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南川区做颧骨整型多少钱武隆区活细胞丰胸价格China#39;s new leadership holds a key meeting this weekend that state media are trumpeting as a likely ;watershed; for economic reform, but analysts caution details of its decisions are likely to be vague and implementation gradual.The four-day session of the full 376-strong Communist Party Central Committee begins Saturday at a closely guarded private hotel in Beijing.Known as the Third Plenum, it traditionally sets the economic tone for a government#39;s five-year term.中国的新领导层11月举行了为期四天的大会,由376名共产党中央委员会成员参加,为中国政府未来五年内的经济发展制定计划和方针,为发展奠定基调。In the past, such meetings have been used to signal far-reaching changes in how China does business, and state-run media say that anticipation has been building. The official Xinhua news agency proclaimed that the plenum ;is expected to be a watershed as drastic economic policies will be unveiled;.在过去,这样的会议标志着中国经济发展的深刻变革。新华社宣称,十八届三中全会预计将成为经济发展的分水岭,新的经济政策将被揭晓。Other reports have singled out land reform as a key issue, while a government think-tank called for dismantling the residency registration system known as hukou, which restricts access to medical insurance and other benefits for migrants.其他报告指出这次会议将土地改革作为一个重要的议题。而政府的智囊机构呼吁废除户口登记制度,这个制度对于外出打工者来说,限制了他们享受医疗保险和其他福利的权利。Cai Hongbin, a professor at Peking University#39;s Guanghua School of Management, said key issues such as urbanisation, the social safety net, taxation and financial reforms would be discussed.北京大学光华管理学院教授蔡宏斌说,会议上会讨论一些重要的议题,例如,城市化、社会保障、税收和金融改革。;Historically, China has implemented ground-breaking reforms when the economy has faced some serious challenges,; Nomura International economists in Hong Kong wrote in a report.“在历史上,当经济面临一些严峻的挑战时,中国会实施突破性的改革。”野村国际驻香港的经济学家在一份报告中写道。;However, we believe that pressures are not yet sufficient to demand such rapid implementation, while the reforms are more complex than they have been in the past.;“但是,我们相信,要求如此快速地去实现改革,压力真的很大,因为当前的改革比过去更复杂。”Xinhua ed experts including professors at the party#39;s central school as saying any political reform would aim at ;strengthening, not weakening; the organisation#39;s leadership.新华社引用中央党校专家教授的话:任何政治改革都旨在“加强,而不是削弱”组织的领导的能力。Cai said that, ultimately, economic reform cannot truly succeed without changes to how the government acts, such as reducing local authorities#39; interference in business.蔡说,若再不改变政府的行为,如地方政府减少对商务贸易的干涉,经济改革基本上不能算是真正的成功。;You can talk about all sorts of economic policy changes, in the end whether these policy changes will make a serious impact on the Chinese economy really depends on whether we will have serious government reforms,; he said.他说:“你可以谈论各种各样的经济政策的变化,但最后这些政策的变化是否影响中国的经济,实际取决于政府是否有重大的改革措施。”China#39;s leadership says the economy, the world#39;s second largest, needs to move away from reliance on state-financed investment projects and unleash the power of consumers and other private actors to propel growth.中国的领导阶层说,作为世界第二大经济体,中国的经济需要减少对国有投资项目的依赖,利用消费者的力量和其他私有企业来推动经济增长。Yao Wei, economist in Hong Kong, said: ;The real test of Beijing#39;s reform resolution will be the action taken in the following three to six months.;香港经济学家姚炜说:“真正考验中国改革决心的是接下来三到六个月内采取的改革措施和行动。” /201311/264942重庆三峡中心医院百安分院专家咨询 There is no shortage of critics who confidently attribute China’s rise to the forceful intervention of the state in the economy. But the ranks of policy makers and commentators decrying Beijing’s brand of state capitalism are wrong – and, worse, they risk provoking short-sighted and counterproductive responses.坚信中国崛起缘于国家强势干预经济的批评人士为数不少,由政策制定者和员们组成的这些批评者强烈谴责北京奉行的国家资本主义。但他们的观点是错误的,而更糟的是,他们可能引发短视和毫无建设性的回应。