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英语非常道 第4期:锐词发布-给力 微笑 神马都是浮云英语这样说(下) Article/201507/385179。

  • 栏目简介:《英语学习入门视频》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目内容适合刚刚接触英语学习不久的童鞋学习。视频内容比较简单易懂,是入门英语知识的基础,有助于帮助英语学习爱好者逐步掌握基本的英语知识。 Article/201509/399243。
  • Ninety-two people died when a Russian military plane crashed in the Black Sea on Sunday.周日,一架俄罗斯军用飞机在黑海坠毁,造成92人遇难。The plane was carrying members of the Alexandrov Ensemble, a Russian military choir. The group was reportedly on its way to play a concert for Russian troops in Syria.这架飞机搭载亚历山德罗夫红旗歌舞合唱团的成员,是俄罗斯军事合唱团。据报道,该组织将在叙利亚为俄罗斯军队演奏音乐会。Several journalists, eight crew members and a well-known Russian humanitarian were also reportedly on board.据报道,数名记者,八名机组人员和一名俄罗斯著名人道主义者也在飞机上。The flight originated in Moscow and stopped to refuel near Sochi. It had just taken off after refueling when it apparently turned around and then was lost on the radar.飞行从莫斯科起飞,在索契停留加油。加油起飞后不久从雷达上消失。Search crews have recovered several bodies and debris from the Black Sea off the coast of Sochi.搜救人员已经从索契海岸黑海找到几具尸体和残骸。Russian President Vladimir Putin has called for the creation of a commission to investigate the crash.俄罗斯总统普京呼吁成立一个委员会调查坠机事件。Russian officials don#39;t believe terrorism played a role.俄罗斯官员不认为恐怖主义参与其中。译文属。 Article/201612/486269。
  • We#39;re spending the first week of our month-long trip为期一月的旅行中,我们将在首都北京in the capital, Beijing.度过一周的时间I was raised in Chicago,我在芝加哥长大and when I first came here in the 1980s,我第一次来这的时候是上世纪80年代it was just beginning to open up to the West中国刚刚对外开放after the dark years of the Cultural Revolution.在文革结束后Unrecognisable. It#39;s like the new frontier.完全无法辨认了,现在焕然一新#39;Now everywhere you look,环顾四周#39;new China smashes up against the old.#39;新潮冲击着古老The question for both of us,我们这次旅行on this voyage of discovery,带着一个问题is to see if all this incredible pace of changes,美食是否也受到is that going to affect food?中国这些巨变的影响Yeah. Good and bad.恩,有好有坏And I#39;d love to experience modern Chinese cookery here在这我很享受现代中国的烹饪技艺and whether some of the traditions have been eroded.是否一些传统已被破坏It#39;s a brew that will be quite interesting to see.这些酝酿着有趣的事情China is a country of contradictions.中国是一个矛盾体Tradition and innovation sit side by side.传统与革新并行And it#39;s most evident here in Beijing.这在北京尤为明显In the northeast corner of the country,位于中国的东北角落it has been the imperial capital for 800 years.北京做了800多年的都城It remains deeply proud of its traditional culture and cuisine.它依然为自己有着传统的文化与美食而自豪As it opens up to the world,随着北京的大门为全世界敞开it#39;s revealing those secrets with a new culinary confidence.它用一种全新的烹饪技艺揭开了这些秘密We#39;re beginning with the quintessential Chinese food -首先将要探索中华料理的精髓——noodles.面条They#39;re a humble everyday dish, eaten in all regions.它在所有的地方,都是一道朴素的家常菜But they have a 4,000-year-old history and today in Beijing,但是它在北京却有着4000年的历史this ancient craft is being celebrated centre stage.现在,这个古老的手艺,依然很有名望It#39;s just incredible.难以置信I think they got this concept from the West, the open kitchen.我觉得他们是从西方获得开放厨房的概念Yes! And it#39;s pretty spectacular.是的,壮观之至It is. Watching them work,it is like an orchestra.确实,看他们干活好像看交响乐演奏Like the guy with the big block that#39;s just shaving noodles,我喜欢做刀削面的家伙he looks like he#39;s playing the violin.像拉小提琴似的Yes!