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2019年08月20日 13:13:11

A KFC restaurant in the UK has been forced to issue their first ever ban on youngsters eating without adults inside the restaurant after a spate of fights involving teen gangs.继一连串青少年聚众斗殴事件后,英国一家肯德基店被迫首次禁止青少年在无成人陪同下在店内用餐。The fast food chain announced the restriction just days after a McDonald#39;s restaurant on the same retail park adopted the same policy.在同一销售地区内的一家麦当劳餐厅采取了这一措施几天之后,这家快餐连锁企业很快也宣布了这一限制。Under-18s can only eat inside the restaurant if they are accompanied by an adult. If they are on their own they can only enter the premises to order food for takeaway.在一名成人陪同下,未满18岁者方可进店用餐。如无成人陪伴,未满18岁者只能进店点餐带走。Last week, McDonald#39;s confirmed an identical ban after police were called when 24 youngsters were caught fighting on the nearby A50.上周,因为24个未成年人在附近的A50地区发生了斗殴事件,警察也被叫了过来。这件事之后,麦当劳方面确认了一项相同的禁令。Now, KFC manager Liam Dalgarno said that the way some of these youngsters act can be scary for staff. The ban will help the staff feel safer at work.现在,这家肯德基餐厅的经理利亚姆·达尔加诺表示,一些青少年的行为举止让店内员工提心吊胆。禁令会让值班员工更有安全感。KFC has almost 900 restaurants in the UK, but this is believed to be its first ban on under-18s.肯德基在英国有大约900家分店,但是这家分店被认为是第一家禁止18岁以下青少年的餐厅。 /201603/429815黑龙江省九州妇科医院有人工授精吗哈市九洲地址Listening to pop music such as Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran will enhance your enjoyment of a Chinese takeaway, according to a University of Oxford professor.一位牛津大学的教授声称,伴着泰勒#8226;斯威夫特或者艾德#8226;希兰等人的流行音乐,中餐外卖吃起来会更香。Classical music is said to be best paired with Italian food while a blast of rock music from the likes of Bruce Springsteen will ensure your Indian food tastes even spicier.据说,古典音乐与意大利餐是绝配;享受印度大餐时,来一阵布鲁斯#8226;斯普林斯汀之流的摇滚乐,食物尝起来更辛辣可口。Charles Spence,a professor of experimental psychology, is convinced that certain musical genres complement different cuisines.实验心理学教授查尔斯#8226;斯宾塞确信,某些音乐流派可作为各种美食的补充。And he is so certain of the links between music and the enjoyment of food that he believes takeaways could soon be delivered along with a CD.而他非常肯定,音乐和美食之间存在关联,还认为不久之后,外卖将带着CD配送。His latest gastrophysics study involved 700 volunteers who ordered takeaways and listened to songs from six genres.在他最新的胃理学研究中,有700名志愿者被要求听着6个流派的音乐吃外卖。Participants were asked to rate the dishes on a scale of one to ten.随后,他要求参与者按1~10分对食物进行评分。Prof Spence, who runs the University of Oxford#39;s Crossmodal Research Laboratory, found while some foods appeared to have an obvious musical accompaniment, such as Pavarotti#39;s Nessun Dorma with pasta dishes, others proved more of a surprise, such as the connection between chilli and rock#39;n#39;roll.牛津大学跨通道研究实验室主任——斯宾塞教授发现,有些食物的音乐伴奏似乎非常明显,比如帕瓦罗蒂的《今夜无人入睡》搭配意大利面;而其他的搭配更多是令人意外,例如辣椒和摇滚乐之间的关联。;Nobody has looked at spiciness and music before,; he told The Times.“谁也没想到辛辣食物和音乐会有关系”,他向《泰晤士报》记者讲道。;We found that if there is music that is more alerting, more arousing, then people appreciate spicier food more.;“我们发现,音乐更提神、更振奋人心时,食客就会更喜欢偏辣的食物。”Volunteers reported that food tasted four percent spicier when listening to rock tracks than when listening to the jazz of Nina Simone.