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And because maybe I can make a difference. To help others have an easier and more hopeful time.也因为,可能我能有一些影响,能给他人以希望。Regardless, for me, I feel a personal obligation and a social responsibility.不管怎样,对于我,我能感觉到个人义务和社会责任。I also do it selfishly, because I am tired of hiding and I am tired of lying by omission.我这么做也源自一个很自私的原因,因为我对躲藏和撒谎感到了厌倦。I suffered for years because I was scared to be out.这些年我总感到很煎熬,因为我害怕出柜。My spirit suffered, my mental health suffered and my relationships suffered.我的精神,我的心里健康和我的关系都因此受到了很大的伤害。And I’m standing here today, with all of you, on the other side of all that pain.我今天,和你们一起站在这里,远离那些痛苦。And I am young, yes, but what I have learned is that love, the beauty of it, the joy of it and yes, even the pain of it, is the most incredible gift to give and to receive as a human being.我很年轻,是的,但是我已经明白其中的爱、美丽、喜悦和伤痛是给人类最不可思议的礼物。And we deserve to experience love fully, equally, without shame and without compromise.我们都有权享受完全的平等的爱,没有羞愧也没有退让。There are too many kids out there suffering from bullying, rejection, or simply being mistreated because of who they are.有太多的孩子仅仅就因为他们的身份而承受着欺凌,排斥,或者是虐待。Too many dropouts. Too much abuse. Too many homeless. Too many suicides.太多的辍学,太多的侮辱,太多的无家可归,太多的自杀。You can change that and you are changing it.你可以改变这些,你现在正在改变这些。But you never needed me to tell you that.但是你们并不需要我来告诉你们这些。And that’s why this was a little bit weird.这就是为什么我感到有点奇怪。The only thing that I can really say is what I’ve been building up to for the past five minutes.我唯一可以说的是我确实为刚才的五分钟做了准备。Thank you. Thank for inspiring me. Thank you for giving me hope, and please keep changing the world for people like me.感谢你们。谢谢你们激励我,给我希望,请继续改变这世界,为了像我一样的人。Happy Valentine’s Day. I love you.情人节快乐,我爱你们。201604/434683VOA流行美语 56: MESS WITH / GIVE SB. A BREAK大家现在肯定都已经很熟悉Michael和李华这两个在纽约上大学的学生了。Michael是正在学中文的美国学生,李华是从中国来的留学生。今天他们上完课以后一起去打保龄球。李华会学到两个常用语:to mess with somebody和give me a break.L: 哎,得,现在我们的分数平了。Michael,你输了可不要哭哟!M: Oh, oh...Come on! Miss it, miss, miss!L: Michael,你好赖皮,你这样叫我"别打中,别打中",是分散我注意力嘛,你要我怎么打啊!M: Hehe, calm down, Li Hua. Don't take the game so seriously. I'm just messing with you.L: 你说你跟我做什么?M: I said I'm messing with you. To mess with someone means to bother the person, or disturb him, or to play a joke on him.L: 噢,to mess with someone就是说去打扰某个人,或者是跟他开玩笑。那to mess with someone是不是也有想要骗某人的意思呢?M: Not really. Sometimes "to mess with someone" can be serious. For instance, a dangerous person might say, "If you mess with me, I'll hurt you."L: 对,有的流氓就会这么说,他说,"你要跟我捣乱,我就揍你。"可是,在一般情况下,to mess with someone是指跟一个人开玩笑,或者故意跟他捣乱,是不是?M: That's right. When I was in high school, the whole class would mess with the teacher sometimes. Everyone would start humming at the same time. The teacher would be angry, but couldn't tell who was doing it.L: 啊,你上中学时就这么顽皮啊。全班一起哼哼,连老师都搞不清楚是谁在做呢,就这样跟老师开玩笑啊!我们在中国啊可不敢呢。我们都很怕老师的。哎,得了,该我了!M: Whao! Don't move, there's a bee on your neck.L: 啊,什么?你说我脖子上有只蜜蜂啊?快把它赶走啊!M: Heheh, just kidding! There was no bee, I'm just messing with you.L: 你很讨厌呐,Michael, 把我吓了一跳。Stop messing with me,我得打球了。M: Ok. Miss! Miss!******L: Michael,我再也不跟你打保龄球了,我输都是因为你跟我捣乱。虽然我们说了谁输就请客,我今天不请你吃晚饭了。M: What? I only coughed after you had let go of the ball. There is no way I made you miss. Give me a break!L: 你说给你什么?我什么都不给哟!M: I said "give me a break." When someone says "give me a break," that means he thinks what he just heard or saw is unreasonable, or they think someone is being too harsh on them.L: 噢,Give me a break就是你认为你听到的,或看到的是不合理的。那你的意思是说,我说你是因为捣乱我才输了球,这么说是不合理的?M: That's right.L: 什么? Give me a break! 我没有说任何不讲理的话。就是因为你跟我捣乱,所以我才没有打中球。M: What? Give me a break! I only messed with you before you bowled, I didn't say anything while you were throwing the ball.L: 什么?我打球的时候你什么也没说?Give me a break! 你明明就假装咳嗽,说什么"别打中!别打中!"这样就是分散我注意力嘛!M: I just had something in my throat. Is it not OK for me to cough? Give me a break!L: 得了,得了,我下回哪儿都不跟你去了。别跟我讲话了!M: Li Hua, give me a break! I'm just kidding...take it easy.L: 哈哈!我也是在跟你开玩笑啦!可是,你可千万要记住,绝对不要mess with me!M: OK, that's fair enough!这两个年轻人听起来好象要吵架,但是却是在互相开玩笑。在他们的谈话中,李华学到了两个很有用的说法:to mess with someone和give me a break. /200602/3131


