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洛阳市提眉手术多少钱漯河市激光全身脱毛价格郑州市华山整形医院去疤多少钱 Migrants to the UK are to be quizzed about their English skills before being able to claim income-related benefits, the government has announced.英国政府发表声明:英国的移民在获得与收入相关的津贴之前需要通过英语能力测试。In a move to ;protect the integrity of the benefits system;, people will also be asked what efforts they have made to find work before coming to Britain.人们需要回答他们到达英国之前是怎么找工作的,此举是为了“保护福利系统的合理性”。Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith said people should not be able to ;take advantage; of British benefits.就业和退休金部大臣伊恩?邓肯?史密斯表示,移民者不能在英国津贴上“占便宜”。Job centres in England, Scotland and Wales will use the ;more robust; test.英格兰,苏格兰,威尔士的职业介绍中心会进行更加严格的测试。The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said the test would ensure ;only migrants who have a legal right to be in Britain and plan to contribute to this country can make a claim for benefits;.就业与退休金部门声称,这个测试只会让那些有合法权利居住在英国并能够给应该带来贡献的移民得到补助。;For the first time, migrants will be quizzed about what efforts they have made to find work before coming to the UK and whether their English language skills will be a barrier to them finding employment,; the DWP said in a statement.就业与退休金部门声明,移民首先会被询问在来到英国之前付出了什么努力,以及他们的英语能力是否会阻碍就业。Income-related benefits include council tax benefit, housing benefit, income-based jobseeker#39;s allowance and pension credit.与收入相关的津贴包括家庭税收津贴,住房津贴,基于收入的求职者津贴和养老保险信用。Mr Duncan Smith said British people were ;rightly concerned; that migrants should contribute to the economy and should not be ;drawn here by the attractiveness of our benefits system;.邓肯?史密斯先生表明,英国人对“合理关注”移民福利事务。移民应该对英国经济的发展做出贡献,而不是因为想要享受这儿的福利体制而搬到这里。;It is vitally important that we have strict rules in place to protect the integrity of our benefits system,; he said.他说,设定严格的规则来确保福利制度的健全是至关重要的。He said the new test would help create a fair system which provided for ;genuine; workers and jobseekers but ;does not allow people to come to our country and take advantage;.他还说这个新测试有助于建立一个能务于真正的工人求职者的公平体制,而不是任由移民占便宜。To claim the benefits, migrants will have to pass a ;habitual residence test; including more than 100 extra questions compared to now.与现在相比,为了领取救济金,移民还必须通过一份100多道问题的常住居民测试。This will be overseen by an ;intelligent IT system; which will ensure questions are ;tailored to each individual claimant;.这将会由能根据每位申请者不同而提出相应问题的智能信息技术系统监督实行。Migrants will be allowed to claim benefits if they can prove they are legally allowed to be in Britain and are ;habitually resident; the country.移民者若能明自己在英国是合法的常住居民就能得到救济金。As part of this they might be questioned about what measures they have taken to ;establish; themselves in Britain and what ties they still have abroad.作为测试的一部分,他们还要回答怎样定居下来,以及在国外还有什么关系。;They will also have to provide more evidence that they are doing everything they can to find a job,; the DWP said.就职及退休金部门说:他们还需提供更多的据以明他们会想方设法找到工作。 /201401/274155郑州/宽鼻矫正价格

郑州第一人民医院整形中心Compare two ways of earning the same amount in London. The first is to work. A job in one of the capital’s thriving industries will on average pay about 35,000. The second is to own enough office space for a few desks in the city’s West End. Just 17 sq m currently yields about the same amount.请比较一下在伦敦赚到相同数额的钱的两种方式。第一种是工作。在伦敦蓬勃发展的行业找一份工作,平均薪水约为3.5万英镑。第二种是在伦敦西区(West End)拥有一套足够放几张桌子的办公用房。按照最近的行情,只要拥有17平米就能赚到差不多相同数额的钱。