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惠东县妇幼保健人民中医院看泌尿科怎么样惠州中心人民医院男科咨询河源东源县看男科医院 春节临近,节日的气氛越来越浓烈,不少人却莫名地焦虑起来。来自工作和生活各方面的压力陡增,让人不禁感叹年关难过。这就是;年关焦虑症;。Year-end panic refers to the self-reproach and overall feeling of panic brought about by the approach of the year#39;s end, often due to a poor financial year and being pressured at work.;年关焦虑症;指的是年关将至而产生的自责和恐慌心理,通常由年度收入不佳、工作压力过大引起。Thinking of the New Year#39;s day, Spring Festival of large spending and all kinds of colleagues, the boss of entertaining, and all types of unit summary, the personnel changes, many people feel boring, workplace helpless, agitated, panic, appear even intestines and stomach discomfort, headache, insomnia and so on a series of sub health symptoms.想到新年、春节的大量花销,和同事、老板间的应酬,各类部门总结,人事变动,很多人都会感到厌烦、无助、焦虑、恐慌,甚至出现肠胃不适、头疼、失眠等一系列亚健康症状。To this, the psychological expert suggests that we should avoid increasing the pressure by comparing with others blindly. The end of the year is an ideal time for strategic review and renewal. Stress is high. But excitement is in the air! Regret lingers about goals left unfulfilled. But resolutions flourish to do better in the New Year!对此,心理专家建议不应盲目攀比徒增压力。年关是一个回顾和展望的好时机。压力是很大,但新的一年即将开始也让人振奋!也许你还在为没有实现的目标后悔不已,但是你还是可以下定决心在来年做得更好! /201112/166460如果你觉得开车时打电话 发短信已经够危险了 那你看看下面这些事吧Wardrobe changes.“One time on the 405 in L.A., I saw a woman switch from a very nice business outfit into a leotard. At one point, she was just sitting there in her undergarments.”换行头“一次在洛杉矶405街道上,我看到一位女士,将身上一套很合宜的商务便换下,穿上了另一套紧身。在某个时刻,她仅仅穿着她那内衣坐在驾驶座上。” /201006/106393惠州医院预约挂号系统

惠州那家做包皮手术好Science and technology.科技。Animal cognition动物的认知Man#39;s best friend人类的挚友Can dogs really show empathy towards humans?真的能感受人类的情绪吗?DOGS quickly become part of the family. Tales abound of dogs celebrating joy in a household or commiserating when tragedy strikes. This may not seem surprising after 15,000 years of co-evolution. But what hard evidence is there of dogs#39; empathy with humans? A new experiment suggests that behind all the waggy tails there really is something deeper going on.很快成了人类家庭中的一员,它们庆祝家庭喜事,怜悯悲剧的发生,这种故事屡见不鲜。在人类与共同进化了一万五千年之后,这点或许并不稀奇。但有没有确凿的据能够明能体会人类的感受呢?最近一项新的实验表明,背后的确隐藏着更深的含义。Past experiments have hinted that animals can feel sympathy. Rats and monkeys had been found to forgo food to avoid delivering electric shocks to relatives. Similarly, apes have recently been documented consoling one another after conflicts. However, all these experiments and observations were demonstrating an animal#39;s sensitivity to distress in other members of the same species. Deborah Custance and Jennifer Mayer of Goldsmiths College, London, set out to see if dogs could detect the emotional state of humans.以往的一些实验已经间接地表明动物们也具有同情心。科学家发现,老鼠和猴子会放弃食物,以防自己受到电击而危害同伴。类似的还有大猩猩,它们会在发生争斗后彼此安慰。然而这些实验和观察都只能明同物种的动物相互之间拥有感受痛楚的能力。伦敦金史密斯大学的黛拉?科斯坦斯与詹妮弗?梅耶正在着手研究,看它们能否察觉人类的情绪状态。To do this, Dr Custance and Ms Mayer conducted an experiment to study the response of dogs when a nearby human suddenly began to cry. The researchers knew that interpreting responses would be difficult, since dogs tend to whine, nuzzle, lick, lay their heads in laps and fetch toys for people in distress. Although such actions hint at a dog wishing to offer comfort, they could also be signs of curiosity, or suggest that a dog is simply distressed by seeing its master upset.