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There’s a saying, “Use it or lose it.” That’s pretty much why exercise is good for you. But that’s just the short answer. The details of what actually happens in your body are truly amazing and, I think, super motivating. Here’s the the rest of the story you won’t want to miss![This article is going to motivate you to exercise more. So here’s the obligatory, but important, cautionary note. If you are going to start an exercise program, you should have the OK from your doctor first to make sure that you don’t have any potential heart or other health issues.]How Exercise Makes You Stronger and HealthierThe very first day that you start your exercise program, you will be healthier than you were yesterday. Why? Because your body immediately responds to the exercise by building new cells and tissues to support that exercise. It gets y to better handle the exercise you will do tomorrow. Isn’t that amazing!?There are several marvelous ways that your body changes when you begin a consistent aerobic exercise program. All of the improvements your body makes increases your VO2 Max, which is a measurement of of your fitness level. Specifically, VO2 Max measures the volume of oxygen a person can consume in one minute exercising at maximum exertion.Here are the incredible changes you’ll see in your body:HeartWhen you train over a period of time your heart will grow in size, allowing it to pump a larger volume of blood with each stroke (or pump). This allows more oxygen to be delivered to all the cells in your body. At the same time, your heart also becomes stronger and more efficient at pumping blood.Blood VesselsIn response to your muscles needing more oxygen, your body will grow more capillaries to deliver more oxygen faster going forward. Isn’t that cool?! In addition, over time, regular exercise will make your blood vessels become more flexible allowing them to deliver more oxygen rich blood more efficiently. And if that wasn’t enough, the increased blood flow in your blood vessels serves to clean out excess cholesterol, keeping you free of clogs which can cause strokes and heart attacks.Red Blood CellsAs you exercise each day, your body says, “OK, I get it. You need more oxygen. Alright, turn up the red blood cell production!” As your red blood cell count increases so does your ability to receive more oxygen more efficiently.Cellular LevelThis improvement is very cool too. In each of the cells in your body there are these little power machines called mitochondria. What they do is produce energy by combining oxygen and glucose (or other fuel molecules). This combination produces ATP which is the molecule that gives your cells the energy they need to do their cellular work. When you exercise regularly, guess what happens? Yup, your body creates more and stronger mitochondria in each of your cells, making you more powerful and giving you more endurance for everything in your life! Wow! How exciting is that!?MusclesWhen you use your muscles beyond what they can handle, either through aerobic exercise or weight bearing exercise, it causes your body to build new muscle tissue. Tiny tears can occur with weight lifting, and when these tears are repaired, this is what causes the muscle to become larger and more defined. Larger, stronger muscles will raise your metabolism making weight management easier.Your VO2 MaxIf you want to test your VO2 max, a simple way to