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How to Convince Your Mother to Stay Out of It on HowcastIf your meddling mom is driving you crazy with her nose constantly in your business, take these steps to get her off your back once and for all.如果你的妈妈总是干涉你的事,几乎要把你逼疯了。尝试下面的步骤,让她知难而退,Step 1: Stay in controlResist the urge to lash out at her every time she gives unwanted advice. It’ll just reinforce the same old power-struggle pattern.第一步:保持克制每次当她提出一些不需要的意见时,要抵制住想恨批她的冲动。那样只会增强那种旧式的权力斗争的模式。Step 2: Acknowledge her adviceAcknowledge her advice by saying “thanks” or “good to know.” Follow up by calmly telling her that all her unsolicited advice makes you feel like nothing you do is good enough — ask for some credit.第二步:肯定她的意见可以通过说“谢谢”或“听到后很受益”来肯定她的意见。然后要平静地告诉她所有她主动提供的意见使你感到做得都不够好——来寻求些信任。Step 3: Make a jokeMake a joke next time she butts in. If she wants you to do something you’d rather not, give her a witty line that makes light of the situation.第三步:开玩笑下次她插嘴的时候要开个玩笑。如果她想让你做你不喜欢的事,要诙谐地将情况说明。Step 4: Use an exampleUse a specific example where a friend or family member criticized her to illustrate that no one likes unwanted advice.第四步:利用实例举一个具体的例子:比如朋友或家庭成员谴责她的事来明没人喜欢听多余的意见。Step 5: Repeat a catchphraseCome up with a catchphrase and repeat it exactly every time she butts in. She’ll then expect the phrase and possibly avoid saying anything at all.第五步:重复警句想一个警句,每次你妈妈插话的时候就重复下。她一插话,就会料到会听见那句话,很可能她以后就不会说什么。Tip:Become a master of changing the subject.小贴士:成为一个改变话题的大师。Step 6: Ask her adviceAsk her advice every now and then. If she feels needed and appreciated, maybe she’ll lighten up.第六步:征询她的意见不时征询她的意见。如果她感到自己很有用且被别人赏识,也许她不会生气。 Article/201012/119723

A professional gardening expert explains the best way to harvest your parsley crop. The instructions are brief, easy to understand, and a snap to carry out.一位专业的园艺专家解释了收获西芹作物的最佳方法。这些指引原则言简意赅,容易理解,值得你去执行。Hi. My name#39;s John from Growing Life, London, UK, urban and indoor gardening specialists, and we#39;re going to talk about how to harvest parsley. So, what do we need to harvest parsley? Well, the first and most important thing is a healthy parsley plant.大家好,我是伦敦种植生命机构的约翰,我是一名农村和室内园艺专家,我们将来讲述一下怎样收获西芹。收获西芹需要做什么呢?首先,也是最重要的一点是,必须是健康的西芹植株。Here we#39;ve got two types of parsley: flat leaf and curly leaf. The first question which is most commonly asked when people ask, ;How do I harvest parsley?; is ;Do you cut it from the top or the bottom of the stem?; Parsley, we harvest from the bottom of the stem. We could just take the leaves, but if we do, the stem will then dry out and shrivel up and then, as part of good gardening, we would then have to later remove it.这里有两种类型的西芹:叶片平整和叶片卷曲的叶片。人们询问“我应该怎样收获西芹”时最经常问到的第一个问题是,“应该是从茎秆的顶部还是底部切断呢?”对于西芹来说,我们从茎秆的底部开始收获。我们只是摘掉叶子。但是如果这样的话,茎秆会干枯,枯萎,作为园艺的一部分,我们随后必须将它拔掉。So, it may as well be removed at the point of harvesting, even if you decide not to use the stem. What we try and do is obviously choose mature leaves which we#39;ll typically find on the outer-most part of the plant. But equally, we might choose to take some of this taller stems which are shading light from the lower leaves.所以,收获的时候最好将西芹拔掉,尽管你用不到茎秆。