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Just ten miles up river, the ice is starting to break.河流上游十英里处 冰层已开始破裂The locals are concerned,当地人十分焦急because huge amounts of water can build up,因为当冰块堆积在河中if these ice chunks dam the river,会阻塞大量流水and that can lead to堆积的冰块崩塌后devastating flooding in the town, when the dams burst.会给小镇带来毁灭性的洪灾Now the melt#39;s moving through there now.正在沿着那里融化Yes, got a shot.我拍到了Using cameras and sonar to assess the state of the river,菲利用摄像机和声纳检测河水的状况Fay makes her best guess at when this break-up成功预测出解冻的河水will hit the waterfall just above the town.何时会冲入小镇上方的瀑布中Now, guys, I think we have about 48 hours to go.应该还有约48小时Fay#39;s prediction of the 24th April菲对4月24日的预测is exciting news for the team.让整个团队精神振作Upstream from here,上游的河段中it#39;s aly starting to melt,冰层已经开始融化and Fay thinks that we may only have菲认为 再过一到两天another one or two days before this whole thing goes,整个冰面就会全部融化which is almost impossible to imagine looking at it now,现在看来几乎是天方夜谭but that#39;s what she says.但菲言之凿凿With the break-up seemingly imminent,冰河解冻迫在眉梢the team set up their cameras in anticipation.团队架好摄像机机 静静等待Over the next 48 hours,在接下来的48小时中the weather warms to well above freezing,气温上升至冰点以上but there#39;s no sign of the break-up.但冰面仍无破裂的迹象The team waits and waits and waits.队员们静静等待着 /201301/220291

Step 1: You will need第一步:你需要准备1 green cardamom pod 1个绿色小豆蔻荚100 ml natural unsweetened yoghurt 100毫升自然无糖酸奶1 frac12; tsp caster or demerara sugar 1frac12;茶匙糖或德麦拉拉蔗糖1 tsp rose water 1茶匙玫瑰水200 ml cold water 200毫升冷水4 mint leaves 4片薄荷叶1 blender 1个搅拌器2 tall glasses 2只高脚玻璃杯1 sharp knife 1把锋利的刀Step 2: Cardamom第二步:小豆蔻Use the back of a spoon to gently crush a green cardamom pod, until it splits. Remove the seeds with your fingers, and throw away the outer case.用勺背上轻轻捏碎绿色小豆蔻,直到它分开。用你的手指去掉种子,丢掉外部。Step 3: Blend第三步:混合Put the cardamom seeds into a mixing bowl or jug, along with 100ml of unsweetened natural yoghurt, 1 1/2 teaspoons of caster or demerara sugar, 1 teaspoon of rose water and 200ml of cold water. Use a hand blender to blend the mixture into a smooth paste.Pour into glasses. Garnish with a few mint leaves.把小豆蔻种子放到一个搅拌盆或壶中,随后倒入100毫升的无糖酸奶,1.5茶匙的糖或德麦拉拉蔗糖,1茶匙的玫瑰水和200毫升冷水。使用手工搅拌器混合。之后倒入玻璃杯中。再用一些薄荷叶子装饰即可享有。 Article/201203/174969

Every date has that moment where you either know that you want to do it again or you realize that someone couldn#39;t pay you to sit through another date with this person. If you find the latter to be true, here#39;s how to let her (or him) down easy.在每次约会中你都会有这样的感觉,你希望再次和这个人约会,还是这个人不值得你再次约会。如果是后面的情况,以下是让她(或他)轻松下台的好方法。Step 1: Wait It Out1.等待If your date has bad breath or an awful, annoying habit, you will probably just want to run far, far away. Stick around until the end of the date. No matter how bad it is, he (or she) is still a person with feelings. And you never know - they may have a cute, less annoying friend.如果你的约会对象有口臭或不良习惯,使你想要躲的远远的,尽量忍到约会结束。无论情况多么糟糕,他(或她)也是有感觉的人。你永远不会知道——他们或许有一个可爱的,不那么让人讨厌的朋友。Step 2: Take One For The Team2.找借口When the time has come, tell your date you had a wonderful time (even if you didn#39;t). Then expose yourself. A little lie usually won#39;t hurt your reputation that bad. Try one of these: ;I don#39;t think I#39;m over my ex, I need some more time... I have self-esteem issues, and feel that you#39;re way out of my league... I took a vow of celibacy and you are so hot, I don#39;t trust my libido around you...; Alright, so they may be a little cheesy, but hopefully they will realize what you#39;re doing and respect that you#39;re trying to not hurt feelings.时间差不多的时候,告诉你的约会对象你很开心(尽管并非如此)。然后揭发你自己。一个小小的谎言并不会严重伤害你的声誉。可以试试这些“我还没忘记我的前任,我还需要一些时间……我很自卑,觉得自己配不上你……我已经发誓要单身,我不信任自己对你的欲望……”这些借口或许很庸俗,但是他们会意识到你是尊重他们,试着不伤害他们的感情。Step 3: Stage Five Clinger3.坚持If they come up with an answer to everything you#39;re dishing out, time to bump it up a notch. You just realized you play for the other team. It may start some rumors, but at least you saved your date from feeling bad.如果对于你说的任何事情他们都有,那么你再加把劲。你可以再找点其他话题,可以幽默一下,但是至少你不会让你的约会对象感到尴尬。 Article/201209/200349

