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昆山市疾病预防控制中心看妇科好不好昆山泌尿科哪个医院看好昆山有男科医院吗? Or lets go Excite that? 或是说 让我们Excite一下这个You guys should be grateful that Larry and Sergey for the name alone 不说别的 就冲谷歌这个名字 你们就该感谢拉里和谢尔盖So I was working at Intel at the time 我当时在因特尔工作and I think I can say this now 我想我可以告诉你们I thought they were crazy 我觉得他们很疯狂But then one day, something funny happened at work 不过之后有一天 有趣的事情发生了I opened up my browser to look something up 我打开自己的浏览器 使用搜索功能And it turned out that Google was down 结果我发现谷歌无法登陆There was an error page 出现了一个错误页And I sat there and I couldnt get my work done 我坐在那里 工作无法继续because I realized that no other search service could find the information 这时我发现 其它搜索务都无法找到我要的信息I had become dependent on Google for doing my day-to-day work 我在日常工作中开始对谷歌产生了依赖性And then it hit me 这让我恍然大悟If Google had become so indispensable to me 谷歌对我如此必不可少then maybe the vision that Larry and Sergey had wasnt so crazy 这或许意味着拉里和谢尔盖的理想并不疯狂Maybe there were people all over the world 也许世界各地现在有很多人sitting at their computers upset right now 都坐在电脑前不知所措because they couldnt get what they needed done 他们的手头工作完不成because the site developed by those two dudes in my garage was down 仅仅因为我车库里办公的那两个伙计的网站登陆不上It turns out that finding information matters 毫无疑问 搜寻信息是很重要的It matters a lot to a lot of people 很多人都需要它And accessing that information could instantly empower people across the globe 信息获取能够立刻让世界各地的人拥有更大力量I decided I wanted to work for Google 这时 我决定为谷歌工作which at the time also was crazy 当时看起来 这也是一个疯狂的决定with a mortgage to pay, student loans 我有房贷要还 还有学生贷款Id have to leave a comfortable job and a Fortune 500 company 我不得不从财富500强企业的舒适岗位上辞职and work for the guys who lived in my garage at a startup with no revenue 为两个住在我车库的没有收入来源的伙计卖命a handful of male employees 谷歌当时都是男员工and also -- did I mention? -- I was pregnant 而且我当时还有在身Now people thought I was a crazy one 人们觉得我也疯了So looking back on this, Ive learned that 回头看看这个 我了解到201512/413798昆山无痛人流医院哪个好

昆山包皮手术哪个医院比较好Okay, I see some of you will need to talk to yourselves a little bit我认为你们有些人应该对自己说一下Start on Monday周一开始if you arent talking to yourself like crazy and you dont know how powerful you are如果你不知道自己有多强大you know, you will need to start to talk to yourself in a mirror你每天早上可以对着镜子问自己every morning, do you know how powerful you are?你知道自己有多强大吗Do you know how powerful we are? Yeah, powerful你知道自己有多强大吗 很强大So your generation is empowered to change the world你们这代人有改变世界的力量in ways we cant even imagine以我们想都想不到的方式See right now we are at a turning point现在 我们正处在一个重大的转折点a changing of the guard正在交接班our politicians are younger我们的政界人士正在年轻化our entrepreneurs are younger企业家们正在年轻化our faith leaders are younger精神领袖也在年轻化the leaders of this generation are more diverse and connected这一代人中的领袖更具多样性和关联性your generation crosses cultural lines这代人会跨越文化的界限and breaks gender barriers打破性别的壁垒I dont want you to be the next Oprah我不要求你们成为下一个欧普拉I dont want you to be the next Obama我不要求你们成为下一个奥巴马I dont even want you to be the next me我也不要求你们成为下一个我I want you to be you我希望你们成为自己So class of 20142014届毕业生们and everybody here at Howard University还有霍华德大学的所有人Do you know how powerful you are?你们知道自己有多强大吗Made the choice say it in a minute?请再坚定地告诉我一次See when I was growing up我在成长过程中I had this favorite uncle有一个很喜欢的叔叔we all have our favorite uncle我们都有一个很喜欢的叔叔but my uncles name was Uncle Shrine hopelessly我的叔叔名叫神庙叔叔Now I cant tell you why his name was Uncle Shrine我不知道为什么叫他神庙叔叔May god rest his soul愿上帝保佑他的灵魂安息but Uncle Shrine不过这位叔叔told me something I believed by my whole life给我讲的一点我会铭记终生Its something I want to leave you with today这也是我今天要讲给你们的He told me dont be afraid to close our eyes and dream他告诉我 不要害怕闭上眼睛做梦but then open you eyes and see然后还要睁开眼睛往前看Dont be afraid to close our eyes and dream不要害怕闭上眼睛做梦but then open you eyes and see然后还要睁开眼睛往前看201501/355575昆山切包茎需要多少钱 昆山市花桥人民医院尿科

