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郑州华山整形口腔美容中心郑州中心医院做双眼皮价钱费用Apple appears poised to change the way Americans pay for stuff. Or at least, it will try.苹果(Apple)似乎要改变美国人的付方式了。或者至少,他们准备尝试一下。Sources confirm several reports that the iPhone 6, expected to be introduced on Tuesday, will include technology that will turn the device into a mobile wallet that could be used to pay for items at retail stores. Apple’s mobile wallet will be based on NFC, or near field communications, a technology that uses radio communications to transmit data and that works in a growing number of point-of-sale systems. The iPhone’s Touch ID fingerprint scanner will be used to authenticate users, and Apple AAPL -0.83% has teamed up with credit card companies to make the service broadly useful, the sources, who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, said.消息源确认了iPhone 6将包含一项新技术,可以将移动设备作为钱包使用,从而在商店购买物品。这项移动钱包技术将采用NFC,也就是利用无线电来发射数据的近场通信技术(near field communications)。该技术已被越来越多的销售终端系统所采用。匿名消息源表示,iPhone将采用Touch ID指纹扫描来鉴别用户身份,苹果也将与信用卡公司合作,扩大这项务的应用范围。An Apple spokeswoman declined to comment.苹果的一位女发言人拒绝对此发表。Apple, which aly has payment credentials for some 800 million people globally through iTunes accounts, has long been expected to make a bid to dominate mobile payments.苹果通过iTunes账户,已经获得了全球范围内大约8亿用户的付授权。公司要争取主宰移动付领域,这也早在人们预料之中。While Apple’s move is certain to shake up the mobile wallet market, the company’s success is far from guaranteed. And it comes at a time when the utility of digital wallets is being called into question, even as other forms of mobile payments are taking off.尽管苹果此举必然会引起移动钱包市场的震动,但苹果能否成功却远未确定。数字钱包的实用性究竟如何尚存疑问,而其他移动付手段也正在逐渐兴起。Indeed, there is no longer a mobile payments market, but rather, several mobile payments markets.确实,这不是一个移动付市场,而是好几个移动付市场。Mobile wallets, which were expected to take the world by storm, have languished in the past few years. Giants like Google, PayPal, wireless carriers, and major retail chains, as well as promising startups like Square, have all struggled to make wallets popular. After years of effort, just .1 billion in purchases came from mobile wallets last year, according to Javelin Strategy, a research firm. That’s just a tiny fraction of the roughly .5 trillion in annual retail payments in the ed States.本以为将如风暴般席卷全球的移动钱包,在过去几年中可谓命途多舛。谷歌(Google)、贝宝(Paypal)等巨头、无线运营商、大型连锁店,以及Square等前途光明的初创公司,在推广移动钱包上都步履维艰。根据研究公司Javelin Strategy的数据,在多年的努力后,通过移动钱包完成的交易额在去年仅有31亿美元。相对于美国去年零售交易额的大约4.5万亿美元来说,这只是极小的一部分。The challenges have been myriad. Google’s Wallet has been hamstrung by the company’s inability to get enough partners—most notably merchants and credit card companies—on board. Google also struggled to overcome roadblocks put up by some wireless carriers, who were promoting the own rival wallet.这其中遭遇的挑战数不胜数。由于谷歌无法找到足够的合作伙伴——尤其是商家和信用卡公司,公司的钱包产品萎靡不振。谷歌还难以克某些无线运营商设置的障碍,后者也在推广自己的钱包类产品。That service, which is backed by Verizon, ATamp;T, and T-Mobile, struggled as well, first because it was plagued by delays, and later, because of its ill-fated name: Isis. After the emergence of the violent jihadist group in Iraq by the same name earlier this year, the carriers announced that they would ditch the brand. Just this week, CEO Mike Abbott announced that the service would be renamed Softcard.而由威瑞森通讯(Verizon)、美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T)和T-Mobile开发的钱包务也一样经历着困顿。