The reality is that China’s rapid economic ascent is the result of the expanding role of the market and the rise of private businesses. Private companies now account for more than two-thirds of output, up from nothing when reform began in 1978, in an economy that has expanded 25 times in real terms. They account for almost all employment growth in the same period. Private companies are also increasingly the leading contributors to export growth.现实情况是,中国经济快速崛起是市场角色不断扩大和私营企业壮大的结果。在一个实际规模扩大了25倍的经济体中,私营企业贡献的产出比例,从1978年中国开始改革时的零,升至如今的逾三分之二。同期几乎所有的就业增长均来自私营企业。私营企业还日益成为出口增长的主要贡献因素。State companies’ shrinking role has been particularly rapid in manufacturing, which opened up to competition from private businesses in the 1980s. State enterprises’ share of output in the sector is now only a fifth, compared with four-fifths in 1978. Conventional wisdom says state industrial companies have enjoyed a resurgence since the onset of the global financial crisis. In fact, the growth in output of private businesses since 2008 has averaged 18 per cent, twice the pace of expansion of state businesses.中国国有企业的角色,在制造业收缩得尤其快——中国的制造业在上世纪80年代向私营企业放开了竞争。国企在制造业所占产出份额现在只有五分之一,而在1978年则有五分之四。人们普遍认为,自全球金融危机爆发以来,中国国有工业企业如今已经复兴。实际上,自2008年以来私营企业产出年均增长18%,是国企扩张速度的两倍。Underlying the relatively poor performance of state industrial companies is low productivity. Most investment is financed with retained earnings – so private industrial businesses, with a return on assets more than twice that of state companies, can expand more rapidly. This is reinforced by the increasingly commercial behaviour of mostly state-owned banks: in recent years they have lent almost twice as much to private as to state companies.国有工业企业相对疲弱表现的深层根源在于生产率低下。大多数投资资金来自留存利润,因此资产回报率是国企两倍多的私营工业企业能够更为迅速地扩张。大多数国有的行为日益商业化,让私企更加如鱼得水:在最近几年里,它们向私企发放的贷款几乎是发放给国企的两倍。China’s industrial policy is perhaps exemplified best by the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, created in 2003 to oversee the largest state-owned non-financial enterprises. Critics say it favours state companies in an attempt to create national champions that are larger, more powerful and more profitable. But this has failed: the return on assets of Sasac’s companies has plummeted since 2007, and is now below half their cost of capital.创建于2003年、监督各大国有非金融企业的中国国有资产监督管理委员会(SASAC)或许是中国工业政策的最佳体现。批评人士称,国资委青睐大型国企,力图创建更大、更强、更加盈利丰厚的国家冠军企业。但这种努力失败了:自2007年以来国资委监督企业的资产回报率大幅下降,现在还不到其资本成本的一半。The disparity between state and private companies is evident even in the steel industry, identified by Sasac as one industry in which Beijing was to maintain relatively strong control. This seemed an easy task in the mid-2000s, when state companies produced half of all steel output and their efficiency matched that of private companies. But when the annual growth in output fell to an average of just 9 per cent after 2006, compared with its average pace of more than 20 per cent earlier in the decade, state companies’ returns fell sharply. By 2012 they were in the red, and their share of production had fallen below a third. In contrast, the return on assets of private steel companies rose after 2006, reaching a peak of over 10 per cent in 2011 before declining slightly. With private steel companies investing more than twice as much as their state counterparts, their rising output share will continue.即便在被国资委确认为北京要保持相对强有力控制的钢铁行业,也体现出国企和私企之间的差距。在2005年,这似乎是一个轻松的任务:当时全国一半的钢铁由国企生产,它们的效率与私企相当。但是在2006年以后的几年里,年均产出增长率降至9%(该十年的头几年平均增长率超过20%),国企回报率大幅下降。到2012年,它们出现了亏损,产量份额下降至三分之一以下。相比之下,私营钢铁企业的资产回报率在2006年之后出现上升,在2011年达到逾10%的峰值后略有下降。由于私营钢企的投资是国企的两倍,它们的产量份额仍会继续上升。