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Going through a tricky divorce would be enough to put anyone off marriage for life.经历一场离婚的浩劫足以让人想从此远离婚姻。But a new study shows that men are much more likely to get over a stressful and complicated break-up than women.然而新研究显示,男性比女性更容易从压力重重而复杂的离婚伤害中恢复过来。Divorced men are much keener to re-marry than their former wives, researchers found, with 47 percent of men who had been through a divorce eager to wed again.研究人员发现,离婚男性相对于他们的前妻再婚意愿更高,47%的离婚男性很愿意再婚。That#39;s more than twice as many as women, who seem to fall into the ;once bitten, twice shy; category.有再婚意愿的男性比例是愿意再婚的女性的两倍,而离婚女性似乎是;一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳;。Just 20 percent of female divorcees say they want to tie the knot a second time.只有20%的离婚女性说自己愿意再婚。The study of 2,000 adults ; carried out to mark the DVD release of romantic comedy ;Crazy, Stupid, Love; ; suggests divorced men are also far more committed to finding love again.开展这一研究是为了纪念爱情喜剧片《疯狂愚蠢的爱》光碟的发行。这一涵盖了2000名成人的研究显示,努力重新寻找爱情的离婚男性比离婚女性多得多。A surprising 42 percent of divorced men who are looking to date again also said they would be prepared to pay for a professional pick up artist to them on a date ; a little like Steve Carrell does with Ryan Gosling in the film.这些想重新开始约会的离婚男性当中,有多达42%的人说他们将准备聘请一个把专家陪自己去约会,有点像电影中史蒂夫bull;卡瑞尔和瑞恩bull;高斯林所做的事。They hoped this expertise might help improve their chat-up technique.他们希望这种专家能帮忙改善自己攀谈的技巧。There are now more than 20 dedicated date coaching services in the UK but less than one in five women said they would ever consider such a thing.现在英国有20多个专门提供约会指导的务机构,但只有不到五分之一的女性说她们会考虑选择这一务。More divorced men admitted to putting their profile on a dating website, too.此外,更多的离婚男性坦言他们会把个人资料放在约会网站上。Thirty-one percent said they had tried online dating since their divorce ; compared to just 19 percent of divorced women.31%的离婚男性说,他们在离婚后曾尝试过网上约会,相比之下,只有19%的离婚女性尝试过。Mini Lane, a professional dating expert, said: ;Dating is a complicated game for men and more so for those that are starting all over again, having been off the dating scene for a number of years.;约会专家米妮bull;莲恩说:;约会对于男人而言是一种复杂的游戏,对于那些已经好多年不约会、现在要从头开始的男人更是如此。;She said that men turn to gurus to help them learn how to dress and flatter their physique, as well as to develop their body language.她说,男人找约会大师来帮助自己学习如何着装,让自己的身材显得好看,以及如何运用身体语言。The first step to finding a new partner, though is really wanting to find one ; which is where it appears that divorced men aly have an upper hand.不过,寻找新伴侣的第一步就是真心想去寻找,这一点似乎离婚男性已经占了上风。 /201202/169846。

俄罗斯海军面临困境来源:Jane's(简氏周刊) 编辑:Vicki俄罗斯《独立军事》周刊称俄罗斯海军目前正处在崩溃的边缘,报告称由于受俄罗斯低迷的造船业影响,俄罗斯海军前景灰暗。Russian Navy facing 'irreversible collapse'The Russian Navy is currently on the verge of 'irreversible collapse(无法挽救的崩溃)', according to a recent analysis published by the authoritative Moscow-based weekly - the Independent Military Review(独立军事) .The report, entitled 'BMF RF [Naval Military Fleet of the Russian Federation(俄罗斯联邦海军军事舰队)] on Foreign Warships(国外船只)', says the main cause for the 'collapse' is the state of the Russian shipbuilding industry, which is "incapable of producing warships in either the quantity or at the level of quality that their navy customer requires" for the future.According to the analysis, the navy's leadership "understands that this is a hopeless situation and are looking for a way out by considering the purchase of naval vessels from abroad".The issue was raised during the International Military Naval Exposition (MVMS国际海军军事展览) that took place in the last week of June in St Petersburg(圣彼得斯堡).The Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky, outlined the problem when he said: "Our [challenge] is how to significantly improve the condition of our fleet without destroying the economic activity in the country."Keke View:俄罗斯海军是俄罗斯联邦武装力量中的海军部分。