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According to CBS News Chicago, a northwestern Indiana girl reportedly found an abandoned infant in her back yard on Monday. 据CBS芝加哥新闻报道,一名印第安纳女孩周一在自家后院发现一名遗弃的婴儿。9 year-old Elysia Laub found the infant in the grass while first mistaking the baby for a piglet, because her family keeps their own pig pen. 9岁的Elysia Laub在草丛中发现了这个婴儿,开始误以为是头小猪,因为她家里放养了猪。She stated, It just freaked me out. I didnt know what it was. 她说,这吓到我了。我不知道这是什么。Elysia then called for her mom who was also in disbelief and shock. 然后Elysia呼喊她的妈妈,她妈妈同样感到怀疑和震惊。According to officials, the baby is likely to be less than a day old and still had placenta and umbilical cord attached when it was found. 据官员称,婴儿可能出生还不到一天,发现的时候还有胎盘和脐带。The newborn is currently at St. Anthonys Hospital receiving emergency medical treatment.目前这名新生儿在圣安东尼医院接受医疗急救。译文属。201607/454494At the end of his presidency, Barack Obama is offering transparency on the use of drones in combat zones,在总统任期结尾,奥巴马正提供战区使用无人机的透明度,information which human rights groups and media organizations have sought for years.这是人权组织和媒体多年来寻求的信息。Since taking to the Oval Office, Obama as the commander-in-chief has seen to the increased use of drone strikes, at times drawing criticism for civilian casualties.自担任总统以来,作为总司令的奥巴马已增加使用无人机空袭,有时因平民伤亡引发批评。Now, the Obama administration has provided a stark tally of noncombatant deaths associated with the use of drones in countries beyond Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria.现在,奥巴马政府已经提供除在伊拉克、阿富汗和叙利亚外无人机使用造成非战斗人员死亡的数据。According to the administrations figures, drone strikes have resulted in 64 to 116 deaths under Obamas watch.根据政府的数据,在奥巴马领导下无人机空袭已造成64至116人死亡。译文属。201607/452357Display screens显示屏Going through a phase相转变A new way to create electronic images新的电子图案显示方法Wave of the future?未来之波LIQUID-CRYSTAL displays are a familiar and ubiquitous technology. But if Harish Bhaskaran of Oxford University is right, their days may be numbered. The essential feature of LCDs is that the pixels in them switch between amorphous and crystal-like phases, which changes their optical properties. In a paper in this weeks Nature, Dr Bhaskaran and his colleagues describe something similar in a solid material. At the least, that would stop the messy abstract-impressionist patterns which happen when an LCD is dropped too hard. At most, it might open up a new range of applications, from clothes that change colour to dimmable windscreens.液晶显示屏是一项成熟而广泛应用的技术。但如果牛津大学的Harish Bhaskaran的想法实现,液晶屏的好景也就没几天了。LCD的基本特征是其像素在非晶相和类晶相间转化,因此改变其光学性质。在本周的《自然》杂志上,Bhaskaran士及其同事陈述了一种类似的固体材料。至少该材质可以防止当LCD猛烈坠地后产生麻烦的抽象印象派图案。最理想情况下,它会有新的应用范围,从变色布料到可调光挡风玻璃。Solid phase-change materials are aly used to store data in optical memory disks. They are also being considered for use in memory chips, because the switch between amorphous and crystalline states alters their electrical properties in ways that can store electronic bits of data. Dr Bhaskaran, though, has shown that thin enough films of the right sort of material can be made to change colour, too.固态相变材料已经用于在光储存盘中储存数据。也可能被用于记忆芯片,因为其非晶态和晶态之间的转变也改变了其电学性能,因此他们能储存电子数据。然而,Bhaskaran士展示了一种特定材料膜,在足够薄的情况下也可以改变颜色。This property would make them suitable both for displays that rely on reflected light (so-called electronic paper) and the older, backlit sort that rely on transmitted light. The resulting displays would be thin and could be flexible if printed on the right material—increasing the range of applications they might be used in. And they would consume little power, since energy need be used only when a pixel has to be flipped from one phase to another.这一性能将使其适合于反射光显示(所谓电子纸)和早期的依赖透射光的背光显示。所得显示屏不仅薄,而且铺在合适材料上时非常灵活,增加了其应用范围。而且它消耗的功率更少,因为这种材料只需要在变相的时候消耗能量。The researchers material of choice is an alloy of germanium, antimony and tellurium. Both the crystalline and the amorphous phases of this substance are stable at any temperature a device is likely to experience, and thin films of it are more or less transparent. The power needed to effect the phase change could be fed to individual pixels by electrodes made of indium tin oxide, which is also transparent.研究人员选择的材料是镓、锑和碲合金。这一物质的晶态和非晶态在任何设备适用温度下都很稳定。其薄膜也几乎透明。要激发相转变所需的能量可以由透明的铟锡氧化物电极向单个像素提供。The colour of a pixel would depend not only on its phase, but also on its thickness, which would affect the way light waves being reflected within it interfere with one another, cancelling out some frequencies while amplifying others. (The effect is similar to the creation of colours by a thin layer of oil on a puddle.) Generally, the alloy layer needs to be thinner than 20 nanometres for that to happen.单个像素的颜色不仅取决于其相态,也同其厚度有关。厚度会影响光波在两个像素间界面处的反射,削弱部分频率,加强其他频率。(此效应类似于池塘表面薄油层产生的色。)一般来说,合金层需要薄于20 nm才会发生这一现象。To demonstrate their idea, the researchers sprayed films of their alloy onto pieces of silicon, quartz and plastic. They then used a device called an atomic-force microscope, which has a tip a few nanometres across, to apply appropriate electric currents in a grid pattern across the films surface. This grid mimicked an array of pixels, creating a stable pattern. The result, as their picture of a Japanese wave shows, is a recognisable image—if not, yet, a perfect one.为了明其观点,研究人员将其合金铺覆到硅,石英和塑料上。然后他们使用所谓原子力显微镜的设备来施加合适的电流在横穿膜表面的网格上。原子力显微镜尖端仅有几个纳米大小。网格模仿像素排列,产生稳定的模式。他们对日本电波的拍摄结果是一个可识别的图像,即便不可识别,也是非常完美的。Adding the indium-tin-oxide electrodes is a more complicated process, but to show it can be done in principle, Dr Bhaskaran has made a single pixel this way. Whether his idea will get off the lab bench and into the shops remains to be seen. It is by no means the only suggestion around for a new generation of display screens. But it looks plausible.加入铟锡氧化物电极是更为复杂的过程,但是可以从原理上展示其过程。Bhaskaran用这种方式制备了单个像素。他的想法能否从实验室走进商用还是未知。这绝不是新一代显示屏的唯一方案,但颇得看好。翻译:赵兴昊译文属译生译世 /201505/377287

