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I am not sure how comfortable i am with computerized lifts.我不确定在计算机化的电梯里能有多舒适。She`s a bit elevator-wary.她有点警惕电梯故障。Don`t they make you feel claustrophobic?它们不会让你感到幽闭恐惧吗?How exactly does an elevator work?电梯究竟如何运作的?It looks like this one is out of order.看起来这部电梯发生故障了。we`re packed like sardines in here.我们这里像沙丁鱼罐头一样挤成一堆。Everyone stay calm!大家都保持冷静。we have to try not to panic.我们要试着别惊慌。Looks like we`re going to be stuck in here for a while.看起来我们要被困在这里一段时间了。Have you called for help yet?你呼救了吗?Can`t we force the doors open?我们不能强行打开电梯门吗?Let`t just sit tight.让我们耐心等待吧。It`s probably safer to wait it out.也许耐心等待故障清除会更安全。Just take a deep breath and relax.做做深呼吸,放松一下。Have you tried the ;door open; button?你试过按开门键吗?Try tapping the door with a key,the sound travels really far.试试用钥匙轻拍电梯门,声音会传得更远。Don`t worry,we`ll be out in no time.别担心,我们马上就能出去。Just remember,elevators have cameras---let`s not do anything stupid.只需要记着,电梯里有摄像头,别做傻事。 /201501/351910In addition to Google’s Person Finder tool, Facebook and the Red Cross are offering services for friends and family members to connect with each other in Nepal and for survivors to let others know they are safe.除了谷歌的找人应用,Facebook和红十字会也开发了在线务,帮助人们寻找地震中幸存的亲人和朋友。Last year Facebook launched its Safety Check feature, which allows users of the social networking service to tell friends they’re safe after disasters and to check on others. The service has been activated for the Nepal earthquake, Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive of Facebook, announced Saturday.去年,Facebook推出了“安全检查”社交应用,用户可以通过它在灾难之后向朋友报平安,也可以及时了解对方的情况。Facebook首席执行官马克·扎克伯格周六宣布,该应用已经为尼泊尔地震启动。The Nepal Red Cross and the International Committee of the Red Cross are also operating an online service that allows users to search for missing family members and report missing people.尼泊尔红十字会和国际红十字委员会也在运行一款在线务,用户可以借它寻找失踪的亲人,或者报告有人失踪。 /201504/372186

In the digital age, one way for a brand to make itself relevant is to get social media traction. By that measure, plus-size retailer Lane Bryant Inc. is succeeding.在数码时代,一个品牌要想获得知名度,在社交媒体上攒人气是个非常好的方法。从这个角度来看,大码女装零售商Lane Bryant公司正走在成功的路上。Lane Bryant Inc., which sells women’s clothing size 14 to 28, became a hot topic in social media after the company released an ad campaign featuring vamping, slightly-large supermodels in slinky lingerie, a not-so-subtle jab at Victoria’s Secret 2014 ads where ultrathin “angels” wore wings.Lane Bryant公司主营加大码女装,最近该公司发布的一则广告成为美国社交网络的热门话题。在这则广告中,一排“微胖界”女模特穿着清凉内衣,热辣出镜,矛头直指内衣品牌“维多利亚的秘密”2014年的广告“天使”。Hashtagged #ImNoAngel, the salvo from Lane Bryant’s CEO and President Linda Heasley aims to revitalize the flagging brand by cashing in on the growing “body-positive” movement.琳达o西斯里是Lane Bryant公司的CEO兼总裁,她之所以推出这则名为“我不是天使”的广告,就是为了利用时下正在兴起的“身材正能量”活动,以提振低迷的品牌形象。In one day, #ImNoAngel garnered 30,000 Facebook and Twitter mentions, 85% of them positive, according to Folke Lemaitre, CEO and founder of Engagor, an analytics firm monitoring social media. Twitter followers were growing 4 percent a day. Activity was 80% women 25 to 44. The terms used most often: “redefining body image,” and “celebrates women.”社交媒体分析公司Engagor创始人兼CEO福尔克o勒迈特雷表示,在短短一天内,“我不是天使”就在Facebook和Twitter上被提到了3万次,其中85%的都是正面的。