志愿者们报告称,听摇滚乐时,食物尝起来要比听妮娜#8226;西蒙妮的爵士乐时更辣4%。The likes of Simone and Frank Sinatra, are, however, said to be good with sushi.但是,像西蒙妮与弗兰克#8226;辛纳屈之类的音乐还是与寿司搭配比较好。Hip-hop and RnB were found to have no effect on the enjoyment of different tastes.嘻哈音乐和节奏布鲁斯则对于享受各种美食没有任何效果。Prof Spence, who runs the University of Oxford#39;s Crossmodal Research Laboratory, added: ;It is an exciting area.负责牛津大学跨通道研究实验室的斯宾塞教授补充道:“这太令人兴奋了。”;How soundscapes and music come together with taste to make the whole experience more stimulating, more enjoyable and possibly even more memorable. It is a kind of digital seasoning.;“背景音乐配上美味,使整个就餐过程更刺激、更享受,甚至更令人难忘。这是一种数码调味。”He said Just Eat, the online takeaway-ordering company that commissioned his research, was ;seriously thinking; about providing music with its food.他还提到,曾委托他进行研究的英国订餐网站JUST EAT正“认真考虑”在外卖中配带音乐。Celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal is among restaurateurs who have sought the professor#39;s advice for his award-winning Fat Duck in Bray, Berkshire.许多餐厅老板向教授征求建议,这其中包括著名大厨赫斯顿#8226;布鲁门索。他也为自己在伯克郡布雷市备受赞誉的肥鸭餐厅咨询斯宾塞教授。The academic#39;s other studies have found that people can experience 15 percent more pleasure if music matches the wine.学院其他研究发现,如果音乐配上美酒,食客们体验的快感可以再提高15%。A Cabernet Sauvignon should be paired with Won’t Get Fooled Again by The Who to bring out its depth while a Chardonnay will slide down more easily accompanied by Atomic by Blondie.一杯赤霞珠红葡萄酒应该用“谁人”乐队的《再也不会被愚弄》来配,这样才能品出它的深度;而雪当利白葡萄酒配上金发女郎乐队的《原子能》后,入喉更为顺滑。One major champagne house has aly adopted music, from Bryan Ferry to Tchaikovsky, to accompany its luxury products.一家大型香槟酒坊已经用音乐来为自己奢侈酒品牌伴奏,这些音乐从布莱恩#8226;费瑞到柴可夫斯基都有。Lighting is also said to play a part in the choices people make in cafes and restaurants, with bright lights meaning they are more likely to choose spicier wings and dim lights leading to more mellow choices such as a cappuccino over an espresso.而据说灯光也会影响咖啡厅和餐馆里客人的选择。光线明亮意味着,他们更有可能选择香辣鸡翅;而灯光昏暗时,客人会选择更为香醇柔和的咖啡,例如一杯卡布奇诺,而不会是意大利特浓咖啡。Colour can also have an effect with recent tests in London showing that ambient light can enhance flavour with red wine drunk in red light tasting fruitier.色也会产生影响。近日在伦敦进行的测试表明,周围的光线能够增强风味。红葡萄酒在红色光线下品起来口感更圆润。 /201512/414802拜泉县做孕检多少钱

道里区中医院人流收费标准黑龙江九州医院正规吗Social Economy社会经济A series of economical reforms were necessary in order to overcome the financial crisis with which Emperor Wen was faced.当隋文帝面临财政危机时,采取一系列经济改革来解决它们是有必要的。A crisis due to the long period of wars and conflict prior to his succession.由长时间的战乱和冲突引起的危机比他的继位重要得多。In order to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor, the Sui reverted to the “land equalization system”.为了缩小贫富差距,隋朝恢复到了“均田制”。While controlling the possession of the land by the rich, this law provided for land distribution to all families on the basis of the number of the people in each household.这则法令不仅控制了富人的土地拥有量,还依据每户的人口数量将土地分配给所有家庭。The people were able to farm the land they owned but were precluded from selling it.人们可以耕种他们拥有的土地但不能进行贩卖。