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福州做人工受精去哪好福州仓山区性激素检查什么医院好福州第二医院做宫腔镜怎么样 I want to send my best wishes to everyone here taking part in Pride in London, especially all those volunteers who make it possible. Since I recorded last year’s message there has been one huge, historic change in Britain: the institution of marriage is now open to all. Whether you’re a man and a man, a woman and a woman, or a woman and a man, your love for one another is equal in the eyes of the law. Since the Same-Sex Couples Act came into law in March couples across the country have been demonstrating their love and commitment by tying the knot. This would not have been possible without the support of so many people who are at Pride today. So thank you – you have made history. I’m immensely proud to be the Prime Minster of the country which is – and this is official – the best place in Europe to be gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender. But that doesn’t mean our job is done; we cannot be complacent. The theme of this year’s Pride is ‘freedom’. And I want this to be a country where all children are free from the fear of bullying where elderly people have the freedom to be who they are where our sportsmen and women have the freedom to achieve; people like Tom Daley, Claire Harvey, Nicola Adams and Casey Stoney, who proudly represent this country, and where no-one is at risk of the sickening homophobic attacks that, sadly, still happen on our streets. And this isn’t just about Britain. We are committed to improving LGBT rights across the world. I have raised my concerns about the treatment of gay people in Russia with President Putin, and the Foreign Office presses the case for positive change around the world. The values of tolerance, freedom and respect – these are the values that define us in Britain. Not only should we take great pride in them we should encourage the rest of the world to take our lead.201503/364563A recent study by a group of psychologists in the journal Science几位心理学家最近在《科学》杂志上发表了一篇研究论文found that people are extremely poor at predicting their futures他们发现人极其不擅长预测自己的未来The study showed他们的研究显示that, for example, a typical 20-year-old womans predictions例如 一个典型的20岁女性for life changes in the next decade of her life对自己未来十年人生变化的预测were not nearly as radical绝不像一个典型的as the typical 30-year-old womans recollection of how much she had changed in her 20s30岁女性对自己在20来岁时有多大变化的回忆那么激进In other words, 20-year-olds had little idea of换句话说 20岁的人对于自己just how much they would change over the next ten years在未来十年会有多大变化几乎没有概念This discrepancy persisted among respondents all the way into their 60s这种差异在受访者中一直延续到60多岁的人This studys findings are essentially the story of my life这项研究结果基本上也是我的人生故事In fact, even before I was born, given the obstacles my parents faced事实上 即使在我出生之前 鉴于我父母所面临的重重障碍I would never have predicted that, in fact, I would be born事实上我都不敢预测我会出生My father spent his childhood in North Korea我的父亲在朝鲜度过了他的童年At the age of 17, he escaped across the border into South Korea他在17岁那年偷越边境逃到韩国leaving his parents, his brothers and sisters, his entire extended family --离开他的父母 他的兄弟 他的所有亲朋好友everything he had ever known --离开了他所熟悉的一切He had no money. Still他身无分文 但是somehow he managed to enroll in the Seoul National University Dental School他还是设法进了首尔国立大学牙科学院and became a dentist后来成为一名牙医He told me stories about how he had so little money他告诉我 他口袋里只有一点点钱he often could only afford to buy lunch from the illegal noodle vendors in the street常常只能买得起街上非法小摊贩卖的面条当午餐201502/357448三明市哪个医院检查输卵管

