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内蒙古骨科医院开双眼皮多少钱内蒙古附属医院激光去烫伤的疤多少钱装订stapleA: This copier can staple your copies.B: Really? It great!发传真faxA: Please fax this file.B: OK.Ill take care of it right away.传真给…fax sth.to sb.A: Mr.Wang,the contract is signed by our general manager.Do you want me to send it overnight?B: Yes,please.And could you also fax it to me now?快件express mailEMSA: Should I send it by express mail?B: This is urgent.Fax it right away.操作手册manualA: How can I send a file by fax?B: Read the manual.传真格式fax templateA: Do we have a fax template of the company?B: We do.Ask Sophie to get an electronic copy.在传真中标明页数mark the total pages on the faxA: How many pages are you sending?B: Ten pages including the title page.A: It important to mark the total pages on the fax.订套新的make an order a new setA: Our toner cartridge is out of ink,could you make an order a new set?B: Ok,I will settle it right away.传真很模糊The fax comes through blurred.A: Did you put this morning faxes on my desk?B: Yes,everything that came in off the fax machine last night is on your desk.But I noticed that some of them came through pretty blurred.Maybe you can have a look first.A: No,you have to ask them to refax the file.These copies are too dark,I can barely it.传真机没墨了The fax machine is out of toner.A: How come this file is so light?B: Yes.Maybe the fax machine is out of toner.I can change the toner cartridge.That will solve the problem.介绍新机器introduce the new machineA: Hi,can you introduce the new machine?B: Okay,this is really a gorgeous machine.It called integrated machine.It can print,copy,fax and scan.It is a time?saving and eft?saving machine.记录约会keep trackrecord of the daily appointmentsA: How do you keep track of the daily appointments?B: I used to use a day planner,but when the palm pilots came out,I couldnt resist giving it a try.Now I am hooked.A: Ha,is it that magical?B: Yes,it is very convenient with many functions,such as receiving fax,making phone calls,sending emails,keeping record of meeting and so on.It is really like having an office in the palm.买得起afdA: Nowadays some new digital electronic products are too expensive,we can not afd them.B: Yeah.But there are also some new technology that has come out with acceptable prices. example,the new OPPO MP players are pretty reasonably priced.You can afd it.You can buy an MP with about 3 G of space about 700-800 yuan.You can use it to display files and record the meeting,isnt it cheap? 3580呼和浩特脱毛医院哪家好 A: As an existing banker, that will speed up the process. You said you had the documents with you?您是一个老储户,这将加快办理的过程您刚才说过您带来了那些文件?B: That right. Here you go.正是给你A: Bee I verify those, I need you to fill in some ms. Then,as I said, I need to see valid credentials, your occupation and income details....在我核实这些文件之前,我需要您填写一些表格然后,像我所说过 的,我需要看看您的有效件,有关您的职业和收入的详细情况……B: OK, as I expected. How much will you allow me to borrow? I mean, I dont need a massive sum of money.好的,和我预想的一样你们允许我借多少钱?我的意思是,我并不 需要一大笔钱A: You are authorized to borrow up to ,000 RMB, with a repayment period of up to 1 year.您的授权借款额最多为000元,偿还期限最长为一年B: Thatll be enough, and the repayment period sounds good to me.足够了,而且对我来说,还款期听起来不错A: We can also look at your current credit status and adjust the interest accordingly.我们还可以查看您目前的信用状况,并且相应地调整利率B: How soon bee this goes through?在申请获准之前我还要等多久?A: If you sort out all of the paperwork today, you could have your loan by the end of the week.如果您今天处理完所有的文件,您可以在本周末之前获得您的贷款B: Perfect. So, I guess my next job is to go to the newsagent and buy some car magazines. Thanks everything.太好了那么,我猜我的下一个任务就是去报刊亭,买些汽车杂志啦 感谢你所做的一切 8呼和浩特京美整形做双眼皮手术多少钱

呼和浩特市中医医院开双眼皮多少钱呼和浩特253医院去疤多少钱 3:Plant a garden第3单元:开辟一座花园Use up 00 to 50 calories an hour and have a beautiful garden as well.在你拥有一座美丽花园的同时,你也会在一小时里消耗掉四百到四百五十卡路里的热量Gardening -with all its standing,stooping,kneeling,walking,watering and weeding一cultivcites a fit physique,not to mention a harvest of fresh vegetables and fruits.从事园艺活动的站立、弯腰、跪下、走动、浇水和除草等动作能培养出我们强健的体格,至于新鲜蔬果的丰收就更不用说了 369360土默特左旗假体丰胸多少钱

呼和浩特市第一医院激光去红血丝多少钱负责...be responsible ...A:What work were you responsible at your previous company?B:I handled routine tasks,such as typing letters and documents,receiving visitors,answering phone calls and so on.资格书certificatequalificationA:Do you have any certificates or skills?B:I don’t have any certificates,but I am quite good at computers.你如何评价自己?How do you think of yourself?A:How do you think of yourself?B:I’m a good team player,I like working with all types of people.你的同事如何评价你What would your colleagues say about you?A:What would your colleagues say about you?B:They would say I’m a dependable,fun person to work with.爱好hobbyA:Do you have any hobbies?B:I have many hobbies,such as fishing,climbing,and playing golf,etc.被录用be acceptedemployedhiredA:Do you have any experience as a salesperson?B:Yes,I’ve worked in a department store years.A:What section would you like to work in if you are accepted?B:I’d rather work in the business department if I can choose.胜任职位be qualified the postA:Do you think you are qualified the post?B:Yes,I’m always able to develop new ideas.This is very important advertising business.印象impression of...A:What’s your impression of our company?B:I feel that your company has lots of potential.全职兼职工作full timepart time jobA:Do you want a full time or a part time job?B:A part time job.I have to study.A:Do you mind working on the night shift?B:Not at all.Since I have to study during the day.期望薪酬expected salaryA:The night shift is from 6 p.m.to p.m..Then,what is the lowest salary you may expect?B:Twenty yuan per hour.A:It’s a deal.When could you start to work?B:Whenever it is convenient you.起薪starting salaryA:What starting salary would you expect here?B:Since I have much experience in this field,I am sure you will do me a fair offer.A:Is 5,000 yuan satisfactory?B:Oh,that’s more than I have expected.It’s quite satisfactory.保险insuranceA:Is there anything you want to ask me?B:Do you provide insurance?A:Yes,we provide five kinds of insurance and housing accumulation fund.B:Great!A:If you are satisfied with the conditions here,please sign this contract.B:OK. 87 清水河县自体脂肪填充多少钱呼和浩特市第一人民医院切眼袋多少钱



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