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吉林第三医院门诊收费长春省中研院在线咨询松原妇女医院引产需要多少钱 It aly uses AI techniques to identify people in photos, for example, and to decide which status updates and ads to show to each user. Facebook is also pushing into AI-powered digital assistants and chatbot programs which interact with users via short messages. Next week it is expected to open up its Messenger service (which can aly be used to do things like order an Uber car), to broaden the range of chatbots. And Facebooks investment in VR—it bought Oculus, the cheerleader of this emerging field, for billion in 2014—is a bold guess about where computing and communication will go after the smartphone.例如,它已经利用人工智能技术来辨识照片中的人像,也用这一技术确定向每个用户展示什么样的状态更新和广告。Facebook还在推动由人工智能持的数字助手和聊天机器人程序,它们通过简短的信息与用户互动。下周它计划开放Messenger务(它已经可以用来做一些事情,例如从优步叫车),并且拓宽聊天机器人的适用范围。Facebook在虚拟现实上的投资是对计算和通信在智能手机之后将何去何从的大胆预测,它于2014年以20亿美元收购了这一新兴领域的领头羊Oculus。But Facebook faces rivals in all these areas. Google is using AI techniques to improve its internet services and guide self-driving cars, and other industry giants are also investing heavily in AI—though with the deepest pockets and the most data to crunch, Facebook and Google can attract the best researchers and most promising startups. Facebook lags behind Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft when it comes to voice-driven personal assistants; when it comes to chatbots, it faces competition from Microsoft and a host of startups eager to prove that bots are the new apps. And its push into VR—which Mr Zuckerberg sees as a stepping stone to “augmented reality” (AR), where information is superimposed on the real world—pits it against formidable rivals, too. Microsoft has jumped straight to AR with its HoloLens headset, its most impressive product in years, and Google, aly active in VR, has invested in Magic Leap, a little-known AR startup.但是在所有这些领域Facebook都有对手。谷歌正利用人工智能技术提升其互联网务、指引无人驾驶汽车,其他业界巨头也不惜重金投资人工智能,不过Facebook和谷歌钱袋最鼓、有最多数据可供分析,因此能吸引到最优秀的研究人员和最具潜力的创业公司。在由语音控制的个人助理领域,Facebook落后于亚马逊、苹果、谷歌和微软;而在聊天机器人领域,它的对手是微软以及诸多急于明机器人是新应用的创业公司。虚拟现实领域被扎克伯格视作“增强现实”(AR)的踏脚石,AR即信息被叠加在真实世界上的技术。进军这一领域也让Facebook和强敌正面交锋。微软凭借其多年来最引人瞩目的产品HoloLens头盔直接挺进AR,而在VR领域已十分活跃的谷歌已经投资了Magic Leap,一家鲜为人知的AR创业公司。 The scale of Facebooks ambition, and the rivalries it faces, reflect a consensus that these technologies will transform how people interact with each other, with data and with their surroundings. AI will help devices and services anticipate your needs (Googles Inbox app aly suggests replies to your e-mails). Facebook的雄心壮志及其面临的竞争反映出一个共识,即这些技术将转变人与人之间、人与数据之间、人与周围环境之间的互动方式。人工智能会帮助设备和务预测你的需求(谷歌的Inbox应用已经能对如何回复电子邮件提出建议)。Conversational interfaces will let you look things up and get things done by chatting to a machine by voice or text. And intelligent services will sp into a plethora of products, such as wearable devices, cars and VR/AR goggles. In a decades time computing seems likely to take the form of AR interfaces mediated by AI, using gestures and speech for inputs and the whole world as its display. Information will be painted onto the world around you, making possible new forms of communication, creativity and collaboration.会话接口能让你通过语音或文字与机器对话来查阅信息和完成任务。智能务将扩展到太多产品中,如可穿戴设备、汽车和VR/AR眼镜等。