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NHS Waiting Times: #39;Unreliable#39; Stats Hide DelaysThe Health Secretary denies figures are falsified as a health watchdog finds treatment statistics are often recorded wrongly.In the last year, the NHS has faced criticism after criticism, now the reliability of waiting time is being questioned. The National Audit Office hasaccused NHS Trust in England of mis-recording data with some saying patients waited more or less time for treatment than they actually did.“We are not suggesting that those data has been misrecording at the Trust we visited, we think NHS England and the Department of Health need to make surethat consistent and reliable waiting time information is presented by the Trust in future. It needs to be comparable at the moment, we don’t think thatthe data provided by the Trust is sufficiently comparable, and that means as a patient, if you#39;re trying to decide which hospital to go to and waitingtime matters, we haven’t got a solid base as much to decide.”It comes on a day when the government confirmed it’s tacking another issue facing the NHS. It wants to stop patients being passed around the system byhaving one doctor in charge of looking after them. At university college hospital, that doctor#39;s name is written above the beds.“I think it#39;s important you need to trust the people that are looking after you, because they’re making the diagnosis and you need to believe in whatthey say and tell you to do. And I found it useful to put names to faces.”“We would make sure that they have their consultant’s name.”The new system doesn’t mean patients will only see one doctor, but they will know who has overall responsibility for their care.“Their family, their loved ones come in, they can see who#39;s looking after them and who they may need to put their questions to get clarity and get strongcommunications, so we can really coordinate their care, get most effective, top quality care for the patient.”It all comes down to the quality of care provide and the question of trust. NHS England says any problems with data have to be solved. But it is yetanother problem.Steven Douglas. Sky News. /201402/275071。

He was kind of an electronic hobbyist他可以说是个电子狂or amateur enthusiast或者业余的爱好者and he liked to buy used stereo equipment他很喜欢买些旧的立体声设备and fix it up and sell for a profit.自己修理好之后再拿去卖来赚钱The story about how Steve Jobs went to college,乔布斯怎样入读大学的故事I think s a fascinating story.我觉得非常有趣Steve decided that he wanted to go乔布斯决定了入读to Reed College in Oregon俄勒岗州的里德学院which was an outstanding liberal arts college这是一间很好的美术大学and be was accepted.他成功被取录But his parents couldn#39;t afford to send him there.但他的父母没有能力供他入读and the University found out very quickly大学也很快发现他that no one had paid the bills.没有缴交学费But, Steve wound up befriending the Dean of Students.不过乔布斯最终And Steve was so persuasive that he convinced the Dean和校长交上朋友to let him stay there at college而且他还说校长and to take the classes让他作为旁听生上课and live in the dormitory for free.而且还可以免费在宿舍留宿After a short time at Reed College,在里德学院入读一小段时间后Steve Jobs returned to San Francisco乔布斯回到三藩市where be began attending meetings of the Homebrew Computer Club还开始参加由一班电脑爱好者a group for computer hobbyists.组成的“家酿电脑学会”的聚会At one meeting,在一个聚会裹his friend Steve Wozniak showed off他的朋友沃兹尼瓦克展示了the homemade computer he made.一部自制的电脑It had a typewriter keyboard instead of lights and switches,电脑用打字机键盘代替灯和按键a television instead of a monitor用电视机做屏幕and a cheap computer chip.以及有块价值20美元的芯片Steve Jobs was a visionary, he did see, early on,乔布斯非常有远见,他早就along with a small group of people who would go to和志同道合的电脑小组成员一起the homebrew computer club that看见这东西this was going to change the world.将会改变这个世界 /201310/260445。

Google Child Abuse Image Block #39;Not Enough#39; Critics say the move to block tens of thousands of search terms that show depraved images and s ;simply masks the symptoms;.Naturally Downing Street officials are portraying this is a victory for David Cameron. The internet companies had seen reluctant to take actions to censor the content, but pressure from PMs has brought together two huge rivals: Google and Microsoft in their rare display unity.Well, if you build a wall, someone is gonna try and get over under or around. It#39;s important we collaborate on such important issue. We do take a lot effort to remove and report this content, but we do accept that there is more we can done. We are very happy to do that.But immediately people are searching for evidence that would make any real difference.Halting predicative text on searches might stop innocent being inadvertently let stray, so might warnings about your illegal behavior. But experts in child protection say it would not block determined pedofiles.This is the beginning and not the end, and it#39;s a small step forward not huge one when it comes to actual child protection. What we need to see now is Prime Minister#39;s focus influence being used to help us to catch the predators.Google says they have 200 staff developing new technology to identify and block child pornography, the rival Microsoft has aly develop the ability to recognize illegal photographs and track them when they are copied and distributed. Now Google says they#39;ve been able to do the same with .The program allows analysts to break out every to calculate unique digital signature. That signature is then matched again other version on line even if they#39;ve been edited and altered. Once they#39;ve been identified, all copies are then deleted from the Internet.Steward Hazzles scoured the web for underage pornography before murdering Tiya Sharp.But most images shared by pedofiles are down someone close networks beyond the capacity of internet searching engines. That requires globe police action.You can go after these pedofile to pedofile sharing, you can take down the size, you can prosecute these people, I want to see , you know, people being prosecuted for these violent crime. We are putting resources into the police into international crime agency ,working in all steps with Americans to make sure we go after these people.Campaigners, like Sara Paine whose daughter Sara was killed by a sex offender, say there is only one way to really tackle the problem.Mr. Cameron, please just fund police properly , so they can do this and get better of this.And be a force three reckoned with, so pedofiles do not hurt us anymore.While warning can easily be ignored, tracking online predators to their homes is real challenge. /201311/265948。