该公司在Twitter上的粉丝一天就上涨了4%。80%的回应者是25到44岁的女性,出现频率最高的词就是“重新定义了身材形象”和“祝贺女性”。The ad’s four supermodels, wearing the Cacique lingerie line, suggestively whisper lines such as, “I mean honey, have you seen all this?” It aims at Victoria’s Secret’s “Perfect Body” campaign, which sparked petitions opposing the images. #ImNoAngel ads show some small rolls of flesh, and one model’s abdominal scar from ovarian cancer surgery.广告中出现的四名超模身穿Cacique系列内衣,暗示性地低声说出“亲爱的,你看见了吗?”。这针对的是“维多利亚的秘密”的“完美身材”广告,后者一经推出就遭到不少网民炮轰,甚至有人请愿要求将其撤下。而“我不是天使”中的超模们人人腰间都缀着“游泳圈”,一名模特的腹部甚至还有卵巢癌手术留下的疤痕。“Our brand has begun to change the conversation of traditional notions of beauty,” CEO Heasley crowed in a press statement.CEO西斯里在一份媒体声明中骄傲地宣称:“我们的品牌已经开始转变人们对美的传统观念。”CEO of the Columbus, Ohio-based company since 2013, Heasley has brought a few designer “sub-brands” to Lane Bryant, and chic athletic wear. (Lane Bryant is a unit of Ascena Retail group, with 767 stores and 7,900 U.S. employees.) For decades, Lane Bryant was derided as a down-market mall staple selling outdated, stretchy, dowdy coverups. “It’s a new Lane Bryant,” Heasley told industry journal Racked. Previously at the Limited, she added Eloquii, a fast-fashion, runway-inspired line similar to Zara’s, in large sizes.Lane Bryant公司的总部位于俄亥俄州哥伦布市。自2013年就任CEO以来,西斯里先后为公司带来了几个“子品牌”和运动女装。(Lane Bryant公司是Ascena Retail集团的子公司,在全美拥有767家商店和7900名员工。)几十年来,一直有许多人嘲笑该公司销售的低档老式胸罩。不过西斯里对行业杂志《Racked》表示:“现在我们已经是一家全新的Lane Bryant公司了。”在此前Lane Bryant供职于“维多利亚的秘密”的母公司Limited集团期间,她还推出过一个名叫Eloquii的平价女装品牌,亲民的价格与Zara有些类似,只不过它也是专门针对微胖界的大码产品。Capitalizing on the the “body-positive”movement is a good move for Lane Bryant, contends Ruth Bernstein, co-founder of YARD advertising agency, whose clients include Henri Bendel and Banana Republic. The campaign, after all, arrives as the the plus-size market is growing. Trendy, new entrants include Forever21, Hamp;M, and Wet Seal. Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Michael Kors license their names to plus-size lines. Yet other big names, including Saks Fifth Avenue, have exited; plus-sizebrand Avenue went bankrupt.广告公司YARD的联合创始人露丝o伯恩斯坦认为,抓住“身材正能量”运动的机会进行宣传,是Lane Bryant公司走出的一步好棋。毕竟如今大码女装的市场正在增长。且不说Forever21、Hamp;M和Wet Seal等品牌都开始做大码女装,就连Calvin Klein、拉夫劳伦、Tommy Hilfiger和Michael Kors也开始进入大码女装市场。其他一些知名品牌,比如Saks Fifth Avenue,则退出了大码女装领域,它的专业大码女装品牌Avenue也宣告破产。The problem is not a lack of large women: 64% of U.S. women are overweight, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says. Half of U.S. women wear size 14 or larger, and they hold about one-third of women’s overall apparel purchasing power—about .5 billion a year, says retail analysts NPD Group. Small niche companies addressing this market have seen sales rise 31% in the past two years, helped by a tidal wave of plus-fashion bloggers — some with branded clothing lines.美国其实并不缺女胖纸:根据美国疾病控制与预防中心的数据,64%的美国妇女都不同程度的体重超标。零售分析公司NPD集团的数据显示,半数美国女性都穿14码以上的衣,她们的装购买力占全体美国女性的三分之一,约为每年175亿美元。在过去两年里,瞄准这个小众市场的公司的销售额增长了31%。当然这也离不开一些做大码女装的网络红人推波助澜,一些网络红人还有自己的大码装品牌。Lane Bryant’s CEO has noticed. “I love going on bloggers’ sites,” Heasley told Biz Journal. “They teach me every day how we should be thinking about this.” And perhaps selling like this: curvy blogger Gabbi Gregg’s “fatkinis” – large two-piece suits — went viral in 2013 and 2014 and sold out in an hour.Lane Bryant公司的CEO也注意到了这一点,她对《Biz Journal》表示:“我喜欢看客网站,她们每天都在教我应该怎样考虑这件事。”