俄罗斯海军的船只的国际编号为RFS(Russian Federation Ship,俄罗斯联邦船只的缩写)。今天的俄罗斯海军源于苏联海军。1991年冷战结束后苏联解体,原来的苏联海军的舰船,武器装备和兵员大部分被俄罗斯海军接收,小部分被乌克兰和波罗的海三国接收。俄罗斯海军由北方舰队、太平洋舰队、黑海舰队、波罗的海舰队、里海分舰队(“里海分舰队”是俄文翻译,实际上里海分舰队和其他四大舰队并无隶属关系,只是规模小得多)、海军航空兵、海军步兵(俄文原文为“海军步兵”,但基本上等同于其他国家的海军陆战队,是多兵种合成的两栖登陆作战部队)和海岸炮兵组成。 /200907/78839。

Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner became the first man to break the sound barrier in a record-shattering, death-defying freefall jump Sunday from the edge of space.奥地利著名极限运动员菲利克斯-鲍姆加特纳上周日在数万米的“太空边缘”挑战极限跳伞成功,创造了以超音速飞行的世界纪录。The 43-year-old leapt from a capsule more than 24 miles (39 kilometers) above the Earth, reaching a top speed of 833.9 miles per hour, or 1.24 times the speed of sound, according to organizers.据组织者介绍,这位43岁的冒险家从距离地面24英里(3.9万千米)高空的太空舱跳下,最高时速达到833.9英里,也就是音速的1.24倍。The veteran skydiver was in freefall for four minutes and 20 seconds before opening his red and white parachute and floating down to the desert in the US state of New Mexico.这位资深的跳伞员以自由落体飞行了4分钟20秒,随后打开了红白相间的降落伞,最终降落在了美国新墨西哥州的沙漠里。Mission control erupted in cheers as Baumgartner sprung from the capsule hoisted aloft by a giant helium-filled balloon to an altitude of 128,097 feet (39,044 meters), even higher than expected.鲍姆加特纳从太空舱里走出时,控制中心爆发出一阵欢呼。这个太空舱由一个巨大氦气球经拉升至超过12万英尺(约3.9万米) 太空边缘,比之前预计的要高。;I think 20 tons have fallen from my shoulders. I prepared for this for seven years,; he told German-language ServusTV in Austria in his first interview after the leap.在跳伞成功后首次接受采访时,他告诉奥地利德语电视台Servus,“我如释重负,我已经为此准备了七年。”Referring to a helmet problem that nearly forced him to abort at the last minute, Baumgartner said: ;Even on a day like this when you start so well, then there#39;s a little glitch.在被问及差点因头盔问题取消此次飞行时,他说:“就算像今天这样进展如此顺利,也难免出现小的故障。”;And you think you#39;ll have to abort -- what if you#39;ve prepared everything and it fails on a visor problem. But I finally decided to jump. And it was the right decision.;“你觉得将要取消飞行了,尽管你万事俱备,只是帽檐出了问题。但我最终决定完成此次挑战,这是正确的决定。”The Austrian took more than two hours to get up to the jump altitude. Baumgartner had aly broken one record before he even leapt: the previous highest altitude for a manned balloon flight was 113,740 feet, set in 1961.鲍姆加特纳花费了两个多小时才升到既定高度。在纵身一跃之前,他已经打破了另一项世界纪录:载人气球飞行的上一次世界纪录是11.374万英尺,创造于1961年。He had been due to jump from 120,000 feet, but the balloon went higher than expected.他本打算在12万英尺的高空跳下,但气球比预计的升空更高。 /201210/203865。

CHINA will eventually overtake the ed States as the global superpower, according to the respondents in a major global survey conducted by the US-based Pew Research Center.中国最终将取代美国成为全球超级大国,根据由美国皮尤研究中心进行的一项主要全球调查的受访者。The survey, which canvassed the views of nearly 40,000 people in 39 countries, found a majority of respondents expected China, now the world#39;s second biggest economy, to take top slot.这项调查,征询了39个国家近40000人的意见,发现多数受访者期待中国,现在世界第二大经济,来跃居榜首。Slightly more than a third of respondents thought China was aly the leading economic power, up from 20 percent in 2008.略超过三分之一的受访者认为中国已经是最重要的经济力量,高于2008年的20%。