很显然我们要选择植株的成熟叶片。但是同样的,我们也要摘掉一些较高的茎秆,因为这些茎秆会遮蔽较矮的叶片照射不到阳光。By removing these ones and allowing light to penetrate further, we#39;ll encourage further growth and production of parsley leaf for our next harvest. If you#39;ve bought parsley from a super market, parsley plants, or from a garden center, it is well worth washing them before you use them. I#39;d recommend you do this with your own anyhow, but because it#39;s a low growing herb, there may well be both soil and insects hidden in the parsley.摘掉较高的茎叶之后,阳光可以更好的渗透到整个植株,植株也可以继续生长,以备我们下次收获。如果你是从超市或园艺中心购买的西芹,使用之前最好清洗一下。我还是建议最好使用自己的,因为西芹植株比较矮小,容易沾染泥土和昆虫。So, do give it a good wash before you use it.所以,使用之前一定要好好清洗。Thanks for watching How To Harvest Parsley.感谢收看“怎样收获西芹”视频节目。 Article/201212/212366Andy has been studying Antarctic ice for 25 years,25年来 安迪都在研究南极冰层but even he is blown away by what he#39;s seeing.但就连他也被眼前的景象所震惊Now, that is pretty awesome. That is remarkable.真不可思议 太奇妙了The edge of the ice shelf has just, kind of, disintegrated.冰架的边缘有点崩裂Some of the big pieces look like其中一些大片they could be a mile or more in size.似乎有一英里 甚至更大It#39;s almost like a, sort of, a slow motion explosion.就好像是某种慢镜头下的爆炸It all pushes outwards very quickly.迅速向外推进Every one of these huge icebergs will slowly drift out to sea.这些大型冰山都将慢慢地漂入大海To study how fast that happens,为了研究崩裂发生的速度Andy needs to get closer to the action.安迪得离得更近一点We#39;re going to look around and see我们打算四处查看一下if we can find a place where we can land.看是否能找到落脚点And if we can, we#39;ll be able to put down an instrument如果找到了 我们就可以放下一台设备that will help us monitor the big icebergs以便在冰架破裂的时候that are breaking off as the ice shelf breaks up.拍摄到冰山是如何形成的 /201301/219810

TEXT:it becomes the nation#39;s greatest prize. Volcanic magma. Over millions of years, in a fault zone beneath the Sierra Nevada, cooling and pressure create quartz. And within the quartz, gold. The seam is one of the densest on the planet. Rocks erode and the riches are released.1848. Carpenter James Marshall finds a 3 -ounce nugget in the California river. Two months#39; pay in his hand, but billions of dollars be neath his feet. News of Marshall#39;s discovery sps to every corner of the world. In California, you can taste the American dream: get rich quick. Within a year, 100,000 desperate amateur prospectors flood the Sierra foothills.It was the American dream distilled to its essence. Take yourself and go out and try and make a success of it. A Chinese prospector#39;s 100 -ounce strike in the Yuba River. ,000 made by a single Irishman in just four days. A 0,000 super seam mined by 12 Mexicans at Bear Valley. In the port of San Francisco, a plot of land worth before the gold strike now changes hands for ,000.In two years, the population of California explodes from 15,000 to 100,000. Now, hand -panning is replaced by lines of sluice boxes desperately combing for anything the first prospectors missed. And the price of living rocket. Picks, pans, shovels go from a few cents to a piece. Breakfast costs ten times what it does back East. But still the people come.译文:加利福尼亚并入美国当月就成为美国的最大宝藏。火山下岩浆翻滚,数百万年后在内华达山脉之下的断层地带,岩浆冷却后受压形成石英,石英深处是黄金。