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抚顺石油一厂职工医院看泌尿科怎么样抚顺市轻工局职工医院网上预约咨询抚顺割包皮哪里好 Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker, said that its revenues in India had exceeded bn last year as it looks abroad for growth amid continuing competitive pressures at home.中国智能手机制造商小米(Xiaomi)表示,该公司去年在印度的营收已超过10亿美元。国内持续不断的竞争压力正促使小米寻求在境外实现增长。Chinese-owned technology companies have so far led the smartphone market in India. The subcontinent is seen as the next big untapped market for mobile makers at a time when growth has begun to flag elsewhere.到目前为止,中资高科技企业引领着印度的智能手机市场。在其他地区增长已开始萎缩之际,这块次大陆被视为移动设备制造商下一个巨大的未开发市场。Sales of Xiaomi’s smartphones in the country more than doubled from 3m to about 6.5m, Shou Zi Chew, its chief financial officer, told the Financial Times in an interview.小米首席财务官周受资(Shou Zi Chew)在接受采访时告诉英国《金融时报》,小米智能手机在印度的销量从300万部增长至650万部左右,增加了一倍以上。“What this [bn] milestone shows is we have successfully stepped out of China into the global arena,” he said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where Xiaomi is exhibiting for the first time.他在消费电子展(CES)上表示:“这一(10亿美元的)里程碑明,我们已成功走出中国,登上全球舞台。”今年,小米首次在该展会参展。“2016 was a watershed year for us as we truly became an international company.”“对我们来说,2016年是个分水岭,我们真正成为一家跨国公司。”Xiaomi is among the top three smartphone companies by sales in India, alongside Huawei and Lenovo’s Motorola.小米和华为(Huawei)及联想(Lenovo)旗下的托罗拉(Motorola),是印度销量前三的智能手机公司。To achieve that in just a couple of years, Xiaomi “replicated our Chinese strategy” of focusing on online sales and an ecosystem of companion products, championed by a passionate community of what it calls “Mi fans” instead of traditional advertising, Mr Chew said.周受资表示,为了在仅仅两年时间内实现这一目标,小米“复制了我们在中国的战略”,聚焦于在线销售和配套产品生态系统,并由被小米称为“米粉”的热心群体(而不是传统的广告营销)宣传。However, after a period of breakneck growth leading up to 2015, Xiaomi has struggled to maintain momentum in China in the past two years, losing its position at the top of the world’s largest mobile market to local rivals such as Oppo and Vivo.不过,在经历了截至2015年的爆炸性增长期之后,过去两年小米难以维持在中国的增长势头,在全球最大移动市场中国让OPPO和vivo等国内竞争对手夺走了桂冠。Mr Chew would not say whether Xiaomi’s global sales grew last year, after it missed its revenue targets in 2015.周受资不愿透露去年小米在全球的销量是否增加。此前在2015年,小米未能实现其营收目标。“The company has grown in a way we wanted it to grow#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;where we want it to grow,” he said. Instead of prioritising growth or market share gains at any cost, Xiaomi has focused on increasing efficiencies in its online sales and distribution and developing its “ecosystem” of companion Mi products.他说:“小米在以我们希望的方式……在我们希望增长的地区……增长。”小米并未不计代价地把增长或抢占市场份额摆在首位,而是把注意力放在提高其在线销售和分销的效率、发展小米配套产品的“生态系统”上。These range from internet-connected air purifiers and rice cookers to its wildly popular Mi Band fitness tracker, which has sold more than 23m units.这些产品包括联网的空气净化器、电饭煲,以及人气爆棚、已销售逾2300万部的小米手环(Mi-Band)健身跟踪设备。Xiaomi focuses on smartphones, TV sets, wireless routers and laptops, while it has invested in or supported 77 start-ups which together have sold more than 50m connected devices that tie into its central Mi Home app. A handful of these Mi ecosystem companies have exceeded Rmb1bn in sales, he said.周受资表示,小米聚焦于智能手机、电视机、无线路由器和笔记本电脑。同时,该公司已对77家初创企业投入资金或予以持。把这些都加起来,被捆绑至小米智能家庭(Mi Home)核心应用的可联网设备销量已超过5000万部。