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长兴县泗安皮肤病防治站打玻尿酸多少钱Falling in love is an amazing feeling, but you never want to force it. If you#39;re dating someone who makes you question your relationship status constantly, it#39;s time to ask yourself some questions. You deserve someone who wants to be with you and only you. Here#39;s the signs that your guy might not be serious about you.坠入爱河是一种绝妙的体验,但这是不能强求的。如果你现在正在和某人约会,但却总会自问自己的情感状况,那么是时候问你自己一些问题了。你值得拥有想和你在一起而且只想和你在一起的另一半。以下的迹象表明你现在的男朋友并没有那么喜欢你。1.He#39;s always busy.他总是很忙1.He should want to spend lots of his free time with you. And if he#39;s busy, he should make time for you.在他空闲的时候,他应该想和你待在一起。如果他忙的话,他也应该抽出时间陪你。2. He doesn#39;t introduce you to his friends or family.2.他没有把你介绍给他的朋友或家人If he is serious, he should want to show you off to the people closest to him如果他是认真的话,他会想要向亲近的人炫耀你的。3. He won#39;t open up to you.3.他不会对你敞开心扉If you have tried to ask him about his past and he#39;s hesitant to tell you, he probably has problems letting people in.如果你试图问过他的过去,而他却犹豫不决,那么他可能难以让别人进入到他的内心。4. You always plan the dates.4.计划约会的人总是你He should be putting in just as much effort as you. A relationship is a two-way street.爱情中他应该与你一样付出精力。感情是条双向道。5. He texts but never calls.5.他会给你发短信但从来不打电话It shows effort when your guy does more than shoot you a quick text. It also shows transparency - he can openly tell you what he#39;s up to with his voice rather than hiding behind written words.当你男朋友不仅仅会快速给你发短信时,这就表明他花心思了。同时这也表明了他的清白--他能公开的和你语音对话告诉你他在做什么,而不是用一些文字隐藏自己正在做什么。6. He leaves you out of future plans.6.他未来的计划中没有你When he talks about events in the future, he rarely includes you in them. He should be thinking about the future of the both of you as a couple too.当他谈论到未来的计划时,你鲜少位列其中。他在思考未来时,也应该将你们视作一对夫妻规划到未来当中。7. He still talks to ex-girlfriends.7.他仍然和前女友联系It#39;s a big red flag if he still speaks to former flames on a regular basis. If he#39;s serious about you, those past relationships aren#39;t worth keeping up with anymore.如果他仍然定期与前女友联系的话,那这就发出了一个大大的危险信号。如果他对你是认真的,那么过去的恋人根本就不值得联系了。8. He avoids all forms of affection in public.8.在公众场合,他避免任何亲密举动Some guys don#39;t like to show a lot of affection in public, and that#39;s OK! But if he won#39;t even put his arm around you or squeeze your hand, he#39;s being too standoffish.有些人不喜欢在公众面前秀恩爱,这是可以的!但如果他都不搂着你或握紧你的手,那么他就太过冷漠了。译文属 /201608/457533湖州妇保医院去痘印多少钱Today, you may get caught up in some family conflicts that you have no desire to deal with. And you may even feel like yelling at other people in order to get rid of all the excess stress, and get yourself out of this situation. But be careful not too overlook the hidden benefits of this day. There may be a kind of treasure in there somewhere. Instead of getting angry, open your eyes!今天,你有可能会陷入无心应对的家庭冲突。为了摆脱所有的额外压力、摆脱这种状况,你甚至想要冲别人大喊大叫。但要注意,别小看了今天这种局势背后的利益。可能有宝物藏在某处呢。别生气了,睁开双眼吧!Your well being horoscope幸福运势Your living situation could be changing its structure. Maybe a roommate is in the process of moving out. Or perhaps you are looking into buying a new home. Your day-to-day routine is changing, so you could feel a little unsettled or nervous. If your belongings are packed up in boxes for the moment, try not to wear it. Embrace the gypsy life instead, and welcome this period of change.你的生活结构可能有所改变。也许你的室友正在紧锣密鼓的搬家中。又或许你打算重新买个房子。