此处黄金的富集度堪称世界之最,岩石被侵蚀之后财富终现于世。1848年,一名叫詹姆斯·马歇尔的木匠在加利福尼亚河里发现一枚3盎司的金块,他手中拿着相当于两月薪水的金粒,脚下踩着的却是价值连城的金山。马歇尔发现黄金的消息迅速传遍世界每个角落,在加利福尼亚,美国梦是那么触手可及,一夜暴富。不出一年,十万名狂热的业余淘金者涌至内华达山麓。H.W.布兰茨[德克萨斯大学著名美国历史学家]:“美国梦的精髓就在于努力探索,勇于尝试,走向成功。”一名华人淘金者在尤巴河岸淘到重达100盎司的金块。一名爱尔兰人四天之内就淘出价值26000美元的黄金。12个墨西哥人在熊之谷发掘出价值20万的大金矿。在旧金山港,淘金热之前一片售价16美元的土地,如今转手价却飙升至4万5千美元。两年之内加利福尼亚的人口爆炸式增长,从1万5千增长至10万,手工淘金被一条条闸盒组成的流水槽替代,人们拼命想筛出先驱者们遗漏的宝藏,物价飞涨。镐,淘金盒和铁锨等工具的单价,从区区几美分涨到10美元早餐的花费比东部贵上10倍,但淘金者仍纷至沓来。《美国简史》系本纪录片历史背景背景知识:美国淘金热中的华人(1)虽然,从一八二○年起,美国就有中国移民入境的记录,但在一八五○年以前,华人在美国居留者可谓寥若晨星。然而,汹涌澎湃的淘金热很快影响到中国沿海的广东和福建等地区,其中尤以广东的「四邑」为最。关于金山的传闻可能是激发黄金梦的最重要的动力,相对与澳洲墨尔本被称为「新金山」,贫穷的中国农民把圣弗朗西斯科称为「旧金山」,这称呼一直沿用至今,以致这已成为中国人对圣弗朗西斯科的习惯称呼。为了寻找生计,许多中国人透过中间人的安排,以实为卖身的方式,签定契约,以「赊单制」的形式来到美国,即中国人所称的「卖猪仔」。他们由珠江三角洲直运到圣弗朗西斯科金门桥下,暗中交予当地的同乡会照看,然后前往深山里的金矿区。他们长期生活在荒山僻野,风餐露宿,不管是初期开矿,还是以后筑路或在农场工作,都是一天忙到晚,一年累到头,日复一日,年复一年地辛苦劳作,生活十分简朴。稍有闲暇,也因语言不通和受到歧视,只能与周围的中国人在一起排遣,久而久之,在一些美国城市里形成了中国人相对集中的区域唐人街。从一八四九至一八八二年,共有三十万华人进入美国,大多集中于西部,这是中国历史上最大的一次移民潮。在初期,其中绝大部分人是为采掘黄金而来,而后来,则主要是从事筑路。一八五○年,第一批作为廉价劳动力的华人到达加利福尼亚,他们随即为这里的淘金者建造了住所和家宅,受到美国人的赞誉,「没有中国人的帮助,这些淘金者很难在加利福尼亚生活下去」。在加利福尼亚等西部金矿区,华工被称作「可以依赖的唯一的劳动力来源」。一八七三年美国出版的一本书中写道:「在矿区、农场、工厂以及加利福尼亚的劳工中,雇用华人是最理想的。华人做的大部分工作如果用要求很高的白人工人来做,那将不能持续下去。」华人大多数只是暂居美国,工作一段时间便返回中国,而新来的中国人则替代了他们,使得劳动力不断更新,始终基本上是青壮年男性。华人首先是在加利福尼亚的矿山工作。据美国财政局统计,一八六二年加利福尼亚有大约二万华人矿工。按每人每月交纳四美元的开采税计算,他们一年要向加利福尼亚政府交纳近一百万美元;假如华人每人每天花费三十美分买水,那一年就是二百一十九万美元。直到一八八○年,加利福尼亚华人的五分之一仍在矿山工作。一八四八至一八八三年,加利福尼亚开采了价值十二亿美元的黄金,相当于美国同期黄金总产量的三分之二,其中相当一部分为华人所采挖。这是美国社会所公认的事实。【精下期继续...】How do I handle questions about potential salary?被问到对薪水的期望时我应该怎样回答?Salary questions should always be deterred until an offer is on the table. So if a potential employer asks you how much money are you looking to make, what kind of salary are you looking for, the worst question and always a red flag for an applicant is, ;What is your bottom line?; or ,;What is the lowest salary you are willing to accept?; If you ever hear that question,that is the major clue to turn down this company and just leave because they are strictly bottom line oriented. And if you#39;re not going to meet their minimum salary requirements, then they are going to hire somebody who will. So you want to make sure that any discussion of salary is talked about when there#39;s an offer on the table because that#39;s the only time you have to really leverage that situation. If you#39;re asked, ;How much money are you looking for?; your response should be, ;I am very very interested in this position. I#39;m sure we can come to a meeting of minds. I#39;m negotiable and flexible on salary. Let#39;s table that discussion until you determine that I am one of the top two candidates.;雇主考虑聘用你的时候肯定会提到关于薪水的问题。所以,当潜在雇主问你希望能有多少薪水的时候,最糟糕的问题,对应聘者最危险的问题就是,“你的底线是多少?”“你能接受的最低薪水是多少?”如果你听到过这个问题,这通常是拒绝这家公司,然后离开的最大理由。因为他们太倾向于底线。如果你提出的薪资超过他们的最低薪资,他们会雇佣能够接受最低薪资的人。所以,你想要确保有可能被聘用的时候再讨论薪资问题,因为只有这时候你才需要权衡形势。如果潜在雇主问你,“你的期望薪资是多少?”你应该回答,“我对这个职位非常感兴趣。我相信我们能够达成共识,在薪资方面可以协商,可以灵活处理。你们确定我很有希望被聘用的时候我们再来讨论这个问题。”Thanks for watching How To Handle Questions About Potential Salary In An Interview.感谢收看“求职面试中怎样灵活处理薪资问题”视频节目。 Article/201211/210770

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