他说,有几家此类小米生态系统企业的销售额已超过10亿元人民币。Many of those companion devices are on show at CES, where Xiaomi unveiled an ultra-thin TV set.许多此类配套设备在消费电子展上亮相。小米在展会上发布了一款超薄电视机。After its early success in India, Mr Chew said that Xiaomi was now increasingly confident that it could take its operating model, which he likened to a blend of Japanese homewares brand Muji and US discount retailer Costco for its combination of affordable quality and ultra efficiency, to other countries, including “the key big emerging market countries, Europe and the US”.周受资表示,在印度取得初步成功之后,对于把这种运作模式推广至包括“重要新兴市场大国、欧洲和美国”在内的各国,小米如今越来越有信心。他表示,这种运作模式把买得起的品质和超高效率相结合,很像日本家居品牌无印良品(MUJI)和美国折扣零售商好市多(Costco)的混合体。“The US is an important market for us,” he said. “We want to enter in the right way.”他说:“对我们来说,美国是个重要市场。我们希望以正确方式进入美国市场。”So far, Chinese handset makers have largely struggled to gain meaningful distribution and sales in the US, where Apple and Samsung dominate.到目前为止,在苹果(Apple)和三星(Samsung)占统治地位的美国,中国手机制造商在很大程度上很难开辟有意义的分销和销售格局。Mr Chew joined Xiaomi in mid-2015 from Yuri Milner’s DST Global, a significant investor in the seven-year-old Chinese company.周受资是在2015年中从尤里#8226;米尔纳(Yuri Milner)的DST全球(DST Global)跳槽到小米的。DST全球是成立七年的小米公司的一个主要投资方。Xiaomi raised .1bn at a valuation of bn in late 2014, making it one of the world’s most valuable private tech companies.2014年底,小米以450亿美元的估值筹得11亿美元,成为全球最有价值的私人持股高科技企业之一。At the end of 2015, as sales began to wane in China, Xiaomi determined that “blind growth is dangerous”, he said. “We will always pursue the highest quality, the most cost efficient channels and return the cost savings to consumers. That is the way we have chosen to grow in 2016.”周受资表示,2015年底,随着在中国的销售开始萎缩,小米认定“盲目增长十分危险”。“我们将始终追求最高品质和成本效率最高的渠道,将节省下来的成本返还消费者。我们选择用这种办法在2016年取得增长。”Despite not raising new capital for more than two years, Mr Chew said “we don’t need to” raise more funds. “There is no reason to believe we are not profitable,” he said.尽管小米已有两年多没有筹集新资金,但周受资表示“我们不需要”再筹集更多资金。他说:“没有理由认为我们不在盈利。” /201701/487470顺城区人民医院割痔疮多少钱

抚顺医院预约电话多少Big pharma thinks it has spotted its next big opportunity — an untreatable silent killer that affects millions of people.大型制药企业认为,它们发现了下一个重大机会——一个影响数以百万计的人、无法被治愈的沉默杀手。In recent months, large drugmakers including Allergan, Gilead and Novartis have collectively spent billions of dollars acquiring or licensing medicines designed to treat a liver disease that few people have heard of — non-alcoholic steatohepatitis, or Nash.近几个月,艾尔健(Allergan)、吉利德(Gilead)和诺华(Novartis)加起来斥资数十亿美元收购一类药物或者获得其许可。这类药物针对的是一种很少有人听说过的肝脏疾病——非酒精性脂肪性肝炎(Nash)。This advanced form of fatty liver disease causes scarring and inflammation of the liver and is thought to affect more than 16m people in the US, according to Bernstein, the investment bank.根据投行伯恩斯坦(Bernstein)的数据,这种晚期脂肪肝病会导致肝脏瘢痕和炎症,据信在美国有逾1600万人罹患这种疾病。In the most serious cases, the illness causes fatal cirrhosis, while also increasing a person’s chances of developing liver cancer or heart disease. The US Centers for Disease Control believes there are roughly 20,000 fatalities each year from chronic liver disease or cirrhosis that are not related to alcoholism.在最严重的病例中,这种疾病会导致致命的肝硬化,还会提高患者患上肝癌或者心脏疾病的几率。美国疾病控制预防中心(CDC)认为,每年约有2万人死于与酒精中毒无关的慢性肝病或者肝硬化。