  How can I encourage my partner to be more romantic?我应该怎样鼓励伴侣更加浪漫呢?The best way to encourage your partner to be more romantic is to be more romantic yourself. Lead by example. Trust me. If you start complaining about it and focusing on what they are not doing, it is not going to lead them to where what you want them to be. Start being romantic yourself in the marriage#39; because when you#39;re feeling romantic and doing romantic, you#39;re going to get romantic. It all starts with you and the most important thing is to have fun in your own planning. Fill your own desires and lure your partner into the romance. They will respond.鼓励伴侣更加浪漫的最好方法是让自己更加浪漫,自己树立榜样。相信我。如果你开始抱怨,总是说他们没有怎么做,这样根本不可能让他们去做你想要的事情。在婚姻关系中自己首先做到浪漫,因为当你感觉到浪漫,开始做浪漫的事情的时候,你就会获得浪漫的感觉。一切都要从你开始,最重要的事情是按照自己的计划寻找乐趣。满足自己的渴望,吸引你的伴侣加入浪漫的氛围中。他们一定会回应的。Thanks for watching How To Encourage Your Partner To Be More Romantic In Your Marriage.感谢收看“怎样鼓励你的伴侣在婚姻中更加浪漫”视频节目。 Article/201212/216799


  155 water-skiers in Australia have broken the world record for the number of skiers pulled behind one boat.Attempting the record in Tasmania, a 35 meter long catamaran was used to ski the enthusiasts to success. The organisers say 8 kilometers of rope was used in the stunt. The Guinness Book of Records is expected to recognise the new record within the next few months.澳大利亚155名划水者在一艘快艇的帮助下,脚踩划水板在水面上飞驰,经过几次尝试,他们终于刷新了世界纪录。 Article/201202/169706


  【视频欣赏】【听力文本】Step 1: Sow the seedIf you are trying to get 2 of your friends together, develop the idea that they'd be great together without explicitly explaining you want to match-make them. Let them believe it's their idea. Remember to focus on their positive traits such as his sensitivity and love of animals, and her style and sophistication. This may involve missing out certain details, or embellishing the truth slightly.Step 2: Arrange a meetingOnce you've established how fantastic each of your friends would be for each other, arrange a spontaneous, informal get together where they can meet in a relaxed environment. Don't work them up into a frenzy of anticipation, and turn it into a 'big night'. Avoid lines such as 'I think you'll be really good together, so try not to be too weird'. If one of your friends doesn't seem interested in the potential match, but you're still convinced they'd make the perfect couple, you may have to be more devious. Persuade them to come out for a quick drink and... ooh look, what a surprise! Well as you're there, it would be rude not to join them. To make sure they don't suspect anything, make sure the introduction itself is natural, breezy, and casual.Step 3: Make them look goodYour role is to make your friend look witty, interesting and intelligent. Let them be themselves, but just a little bit better. Laugh at that joke you've heard several times before. Remember to bring up her triumph as Miss East Anglia 2003 and how caring he is to his elderly relative. Mention her young journalism award, and the time he saved a child from a burning building. And her grade 5 piano, and his skill at thumb war. And her Baga swimming award for 50 metres, and his full clean driving licence.Step 4: Bring them closerFind a place to sit down, to bring the potential Romeo and Juliet, the potential Scarlet and Rhett, the potential Batman and Robin closer together. Bring them physically nearer to each other with some gentle encouragement or by severely limiting their options... But don't go too far. If they're not talking to each other, make sure they have to. As the evening progresses, and everyone is feeling more relaxed, you could try to use a photo opportunity to encourage a bit more closeness.Step 5: Know when to leaveIf one of your friends still isn't convinced about the match, don't abandon them to an evening of misery. Offer them an escape route. If things look like they are going to plan, have 'the chat' with both of them to find out exactly what their true feelings are. Don't get too excited if it seems like everything's fitting into place… there's still time for it to go horribly wrong. But if it doesn't look like it's doing so, retreat gracefully and watch the fruits of your labours flourish. Article/200912/93338

