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福州市中医院治不育三明市去哪间医院做试管博爱医院看不孕医生 by trial and error 通过试错英文释义To solve a problem by trying many different possible solutions, experimenting with one after another, until the correct answer is found.例句 I found an old locked chest in my grandfathers house and a bag of keys, so by trial and error I tried each key until I found the one key which opened the chest.我在祖父的房间里发现了一个锁住的箱子和一包钥匙,我采取试错的方法,用每把钥匙试开,直到其中一把打开了箱子。 /201312/267728Common Courtesies in the Office 办公室常见礼节陈豪在北京的A美国公司工作,他的美国同事Amy好像显得不太高兴。(Office ambience)CH:Hi Amy, how are you?A:Im fine.C:听上去你好像不太高兴?出什么事了吗?A:As a matter of fact there is. I consider you a good friend as well as colleague. You know I have tried to help you as much as I can since you came to work at A.C:是啊。这几个月来,你确实帮了我很多忙,我特别感激。A:Unfortunately we have a problem right now. As we say in the ed States, ;I have a bone to pick with you;.C:;A bone to pick with me?; 这是什么意思啊?A:It means that I have a complaint about something that involves you.C:我什么地方得罪你了吗?A:Forgive me—I may be wrong, but I think you used my office while I was away last week.C:没错,你出差的时候。我以为你不会介意呢。A:I would not have minded if you had asked me first.C:你走后我才想起来的。正好有个项目快到期了,我需要个安静的地方工作,所以就借用了你的宝地。A:I understand, but you need to be aware that you shouldnt make yourself at home in someone elses office without first asking permission.C:对不起,可你是怎么知道的呢?A:We will have to continue this later. I have a meeting in five minutes.当天下午陈豪和Amy又碰面了。A:Chen Hao, you deserve to know what bothered me about your using my office without asking me first. You were not very considerate in some of the things you did.C:你能说具体点儿吗?A:It appears that you ate your lunch in my office.C:你怎么知道的?A:There were crumbs all over my desk.C:那是我不对,应该打扫干净。A:And how do you explain the missing paper clips? I was down to my last few, and when I came back, there werent any left.C:对不起,最后几个回形针用了。A:And that means that you went through my desk to find them.C:可大家不都这样吗?我以为可以这样做呢。A:Well, its not. Even with good friends. Just because people are not at their desk, doesnt mean that you can make your self at home when they are not there.C:你说得没错。不过我确实不是有意得罪你。A:I accept your apology. In the future remember to ask permission before you use a coworkers desk, office equipment or supplies. When you do receive permission, leave everything as you found it.C:我以后知道了,谢谢你告诉我。 /201208/194618南平一院看卵巢多囊多少钱

福州市检查胎停去那最好福州市做人工受精医院排名 Dialogue 1:A: So, thank you for coming, everyone. It's really a pleasure to see you all here. First of all, may i suggest you take a look at the agenda i sent you? Would you like to make any comment on that?B: Yes, i wonder if we can begin with shipment question first. We really need to come to an agreement on that before anything else.A: That's true, but it's also a very difficult issue. That's the reason why i put it last. I thought it might be a good idea for us to start with the points we have in common. We'll move on to the shipment issue after that.B: All right. That sounds reasonable.A: Well, before we go any future, I would like to say strongly how i feel that it's in both our interest to reach an agreement today. The market is becoming even more competitive and our combied strength will give us some big advantages, not least in terms of the dealer network. Now, i think Richard would like to say a few words about that.点睛注释:1. make comments on sth 对某事进行Example: Would you make comments on our women's garments in current design?您对我们流行女装款式有何?Oh look very nice! 哦,看起来很漂亮!2. have sth. in common: 有共同点Example: The two firms have very little common in selling strategies. 这两家公司在销售策略上没有什么共同点.3. in the interest of: 符合......的利益Example: The stable and healthy business relations are in the interest of our sides. 稳定健康的贸易关系符合双方的利益. /201004/101691福州省人民医院孕前检查费用

福州那个医院看无精症比较好1.Get the ball rolling 开始行动 A:I think this is a perfect plan. Let's get the ball rolling!B:I agree. Let's get into action. A:我认为这是个完美的计划,我们开始行动吧。B:我同意,开始行动吧。 2. How to beat our competition 如何在竞争中取胜A: We need to study and figure out how to beat our competition.B: Let's have a SWOT analysis.A:我们得研究一下如何在竞争中取胜。B:我们做一下SWOT分析。Notes: SWOT means Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threat.注:SWOT 的意思是能力,弱点,机会和威胁。 3.Kick-off meeting 启动会A: This is a kick-off meeting for the new program.B: We want to make sure that we have a great start.A:这是此项新项目的启动会。B:我们得保有个好的开始。4.Strike a plan 做一个计划A: Let's strike a plan, and get the ball rolling.B: We aly have a proposal. Would you like to take a look?A: Of course.A:我们来做一个计划,然后开始实施。B:我们已经有一个设想了,你要不要看一下?A:当然。5.Form an alliance 组建联盟A: How do we form an alliance?B: We should work together on any new ations and targeted business.A:那我们怎样形成联盟呢?B:我们要对任何新的报价和目标业务通力合作。 /200808/46382 to overturn a decision 推翻决定英文释义To change an important decision, often by deciding in the opposite direction. (NOTE: often used in regard to legal matters)例句The companys new president decided to overturn a decision by his predecessor that was unpopular with employees.公司新总裁决心推翻前任制定的不受员工欢迎的决定。 /201304/234989宁德卵泡监测公立医院福州检查输卵管那个医院好



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