以美国的客达人加比o格雷格为例(她自己就是个女胖纸),她推出的“肥基尼”(即肥版比基尼)曾在2013和2014年红极一时,上架不到一小时就被抢购一空。Fatkinis and #ImNoAngel are the latest wave in the body-positive movement, built on decades of feminist researchshowing the harmful effects of media images of rail-thin women. Dove’s landmark “Real Beauty” campaign, begun in 2004, took it mainstream, posing non-professionals in their underwear, eventually getting 65 million YouTube views.“肥基尼”和“我不是天使”只是“身材正能量”运动的最近一次发力。女权主义者几十年来的研究早已表明,媒体大力宣传的那种超瘦的“麻杆型”身材是有害的。多芬公司2004年推出的“真正的美”广告将身材正能量运动带入了主流,这则广告让非专业模特穿着内衣上镜,最终在YouTube上收获了6500万次的点击量。Still, Lane Bryant might have a tougher road. Studies show, for instance, that larger models don’t actually make womenfeel better. And some in the curvy community bemoaned the cat fight aspect of the campaign. “I don’t believe that as plus size women we must be pitted against mainstream ideals to be seen as beautiful,” plus-size fashion blogger Sarah Conley said.不过,摆在Lane Bryant公司前面的路也许依然不好走。研究显示,大码女装并不会令女性感觉更好。有些微胖界人士也对Lane Bryant利与“维多利亚的秘密”勾心斗角表示遗憾。大码女装主萨拉o康利就表示:“我不认为作为胖女人,我们必须与主流的审美理念作斗争。”It remains to be seen whether Lane Bryant can parlay this social media buzz into sales. “Consumers are intrigued,” says Engagor’s Lemaitre. “But it will be up to the company to deliver.”Lane Bryant公司能否利用此次社交媒体上的良好反响扩大销量,目前还有待观察。Engagor公司的勒迈特雷认为:“消费者的确被这则广告吸引了,但结果还要看该公司能拿出什么产品。” /201504/371651

If all proceeds as planned, the world’s biggest animal cloning center will open next year in the northeastern Chinese port city of Tianjin, taking factory farming to a new level.如果一切按计划进行,世界上最大的动物克隆中心将于明年在中国北方的港口城市天津开业,将工厂化农业提升到一个新水平。The center, being built by Boyalife Group, a Chinese biotechnology company, and Sooam Biotech, a South Korean company that specializes in animal cloning, will eventually churn out up to a million beef cattle embryos a year, as well as sniffer dogs, racehorses and other animals, its backers say. When completed, at a projected cost of 0 million, it will include a research laboratory, a gene bank and a museum.该中心是由中国生物技术公司雅控股集团(Boyalife Group)和专门从事动物克隆的韩国秀岩生命工学研究院(Sooam Biotech)兴建。它的投资者说,该中心最终能一年大量生产出上百万个肉牛胚胎,以及嗅探犬、赛马和其他动物。这个预计花费5亿美元(约32亿元人民币)兴建的中心落成后,内部的设施将包括研究实验室、基因库和物馆各一个。Public education appeared to be a concern of Xu Xiaochun, Boyalife’s chief executive, during a conference call with journalists on Thursday, in which he sought to quell anxieties over the technology.在周四与记者的电话会议中,雅控股首席执行官许晓椿似乎对公众教育相当重视。他试图平息公众对这项技术的各种焦虑。“Clone technology is aly around us,” Mr. Xu said. “It’s just that not everyone knows about it.” He added that many strawberries and bananas sold in Chinese supermarkets were the products of this technology.“克隆技术已经在我们日常生活当中,”许晓椿说。 “只是不是每个人都知道这件事。”他补充说,许多在中国超市出售的草莓和香蕉都是这项技术的产品。The process, he said, is just like “pouring a glass of orange juice into another empty glass,” meaning the cloned entity will be identical to the original.他说,克隆过程就像“将一杯橙汁倒到另一个空杯子里”,也就是说克隆体将与原体毫无区别。“And I call tell you all that cloned beef is the tastiest beef I have ever had,” he said.他说:“我想告诉你们的是,克隆牛肉是我吃过最美味的牛肉”But Mr. Xu must contend with skeptical consumers in China, where food safety is a near obsession after scandals like melamine-tainted baby formula and recycled industrial “gutter oil.” Online reaction to the project has been overwhelmingly negative.