Even Americans are split about the future: nearly half said China would eventually overtake their country while the same proportion said it never would.即使美国人对未来意见不一:近半数受访者称中国最终将超越他们国家,而同样比例的人表示这从来不会。In Western Europe, the public in all countries polled except Italy - where the US was especially popular - believed that China had topped or aly surpassed the US as the world#39;s leading superpower.在西欧,除意大利之外的所有国家的公众调查,那是美国特别受欢迎的地方——认为中国已经领先或已超过美国成为世界头号超级大国。But the study put the US favorability rating globally at 63 percent, compared with 50 percent for China.但这项研究中美国的全球持率为63%,而中国为50%。Japan had by far the worst view of China: only 5 percent expressed a positive view of the country after territorial disputes that increased tensions between the two countries.日本迄今为止对中国有最糟糕的看法:只有5%的受访者在领土争端增加了两国的紧张局势后对中国持积极看法。China#39;s image declined significantly over the past two years in Europe, dropping 11 points in Britain and 9 percent in France. The trend is likely due to ;unease about China as a commercial competitor,; the survey said.在欧洲过去两年里中国的形象显著下降,在英国下降11%,法国下降9%。这一趋势可能是由于“对中国成为一个商业竞争对手的不安,”调查说。However, the survey found that China#39;s investments in Latin America and sub-Saharan Africa seemed to have had a positive effect.然而,调查发现中国在拉丁美洲和撒哈拉以南非洲的投资似乎已经产生了积极的影响。Views toward China are largely positive in both regions, although the US still outscored its Asian rival in both areas overall.这两个地区对中国的看法大体上是积极的,尽管在这两个地区美国仍然在整体上领先其亚洲竞争对手。In Latin America and Africa, China enjoys some soft power success through science and technology, with more than two-thirds of respondents seeing this aspect in a favorable light.在拉丁美洲和非洲,中国通过科学和技术享有一些软实力的成功,有超过三分之二的受访者认为这是有利的方面。But China still scored substantially lower than the US in areas linked to culture, business and the sping of ideas - all important areas for supporting US popularity globally, especially among young people.但在与文化、商业与思想传播有关的领域中国仍明显落后于美国——所有重要领域都持美国的全球的欢迎度,特别是在年轻人中间。The Pew study found that there was limited interest in Latin America and Africa in China#39;s music and movies, although most admired the Asian power#39;s technological advances.皮尤的研究发现在拉丁美洲和非洲对中国的音乐和电影兴趣有限,尽管大多数人欣赏这个亚洲大国的技术进步。 /201307/248581。

Fonterra, the world#39;s largest dairy exporter, said on Monday it has reassured its global customers that New Zealand dairy products are safe following the discovery of traces of a potentially toxic substance in milk samples.全球最制品出口商恒天然公司本周一称,继其生产的牛奶样品中发现潜在有毒物质后,公司已向全球消费者做出保,新西兰奶制品可放心食用。The New Zealand firm said its testing had found ;minute traces; in some of its products of dicyandiamide (DCD), a chemical used in fertilisers to prevent them from soaking into rivers, which can be toxic in large amounts.这家新西兰公司表示,经检测发现其部分产品中含有微量双氰胺。双氰胺用于制造化肥,防止化肥渗透进河流,造成河流大面积中毒。Reports of the DCD detection prompted Taiwan, Chinese mainland and Malaysia to examine their dairy imports at the weekend, local media in those areas reported.据台湾、中国大陆和马来西亚的当地媒体报道,由于有关奶制品中检测出双氰胺的报道频频出现,促使这些地区于本周末对其进口奶制品进行检查。Fonterra, which was linked through a Chinese subsidiary to the 2008 melamine-tainted milk scandal in which at least six children died, said in a statement it had assured its customers that the detected DCD levels were no threat to human health.恒天然在中国设有子公司,这一子公司曾卷入2008年三聚氰胺奶粉丑闻事件,当时造成至少六名儿童死亡。该公司在一份声明中称,它已向消费者保奶制品中检测出的双氰胺含量不会对人体健康造成危害。;Customers are satisfied with our answers and the anxiety is dying down,; Chief Executive Theo Spierings said later on Radio New Zealand, describing reports questioning the safety of New Zealand milk as ;rumours and speculation;.