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2019年10月16日 10:48:36 | 作者:中医大夫 | 来源:新华社
Often men my age, President Clinton, by the way, when I met him said--Men my age, mention that character as their favorite of all the women Ive played. And I have my own secret understanding of why that is and it confirms every decision I made in high school. This is not to denigrate that girl, by the way, or the men who are drawn to her in anyway because shes still part of me and Im part of her. She wasnt acting but she was just behaving in a way that cowed girls, submissive girls, beaten up girls with very few ways out have behaved forever and still do in many worlds.很多年纪跟我差不多的男人,包括前总统克林顿,我遇到他的时候,他也曾经跟我说,琳达这个角色是我演过的女人当中,他们最喜欢的一个。在我心里,我非常了解背后的秘密。这也明我高中时候的决定是正确的。我想说,这并不是贬低那个女孩儿或者喜欢她的男性,因为她仍是我的一部分,我也是她的一部分。她的这种样子并不仅仅是表演出来的,事实上她只是那种脆弱顺从的女孩儿,受到命运的捉弄,没有别的出路,只有一直这么顺从下去,在现代社会,这样顺从而弱势的女孩依然存在。Now in a measure of how much the world has changed. The character most men mention as their favorite, is Miranda Priestly, the beleaguered totalitarian at the head of Runway magazine in Devil Wears Prada. To my mind, this represents such an optimistic shift. They related to Miranda. They wanted to date Linda. They feel sorry for Linda. But they feel like Miranda. They can relate to her issues: the high standards she sets for herself and others. The thanklessness of the leadership position, the ;Nobody Understans Me; thing, the loneliness. They stand outside one character, and they pity her. And they kind of fall in love with her, but they look through the eyes of this other character.但是现如今世界已经改变了,今天,大部分男人都说,他们最喜欢我演的角色是《穿着普拉达的女魔头》里面那个时尚杂志《天桥云裳》的总编辑,饱受批评的极端主义者米兰达。在我看来,这象征着想当乐观的转变。他们想与米兰达在一起,他们想要和琳达出去约会,并替她感到婉惜。但他们还是喜欢米兰达。因为他们可以在她身上找到自己的影子:她为自己和其他人设下了太高的标准,身处领导高位却不知感恩,纠葛于“无人懂我”的观念中,同时还伴有孤独感。他们如果站在角色之外,就会既可怜她又爱她,但他们会这样想,是因为他们理解这个角色。201403/279699This week in Manchester we’veshown this Party is on the side of hardworking people.Helping young people buy theirown home.Getting the long-term unemployedback to work.Freezing fuel duty.Backing marriage.Cutting the deficit.Creating jobs.Creating wealth.Make no mistake: it is this Partywith the verve, energy and ideas to take our country forward……and I want to thank everyonehere for the great week we’ve had.When we came to office, we faceda clear and daunting task: to turn our country around.In May 2010, the needle on thegauge was at crisis point.People were talking about ourcountry in a way they had not done for decades.But three and a half years later,we are beginning to turn the corner.The deficit is falling.Our economy is growing.The numbers of our fellowcountrymen and women in work are rising.We are not there yet, not by along way.But, my friends, we are on ourway.I want to thank the people whohave done the most to get us this far.You. The British people.Never giving up. Working thoseextra hours. Coping with those necessary cuts.You. British business. You keptpeople on in the hard times. Invested before you knew for certain that thingswere getting better.Together – we are clearing up themess that Labour left.But I have a simple question, tothe people in this hall and beyond it.Is that enough?Is it enough that we just clearup Labour’s mess and think ‘job done’?Is it enough to just fix whatwent wrong?I say – no. Not for me.This isn’t job done; it is jobbegun.I didn’t come into politics justto fix what went wrong, but to build something right.We in this party – we don’t dreamof deficits and decimal points and dry fiscal plans…our dreams are about helpingpeople get on in life……aspiration, opportunity……these are our words, our dreams.So today I want to talk about ourone, abiding mission……I believe it is the greatConservative mission…… that as our economy starts torecover……we build a land of opportunityin our country today.Now, I know, it’ll be tough.But I know we’ve got what ittakes in this Party.Some people say “can’t be done” –Conservatives say “what’s to stop us?”They said we couldn’t getterrorists out of our own country.Well – Theresa knew otherwise......and that’s why Abu Qatada hadhis very own May Day this year...