起初是因为这项务一直跳票,随后又因为那个倒霉的名字:Isis。随着今年早些时候拥有同样名字的伊拉克暴力圣战组织兴起,运营商宣布他们准备放弃这个品牌名。就在这周,Isis的首席执行官迈克o阿尔伯特宣布这项务将更名为Softcard。Square, for its part, pulled its Wallet app in May, replacing it with Order, an app that allows users to order ahead and skip the line at local restaurants.而另一方面,Square在今年5月放弃了其钱包业务Wallet,推出了新产品Order,这项应用可以让顾客提前预定餐馆,免去了排队的烦恼。From a consumer standpoint, all these efforts suffered from the same pitfalls: acceptance at merchants was spotty and paying by phone was not necessarily more convenient than paying with plastic.从顾客的角度来看,这些努力都走入了同一个误区:并非所有商家都接受这种付方式,而用手机付也并没有比信用卡付更方便,这让它显得可有可无。Some analysts believe that Apple, with its market clout and experience designing consumer products, could change the dynamics. In particular, the inclusion of NFC technology in the iPhone, could encourage more merchants to upgrade their point-of-sale system so they can accept mobile payments from both iPhones and the growing number of Android phones that are also equipped with NFC.一些分析家相信,拥有强大市场影响力、拥有丰富的设计消费品经验的苹果能够改变这一现状。尤其是包含NFC技术的iPhone会促使更多的商家升级他们的销售终端系统,从而接受iPhone以及越来越多同样配有NFC技术的安卓(Android)手机的移动付。“Smartphones didn’t take off until Apple came in,” says Mary Monahan, research director for mobile at Javelin. “Tablets didn’t take off until Apple came in. A lot of people are hoping that this is a game changer.”Javelin的移动产品研究总监玛丽o莫纳汉表示:“智能手机在苹果加入后才开始高速发展,平板电脑也是在苹果加入后才广泛流行起来。许多人希望苹果能够化腐朽为神奇。”But recent publicity about hacking into Apple accounts of celebrities could pose a new obstacle for the company.但最近美国明星的苹果账户被黑事件传得沸沸扬扬,将会给苹果造成新的麻烦。“For this to work, Apple has to garner much more confidence in the security of what they offer,” says Tim Bajarin, a veteran Apple analyst with Creative Strategies.Creative Strategies的资深苹果分析师蒂姆o巴加林表示:“如果苹果要在移动付领域取得成功,就必须在安全性上获得比现在多得多的信任。”In the meantime, other parts of the mobile payment market are growing quickly. Javelin estimates consumers spend more than billion in “mobile commerce” last year. The category includes not only e-commerce purchases made with mobile phones or tablets, but also purchases of services like rides through apps like Uber and Lyft, deliveries of food and merchandise through apps like Postmates and Seamless GrubHub, and others. Those in-app payments have quickly become a multi-billion business dominated by companies like PayPal’s Braintree and Stripe, one of the hottest payment companies to emerge in recent years.与此同时,移动付市场的其他领域正在蓬勃发展。Javelin估计消费者去年在“移动商务”上花费了超过560亿美元。这不仅包括使用手机或平板电脑完成的网上购物,还包括通过应用购买务,如Uber和Lyft的打车务、Postmates和Seamless GrubHub的食物和商品快递等等。这些通过应用实现的消费已经很快形成了规模达数十亿美元的市场。贝宝的Braintree以及近年来最炙手可热的付公司Stripe成为了该领域中的领头羊。Finally, mobile person-to-person payments, which are enabled by banks and by companies like PayPal and Square, are also growing, though the total number of transactions remain small. It’s not clear whether the iPhone’s mobile wallet will enable these kinds of transactions.最后,由以及贝宝和Square等公司提供的个人对个人(p2p)移动付也在日渐成长,不过该领域的交易总额仍然较小。iPhone的移动钱包是否会持这类交易,目前尚不得而知。 /201409/327316郑州管城回族区激光祛痘多少钱 In the American time of 10 o#39;clock on September 12 (the Beijing standard time of 1 o#39;clock on September 13), the Apple Corporation held the conference at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, duly releasing its sixth phone—iPhone5. In addition, the Apple also published the latest music player iPod touch 5, iPod nano 7 and new “earpod” exposed before in the conference. Except mobile phone and digital products, Apple Company announced the specific time to market and the function of new iTunes and iOS6 at the same time.美国时间9月12日上午10点(北京时间9月13日1点),苹果在旧金山芳草地艺术中心(Yerba Buena Center)召开发布会,如期发布了旗下第六款手机iPhone5。此外,苹果还在大会上推出最新款的音乐播放器iPod touch 5、iPod nano 7和之前曝光过的新款耳机“earpod”。除了手机、数码产品外,苹果公司同时宣布了新版iTunes和iOS6的具体上市时间及功能细节。 /201209/199616河南省郑州市做双眼皮多少钱