十年之内,计算看似有可能采取增强现实界面,以人工智能为媒介,用手势和语音进行输入,将整个世界作为它的显示器。信息将被叠映在你周围的世界之上,让新形式的交流、创造与合作成为可能。This is the ambitious vision that Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other technology giants are working towards. But along the way there are certain to be privacy and security concerns. Crunching all that information to provide personalised services looks a lot like surveillance, and will cause a backlash if consumers do not feel they are getting a good deal in return for handing over their personal details (as the advertising industry is discovering to its cost)—or if security is inadequate.这是Facebook、谷歌、微软及其他科技巨头为之努力奋斗的恢弘愿景。但沿途必定会有隐私和安全问题。分析所有信息以提供个性化的务看起来很像监控,并且如果消费者感觉在提交个人详细资料后并没有获得大量回报(广告业吃过苦头后正在明白这一点),又或者安全性不足,会引发激烈反对。 There will also be worries about concentration and monopoly, and the danger of closed ecosystems that make it hard for people to switch between services. Facebooks plan to offer free access to a limited subset of websites was blocked by Indias telecoms regulator, which argued that it was “risky” to allow one company to act as a gatekeeper. And Germanys competition authority is investigating the way Facebook handles personal data. As its dominance grows, Facebook can expect to face more such cases, as Microsoft and Google did before it.也有人会担心集中、垄断以及封闭式生态系统的危险,让人很难在各种务之间切换。Facebook提供免费接入一些指定网站的计划被印度电信监管部门阻拦,它们认为让一家公司来把关“太过危险”。德国的竞争主管机构正在调查Facebook处理个人信息的方式。随着其统治地位的不断加强,可以预见Facebook会遭遇更多此类情况,正如微软和谷歌所经历的那样。Striking a balance between becoming ever more intimately entwined in billions of peoples lives, making huge profits as a result and avoiding a backlash will be one of the biggest business challenges of the century. Even in ancient Rome, emperors could find that the crowd suddenly turned against them. So applaud Mr Zuckerberg—and fear for him, too.既能和数十亿人的生活更紧密地交织在一起,又可借此获得巨额利润并且避免强烈反对,如何在其间取得平衡将成为本世纪最大的商业挑战之一。即便是在古罗马,帝王们也会发现民众会突然转而反抗他们。所以为扎克伯格鼓掌,也为他担忧吧。 /201605/442078长春第四人民医院属于私人医院吗

吉林长春市一院在那里Local television地方电视台Small-town views小城眼光The fruits of government meddling in the television market政府干预电视市场的后果FOR more than a decade staff and media students at the Grimsby Institute, a college in Lincolnshire, have broadcast worthy programmes to a smattering of nearby cable TV subscribers. In November their audience quadrupled. With a new name—Estuary TV—and a prominent spot on Freeview, a free digital television platform, their news and discussion shows now reach 350,000 homes around the Humber. A station long propped up by grants and donations is courting advertisers.十多年来,林肯郡格里姆斯比学院的一些员工和传媒专业的学生,一直为附近零星几户有线电视用户播报有价值的节目。11月,他们的听众翻了两番,而且名字改成了河口电视,同时还在免费数字电视平台Freeview上占据了显要位置,现在亨伯河附近收看他们新闻和讨论节目的用户达到了35万家。一个昔日需要靠补助金和捐款苦苦撑的电视台现在居然可以招商引资了。Estuary TV is the first of 19 television stations launching in Britains towns and cities over the next year—the fruits of a plan laid out in 2010 by Jeremy Hunt, then the culture secretary, to revitalise local media. Ministers hope they will help promote small businesses, train new creative talent and generally make people more civic-minded. London will get a station in March, Birmingham in the summer. Ofcom, the television regulator, plans to license about 30 more.河口电视是19家电视台中第一个登陆英国乡镇的电视台,下一年的目标是城市,2010年文化部长亨特为了复兴地方传媒业而制定了此计划,现在的发展就是计划结出的果实。