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郑州中心医院切眼袋手术多少钱郑州华山医院整形美容中心Feeling down? Youre not alone.你有感到很失落吗?不只你这样。If depression seems pretty common, it is.抑郁看起来很普遍,事实上也是如此。One in every ten adults suffers from depression.每十个成年人里就有一个会患有抑郁症。And thats what has scientists puzzled.这让科学家们感到不解。If depression is a detrimentalcondition, why is it so rampant in the population?如果抑郁对身体有害,那么为什么人群中抑郁症患者如此之多呢?Some scientists think they may have the answer.一些科学家认为他们已经找到了。Depression may have an evolutionary benefit.抑郁也许对进化有好处。It may improve ones chances of fighting off infection.它能提高人体免疫力。Scientists have known that depressed people display an immunoactive condition known as inflammation,一些科学家发现抑郁症人群体内会产生免疫活性,也就是炎症,even when they are not infected.即便他们未受到感染时也会如此。For several years they have been finding that genes linked to depression also affect the function of the immune system.几年来,科学家们逐渐发现与抑郁有关的基因也会影响免疫系统的功能。Stress, which can lead to depression, also modifies the immune system.同样会导致抑郁的压力因素也会改变免疫系统。These findings suggested that depression was somehow linked to the bodys ability to fight disease.从某种程度上讲,这些调查结果表明抑郁与人体免疫力有关。Some scientists now propose that depression might have had an evolutionary advantage in the days before modern medicine and antibiotics.一些科学家提出早在现代药物和抗生素出现之前,抑郁就可能能够给进化带来好处。Infection was a major cause of death in early human history.感染是人类早期历史中导致死亡的主要原因之一。Surviving those infections determined which genes were passed to the next generation.能够在这些感染中存活就决定了哪种基因能够传递给下一代。They suspect that depression helped people, especially children, survive infection.他们推测抑郁可能会帮助人们特别是儿童抵御感染的侵害。Fatigue leads toinactivity and less social contact which helps keep infection from sping.疲劳会让人不愿意运动,同时也会减少社交,由此便会阻止感染的传播。Shunning food helps avoid food sharing which can also sp infection.对食物没胃口就会避免与别人分 享食物,这也能够避免感染传播。Sleeplessness, which is associated with both depression and immune system activation,失眠与抑郁和免疫系统激活也存在联系,may have been a mechanism to keep a person alert to fight off predators after injury.失眠可能会产生一种让人在受伤后能对感染保持警觉的机制。If scientists are correct about this link, it could lead to new treatments for depression.如果科学家们对这些联系的猜测正确的话,那么它们将促成新的治疗抑郁症的方法产生。They are interested in drugs that treat conditions where the immune system attacks the persons ownbody, known as auto immune diseases.他们对用于治疗自体免疫症的药物很感兴趣。It is possible that medications known to treat auto immune disease may be successful in treating depression also.那些已知的用于治疗自身免疫性疾病的药物对治疗抑郁症可能同样有效。201403/281639三门峡市唇部激光脱毛价格 郑州大学附院整形中心

郑州大学第二附属医院做去疤手术多少钱Business商业报道Law firms律师事务所Charging more, getting less标价更高,收益更少Lawyers biggest customers are discovering that they can haggle律师的最大客户们发现他们能与律师还价THERE were groans in big companies legal departments in the mid-2000s, when the fees of Americas priciest lawyers first hit 1,000 an hour.当美国最高的律师酬金达到每小时1000美元,20世纪中期,一些大公司的法律部门里开始抱怨连连。Such rates have since become common at firms with prestige.自此以后,这样的价格在名企变得普遍。A survey published this week by the National Law Journal found that they now go as high as 1,800.美国法律期刊刊登的一项调查表明,现在的律师费用已经高达1800美元/时,But the general counsels of large businesses are increasingly finding that they can ignore these extravagant rates, and insist on big discounts.