  Mao#39;s first concern was to feed the Chinese people毛主席首先关心的是中国人的吃饭问题by turning as much land as possible将尽可能多的土地over to grain production转化为耕地destroying non-cereal crops清除了非谷类作物and uprooting fruit trees in the process并将成行的果树连根拔起A campaign to eliminate crop-raiding sparrows backfired一场歼灭麻雀的战役导致了恰恰相反的结果when insect-eating birds were also targeted捕食昆虫的鸟竟然也成为了攻击对象causing an increase in insect pests病虫害在所难免Efforts to make China self-reliant in steel自力更生大炼钢铁的结果resulted in 10% of the country#39;s forests being felled导致了百分之十的森林被砍伐to feed the furnaces在熔炉中焚烧殆尽This had a profound impact on China#39;s environment除四害 大炼钢铁对中国的环境造成了巨大的影响with effects in some cases lasting until the present day其中有些影响一直持续至今Mao#39;s policy towards the countryside毛主席关于农村的政策has been described in the phrase一言以蔽之:;man must conquer nature;;人定胜天;quite different from the ancient concept完全有别于古老观念中所述的of harmonious co-existence with nature人与自然和谐相处As modern China engages with the outside world由于现代中国与外部世界的交流更加频繁which of this attitude seems likely to prevail这种观点似乎占据了主导地位To find the answers为了找到we#39;ll travel to far reaches of the heartland我们的旅途将深入到中国的心脏地带to see how its traditional cultures and unique creatures去了解一下哪儿的传统文化以及独特的生物are faring today在今天的处境 /201209/198537


  How do I make my home environment comforting while I#39;m single?作为单身人士,我应该怎样让居住环境尽量舒适呢?I have found that many single people just love making their home into a place that really fits them, that really reflects who they are. And this is a very big difference between today#39;s contemporary singles and singles from decades ago. You know,decades ago people who were single would often think of their life as transitional, ;Oh, I#39;m just marking time until I meet the one.; Well if you#39;re marking time then maybe you have orange crates for furniture and nothing on the walls and you#39;re just waiting. But now, single people don#39;t think like that. They build a home or they decorate a home in a way that really reflects them. So you put on the walls what you want to see. You get the furniture that feels right, that looks right to you and not something that is a compromise between what one person wants and what you want and maybe neither of you end up liking. Or you only like half of your house and maybe it#39;s not the half that you live in most often. And some single people who are doing especially well at their jobs might have even separate homes. So it#39;s a whole different time to be single.我发现,许多单身人士喜欢把居住的房间布置得非常适合自己,非常反映自己的性格。现代单身男女和几十年前的单身人士存在很大的不同。你知道,几十年前,单身人士通常会认为目前的生活只是过渡性的,“反正我只是拖延时间,遇到我的另一半就好了。”如果你只是在拖延时间,或许你所有的家具就是几个大木箱,墙上光秃秃的什么都没有,你只是在等待。但是现在,单身人士已经不这样想了。他们会以适合自己的方式布置和装修房子。所以你会以自己喜欢的方式装饰墙壁,你会选择自己喜欢的家具,而不是两人之间做出妥协,你自己不喜欢或者两个人都不喜欢的风格。或许你只喜欢一半房间,另外一半你不经常居住。一些工作比较好的单身人士甚至有自己独自的家。所以,现代的单身人士已经完全不同了。Thanks for watching How To Make Your Home Environment Comforting While You Are Single.感谢收看“单身人士怎样保持舒适的居住环境”视频节目。 Article/201210/203384



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