…didn’t it feel good seeing himget on that plane?Some people said the NHS wasn’tsafe in our hands.Well – we knew otherwise.Who protected spending on theNHS? Not Labour – us.Who started the Cancer DrugsFund? Not Labour – us.And by the way – who presidedover Mid Staffs……patients left for so longwithout water, they were drinking out of dirty vases......people’s grandparents lyingfilthy and unwashed for days.Who allowed that to happen? Yes,it was Labour......and don’t you dare lectureanyone on the NHS again.And some people say a lot ofthings on Europe.You’ll never be able to veto anEU treaty.You’ll never cut the Budget.And if you did these things–you’d have no allies in Europe.Well we’ve proved them wrong.I vetoed that treaty……I got Britain out of the EUbail-out scheme……and yes – I cut that budget.And in doing all this, we haven’tlost respect – we’ve won allies to get powers back from Europe.That is what we will do......and at the end of it – yes –we will give the British people their say in a referendum.That is our pledge. It will beyour choice: in or out.BRITAIN IN THE WORLDAnd friends, you know whatsomeone said about us recently?Apparently some Russian officialsaid: Britain is “just a small island that no-one pays any attention to.”Really?Let me just get this off mychest.When the world wanted rights, whowrote Magna Carta?When they wanted representation,who built the first Parliament?When they looked for compassion,who led the abolition of slavery?When they searched for equality,who gave women the vote?When their freedom was in peril,who offered blood, toil, tears and sweat?And today – whose music do theydance to?Whose universities do they flockto?Whose football league do theywatch?Whose example of tolerance……of people living together fromevery nation, every religion, young and old, straight and gay……whose example do they aspire to?I haven’t even got on to the factthat this small island beat Russia in the Olympics last year……or that the biggest-sellingvodka brand in the world isn’t Russian, it’s British – Smirnoff – made in Fife…...so yes, we may be a smallisland……but I tell you what, we’re agreat country.But I want to make a seriouspoint about our place in the world.201412/349863

These, my friends, are the lines of attack. I shall presently urge upon a new Congress in special session, detailed measures for their fulfillment, and I shall seek the immediate assistance of the 48 states.以上这些,朋友们,就是施政方针。我要在特别会议上敦促新国会给予详细实施方案,并且,我要向18个州请求立即的援助。Through this program of action, we address ourselves to putting our own national house in order, and making income balance outflow. Our international trade relations, though vastly important, are in point of time and necessity secondary to the establishment of a sound national economy. I favor as a practical policy the putting of first things first. I shall spare no effort to restore world trade by international economic justment, but the emergency at home cannot wait on that accomplishment.通过行动,我们将予以我们自己一个有秩序的国家大厦,使收入大于出。我们的国际贸易,虽然很重要,但现在在时间和必要性上,次于对本国健康经济的建立。我建议,作为可行的策略、首要事务先行。虽然我将不遗余力通过国际经济重新协调所来恢复国际贸易,但我认为国内的紧急情况无法等待这重新协调的完成。The basic thought that guides these specific means of national recovery is not narrowly nationalistic. It is the insistence, as a first consideration upon the inter-dependence of the various elements in all parts of the ed States of America—recognition of the old and the permanently important manifestation of the American spirit of the pioneer.指导这一特别的全国性复苏的基本思想并非狭隘的国家主义。我首先考虑的是坚持美国这一整体中各部分的相互依赖性--这是对美国式的开拓精神的古老而永恒的明的体现。 /201305/239334

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