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How to Win Back Your Boyfriend on HowcastYou are now his ex-girlfriend but your heart is wanting him back after the breakup. Return your ex to home and get back together with your boyfriend.现在你是他的前女友,但是你从心底里希望在分手后能与他重归于好。将“前任”这个字眼去掉,重新和男朋友在一起。Step 1: Love yourselfLove yourself first and be confident with who you are.爱你自己首先要爱你自己,对自己要自信。Step 2: Be positiveHave a positive attitude. Spend time with your friends and family, get a new haircut, and treat your body well with exercise and a healthy diet. Take time for yourself and have fun.态度要积极要有积极的态度。多花些时间和你的朋友及家人相处,换个新头型,同时也要进行适当的运动和饮食来保持健康。要从容进行,并过得愉快。Step 3: Be supportivePut aside any negative feelings and be supportive of him when needed.第三步:要给予持将不好的感觉都丢掉,当他需要帮忙时要全力持他。Step 4: Ask him outAsk him out.第四步:和他约会和他约会。Step 5: Be patientBe patient. It may take him time before he accepts the offer or even feels he can trust you.第五步:要有耐心要有耐心。在他接受你的帮助或他感觉可以信任你之前可能需要一些时间。Tip:Avoid stalking him by phone, e-mail, text, or in person.小贴士:不要通过电话,邮件,短信或亲自追踪他。Step 6: ReminisceReminisce about all of the good times you had together and enjoy some time doing things you both like.第六步:回忆回忆你们一起度过的美好时光,花些时间做些你们都喜欢做的事。Step 7: Go slowTake things slowly, be yourself, win back your boyfriend, and live happily ever after.第七步:要慢慢进行要慢慢进行,做真正的自我,并挽回男朋友的心,从此以后快乐地生活。201101/122579宜昌培训学校Following Margaret Thatchers death on Monday, Chinese media have published special reports on the Iron Lady of British politics.英国前首相“铁娘子”撒切尔夫人于当地时间周一逝世,中国媒体发表了专题报道。Most mainstream news websites have launched feature pages, reviewing Thatchers political career, especially her relationship with China.大多数主流新闻网站推出了专题页面,回顾撒切尔的政治生涯,特别是她与中国的关系。ChinaDaily said Thatcher ;helped push ties with China; and played an important role on the smooth handover of Hong Kong. Xinhua said she changed the development path of Britain and the world.中国日报称,撒切尔推进了中英关系的发展,为香港政权的顺利交接铺平了道路。新华社称,她改变了英国和世界的“运行轨迹”。Many sites have also shown pictures or s of Thatchers four visits to China. On Weibo, Chinas twitter like social website, thousands paid condolence to Thatchers passing, and many have published some of her famous es.许多网站还展示了撒切尔夫人四次访华的历史照片和视频。对于撒切尔的逝世,许多人在微上表达了哀悼,有的还盘点了撒切尔名言集锦。201304/234178镇平内乡淅川社旗唐河新野桐柏县半永久化妆培训学校哪家好襄城区樊城襄阳区学习注射唇苹果肌脸颊下巴美容培训学院

岐山扶风眉县陇千阳县纹绣技术学习培训学校武汉市培训师培训The three people killed in Mondays Boston Marathon bombings have now all been identified. The Chinese Consulate General in New York confirmed one of the victims of the bombings as a Chinese national.周一在波士顿举行的马拉松赛上发生爆炸,有三人死亡,目前该三人的身份已全部确认。中国驻纽约领事馆确认其中一位遇难者为中国国民。The relatives have requested anonymity for the deceased Chinese. The consulate officials say theyre doing all they can to help the relatives of those involved in the tragedy. The other two victims were eight-year-old Martin Richard and 29-year-old Krystle Campbell, both Americans.其家属要求不公布该死难者的具体身份。使馆官员表示他们正在尽最大努力帮助这些死难者家属。其他两名死难者分别是18岁的马丁·理查德 与29岁的克瑞斯特·坎贝尔,二人均为美国人。 Its reported the boy was standing near the marathon finish line, waiting for friends to run by when the blast occurred. Krystle Campbell, a restaurant manager, had been at the finish line to watch her boyfriend complete the race.据报道爆炸发生时。该男孩当时正站在马拉松终点处等待朋友通过。克瑞斯特·坎贝尔是一名饭店经理,也在终点线处观看其男友完成比赛。201304/235520Former S. Korean President Roh dies in apparent suicideFormer South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun has died while hiking in mountains near his home. His death has shocked the country. Local media are speculating that this could be a suicide, as Roh Moo-hyun was involved in a corruption scandal. The 62-year-old Roh fell to his death just 200 meters from his home. A body guard was with him.His former aide says Roh appeared to act deliberately.Moon Jae-In, Roh Moo-Hyun's Lawyer amp; Former Aide, said, "Former President Roh left his house at 5:45 a.m.. While hiking on the mountain, he appears to have jumped off a rock at around 6:40 a.m."Roh was taken to a hospital in the nearby port city of Busan where he soon died from head injuries.Paek Seung-Wan, Chief Busan Nat'l University Hospital, said, "Doctors in this hospital attempted CPR but suspended it at 8:30 am as he failed to recover." Local media reports are calling it suicide. Roh's former aide also confirmed Roh left a note for his family. In the note Roh said life was "difficult" and apologized for making "too many people suffer".His death has shocked South Koreans, including the current President Lee Myung-bak.(GRAPHICS)Roh's note to his family:I have made too many people suffer.Due to poor health, I can't books, nor can I write.Don't be too sad. Don't blame anybody. Please cremate me. Please leave a small tombstone near home. Lee Dong-Kwan, Spokesman, South Korean Presidential Office, said, "President Lee Myung-bak says it is truly unbelievable. He says it is a regretful and tragic matter, and has expressed his condolences." The public are also grieving. Park Kyung-Hee, Resident, said, "I am extremely sad. I can't imagine how much pain he had to suffer. I think that death was the best choice for him so that those close to him would not have to suffer." Song Hyun-Sook, Resident, said, "It is very horrible that he died. I do not want to believe it. He is not going to come back alive, I am heartbroken."Roh was under heavy pressure in recent weeks. He and his family were under investigation in connection with a bribery scandal. The ex-president was struggling to clear his name.The Justice Minister says the investigation on Roh and his family will be put to an end.05/71488孝感学纹绣学费法国凡尔赛宫和巴黎圣母院是众所周知的国家遗产,但是你知道在法国南部的一棵葡萄树也被列为国宝吗?The Palace of Versailles and Notre Dame Cathedral are well-known national heritage sites in France, but did you know that a plot of vines in southern France is also listed as a national treasure?A plague that swept through France in the 19th century destroyed masses of grape vines. But a small area in the Pyrenees flourishing with plants up to 200 years old survived. They hold the ancient DNA of local grape varieties. Some are still being used with grapes from younger generation vines to make Saint-Mont wine. Thats why its so cherished by wine-growers.Jean-Pascal, wine grower, said, ;I pay as much attention as possible to the fact that they (the vines) are well protected, in terms of its size and all the work related to these vines. And I am very attentive to the fact that they remain as pretty as possible and as productive as possible.;But what propelled it to national fame was the moment scientists discovered the 40 acres of plot contains seven varieties of vines whose genes have not been recorded before.Eric Fitan, President of Saint Mont Wines Company, said, ;The discovery of these seven unknown varieties, will allow us tomorrow to produce wines that have more character, more spices, with a weaker level of alcohol. We have a lot of hope for this.And no doubt its a hope shared by wine lovers around the world.201207/189192湖北省注射川字鱼尾眉间口周纹除皱

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