognizes two foot movements: pushing an imaginary object away with your foot, and pulling one closer to you. With just two foot motions, you can scroll, zoom in and out on a map, accept or reject a phone call, save a file or delete it. The idea is that the smart phone’s Bluetooth detects which compatible smart devices are nearby and works out which ones the user wants to operate. The algorithm can differentiate between fidgeting or walking and intentional movements.它可以识别两种脚部动作:用你的脚将一个想象的物体推开以及拉近。有了这两个动作,你可以翻页,放大和缩小地图,接听或拒绝电话,保存或删除一个文件。智能手机的蓝牙可以探测出哪个并存的智能设备在附近并计算出哪个是使用者想要运行的。算法可以区别出坐立不安或正常行走与有意识的动作。Ten people tested the insoles and said they were comfortable and unobtrusive. The idea was presented at a user interface conference in North Carolina earlier this month. Benavides thinks the system is perfect for answering calls or turning on lights when laden with groceries, for example. “It’s very useful because our feet are almost always free,” he says.10个人测试了这款鞋垫,认为很舒很隐蔽。这个想法本月初在北卡罗莱纳州的用户接口会议上展示了。Benavides认为系统很完美,比如对于正在干杂物的女性如果想要接电话或开灯。“它非常有用因为我们的脚大多数情况下都在空闲着。”他说。译文属原创,,不得转载。 /201512/415063

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