但是那些为大公司效力的法律顾问却逐渐发现,他们忽视高额酬金,并坚持较大折扣。Price-discounting tends to be associated more with used-car lots than with posh law firms. There was a time when a lawyer could submit his bill and be confident of receiving a cheque for the same amount.价格折扣渐渐常见于二手车交易,并非光鲜的律师律师事务所。有一段时间,律师收到的票跟账单数目一样,并且,他们引以为豪。In banner years, some even got more, as grateful clients tipped them a little extra for a job well done.在收益相当的那些年,一些慷慨的客户还会给点小费,来奖励他们的良好表现,因此有些律师能得到更多。Since the financial crisis, however, the realisation of law firms—the proportion of their standard rates that they collect in practice—has been sliding.然,自金融危机,律师律师事务所的个人实现,即他们在实际中累积到标准价格的部分在下滑。Earlier this month Peer Monitor, a company that tracks the legal industry, said that the ratio in the ed States dropped from 92% in 2007 to an all-time low of 83.5% in 2013.本月初,一家跟踪报道法律产业的公司,Peer Monitor表示,在美国,价格比率已由07年的92%下滑到空前低值,13年的83.5%。British lawyers have seen a similar decline.英国律师界也有类似情况。Discounts are rampant, says Brad Hildebrandt, a consultant to law firms.折扣现象在蔓延。一家律师律师事务所的顾问Brad Hildebrandt如是说。The economic forces driving high-flying legal eagles into the bargain bin are no mystery.经济力量将这些高身段的律师界雄鹰打入廉价区,这已不再是秘密。Demand for corporate legal work on such things as mergers, takeovers and share and bond issues plummeted in the 2008-09 recession, and has yet to recover.在企业合并、收购、股票债券问题等的法律合作需求也在08-09年的经济衰退中减弱,至今没恢复。Simultaneously, the easy profits once earned in litigation departments have also dried up: the tedious task of reviewing mountains of documents, which law firms used to farm out to battalions of newly qualified associates, can increasingly be done by computers.同时,诉讼部的易得利润也枯竭了:枯燥的审核成堆文件工作,之前律师事务所都是承包给大批刚合格的伙伴,现也被电脑代替了。Putting up prices at a time of weak demand and fierce competition seems perverse.在需求小,竞争激烈的时候提高价格似乎有些悖于常理,Yet the industry has continued to increase its sticker prices by 2-3% every year—only to give back almost all the gain by offering ever-greater discounts.但是律师行业仍旧持续以每年2%-3%的速度提高标价—仅仅只是提供一个更好的折扣给顾客。One reason for this is that, as ever more big clients discover they can haggle, law firms have realised that the best way for them to start the negotiation is with the highest possible asking-price.原因之一在于,因为更多的客户发现他们能讨价还价,律师律师事务所意识到开始协商的最好办法就是给出最高索价。In this, lawyers now find themselves in the same boat as accountants and other professionals who have long been used to having to bargain with bigger customers.而如今,律师们发现他们跟会计以及其他职业的人一样,一直以来都在跟较大客户还价。Another reason is that sophisticated legal services are somewhat like luxury cars and handbags, in that a high asking-price is taken as a sign of quality.另一个原因是,错综复杂的法律务体系有点像豪车和高端手提包一样,高价意味着高质。No one wants to have hired the cheaper firm in a high-stakes lawsuit.没人想在一个赌注高的诉讼中雇佣一个廉价律师事务所来为自己工作。But perhaps the most important rationale for discounting is that it lets law firms charge different prices to different clients, depending on their willingness to pay.但折扣最重要的理论基础是,它使得律师事务所根据不同的客户收取不一样的费用,当然,这取决于客户的意愿。And even among business clients with big budgets, this varies markedly.甚至是与预算高的商业客户,价格也明显不同。Over the past 25 years some large companies have built up their in-house legal departments, so that these can now deal with outside law firms on an equal footing.