该公司行政总裁西奥#8226;斯皮林斯随后在接受新西兰广播公司采访时说道:“消费者对我们的答复很满意,顾虑也由此减弱。”他将质疑新西兰牛奶安全性的相关报道定性为“纯属谣言与臆测”。He said the DCD levels found in tests last year were ;100 times less than European standards;.他表示,去年检测出的双氰胺含量“还不到欧洲标准的百分之一”。The fertiliser companies making the product have suspended its sale. Fonterra has been working with the government and the industry since last November to resolve the issue, Spierings said.生产这种产品的化肥公司已暂停产品销售。斯皮林斯称,自去年11月份以来,恒天然就一直同政府和化肥产业进行合作,寻求解决方案。Fonterra is New Zealand#39;s largest company with revenues of around NZ billion (.8 billion), and is looking to expand in Asia to tap into the region#39;s growing demand for dairy goods.恒天然是新西兰规模最大的公司,年收入近200亿新西兰币(合168亿美元)。公司目前正寻求拓展亚洲市场,满足该地区与日俱增的奶制品需求。More than 90 percent of milk collected in New Zealand is exported, mainly for use by other firms as an ingredient in everything from infant formula to cheese on frozen pizzas.新西兰超过90%的牛奶都出口国外,主要用于其他公司生产产品的原料,从婴幼儿配方奶粉到冷冻披萨中的奶酪无一不包。The news prompted slight selling in the New Zealand dollar late last week, while also weighing on the price of Fonterra#39;s shareholder fund.该消息的报道导致上周末新西兰币轻微贬值,与此同时恒天然公司股东基金价格也被重新估值。 /201301/223025。

The number of stay-at-home fathers reached a record high last year, new figures show, as families saw a rise in female bwinners.最新数据显示,随着养家的女性增多,去年居家父亲的数量又创新高。Men now make up nearly 10 percent of those who care for children while their partner goes out to work, official employment statistics revealed today.根据今天官方公布的就业统计数据,在照看孩子的父母中,男性占了近10%,而其配偶则外出工作。There were 227,000 men staying at home to look after family between September and November last year, a rise of 19,000 compared to the same period in 2011 and the highest increase since figures began in 1993.去年9月至11月间,有约22.7万名男性在家看孩子,较2011年同期增加1.9万人,达到自1993年开始统计以来的最大增幅。Experts suggested that the shift was down to men losing their jobs in the recession and either failing to find new employment or deciding that it did not make financial sense for them to return to work if their partner was a high earner.专家表示,之所以发生这一转变,只因为在经济萧条期很多男性失去了工作,他们有的要么没有再找到新的工作,要么认为如果妻子的收入高,自己即使再回工作岗位对家庭财务也起不了什么作用。Overall more than 2.3m people are classed as “economically inactive” because they are at home looking after children, the Office for National Statistics said.国家统计局称,共有230多万人被算在“无经济能力”之列,因为他们整日呆在家里负责看孩子。The number of women staying at home saw a small rise over the period to reach just over 2.1m, but has been higher in the past.居家女性数量同比小幅增加,刚过210万,但居家女性过去一直多于居家男性。The ONS said the figures reflected a growing trend where it was more common for the man to stay at home while his spouse went out to work.国家统计局表示,这一数据反映出一种与日俱增的趋势,即男人料理家务而妻子外出工作的现象变得更普遍。A recent European Commission report said couples where both the man and woman earn money “lost ground” during the economic downturn in favour of female bwinners, who increased their share to almost 10 percent.欧盟委员会近期公布的一份报告称,经济萎靡期,双收入夫妇“风光不再”,而养家的女性却处于优势地位,数量增加近10%。Jenny Garrett, the author of Rocking Your Role, a guide for women who earn the main salary in their family, welcomed the trend.《撼动你的角色》一书的作者珍妮#8226;加内特对这一趋势表示欢迎。该书是专门写给作为家庭主要收入者的女性的指导书。“The figures don’t surprise me. I think it’s a lot to do with the sectors that have been hit most by the current economic climate, which in the private sector were quite male dominated,” she said.她表示,“我对这一数据并不感到惊讶。我倒觉得这与许多遭受当前经济形势重创的部门有很大关系,要知道在私营部门还是男性占据主导。”