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乌市第一人民医院激光去斑手术多少钱图木舒克激光祛疤多少钱Judys theory was that this would have transformed the worlds climate.Judy的观点是这将改变全球气候Different climate zones would have created new ecosystems and new ecosystems meant new life.不同的气候带创造了新的生态系统,新的生态系统意味着新的生物If Judy was right, this could have been the key to the dinosaurs transformation in the mid-Jurassic.如果Judy是对的,那就意味着这就是开启中侏罗世恐龙盛世的钥匙Seems likely that some kind of major climate change,非常有可能的是,这类气候巨变or some major climate system has to have some sort of effect on the evolution of life including that of the dinosaurs,或者说是气候系统巨变影响到了生物的进化,包括恐龙在内so its really interesting to try to figure out whether those animals evolved in response to any kind of climate change.所以找出动物进化是否反映了气候变化是一件很有趣的事So was climate change the evolutionary master key that transformed the dinosaurs?那么,气候是否改变了进化密钥,从而使恐龙发生剧变呢Until Argentina, there was no way of knowing.直到阿根廷这次发现之前,人们都无从得知This is where the richness of the Argentinean site came into its own.这也使得阿根廷这片富饶的化石场成了世人关注的焦点Look at that, thats really extraordinary.瞧这儿,它非常特别We have like there a rib, a rib there, a rib there, a rib there, a rib there...看上去像是肋骨、肋骨、肋骨、肋骨、肋骨……Because they had found such a complete ecosystem, they could search for climatic clues amongst the fossils由于他们发现了整个生态系统,他们便能从化石中找出气候线索and since the site covered millions of years, theyd be able to see how the climate had changed over time这个地方已在地下埋藏了亿万年,使他们得以了解气候如何随着时间发生变化and the first clues came not from the dinosaurs, but from the lake where the fossil fishes had been found.第一条线索并非来自恐龙,而是来自发现鱼类化石的湖泊。201705/511198新疆自治区肺科医院隆胸多少钱 I do not like the quarrel and do heartily wish that the king would yield and consent to what they desire,我不喜欢战争 并且衷心希望国王投降 接受他们的条件so that my conscience is only concerned in honour and gratitude to follow my master.跟随我主出征的唯一原因 只是为了表达尊敬和感激I have eaten his b and served him near 30 years and will not do so base a thing as to forsake him.我蒙他恩惠为他务差不多30年了 绝不会在此刻卑鄙地弃他不顾In the third week of August, 1642,Charles raised his standard.The Rubicon had been crossed.1642年8月的第三个星期 查理举兵 他破釜沉舟决意一战The honour of holding Charless personal flag in the battle fell to Sir Edmund Verney.为查理擎举王旗的光荣任务 落在了埃德蒙·瓦内爵士肩上He swore only death would prise it from his hands.他誓死保卫这面王旗By the time the Royalist army arrived at Edgehill,its prospects had been transformed.到保皇党军队抵达边山时 形势已大有改观It was now about 20,000 strong,about 14,000 of whom took up position on the ridge in the afternoon of October 22nd.他们现有精兵两万名 其中一万四千人在10月22日下午 驻扎在了山脊之上At the top of the hill were the king and his two sons,山顶站着国王和他的两个儿子Charles, the Prince of Wales,and the nine-year-old James, Duke of York,查理 威尔士王子 以及九岁的詹姆斯 约克公爵along with Prince Rupert and his toy poodle, Boy.和鲁珀特王子跟他的宠物波威It was here that Charles I planted his flag.就在此地 查理一世竖起了王旗 /201703/498616Here you go. Look at that.Do not want to mess with this.Highly venomous.Big front claws there.快瞧瞧这个 可不要惹毛了这东西 剧毒 超大的前爪And if that bites you,so let somebody sing a red-hot poker into you.如果那东西咬你一口 就像有人用滚烫的火钳捅你一下Let him down here.Were gonna give him a very wide berth.Okay. Its getting down.慢慢放他放下 我们要对他敬而远之 好了 放下了During our travels, the crew and I have encountered all sorts of dangerous animals.在路途中 工作组和我会遇到各种危险的动物Sometimes we take them on.Other times, we keep our distance.有时我们与它们正面交锋 有时 我们躲得远远的Just see over there.Ok. Come down. Come down.Thats a brown bear.Look, we are very close here.Probably, about 50 metres.快看那边 低点 低点 那是一只棕熊 看 我们离得很近 大概有五十米吧I do find that when we doing animal encounter,what in the view fine is not actually happening infront of you.我觉得我们遭遇野生动物时 取景器里面的画面并非你眼前的真实情况And you do feel complete removed from that,and if you look another eye.你感觉置身事外 但是如果你张开另只眼睛You actually see that it is actually happening in front of you.But he hasnt spoted us, I think.你就能感觉到这就在眼前发生 我觉得 它还没发现我们 Sometimes these encounters can be dangers.So I force to keep the crew back, and going alone.有时候 遭遇野生动物是很危险的 所以我必须让摄制组待在后方 独身行动Steady and stay there.Its a good size probably 50 or 60 punds.别慌张 就呆在那 大小不错 五十或六十磅Well, you can see hes caught around the back leg here.Stay back. Dont get that close.你看它的后腿被扯住了 退后 别靠这么近 You got to stay at the limit of its rope.These are powerhouses.This thing was seriously mad.你得站在它的够不着的地方 它们总是精力旺盛 这只野猪被激怒了I think he got at one point he sort of know how to attack his leg它还一度占上风 像是要咬他的腿They look small but it is definitely a little tank for four leg,它们看起来体形不大 但是实际上确是有四条腿的坦克very low center of gravity, makes them really really strong.And they will just fight for their lives.由于重心低 使得它们非常强壮 为了生存 它们要殊死一搏201606/448446阿克苏市去除黄褐斑多少钱