The exception to the rise of private business is in finance, telecoms and other high-tech business services, as well as in upstream oil and gas. In manufacturing, private companies now account for seven times more investment than state ones. But in services the share of state companies’ investment exceeds that of private companies and has declined only very slightly in recent years. Yet the productivity differential favours private service providers by a margin of two to one over state enterprises, suggesting a substantial misallocation of capital.私营企业兴起的例外是在金融、电信、其他高科技商业务行业,以及油气行业的上游领域。在制造业,私企现在的投资份额是国企的7倍。但在务业,国企投资份额超过私企,近几年只是略有下降。然而,私营务提供商的生产率比国企高出一倍,这表明资本配置严重不当。The footprint of state companies is shrinking but, because they earn far less than their cost of capital, they remain a drag on growth. If China enacts economic reforms announced last year – particularly eliminating all but natural monopolies such as power distribution – and making the market the decisive factor in the allocation of resources, private businesses will displace state enterprises in services. That would allow China to sustain a relatively high rate of growth and thus to continue its role as a leading driver of global growth. Those who make policies and predictions based on a fundamental misunderstanding of China’s ascent are likely to miss out.中国国企的地盘正在缩小,但因为它们的利润远低于资本成本,它们依然拖累了增长。如果中国实施去年宣布的经济改革(尤其是打破除电网等自然垄断业务以外的一切垄断),让市场成为资源配置的决定性因素,私企将取代国企在务业的角色。这将让中国保持相对高速的经济增长,从而继续其作为全球增长主要驱动因素的角色。那些对中国崛起有着根本性误解并据此制定政策和作出预测的人很可能错失机遇。The writer is a fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics and#8201;author of ‘Markets over Mao: The Rise of Private Business in China’注:本文作者是彼得森国际经济研究所(Peterson Institute)研究员,著有《市场高于毛泽东:中国私营企业的崛起》(Markets over Mao, the Rise of Private Business in China)一书。 /201409/328354重庆三峡中心医院隆鼻多少钱

重庆市额头除皱多少钱重庆激光脱毛腋毛 Chinese banks have been ramping up lending to developers in recent months, even as falling sales and weaker prices ratchet up the risk of these loans souring.近几个月来,中国业一直加大对开发商的放贷力度,而房地产销售额下降和价格疲软,增加了这些贷款成为坏账的风险。New home prices in China fell 0.9 per cent in July from June, government data showed on Monday, the third straight monthly drop. Sales volume and construction activity have also slowed as potential buyers adopt a wait-and-see approach ahead of expected further price declines.周一公布的政府数据显示,今年7月,新房均价环比下降0.9%,为连续第三个月下降。销售和建筑活动也已放缓,因为潜在买家预期房价进一步下降,而采取了观望态度。Yet despite this weakness banks, under pressure from the government to prop up the property market, lifted lending to residential real estate developers by 26.9 per cent year-on-year in the first six months of 2014 to Rmb3.1tn. That is a marked increase over the 19.3 per cent year-on-year pace of growth in the first quarter, according to the central bank’s latest monetary policy report.不过,尽管房地产市场这么疲软,但在政府的托市压力下,今年上半年对住宅地产开发商的贷款同比增长了26.9%,增至3.1万亿元人民币。根据中国央行最近的货币政策报告,跟第一季度19.3%的同比涨幅相比,上半年同比涨幅非常显著。Nearly half of the increase went to affordable housing. That leaves banks exposed to highly indebted local governments, who finance such projects largely through off-budget financing vehicles.在增加贷款中,接近一半流向了保障房项目。债台高筑的地方政府将置于险境,地方政府主要通过预算外融资工具为此类项目提供资金。Many of these loans in the first half flowed through China Development Bank, a non-commercial lender dedicated to financing projects in support of government policy.今年上半年,这些贷款的大部分是通过政策性——国家开发(CDB)——发放的。Overall property-related lending, which includes personal mortgages, reached Rmb16.2tn by end-June, equal to 20.8 per cent of all local-currency loans, up from 20.6 per cent at end-March.截至6月底,包括个人抵押贷款在内的房地产相关贷款总量达到16.2万亿元人民币,高于3月末的20.6%,占到人民币贷款总量的20.8%。Analysts say the increase reflects government efforts to blunt the impact of the slowdown and prevent bankruptcies among developers, whose cash flow is suffering along with the reduction in housing sales.