Drugmakers are betting that the number of people with Nash — which is more common in overweight people — will rise dramatically in the coming years because of the worldwide obesity epidemic. Some analysts are predicting the global market for Nash medicines will be worth as much as bn a year at its peak.制药商正在押注,由于世界范围内肥胖症的流行,未来数年罹患非酒精性脂肪性肝炎的人将出现戏剧性上升(此病更多见于超重人群)。一些分析师预测,治疗该病的药品的全球市场将达到每年350亿美元的峰值。There are no approved drugs to treat the condition but pharmaceutical groups are studying more than 25 experimental compounds in humans, with four medicines either being studied in phase III clinical trials, or about to enter this final stage of testing.目前还没有获批的对症药物,但药企正在对25种实验化合物进行人体试验,有4种药物或是正在进行Ⅲ期临床试验,或是即将进入这一最终试验阶段。Of the large drugmakers, Allergan is furthest ahead, having spent .7bn to acquire Tobira, a San Francisco biotech group, in November last year. Tobira’s main medicine, Cenicriviroc, will enter phase three trials later this year with results expected as early as 2019.艾尔健是大型制药企业中的先行者。该公司去年11月斥资17亿美元收购旧金山生物科技公司Tobira。Tobira的主要药物Cenicriviroc将在今年晚些时候进入三期试验,预计最早将在2019年出结果。Allergan recently acquired another smaller Nash-focused drugmaker, Arkana, for m.艾尔健最近斥资5000万美元收购了另一家聚焦于非酒精性脂肪性肝炎药物的规模更小的制药公司Arkana。“Nash is now the leading cause of liver cirrhosis and cancer, having taken over from hepatitis C,” says Dr David Nicholson, Allergan’s chief research and development officer. “And at the moment, there’s nothing out there to treat it.”“非酒精性脂肪性肝炎现在已经取代了丙型肝炎,成为肝硬化和肝癌的主因,”艾尔健首席研发官戴维?尼科尔森(David Nicholson)士表示,“而眼下还没有对症的药物。”Gilead has entered the field too, recently acquiring Nimbus for up to .2bn, while also investing heavily in its internal research efforts. The West Coast-based biotech company has aly had huge success with its treatments for hepatitis C, another potentially fatal liver disease.吉利德也进入了这一领域,该公司最近出至多12亿美元收购Nimbus,同时大举投资于内部研发工作。总部位于美国西海岸的这家生物科技公司已经在丙肝(另一种潜在致命的肝脏疾病)药物上取得了重大成功。Several other well-known pharmaceutical groups, including Novo Nordisk and Shire are working on Nash drugs at an earlier stage of development.诺和诺德(Novo Nordisk)和Shire等其他几家知名药企对非酒精性脂肪性肝炎药物的研发还处于较早阶段。However, the two companies that are most advanced do not come from the ranks of big pharma: Intercept Therapeutics, a New York-based biotech group, and GenFit, its French rival.然而,目前在该领域取得最大进展的两家公司并非大型药企:纽约生物科技集团Intercept Therapeutics,及其法国竞争对手GenFit。Shares in Intercept jumped 13 per cent last week after the company said it had redesigned a late-stage clinical trial of its drug, obeticholic acid, in a way that would make it easier for the study to succeed.上周Intercept的股价飙涨13%,此前该公司宣布重新设计了其药物奥贝胆酸(obeticholic acid)的临床试验最终阶段,使其研发更容易成功。Following discussions with the US Food and Drug Administration, Intercept said the trial must now show that the drug can either resolve Nash or improve “fibrosis” — the medical term for liver scarring. Previously, the company would have had to prove the medicine could do both.在与美国食品药品监督(FDA)讨论后,Intercept表示,试验必须显示该药能够治疗非酒精性脂肪性肝炎,或者改善“肝纤维化”(肝脏瘢痕的医学名词)症状。此前,该公司需要明该药同时具备这两种疗效。Intercept also said it would be able to analyse the data once it had enrolled 750 patients, rather than 1,400, after the process of recruiting patients to the trial took longer than the company had originally expected.Intercept还表示,一旦招募到750名患者,而非1400名,就可以开始分析数据。此前招募参加试验的患者耗时超出了该公司的预期。