为了研究这个问题,科斯坦斯士与梅耶女士进行了一项试验。他们将安排在一个人身边,观察在此人突然开始哭泣时的反应。他们深知想要解读的反应是十分困难的,因为在这种条件下经常会发出呜呜声,把鼻子贴在人的大腿上并蹭蹭舔舔,还会在人类悲伤时叼来玩具哄人开心。尽管这样的行为暗示着它们想要给主人提供安慰,但同时也可能仅仅代表了它们的好奇心,又或者它们只是看到主人懊恼感到忧虑罢了。To work round this, the researchers presented 18 dogs of various breeds with four separate 20-second conditions. They included their owner crying, a stranger crying and both taking it in turns to hum ;Mary had a little lamb;. All four of these conditions were preceded by two minutes of mundane conversation between Ms Mayer, who filled the role of the stranger, and the dog#39;s owner.为了能够正确解读的反应,研究者在实验中采用了18条不同品种的并将它们分别置于时长均为20秒的四种不同的情境中,分别为主人在一旁哭泣、陌生人在一旁哭泣、主人与陌生人轮流对哼唱《玛丽有只小羊羔》。在每种情境开始前,梅耶女士都会充当陌生人的角色与的主人进行时长两分钟的常规交谈。Dr Custance and Ms Mayer suspected that if exposure to crying led dogs to feel distress, then regardless of who was crying, the dog would go to their master to seek comfort. They also theorised that if curiosity, rather than empathy, was the driving force, then the humming would cause dogs to engage with people.科斯坦斯士与梅耶女士猜想如果看到人类哭泣会感到悲伤的话,无论是其主人还是陌生人,都会去主人那里寻求安慰。他们还建立了一个理论,如果使接近人类的是它们好奇心而非感情上的共鸣,那么哼唱小曲同样会使跟人类进行互动。As they report in Animal Cognition, ;person-oriented behaviour; did sometimes take place when either the stranger or the owner hummed, but it was more than twice as likely to occur if someone was crying. This indicated that dogs were differentiating between odd behaviour and crying. And of the 15 dogs in the experiment that showed person-oriented responses when the stranger cried, all of them directed their attention towards the stranger rather than their owner.正如他们在《动物的认知》中描述的一样,不管是陌生人还是的主人哼唱小曲儿,有时候的确会对人类的这些活动作出一定回应,但哭泣的人吸引到注意的概率比唱歌的人要高出两倍以上。这表明能区分哭泣与其他一些奇怪的行为。在此次实验中有15条在看到陌生人哭泣时表现出了同情人类的行为,这些都把注意力转向了哭泣的陌生人而非它们的主人。These discoveries suggest that dogs do have the ability to express empathetic concern. But although the results are clear enough, Dr Custance argues that more work needs to be done to be sure that such behaviour is true empathy. It is possible, she points out, that the dogs were drawing on previous experiences in which they were rewarded for approaching distressed human companions. Dog-owners, however, are unlikely to need any more convincing.这些发现表明的确有表达关心的能力。科斯坦斯士说,尽管结论已经十分明确,我们仍需要更多做工来确定它们的行为是否真的因为它们能体会人类的感受。她指出,可能是出于以往获得的经验即靠近它们的人类同伴能获得奖励进而表现出这种行为。而对于能通人性这一点主人已经十分清楚了。 /201208/193541惠州友好泌尿医院男科专家 According to a team of Dutch scientists, walking backward helps people think more clearly.荷兰科学家的研究小组表明,向后走路有助于人们更清醒的思考。The study, published in the Psychological Science, tested the ability of 38 men and women to quickly name the colors in which different words were displayed.这项研究发表在《心理科学》上。研究者给38名男性和女性受试呈现不同的单词,并让他们快速说出单词的颜色。During the tests, participants were told to step four paces to the left, right, backward or forward. In a subset of the trickier trials (ones where the words didn't relate in any way to the colors they were displayed in) performance was quickest when the subjects stepped four paces backward.在测试过程中,受试者还被要求向前、或向后、或向左、或向右走4步。一部分测试中给受试者呈现的单词与颜色是无关的,在这样的测试中,向后走四步时的反应最快。"Backward locomotion appears to be a very powerful trigger to mobilize cognitive resources," conclude the authors, of Radboud University Nijmegen. "Thus, whenever you encounter a difficult situation, stepping backward may boost your capability to deal with it effectively."“向后运动似乎可以非常有效地触发认知资源的分配,”来自Radboud University Nijmegen的作者总结道。