do this is to perform the Rockport Walking Fitness Test. It is well regarded as an accurate way to measure your VO2 max. If you can’t get your heart rate above 120 with fast walking, here is a similar jogging test. (Again these tests should only be done with your doctor’s approval.)What Kind of Exercise is Best?The best kind of exercise is the kind you do everyday for 30 minutes, whether consecutive minutes or broken up throughout the day. You should aim for a target heart rate of 55-85% of your max heart rate. Here’s the formula to calculate your maximum heart rate:Maximum heart rate 208 - (0.7 X your age in years)Example: If you are 40 years old, then your maximum heart rate 208 -(0.7 X 40) 180.Moderate activity level would be between 99 - 126 beats per minute.Strenuous activity level would be between 126 - 153 beats per minute.So it doesn’t matter if you walk or run, bike or swim, play tennis or rake the yard. As long as you do it everyday and get your heart pumping you will make yourself healthier every day. The only advantage that running has over walking is that you can burn more calories in a shorter period of time. But, the advantage of brisk walking is that it is easier on your joints than running. So just choose whichever activity you like better, and go for it!Another thing to keep in mind is that you have to stop in the middle of your exercise, don’t fret. As long as you finish it later, it’s fine. You can do 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Everyone has time for that right?My soon to be released book on healthy living will have more information on healthy exercise. In the meantime, all you need is a pair of sneakers and you’re good to go. Vary your exercise every so often for a new muscular challenge and also for fun. Here are some other aerobic activities you can try:bikingcross country skiingswimmingtennisstrenuous yogasquashhikingkayakinggolfingsoccerjumping (jump-rope or mini-trampoline)dancing 有这样一句俗语,“不常使用,就失去。”就很好地说明了为什么运动对你有好处。但这只是句简短的回答。运动让你身体里实实在在变化着的细节是令人惊奇的,我认为,非常激励人。这里有你绝不愿错过的其他的信息!(这篇文章将激励你更多地去运动。所以这里有些必需的,但重要的警示。如果你要开展一项运动,必须先得到你的医生的许可,确保你将不会有任何潜在的心脏或其他健康上的问题。)运动怎样让你更加强壮和健康即使是开始运动项目的第一天,你也比昨天更健康。为什么?你的身体以建立新的细胞和组织的方式迅速地做出反应,来持那项运动的进行。你的身体状况将更好,使你更好地应付明天要做的运动。这难道不是很神奇吗?当开始坚持一个有氧运动计划时,你的身体以一些惊人的方式发生改变。所有的身体状况上的改善将增加你的最大摄氧量,而最大摄氧量是测量你的健康水平的一个标准。具体来说,最大摄氧量测量的是一个人在一分钟运动中的最大耗氧量。这些就是你将在自己身上看到的难以置信的改变:心脏当你运动训练过一段时间以后,你的心脏体积将变大,每一次跳动(或撞击)可以输送更多的血。这将输送更多的氧气到你身体的各个细胞。同时,你的心脏变得更强壮,能更有效率地输送血液。血管因为你的体力需要更多氧气撑,你的身体将生成更多毛细血管来便于更多氧气的传送。这难道不神奇吗?另外,久而久之,定期的运动将使你的血管更有效率、更灵活地更传送更多富氧的血液。除此之外,那些增加的血液在你的血管里流动着,它们能清除多余的胆固醇,让你免于可能引起中风和心脏病发作的血管堵塞。红细胞随着每天的运动,你的身体说,“好的,我知道了。你需要更多的氧气。好吧,加大红细胞的产量!”红细胞数量增加了,你也能更有惬意地吸收更多的氧气。细胞水平这个进展也是令人称奇的。你身体中的每一个细胞里,都有这些叫做线粒体的“小发电机”。它们将氧气和葡萄糖(或其他燃料分子)结合起来来制造能量。这种结合制造出提供细胞每天运行所需燃料的分子--三磷酸腺苷。当你定期运动,猜猜会发生些什么?是的,你的身体在每一个细胞中制造出更多更好的线粒体,让你更强壮,在生活中做任何事情时都更有耐力。哇!这不是多激动人心吗!?肌肉当你用你的肌肉做些有难度的活动时,不论是有氧运动还是负重运动,都会让你的身体建立新的肌肉组织。举重时肌肉会有轻微的裂开,当这些裂口愈合时,肌肉也变得更强大更轮廓分明。拥有些大块些、强壮些的肌肉会让新陈代谢加快,让体重更容易保持。你的最大摄氧量若你想测试自己的最大摄氧量,进行rockport步行体能测验就是一个简单的方法。它被认为是测量最大摄氧量的一个准确途径。如果你不能通过快走让你的心率超过120,这里还有个相似的慢跑测试。(同样地,这些测试必须在你的医生的准许下完成。)什么方式的运动最好?运动的最好方式是每天进行半个小时,不管是持续的半小时还是一天中零碎进行的半小时。你需要朝着使心率往你的最大心率的55-85%的目标前进。这是计算你的最大心率的公式:最大心率208-(0.7X你年龄的年数)例子:如果你40岁,那么你的最大心率208-(0.7 X 40) 180一般的心率水平应该在每分钟99-126之间。较好的心率水平应该在每分钟126-153之间。所以,无论你是走还是跑,是骑自行车还是游泳,是打网球还是用耙理庭院,都没有关系。只要你每天做,让你的心脏自由跳动,你会每一天变得更健康一点。比起步行,跑步的唯一优势是能让你在更短的一段时间里消耗更多的卡路里。但是比起跑步,快走的优势是它对于关节来说更为轻松。所以只要选择你更喜欢些的运动,去做吧!另外你需铭记在心,当不得不在运动中停下来时,不要为此苦恼。只要你能稍后完成它,就可以了。你可以早晨和晚上各运动15分钟。这样每个人都有时间运动了,不是吗?我将发行的那本关于健康生活的书中会提供更多关于健康运动的信息。与此同时,你所需要的一切仅仅是一双穿着行动方便的胶底运动鞋。偶尔让运动的内容多样化,这将既是一项新的肌肉挑战,也是一种乐趣。这里是一些你可以尝试的其他有氧运动:* 骑自行车* 越野滑雪* 游泳* 网球* 艰苦的瑜珈训练* 壁球* 徒步旅行* 划皮艇* 高尔夫球* 英式足球* 跳跃(跳绳或小蹦床)* 跳舞 /200805/38134