河南省人民医院 去胎记多少钱Further evidence of the tough conditions facing international airlines emerged in Australia on Tuesday after flagship carrier Qantas Airways Ltd. said it will post a full-year loss and the president of Emirates, the Middle East#39;s largest airline, warned of a ;perfect storm; in the industry that could force many airlines to downsize. 有关国际航空公司面临恶劣环境的更多据周二在澳大利亚浮现。此前,澳大利亚旗舰航空公司澳洲航空公司(Qantas Airways Ltd.,简称澳航)说将公布全年亏损的数据,而中东最大航空公司阿联酋航空(Emirates Airline)的总裁也提醒说,航空业可能出现迫使很多公司瘦身的“完美风暴”。 Qantas is forecasting as much as a 91% slump in pretax earnings for the fiscal year ending June 30 amid a drop in passenger numbers. The airline is trying to restructure its unprofitable long-haul business and cut costs in areas such as staffing, aircraft maintenance and fuel.澳航称,由于乘客人次减少,预计在截至6月30日这一财年公司税前收益下滑幅度或将达到91%。该公司目前正努力将其不盈利的长途飞行业务进行重组,同时在人员、飞机维护和燃料等方面削减成本。 Higher fuel costs and a treacherous economic environment are weighing on global airlines, including Qantas and Emirates Airline. Asia#39;s carriers last year earned 47% less in net profit than in 2010, at US.8 billion, according to the Association of Asia Pacific Airlines. Last month, Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd. said it was considering whether to accelerate the retirement of aging aircraft after it warned of #39;disappointing#39; first-half financial results. Singapore Airlines Ltd. and Korean Airlines recently posted quarterly losses, forcing both to rethink schedules and adjust aircraft deployment to boost profits.不断上涨的燃料价格和暗流涌动的经济环境令全球航空公司承压,包括澳航和阿联酋航空。据亚太航协(Association of Asia Pacific Airlines)统计,亚洲航空公司去年实现净利润48亿美元,较2010年跌47%。国泰航空有限公司(Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd.)上个月说,正在考虑是否加快老化飞机的淘汰速度。该公司此前曾警告说,今年上半年的财务业绩可能令人失望。新加坡航空公司(Singapore Airlines Ltd.)和大韩航空(Korean Airlines)前不久也公布了季度亏损,因此均不得不为提高利润而重新考虑航班安排并调整飞机调度问题。 Even fast-growing Middle East airlines, once perceived to be immune from global trends, have started to voice concern about business conditions. ;It#39;s a perfect storm of adversity now facing airlines,; Tim Clark, president of Dubai-based Emirates Airline, said in an interview. #39;The euro is going south, the pound is going south, fuel costs are still too high.#39;Agence France-Presse/Getty Images燃油成本和日趋疲软的经济正给亚太地区的航空公司带来麻烦。图为新加坡,一名澳航的飞行员正在检查一架空客飞机的尾部。就连快速增长的中东地区的航空公司也开始对航空业面临的环境表示担忧。这些航空公司一度被认为不受全球趋势的影响。总部位于迪拜的阿联酋航空的总裁克拉克(Tim Clark)接受采访时说,欧元正在走弱,英镑也在走弱,当前的燃料价格依旧太高。 Amid those challenges, though, Abu Dhabi-based Etihad Airways said Tuesday it has bought a nearly 4% stake in Qantas rival Virgin Australia Ltd. Shares in Virgin Australia closed at 41 Australian cents (40 U.S. cents) each Monday, leaving the company with a market capitalization of 906.2 million Australian dollars (US1.5 million). That gives an implied valuation of A.9 million on Etihad#39;s 3.96% stake.尽管面临着众多挑战,总部位于阿布扎比的阿提哈德航空公司(Etihad Airways)周二仍说,该公司收购了与澳航的竞争对手维珍澳大利亚航空公司(Virgin Australia Ltd.)