部长希望这个举措可以带动小型企业,培训新兴有创意的人才,并且逐步让人们变的越来越热心公益。明年3月,伦敦就会新增一电台,而伯明翰在明年夏天也会跟随其脚步。电视总局英国通讯部计划,明年会再批准成立30余电视台。High costs and low positions on on-screen TV channel guides have killed previous efforts to launch local services. So the government has tilted the market to help them. In England and Northern Ireland local television will air on Freeview channel eight, a coveted slot. A single operations centre in Birmingham, set up with £25m(m) from the television licence fee, will keep them on air. Over three years the B will dole out a further £15mto the stations, in exchange for local footage that can be used in its own news reports.屏幕上电视频道的高成本、低地位,使先前许多开展地方电视务的努力都付诸东流。对此,政府为他们调整了市场。英格兰和北爱尔兰本地的电视,会在每晚8点黄金档在Freeview频道播出。独立运营的电视节目将集中在伯明翰展开,需要花2500万英镑(约合4100万美元)的电视许可费才能保持其正常播出。未来三年,为了能让地方电视中的画面能被自己的新闻报道所用,B将要为此多付1500万英镑给地方电视台。These bungs have attracted some well-known firms. STV, a big Scottish broadcaster, plans services in Glasgow and Edinburgh; the Evening Standard, a newspaper, will launch Londons channel. In many towns local papers are involved, in part for fear of interlopers such as Made TV, a firm from the capital which will run services in Leeds, Newcastle and three other cities.这一系列福利吸引了许多知名的企业。苏格兰一家大型广播公司,苏格兰广播,计划对格拉斯哥和爱丁堡提供电视务;《标准晚报》将会登陆伦敦。许多当地报纸都包括其中,某种程度上是担心伦敦Made TV这样的入侵者会在利兹、纽卡斯尔和其他三个城市推行电视务。Most will air only a few hours of new telly each day. Local bulletins are a condition of the licence; cheap chat shows are inevitable (station controllers like to cite “The One Show”, a jovial B programme, as a model). Bill Smith of Latest TV, Brightons new channel, hopes viewers will want to contribute films on topics that engross them. Estuary TV is airing a nightly talk show for fans of the paranormal.大多数城市每天只用几小时播放新的电视节目。本地新闻快报是许可执照的条件之一;廉价的谈话类节目是难以避免的(广电总局总喜欢引用B一档节目“一个秀”作为反面教材)。布莱顿一个新频道“最新电视”的史密斯希望,观众能够提供可以鼓舞他们的影片。河口电视为一些灵异事件爱好者还提供了夜间谈话节目。Britains local channels are inspired by America. But there the market is different, and more favourable. The tiniest local channels, of the kind lovingly lampooned in “Waynes World”, a comedy, are publicly funded. Others are supported by advertising from large regional businesses. But Britains high streets are dominated by national firms who advertise nationally. Jamie Conway of Made TV insists big chains that do not yet splurge on costly campaigns will welcome a chance to experiment in smaller media markets. His team have aly secured more than half the cash they hope its channels will make next year.英国的本地频道是受美国启发。但是英美的市场是截然不同的,而且英国的更有优势。最小的本地频道是政府资助的,这类频道会被亲切的笑话成喜剧《反斗智多星》。其他频道由大型地区企业的广告撑。但是英国高速公路的广告还是全国广告的国企占了主导地位。Made TV的康维坚持认为,大型连锁不会在耗资高昂的活动中撒钱,而会倾向在小型传媒市场中尝试。他的团队已经筹集到所需资金的一大半了,他们希望频道明年就能建立。In titchier towns where local television stations are planned, such as Cambridge and York, the economics look grimmer. Small businesses increasingly advertise online. Simon Terrington, an analyst, thinks channels may survive through the benevolence of local bigwigs and the generosity of volunteers. “People get involved in media for no money,” he points out. Regional studios will test that.已规划的地方电视台在例如剑桥和约克这样的小城镇中,经济问题似乎更加严峻。小型企业不断增加网络广告的份额。分析家特林顿认为,本地频道要靠当地权贵的手下留情和志愿者的慷慨解囊才能幸免于难。他指出,“人们被无偿的卷入了传媒”。地方电视会检测这一说法。译者 周雨晴 校对 曾擎禹 译文属译生译世 /201511/410537长春市吉林大学三院院长 长春一院官网