China#39;s three telecom operators have all vowed full support for world-class telecommunication development in Xiongan New Area.中国三大电信运营商于日前纷纷表态,将全力持在雄安新区发展世界一流的电信系统。China Mobile announced plans to build a 5G network in advance in the area and assure complete optical access as well as other topnotch telecommunication infrastructure.与此同时,中国移动还宣布将会在该地区超前规划部署5G网络,确保全光高速宽带基础网络和其它一流的电信基础设施一步到位。The largest telecommunications network operator added that it would give full support to turn Xiongan into a smart digital city and a representative of innovative growth that relies on efficient, intelligent governance.此外,这家最大的电信网络运营商还补充道,将会全力持雄安向数字经济试验区转变,建设具有代表性的依靠高效且智能管理的创新型增长市区。China Unicom promised to build a new-generation telecommunication network by allocating all its resources to guarantee the best quality.中国联通承诺,将通过统筹各类资源来保质量,建立新一代的全新电信网络。China Telecom also said it would establish gigabit network access in the special economic zone, meaning the downstream bandwidth can achieve 1G.中国电信则表示,将会实现千兆光网城市布局新区,即下游带宽可达到1G。It also plans to provide reliable infrastructure to enable the city take full advantage of information and communication technology earlier than other regions.此外,中国电信还计划建设安全可靠的基础设施,确保雄安可以比其他地区相对较早地实现对信息和通讯技术的充分利用。 /201704/504807

Five million smartphones will be given to farmers in Pakistan in an effort to improve knowledge of modern farming techniques, an official has said.据巴基斯坦一名官员表示,为提高现代农业技术知识水平,巴基斯坦政府将赠与农民500万部智能手机。The first phones would be delivered in October, said Punjab Information Technology Board chairman Dr Umar Saif.旁遮普省星系技术委员会主席奥马尔·赛义夫士表示,第一批手机将于今年10月份交付到农民手中。Advice from experts would also be distributed via the devices.通过这些手机,专家的意见也会传达到农民手中。;The farmers will receive free alerts about the use of pesticides for their yields,; said Dr Saif, according to the Associated Press of Pakistan.据美联社巴基斯坦分社报道,奥马尔士说道:“农民们将会免费收到关于在农田里使用农药的通知。”Large numbers of farmers in countries such as India and Kenya have also recently experimented with smartphone technology.在印度和肯尼亚等国家,大批农民最近也体验到了智能手机技术。Hendrik Knoche at Denmark#39;s Aalborg University was involved in a recent project to design a smartphone interface that could be used by farmers in India, even those with literacy problems.来自丹麦奥尔堡大学的亨德里·克诺奇最近参加了一个项目,设计一个可以供印度农民,即使文盲也能使用的智能手机交互界面。;A lot of the information that farmers are really interested in is often not available online,; he told the B, ;such as whether a local dealer has good quality material or whether it#39;s adulterated.;他在接受B采访时说道:“许多农民真正感兴趣的信息在互联网上是没有的,例如当地经销商是否用了好材料、或者是否以次充好。”At the very least, Dr Knoche said, his experience suggested that even farmers new to the devices would soon pick up the basics of how to use them - and that that could benefit them in the future.但是至少,亨德里·克诺奇表示,从他的经验来看,即使是第一次接触智能手机的农民也能够很快掌握基本的使用方法--而那就可能在将来给他们带来好处。 /201609/465700