Good morning, everybody. I want to say a few words about the explosions that occurred here in New York City and New Jersey and the other devices that have been found in New Jersey. Ive been monitoring the situation closely and receiving frequent updates from my team. And Ive just been briefed again by FBI Director Comey. In addition, Ive had a chance to speak with Governors Cuomo and Christie, as well as Mayor de Blasio. Weve seen what was apparently a pipe bomb go off in New Jersey, in Seaside Park, where it could have seriously injured our U.S. Marines and spectators who were there for a race. The bombing in the Chelsea neighborhood, here in New York, injured more than two dozen people. We are extremely fortunate and grateful that nobody was killed. And our prayers go out to all those who have been injured. We want to wish them a speedy recovery. I especially want to commend all the outstanding police and first responders in both New York City and New Jersey for their extraordinary professionalism and their quick response, which surely prevented even more people from being hurt, and ensured that people got assistance quickly. The investigation is moving rapidly, and as is my practice, Im going to leave it to the FBI and law enforcement to provide details. I think everybody is aware at this point that there is a person of interest who is the focus of the investigation. And the FBI can give you further details in terms of how that is proceeding. I told Governors Cuomo and Christie and Mayor de Blasio that they and their teams will continue to have all federal support as they move ahead with their investigations, and tracking down every lead, and working to keep the people of this city and of this region safe. Law enforcement is asking for the help of the community. And so to everybody in this region, I want to repeat what weve said before: If you see something suspicious, then you need to say something – contact local law enforcement. In the meantime, I would ask that the press try to refrain from getting out ahead of the investigation. I am extraordinarily happy with the cooperation thats been taking place between the FBI and state and local law enforcement officials. They are moving smartly on this investigation. It does not help if false reports or incomplete information is out there. So try to, as much as possible, stick to what our investigators say, because they actually know what theyre talking about. Meanwhile, I know that the ed Nations meetings here every year aly create an additional workload for New York. But given the U.N. meetings, we also have a particularly high level of federal resources here to help as needed. Were going to make sure that everybody is working together seamlessly, as one team, to get to the bottom of what happened, to find those responsible, and to make sure that justice is done. Meanwhile, while all this is going on in New York and New Jersey, were also focused on the stabbing attack at the shopping mall in Minnesota. At this point, we see no connection between that incident and what happened here in New York and