南关区做孕检哪家医院最好的Politics this week本周政治新闻Hillary Clinton announced that she is running for the White House in 2016. She vowed to get “unaccountable money” out of politics “once and for all, even if that takes a constitutional amendment”. Her campaign is expected to raise at least 1 billion. On the Republican side Marco Rubio, a Florida senator, joined a field that is fast becoming crowded.希拉里·克林顿宣布将参加2016年的总统大选。她郑重宣告:在其政治生涯中将彻底地清除“来路不明的资金”,即使这会需要建立宪法修正案。她的竞选团队有望筹到至少10亿美元的资金。佛罗里达州参议员马尔科·卢比奥表示,共和党加入了一场飞快变得激烈的战斗。A Florida doctor, Salomon Melgen, was indicted for defrauding Medicare, the government health scheme for the old, which he had billed for 105m over six years. Earlier this month Mr Melgen and Senator Bob Menendez, a New Jersey Democrat, were indicted for trading gifts for favours. Both men denied.福罗里达州的医生所罗门·梅尔根因涉嫌诈骗美国国家老年人医疗保险机构被指控,他在6年里获利高达1.05亿美元。本月早些时候,梅尔根与新泽西州民主党参议员鲍勃·梅内德斯一道被指控权钱交易,但是他们对此予以否认。Sudan held a presidential election and, though the results will not be announced until April 27th, most believe President Omar Hassan al-Bashir is sure of another term in office. Opposition groups boycotted the poll. Sudan is war-ravaged and its economy is struggling. But Mr Bashir, indicted for genocide by the International Criminal Court, has never looked stronger.苏丹举行了总统大选。虽然选举结果要等到本月27日才会公布,.但是大多数人认为现任总统奥马尔·哈桑·艾哈迈德·阿尔-巴希尔一定会再次当选。反对党派抵制此次选举投票。苏丹目前饱受战火摧残,本国经济也陷入泥潭。但是,尽管被国际刑事法院指控进行种族屠杀,巴希尔却比以往任何时候都更强势。Russia has lifted a self-imposed ban on the sale to Iran of an advanced air-defence system, a move criticised by the countries involved in talks to limit Tehrans nuclear programme. America and Israel opposed selling the S-300 system to Iran on the grounds that it would make any air strikes on its nuclear facilities harder and upset the regions balance of military power.俄罗斯已经撤销对伊朗的禁令。这个昔日俄方自主发布的禁令规定:禁止向伊朗出售高端防空导弹。有关国家正在就限制伊朗发展核项目问题进行对话,因而此举受到它们的指责。美国与以色列都反对向伊朗出售S-300导弹,因为这将会使得任何针对伊朗核设施的打击行动变得更加困难,同时还打破了该区域的军事力量的平衡局面。The Shabab, al-Qaedas affiliate in Somalia, exploded a car bomb outside the Ministry of Higher Education in Mogadishu, the capital. At least 19 people were killed, including seven attackers. It comes on the heels of the Shababs massacre at a university in Garissa, Kenya, in which gunmen killed 148 people.隶属于基地组织的索马里青年党在该国首都加迪沙的教育部大楼外制造了一起汽车爆炸案,造成至少19人遇难,包括7名袭击者。此前,青年党在肯尼亚加里萨市的一所大学制造袭击事件,造成148人死亡。Three weeks of air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition have done little to halt the advance of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Pakistan has affirmed that it will not send in ground troops. Muhammad Javad Zarif, Irans foreign minister, has laid out a four-point plan to resolve the crisis.沙特联军的系列空袭行动已经过去3个周了,但对阻止也门国内伊朗持的胡塞武装的进攻却无济于事。巴基斯坦已经确定不会派出陆战部队。伊朗外长穆罕默德·贾瓦德·扎里夫已经拟定了4点计划以解决此次危机。Yemens civil war has benefited al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, the groups most dangerous branch, which has taken over Mukalla, a Yemeni port. But an American drone strike killed Ibrahim al-Rubeish, a top figure in the outfit.也门内战给阿拉伯半岛最危险的分—阿拉伯半岛基地组织暗中“助力”。该组织已经占领了也门的穆卡拉港口。但是美国无人机的空袭干掉了该组织的一个重要头目—易卜拉欣·鲁贝什。