By permitting people to retain their land holdings much remained in the hands of landlords.尽管人们的土地大部分仍在地主的手中,Nevertheless, in spite of this, the farmer’s enthusiasm enhanced and great progress in agricultural productivity was achieved during this period.这个时期农民的积极性还是提高了,农业生产也取得了巨大的进步。At the same time, the government unified the coinage, nationalized the mints and standardized weights and measures.同时,政府统一了货币和度量衡并使造币厂国有化。Furthermore, Emperor Wen levied lower taxes on the farmers and merchants, greatly promoting the development of social economy.不仅如此,隋文帝还减少了农民和商人需要交纳的税款,这极大地加快了国家经济的发展。To improve means of transport between the south and north the construction of the Grand Canal was commenced and completed during the reigns of Emperor Wen and his son, Emperor Yang.为了改善南北方之间的交通运输,隋文帝下令建造大运河,这条河开凿于隋文帝和他的儿子隋炀帝当政期间。This great project connected the Yellow River with the Yangtze River and had the effect of greatly increasing cultural and economic exchange between the two areas.这项伟大的工程将长江与黄河连接了起来,它对于加快这两片区域之间的文化与经济交流有显著成效。Moreover, defense works such as the Great Wall, mainly the sections in Ningxia and Inner Mongolia areas, were built in this period to withstand the attack of Tujue (Turks) tribe.此外,防御工程比如长城,主要是宁夏和内蒙古部分,这个时期得到了建设以抵抗突厥部落的进攻。 /201510/398428哈尔滨市儿童医院妇科预约According to legend, in the beginning of the world, the sky and the earth were not separated, and there was only darkness and chaos.很早很早以前,天和地还没有分开,宇宙只是混沌一片。Our ancestor Pangu,a giant, had been born and growing up in it for 108 000 years. One day, he suddenly woke up. Opening the eyes, he found that everything was blurred and invisible.人类的老祖宗——盘古是一个巨人,就生长在这混沌之中,一直经过了十万八千年。有一天,盘古忽然醒了过来睁开眼睛一看,模糊一片,什么都看不见。Angrily, he grasped an axe and wielded it with an effort. With a bang, the chaos was split all of a sudden.他非常生气,抓过一把斧子,朝眼前用力一挥。只听一声巨响,混沌一片的东西忽然分开了。The light and clear air rose up to the sky, and the heavy and turbid to the earth.一些轻而清的东西,缓缓上升,变成了天;重而浊的东西,慢慢下降,变成了地。After it,Pangu propped up the sky with his head and stepped on the ground with his feet, fearing that they might close.天地分开以后,盘古怕它们还要合在一起,就头顶天,脚踩地,随着它们的变化而变化。The sky increased its height by 1 zhang daily, and the earth sank by 1 zhang #8226; Pangu Talk About China in English一History grew with it.天每天升高一丈,地每天下沉一丈,盘古也随着增长变化。Thousands of years passed, the heaven and the earth finally separated ,but he fell down exhaustedly.这样不知过了多少年,天和地逐渐成形了,盘古也累得倒了下去。Following his death, his breath turned into the wind and clouds, his voice the thunder; his eyes the sun and the moon. His four limbs and body became the four quadrants of the globe, and his blood the rivers and his muscles and bones the layers of the earth. His flesh became the soil, his hair and furs the stars, flowers and trees. Even his sweat turned into rain and dew.盘古死后,他呼出的气息变成了风和云,发出的声音变成了雷,双眼变成了太阳和月亮,手足和身躯变成了大地的四极和高山,血液变成江河,筋骨变成道路,肌肉变成田地,毛发变成星星和花草树木,就连身上的汗,也变成了雨露和甘霖。Pangu created the rich and beautiful world with his body.人类的老祖宗盘古,用他整个的身体创造了这美丽而丰富的宇宙。 /201510/403828哈医大一院做宫腔镜的医生

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