和田去疤痕多少钱TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/479266乌鲁木齐激光去除妊娠纹 Henry Fords upset win over the fastest man in America makes him instantly famous.亨利·福特爆冷战胜了美国最快的人这让他瞬间成名Fords a hero and this is really the first big time, I think, that he becomes a celebrity.福特是个英雄 这是他第一次首度成为名人The Ford name gets out there and he milks it for everything that its worth, and it was a very crucial part of Ford getting investors for the Ford Motor Company.福特的名声打响了 他也充分利用了他的名气 这对福特非常重要 这样才好让投资者投资给福特汽车公司Ford raises ,000,--or $,700,000 today.福特筹集了两万八千美元 现在的七十万美元Enough money to build his first factory in Highland Park, Michigan and before long hes producing 15 cars a day, priced low enough for almost any American.足够他在密歇根的高地公园建立他的第一家工厂 不久之后 他就能每天生产十五辆车了 价格低到几乎所有美国人都买得起When it finally does break through, it is sort of gratifying because you--youre starting to see the reality of what you always believe. That--that the vision you had that someday the world would be different is starting to move in that direction.事情最终获得突破的时候是令人欣慰的 因为你开始看到你的信仰在变成现实 你那世界将会改变的愿景 也开始慢慢实现Henry Fords early success puts him on the map.亨利·福特早期的成功让人们知道了他But ALAM takes notice and hits him with a lawsuit claiming hes breaching their patent on the automobile.ALAM注意到了并用诉讼发起了攻击 声称他违反了他们的汽车专利201607/455018石河子假体植入丰胸多少钱

乌鲁木齐市耳部整形多少钱This is a warning and it might be the only one that you get.我只会警告你这么一次For those who dont mind living in a world unchanged, this is not for you.对于那些不求改变的人,我就不多费唇舌了But for those who want something more,但对于那些想更上一层楼、for those who wonder what it feels like to make a difference, this warning is for you.或那些想做出改变的人,这就是给你的警讯There is a profession where you work with the most volatile, explosive medium known to men.这个职业的工作内容必须和全世界最危险的生物相处A career were challenging the status quo is part of your daily to-do-list.改变现况是你每日的例行公事Align with work where you leave those you love, to struggle, fight and conquer.你更必须抛弃所爱,去面对并克挑战The future hangs in the balance.未来岌岌可危We will wage war on things like doubt and I dont get it.我们将向那些对所有事存疑,并说“我还不懂”的人宣战It will be relentless arsenal of yes you can.我们将说他们:“对,你可以”And consequently, you will start raging fires of ambition that can never be extinguished.因此,你的内心会燃起雄心壮志,且永远不熄灭Also, I should warn you, your identity will be compromised我同时也要警告你,你的身份将会曝光and you will be known forever by those whose lives has changed.而那些生活有所改变的人们将会永远记住你的名字So, consider yourself more, should you take this on,所以,好好的考虑,要不要接下这份工作you will lead a legacy, you will change the future, and you will feel what its like to make more.你会创造传奇,你会改变未来,而你将会知道付出的感觉是什么Okay, class. Were going to get started. Put your hands up if youre paying attention.好,孩子们,我们要开始上课了。有在听老师说话的请举手Okay, now, were gonna go over where we stopped last week.好,我们要继续上星期的进度。I dare you. I dare you to change the world.我向你挑战。你敢不敢改变世界。Yeah you, getting that college education.对,要的就是拥有学士学位的你!I dare you to be somebody important, like be a teacher, or a reality TV star.你敢不敢成为举足轻重的人,像老师,或是实境秀明星I dare you to stand up here, to call the shots, to be a role model.你敢不敢站上来,发号施令,或成为榜样。201704/501940 TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201611/480339吐鲁番抽脂多少钱吐鲁番市治疗疤痕多少钱



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