在过去的25年中,大公司自己内设了法律部门,像外面的律师事务所一样处理相关问题。In-house lawyers know the market value of every type of service, and have sophisticated software that scrutinises invoices and queries anomalies.内部律师了解每一种务的市场价值,拥有完善的软件细查发票,质疑异常。Such clients no longer just take the law firms word for how many hours its lawyers spent on a job: if the bill looks padded, they will not hesitate to demand cuts.这样的商业顾客,不再完全听信律师事务所在某一案子上花费的时长:如果账单看上去有水分,他们将毫不犹豫寻求折扣。DuPont, a chemicals giant, has found plenty of scope for curbing its legal bills by becoming a cannier client.化学巨头杜邦发现变身为一个精明的客户,能有许多减少法律账单的机会。In the early 1990s it sp its legal work among 350 firms.在20世纪90年代,杜邦将法律事务分配给350个律师事务所,Now it uses only 38—including some smaller firms in smaller cities, which offer better value for money.现在,只委托38个—包括一些较小城市的小公司,这些公司把金钱的价值用到实处。DuPont has persuaded its remaining law firms to work together more closely.杜邦劝导现有的律师事务所加强合作。For routine work it insists on flat fees; for riskier cases it seeks no-win, no-fee agreements.对于常规事务,坚持统一收费,对于有风险的事务,寻求没有胜利就没有酬薪的宗旨。Above all, says Thomas Sager, DuPonts general counsel, We had to communicate that this is a new day, and you need to be as committed to our financial success as you are to yours.特别是,杜邦的总顾问Thomas Sager说:我们不得不相互传达‘今天是新的一天,你必须坚定的为我们的经济成功努力,就如同你对自己的那样的信息。Law firms profits would evaporate if they offered smaller and less sophisticated clients such attractive deals.如果将很完美的方案提供给较小的,不那么精明的客户,律师事务所的利润可能会减少很多。Fortunately for them, they have so far been able to get away with offering discreet, selective discounts.幸运的是,目前为止,他们能够避免供应谨慎,选择性折扣。There are still a few big clients around who do not realise what they are missing:仍有少数大顾客没有意识到错过了什么:If you increase the rate every year, some clients will make you take it back, but others will let you keep it, says Tony Williams, a former managing partner of Clifford Chance, one of Britains biggest law firms.如果每年都提高价格,一些顾客会让你收回该要求,但是另外一些会答应你的条件。高伟绅—英国最大律师事务所之一的总顾问Tony Williams如是说。 201401/273891郑州/激光去疤 Finance and economics财经商业Chinas economy中国经济An alternative view另一视角Chinas official figures both understate and overstate inflation中国官方数据既低估又高估了通货膨胀IS CHINAS economy underheating?中国经济正在降温?Not long ago, many people would have scoffed at the suggestion.前不久,许多人可能还对这种观点嗤之以鼻。The country is known for searing property prices, hot-money inflows and the steam escaping from its financial furnaces.中国正以其过热的房地产价格、大量流入的热钱和蒸汽缭绕的金融市场大熔炉而扬名于世。The stock of outstanding credit, broadly defined, climbed to over 180% of GDP at the end of 2013,根据央行数据,截至2013年底,广义未偿债务已超过GDP的180%;according to the central bank, and over 215%, according to an even broader measure by Fitch, a ratings agency.而根据评级机构惠誉更大范围的测算结果,该数字已超过215%。But house prices are slowing, exports are weak and shadow banking is losing ground to traditional lending.但房价涨速放缓,出口疲软,影子在传统借贷上的优势正在丧失。Forecasters expected industrial output to grow by 9.5% in the first two months of 2014, compared with a year earlier;预测者曾预期2014年前2月的工业出口同比去年增长9.5%,it grew by only 8.6%.但仅同比增长了8.6%。Moreover, evidence of excess has long been absent from the traditional measure of economic overheating: inflation.此外,长久以来,针对经济过热的传统测算一直缺失通货膨胀这一据。