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重庆自体隆胸重庆新桥医院治疗狐臭多少钱Part . Green Transporation Festival.Keywords. Green Transporation Festival, oil, environment, reduce, other kinds of fuels.Vocabulary. hydrogen, propane, scooter, hybrid, ethanol.A. You are going to hear a report on green transporation festival.Supply the major points about the festival.Energy saving vehicles were part of the Green Transportation Festival in Washington D.C. last month.The vehicles are designed to reduce America dependence on oil and to help the environment.The festival takes place at several American cities.There are exhibits of cars, buses and motorized bicycles at the festivals.Most of them use little gas or use another kind of fuel such as biodiesel, electricity, hydrogen, natural gas or propane.People are also urged to consider simpler ways of getting around such as walking, biking and using public transportation systems.Personal transporation vehicles called scooters are also gaining interest.These methods all are avoid or reduce the use of gasoline and diesel fuel which are made from oil.Individuals, students and car makers took part in the festival.They wanted to show people what their so-called green vehicles could do.Terms of students competed prizes.The ed States has less than 5% of the world population, but it uses about 5% of the world oil.More than half of the nation oil is imported, most of it goes to transporation.But festival organizers say progress in technology is making it possible Americans to reduce their dependence on oil transporation.That because the kinds of energy saving vehicles are increasing.Hybrid vehicles, example, combine a gasoline engine and a electric motor.There are thousands on the road today.They can reduce gasoline use by as much as 50%.Vehicles powered by biodiesel fuel, electricity, ethanol, hydrogen or natural gas can reduce oil use by as much as 99%.Festival organizers say that efts to reduce oil imports in the ed States will also have important environmental and public health benefits.The burning of oil as fuel is responsible a large share of the gases blamed changes in the world climate.When gasoline is burned in cars, it also pollutes the air and this leads to breathing problems, cancer and other health problems.Organizers say that strong public demand hybrids and vehicles that use other kinds of fuels could ce carmakers to produce more such vehicles.And that the goal of the Green Transportation Festival.B. listen again, focus on some details of the inmation.Complete the statements. 3重庆去除黑痣哪家医院好 B. Fox Hollow golf course.Listen to a news report on an environmentally friendly golf course. As you listen, carefully study the words in the two columns and then complete the news summary.Golf courses and the environment have historically been at odds.It hard to reconcile the careful grooming and excessive water needed greens and fairways with conservation and natural habitats.One case in point, Lakewood Fox Hollow Golf Course had its construction temporarily halted so some killdeer eggs can hatch.A pair of red-tail hawks were also born during the construction of Fox Hollow.However, the golf course has recently won an award its relatively low impact and sustained wildlife.The Golf Course superintendents of America say Lakewood 7-hole fox Hollow course blends well with Bear Creek Lake grasslands, and the land still hosts foxes,deer, great horned owls, blue herons, coyotes and other wild life.Only three environmental Steward Awards are given out each year, So Lakewood officials are pretty excited about helping set the standard golf courses with a soft touch. 33359丰都县人民医院去眼袋多少钱

重庆全身美白针多少钱C. Keywordswomen, web, websites. Vocabularysurpass, Jupiter, genealogy.C1. The following passage you are going to hear is a news report on women and the Internet. Listen carefully, find the major difference between men and women when they surf the Internet. Then write down in the note m the different reasons why women use the Web. the first time ever the number of women on the web has surpassed the number of men, pushing the huge growth of females between the ages of and .Music websites like nsync.com are attracting teen girls and so are sites focused on fashion and shopping.An unscientific survey of teens, mostly girls attending Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, Calinia, shows teens are using the World Wide Web many reasons.My name is Fi and Im . I check my e-mail on the net and I chat sometimes. That all I did.My name is Sonia Fay Phillips. Im years old. Mostly I use the Internet looking up my college inmation or check my e-mail or chat. I use...mostly use it resources and studying because I dont have time play and stuff.My name is Lucien Morrison. Im . And I use the Internet to chat on, to get codes Play Station games, to check my-email and to play games on.Im Meesha, Im years old. I usually just search on the web, just anything Im looking or just search because Im bored or anything like that.Summer school students attending Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, Calinia.The Internet study released today conducted by Media Matrix and Jupiter Communications shows that men and women use the Web differently.Women use it as a tool, men tend to spend more time online playing around.Among the other most popular sites reported women on the web, ages 35 to , market-day.com and birthday-express.com. ages 55 and up, theyve been posting the second biggest jump in usage, aarp.org and genealogy.com.C. Now listen again, match column A with column B by figuring out who likes using which website. 508资阳去除红色胎记费用 Part . The Panama Canal handover.Keyword. The Panama Canal, 19th century, hard labor, cut off, engineering marvels, relinquish control of.Vocabulary. swamp, jungle, malaria, deposit, lock, toll, marvel, relinquish, coincide.A. Listen to three short paragraphs about Panama Canal, draw lines to match the paragraph number with its main idea.During the first half of the 19th century, much thought was given to building the Panama Canal.The discovery of gold in Calinia in 188 brought an increased demand a transporation link across Panama.A railroad line was completed after 6 years of hard labor in swamps and jungles.Over ,000 workmen died yellow fever and malaria. years workmen struggled against heat and disease.The canal cuts thousand of miles off sea journeys between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, raising ships from one ocean and depositing them in the other through a system of water locks and a man-made lake.Some ,000 ships pass through the canal every year, and pay 50 million dollars in tolls.The canal remains one of the engineering marvels of the world.It played a critical role in the development of global commerce.This month, the ed States relinquished control of the Panama Canal.Panamanian President and mal U.S President Jimmy Carter signed a document turning over the canal and the land surrounding it to Palama.It was in 1977 during Mr. Carter administration, that the U.S and the Palama made the initial agreement:The canal comes under Panamanian control on December 31.B. Listen to the following news item, complete the summary and details.And Panama takes ownership of the Panama Canal from the ed States at noon Friday, ending more than 90 years of the U.S control of the waterway.Panamanians are planing the day of celebrations to mark the event, which coincide with New Year Eve festivities.ed States later Thursday lowered its flag over the Palama Canal the last time with the brief ceremony attended by the Panamanian President. 1重庆第十三人民医院做祛疤手术多少钱