Despite Britain registering deflation for the first time in half a century, its capital remains an expensive place to do business. The overriding cause is expensive property. Even against other global centres, the cost of renting an office or roof over one’s head is steep.尽管英国刚出现了半个世纪以来的首次通缩,但其首都仍然是一个昂贵的经商地点。最主要的原因是高昂的房地产价格。即使是与全球其他几个中心相比,在伦敦租赁一间办公室或住房的成本也相当高昂。To superficial eyes this is a badge of success. Cities teetering on the brink of failure, such as Detroit, are often studded by boarded-up houses and empty business districts. London can charge so much because it is an excellent place to work. Alongside financial services, the city is a global hub for the creative industries, law and even high-value manufacturing.表面上看来,这是成功的标志。底特律等濒临破产边缘的城市中,通常布满了木板房和空荡荡的商业区。伦敦的租金之所以能收那么高,是因为这里是绝佳的工作地点。除了金融务,伦敦还是创意产业、法律、甚至高附加值制造业的全球中心。Yet this high demand to work and live in Britain’s capital only makes more abject its failure to provide sufficient space. What is more, the scarcity of land for development is artificial, and largely comes down to politics.不过,这种在英国首都工作和居住的高需求,只是使它无法提供足够空间的问题显得更加令人遗憾。更重要的是,用于开发的土地稀缺是人为造成的,而且在很大程度上要归咎于政治。The Conservatives sailed into power on a wave of promises that would boost the demand for property, such as inheritance tax breaks and an ill-received idea for selling off social housing. Since the election, developers’ share prices have risen and estate agents’ phones rung hot with inquiries from overseas buyers. Surprised at the scale of their victory, the Tory government might not have expected to enact many of its measures.保守党(Conservatives)借着提振房地产需求的承诺执掌了权力,比如遗产税优惠和一个令人难以接受的想法——出售公屋。自大选以来,地产开发商的股价一路上涨,房地产经纪人的电话被来电咨询的海外买家打得发烫。惊讶于此次大获全胜的保守党政府,此前也许没有预料到其要将竞选时提出的很多措施付诸实施。Now, to stop prices spiralling further out of sight the government must supplement its populism with a proper strategy to close the gap between demand and supply, starting with London. It can learn from others’s past failures: the Swedish National Bank tried to quench the roaring property market in Stockholm through its monetary stance, damaging the rest of the economy. Other tools are not available to the UK: Singapore owns 80 per cent of the homes its population inhabits. Like Hong Kong, it imposes restrictions on foreign buyers with which London should be ill at ease.如今,为了避免价格进一步攀升至遥不可及的高度,政府必须在民粹主义之外拿出适当的策略来弥合需求和供应之间的差距,从伦敦开始。它可以从其他国家过去的失败中学到教训:瑞典央行(Swedish National Bank)曾尝试通过货币政策给斯德哥尔飙涨的房地产市场降温,但损害了经济的其他部分。还有些工具是英国没有的:新加坡有80%人口居住在政府提供的组屋里。再比如香港,那里限制外国人买房,而伦敦应该无法坦然接受这种做法。In contrast to Manhattan or Singapore, London is not an island and has no physical reason for limiting the supply of land. But releasing more for development will take courage. Much of the land needed is derelict but nevertheless marked as “greenbelt”. This inspires misguided environmental protectionism from an array of bodies determined to protect every last scrap. Even without such organisation, existing property owners create a fearsome political block. Many of London’s citizens have become wealthy owning houses that are collectively worth 1.5tn. They also savour the rules that bear down on congestion, keep the view uncluttered and hold back the sprawl typical in cities elsewhere. Opposition to development seeds many a political campaign.与曼哈顿或新加坡相比,伦敦并不是一个岛屿,并没有必须限制土地供应的客观原因。但是,释放更多土地用于开发需要勇气。很多亟需的土地都是荒地但却被标记为“绿地”。这激起了大批被误导的环保团体的热情,它们决心保护每一寸仅存的绿地。即使没有此类机构,现有的房地产业主也构成一个令人望而生畏的政治障碍。很多伦敦市民已变得富有,他们拥有的房产总价值达到1.5万亿英镑。他们还青睐那些旨在减轻拥堵、保持城市景观和谐以及阻止城市出现无序扩张常见病的规定。许多政治游说都源于反对土地开发。