你的每日计划正在发生改变,所以你可能会觉得有些不安或紧张。如果现在你的东西都已经打包到了盒子里,那么尽量不要拿出来穿了。反而,你可以拥抱流浪的生活,欢迎这段改变的时光吧。Your finance horoscope财务运势If you have been considering writing or teaching, today is the day to get started. Your imagination is intense, as is your level of inspiration, and your way with words is even sharper than usual. You could also play the role of the supersaleswoman. Many ideas should be running through your mind. It would be a shame not to set them down on paper.最近如果你一直考虑写作或教书,那么今天就是开始行动的日子了。你的想象力丰富,灵感不断,用词也比以往更犀利。你也可以去销售,而且销售量肯定很高。你应该会有很多想法。如果不将这些想法付诸纸笔,那就太可惜了。Your love horoscope爱情运势Family issues play an important role in your day today. Speak from your heart and tell your closest of kin how much they really mean to you. In general, you might be feeling a bit reserved with your energy. Don#39;t feel like you have to make any great strides in things today. It is more a time in which you can enjoy what you have worked for. Kick back and reap the rewards of all your hard work.今天家庭问题扮演着重要角色。说出内心深处的话,告诉至亲们他们对你的重要性。总体来说,你可能会感觉能量有所保留。不要觉得你今天必须在某些事情上取得进步。今天更是享受奋斗的时刻。休息片刻,收获辛勤工作的成果吧。Your career horoscope事业运势Today you could be Mr. Social! There could be lots of people streaming in and out of your life. Coworkers might want to suddenly speak to you; clients might seek you out and want your advice. Meanwhile, your evening could be filled with invitations. Friends might want you to join them for dinner, while your romantic partner wants your exclusive attention! You#39;ll have some choosing to do.今天你可能会成为社交达人!可能会有很多人在你的生活中;进进出出;。同事可能会突然与你说话;顾客可能会找你寻求建议。同时,晚上你可能收到很多邀请。朋友们可能会喊你吃晚饭,而你的另一半可能想和你单独在一起!你要做出选择了。译文属 /201608/459280湖州切双眼皮多少钱

湖州曙光整形美容医院纹眉好吗湖州毛发种植Exercising for as little as two-and-a-half hours a week can undo damage done by sitting down all day, a study has found.研究发现,每周仅需2.5小时的锻炼,就可抵消终日久坐带来的危害。The study by the University of Leicester found that even moderate activity can be enough for a health boost.这项由英国莱斯特大学主持的研究发现,适度锻炼足以保持身体健康。Sedentary behaviour—any waking behaviour with low energy expenditure while in a sitting or reclining posture—has been linked to ill health.久坐行为指清醒状态下任何坐着或靠着的低能量消耗行为,这种行为与不佳的健康状况直接挂钩。But medics are concerned as many British adults now spend between half and nearly three quarters of waking hours sitting.然而,令医疗工作者担心的是,如今许多英国成年人二分之一到四分之三的清醒时间都是坐着的。Dr Thomas Yates, who worked on the study, said: ;It is possible for an individual, over the course of a day, to have high levels of physical activity and still accumulate large amounts of sedentary time.;托马斯·耶茨士参与了此次研究,他表示:“个体可以在一天中既进行高强度的运动又保持长时间的久坐。”The study published in BMC Public Health used data from the 2008 Health Survey to paint a representative sample of English adults.这份发表在《英国医学会公共卫生》期刊上的研究报告引用了《2008年健康调查》中的数据,列举了英国成年人的代表类型。They were grouped as ;Busy Bees;—physically active with low sedentary levels; ;Sedentary Exercisers;—physically active with high sedentary levels; ;Light Movers;—physically inactive, had low sedentary; and ;Couch Potatoes;—physically inactive, high sedentary.研究对象被归为四个类型,他们分别是:“忙碌蜜蜂”——运动充足且久坐时间短;“久坐锻炼者”——运动充足但久坐时间长;“轻量行者”——缺乏运动但久坐时间短;以及“沙发土豆”——缺乏运动且久坐时间长。Dr Yates said: “Overall, adults who engaged in at least 150 min of moderate to vigorous physical activity per week, including #39;Sedentary Exercisers#39;, had more favourable health profiles compared to #39;Couch Potatoes#39;.