乐山市人民医院抽脂多少钱Voice 1: There have been some improvements. But the violence continues. But why does this violence continue? Why do people let it continue?声音1:现在情况有了一些改善但是暴力事件仍在持续为什么暴力事件还在发生?为什么人们会允许暴力发生?Voice : Esther suggests that people need to teach respect. They need to teach respect to their children and their commies. They need to practice respect with the men and women they see. Every person deserves respect; men, women, children, and even people who are different than we are. If people do not practice and show respect commies everywhere will suffer.声音:埃丝特表示,人们需要学会尊重他们需要教育孩子和社区居民学会尊重他们要尊重他们遇到的男性和女性所有人都应该得到尊重:无论是男性、女性、孩子,还是和我们不一样的人如果人们不表现出尊重,那所有地方都会遭受痛苦Voice 1: Today’s program ends with a message from Amnesty International.声音1:我们用国际特赦组织传递的信息来结束今天的节目;Violence against women is a violation of human rights. It cannot be proved right by any political, religious, or cultural claim. A global culture of disrespect toward women lets violence happen every day. The criminals who do this violence go unpunished. Amnesty International calls on you to help us stop violence against women. We call on you to help women to live lives where they are equal and have honour. Stop violence against women.;“针对妇女的暴力是违反人权的行为这种行为在任何政治、宗教和文化主张中都不能明是正确的不尊重女性的全球文化导致暴力每天都在发生犯下这种暴力行为的罪犯没有受到惩罚国际特赦组织呼吁大家帮助我们阻止这种针对女性的暴力我们呼吁大家帮助女性过上平等、有尊严的生活请停止对妇女使用暴力”译文属 971 The Moon and the Sun月球和太阳“How far away is the moon?” Chris asked his dad. His dad said that was a good question. He said the moon was not as far away as the sun. “How far away is the sun?” Chris asked. His dad said that was a good question. He said the sun was farther away than the moon. “Did you have to learn this in school?” Chris asked. Dad said, “Yes, I had to learn this in school.” Chris asked, “But you got it?” Dad said, “Yes, I got it.” Chris asked, “Why did you get it?” Dad said, “I got it because it isn’t important.” Chris asked, “If it isn’t important, why are we learning it?” His dad said that was a good question. He said, “You’re learning it because your teacher thinks it’s important.” Chris asked, “Can’t you call my teacher? Can’t you tell her that this isn’t important?”克里斯问父亲:“月球离我们有多远?”父亲认为这是个好问题他说月球没有太阳远克里斯问道:“太阳距我们有多远?”父亲认为这是个好问题他说太阳比月球还要远克里斯问道:“学校要学习这些吗?”父亲说:“是的,学校要学习这些”克里斯问道:“你是不是忘了?”父亲说:“是的,我忘记了”克里斯问道:“你为什么会忘记?”父亲说:“因为它不重要”克里斯问道:“如果不重要,那为什么还要学?”父亲说这个问题很好他认为:“那是因为老师觉得重要”克里斯问道:“你能给我们老师打电话吗?能不能告诉它这些不重要?”译文属原创,,不得转载 6385重庆谁做过自体脂肪隆胸重庆星辰整形医院收费标准



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