A court in Japan blocked the reopening of a nuclear power plant in Fukui on the main islands west coast. The Takahama plant had aly obtained approval from Japans nuclear regulator. It is a blow to Shinzo Abe, the prime minister. Nuclear power generated 30% of Japans electricity before the Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear disaster, after which the countrys nuclear power stations were shut down.日本一家法院暂不批准重启本州岛西海岸福井核电站。高滨核电站已经获得了日本核能监管机构的批准,因而在法院受阻对于日本首相安倍晋三是个不小的打击。在福岛核电站灾难发生之前,核电站的发电量占到了全日本的30%;此后,该国的核电站都被关停。The government in China released five feminist activists detained for planning protests against sexual harassment on public transport on March 8th, International Womens Day. They may still be prosecuted for supposedly creating a disturbance.中国政府释放了被拘禁的5名女权主义人士,她们曾计划于妇女节当日就公共交通工具上的性骚扰问题举行抗议活动。据悉,她们仍有可能因制造骚乱而被起诉。In response to protests in Hong Kong against mainland Chinese who buy goods in bulk to resell, China limited residents of Shenzhen, across the border from Hong Kong, to visiting the territory just once a week. Goods in Hong Kong are cheaper and more trusted, but a surge of mainland Chinese visitors has bred resentments.港人抗议陆客抢购商品回内地倒卖,为此中国限制深圳(海关的另一侧)居民每周只能过境一次。香港的东西便宜又放心,招来大量陆客,引发港人不满。India relaxed the last of the restrictions on the production of goods, including pickles and chutneys, that are “reserved” exclusively for small businesses. At the peak of industrial policy in the 1970s some 800 goods were similarly reserved.印度放宽了包括泡菜、酸辣酱等商品在内的生产限定,专门为小型企业“保留”下来。在1970年代的产业政策高峰期,也同样保留了约有800样商品。The British election creaked into third gear with the launch of the partiesmanifestos. With the polls still too tight to call, the Conservatives promised more free child care and subsidies for social-housing tenants. Labour vowed to avoid further borrowing and keep cutting the deficit.随着两党先后发出宣言,英国大选即将进入第三轮。民意调查显示两方不相上下,保守党承诺将有更多的儿童享受免费保健,并为租户提供社会住房补贴。工党发誓要避免继续举债并努力削减财政赤字。Good weather encouraged more boatloads of would-be migrants across the Mediterranean. The Italian coastguard rescued hundreds, but as many as 400 were feared drowned after one boat capsized off Libya. The UN said not enough was being done to save lives好天气使得一批又一批的准移民横跨地中海。从利比亚出发的一艘船发生倾覆,虽然意大利海岸警卫队解救了数百人,但恐怕还是有多达400人葬身大海。联合国表示他们并没有尽最大努力来拯救生命The extreme-right Jobbik party shocked Hungarys ruling right-wing Fidesz party by winning a by-election. Jobbik claims that it, not the left, is now the only plausible opposition to the Fidesz prime minister, Viktor Orban.极右政党尤比克党赢得了递补选举的消息震惊了匈牙利的执政党,右翼的青年民主党。尤比克党声称,只有该党敢于向首相维克特.奥尔班(来自青年民主党)说不,左翼政党不足成事。Turkey attacked Pope Francis and the European Parliament after both described the Ottoman massacres of Armenians in 1915-16 as genocide. Turkish objections to the word have intensified in the run-up to the centenary of the start of the killings on April 24th.教皇弗朗西斯和欧洲议会都将1915年-1916年的奥斯曼亚美尼亚人大屠杀描述为种族灭绝,引发了土耳其的攻讦。在即将迎来这场屠杀开始的4月24日的百年纪念时,土耳其对“种族灭绝”一次的反感更深了。Despite a purported ceasefire, renewed violence broke out in eastern Ukraine. Ukraine said six of its soldiers had been killed; pro-Russian rebels said one of their fighters had died.虽有停火协议在先,但在乌克兰东部又发生了暴力事件。乌克兰方面宣称有六个士兵丧生;亲俄反对派说他们的一个战士已经死亡。