但是,许晓椿必须努力说持怀疑态度的中国消费者。当婴儿配方奶粉被三聚氰胺污染、“地沟油”被回收使用等丑闻传出后,他们对食品安全异常关注。网上对项目的反应一直是非常负面的态度。“Crazily evil!!!” commented the user No-Music-No-Life on Weibo.微用户No-Music-No-Life说:“邪恶到疯狂!!!”。A person with the handle Xingchen Miaoyu wrote, “Please serve cloned beef to leaders first!”微网名为“星尘喵语”的用户写道,“请先让领袖尝尝克隆牛肉!”A commenter with the user name Zhenwei Shusheng added, “China has become a major biotech research lab and Chinese are the experimental subjects.”微用户“真伪书生”补充道:“你国就是一个全球大型生物实验基地。你国人就是实验品。”Others questioned the decision to build such a plant in Tianjin, the site of a deadly chemical explosion in August that killed 173, fearing lax law enforcement could compound an aly complicated issue.其他人质疑将这样一个工厂建立在天津的决定。天津在8月发生了一场致命的化学爆炸,导致173人死亡。他们担心执法不严可能加剧本已复杂的问题。“The real-life version of ‘Resident Evil’?” asked the Weibo user Li Li, referring to the science-fiction film series that features a bioengineering company that produces bioweapons.微用户“李理64025”问道:“现实版‘生化危机’吗?”他指的是一个科幻电影系列,情节涉及一家生产生化武器的生物工程公司。The undertaking has also been clouded by a scandal that embroiled the head of the South Korean partner, Hwang Woo-suk. In 2005, Dr. Hwang was found to have fabricated research that he had claimed used cloning to produce human embryos and extract stem cells from them.该项目也因另一个原因而蒙上了阴影,因为韩国合作伙伴的负责人黄禹锡(Hwang Woo-suk)有丑闻缠身。2005年,黄禹锡被揭捏造研究,他声称利用了克隆技术制造人类胚胎并从中提取干细胞。But he has since focused his attention on animal cloning. His company worked with Boyalife to develop a rare Tibetan mastiff last year with a hefty price.但他从那时开始,他就专注于动物克隆。去年,其公司与雅合作,投入巨资培养了一种罕见的纯种藏獒。Beijing has watched with both envy and caution since the first cloned mammal, Dolly, a sheep, was born in Scotland in 1996. Since then, Chinese scientists have cloned cows and pigs, but they have largely limited such activities to experimental purposes.北京对此既羡慕又谨慎,因为在1996年,首只克隆哺乳动物,绵羊多莉(Dolly),在苏格兰出生。从那时起,中国科学家克隆了牛和猪,但这种活动很大程度只限于实验目的。Cloning is used in some farm animal breeding programs in the ed States, but in September, the European Parliament voted in favor of a ban on cloned animals and their products, arguing that current techniques inflict greater suffering on animals than conventional breeding.在美国,克隆技术用于一些农场动物的育种计划。但在9月,欧洲议会投票赞成了一项针对克隆动物及销售克隆动物产品的禁令,因为目前的技术,会比常规育种对动物造成更大的痛苦。Zhu Yi, an associate professor at China Agricultural University, said that cloning technology could help China reduce its reliance on cattle imports to meet its people’s rising demand for beef. “But long term, this is not a solution,” she warned, emphasizing the need to assess the risks of using such technology and to overhaul China’s livestock industry.中国农业大学副教授朱毅说,克隆技术可以帮助中国减少对牛进口的依赖,满足人们对牛肉日益上升的需求。她警告说,“但长期来看,这不是一个解决方法。”她还强调,需要评估使用这种技术的风险,也需要改革中国的畜牧业。The high costs of grain for feed and other items have squeezed profits for many Chinese cattle breeders and have depressed production, forcing a number of meat processors to turn to imports.饲料及其他项目成本高昂,挤压了许多中国养牛者的利润,也减少了产物,迫使一些肉类加工商转而使用进口牛肉。That situation presented an opportunity for Mr. Xu, who said he hoped cloning would help improve livestock production within China.这种情况对许晓椿来说是个机会,他说希望克隆技术将有助提高中国国内畜牧业产量。