福州治疗卵巢囊肿去那最好I lived with that diagnosis all day.我整天和那个诊断书一起生活。Later that evening I had a biopsy,后来有一天晚上我作了一个活切片检查,where they stuck an endoscope down my throat, through my stomach and into my intestines,医生将一个内窥镜从我的喉咙伸进去,通过我的胃, 然后进入我的肠子,put a needle into my pancreas and got a few cells from the tumor.用一根针在我的胰腺上的肿瘤上取了几个细胞。I was sedated, but my wife, who was there, told me that when they viewed the cells under a microscope the doctors started crying我当时很镇静,因为我被注射了镇定剂,但是我的妻子在那里,,后来告诉我,当医生在显微镜地下观察这些细胞的时候他们开始尖叫,because it turned out to be a very rare form of pancreatic cancer that is curable with surgery.因为这些细胞最后竟然是一种非常罕见的可以用手术治愈的胰腺癌症。I had the surgery and thankfully Im fine now.我做了这个手术, 现在我痊愈了。This was the closest Ive been to facing death,那是我最接近死亡的时候,and I hope its the closest I get for a few more decades.我还希望这也是以后的几十年最接近的一次。Having lived through it, I can now say this to you with a bit more certainty than when death was a useful but purely intellectual concept:从死亡线上又活了过来, 死亡对我来说,只是一个有用但是纯粹是知识上的概念的时候,我可以更肯定一点地对你们说:No one wants to die.没有人愿意死。Even people who want to go to heaven dont want to die to get there.即使人们想上天堂, 人们也不会为了去那里而死。And yet death is the destination we all share.但是死亡是我们每个人共同的终点。No one has ever escaped it.从来没有人能够逃脱它。And that is as it should be, because Death is very likely the single best invention of Life.也应该如此, 因为死亡就是生命中最好的一个发明。It is Lifes change agent. It clears out the old to make way for the new.它推进生命的变迁,旧的不去,新的不来,Right now the new is you, but someday not too long from now, you will gradually become the old and be cleared away.你们现在是新的, 但是从现在开始不久以后, 你们将会逐渐的变成旧的然后被清除。Sorry to be so dramatic, but it is quite true.我很抱歉这很戏剧性, 但是这十分的真实。Your time is limited, so dont waste it living someone elses life.你们的时间很有限, 所以不要将他们浪费在重复其他人的生活上。Dont be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other peoples thinking.不要被教条束缚,那意味着你和其他人思考的结果一起生活。Dont let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.不要被其他人喧嚣的观点掩盖你真正的内心的声音。And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.还有最重要的是, 你要有勇气去听从你直觉和心灵的指示——They somehow aly know what you truly want to become.它们在某种程度上知道你想要成为什么样子。Everything else is secondary.所有其他的事情都是次要的。201308/250699博爱医院精子检查怎么样 I would like to share with you a new model of higher education,a model that, once expanded,can enhance the collective intelligence of millions of creative and motivated individuals that otherwise would be left behind.我想和你们分享一种全新的高等教育模式,这一模式一旦发展起来,能提升数以百万计的有创造力和上进心的个人的集体智慧,而没有这一模式的话这些人可能会被甩在后面。Look at the world.看看这个世界。Pick up a place and focus on it.任选一个地方并聚焦于此。You will find humans chasing higher education.你会发现人们正在追寻高等教育。Lets meet some of them.让我们来认识其中的一些人。Patrick.帕特里克。Patrick was born in Liberia to a family of 20 children.帕特里克出生于利比里亚一个有20个孩子的家庭。During the civil war, he and his family were forced to flee to Nigeria.在内战期间,他和他的家庭被迫逃离去尼日利亚。There, in spite of his situation,he graduated high school with nearly perfect grades.在那里,尽管处境恶劣,他依然以近乎满分的成绩高中毕业。He wanted to continue to higher education,他想要继续接受高等教育,but due to his family living on the poverty line,he was soon sent to South Africa to work and send back money to feed his family.但是由于他的家庭生活在贫困线上,他不久后被送至南非工作,寄钱回家供养他的家人。Patrick never gave up his dream of higher education.帕特里克从未放弃他的高等教育之梦。Late at night, after work,he surfed the Net looking for ways to study. 结束工作后的深夜里,他在网上寻找各种途径来学习。Meet Debbie.来认识一下黛比,Debbie is from Florida.黛比来自佛罗里达。Her parents didnt go to college,and neither did any of her siblings. 她的父母没有上过大学,她的兄弟也都没有。Debbie has worked all her life,pays taxes, supports herself month to month,proud of the American dream,a dream that just wont be complete without higher education. 黛比生活的全部就是工作,缴税,每月维持自己的生计,以美国梦为荣,但是没有高等教育的话这个梦并不完整。But Debbie doesnt have the savings for higher education.但是黛比没有足够的积蓄来负担高等教育。She cant pay the tuition.她付不起学费。Neither could she leave work.她也不能抛开工作。Meet Wael.来认识一下瓦伊尔。201507/389480三明市激素六项检查费用