The changes reflect the flexibility of regulators at the FDA, who want to encourage drugmakers to invest in researching medicines for the untreatable condition before the number of sufferers increases rapidly.这些变更反映出美国食品药品监督监管者的灵活性,他们希望在患者数量快速上升之前,鼓励制药商研发出针对这种目前无法治愈的病症的药物。However, the sluggish recruitment to Intercept’s trial is indicative of one of the biggest hurdles facing Nash drugmakers: the disease is very difficult to diagnose.然而,Intercept在招募参加试验的患者方面进展缓慢,表明研发非酒精性脂肪性肝炎药物的制药商面临的最大障碍之一:该疾病很难诊断。The vast majority of people do not realise they have the “silent” disease, which only causes symptoms such as jaundice, fatigue and weight loss in the very late stages.绝大多数人并未意识到他们患上了这种“沉默”的疾病,即使在这种疾病进展到晚期,患者的症状也只有黄疸、疲劳和体重减轻。Doctors sometimes suspect a patient has Nash when they have elevated liver enzymes in their blood or when they spot abnormalities during ultrasound scans.如果患者血液中的肝酶水平升高,或者在超声波扫描中发现异常,医生们有时会怀疑患者罹患这种疾病。But the only surefire way of diagnosing the disease is to carry out a liver biopsy — a complex, invasive procedure that requires an anaesthetic. In rare cases, the biopsy can cause bleeding that requires a transfusion or surgery.但唯一的确诊方法是进行肝活检——一种需要麻醉的侵入性复杂操作。在极少数病例中,活检可能导致需要进行输血或外科手术的出血。Many patients are reluctant to undergo the procedure, which poses a difficulty not just for recruiting them to clinical trials, but also convincing people in the real world to get tested for the condition.很多病人不愿接受活检,这不仅给招募参加临床试验的患者带来了困难,也意味着在现实世界中难以说人们接受检测,以确诊他们是否患有该病。Drugmakers are hoping that less invasive tests will be developed that use biological clues or “biomarkers” to diagnose the disease without the need for a biopsy.制药商希望开发出利用生物线索(即“生物标记物”)的非侵入性检测方法来诊断这种疾病,从而不再需要活检。“We really believe that there will be big breakthroughs that will make it much easier for physicians to diagnose the disease and subsequently to utilise the drugs in development,” says Dr Nicholson.“我们确信将会实现重大突破,让医生更容易诊断这种疾病,然后充分利用这些正在研发中的药物,”艾尔健的尼科尔森士说。One option is a simple breath test, according to Dr Ilan Yaron, chief medical officer of Tiz Pharma, a London-based biotech group that is about to start testing its Nash drug in humans. “The FDA does not recognise these tests yet, but it will in time,” he says.选项之一是进行简单的呼吸检测,即将开始对该病药物进行人体试验的伦敦生物科技公司Tiz Pharma的首席医疗官伊兰?亚龙(Ilan Yaron)说,“美国食品药品监督目前还不认可这些检测方法,但将来会认可的。”However, even if drugmakers find a reliable, non-invasive way of diagnosing the disease, there is no guarantee that Nash sufferers will rush to start taking their medicines.然而,就算制药商找到了一种可靠的非侵入性诊断方法,也无法保该病患者会竞相开始药。The disease progresses slowly and many sufferers will die of something else; given the lack of symptoms, people could be wary of taking a drug for life when they feel perfectly well.这种疾病发展缓慢,很多患者会死于别的原因;考虑到症状较少,对于在自己感觉良好的时候需要终生用一种药物,人们可能抱有戒心。“I’m sceptical as to whether this is actually needed for most people,” says Ronny Gal, analyst at Bernstein. “You’re essentially trying to put into chronic treatment forever a broad population that will probably never develop the most serious form of the disease.”“我怀疑大多数人是否真的需要这个,”伯恩斯坦分析师龙尼?加尔(Ronny Gal)表示,“你实际上是在试图让一大群人永久性地接受慢性治疗,而他们的疾病很可能最终不会发展到最严重的程度。”Cash-strapped healthcare systems could resist paying for the drug in all but the sickest patients, predicts Mr Gal. These number approximately 1.5m in the US.加尔预测,除去那些病情最严重的患者,经费紧张的医疗保健系统可能会拒绝付这种药物的药费。在美国,这些患者的数量大约为150万。