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职场社交英语 Lesson 10:万一他就是你那伦巴男孩呢?SCENE⑤ A 戴夫由上方探头,进吉娜的隔间【万一他就是你那伦巴男孩呢?】Dave: Hey, Zina. You shouldn't act so tough with Vince. 1) What if he's your rhumba boy?戴夫: 嘿,吉娜。你不该故意对文斯那么凶巴巴的。万一他就是你那伦巴男孩呢?Zina: Please. He's only nice to me because I'm making him a ton of money.吉娜: 拜托喔。他对我好只是因为我在帮他赚大钱。Dave: He was definitely happy. You must be making a lot of sales.戴夫: 他真是高兴得很。你一定做成了很多买卖。Zina: It isn't hard. All the 2) online businesses need a way to 3) keep track of the 4) traffic to their 5) sites.吉娜: 这不难。所有的线上商务都需要设法掌握他们网站的流量。Dave: That's InfoKing. Tracks every visitor. Or at least it will, if we can get it to work.戴夫: 这就是资讯王。掌握每一位访客。或者至少以后会是这样,若我们能让做出来的东西管用。语言详解A: I can't get online. 我连不上线。B: There must be too many other people using the Internet. 一定是有太多人上网了。【act tough with... 故作强硬】tough 这个字,指的是“强悍的”,若要说“对……很强悍、强硬”就是be tough with...,对话中用了act这个字,act tough with听来的感觉倾向于“故意装得很强硬”。A: I'm so angry. I could hit you in the face. 我好生气。我真想揍你的脸。B: Don't you act so tough with me. I know you couldn't hurt a fly. 你别跟我故作强硬。我知道你连只苍蝇都舍不得杀。【get it to work 让它运作】 get...to work这个句型,若是用在事物身上,是指“让……能够运作”,可能是指草创的新东西,或是某个窒碍难行的制度,也可以单纯指东西坏了:A: My car broke down again. 我的车又坏了。B: I bet I can get it to work. Where is it? 我打赌能让它上路。车子在哪里?1) what if... 万一,要是……2) online (a.) 连上电脑网路的,线上的3) keep track of... 随时掌握……4) traffic (n.) 此指“网站的流量”5) site (n.)“网站”,即website /200602/4226说明:本书的MP3经过剪辑,去掉了无用的过渡音乐.简介:本书是一本专门为英语专业教师与学生,外企白领和外贸从业人员编写的商务口语学习指南.全书分为四部分:简单的日常交往对话可以帮助你了解接待外国客人的礼节和恰当用语;公司常用会话则侧重公司内部的上下沟通与协作,让你对外企内部运作了然于心;商务往来会话是由与外国人建立商务合作关系,实现拓展市场获得双赢局面的会话实践范例组成;进出口业务会话部分综合了外贸领域具体操作的各个方面. /200705/13450CHRISTINA: Liz, do you have a minute?LIZ: Yes, of course. What is it?CHRISTINA: I need you to help me set up for my presentation Thursday morning. LIZ: Okay, what should I do?CHRISTINA: Well, it isn't at this office. It's over at the Dayton Street office.Have you been there before?LIZ: Yes, of course. I have to go there every Tuesday.CHRISTINA: Good. So you will have no trouble finding it.LIZ: What's the presentation about?CHRISTINA: I will talk about developing sales through our website.All the branch heads will be there, and most of the staff.LIZ: Will you need anything special for the presentation?CHRISTINA: Well, I need the display monitor.But Tom can set that up for me on Wednesday.I will need you to help with everything else.LIZ: I suppose you need the whiteboard set up.CHRISTINA: I need the whiteboard, and pens.I don't know if they have pens over there. So you have to bring pens. And an eraser.LIZ: Alright. That's no problem. I will bring pens. Anything else?CHRISTINA: Well, I'm afraid it will be troublesome, Liz.You know what that office is like.You will have to move some of the desks around to make enough space.There will be at least twenty people.LIZ: So you need me to set up fold-out chairs too. I can do that no problem.I will call Mary over there and ask her to make sure they have enough chairs.CHRISTINA: Thank you. I know they have that storage room there.There are chairs in the storage room.LIZ: But I don't know if there are twenty chairs. I might have to bring some from here.CHRISTINA: And we need coffee too.Coffee and some pastries maybe. The presentation is at ten AM. LIZ: I can go over there first thing in the morning.Do you want me to serve instant coffee, or should I get it catered?CHRISTINA: Catered?LIZ: You know. Get it from Starbucks.I can have Starbucks make me a big thermos of hot coffee.And I can get the pastries there too. It's easy. I can pick it all up in the morning.CHRISTINA: You are a genius, Liz. I never thought of that.If you can do that for me, I will be grateful.LIZ: It's no problem. I just think it's much better than instant coffee.And if we need pastries too, it's easy to stop there.CHRISTINA: Do you think you could get it all set up before ten?LIZ: Of course. We need the display monitor, twenty chairs, the whiteboard, pens,an eraser, and coffee and pastries. Anything else?CHRISTINA: I can't think of anything right now.You've set my mind at ease, Liz. I appreciate it. /200811/56861Lily:Are you married?Shu Yun:Yes, I’ve just married.Lily:How long have you been married?Shu Yun:I have been married for three years.Lily:How many people are there in your family?Shu Yun:There are four people in my family.Lily:Who are the members of your family?Shu Yun:My, my husband, mother-in-law, my daughter and I. 莉莉:你结婚了吗?舒芸:是的,我结婚了。莉莉:你结婚多久了?舒芸:我结婚已经3年了。莉莉:你家有几口人?舒芸:4口。莉莉:你家里有哪些成员?舒芸:我的丈夫、婆婆、女儿和我。 /201107/144529

MB: Hi! Welcome to WebWare. ST: Thanks, nice to see you again MB: You too. So, you said you wanted to come in and have a chat before you started... ST: Yeah, I just wanted to have a look round, and ask a few more questions, if I can... MB: Sure, fire away! ST: Well, I was delighted to receive the job offer... MB: Good – we were delighted to offer it to you... ST: But before I sign the contract there were one or two specifics I wanted to talk about MB: Ok...’specifics’? ST: Well...there is a pay scale, instead of a fixed salary... MB: Yes, as a new employee you’d be at the lower end of the pay scale. ST: But taking my experience into account... MB: Well, you haven’t had that much experience – we see you as an investment... ST: But that salary would only be a little more than I’m making now – so, instead of asking for a higher level on the pay scale, I thought this could be compensated by adding certain bonuses – for instance if I make certain sales targets, or even break them, I would be looking for a good cash payment, or stock options in the company. MB: Well, that is something we sometimes offer senior members of staff, but to show good faith I’ll provisionally offer you the bonus scheme – but I’ll have to okay it with Philip first. ST: That’s fine. I also see there are 25 days holiday... MB: Yes. That’s standard. ST: Hmmm...but it’s not very much for a high pressure job though... MB: I can’t offer you any more holidays... ST: No, but I was wondering if I could delay the start date – so instead of starting a week from now, as we discussed, I could start in a month’s time? MB: You’re a tough negotiator, Sarah! ST: That’s one of the reasons you hired me! MB: Yes, of course. Ok, I think we can do that – I’ll look forward to seeing you in a month, and earning those bonuses! /07/78341

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