分析师表示,贷款增加表明政府努力缓解房地产市场放缓的冲击,并防止开发商破产。房屋销量的减少导致开发商的现金流难以维系。“The real-estate sector overall is sliding downward, but growth stabilisation policies have remained in effect,” said Peng Zhenwei, economist with CEBM Group, a Shanghai-based macro-economic research firm.“房地产行业总体上在下滑,但稳增长政策仍在发挥效果,”上海宏观经济研究公司莫尼塔(CEBM Group)经济学家彭振威表示。“The central bank has continuously used ‘window guidance’ to stimulate credit issuance to property. I expect [real estate-linked] credit will further increase in the third quarter.”“中国央行接二连三地使用‘窗口指导’,刺激向房地产行业发放贷款。我预计,第3季度(房地产相关)信贷将进一步增加。”Over the weekend, rumours circulated in local media that China Construction Bank, the country’s second-largest lender, may relax mortgage-lending restrictions at its Shanghai branches, presumably with the approval of local authorities. That would make Shanghai the first of China’s top-tier cities to relax purchase restrictions.上周末,国内媒体纷纷传言中国第二大——中国建设(CCB)的上海分机构可能要放松抵押贷款限制,并可能已获得了当地政府的批准。若属实,上海或将由此成为中国首个放松限购的一线城市。China Construction Bank did not answer calls seeking comment.记者致电中国建设请求置评,电话无人接听。 /201408/322207重庆第六人民医院门诊部地图

四川重庆那里有去妊娠纹的 According to the official Xinhua news agency, the price behind the breakneck pace of China#39;s construction boom since the reform and opening is becoming clear, with buildings collapses frequently involving those constructed in the 1980s and #39;90s.据新华社报道,上世纪80年代后,中国各地城市化建设提速,大批楼房密集建成;有人担忧,一些城市的建筑正进入“质量报复周期”。报道指出,眼下八九十年代建设的楼房正频频成为事故主角。That was evident last week, when a five-story residential building constructed in 1994 collapsed in Fenghua in coastal Zhejiang province, killing one person and burying several others in the rubble.上周浙江奉化一栋1994年建造的五层居民楼发生坍塌,导致一人死亡、多人被埋。这起事故就是一个明。Only an eyebrow-raising 22% of China#39;s housing stock was built before 2000. But its recent vintage doesn#39;t necessarily mean it#39;ll last very long: According to an unnamed government official Xinhua cited this week, China#39;s buildings are generally expected to last for just 25 to 30 years. The reason is poor quality of construction and design, Xinhua said, adding that many seismically unsafe buildings from the #39;80s and #39;90s in the country still exist.中国现有住房中,只有22%是2000年之前建造的。但这并不一定意味着大部分房子能经久耐用。新华社援引住建部一位负责人的话说,中国新建建筑的寿命只有25-30年,原因在于建筑工程的质量和设计。新华社还表示,许多八九十年代建造的不安全“老楼”仍大量存在。As of Tuesday afternoon, some 1.6 million comments were posted on Weibo about the Zhejiang collapse, with most microbloggers expressing astonishment and fear while blaming local authorities and developers.截至周二下午,微(Weibo)上围绕浙江房屋坍塌事件的已经有大约160万条,多数微用户一方面表达着自己的惊讶和担忧,一方面也对地方政府和开发商加以谴责。#39;Developers run completely rampant over us,#39; wrote one user. #39;Where can ordinary people go to seek justice? Don#39;t tell me authorities just wait until there#39;s an accident to start paying attention?#39;一名微用户写道,开发商太猖狂,普通人到哪里去讨公道?政府非要等到出了事才来关注吗?#39;In other countries, an 8.0 quake only kills eight people,#39; wrote another. #39;Our houses collapses even on days without a hint of trouble.#39;另一位用户写道,在其他国家,8.0级的地震只会导致八人丧生。而在中国,房子居然会在光天化日之下倒塌。At least six multiple-story buildings have collapsed in China since 2009--including one in Shanghai under construction that bizarrely toppled over virtually intact--though not all have caused casualties. In one particularly deadly 2009 incident, 17 people were killed after a two-story building constructed in the 1980s collapsed in Hebei after a heavy rain, Xinhua reported (in Chinese).据新华社报道,自2009年以来中国已经发生了至少六起多层楼房倒塌事故,其中包括上海发生的一起在建住宅楼整体倒塌事件。不过并非所有事故都造成了人员伤亡,比较严重的一次是2009年河北一栋建于上世纪80年代的二层楼房在雨中倒塌,造成17人遇难。 /201404/286242重庆二院怎么样,收费贵吗重庆星辰医院预约挂号



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