For that reason, he believes the market for Nash drugs will be much smaller than many others on Wall Street are expecting, and is pencilling in peak sales of bn for what he describes as a “midsize condition”.出于这种原因,他认为,该病的市场将比华尔街其他许多分析师预测的小得多。对于他所称的这种“中度疾病”,他预计销售额峰值将达到80亿美元。“If you take all the people with advanced Nash and ask how many people will end up becoming seriously ill in their lifetimes, the number could actually be very small,” he says.“如果你统计一下所有晚期非酒精性脂肪性肝炎患者人数,然后问一问有多少人在有生之年会病重,这个数字实际上可能非常小,”他说。 /201703/496355抚顺市第二医院看男科好吗 女人——将节食进行到底!Average women spend 31 years on dietingFor many women struggling to keep slim, dieting can seem to last a lifetime.For many women struggling to keep slim, dieting can seem to last a lifetime.Or to be more precise, 31 years.For researchers have found that is how long the average woman spends on a diet over the course of her life.According to a new report, British women spend an average of six months a year counting the calories and more than a fifth are on a permanent diet throughout their lifetime in a seemingly never-ending quest for the perfect figure.But they aren't the only ones waging a constant fight against the flab.The average adult male spends 28 years slimming, the poll has revealed.It found that over a tenth of the UK population is currently dieting in a bid to shed the pounds after feasting on festive treats over the Christmas period.But despite best intentions, three quarters of those who began their New Year with the firm resolution to lose weight give up by the end of the week.The average diet lasts 5.5 weeks, with the post-Christmas fast being even shorter at just three weeks.Half of slimmersthrow in the toweldue to lack of willpower, while a quarter of respondents said that they give up because their strict diet regime leaves them moody or depressed.The most determined of dieters are aged between 45 and 64, with almost a quarter spending up to a year slimming.In comparison, those aged between 18 and 24 are more likely to beyo-yodieters, with a fifth giving up within a month.The survey of 1,446 of men and women revealed that nearly two thirds of the UK population are unhappy with their body and feel that being thinner would make them happier.For women, looks are more important, with over half reporting that they diet to wear fashionable clothes and a third of those surveyed said they watched their weight in a bid to feel more attractive. But in comparison, men are more focused on their long-term well-being, with over a third saying they wanted to lose weight to be more healthy. 对于很多想保持苗条身材的女性来说,节食可能是件一辈子的事。确切点说,是31年。研究人员日前发现,普通女性一生花在节食上的时间长达31年。一项最新报告显示,英国女性平均一年中有半年的时间在节食减肥,而超过五分之一的女性为了追求完美身材,节食几乎成了她们一生的“事业”。然而,她们并不是这场“减肥持久战”的唯一“战士”。调查显示,普通成年男性一生中花在减肥上的时间长达28年。调查发现,在圣诞节“胡吃海喝”了一通后,十分之一以上的英国人现在正在节食。虽然出发点很好,但其中四分之三的人坚持不了几天就放弃了,早忘了他们的新年“誓言”。普通节食一般持续五周半,而圣诞之后的节食时间更短,只有三周半。有一半的节食者因缺乏毅力而半途而废,四分之一的受访者说他们之所以放弃是因为过于严格的饮食“规定”让他们情绪烦躁、心情低落。调查显示,45岁至64岁之间的节食者意志最坚定,其中近四分之一的人坚持了一年。 相比之下,18至24岁之间的节食者最容易动摇,其中五分之一的人坚持不到一个月就放弃了。这项共有1446名男女参加的调查显示,近三分之二的英国人对自己的身材不满意,他们希望自己能能更苗条一些。对于女性来说,外表“重于一切”,超过一半的受访女性说她们减肥是为了能穿时髦的衣,另有三分之一的受访女性说减肥是为了让自己更有魅力。相比之下,男性则更为注重长期健康,超过三分之一的受访男性说他们减肥为了使自己更加健康。 /200803/30369新宾县割包皮手术