“One reason we have so much low-quality beef is because we haven’t applied clone technology,” Mr. Xu said. “This is the only way to allow Chinese and many other people in the world to enjoy high-quality beef in an efficient manner.”“我们有这么多的低质量牛肉的原因之一是还没有应用克隆技术,”许晓椿说。“这是让中国人和世界上的其他其他的人,能够以高效地享用高品质牛肉的唯一途径。”Before bringing cloned beef to the market, Mr. Xu said, his company must receive the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and other government agencies. He did not elaborate. The ministry did not immediately reply to a faxed request for comment.许晓椿说,把克隆牛肉带进市场前,该公司必须先获得农业部及其他政府机构的批准。他没有详细说明。该部门并没有对传真过去的置评请求立即作出回复。Ma Wenfeng, an analyst at Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultant, raised doubts over this approach for mass-producing beef. “I think clone technology can be used for endangered species, but it’s not very necessary for animal husbandry,” he said. “I don’t think this will be very economical, and I doubt this model will take off any time soon”.北京东方艾格农业咨询公司分析师马文峰,对于以此种方式大量生产牛肉表示怀疑。“我认为克隆技术可用于濒危物种,但对于畜牧业则不是非常必要的,”他说。“我不认为这样做很经济,而且我怀疑这种模式在可预见的未来能否推广开来。”On Thursday, Mr. Xu said the venture had aims beyond just profits. “Our priority is to do a good job,” he said, “so we’ll achieve greater social influence.”周四,许晓椿表示,合资公司的目的不仅仅是利润。 “我们的首要任务是要把这做好,”他说,“这样我们会获得更大的社会影响力。” /201511/412697

Amazon AMZN -0.66% today unveiled Dash Buttons, an easy way for customers to order select bulk goods via an internet-connected button, and yesterday launched Home Services, an on-demand installation and handyman service. Combined, they show that the e-commerce giant has a clear understanding of how the Internet-of-things will benefit its business. And it isn’t going to be shy about capitalizing on connectivity to build its bottom line.4月1日,亚马逊发布了一键下单按钮Dash Buttons,通过这款联网的按钮,消费者可以轻松预订某种特定货品。而就在之前一天,该公司推出了家庭务平台Home Services,顾客可以按需定制安装、维修等务。这两项业务表明,作为电子商务巨头,亚马逊已清楚认识到物联网将给自身业务带来怎样的好处,并毫不犹豫地开始放手利用网络互连来创造利润。Dash Buttons are an adaptation of Amazon’s voice-controlled Dash ordering system that lets people speak to order new grocery items, and will allow Amazon Prime members to order one item with the push of an WiFi-based connected button. Amazon has 17 brands (including Bounty and Tide) on board at launch, so folks can re-order their bulk goods with a button-click.Dash Buttons按钮是亚马逊的声控下单设备Dash的一个衍生品,持用户通过语音下单,订购日杂商品,而且亚马逊Prime会员只需轻轻一按以WiFi联网的Dash Buttons,,即可订购某种商品。这款刚刚问世的产品覆盖了汰渍等17个品牌,只要按下相应的按钮,用户就可重复下单。Amazon also has advertised a developer program that allows companies to build re-ordering buttons directly into their own hardware. Listed on that page are partners such as Whirlpool (re-order laundry supplies), Brother (ink and toner), Brita (water filters) and Quirky (which is launching a line of appliances including a fancy pour-ver coffee machine). An Amazon spokesman says the first Dash-enabled devices will start showing up in the fall.此外,亚马逊已经开始大肆宣传其开发者项目。这个项目允许各厂商在自己的硬件产品里直接内置重复下单按钮。目前的合作伙伴包括惠而浦洗衣机(再订购洗衣用品)、兄弟打印机(墨水和碳粉)、Brita净水器和Quirky手冲咖啡机等产品。亚马逊一位发言人表示,首批具有此项功能的产品将在今年秋季问世。