福州哪个医院检查阳痿Jay Leno, welcome home 杰·雷诺 欢迎回家By virtue of the power vested in me by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts 我将行使马萨诸塞州and the Board of Trustees of Emerson College 和爱默生学院校董会授予我的权力I hereby confer upon you the honorary degree of doctor of humane letters 授予你人文学荣誉士学位which you have so justly earned with all the rights, privileges and responsibilities pertaining thereto 这是你应得的 以及所有与此相关的权利 特权和责任and invite you to deliver this mornings commencement address 我邀请你到此做今晨的毕业演讲Thank you very much. Thank you.非常感谢大家 谢谢I am the little man on this totem pole, very distinguished people 我是这个图腾柱上众多杰出人士中很不起眼的一个I thank Don Lemon for taking time out for looking that airplane to be here today 感谢唐·莱蒙花时间帮我订了今天到这里的机票Thank you I know you gotta get back 谢谢你 我知道你要回去Well whats better? Mothers day and graduation? 母亲节和毕业在一天 还有什么更好的Is there any greater mom gift in the world, look at that, how about that? 还有更好的母亲节礼物吗 这真是太棒了I want to thank President Pelton and chairman of board Jeff Greenhawt for the opportunity to be with you today 我要感谢佩尔顿校长和校董会主席杰夫·格林霍特 让我今天有机会来到这里You know Im stunned to be here 到这里让我受宠若惊I still cant believe that Im a college graduate 我现在都还无法相信自己竟然大学毕业了I still have nightmares that I have tests to take and take my word, I was a terrible student 我还做着噩梦 梦到有考试要考说真的 我是个很差的学生Im dislexic, heres how this dyslexia was treated when I was a kid 我有失读症 我小时候失读症是这样治的201512/415546 Now if you have trouble maintaining your diet,it might help to have some extra imagery to remind you how many calories are going to be coming at you.如果你不能保持节食,一些图像也许会有助于提醒你食物里有多少热量。How about enabling the pathologist to use their cell phone again to see at a microscopic level and to lumber that data back to the cloud and make better diagnostics?让病理学家能用他们的手机在显微水平观察把数据放回云端信息来做更好的诊断会怎样?In fact, the whole era of laboratory medicine is completely changing.实际上,整个实验医学时代完全变了。We can now leverage microfluidics,like this chip made by Steve Quake at Stanford. 我们能利用微流体,像斯坦福的Steve Quake公司制造的芯片。Microfluidics can replace an entire lab of technicians.微流体能替代整个实验室的技术员。Put it on a chip, enable thousands of tests to be done at the point of care, anywhere in the world.把它放在一个芯片上,能做几千个测试在世界任何地方都可以做。And this is really going to leverage technology to the rural and the under-served and enable what used to be thousand-dollar tests to be done at pennies and at the point of care.这将真正地从技术上获益,那些农村和保障不发达地区能让过去上千块的测试减到几分钱在护理方面上讲。If we go down the small pathway a little bit farther,were entering the era of nanomedicine,the ability to make devices super small to the point where we can design red blood cells or microrobots that will monitor our blood system or immune system,or even those that might clear out the clots from our arteries. 如果在这条小路上走得稍微远一点,我们将来到纳米医学时代,能将装置做得超小小到我们可以设计血红细胞或者微型机器人来监测我们的血液系统或免疫系统,或者甚至清除动脉里的血栓。Now how about exponentially cheaper?如果指数更加便宜会怎样?Not something we usually think about in the era of medicine,but hard disks used to be 3,400 dollars for 10 megabytes-exponentially cheaper. 在医学领域,这种便宜不是我们通常认为的那样,而是10MB硬盘过去3400美元-指数便宜。In genomics now,the genome cost about a billion dollars about 10 years ago when the first one came out. 在基因组学,基因组价值约10亿美元10年前当第一个基因组出现的时候。Were now approaching essentially a thousand-dollar genome-probably next year to two years, probably a hundred-dollar genome.我们现在基本上可以1000美元买到。也许今后一两年,100美元的基因组会出现。What are we going to do with hundred-dollar genomes?我们能用100美元的基因组做什么呢?And soon well have millions of these tests available.不久以后我们可以进行上百万的测试。And thats when it gets interesting, when we start to crowdsource that information.那就是当它变得有趣的时候,当我们开始集中信息资源的时候。And we enter the era of true personalized medicine,the right drug for the right person at the right time,instead of what were doing today, which is the same drug for everybody,sort of blockbuster drug medications,medications which dont work for you, the individual. 我们进入了真正的个人化医学时代,在正确的时间为正确的人制造正确的药,而不是像现在我们这样,给每个人同样的药物,一种药物治疗的混乱,对你个人不一定有效。And many, many different companies are working on leveraging these approaches.很多不同的公司正在利用这些方法。And Ill also show you a simple example, from 23andMe again.我会给你一个简单的例子,还是来自23andMe。My data indicates that Ive got about average risk for developing macular degeneration, a kind of blindness.我的数据表明我已经达到平均风险系数对于黄斑病变,一种失明病。But if I take that same data, upload it to deCODEme,I can look at my risk for sample type 2 diabetes. 但是如果我把同样的数据上传到deCODEme,比如我能看到我得2型糖尿病的风险指数。Im at almost twice the risk for type 2 diabetes.