近4%的股份。维珍澳大利亚航空的股价周一收于每股0.41澳元(合0.40美元)。按照这个价格推算,该公司的市值为9.062亿澳元(合8.815亿美元),而阿提哈德航空收购该公司3.96%的股份应该花了3,590万澳元。 A spokesman for Etihad said it would like to raise its holding to at least 10%. Etihad operates 24 flights a week between Abu Dhabi in the Persian Gulf and Australia.阿提哈德航空的发言人说,希望将对维珍澳大利亚航空的持股比例提高至最少10%。阿提哈德航空每周有24个航班往返于阿布扎比和澳大利亚。阿布扎比位于波斯湾(Persian Gulf)。 Mr. Clark of Emirates cautioned that many global carriers could be forced to retrench. Last month, Emirates said its latest fiscal-year net profit fell 72% after the company took a US.6 billion hit from high fuel costs. Mr. Clark added Tuesday that the price of Brent crude oil will need to drop to between US and US a barrel, from about US0, to revive margins.克拉克提醒说,全球很多航空公司可能都会被迫压缩开。阿联酋航空上个月说,公司最近一个财年的净利润跌幅达72%,高昂的燃油价格使得成本上升了16亿美元。克拉克周二还说,布伦特原油价格要从目前的每桶约100美元跌至80至90美元,才有可能恢复原来的利润率。 The International Air Transport Association in March cut its forecast for airlines#39;2012 net profit to a combined US billion, off from US.5 billion in an earlier estimate.国际航空运输协会(International Air Transport Association)今年3月将其对全球航空公司2012年净利润的预测从此前估计的35亿美元下调至30亿美元。 Concern that Qantas will need to raise funds to retain its investment-grade debt rating helped drive the company#39;s shares to a record low Tuesday. The stock ended down 19% at 1.16 Australian dollars (US.13) a share after the profit warning. Chief Executive Alan Joyce said Qantas has a cash balance of more than A billion and an undrawn debt facility of A0 million that it can draw on if Europe#39;s economic problems turn global, hitting commercial aviation.周二,由于市场担心澳航需要筹集资金以维持其投资级的债务评级,其股价因此被拉低至纪录低位。在公司发出盈利预警之后,澳航股价收盘跌19%,至1.16澳元(约合1.13美元)。澳航的首席执行长乔伊斯(Alan Joyce)说,澳航的现金余额超过30亿澳元,还未动用的信贷额度有3亿澳元,如果欧洲的经济问题影响到全球,冲击到商业航空市场,那么澳航可以动用这些信贷额度。 Still, Mr. Joyce said Qantas has the #39;flexibility to reinstate or further reduce capital investment as appropriate.#39;不仅如此,乔伊斯还说澳航拥有一定的灵活度,能够重新进行或进一步缩减资本投资,以将其保持在适当的水平。 The airline aly plans to delay two deliveries of A380 superjumbo jetliners, valued at US0 million each at list prices, from the Airbus unit of European Aeronautic Defence amp; Space Co. Qantas in August ordered as many as 110 single-aisle A320 Airbus jets, valued at US billion at list prices, in the biggest single aircraft order in Australian history. The order included 78 A320neos, the more fuel-efficient version of the A320, that Qantas will operate primarily on domestic and Asian routes. Qantas is also awaiting delivery of 50 Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliners.澳航已经计划推迟从欧洲航空防务和航天公司(European Aeronautic Defence amp; Space Co., 简称EADS)旗下的空中客车公司(Airbus)接收两架A380超大型客机,按目录价格计算,每架客机的售价为3.9亿美元。去年8月,澳航订购了多达110架空客单走道A320客机,按目录价格计算,订单价值达90亿美元。这是澳大利亚历史上单笔额度最高的飞机订单。订单中包括78架A320neo。A320neo是A320的改款机型,其燃油效率更高。澳航将主要在国内和亚洲航线上使用A320neo。澳航也正在等待波音公司(Boeing Co.)交付50架787梦想客机(787 Dreamliner)。 As of June 30 last year, Qantas had net debt including off balance-sheet liabilities of 6.97 billion Australian dollars (US.78 billion). The airline said Tuesday that its pretax profit could fall as much as 91% to A million for the fiscal year ending later this month. Most analysts had expected pretax earnings of about A0 million.截至去年6月30日,澳航的净债务(包括表外负债)达到了69.7亿澳元(约合67.8亿美元)。澳航周二表示,在截至今年6月底的这一财年其税前利润降幅可能高达91%,至5,000万澳元。大多数分析师此前预计澳航这一财年的税前利润能够达到约3亿澳元。