是的#39;The capital is pulling in the country#39;s best cooking talents.北京汇聚了中国各路顶尖烹饪大师#39;These noodle masters are from Shanxi Province, West of Beijing,这些面条大师来自北京西面的山西省#39;where the art of noodle making做面条的独门功夫#39;has been passed down through the generations.都是世代相传的#39;They are most famous for their hand-pulled noodles, La Mian.他们以拉面著称#39;Made from just wheat flour and water,用小麦面和水制成#39;the skill is in manipulating the dough.#39;技巧在把握其力道You double it up and double again.一根变两根然后拉成多根Yeah. It#39;s folding, folding on itself.是的,不断地对折It could be a mess. It#39;s about balancing the elasticity可能会很乱,关键在于均衡弹性before he can actually pull the noodles.在他把面拉长之前So he#39;s stretching that.Now stretching.他在拉长它,现在变长了OK, what he#39;s doing,he#39;s pulling and folding it,现在做的就是把面拉长再折起来a little bit like how children used to play Cat#39;s Cradle.有点像小孩玩翻花绳Cat#39;s Cradle is a lot easier! Yeah!翻花绳比这简单多了好嘛Wow, that#39;s beautiful! That#39;s what we call tung chow mein.好厉害,这就是我们说的长寿面Yes!恩 Article/201505/375975。
  • Ashoka had pillars like this put up across the whole of his empire.阿育王的整个帝国境内都树立着这样的石柱。They#39;re great feats of architecture, and they would stand either alone by the side of the highways or in the city centres-much as public sculpture does in our city squares today.它们是伟大的建筑物,通常树立在主干道旁或城市中心,如同今日树在城市广场上的大型公共雕塑。These pillars are different from the classical columns that most of us in Europe are familiar with:但这些石柱与我们在欧洲常见的古典石柱不同,they#39;ve got no base, and they#39;re crowned with a capital in the shape of lotus petals.它们没有底座, 却有莲花座的柱顶。And on top of the most famous of all Ashoka#39;s pillars are the four lions facing outward - the lions that are still one of the emblems of India today.最有名的一种阿育王石柱顶端有四只向外蹲踞的狮子,狮子至今仍是印度的象征之一。The pillar that our fragment comes from was originally erected in Meerut, a city just north of Delhi, and that pillar was destroyed in an explosion in the early eighteenth century at the palace of a Mughal ruler.本文中碎片所属的石柱原树立于德里北边的密拉特城,在十八世纪早期莫卧儿王朝的一次宫殿爆炸中被毁坏。But many pillars have survived, and they range across Ashoka#39;s empire, which covered the great bulk of the sub-continent.但很多类似的石柱仍得以留存。阿育王的帝国覆盖了几乎整个印度次大陆,而石柱遍布整个帝国。These pillars were in fact a sort of public address system:石柱是一种广播系统,阿育王的公告或法令雕刻其上,their purpose was to carry, carved on them, proclamations or edicts from Ashoka, which could then be promulgated all over India and beyond.通过这种方式传播到整个印度,甚至印度之外。We now know that there are seven major edicts that were carved on pillars, and our fragment is from what#39;s known as the ;sixth pillar edict;;我们现在知道,石柱上有七条主要法敕,本文的碎片属于第六条,it declares the Emperor Ashoka#39;s benevolent policy towards every sect and every class in his empire:意在宣示阿育王的仁政惠及国内的各个宗派与各个阶级:;I consider how I may bring happiness to the people, not only to relatives of mine or residents of my capital city, but also to those who are far removed from me. I act in the same manner with respect to all.朕思虑如何造福百姓,不唯朕之亲属及首都居民,要边疆百姓亦能蒙受恩泽。I am concerned similarly with all classes.朕对全体臣民一视同仁,Moreover, I have honoured all religious sects with various offerings.对各个阶层同等关怀,并为诸教敬奉祭品。But I consider it my principal duty to visit the people personally.;但朕仍以亲身探访百姓疾苦为首要责任。 Article/201410/339282。
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