Barack Obama and Raul Castro held the first substantive meeting between the leaders of the ed States and Cuba in nearly 60 years at a summit in Panama. Mr. Castro railed against the embargo that the ed States imposed on Cuba, which was loosened last December, but called Mr. Obama an “honest man”. After the summit the ed States removed Cuba from its list of state sponsors of terrorism. The decision eliminates an obstacle to restoring diplomatic relations.距巴拿马峰会美国和古巴领导人会晤之后近60年,奥巴马和劳尔·卡斯特罗才有了第一次实质性的会谈。卡斯特罗指责美国对古巴的禁运,直到去年12月份才有所放宽,但他也称奥巴马为“诚实的人”。在峰会后,美国把古巴从持恐怖主义国家的名单上划去,这一决定消除了恢复外交关系的障碍。FARC guerrillas killed at least ten Colombian soldiers and wounded 17 more. The army claimed that the FARC initiated the attacks. That would make it the most serious breach yet of a ceasefire declared by the rebel group in December. Colombias president, Juan Manuel Santos, ordered a resumption of air raids on the FARC, which he had suspended in March. The two sides have been holding talks aimed at ending the 50-year conflict.FARC游击队至少杀害了10个哥伦比亚士兵并至少打伤了17人。军方称,哥伦比亚革命武装力量率先发起了攻击。该行为严重违反了12月由叛军组织发布的停火协议。战火在三月份已经暂停了,但如今哥伦比亚总统胡安?曼努埃尔?桑托斯下令继续对FARC进行空袭,为了结束持续50年的冲突,双方本已谈判了一段时间。Eduardo Galeano, a radical Uruguayan writer, has died, aged 74. He is most famous for “Open Veins of Latin America”, which blamed the regions problems on European colonisers and the ed States. Late in life he said that the book belonged to “a past era”.乌拉圭的激进派作家爱德华多·加里诺已经去世,享年74岁。他是最著名的著作当属《拉丁美洲:被切开的血管》,而该地区的问题应归咎于美国和欧洲殖民者。他晚年时说道,这本书属于“过去的时代”。译者:江虹蕾,戴秀平 校对:韦永睿 译文属译生译世201505/374334 Lexington莱克星顿The Ben Carson mirage海市蜃楼般的Ben CarsonWhy some Republicans think a charismatic brain surgeon can win the White House为什么一些共和党人认为才华横溢的脑科医生能入主白宫BETWEEN now and the presidential primary season, expect to hear more about Ben Carson. Though unknown to many Americans, the retired brain surgeon is a conservative pin-up. He was raised by a black single mother in Detroit, almost flunked out of school and nearly stabbed a teenage rival to death, before finding God, heading to Yale and becoming a paediatric neurosurgeon. He has written several books about his life—one became a TV film (Dr Carson was played by Cuba Gooding junior).从现在到美国总统预选的日子里,很期待听说更多关于Ben Carson的消息。尽管对于很多美国人来说还很陌生,这位退休脑外科医生是保守党的招牌人物。Ben在底特律长大,母亲是位单身黑人妈妈,在皈依基督之前,他快要被学校退学,有过前科,将一位青少年对头几乎刺死,后来去耶鲁深造成了一名儿科神经外科医生。Ben已经写了好几本关于他生活经历的书—一本已被改变成电影(Carson医生由小古巴·古丁扮演)。Political celebrity came in 2013 when the doctor used a speech to a National Prayer Breakfast to lecture a stony-faced Barack Obama, sitting a few feet away, about the national debt, those who treat poverty as an excuse for failure and the “horrible” menace of political correctness. A Fox News TV contract followed, and many invitations to address conservative gatherings.他的政坛名望来自2013年,当时他在全美祈祷早餐上致辞批评奥巴马对于国债的无动于衷,以及那些将预算不足当作失败的借口、对政治前途有“可怕”威胁的人,当时奥巴马坐在几英尺开外。Fox新闻台以及很多邀约随后都邀请Ben给保守党聚会做演讲。Fans want to draft Dr Carson to run for the presidency in 2016. They call him a citizen-statesman for an anti-politics age. They praise his philanthropy (he runs a scholarship fund for star pupils in poor schools), and his appeal to churchgoing, socially conservative voters of all races. Their idol has said that he might run “if the Lord grabbed me by the collar and made me”. Some are willing to try more earthly interventions. According to official filings, the recently-formed National Draft Ben Carson for President Committee (slogan: “Run Ben Run!”) raised .2m dollars