;People were aware of the economic environment but it#39;s really starting to bite into earnings,; said Angus Gluskie, managing director of White Funds Management, which holds a small stake in Qantas. ;It#39;s also biting into cash flows. It#39;s highly likely you#39;re going to see them needing capital very shortly.;White Funds Management的董事总经理格拉斯基(Angus Gluskie)说,人们已经意识到经济环境不好,但这已经开始影响到公司利润,同时还影响到现金流;你很可能将会看到这些公司马上需要资金的情况。White Funds Management持有澳航少数股份。Qantas is seeking to turn around its unprofitable long-haul business, which the carrier aims to return to break-even by 2014. To stem losses, the airline is terminating poorly-performing routes, cutting thousands of jobs, consolidating engineering and catering bases, and establishing joint ventures in Asia such as Jetstar Japan and Jetstar Hong Kong. 澳航正试图转变长途航线无法盈利的状况,澳航的目标是到2014年前该项业务能够重新实现盈亏平衡。为了遏制亏损,澳航关停了业绩不佳的航线,削减了数千个就业机会,合并了工程和餐饮基地,在亚洲设立了捷星日本(Jetstar Japan) 和捷星香港(Jetstar Hong Kong)等合资企业。Despite Tuesday#39;s profit warning, the status of the company#39;s investment-grade rating is likely to be dependent on the outcome of the airline#39;s strategic review. ;Very importantly from a credit perspective is the trend in cash flow over the next two years,; said May Zhong, a credit analyst at Standard amp; Poor#39;s.尽管周二公布了盈利预警,但澳航能否保住投资级的债务评级可能取决于澳航战略审查的结果。标准普尔(Standard amp; Poor#39;s)的信用分析师May Zhong说,未来两年澳航的现金流变化趋势对其信用评级十分重要。 /201206/186244河南省妇幼保健医院整形中心 洛阳市做眼角除皱手术多少钱

河南祛疤的医院While the concept of 6-year-olds texting one another from across the playground or placing calls from kindergarten cubbies may sound like a hilarious premise, it’s also a stunning inevitability of our burgeoning mobile age.6岁的孩子隔着操场互发短信,或是在幼儿园的小教室里打电话,听起来似乎是挺搞笑的一幕,但是随着移动时代的迅速发展,这一幕将成为不可避免的现实。The Swedish communications giant Ericsson has released a new mobility report claiming that, by the year 2020, 90 percent of the world’s population aged 6 years and over will have mobile phones. At that point, Ericsson estimates total smartphone subscriptions will number 6.1 billion; there are an estimated 2.7 million total smartphone subscribers today.瑞典通讯业巨头爱立信公司(Ericsson)近日发布了一份移动业报告称,到2020年,全球不低于6岁的人口中,90%都将拥有移动电话。据爱立信预测,届时全球智能手机用户总数将达到61亿人。而目前全球的智能手机用户为27亿。And the 6-year-olds in question aren’t merely inheritors of their parents’ defunct devices that exclusively run apps and games. The report’s executive editor, Patrick Cerwall, told Entrepreneur that the figure had been calculated by looking at active phones connected to a network.而那些6岁的孩子并非只是用从父母那儿“退休”的设备玩玩游戏和应用而已。该报告的执行编辑帕特里克o塞瓦尔对《企业家》杂志表示,这个数字是根据联网的活跃手机的数量计算出来的。The report was chock full of other eye-popping finds. The fastest areas of growth for new mobile subscriptions, Ericsson said, are India and China. Additionally, is the largest and fastest-growing segment of mobile data traffic, comprising 45 to 55 percent of all 4G-dominated networks.该报告还有很多其它惊人的发现。爱立信公司指出,智能手机新用户增长最快的地区是印度和中国。此外,视频功能是耗费移动数据流量最多、也是增长最快的部分,占所有4G网络的45%到55%。Finally, with the commercial deployment of 5G — the next generation of mobile standards — by 2020, subscriptions are bound to increase even faster, just as 4G caused a greater spike in subscriptions than 3G, Ericsson said.最后爱立信公司还表示,随着下一代移动网络标准——5G网络的商用,到2020年,移动用户的增长速度还会更快,就像4G用户的增长速度要明显超过3G一样。 /201411/344391 周口市去除川字纹手术多少钱郑州华山整形做双眼皮手术价钱费用



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