抚顺男科医院哪家好点 Back in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, candidates for President of the ed States didn’t have much truck with foreigners. They didn’t vote, they lived on the other side of the ocean, and they spoke funny, most of ’em. (If a Frenchman is a man, Jim points out to Huck Finn, “why doan’ he talk like a man?”) Even after America’s rise to global power, the only overseas travel seen as obligatory for a Presidential hopeful was to what pols called the Three-I League—Ireland, Italy, and Israel, venues that had more to do with the lingering tribal identities of big-city ethnics than with anything as highfalutin as foreign policy. (Let us note, in the currently fashionable spirit of joke-explaining, that the baseball allusion is to a long-defunct Class B circuit made up of teams from Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa.) Nor did the incumbent get around much during the first fifty-four years of his life. “Bush’s foreign travels,” the Associated Press reported a few days after the Supreme Court awarded him custody of Air Force One, “have been limited to three visits to Mexico, two trips to Israel, a three-day Thanksgiving visit in Rome with one of his daughters in 1998, and a six-week excursion to China with his parents in 1975.” Israel, check. Italy, check. He didn’t bother with the third I.In our post-9/11, post-unipolar, and soon-to-be-post-Bush world, staying home is not an option—especially if you’re the “inexperienced” candidate and the opinion polls say that your war-hero opponent is better at foreign policy and national security than you are. Anyway, John McCain had spent months needling Barack Obama for not having lately visited the fourth I. So, last week, off to Iraq he went—and, while he was at it, he doubled and redoubled down, adding Afghanistan, Jordan, Israel, the West Bank, Germany, France, and Britain to his itinerary.Just before the trip, a leading wire service summarized the prevailing view:WASHINGTON (Reuters)—U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s overseas trip will be a high-risk debut on the world stage—with the potential pitfalls at least as numerous as the likely rewards.“On a trip like this, on a stage like this, there is no room for error,” Tad Devine, a veteran Democratic operative, told A News. “He needs to make sure every word is right, every setting is proper, and that he makes absolutely no mistakes.” And Newsweek’s Richard Wolffe predicted that the trip would be “an extraordinarily public test of a Presidential contender’s mastery of world affairs.”Whether or not it was that, it was certainly a test of his mastery of political theatrics, his sure-footedness, and his willingness to take a calculated risk. On the first leg of the trip, Obama found himself in a military gym in Kuwait, a major staging point for Americans going to the war zones. The bleachers were packed with soldiers wearing fatigues. A basketball materialized. “I may not make the first one,” he said, no doubt imagining what a metaphor-hungry press would make of a miss or, God forbid, a whole string of misses, “but I’ll make one eventually.” With a spring of his toes, he put the ball up. When it came down, swish.It was the three-point shot heard round the world, and, for the Obama campaign, things only got better from there. As the candidate whirled through Afghanistan and Iraq—talking with troops, huddling with