New figures suggest that consumer prices rose by only 2% in the year to February,新的数据表明,截至2014年2月,居民消费价格仅增长2%,well below Chinas average inflation of over 3% in the past decade.显著低于过去十年间中国超过3%的平均通货膨胀率。The prices paid to producers fell, again.采购价格也又一次下降。One way to reconcile the inflation number with other signs of excess is to disbelieve it.把通货膨胀数字和经济过热的其他迹象相匹配的办法之一,就是对其持有怀疑。Chinas critics routinely argue that inflation is higher than the governments statisticians claim.中国的家们照旧争论说通货膨胀数据高于政府统计专家所声称的数据。But although it is easy to say the official figures are bad, it is difficult to quantify how bad.但是,口头说说官方数据较差,这很容易,但很难去量化到底有多差。That is the tricky task that Emi Nakamura, Jon Steinsson and Miao Liu of Columbia University set themselves in a recent study.哥伦比亚大学的Emi Nakamura、Jon Steinsson和Miao Liu正在最近的研究中进行这一棘手的工作。They start with an economic law first observed by a 19th-century statistician, Ernst Engel:他们的入手点是19世纪统计学家恩斯特恩格尔首次发现的一条经济法则:richer households spend a smaller share of their income on food.家庭越富裕,购买食物的出占家庭收入的份额越小。Thus as a household becomes richer over time,因此,一个家庭随着时间的推移变得更加富裕时,its spending pattern should match that of households who were equally rich a year or two before.它的出模式应该与一年或两年前同等富裕的家庭相匹配。But in China, they discovered something different.但他们发现,在中国的情况有所不同。They compared urban households in 2006 with households that were, according to the official figures, equally rich in 2008.他们将2006年的城市家庭与2008年官方数据显示的同等富裕的家庭进行了对比,They discovered that the later households were devoting 3-4% more of their budgets to food.发现后者分配在食物上的预算要高上3-4%。Perhaps they were not quite as rich as their 2006 counterparts, after all.可能后者终究还是没有2006年同比家庭那么富裕。The reason is that the cost of living rose faster in the intervening years than official figures suggested—much faster.原因在于,在这几年间,生活成本的涨速已远远超过官方数据。The economists believe true inflation may have been as high as 20% in 2007 and 18% in 2008,经济学家们相信,2007、2008两年的实际通货膨胀率已经分别高达20%和18%,与此相比,compared with official figures of 4.8% and 5.9%.官方数据仅为4.8%和5.9%。This dramatic increase in the cost of living partly reflects a spike in pork prices after an outbreak of disease fattened the price of hogs by about 60%.在一场突发疾病导致生猪价格上涨了约60%之后,这种生活成本的急剧增长在一定程度上就反映了猪肉价格飙升这一情形。Did the government simply lie about this price pressure?仅仅是政府在这种价格压力上撒谎了么?Possibly. But if so, its rationale is not clear.可能吧。但要是这样,其基本原因并不明确。Understating inflation does not suppress the discontent it causes.低估通货膨胀并不能抑制它所引发的不满情绪。The public pays more attention to the price of pork in the market than to data from the National Bureau of Statistics.公众更多关注的是市场上猪肉的价格,而不是国家统计局发布的数字。Moreover, it turns out that Chinas official figures do not always understate inflation.另外,中国的官方数据并非总是低估通货膨胀。From 1996 to 2006, they actually exaggerated it in every year but one, according to the same method.1996-2006年间,按照相同计算方法来看,除其中一年外,实际上每年官方数据都夸大了通货膨胀。As a result, urban consumption was growing even faster in this period than the official statistics conveyed.因此,此期间内城镇消费的增长甚至要比官方发布的数据还快。Chinas policymakers had more to boast about than they knew.中国的政策制定者们还能再做更大程度的自夸。The inflation figures calculated by the three economists are also remarkably well correlated with the official numbers.上述三位经济学家计算出的通货膨胀数据也非常好地匹配了官方数据,They rise and fall in unison.双方数据的上涨和下落相一致。