So what Amazon has is a retrofit strategy for connecting smart appliances to its e-commerce operations and a future-facing strategy for the coming flood of connected devices. And all of this is geared around making buying products from Amazon as easy as possible. The plan aly was somewhat validated by the popular Internet-of-things startup If This Then That, which in February launched a one-button app that let users assign one task to a single button. For example, one of my one-button tasks was was posting a message to Slack whenever I left my desk.也就是说,为了应对未来大量联网设备上市的浪潮,亚马逊已经调整了战略,以便将智能设备和其电商业务连接在一起。而所有这些都围绕着一个核心,那就是尽量让购物变得简单。这项计划在一定程度上已经被热门物联网创业公司If This Then That验过了: 今年2月, If This Then That推出了一款一键触发应用,功能是让用户把一项任务绑定到一个按键或按钮上。比如说,我绑定的一键任务之一是当我离开办公桌后,在企业通信工具Slack上发布提示信息。The simplicity of one-button tasks are appealing, although it could lead to a mess of packages ending up at people’s doors if Amazon doesn’t try to minimize waste on its end, by grouping shipments together when possible. People on Twitter seem mostly concerned about pets and small children playing with the Dash Buttons and ordering multiples of their Kraft Macaroni and Cheese boxes, although Amazon notes that if the button is pressed more than once, the order doesn’t go through on the second time, and you’ll get a smartphone notification about it.尽管一键下单的便捷性令人着迷,但是如果亚马逊不设法减少终端的浪费、尽可能地合并发货,这个功能或许会导致用户家门口被杂乱的包裹堆满。Twitter上的反应表明,人们最担心家里的宠物或小孩子乱动Dash Buttons,重复订购卡夫通心粉或芝士粉等商品。但亚马逊声明,多次按动下单按钮生成的订单并不会即刻通过,用户的智能手机将先收到相应的下单提示信息。Amazon also recently launched Home Services, following up on last year’s opening of a home automation e-store devoted to connected gadgets for the home — many of which require a professional installer. So now Amazon can sell these devices along with the person who can install them.另一项亚马逊刚推出的Home Services务也与它先前的业务有关。去年,亚马逊建立了家庭自动化电子商铺,旨在向家庭用户出售联网设备。而这些设备均需要由专业人士安装。现在有了Home Services,亚马逊在销售这些设备的同时,也开始向用户提供专业的安装务。It also is focusing on maintenance, via a network of service providers that it can call on for its network of suppliers or for its own planned connected home play –something I’ve previously advised companies interested in the connected home to do as a way of closing the loop. Because while data and the algorithms that will be used to detect when there is actually a problem in the home are going to be an essential ingredient, we will still need the people on the ground to fix those problems for a long time to come.这项务的另一个重点是维修,它通过一个务提供商网络来实现,务对象则包括亚马逊的供应商及其计划中的互联家庭。此前我曾建议,有意于互联家庭市场的企业可以这样做,以便形成完整的业务链。我这样说的原因在于,要想即时发现家里出了问题,数据和算法固然必不可少,但在今后很长一段时间里,仍需要有人来切实解决这些问题。So far, Amazon is impressing me with its understanding of how the Internet-of-things can affect its business. With Dash, it’s making an offensive play to ring up more sales as devices come online. With Amazon Home Services, it’s making a defensive play as other large companies try to become more vertically integrated. My only question is where does the voice-activated Amazon Echo speaker fit into all of this? Is it, like the original Dash, more of a pilot devices designed to gather usage data to build other products, or is it an integral element for home control as I’m hoping?截至目前,亚马逊对物联网将如何影响自身业务的理解让人印象深刻。随着各种设备开始联网,亚马逊可以借助Dash硬件主动出击,提升销售额。同时,在其他大公司进一步进行业务垂直整合之际,Home Services让亚马逊有了抗击打能力。对我来说,唯一的问题在于亚马逊的语音助手硬件Echo怎样和这些务项目融合在一起?它是不是和原来的购物助手Dash一样,更多地是一款引导性性产品,用于收集使用数据,以便制造其他产品?还是说,它和我希望的一样,是智能家居控制中不可或缺的一环? /201504/369353

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