New Jersey. Our attention there is on the people who were injured. And again, we are very grateful that no one lost their life. Thanks to the quick action of a brave off-duty police officer, the suspect was killed and we avoided more people being hurt. I had a chance also to speak with Governor Dayton this morning. I assured him that we will provide all the assistance that he needs in the investigation. The FBI is investigating the Minnesota incident as a potential act of terrorism. We will direct the full resources of the federal government to make sure that the investigation goes forward aggressively.201609/468754

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  Im interested in the kind of constituency that thinks something along these lines:我对有些情况非常感兴趣,有些人会说:that thinks, ;I cant believe in any of this stuff.“我完全不相信这些宗教I cant believe in the doctrines.那些教义,那些学说I dont think these doctrines are right.我觉得它们全部都是假的But,; a very important but, ;I love Christmas carols.但是,”一个非常重要的但是,“我会喜欢圣诞颂歌I really like the art of Mantegna.我非常喜欢曼坦那的艺术I really like looking at old churches.还非常喜欢那些古老的教堂I really like turning the pages of the Old Testament.;而且还喜欢看旧约圣书”Whatever it may be, you know the kind of thing Im talking about这样类似的情况还有很多,你懂我的意思吧people who are attracted to the ritualistic side, the moralistic, communal side of religion,有些人喜欢宗教仪式,喜欢宗教里的道德,文化but cant bear the doctrine.但他们就是讨厌那些教条Until now, these people have faced a rather unpleasant choice.直到现在,他们一直都非常为难Its almost as though either you accept the doctrine and then you can have all the nice stuff,要么你接受那些信仰,然后你可以享受那些文化,艺术,道德or you reject the doctrine and youre living in some kind of spiritual wasteland要么你排斥那些教条,然后你就不能拥有那些崇高的灵魂under the guidance of CNN and Walmart.并且在CNN和沃尔玛的光辉下被遗弃So thats a sort of tough choice.所以那些人就很难选择I dont think we have to make that choice.但我觉得我们不必去做这些选择I think there is an alternative.我们可以有第三种选择I think there are ways -- and Im being both very respectful and completely impious -- of stealing from religions.我觉得--而卧是无比的尊重但同时不虔诚的这么说--我觉得我们可以从宗教里剽窃一些文化If you dont believe in a religion,如果你不相信宗教theres nothing wrong with picking and mixing,把宗教和世俗的文化混一起没什么关系with taking out the best sides of religion.把自己享受宗教最好的一面也没事And for me, atheism 2.0 is about both, as I say,对我来说,无神论2.0是对宗教充满敬意a respectful and an impious way of going through religions and saying, ;What here could we use?;而同时又不对神有所景仰,就像走进宗教的世界去寻找对我们有用的东西The secular world is full of holes.世俗的世界有许多缺点We have secularized badly, I would argue.我觉得许多人都被严重地世俗化了And a thorough study of religion could give us all sorts of insights into areas of life that are not going too well.而对宗教的学习研究可以帮助我们看破尘世,帮助我们走出生活中的窘境201608/459466。

  Happy New Year, everybody.大家,新年快乐。At a time when we turn the page on one year and look ahead to the future,此时,我们翻过今年日历中的最后一页,展望未来,I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for everything youve done to make America stronger these past eight years.我想花点儿时间感谢你们在过去8年里做成的所有事情,从而让美国更加强大。Just eight years ago, as I prepared to take office, our economy teetered on the brink of depression.就在8年前,我准备来到白宫时,我们的经济摇摆在萧条的边缘。Nearly 800,000 Americans were losing their jobs each month.每月将近有800,000人在失去他们的工作岗位。In some communities, nearly one in five folks were out of work.在一些社区,将近五分之一的人们失业。Almost 180,000 troops were serving in Iraq and Afghanistan,大约180,000士兵在伊拉克和阿富汗役。and Osama bin Laden was still at large.奥萨马·本·拉登仍逍遥法外。And on challenges from health care to climate change, wed been kicking the can down the road for way too long.有着来自医疗保健到气候变化的各种挑战,我们一直在把问题留到很长时间以后才去解决。Eight years later, youve told a different story.8年以后,你看到了不一样的故事。Weve turned recession into recovery.我们从萧条进入复苏。Our businesses have created 15.6 million new jobs since early 2010自2010年初,我们的经济已经创造了1560万新的就业岗位and weve put more people back to work than all other major advanced economies combined.我们已经让更多的人们回到就业岗位,比其他主要的发达经济体创造就业岗位的总和还要多。A resurgent auto industry has added nearly 700,000 jobs, and is producing more cars than ever.全新的汽车行业创造了将近700,000的就业岗位,正在生产着比以往更多的汽车。Poverty is falling.贫困率在下降。Incomes are rising.收入在上涨。201701/486627