It is just that the unofficial figures rise faster and fall further.只是这些非官方数据上涨速度更快,下落幅度也更大。The trio conjecture that two competing biases are at work.三人推测,有两方相互竞争的偏见在起作用。First, new goods are often of higher quality than the ones they replace,首先,新商品的质量往往比其所替代的商品更高,but their price is the same.但二者价格一样。That would explain why China overstated inflation before 2007.这可以解释为何中国在2007年以前高估了通货膨胀率。More subtly, statisticians sometimes fail to grasp that new goods are merely upgrades of existing ones.更微妙的是,有时统计学家们并没有注意到新产品其实仅仅是现有产品的升级,So they invent new categories; that biases inflation towards zero.所以他们制定出了新的产品类别,这就使通货膨胀率偏向零。As a consequence, Chinas official figures present a smoothed version of reality, the authors write.因此,三人在研究中写道,中国官方数据展现了一种被平滑了的现实。Those numbers do not, then, reveal the whole truth about Chinas economy, as the cynics point out.愤世嫉俗者们指出,那么这些数据就没有披露中国经济的全部实情。But their shortcomings are not simply statistical flattery.但这些数据的缺点并非在于美化实情,They are closer to statistical smooth-talk.而是更偏向于圆滑地表述了实情。 /201403/280321安阳市人民医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱

郑州妇保医院做抽脂手术多少钱Science and technology科学技术Birds magnetic sense鸟类的磁性感知能力Columbarian Columbuses禽类新发现Birds can navigate by the Earths magnetic field. How they do it is still a mystery鸟类能够利用地球磁场导航。机理尚不明确WHERE would people be without magnetic compasses?人类没有指南针会怎样?The short answer is: lost.很简单:迷失方向。By giving human beings a sixth sense—an ability to detect the hitherto invisible magnetic field of the Earth—the compass proved one of the most important inventions ever.指南针给了人类第6感,使人能辨别地球无形的磁场,成为最重要的发明之一。It let sailors navigate without sight of the night sky.海员不用观察夜空便可以辨识方向。And that led to the voyages of discovery, trade and conquest which created the political geography of the modern world.人们用它进行海上探索,海上交易,攻城掠地,进而开创了现代世界的政治版图。Imagine, then, what animals which had their own, built-in compasses could achieve.有些动物有自己内嵌的指南系统。可以想象得出这些动物的能力。They might spend their summers doing the English Season in Glyndebourne or Henley, and then overwinter in the warmth of Mombasa.它们可以在戈林德伯恩或亨利镇消暑,享受自己的英格兰夏日。然后在温暖的蒙巴萨岛过冬。They might strike out, like intrepid pioneers, from Angola to Anchorage.它们可以像无畏的开拓者一样,从安哥拉独闯安克雷奇。They might even, if truly gripped by wanderlust and a hatred of the darkness, live in near-perpetual daylight by migrating from Pole to Pole.假如它们为旅行所牵绊,为黑暗而烦恼,它们会穿梭于两极之间,过着永远有光亮的生活。And that is just what some birds do.以上这些只是鸟类能力的一部分。Swallows travel between Europe and Africa. Northern wheatears fly from Africa to Alaska, and back.家燕在欧洲和非洲之间迁徙。石栖鸟在非洲和阿拉斯加之间迁徙。Arctic terns each year make the journey from one end of the planet to the other.每年,北极燕鸥都会从地球的一端飞到另一端。And they can do it, at least in part, because they do have a magnetic sense denied to humans.它们能这么做的原因之一便是鸟类可以感知磁性,而人类不行。The most familiar avian navigation trick is that pulled off by homing pigeons.人类最为熟知的鸟类导航技巧就是通过研究信鸽而得到的。As a consequence pigeons have often found themselves at the sharp end of investigations about how bird navigation in general, and magnetic sense in particular, actually work.鸽子便处在了人类研究的尖端。人们用它研究鸟类整体的导航机能,用它特别研究磁性感应机制。That pigeons have such a sense was shown more than 40 years ago, by William Keeton of Cornell University, in upstate New York, who attached magnets to pigeons to see if they could still home.