我现在差不多有2倍的风险得2型糖尿病。I might want to watch how much dessert I have at the lunch break for example.例如我也许想看到午饭的时候吃多少甜点。It might change my behavior.这也许能改变我的行为。Leveraging my knowledge of my pharmacogenomics,how my genes modulate, what my drugs do and what doses I need are going to become increasingly important,and once in the hands of the individual and the patient,will make better drug dosing and selection available. 利用我基因测试学的知识,我的基因怎样调整,我的药物作用是什么和我需要什么将变得越来越重要,在个人和患者手中的时候,将使得可用的药物选择和用更好。So again, its not just genes, its multiple details our habits, our environmental exposure.所以不仅是基因,有多种因素,我们的习惯,我们的环境。When was the last time your physician asked you where youve lived?上次医生问你住在哪里是什么时间?Geomedicine: where youve lived, what youve been exposed to,can dramatically affect your health. 风土医学:你住在哪里,你接触过什么能极大影响你的健康。We can capture that information.我们能抓住这些信息。So genomics, proteomics, the environment,all this data streaming at us individually and us, as poor physicians,how do we manage it? 因此基因组学,蛋白组学,环境,所有数据涌向我们作为个体人和医生们。我们怎样管理它们呢?Well were now entering the era of systems medicine, or systems biology,where we can start to integrate all of this information. 我们正在进入系统医学或者系统生物学时代,我们能开始集成这些信息。And by looking at the patterns, for example, in our blood of 10,000 biomarkers in a single test,we can start to look at these little patterns and detect disease at a much earlier stage.通过这些式样,例如,在我们的血液中一个测试中有10000个生物标记,我们能看这些小的式样在非常早期发现疾病。This has been called by Lee Hood, the father of the field,P4 medicine.这个领域的创始人,李?胡德叫这种方法为P4医学。Were going to be predictive; were going to know what youre likely to have.我们将能预测;我们能知道我们可能会怎样。We can be preventative; that prevention can be personalized;and more importantly, its going to become increasingly participatory. 我们能预防;这种预防性可以个人化;更重要的是,它将变得共享。Through websites like Patients Like Me or managing your data on Microsoft HealthVault or Google Health,leveraging this together in participatory ways is going to become increasingly important. 虽然一些网站像Patients Like Me,微软HealthVault或者谷歌Health可以管理数据,用共享的方式利用数据将变得越来越重要。So Ill finish up with exponentially better.我将以指数地更好前景来做结束。Wed like to get therapies better and more effective.我们会得到更好更有效的治疗。Now today we treat high blood pressure mostly with pills.如今我们通常通过吃药治疗高血压。What if we take a new device and knock out the nerve vessels that help mediate blood pressure and in a single therapy to cure hypertension?如果我们用一种新装置敲打神经血管帮助调节血压一次治疗就能治愈高血压。This is a new device that is essentially doing that.这是做这种治疗的一种新装置。It should be on the market within a year or two.它应该能在一两年内投放市场。How about more targeted therapies for cancer?更具目标性的癌症治疗会怎样呢?Right, Im an oncologist and I have to say most of what we give is actually poison.对,我是肿瘤学家,我不得不说大多数我们开的药实际上是毒药。Weve learned at Stanford and other places that we can discover cancer stem cells,the ones that seem to be really responsible for disease relapse. 我们在斯坦福和其他地方学到,我们可以发现癌症干细胞,可能是癌症复发的真正原因。So if you think of cancer as a weed,we often can whack the weed away. 如果你把癌症看作一个种子,我们通常能够去除这个种子。It seems to shrink, but it often comes back.它好像萎缩了,但它经常又重新复发。So were attacking the wrong target.所以我们正在去除错误的目标体。The cancer stem cells remain,and the tumor can return months or years later. 癌症干细胞仍存在,肿瘤能在几个月或几年后重新长出来。Were now learning to identify the cancer stem cells and identify those as targets and go for the long-term cure.我们现在学会了鉴定癌症干细胞作为鉴定目标体来进行长期治疗。And were entering the era of personalized oncology,the ability to leverage all of this data together,analyze the tumor and come up with a real, specific cocktail for the individual patient. 我们正在进入个人化肿瘤学时代,利用汇集所有数据的能力,分析肿瘤并提出来针对每一个患者而采用的一个真正的,明确的鸡尾酒疗法。Now Ill close with regenerative medicine.最后我会讲讲再生医学。So Ive studied a lot about stem cells embryonic stem cells are particularly powerful.我对干细胞研究很多,胚胎干细胞尤其强大。We also have adult stem cells throughout our body.我们有遍布我们身体的成体干细胞。201504/370332福州检查多囊卵巢那个医院好福州哪个医院治疗阳痿好



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