Against these, the victims of insufficient development are voiceless and dispersed: families in cramped accommodation, workers slogging in on a long commute and younger people kept from a promising career by the lack of a wealthy relative. These also feed through to business costs.相比这些人,承受土地开发不足之痛的人发不出声音,也缺乏组织:住所狭小的家庭、长途通勤的工人、以及因为没有富有的亲戚而无法拥有前途光明的职业的年轻人。这些也转化为商业成本。The Conservatives have launched their new spell in government with the aspiration to govern for one nation, and do all they can for business. For the former they will need to heal the fissure in British society caused by the sheer expense of living in London. As for business, no single measure could save companies more than bringing down rents in the capital city.怀着“为着同一个国家执政”(govern for one nation)和竭尽全力促进营商的抱负,保守党已经开始新一届任期。就前一个抱负而言,他们需要修复伦敦高昂生活成本在英国社会中造成的裂缝。就营商而言,没有哪一项措施能比降低首都的租金成本更能拯救企业。 /201505/377478郑州/第一人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱 From toothpaste to ice cream to disposable nappies, modern Chinese life has been transformed by imports. But many of those erstwhile alien products now bear Chinese brand names.从牙膏到冰淇淋、再到纸尿裤,进口产品已令中国现代生活面貌一新。但如今,曾经的舶来品中出现了许多中国品牌。More and more mainlanders are brushing their teeth with Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, eating Yili ice cream or putting nappies made by Hengan on their babies. Multinationals still have a strong, sometimes dominant, presence in these markets, but mainland brands are exploiting local knowhow and speed to market.现在,越来越多的中国内地人用云南白药(Yunnan Baiyao)牙膏刷牙,吃伊利(Yili)冰淇淋,或者给婴儿使用恒安(Hengan)纸尿裤。跨国公司在这些市场仍拥有强大、有时是配性的地位,但中国国产品牌开始利用本地知识快速开拓市场。Disposable nappies are a case in point: many Chinese grannies did not use them to raise the current generation, but today’s urban mainland mums rely on them.纸尿裤是很能说明问题的一个例子:许多中国奶奶(外婆)带大当前一代时没有使用过它,但如今内地城市里的妈妈们却已离不开它。The market in China is highly concentrated, with 10 brands capturing 85 per cent of sales. Only one local brand has significant share: Hengan with 9 per cent, compared with 10 per cent for Kimberly-Clark of the US and nearly 29 per cent for Procter amp; Gamble.中国纸尿裤市场高度集中,十大品牌占据85%的销售额。唯有恒安一家国产品牌拥有可观的市场份额,为9%,而美国金佰利(Kimberly-Clark)份额为10%,宝洁(Pamp;G)份额接近29%。But the rapid rise in urbanisation and incomes in China is boosting demand for products such as nappies. Euromonitor, the data group, predicts that the world’s largest nappy market will nearly triple between 2010 and 2017, from Rmb20bn (.3bn) to Rmb57bn.但是,中国城市化程度的飞速提高和收入的迅速增加,提高了对纸尿裤等产品的需求。数据集团欧睿(Euromonitor)预计,2010年至2017年间,中国这个全球最大纸尿裤市场的规模将增加近两倍,由200亿元人民币(合33亿美元)增至570亿元人民币。Such growth is attracting new entrants, many of them local brands. “It is estimated there will be more than 100 foreign and domestic brands that will enter China in 2014 alone,” says Liu Yang, chief executive of Xiaolu Dingding Diapers, a mainland brand.如此增幅吸引来了新进入者,其中多是国产品牌。中国内地一家纸尿裤品牌小鹿叮叮(Xiaolu Dingding Diapers)的首席执行官刘阳表示,“据估计,仅仅2014年进入中国市场的国内外品牌就将超过100家。”Rising costs of materials and labour, changing consumer tastes and increasingly demanding consumers have made market conditions increasingly tough, retail analysts say.零售业分析师表示,原材料与劳动力成本的上升、消费者的喜好变化以及日益挑剔,导致市场状况愈加严峻。Hengan warned in its most recent results that “the short-term outlook remains challenging as a lot of players have entered into this market”.恒安在其最近发布的业绩报告中警告称,“由于有大量的生产商投入市场”,公司短期前景仍很有挑战性。Hengan says the quality of its nappies equals that of the foreign brands – Pamp;G, Kimberly-Clark and Japanese brand Unicharm together have more than half the market – but many mainland consumers disagree.