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These 10 habits of highly successful women are practical, easy, and effective ! These tips for success range from maintaining your hormonal balance to letting go of the past - and they affect your mind, body, and soul.成功女人的下列十个习惯实用,简单,有效 。这些成功小贴士从告诉你要保持激素平衡到教你放下过去,可运用于我们的意识、身体和灵魂。First, a ation from writer Anais Nin:首先,让我们看看来自作家Anais Nin的一段话:“Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the action stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.”“梦想转化为现实,现实又催生梦想,这种互生关系成就了生存的最高境界”Taking action is one of the most important habits of successful women…and so is dreaming. For inspiration and practical advice for succeeding in life after failure or knock-out punches, click on This is Not the Life I Ordered: 50 Ways to Keep Your Head Above Water When Life Keeps Dragging You Down by Deborah Collins Stephens et al.采取行动是成功女人最重要的习惯之一,另外,还要有梦想。如果想在挫折和失败时获得成功人生的激励及实用性建议,请参考Deborah Collins Stephens等人的著作《这不是我要的人生:当生活把你拖下水时保持浮出水面的50种方法》。 /201006/107594

We all have those days when all we want is to crawl back in bed for a few more hours. Unfortunately, few of us have that luxury. The following hints may help you stay energized, or at least get you going until you can make the time for rest。  我们都有过什么也不想,只想好好地在床上多呆几个小时的日子。不幸的是,很少人可以享受这份奢侈。 下面几点提示或者可以帮你保持精力充沛,至少可以让你在找到时间休息之前继续下去。  1. Engage in a quick conversation with a high-energy colleague. Their positive energy may refresh you. (Just be careful not to drag them down!)  与精力充沛的同事进行短暂的交谈。他们积极的干劲会让你精神爽快。(只是要小心不要也把他们拖下水)  2. Snack more! Having a healthy snack on hand, like a granola bar or fruit can help your blood sugar levels and may provide a healthy boost of energy. (Overeating will do the opposite and drag you down!) Moderation is key!  多吃东西。健康的食品如格兰诺拉燕麦卷或水果可以帮助你提高血液里血糖含量,为你提供健康的能量。(吃得过度会得到相反效果并让你精力下降),关键是适度。  3. Exercise. If you know that your schedule does not allow for a visit to the gym today, find a way to move around during your day. Instead of sending an email to your coworker, walk to her desk. It may be a good idea to take the stairs today, even though you're tired. But try to visit the gym tomorrow. People who exercise get more restful sleep and often feel more energized than those who don't。  运动。如果你知道你的行程安排不允许你到健身室做运动,那想办法让你自己在一天里多动。与其是发电子邮件给你的同事,不如走到她的办公桌前。尽管你很累,但今天走走楼梯也是一个挺好的主意。但是尽量明天去健身室做做运动,经常做运动的人会比那些不常做的得到更多休息睡眠,而且感觉更有精力。  4. Drink water. "Hydration is critical," says Steven Masley, medical director of the Pritikin Longevity Center in Aventura, Florida. "If you don't hydrate, you're going to feel tired." The majority of your body is made of water; even a slight deficiency can rob you of your “oomph”!  喝水。“水是关键”,佛罗里达洲Aventura的普林逖长寿中心医学主任Steven Masley说,“如果你不喝水,你会感到疲劳”。你大部份的身体是由水分构成; 甚至一点点的缺水都会让你精力溜走。  5. Plan a vacation or a staycation. Whether you leave town for a day or a week, having something fun to look forward to will excite you and stimulate energy. Plus, if you're ing this, you could probably use a break from your day-to-day routine。  计划一次度假或在家休息。不管你是离家一天或者是一个星期,追求有趣的东西会让你兴奋并积累能量。还有,如果你正在看这篇文章,你很可能在你一天复一天的工作中得到休息。 /200909/84572

1. Speak Loud EnoughMen don’t hear as well as women. Honestly. It starts at birth and continues through life. This was first proven studies in neonatal clinics where researchers thought playing soft background music might calm premature infants, enabling them to eat more and gain weight faster. The results showed a major improvement for females and no improvement for males. Further study showed this was because the little boys did not hear as well as the girls! This hearing difference continues through life. It explains why a woman may feel her boss or coworker or husband is yelling at her when he thinks he isn’t or why teenage boys (and men) love loud music, surround sound,synthesizers, etc and we women run from the room in pain. Bottom line, men don’t hear as well as women so speak up if you want to a man to hear you.大声地说出来。男人的听力没有女人的好,整个一生都是。所以很多女人奇怪为什么男人听音乐的声音那么大,那么喜欢吼。所以,如果你想男人听你说话,就请说的大声点。 /201003/97792

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