generals, conferring with presidents and prime ministers—the policy dominoes suddenly began toppling his way, flicked by unexpected fingers. Commanders on the ground in Afghanistan made known their belief that more NATO troops are badly needed there, as Obama has been arguing all along. The Bush Administration sent an Under-Secretary of State to a meeting in Geneva with Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, thereby edging toward the kind of direct diplomatic engagement with Tehran that Obama has been urging all along. The White House announced that President Bush and the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, had agreed on the idea of a “time horizon” for withdrawing American troops from Iraq, thus seeming to endorse the general approach that Obama has been advocating (and his opponent just as firmly rejecting) all along. In an interview with Der Spiegel, Maliki went stunningly further. Asked to predict when most of the American troops will leave Iraq, he replied:As soon as possible, as far as we’re concerned. U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama talks about sixteen months. That, we think, would be the right time frame for a withdrawal, with the possibility of slight changes.After four days of panicky spinning and backtracking from Washington and (at Washington’s prodding) Baghdad, an audio recording of the interview—the published text of which, in any case, had been provided to Maliki’s office in advance—surfaced, and its accuracy was confirmed. Maliki’s spokesman, Ali al-Dabbagh, had the final word: “We cannot give any timetables or dates, but the Iraqi government believes the end of 2010 is the appropriate time for the withdrawal.” By the time Obama’s plane touched down in Germany, an utterly unanticipated consensus seemed to have emerged: besides having been right about the Iraq war’s beginning (i.e., that it should not have had one), he is right, in broad outline, about the path to its ending.There has been much discussion of whether it will prove politically advantageous for Obama to have addressed a mile-long crowd of two hundred thousand happy Berliners in the golden early-evening sunlight. Berliners are Germans, and Germans are foreigners, and since well before John Kerry was demonized for knowing how to speak French it has been axiomatic that heartland Americans don’t like foreigners piping up about our elections, however much brainland Americans may disagree. Obama gained nothing in the polls during his nearly flawless, arguably triumphant grand tour. Still, after seven years during which, even among our closest allies, contempt for Bush bled into resentment of the country that returned him to office, one would have to be an awful grouch not to be gratified by the sight of a sea of delighted Europeans waving American flags instead of burning them and cheering an American politician instead of demonstrating against one.Back home, one such grouch had ample reason to be grouchy. McCain’s luck last week was as bad as Obama’s was good. McCain rode in a golf cart with Bush senior; Obama rode in a helicopter with General David Petraeus. Obama was hailed by the German multitudes; McCain, his planned photo op at an offshore rig preeuml;mpted by an oil spill and rained out by Hurricane Dolly, held