恒安表示,其纸尿裤的质量可以媲美外国品牌——宝洁、金佰利和日本品牌尤妮佳(Unicharm)总共占据了一半以上的市场份额——但许多内地消费者并不认同这一点。Hengan, which expects to sell Rmb2.8bn-Rmb3bn of its Anerle nappies this year, says: “A majority of Chinese mothers believe foreign products are better than domestic ones; therefore, it is necessary to educate consumers to change their minds.”恒安表示:“大多数中国妈妈认为外国产品比国内产品好;所以,很有必要教育消费者改变观念。”该集团预计,今年安儿乐(Anerle)纸尿裤销售额将达28亿至30亿元人民币。Persuading Chinese mothers to use disposable nappies has been a slow process, says Xu Ruyi, head of China research at Mintel. “Nappies were introduced to China by Pamp;G during the 1990s and it has taken a long time for consumers to adopt the products.”英敏特(Mintel)中国研究总监徐如一表示,说中国妈妈们使用纸尿裤是一个很慢的过程。“纸尿裤是宝洁在20世纪90年代引入中国的,让中国消费者使用这一产品花了相当长的时间。”One breakthrough came with Pamp;G’s Pampers “golden sleep” campaign in 2007, focused on convincing mothers that using nappies can help babies sleep better, “which means they can grow faster and get more brain development”, says Ms Xu.徐如一表示,2007年宝洁的帮宝适(Pampers)“金质睡眠”推广活动带来了一次突破,活动的核心是让妈妈们相信,使用纸尿裤会帮婴儿们睡得更好,“这意味着他们能成长得更快、大脑发育得更好”。However, China is not a captive market for multinationals. “Competition is intense: even for big players if you don’t keep up with the competition you’ll still lose share to others,” says Ms Xu. “Consumers today are offered a much wider range of product choices compared with five or 10 years ago.”然而,跨国企业无法垄断中国市场。“竞争很激烈:即便对于大厂家而言,如果你跟不上竞争形势,你的市场份额也会被其他厂家夺走,”徐如一说,“如今的消费者面临着比5年或10年前多得多的产品选择。”Pull-up-type nappies, nappies for boys versus girls and adult nappies are all relatively new entrants to the market – the latter category is expected to grow strongly in China, the world’s largest senior market.上拉式纸尿裤、区分男婴和女婴的纸尿裤以及成人纸尿裤,都是市场上相对较新的产品——在中国这个全球最大老年人用品市场上,成人纸尿裤的销量增长预计将十分强劲。Domestic brands are “focusing more on Ramp;D and updating their production equipment because the newer the production line, the better quality the nappies will be”, says Yan Fei of Beijing’s Qinbei Research Centre.北京亲贝研究中心(Qinbei Research Centre)的Yan Fei表示,国产品牌正在“集中力量搞研发,升级他们的生产设备,因为产品线越新,纸尿裤的质量就越好。”“Intelligent” nappies, which gauge the health of a baby from its urine, and mosquito repellent nappies are under development by Chinese companies.中国企业正在研制能通过尿液判断婴儿健康状况的“智能”纸尿裤,以及驱蚊纸尿裤。Research from Mintel shows that famous brand names may actually wield less power in China than elsewhere. In the UK, says Mintel, “45 per cent of parents would go for a product they’ve used before and a low price is among the top three influencing factors”.英敏特的研究表明,实际上知名品牌在中国发挥的影响力可能小于其他地区。在英国,英敏特表示,“45%的父母会选择他们曾经用过的产品,价格低只是最重要的三个影响因素之一”。But in China, quality is king: freedom from harmful substances, quality, suitability for sensitive skin and absorbency are most important for Chinese consumers, says Ms Xu.徐如一表示,但在中国,质量为王:中国消费者最看重的因素是不含有害物质、质量过硬、适应敏感皮肤,以及吸水性强。China’s birth rate may be low, but spending on only babies is a favourite pastime and Chinese mothers sometimes use up to 20 nappies per day to avoid nappy rash, says Mr Yan.中国的出生率可能很低,但为独生子女花钱是一项最喜欢的消遣,中国妈妈们有时每天使用至多20块纸尿裤,以防止婴儿出现尿布疹。Big-city mothers have more and more money to spend on nappies and small city mums are just beginning to think of using them.大城市的妈妈们用来购买纸尿裤上的钱越来越多,而小城市的妈妈们才开始考虑使用纸尿裤。Like toothpaste and ice cream, nappies are becoming a domestic necessity in China, and everyone from local to multinational brands is eager to get a piece of the action.在中国,纸尿裤正像牙膏和冰淇淋一样变成一种家用必需品,无论国产还是跨国品牌,都急切地要从中分一杯羹。 /201409/331788安阳市做隆胸多少钱

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