“Many men are now having to think about whether to retrain or possibly take a job that is not as highly paid, and asking whether it is worth their while if their partner is in a good job.”“许多男性眼下不得不考虑重新接受培训或找一份薪水不是很高的工作。他们也想知道,如果妻子找到份好工作,自己出去工作是否值当。”However, she warned that there was still a “taboo” around female bwinners and stay-at-home fathers.然而,她警告称,养家女性和居家父亲切忌触及“禁区”。“It’s something that’s kept quiet or treated as a bit embarrassing. We need to have more conversations about it in order for it to become more acceptable and for people to understand what makes the family unit work,” she said.她说,“这就像是不能对外言说或有点令人尴尬的事情。为了让更多的人接受、让人理解家庭的运作原理,我们需要针对这一问题展开更多的对话。” /201301/222630。

Bailing out Greece's economy2010-A European Union summit discusses the possibility of bailing out Greece's economy历史上的今天-拯救希腊经济2010年的今天,欧盟首脑会议讨论拯救希腊经济的可能性。Tsvangirai becomes Prime Minister2009-Morgan Tsvangirai becomes Prime Minister of Zimbabwe after agreeing to share power with President Robert Mugabe历史上的今天-茨万吉拉伊成为总理2009年的今天,根#8226;茨万吉拉伊同意与总统罗伯特#8226;穆加贝分享权利后,成为津巴布韦总理。Dick Cheney hunting accident2006-Dick Cheney accidentally shoots friend in a hunting accident历史上的今天-迪克#8226;切尼打猎事故2006年的今天,迪克#8226;切尼在打猎事故中不小心击中他的朋友。Whopping price of Lyrics1998- Lyrics to "Candle in the Wind 1997," auctioned for 2,500历史上的今天-天价歌词1998年的今天,歌词“风中之烛“被拍卖44.25万美元。 /201102/125353。

Tourists at a beach in Sanya City were accused of contributing to the death of a distressed dolphin by mistreating it, lifting it out of the water and posing with it in photographs that were posted to the Internet.几名三亚市海滩游客被指虐待搁浅海豚,他们将海豚抬出水面与之合影,并将照片发布在网络上。这些游客的行为最终导致海豚死亡。The dolphin was found near the shore in Dadonghai, a top resort in the southernmost Hainan Province, at around 6pm on Sunday by the group of tourists, the People#39;s Daily website reported yesterday.根据《人民日报》网昨日报道,上周日晚上6点左右,一群游客在大东海海岸附近发现这只搁浅海豚。大东海是地处中国最南端海南省的著名旅游景点。The air-breathing mammal died around midnight at a local marine park due to excessive bleeding from the tail, reported Hainan#39;s news portal Hinews.cn. Experts said the dolphin might have collided with a fishing boat before it was stranded.海南新闻网站Hinews.cn报道,由于尾部大量失血,这只海豚大约于午夜死在当地海洋公园中。专家推测它可能与渔船相撞后搁浅海滩。Instead of trying to help the distressed animal, a crowd gathered to line up for pictures. Several men lifted the dolphin, as long as a man is tall, above the water and one of them flexed his muscles for the camera. Online pictures do not show anyone trying to stop the abuse.大群游客不但没有救助搁浅海豚,反而聚在一起排队与海豚照相。几个人把海豚抬起距水面一人高,还有人弯着手臂取相机拍照。网上的所有照片显示出,没有一个人站出来阻止这种虐待行为。Experts recommend anyone finding a stranded or distressed dolphin should call for help while wetting it, shading it from sunlight and making sure not to let water or debris enter the blowhole on its head.专家建议,当发现搁浅或受困海豚时,应立刻呼救,同时要保持海豚身体湿润,为它遮阳,并确保没有水和碎片进入海豚头上的气孔。Photos showing the men lifting and posing with the dolphin went viral on Weibo.人们抬起海豚与它合影的照片在微上疯传。Angry netizens condemned them for ;disregarding life,; ;having no shame,; and ;ignorance for using a dolphin as a photography prop.; Some netizens said it shows ;Chinese tourists#39; uncivilized habits.;愤怒的网友批评他们“漠视生命”、“不知廉耻”、“无知到把海豚当做拍照工具”。有些网友说这显示出中国游客“不文明的习性”。Last month, news reports said a Chinese scuba diver had picked up living marine coral from the Maldives.上个月,有报道称中国游客在马尔代夫潜水时摘取活珊瑚。Weeks after, a 14-year-old Chinese boy was reported to have inscribed his name on the wall of an ancient Egyptian temple during a family trip.几周之前,报道称一个14岁中国男孩在随全家出游时,把名字刻在了古埃及庙宇里。 /201306/244612。