in the last two months of 2013. The committee, which operates without sanction from Dr Carson, boasts that it has raised another .6m since. The committee’s co-founder, Vernon Robinson, makes an unblushing, race-based pitch. Democrats have scooped about 90% of the black vote in presidential elections since 2000, helping to offset a consistent Republican lead among whites. In 2016, argues Mr Robinson, Dr Carson has only to take 17% of the black vote and “Hillary loses every swing state in the country”.持者们想提名Carson医生竞选2016年总统,称他为反政治时代的平民政治家。他们颂扬他的慈善心(他设立了专为穷困小学优秀学生提供的奖学金),而且他呼吁人们去教堂,全种族的社会性投票。他们的偶像说如果上帝勒住他的领子、命令他,他可能会去参选。一些人则愿意尝试世俗性的干预。根据一些官方文件角料,2013年最后两月,最近组建的全国性Ben Carson竞选委员会(标语:“竞选 Ben 奔起来!”)筹集到120万美元。Carson医生没有认可这个委员会,而他们还吹嘘道自那时起又筹集到160万美元。创始人之一的Vernon Robinson还做了一个不要脸的、基于竞选的促销活动。民主党人应经抢先夺取从2000年来总统选举中的90%黑人选票,用于对抗民主党一如既往的白人持率。Robinson说2016年,Carson只夺了17%的黑人选票,就让“希拉里输掉了全国所有持观望态度的州选票”。At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), a three-day shindig attracting big-name Republicans that ended on March 8th, Dr Carson was given a prominent speaking slot. He drew cheers with a talk that delivered partisan attacks (eg, Obamacare is a “massive” government power-grab) in a paediatrician’s mild tones (a favouriteCarsoninsult is to call foes “dummies”). CPAC attracts a young crowd with a libertarian bent: think students in blazers and bow-ties, and pamphlets headed “How to debate your teacher (and win!)”. Still,Carsonfans were excited when their man came third in a presidential straw poll of CPAC-goers, behind Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz but beating heavyweights such as Senator Marco Rubio, Governor Chris Christie and Representative Paul Ryan. It was a revealing moment, but not because Dr Carson can win the White House. To be clear, he will not even win the presidential nomination. His rise is interesting because of what it says about Republicans today.3月8号结束的,连续举办三天,吸引众多共和党大人物保守党政治活动会议(CPAC)上,Carson医生成为重要的致辞者。他在宴会致辞时,以一个儿科专家的温和音调,将党派攻击呈现出来(例如,奥巴马医改是“显著的”政府权力滥用)(Carson最喜欢用的轻蔑语是称对手为“傻瓜”)。CPAC吸引了爱好自由的年轻群体:他们认为学生是开拓者,宣传册上写着“怎么样与老师辩论(而且是胜利!)”。Carson的持者们还在为民调中他取得第三位好成绩而兴奋,仅次于Rand Paul议员和Ted Cruz,击败了重量级选手Marco Rubio议员,Chris Christie州长和Paul Ryan代表。这是有启迪性的一刻,但不是因为Carson医生能入主白宫。甚至,很明确的是,他将不会赢得总统提名。因为谈论了共和党人的事情,他的威望提升才变得有趣。Republicans have flirted before with self-made men from outside politics. Remember Herman Cain, the pizza tycoon whose folksy manner and populist tax plans propelled him to giddy heights in 2011, before sex scandals dragged him down and out of the presidential primaries? Dr Carson is no Herman Cain. Before the 2012 election Republican activists looked at a string of odd-bods and firebrands, casting about for someone, anyone, who thrilled them more than their eventual nominee, Mitt Romney.共和党人层和政坛外部的成功人士接触过。还记得Herman Cain,披萨巨头,行事随和,计划推行平民税收促使他在2011年排名让人眼前一亮,后来性丑闻将他从竞选圈内排除。Carson医生不是Herman。2012年的选举之前,共和党活动者们聚焦了一串“临时工”和“煽动者”,寻找一些人,任何人,能让他们比推出最终提名者Mitt Romney更兴奋。