耶茨士表示:“总的来说,包括‘久坐锻炼者’在内的成年人每周至少进行150分钟中高等强度的运动,就能拥有比‘沙发土豆’更加理想的健康状况。”;By suggesting that being physically active may offset some of the deleterious consequences of routinely engaging in high levels of sedentary behaviour, this study further emphasises the importance of physical activity in the promotion and maintenance of health.;“运动可以抵消日常久坐带来的消极影响,通过揭示这一点,此次研究进一步强调了运动对保持和促进身体健康的重要性。”PhD student Kishan Bakrania added: ;This research is significant because it demonstrates yet again why physical activity and exercise is so important.基尚·巴克让尼亚是一名在读士生,他补充道:“这项研究意义重大,因为它再次明了运动锻炼的重要性。”;It shows that people who spend large amounts of time not moving either through work, leisure or lifestyle can counteract some of the negative effects of sedentary behaviour by regularly exercising.;“它表明人们即便在工作或闲暇时不经常活动,仍能通过定期锻炼抵消久坐带来的消极影响。” /201604/4361964 Wonderful Benefits of Pomelo Fruit柚果的四大好处The citrus season never ends and there are many new citrus fruits to tickle your taste buds this summer. Pomelo is one of the healthiest citrus fruits that many people keep ignoring. Pomelos look like oversized grapefruits and can be unbelievably big so no wonder we leave them on the shelf and buy grapefruits, oranges, and clementines instead. But I guarantee you that you will fall in love with pomelo fruit after you discover the most wonderful benefits of it. Pomelo fruit helps to:柑橘季节永远不会结束,今夏又有很多刺激你味蕾的新柑橘类水果了。柚子就是许多人一直忽视的一种最健康的柑橘类水果。柚子看起来就像超大号的葡萄柚,而且会大到令人难以置信的程度,难怪我们不会挑选柚子而是购买葡萄柚,橘子和小柑橘。但是我敢担保一旦你发现了柚果的绝妙好处后,你会爱上它的。柚果会帮助:1. Relieve muscle cramps1. 缓解肌肉痉挛Pomelo is rich in potassium and magnesium and helps to muscle cramps. This makes pomelo one of the best post-workout fruits. If you suffer from leg cramps once in a while, try adding pomelo fruit to your daily diet. Just do not forget to consult your doctor first. Also, just like grapefruit, pomelo can interact badly with numerous drugs.柚子含有大量的钾和镁元素,有助于缓解肌肉痉挛。所以柚子是锻炼后摄入的最佳水果。如果你的腿会时不时的痉挛,那就试着在你的日常饮食中添加柚果。别忘了先咨询你的医生。同样,像葡萄柚一样,柚子会与许多药物产生不好的作用。2. Boost immune system2. 增强免疫系统Pomelo contains more vitamin C than oranges – around 90% of your RDA per 100 g. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that boosts the immune system, reduce inflammation, improve cardiac health, and stimulates the production of infection-fighting white blood cells along with antibodies. If you often have cold and flu symptoms and are looking to increase your vitamin C intake, eating pomelo might help.柚子含有的维他命C比橘子要多——推荐日摄入量中,每100克柚子含有约90%的维他命C。维他命C是一种有效的抗氧化剂,能增强免疫力、减少炎症、提高心脏健康,也能与抗体一起刺激生产抗感染的白血球。如果你经常会有感冒和流感症状,正试图增加维他命C的摄入量,那么吃柚子可能会有所帮助。3. Keep your heart healthy3. 保持你的心脏健康One cup of pomelo fruit contains around 410 mg of potassium, which is vital for maintaining normal blood pressure and improving heart function. Potassium also lowers bad cholesterol in the body and helps your heart stay healthy, preventing heart disease and stroke.一杯柚果汁约含有410毫克的钾元素,这对保持正常的血压和提高心脏功能至关重要。钾元素同时也能降低身体内不好的胆固醇,有助于心脏健康,防止心脏病和中风。4. Improve bone health4. 改善骨骼健康Potassium found in pomelo is crucial for mineral absorption and keeping calcium bone density. Consuming pomelo at least three times a week will strengthen your bones and reduce your osteoporosis risk.柚子中发现的钾元素对于矿物质吸收以及保持钙骨密度至关重要。每周至少吃三次柚子将会加强你的骨头,也会减少你患骨质疏松的风险。译文属 /201606/451931湖州切双眼皮多少钱湖州开眼角手术

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