Spend five minutes in humid Ho Chi Minh City and you#39;ll probably be running for cover into the nearest air-conditioned refuge.在闷热的胡志明市待上5分钟,你很可能会迫不及待地跑到最近的一个有空调的地方避暑。In the Vietnamese city -- and many developing subtropical countries across Asia, such as Indonesia and the Philippines -- air conditioning (AC) is increasingly being considered a necessity.在越南的这座城市,还有亚洲很多亚热带的发展中国家,比如印尼和菲律宾,空调越来越被视为是必需品。But one architecture firm is advocating a different way to keep cool.然而一家建筑公司正在倡导一种保持凉爽的不同方式。T3 Architecture Asia, which has offices in Vietnam and France, specializes in back-to-basics ;bioclimatic architecture;, which it says could make energy-guzzling AC units redundant.在越南和法国设有办事处的T3亚洲建筑公司主业是回归本原的“生物气候建筑”,该公司声称这种建筑会让大量消耗能源的空调变得多余。By harnessing the local topography, climate, and vegetation, as well as cleverly manipulating a building#39;s orientation, the firm can naturally create a comfortable indoor climate.通过巧妙地利用一座建筑的朝向,以及合理利用本地的地形、气候、植被,该公司可以自然地营造出舒适的室内气候条件。Charles Gallavardin, director of T3 Architecture Asia, first forayed into bioclimatic architecture in 2005. In cooperation with the World Bank, he built an affordable apartment building in Ho Chi Minh City, which houses 350 families in an impoverished neighborhood where AC bills were to be avoided.T3亚洲建筑公司的经理查尔斯?嘎拉瓦丁2005年首次涉足生物气候建筑。他在胡志明市和世界合力建造了一座经济适用房大楼,这座可容纳350户家庭的大楼建在负担不起空调费用的贫民区。;You don#39;t need to spend money on air conditioning, even in a hot climate like Ho Chi Minh, as long as your building is well designed,; Gallavardin tells CNN.嘎拉瓦丁告诉CNN说:“只要建筑设计得好,即使是在胡志明市这样炎热的地方,你也不需要在空调上花钱。”Covered open-air corridors, ventilated roofs, fiber-glass insulation and the use of natural materials meant the Ho Chi Minh City units offered both natural light and ventilation.封闭式露天走廊、通风屋顶、玻璃纤维隔热墙以及天然材料的使用意味着胡志明市的这座建筑拥有良好的自然光线和通风条件。;We try to avoid big glass facades facing east or west, because that would make the building like an oven in a tropical climate,; he says.他表示:“我们努力避免让大面玻璃墙朝东或朝西,因为这样会让热带气候中的建筑变成一个大火炉。”;If you work with the main wind stream and have smart sun protection, you can do it -- you really can design buildings that need no air conditioning in a hot place like Vietnam.;“如果你利用好了主要通风口,并巧妙地做好防晒,你就可以在越南如此炎热的地方设计出不用空调也凉爽的建筑。”Gallavardin explains that a typical bioclimatic T3 building is naturally about 41 Fahrenheit (22 Celsius) cooler than the outside temperature, with natural ventilation and the odd ceiling fan doing the rest of the work.嘎拉瓦丁解释说,典型的T3生物气候建筑内的自然温度比室外温度低41华氏度(22摄氏度),只需要自然通风和几个吊顶电风扇就能保持凉爽。Since that first project, Gallavardin has built several luxury bioclimatic hotels in Cambodia and Myanmar, a concept restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, and even his own green office for the T3 team.自从这第一个项目之后,嘎拉瓦丁已经在柬埔寨和缅甸建造了几个豪华生物气候酒店,在胡志明市建造了一个概念餐厅,甚至还为T3团队建造了自己的绿色办公楼。Other architects are also experimenting with this style of building.其他建筑师也在尝试这种风格的建筑。In Indonesia, Andyrahman Architect#39;s Biophilic Boarding House was shortlisted in the World Architecture Festival#39;s Building of the Year 2016 competition, praised for its perforated walls that help the building stay cool in tropical Surabaya, a congested port city in East Java.在印尼,安迪拉曼建筑公司的亲生物寄宿公寓入围了2016世界建筑节年度建筑大赛候选名单。该公寓位于热带地区的泗水市,是东爪哇一个拥挤的港口城市。这所公寓凭借多孔墙让大楼保持凉爽而受到赞赏。In China, American architecture firm Perkins amp; Will took a bioclimatic approach to the new Shanghai Natural History Museum -- while the building provides air-conditioning in gallery areas to protect the artwork from humidity, it also has automated windows and skylights to naturally ventilate public areas.在中国,美国建筑公司帕金斯威尔事务所采用生物气候学方法设计了新的上海自然历史物馆,尽管物馆在画廊区开空调以保护艺术品不受潮,但是物馆也设有自动窗户和天窗,让公共区域可以自然通风。The museum saves 15% on energy consumption compared to a standard-design museum.相比标准设计的物馆,新上海自然历史物馆消耗的能源节省了15%。 /201702/490999

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