This time Republicans seem more sober-minded. A bit unexpectedly, their current mood takesLexingtonback to early 2004, and to (cold, snowy) memories of coveringNew Hampshire’s Democratic presidential primary. Back then it was fractious Democrats who were united by their loathing of the sitting president—seeing George W. Bush as not just wrong-headed but un-American and dangerous. Yet even as Democrats told themselves that they representedAmerica’s true values, they were troubled by doubts about their ability to win overall majorities in a country that was stubbornly hostile to their arguments.这次共和党人看起来意识更加清醒。有点出乎意料的是,他们现在的心境将莱克星顿专栏带回2004年初,(冰冷,大雪)那时是New Hampshire的民主党总统预选。那时是不好对付的民主党人联合起来反对在位总统——因为小布什当时不仅仅是错误领导国家而且是反美国式、危险的领导。虽然当时民主党人自称他们代表美国的真正价值,但他们因质疑自身能力而陷入麻烦,质疑他们无法取得全国大多数选票以至于遭到的顽强抨击。Their first response was to blame their opponents and the media for sowing division and fear (just as Republicans do today). Their second response was to fret about their bench of White House contenders—a line-up of lightweights, shrill partisans and ponderous elder statesmen.他们第一个回应就是指责对手和媒体散布离间和恐怖(就像共和党人今天做的)。第二个回应就是为他们的白宫之主竞争者而烦恼——那是一排小人物,打游击的,沉闷的老去的政治家。Democrats sought a quick fix: candidates with sterling military records to reassure a nation at war. In the end that meant picking John Kerry, whose war service proved less helpful than hoped. But for a period, notably aroundNew Hampshire’s primary, wild hopes were pinned on Wesley Clark, a retired four-star general with no political experience.民主党人寻求了快速法:选一批有纯正军方背景的候选人让战时国家安心。最后选了John Kerry,但是他的战争经历没有像预期那样提供足够帮助。但有一段时间,尤其是对于New Hamshire预选,狂热的希望寄托在Wesley Clark的身上,他是一位没有政坛经历的退休四星上将。The myth of the heroic outsider圈外英雄传奇A decade on, Republicans seem equally unconvinced by their likely presidential contenders, and Dr Carson has the makings of a new Wesley Clark: a successful man, uny for the blowtorch scrutiny of politics. Some of his views might startle his party: for example, he favours stiff tariffs on manufactured imports. And he is aly proving thin-skinned. At CPAC, he accused the press of distorting what he had meant when he called Obamacare the worst thing to happen in America “since slavery”, or when he seemed to equate gay-marriage advocates with child-molesters.十年的时间,共和党人看起来同样不信他们可能的总统竞争者,而且Carson医生由成为新Wesley Clark的潜质:一个成功的人,还没准备好迎接政治喷灯式审查。他的一些观点可能让党派眼前一亮:例如他在制造业进口方面秦翔宇固定关税政策。而且他已经被实脸皮很薄。在CPAC,当他说奥巴马医改是从奴隶制度后发生在美国最糟糕的事,指责新闻界扭曲他的意思,或是当他将同性婚姻和猥亵儿童等同起来。Republicans are bullish about November’s mid-term elections, when turnouts are usually low and the electorate skews whiter, older and more conservative. However, the more thoughtful know that the race for the White House in 2016 will be far harder. Swelling ranks of non-white and younger voters have never enjoyed the American dream of rising living standards. Their pessimism poses a test for Republicans whose creed is that hard work leads to success, if government will only get out of the way. Alas, too many conservatives—like Democrats in 2004—are too blinded by dislike of the president to grasp the limits of their own popularity. Hence their desire for quick fixes, as represented by folk like Dr Carson. But quick fixes seldom work.工很当人对于11月中期选举斗志昂扬,选区里有更多白人、老人、保守派时,结果同城都会很不乐观。然而,对于2016年白宫选举考虑得越多、越全面,事情就会更困难。非白人、更年轻化的阶级膨胀起来,他们从未享受到提高生活标准的美国梦。他们的悲观主义会是共和党人的一道测试,因为他们宣扬如果政府不干预,努力工作就能通向成功。哎!更多的保守派——像2004年的民主党人——被总统的反感蒙蔽了双眼,控制他们持者的底线。因此他们更喜欢快刀斩乱麻,如同Carson医生这样的代表。但是欲速则不达。译者:彭威译文属译生译世 /201602/425394吉林长春第四人民医院咨询师长春省妇幼医院打胎一般要花多少钱



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