鸽子显示出此种能力是在40年前。当时,纽约州北部康乃尔大学的William Keeton把磁体系在鸽子身上,观察它们是否能够回家。They could not, though birds fitted with non-magnetic dummies managed perfectly well.结果是它们不能,但是那些带有仿磁体的鸽子却回家。Since then, experiments on other species have shown magnetic sensitivity is common among birds. What these experiments have not shown, however, is how the birds manage it.此后的实验表明,磁性感知能力是鸟类共有的,但并没有解释是如何操作的。See it? Hear it? Smell it?视觉?听觉?嗅觉?There are two theories.理论上的说法有两种。One is that the magnetic sensors are grains of magnetite, a form of iron oxide which, as its name suggests, is easily magnetised.一种是鸽子具有磁感应器,这是一种以氧化铁形式存在的磁铁矿粒子。顾名思义,这种物质极易磁化。The other is that the Earths magnetic field affects a particular chemical reaction in the retina in a way that reaches into the arcane depths of quantum mechanics.另一种说法认为,地球磁场能对视网膜里特定的化学反映产生影响,在某种程序上可以达到神秘量子力学的深度。The magnetite hypothesis concentrates on birds beaks.磁铁矿假说的焦点是鸟类的喙。Magnetite grains are common in living things, and are known to be involved in magnetic sensing in bacteria. In birds they are particularly abundant in the beak.磁铁矿粒子是生物共有的,广泛存在于鸟的喙中。So last year David Keays of the Institute of Molecular Pathology, in Vienna, dissected the beaks of nearly 200 unfortunate pigeons, to find out more.去年,维也纳分子病理学研究所的David Keays对将近200只鸽子进行了解剖,以期得到更多发现。What he discovered was not encouraging.但是,他发现的并不令人鼓舞。There were, indeed, lots of magnetite grains.大量铁磁矿粒子确实存在。But he had expected they would congregate in some sort of specialised sensory cell akin to the taste buds of the tongue or the hair cells of the ear.他原以为铁磁矿粒子会聚集成为专门的感觉细胞,类似于舌头上的味蕾和内耳毛细胞。Instead, he found that the beaks magnetite is mostly in macrophages.但是,他发现,喙部的铁磁矿主要以巨噬细胞的形式存在,These are cells whose job is to wander around amoeba-like, chewing up bacteria and debris from other body cells as they go.这些细胞的职能是以游离细胞的形式对细胞残片及病原体进行噬菌。Not, then, likely candidates as magnetic sensors.因此,巨噬细胞不可能具有磁感应功能。Other experiments, though, do suggest the beak is involved.其它的实验也包含了对喙的研究。The nerve that connects it to the brain is known as the trigeminal.联结喙与脑的神经叫三叉神经。When Dominik Heyers and Henrik Mouritsen of Oldenburg University, in Germany, cut the trigeminals of reed warblers the birds ability to detect which way was north remained intact.德国奥尔登堡大学的Dominik Heyers和Henrik Mouritsena切断了苇莺的三叉神经,保留了它们辨别北方的能力。They did, however, lose their sense of magnetic dip.然而,这些鸟却失掉了磁倾角的感应力。Dip indicates latitude, another important part of navigation.磁倾角可以指示纬度,是导航的重要组成部分。To confuse matters further, some people accept Dr Keayss interpretation of what is going on in the beak,Keays对鸟喙解释使情况更加复杂。但有些人还是接受了他的说法。but think that the relevant magnetite grains are elsewhere—in the hair cells of the ear, which are also rich in iron oxide.但是这些人认为鸟身体的其它部位也存在磁铁矿粒子—内耳毛细胞。氧化铁也富含这种粒子。If they are right, then from the birds point of view they are probably hearing the magnetic signal.假如这些人的假定正确,从鸟的角度来看,它们可能听得到磁信号。The main alternative to the nasal-magnetite hypothesis, though, is not that birds hear magnetic fields, but that they see them.鼻腔内存在磁铁矿的假说 并不是鸟类可以听到磁场,而是能看到磁场。One line of evidence for this is that part of a birds brain, called cluster N, which gets its input directly from the eyes, seems to be involved in magnetic sensing.