  5. as far as ...is concerned... 就······而言,······ 用法透视 这个句型用来引出个人的观点与看法,也可以说"so far as...is concerned" 持范例 1. As far as I'm concerned, I don't mind that you wear this mini-skirt. 就我个人而言,我不介意你穿这件迷你裙。 2. The coat is fine as far as color is concerned, but it is not very good quality. 这件上衣就颜色来说还不错,但质量不太好。 3. So far as he's concerned, nothing is as important as his daughter. 对他来说,什么也比不上他女儿重要。 会话记忆 A: Have you seen the movie, Scream? 你看过电影《惊声尖叫》了吗? B: Yes. It gave me the creeps. 看了。它让我浑身起鸡皮疙瘩。 A: Come on, it wasn't that bad. 算了,哪有那么惨啊。 B: Yes, it was. As far as I'm concerned, I'm never going to see another movie like that again. 真的。对我而言,我再也不想看那种电影了 /200705/13027乐宁外教口语天天练No.50I want to buy some really niceshades for the summershades意指sunglassesI want to buy some really niceshades for the summer我想买一副漂亮的太阳眼睛。谢谢收听,明天继续^^ /200610/9525So we have gone through almost 30 characters.我们已经学了差不多三十个汉字,By using this method, the first eight radicals will allow you to build 32.通过这个方法,这八个基本字可以衍生出三十二个汉字,The next group of eight characters will build an extra 32.下一组的八个汉字又会衍生出另外32个汉字。So with very little effort, you will be able to learn a couple hundred characters,所以,大家很轻松地就可学到几百个汉字,which is the same as a Chinese eight-year-old.这相当于八岁中国孩子的汉语程度。So after we know the characters, we start building phrases.在学过了这些字后,我们开始学习造词组。For example, the mountain and the fire together, we have fire mountain. Its a volcano.比如,把“山”和“火”放在一起,我们有“火山”。这是“火山”。We know Japan is the land of the rising sun.我们知道日本是太阳升起的地方。This is a sun placed with the origin, because Japan lies to the east of China.这里把太阳和原点放在一起,因为日本位于中国的东面。So a sun, origin together, we build Japan.所以把太阳和原点放在一起,就是“日本”。A person behind Japan, what do we get? A Japanese person.在“日本”后面加个“人”,我们得到什么?“日本人”。The character on the left is two mountains stacked on top of each other.左边的字有两座山,上下叠在一起。In ancient China, that means in exile,在古代中国,这意味着流亡,because Chinese emperors, they put their political enemies in exile beyond mountains.因为中国的皇帝把政敌流放到大山之外。Nowadays, exile has turned into getting out.现今,“流放”变成了“走出去”。A mouth which tells you where to get out is an exit.一个“口”字告诉你从哪里出去,就是“出口”。This is a slide to remind me that I should stop talking and get off of the stage. Thank you.这张幻灯片提醒我,该结束演讲了,并走下台。谢谢。201703/498818

  VOA流行美语 6: drag; trip今天,Michael 和他的中国同学李华约好了在中央公园见面。他们在对话中会用到两个词:drag 和 trip。L: 对不起, Michael,我迟到了。地铁误点了。M: Hey, Li Hua. Don't apologize, it's a nice day to just sit here and relax.L: 对,坐在这里休息休息是挺好的。我也很喜欢这个公园。不过,我们得到大都市艺术物馆去看摄影展览呐!M: Oh, do we have to go? I hate going to the museum on such a nice day, it's such a drag.L: 哟,你觉得这么好的天气去物馆太没意思,就不想去了? Michael,你答应过我,要是我到这儿来,你就跟我一起去。你说什 么drag不drag的,我又没法把你拽着一起去!M: No, to call something a drag means it is tiresome.L: 噢,在中文里就是没劲,没意思。Michael,drag不是拉东西的拉吗? 你说的drag跟这个drag是同一个字吗?M: Yeah, Li Hua, same word. As another example, we could also call our professor Dr. Smith a drag.L: 噢,还可以说我们的教授Smith士没劲,没意思。这我可不知 道,我并不觉得他枯燥无味。M: Of course you would say that. After all, on the first day of class all you did was talk about how cute he was.L: 你说我第一天上完他的课后,口口声声夸他长得帅?你别瞎说八道了。M: Oh, Li Hua, you're such a drag. You did say he's cute.L: 非要说我认为他很帅。还说我没劲。算了,不跟你说了。 Michael,我去看展览了,不管你去不去。