a press gaggle in front of Schmidt’s Fudge Haus, in Columbus, Ohio. Obama got a big kiss (“Obama? C’est mon copain!”) from the new President of France, a dashing conservative with an exotic background and an unusual name; McCain stood athwart the cheese aisle of a supermarket, complaining. The presumptive Republican nominee had a right to be irritated by what he was complaining about: Obama’s reluctance to admit that the surge in Iraq which he opposed has helped make the withdrawal from Iraq which he supports less problematic. But McCain had no right to accuse him, not once but repeatedly last week, of being willing to have his country “lose a war” if it would win him an election. That was shocking; that was unworthy. Obama drained a three-point shot; McCain committed a three-shot foul. The game is getting physical. 回首19和20世纪,美国总统候选人与外国的往来并不多。因为外国人不参加选举投票,他们住在遥远的大洋对岸,他们中大多数人言谈滑稽。甚至当美国后来成为一全球性力量,总统候选人的海外访问也被认为只需要去政客们所谓的“3I联盟”——爱尔兰、意大利和以色列。美国大城市中来自这些国家的少数族裔长期存在种族认同的问题,在去这些国家也是为了解决这个问题,而不是去搞什么外交政策之类的无谓之事。(让我们用时下流行的玩笑式解释来作说明,这好比棒球比赛中所说的,由伊利诺斯、印第安那和爱荷达三个州际队组成的早就有名无实的B级联赛)现任总统在他人生的前45年中也没有去过多少国家。在最高法院宣布布什当选合法几天后,美联社报道称,“布什的海外旅行仅是去了三次墨西哥,两次以色列,1998年感恩节期间和其女儿在罗马的三天逗留,以及1975年与其父母在中国为期6周的访问”。以色列,去了,意大利,去了,但他连“3I联盟”中第三个国家爱尔兰都没有去过。当我们进入后9·11时代、后美国单极时代,以及即将到来的后布什时代,呆在家里已经不是一种明智的选择,尤其是当你“资历浅薄”,而民调则显示你崇尚战争的竞争对手在处理外交政策和国家安全方面更强。不管怎么说,约翰·麦克莱恩最近几个月一直抨击巴拉克·奥巴马不出访第四个“I”字头国家——伊拉克。为此,奥巴马去了伊拉克,他已于上周离开。在伊访问期间,他一再增加访问行程,将阿富汗、约旦、以色列、约旦河西岸(巴勒斯坦)、德国、法国和英国都列入他的行程。就在奥巴马起程前,一家有国际影响力的通迅社总结了人们对此行普遍的看法:华盛顿消息(路透社)——美国民主党总统候选人巴拉克·奥巴马此行海外之行将是其一次冒险的国际亮相,潜在的风险不会少于可能的收获。民主党资深人士泰德·戴文在接受美国广播电视新闻采访时说,“这样的一次出行,在这样一个舞台上,是绝不允许有任何失误的。他得确保每句话、每个行为都正确、恰当,他绝不能犯任何错误。”《新闻周刊》的里查德·沃尔夫声称,这次出访将是“一次对候选总统处理国际事务能力的严峻、公开的考验。”不管是否真如沃尔夫所言,这次行程肯定是对他政治展现能力、稳定度和应对风险意志的考验。奥巴马中东之行的首站选择在美军在中东重要的军事基地——科威特,他现身在当地的一个军事体育馆,看台上挤满了身穿军装的美国大兵。手拿篮球,他说:“我也许不是首次投中的,但我迟早都会投中”。不难想像,在场的那些唯恐遗漏任何精时刻的媒体都拭目以待。只见他双脚一跳,将球投向空中,球嗖地一声飞出。这就是后来广为人知的三步上篮表演。对于奥巴马的竞选团队而言,在那之后,整个局面才开始打开。正当这位总统候选人在阿富汗和伊克拉斡旋时(与军队交谈,与将军磋商,与首脑们会晤),局势突然出乎意料地开始向他倾斜。阿富汗驻军司令官宣称当地需要更多北约驻军,这正是奥巴马一直呼吁的。布什政府也派出副国务卿赴日纳瓦与伊朗核事务代表进行会晤,从而在与伊朗展开直接外交谈判做准备。而这也恰恰是奥巴马一直以来的主张。白宫也宣布布什总统与伊拉克总统努里· 马利基就美军撤出伊拉军的“时间表”方面已达成共识。这似乎与奥巴马一直提倡的方针趋于吻合(而他的竞选对巴则恰好坚决反对从伊拉克撤军)。努里·马利基在接受德国《明镜》杂志采访时,就有关美军主体何时撤出伊拉克的问题,他回答说:“据我们所知,美国总统候选人巴拉克·奥巴马说有可能是16个月之内,所以我们认为美军可能会尽快撤出。16个月对于平稳撤军是妥当的。”此消息在美国和伊拉克(受美国影响)引发热烈讨论,四天后,关于这次采访的电视片断被播出,实了此消息。而且,努里·马利基接受采访的文字内容也被事先提供给到马利基的办公室。马利基的发言人阿里·阿杜马最终表示:“虽然我们无法提供任何时间表或日程,但伊拉克政府相信2010年底是撤军的恰当时机。”当奥巴马的飞机抵达德国后,出乎意料的是,国际社会似乎已形成一致看法:奥巴马不但正确地指出伊拉克战争本不应该发生,他还在更广泛的意义上,正确地指出了结束伊拉克战争的途径。很多人开始讨论这是否有利于奥巴马在德国的演说,他将在夕阳的余辉中面对由两万高兴的柏林人组成的一英里长的人群。柏林人是德国人,德国人则是外国人。自此很久这前约翰·克里(上次大选中美国民主党总统候选人)因为会说法语而被妖魔化,就说明的美国人不喜欢外国人对我们的总统大选指手画脚,尽管理性的美国人对此并不赞同。奥巴马此次完美无暇、大获全胜的外交之行并没有为他的选情加分。情形和七年前一样,即便在我们亲密的盟友国家中,对于布什的厌恶都会激化为对那个推选他出任总统的国家的厌恶。当看到外国人手摇而不是焚烧美国旗,他们对一个美国政客是欢呼拥戴而不是示威抗议时,某人也许会满腹牢骚、深感不满。当奥巴马回国后,这个满腹牢骚的人就更有理由进行抱怨。麦肯恩上周幸运之差如同奥巴马运气之好一般。麦肯恩与小布什同乘一台高尔夫球车;奥巴马则与大卫·佩特斯将军共搭一架直升机。奥巴马受到德国群众热烈欢迎;麦肯恩原本计划在一个海上油井与媒体见面,但由于发生石油泄漏和飓风多莉给而落空。他只好在俄亥俄州首府哥伦布XXX(Schmidt's Fudge Haus)前接受媒体(CNN)采访。奥巴马赢得那位既传统又另类的、拥有独特姓名的法国新任总统的祝福,麦肯恩则站在超市奶酪货架对面抱怨着。这位民主党总统候选人正如他所抱怨的那样有权利生气,因为他对伊拉克撤军的反对使得奥巴军所主张的从伊撤军变得不那么棘手,而奥巴马对此并不情愿承认。但麦肯恩没有权利在上周一而再、再而三地指责奥巴马为了让自己赢得竞选,而不惜让美国输掉一场战争。这番言论让人震惊,对麦肯恩而言也是得不偿失的。奥巴马取得了三步上篮的胜利,麦肯恩则犯下了三步下篮的错误。这场对决变得越来越激烈。 /200808/45863抚顺看前列腺增生贵不贵抚顺男科医院收费标准



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