“因此,当你遇到困难时,倒着走可以有效的提升你解决问题的能力。”In case you were wondering why the researchers conducted such a seemingly nutty experiment to begin with: It's part of a larger field of study of the way body movements alter people's thinking/emotions.也许你想知道研究者为什么会进行如此疯狂的实验:它其实是一个更大的研究人身体运动对思维和情绪影响的研究项目的一小部分。Flexing or extending the arms, for example (the motions involved in either pulling or pushing) can make someone more apt to like or dislike something, respectively, researchers have reported.比如,研究者已经发现,弯曲或伸展手臂(涉及推或拉的运动)会分别使人更倾向于喜欢或不喜欢的某一个东西。Pushing and backing away are both avoidance actions--such actions are "usually performed in the context of aversive or problematic conditions that require enhanced control in order to focus on relevant information and to ward off negative consequences," the authors say.推动和后退都是回避行为——这种行为“通常是在厌恶或出现问题时完成,这时需要加强控制,以便把注意集中在相关信息上并可以抵御消极后果,”作者说。 /200906/74385惠州看前列腺要多少钱

惠州友好男科专科医院前列腺炎多少钱COLLEGE students might get depressed ing the work experience requirements of job ads. But don#39;t despair. Compared with older workers, students do have an edge in some careers, especially in the Internet-related areas. This week, 21st Century lists several of these professions to keep in mind before and after graduation.导读:每每看到招聘广告上关于工作经验的要求,大学生们总忍不住暗自沮丧。别气馁,和哪些资深职场人士相比,学生们在某些行业占有很大优势,尤其是互联网相关领域。本周,《21世纪英文报》列举了几大职业,无论你毕业与否,牢记这些都会让你获益匪浅。Social game designer社区游戏设计The boom in social networking services (SNS) has meant more young people playing social games. They#39;re not just fun, they#39;re a good job opportunity.社交网络的流行意味着更多年轻人成为社区游戏的爱好者。这些游戏不仅是一种乐趣,更是一个不错的工作机会。For example, the popular Renren.com game ;Happy Farm; was developed by a group of post-80s youngsters, including COO (chief operating officer) Xu Cheng.拿校内网(现改名为;人人网;)上流行的组件;开心农场;为例,该游戏是由一群80后青年研发。包括首席运营官(COO)徐成就是其中一员。Young people, including university students, have advantages in the gaming industry, especially in developing mini social games mainly based on Flash technology, explains Li Xu, the website#39;s social game development manager. ;They understand the technology more easily than those who#39;re older.;;包括大学生在内的年轻人在游戏产业中占有很大优势,在开发Flash技术为基础的迷你社区游戏上尤是如此,;网站社区游戏开发经理李旭说,;在这项技术的了解掌握上,他们比资深职场人士更驾轻就熟。;Online forum manager论坛版主 In the Web 2.0 age, traditional media like newspaper, radio and TV have established websites to communicate online with ers. The job of forum manager is another new career opportunity for young people.在Web 2.0时代,像报纸、广播、电视这样的传统媒体都已经创建了网站,与自己的受众群进行在线交流。对年轻人来说,论坛版主是另一个就业机会。Most college students are aly familiar with their campus BBS (bulletin board system), Baidu post bar and other kinds of online forums. Some are active members, or even moderators.多数大学生早就对校园论坛(电子布告栏系统)、百度贴吧及其他在线论坛十分熟悉。有些人是活跃用户,更有人甚至担任论坛版主一职。Crafting eye-catching headlines requires witty wording skills and a good sense of slang. Young people are often more qualified than senior news reporters and editors that may not be proficient in online skills.在论坛发帖,一个抓人眼球的标题往往需要诙谐的文字和对俚语的充分掌握。在这点上,年轻人通常比资深新闻记者、编辑更精通这些互联网技能。Hotel critic饭店家Can you imagine working in your pajamas? You can forget those dull meetings with clients and business talks. All you need do is comment on a hotel and share pictures and s on your blog.能想象穿着睡衣工作么?彻底摆脱和客户进行无聊的工作会议,你所要做的就是在客上对某家饭店进行点评,和网友分享一些图片和视频内容。