M: All right, all right, I'll come.( Michael 和李华看完了摄影展)。L: 这个摄影展览真好,可是我还在生你的气呢!M: Ok, I'm sorry. Actually, I really enjoyed the photography exhibit. I thought it was a trip.L: 我也很喜欢这种超现实主义的艺术。等等,你为什么把看展览叫/ 做旅行呢?我们又没有离开纽约。M: No, the word trip does mean travel, but here it means something that is unusual, in a good way.L: 对,trip这个字很普通,是指旅行。原来你说的trip是指不寻常, 但又很好的意思。 噢,我想起来了。以前有一个教授告诉过我, 美国年轻人在60和70年代盛行反潮流的行为。Trip 这个词就来自 那个时候,是指吸毒后产生的幻觉。对不对?M: Yeah, but its meaning has changed.L: 现在的意思不一样了。可我现在就知道我们刚才去看的摄影展览可以说是a trip,中文可以说是与众不同吧。其他还有什么也能用trip这个词来形容的呢?M: Well, look at that guy over there, sitting on the bench. The long hair and wild clothes. I really like his outfit, so I would call him a trip. But some people may not like this.L: 噢,坐在长板凳上的那个留着长头发,穿着很怪的男人? 你喜欢他的衣,所以你认为他与众不同,别有风味。对不起,我可不欣赏。M: That's ok, everyone is different.L: 对,每个人的爱好不一样。你再给我举个例子吧。M: I would also call our photography class professor a trip, her style is a trip.L: 对,她是与众不同,她上课的时候总是很激动,跟别的教授不一 样。我的男朋友是学小提琴的,他常常练琴练得忘了吃饭,他也能算是个trip吧?M: Yeah, he is also a trip. I can't imagine you would like someone who is a drag.L: 这你可说对了。你要是一个枯燥无味的人,我才不跟你一起出去玩呢。得了,我们该回去做功课了,尽管没劲,书还得念呐。M: Ok, let's go!今天Michael教了李华两个常用的词,一个是:drag,意思是没意思, 枯燥;另一个是:trip,意思是与众不同,别出心裁,但是含有褒意。 今天的[流行美语]就学习到这里,我们下次节目再见。 /200601/3077




  He has inspired multiple generations, including my own, millennials like myself who have so little faith in politicians that they no longer even consider public service to be a noble career.他启发了几代人,包括我自己以及千禧时代和我一样对政客毫无信心的人。我们不再认为,为公众务是一种高尚的职业。A year ago, my father was a businessman, but like many Americans, he simply could no longer stand to see what was happening to our great country.一年前,我父亲还是个商人,但是和很多美国人一样,他不能再忍受我们伟大国家所发生的事。He could no longer stand to see special interest dollars dictate an incompetent foreign policy that puts foreign countries before our very own.他不能再忍受,特殊利益资金主宰无能的外交政策,将外国置于我国之上。He could no longer tolerate an inept administration that considers giving 0 billion to Iran for releasing five radical Islamic terrorists a successful negotiation.他不能再忍受,一届无能的政府认为给伊朗1500亿美元,换取5名极端伊斯兰恐怖分子是一次成功的谈判。He could no longer bear witness to our continued second amendment attacks.他不能再忍受,目睹对宪法第二修正案不断的攻击。He could no longer stand to see the word Christmas stripped from public use, or the Pledge of Allegiance removed from our schools in an effort to be politically correct.他不能再忍受为了政治正确,剥夺公众使用“圣诞节”一词的权利,或者把宣誓效忠从学校教育里删除。So my father made the courageous decision to set aside a company to which he has dedicated his entire life, to set aside a global brand that he has made synonymous with success, with quality, with uncompromising, just the best.因此,我父亲勇敢地决定抛下他一生为之奋斗的公司,抛下他所建立的一个全球品牌,一个成功、质量、坚定和顶级的代名词。At a time when the people at the pinnacle of their career like my father would have held fast to a lifestyle that has truly become the epitome of the American dream, my father instead chose to give that dream back to the people it had eluded for so long.当人们像我父亲一样,达到职业生涯的巅峰,他们会牢牢抓住那种已经成为美国梦缩影的生活方式。但我父亲选择将梦还给那些已经很久不曾实现的人民。201612/481954

  34. I didn't catch... 我没听清楚······ 用法透视 这里的"catch"意思是"听清楚,弄懂"。这个句型用来表示没弄懂,请对方重复一遍。 持范例 1. I didn't catch your name. 我没听清你叫什么名字。 2. I didn't catch what you said. Please repeat it. 我没听清楚你说什么,请重复。 3. He spoke so rapidly that I didn't catch the meaning of what he said. 他说得太快了。我没听懂他的意思。 会话记忆 A: The answer for number 6 is C, 7 is B, 8 is A... 第六题的是C,第七题是B,第八题是A...... B: Ms. Lee, could you tell me what number 7 is again? I didn't catch you. 李老师,您能再说一遍第七题是什么吗?我没听清楚。 A: Sure. 7 is B. Any others? 当然。第七题是B。还有其它没听清的吗? B: No, thank you. 没了,谢谢 /200705/13173

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