In the early 1980#39;s在80年代初期Apple Computer became the fastest苹果电脑成为美国历史上growing company in the US history.发展最迅速的电脑公司The Macintosh team was working onMacintosh团队正朝着what Steve Jobs hoped would be乔布斯所希望the next computer breakthrough,成为下个电脑突破的方向而努力but Apple was also searching同时苹果电脑公司也正物色着for a new CEO.新的行政总裁Jobs wouldn#39;t get the title,乔布斯没有坐上这个宝座but be would help recruit而是由他找回来的人the man who did: John Sculley.担任了这个职位:约翰史考力The famous line,大家都听过这个故事since Sculley was running Pepsi,史考力当时经营着“百事可乐”the soft drink company,一家软饮料公司Steve Jobs said乔布斯和他说;Do you want to spend the rest of your life selling sugared water你想下半辈子只是卖汽水给小孩to kids or do you want to come with me还是做你想做的,和我一起and have a chance to change the world?;把握一个可以改变世界的机会?And when he came to work with Apple,史考力去了苹果电脑公司之后when Sculley came, they were inseparable.他们经常形影不离I mean, Steve and John even乔布斯和史考力when they would sit in a meeting,即使在开会时they would both sit together at the end of the table.也要在桌边一起坐I mean, it was just unbelievable真的有点难以置信and Sculley was totally excited史考力感到非常兴奋about working with Steve,能和乔布斯一起工作but clearly he knew nothing about the business.但很明显他对电脑行业一无所知Sculley was installed as CEO史考力获擢升为苹果电脑公司行政总裁in April 1983,在1983年4月just in time to help market刚刚赶及帮忙推出the new Macintosh computer.全新的MacintoshToday, we celebrate the first glorious of universe今天我们将为一个辉煌的for the information...科技里程碑而庆祝Apple#39;s ad agency hired director Ridley Scott苹果的广告公司请列尼史葛导演to Make a commercial based on基于乔治奥威尔的著作《1984》George Orwell#39;s book ‘1984#39;.制作了一辑广告That#39;s the greatest ad ever run in the history of television这是电视史上最大型的广告片and the board of Apple at that time不过当时苹果电脑公司董事局disapproved that ad.并不同意这样做In fact, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak said于是乔布斯和沃兹尼瓦克说we#39;ll put in the money to pay for the ad,由他们出资制作这个广告we#39;ll do it ourselves.让他们自己做 /201310/260977。

How do I know what my duties are as an intern?怎样了解我作为实习生的职责呢?As an intern, expect to do a lot of photocopying and coffee fetching. It#39;s part of the gig and if you don#39;t do it right, how are they going to give you another assignment that#39;s really important? If someone asks for a frappuccino, don#39;t bring them a hot coffee. It#39;s great to have in your little notebook, write down people#39;s orders so when people say, ;Hey can you get me coffee?;you know how much sugar they want, you know if they want cream, what type of milk. Coffee getting is so important because it shows that you are willing to do everything, not just the most important things. You are at the botttom of the ring and what you do can vibrate up to the top. So getting some coffee and making photocopies correctly is so important, because imagine if you give a photocopy to your boss, who gives it to his boss, who gives it to the CEO and if that photocopy is dark or smudged or out of place or whatever, it#39;s going to go up the chain. So do everything really well, do it quickly and efficiently and don#39;t make a big deal out of it. If someone says, ;Hey, can you get me lunch?;go out and get them lunch, and do it faster than every other person there and you#39;ll be asked again and again and again and then when something comes up, ;Hey we have a big project.; Are they going to give it to the kid that takes time getting lunch or gets orders wrong? No, they#39;re going to give it to you.作为实习生,肯定要做很多复印文件和帮别人冲咖啡的工作。这是工作最基本的一部分,如果没做好的话,他们怎么会给你比较重要的任务呢?如果别人要的是星冰乐咖啡,不要给他热咖啡。最好有一个小小的记事本,写下别人的指令。当别人说,“可以给我一杯咖啡吗?”你就知道他们需要多少糖,如果他们想要奶油的话,是哪一种牛奶口味的。帮别人冲咖啡是非常重要的,因为这可以向别人展示你乐意做任何事,而不是只喜欢做最重要的事情。你在公司的最底层,你做的事情能够影响到高层。所以,正确地冲咖啡和复印非常重要。想象一下,如果你给你的老板复印一份文件,他给他的老板,又层层上交至CEO,如果复印件非常暗淡,污浊,错位或者其他任何状况,将一直影响公司高层。所以,什么事都要高质高效地完成,不要只想着大事。如果有人说,“你可以帮我打一份午餐吗?”马上外出帮他们买午餐,比其他任何人都快。他们就会一次又一次地要求你。当有比较重要的工作时,他们也会想起你,“这里有一个大项目。”他们会把这么重要的工作交给买午餐很磨蹭或老是执行错误的指令的人吗?不会,他们只会给你。Thanks for watching How To Know What Your Duties Are As An Intern.感谢收看“如何明确实习生的职责”视频节目。视频听力节目由。 Article/201308/251656。

大脑深部电击术变得相当精准。借由这项科技,外科医生几乎能将电极置入大脑的任何区域,像电台或恒温器的调节旋钮一项,增强或减弱回路信号。一位罹患帕金森氏综合症的妇女,在电击后立即停止肢体抖动,以及老年痴呆症患者脑部功能恢复,我们看到这项科技带来的巨大改变。(摄于:TEDxCaltech)。 Article/201401/271166。