关于此的明是,鸟大脑中有一部分叫cluster N,可以直接得到眼部输送的信息,好像跟磁场感应有联系。Experiments Dr Mouritsens team conducted on robins showed that destroying cluster N destroys a birds north-detecting sense, and other experiments, on meadow pipits, show that cells in cluster N are far more active when the birds are using their magnetic sense than when they are not.士Mouritsen研究团队对知更鸟进行了实验,得出推断。实验显示破坏知更鸟的cluster N,也就破坏了它们识别北方的能力。研究团队又对草地鹨进行了实验。实验显示,鸟类使用磁感应能力的时候,cluster N细胞异常活跃。The problem with this idea is that birds eyes do not have magnetite in them.此种假说的问题在于鸟类的眼部没有磁铁矿。If they do house magnetism detectors, those detectors must be something else.假如它们真的起到了磁探测器的作用,那么肯定另有他物。That something, according to a hypothesis advanced by Klaus Schulten, who works at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is a type of retinal protein called a cryptochrome.在伊利诺斯大学香槟分校工作。据Schulten,这种他物是一种名为cryptochrome的尿视黄醇蛋白。When hit by light, a cryptochrome produces pairs of molecules called free radicals that are electrically neutral but have unpaired electrons in them.当受到光照时,就产生名为自由基的分子对。这种自由基呈电中性,其中含有未配对电子。Electrons are tiny magnets, so they tend to attract each other and pair up in a way that neutralises their joint magnetic fields.电子就是微小的磁性体。因此,当它们的联合磁场中合之时,电子就会相互吸引,就会形成组对。Unpaired electrons, however, remain magnetic, and thus sensitive to the Earths field.但是,那些不成对电子仍具磁性,对地球磁场很敏感。Moreover, because the unpaired electrons in the free radicals were originally paired in the molecule that split to form the radicals, quantum mechanics dictates that these electrons remain entangled.因为自由基中的那些不成对电子最初存在于分裂成为自由基分子之中,量子力学规定这些电子依然是绞缠的。This means that however far apart they move, what happens to one affects the others behaviour.也就是说,无论双方离得有多远,一方的行为会影响另一方。Calculations suggest the different ways the two radicals feel the Earths field as they separate is enough to change the way they will react with other chemicals—including ones that trigger nerve impulses, and that, via entanglement, they can transmit this information to each other, and thus affect each others reactions.此种假设表明,当两种自由基分离时,它们感知地球磁场的相反作用足够能够改变它们与其它化学物质相互反应的方式――包括那些能产生神经脉冲的化学物质。同时,通过绞缠,它们彼此能互相信息,从而产生相互影响。This, the calculations indicate, would be enough for a birds brain to interpret the magnetic field.此种假设表明,这足可以让鸟脑识别磁场。It would probably see a pattern of spots before its eyes, which would remain stationary as it scanned its head from side to side.鸟眼可能会看到眼前有某种样式的斑点图案,当鸟类对其识别之时,眼睛是固定的。And some birds do, indeed, scan their heads this way when assessing the direction of magnetic north.其实,当鸟类辨别地磁北极之时,确实能够用此法扫描头部。It is possible, of course, that both hypotheses are right, and that birds have two magnetic senses, with one perhaps concentrated on north detection and the other on detecting dip.当然,两种假说都有正确的可能。鸟类也有可能有两套磁感应能力,一种集中在北方,另一种集中于磁倾角。But there is something particularly poetic about the idea that even part of this mysterious sixth sense depends on a still-more-mysterious quantum effect—one that Einstein himself described as spooky action at a distance.这种神秘的第六感觉依赖于更加神秘的量子力学效应。对此还有一种诗意般的解释,即爱因斯坦自己说的鬼魅般的超距作用。 /201310/262650 河南吸脂哪家医院好郑州市中医院做去眼袋手术价钱费用



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