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TEXT:History has earned some inspiring look at how self-determination and innovation made America.Now,a special introduction from the President of ed State.Good evening.Over two hundred years ago,the world waited and watched to see if an unlikely experiment called America would succeed.It has,Not because the success was certain,or because it was easy,but because generations of Americans delicated their lives and the sacred honor to a cause greater than themselves. This has been especially true in moments of trial.when a ragtag group of patriots overthrew an empire to secure the right to life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.when an lllinois rail splitter proved for all time that a government of,by and for the people would endure.when marcher#39;s brave beatings on the Alabama bridge in the name of equality,freedom and justice for all.Moments like these remind us that our American stories have never been inevitable.those made possible by ordinary people who kept moral compass pointed straight and true.when the way seemed treacherous,when the climb seemed step,when the future seemed uncertain.people who were recognized as the fundamental part of our American characters.We can remake ourselves,and our nation to fit our larger dreams. Tonight,thorough the series,I hope you#39;d be inspired by these extraordinary men and women and think about how this generation write the next chapter in our great American story.Thank you and enjoy the show.美国全称美利坚合众国(英语:ed States of America),原为英国殖民地,后因种种因素逐渐兴起而成为一个强大的国家。本节目本着学习英语,了解美国历史的目的向大家讲述美国的历史。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景简史:两百多年来,美国历史一直是民主制度的试验。早年被提出的问题如今持续被提出并且获得解决;强大政府对抗弱小政府、个人权利对抗群体权利、自由资本主义对抗受到管理的商业与劳工以及参与世界对抗孤立主义。美国对于民主制度有很高的期待,而现实有时不如人意。然而国家经过适应与妥协,已见成长与繁荣。(精美国史下期继续...)译文:回顾美国独立革新的历程让我们看到了历史鼓舞人心的一面。现在有请美利坚合众国总统做特别介绍。晚上好。两百多年前,全世界拭目以待,美国独立-这个看似不可能的尝试能否成功。美国终于独立了,不是因为必然,也并非轻而易举,而是因为几代美国人为了一个无比崇高的理想奉献出了自己宝贵的生命与无上的荣耀。在历史发生巨大变革时,这点尤为突出。当一群身处底层的爱国者为了争取生存,自由与追求幸福的权利而推翻帝国统治时。当一位伊利诺伊州的扳道工向我们明无论何时一个“民有,民治,民享”的政府才能长久。当游行队伍以人人平等,自由公正的名义用有力的步伐震撼亚拉巴马大桥时。这些历史时刻在提醒我们,美国的传奇从来不说必然。它们都是由平凡的人们创造出来,它们的道德罗盘始终指向正直与真实。纵然前途未卜,纵然山高路险,纵然凶吉难定。他们被誉为美利坚精神大厦的基石。我们能改善自己,改善我们的国家以实现更大的梦想。今晚,通过这部纪录片,我希望你能受到这群卓越的男人和女人的启发。并且思考一下我们这一代人将会如何书写伟大美国传奇的新篇章。谢谢,祝你观赏愉快。(精下期继续...)

原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201112/166660Make a cold compress. Gives fast relief for everyday sprains and muscle aches, and sports injuries. Our experts will show you two ways to make this classic, effective treatment.进行冷敷,快速缓解日常扭伤和肌肉疼痛,以及体育活动中的伤痛。我们的专家将向你展示进行这种传统有效的冷敷治疗的两种方法。Step 1: Dip a cloth in cold water1.把一块布浸入冷水中Step 2: Squeeze out the cloth2.把布中的水挤出来Step 3: Fold the cloth3.把布折叠起来Step 4: Place the compress on the injury4.敷布放置在伤痛处Step 5: Keep the compress cool5.保持敷布较冷To keep the compress cool, dip it in the water every few minutes and repeat the same process. This should be done for at least 10 minutes.为了保持敷布的冷却效果,每隔几分钟重新浸入冷水中,重复同样的过程。至少要十分钟重新浸泡一次。Step 6: The ice pack6.冰袋Partially fill a ziploc or plastic bag with crushed ice or small ice cubes.将一些碎冰或小冰块装入保鲜膜或塑料袋中,不要装满。Step 7: Squeeze the air out7.挤出空气Step 8: Cover the ice pack8.用布把冰袋盖住Now cover the bag with a cloth to avoid cold injuries.现在用一块布把冰袋覆盖,以防造成冻伤。Step 9: Hold the ice pack on the injury9.把冰袋敷在伤痛处Remember with this method not to use the pack for more than 10 minutes at a time and replace the pack when necessary.记住,每次使用冰袋冷敷不要超过十分钟的时间,如果有必要的话,更换冰袋。Thanks for watching How To Make A Cold Compress.感谢收看“怎样进行冷敷”视频节目。 /201211/207815