It#39;s true. Travel search engine Qunar.com recently posted a job announcement for a ;hotel-sleeper;, with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan. ;College students from all majors are welcome. We think they all have the qualities for the job,; says Zhang Ze, vice president for Qunar.这些都是真的。不久前,中文在线旅行网站去哪儿网(Qunar.com)发布了一则招聘 ;酒店试睡员;的通知,月薪万元。;我们欢迎任何专业的大学生前来应聘,相信他们都能胜任这个工作。; 去哪儿网酒店业务副总张泽说。Traveling around and living in hotels means you need plenty of energy and enthusiasm, and young grads always have the passion to travel, says Zhang. ;Students have the curiosity to explore strange places and their special angle can find ways to have fun that aren#39;t found in travel guides.;;四处旅游、居住酒店意味着你需要有充沛的精力,而且热情洋溢。而年轻毕业生们往往热衷于旅游,;张泽说,;学生们对陌生的地方拥有很强的探索欲,他们不种不同的视角总能挖掘出旅游手册上所没有的乐趣。;To describe the experience, you need to write well. ;Many grads have blogs where they share their experiences, so writing with humor and ease, and adding some pictures and interesting s might not be so hard for them,; Zhang observes.当然,要描述这些经历,扎实的文字功底是必备条件。;很多毕业生都在自己的客上分享他们的经历,轻松诙谐的文字加上栩栩如生的图片和趣味视频对他们来说绝非难事,;张泽说。User experience staff用户体验员This job is just like its name implies: gathering the experiences of users and potential users, and helping improve products to ensure that they#39;re easy and pleasurable to use. For example, MSN has user experience specialists who help improve its popular messenger#39;s functions.从字面上,我们便能轻易看出这份工作的内容:收集用户和潜在用户的体验,帮助提升产品用户体验,确保产品使用过程简单、令人满意。例如:MSN就有专门的用户体验专家,他们帮助提升MSN常用功能的用户体验。This might be a great place for grads, said Luo Wei, a user experience specialist at 55bbs.com, a Beijing-based website with information on shopping, food, and travel. The website has part-time and full-time positions in the user experience field for grads.这对于毕业生来说是个不错的选择,北京购物、饮食、旅游信息平台;我爱打折网;的用户体验专员罗玮说。该网站为毕业生提供用户体验的兼职和全职职位。For example, when people browse through a long post on our forum, they can be interrupted by numerous comments, which is very annoying, Luo says. ;User experience specialists find this and report it to our technical team, who can add a #39;see author only#39; button to a post. A lot of users say this makes surfing our website much more convenient.;;比如,用户在论坛浏览篇幅较长的帖子时,经常被所打断。这很容易引起用户的不满,;罗玮说,;用户体验专员发现这个问题后报告给技术团队,后者就会在帖子页面添加一项#39;只看该作者#39;的按钮。很多用户反映,有了这项功能,浏览网页更方便了。;Students have a lot of Internet experience, he says. ;They know the users#39; habits so well that they can spot mistakes, malfunctions and bad online product designs.;;学生们拥有很多互联网经历。;他说。;他们熟悉用户的习惯,可以轻易辨别出错误、误操作和在线产品设计的好坏。; /201201/168193 “2011.11.11”巨型光棍节,你是否还孑然一身?恭喜,你已经晋升为“神棍”了!有一种单身叫做宁缺勿滥,有一种单身只为等待某人。你单身的理由是什么?1. Everything in your house is yours.屋子里的东西都是你的。(新婚姻法神马的都是浮云)2. You don't have to hide gifts, receipts, and other purchase records in ridiculous places.礼物、收据以及其他各种消费单再也不用东躲西藏了。3. Valentines day costs less.情人节消费骤减。4. You don't have to worry as much about the "oops, I'm pregnant" factor.你不用再那么担心“天啊,我怀了”的事情。5. You can date more freely. 约会更自由。6. You don't ever have to wonder if you really love the person you live with.你不用再去纠结是否真心爱身边这个人。7. Suddenly, it's okay to look (and flirt).路边MM随意看随意调侃。8. It's easier to focus on your career and your dreams.有更多精力花在你的事业和梦想上。9. No endless nagging.唠叨少了,耳根清净了。10. The only person you have to dress up for is your boss.以后只需要为老板而打扮了。 /201111/160979淡水县医院专家预约惠州人民医院治不育专业么



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