I am so glad to see you again.I am glad to see you, Im always loving you here.真开心又见到你了 我也是 我一直盼着你来我们节目I like being here. Yeah.You make me happy.You make me very happy, too.Happy birthday soon, right? Yes.我喜欢这儿 不错 你让我很开心 我也超级开心 快到生日了吧 没错Um, Twenty-four. Twenty?No, four days.The twenty-fourth.And is it a big birthday?How old will be?二十四 二十 不是 还有四天 二十四号 会办得很隆重吗 多少岁生日Forty-two. -Yeah.Forty was big. Yeah.And so we had a party. - Yeah.四十二岁 是啊 四十岁是个大生日 没错 那次开了个派对 -嗯It wont be happening this year.Why not?今年没有派对 为什么Im just not at in-do-it.Did you has before it?I was against the fortieth birthday party.我不擅长计划这些 以前没有办过吗 四十岁那次生日派对我完全蒙在鼓里It was so much fun I ever had.My partner Todd, he did it.那次真的特别开心 是我的伴侣托德一手操办的And I was like, ;I dont know;.Then I fall asleep by nine.所以我当时状态是;我不知道; 因此我九点就睡了And hes like, ;Shut up,and have the damn, sorry, the fortieth birthday party.;他说;别废话 参加这个该死的 抱歉 四十岁生日派对;Well, he had said worst than that. He gets me to do it.他说得更严重 他要求我去办个派对And I was so glad I did it, which is just...But I dont party like that.Yeah.我很开心举办了 虽说只是个. 但是我都不这么搞派对 -是啊Id like to go to bed by eight.I dont want my rug messed up.我是想八点到床上 我不想地毯乱糟糟的I dont like, you know, I dont know.I understand.我不喜欢那样 你懂的 我不知道怎么说 我懂And how late did they stayed? - I mean shocked.Oh, God. Midnight one? - Yeah.他们待到多晚 -我真的震惊到了 天啊 玩到半夜一点呢 -好吧You know what sad though, when I was younger,And I dont mean a child I get in my twentys stuff.你知道悲伤的是什么吗 我更年轻点的时候 我不是说孩子的时候 是我二十几岁时I was just like open up the door and let them in.And the longer they stay the better, you know.我会开门让他们进来 他们待的时间越长越好Lets watch the sun come...What happened? I dont know.I mean I dont have a tolerance for it any more. - Yeah.一起玩到第二天早上...现在是什么情况 我也不知道 我再也无法忍受这样的做法了 -是啊I understand.I was so good at fun.Yeah. We had a big party in our house years ago.我懂 我以前很会玩的 几年前我家里也办了一场大派对 /201601/422379

Govenor Snyder last week announced the city of Flint will be switching back to Detroit water.This comes after months of complaints by Flint residents; tests showing the water was unsafe; and most recently, reports of elevated lead levels in some Flint children. Jennifer White sat down with three women raising kids in Flint to hear their experiences.Shea Cobb, Amber Hasan and Laura MacIntyre shared their anger and frustration with state and local officials handling of the water crisis. They also expressed deep concern about what this chapter in Flints history means for the city and its residents.201510/403382

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