How to Win Back Your Boyfriend on HowcastYou are now his ex-girlfriend but your heart is wanting him back after the breakup. Return your ex to home and get back together with your boyfriend.现在你是他的前女友,但是你从心底里希望在分手后能与他重归于好。将“前任”这个字眼去掉,重新和男朋友在一起。Step 1: Love yourselfLove yourself first and be confident with who you are.第一步:爱你自己首先要爱你自己,对自己要自信。Step 2: Be positiveHave a positive attitude. Spend time with your friends and family, get a new haircut, and treat your body well with exercise and a healthy diet. Take time for yourself and have fun.第二步:态度要积极要有积极的态度。多花些时间和你的朋友及家人相处,换个新头型,同时也要进行适当的运动和饮食来保持健康。要从容进行,并过得愉快。Step 3: Be supportivePut aside any negative feelings and be supportive of him when needed.第三步:要给予持将不好的感觉都丢掉,当他需要帮忙时要全力持他。Step 4: Ask him outAsk him out.第四步:和他约会和他约会。Step 5: Be patientBe patient. It may take him time before he accepts the offer or even feels he can trust you.第五步:要有耐心要有耐心。在他接受你的帮助或他感觉可以信任你之前可能需要一些时间。Tip:Avoid stalking him by phone, e-mail, text, or in person.小贴士:不要通过电话,邮件,短信或亲自追踪他。Step 6: ReminisceReminisce about all of the good times you had together and enjoy some time doing things you both like.第六步:回忆回忆你们一起度过的美好时光,花些时间做些你们都喜欢做的事。Step 7: Go slowTake things slowly, be yourself, win back your boyfriend, and live happily ever after.第七步:要慢慢进行要慢慢进行,做真正的自我,并挽回男朋友的心,从此以后快乐地生活。 Article/201101/122579原汁原味情景喜剧,配有中文字幕,让你在欢笑中学英语。 Article/201112/165337

The last hidden world最后的隐世净土China中国For centuries, travellers to China have told tales of magical landscapes数世纪来 旅人传诵着关于这片神奇土地and surprising creatures以及那些神奇生物的传说Chinese civilization is the world#39;s oldest中国文明是世界最古老的文明and today it#39;s largest而如今是最宏的with well over a billion people那数十亿的人民It#39;s home to more than 50 distinct ethnic groups现存超过五十个民族and a wide range of traditional life styles以及各式各样贴近自然的often inclose partnership with nature传统生活方式We know that China faces immense social and environmental problems我们都知道中国面对着着众多社会 环境问题but there is great beauty here too但这里也存在着令人窒息的美丽China is home to the world#39;s highest mountains,中国有着世界最高峰vast desertsranging fromsearing hot从无垠的炙热沙漠to mind numbing cold到麻木大脑的寒冷地带steaming forests以及那蒸笼般的森林中harboringrare creatures隐匿的各种珍稀生物grassy plains beneath vast horizons天际下广阔无垠的草原and richtropical seas以及富饶的热带海洋Now, for the first time ever现在 我们第一次有机会we can explore the whole of this great country深入探索这片伟大的土地meet some of the surprising and exotic creatures that live here接触栖息于此的珍奇生物and consider the relationship of the people and wildlife of China目睹中国这片神奇土地上to the remarkable landscaping which they live人与野生世界的羁绊This is wild China这就是最原味的中国 /201207/190010她是少数为欧美认识的华裔时装设计师,她所设计的衣含有大量东方和现代揉合的色,大量运用牡丹图案是谭燕玉的特色之一。飘逸灵动的蝴蝶图案、淡雅轻柔的丝绸质地,再配上《梁祝》婉转悠扬的旋律,谭燕玉用中国元素在纽约时装周献上一场“华风秀”。Celebrity interview: Fashion designer Vivienne TamShe has built a reputation in fashion that appeals to all ages, ethnicities, and income levels. She earned a reputation for offering stylish, high quality products while inviting the consumer to experience the Chinese inspiration. Born in Guangzhou, educated in Hong Kong, she started her career in New York.Vivienne Tam is truly one of the world most passionate and symbolic fashion designers. She shares with us her inspirations, design beliefs, crossover design experiences, as well as her appreciation of the latest prize awarded to her as the most stylish international fashion designer. Article/200912/91576

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