昆山综合保税区人民医院男性专科Flight control is Brazilian.飞行管制是巴西人发明的。So we went together with these guys and we basically put this exoskeleton together,15 degrees of freedom, hydraulic machine that can be commanded by brain signals recorded by a non-invasive technology called electroencephalography,that can basically allow the patient to imagine the movements and send his commands to the controls, the motors,and get it done. 那么我们和这些患者一起我们把骨骼机器人组装好,15个自由度液压器能够用脑信号控制并被一种非侵入式脑电图记录下来,能够让病人想象他的动作把他的动作发送到遥控上来完成他想做的动作。This exoskeleton was covered with an artificial skin invented by Gordon Cheng, one of my greatest friends, in Munich,to allow sensation from the joints moving and the foot touching the ground to be delivered back to the patient through a vest, a shirt. 这个脑控机器人被人造皮肤覆盖人造皮肤是我最好的朋友之一,Gordon Cheng在慕尼黑发明的,能让移动的关节以及脚触地的感觉通过一件背心传递给患者。It is a smart shirt with micro-vibrating elements that basically delivers the feedback and fools the patients brain by creating a sensation,that it is not a machine that is carrying him,but it is he who is walking again. 是一件有微震元素的智能恤能够反馈并通过创造一种感觉 给患者的大脑产生一种假象,让患者感觉不到 是机器人在带动他在行走,而是他自己能够重新行走。So we got this going, and what youll see here is the first time one of our patients, Bruno, actually walked.那么我们把这个弄好了 而你们在这看到的这是我们的患者之一,Bruno 第一次下地行走。And he takes a few seconds because we are setting everything,and you are going to see a blue light cutting in front of the helmet because Bruno is going to imagine the movement that needs to be performed,the computer is going to analyze it, Bruno is going to certify it,and when it is certified,the device starts moving under the command of Brunos brain. 他用了好几秒的时间 因为我们要把机器人设置好,而你们将会看到从头盔前面闪着的蓝灯因为Bruno需要想象他要做的动作,电脑需要分析他要做的动作 Bruno将要确定他的动作,当他定好了动作,机器人就会按照Bruno大脑的指示行动。And he just got it right, and now he starts walking.他刚定好 而现在他将开始行走。After nine years without being able to move,he is walking by himself. 在经过九年无法移动后,他能够自己行走。And more than that more than just walking, he is feeling the ground,and if the speed of the exo goes up, 而比这更重要的是,比行走更重要的是,他能感受到地面,如果机器人的速度加快的话,he tells us that he is walking again on the sand of Santos,the beach resort where he used to go before he had the accident. 他告诉我们他在桑托斯的沙滩上再次行走,那是他在事故前曾去过的海滩度假胜地。Thats why the brain is creating a new sensation in Brunos head.这就是为什么在Bruno的脑里 创造了新的知觉。So he walks, and at the end of the walk I am running out of time aly,he says, You know, guys,I need to borrow this thing from you when I get married, because I wanted to walk to the priest and see my bride and actually be there by myself. 那么在他行走结束的时候我快没时间了,他说:你们知道吗,当我结婚的时候我要向你们借这玩意,因为我想亲自走向牧师并且亲临现场见我的新娘。Of course, he will have it whenever he wants.当然了,他能随时拥有这台机器。And this is what we wanted to show during the World Cup, and couldnt,because for some mysterious reason, FIFA cut its broadcast in half. 而这是我们想在世界杯上展示给大家而无法实现的东西,因为某些神秘的原因 国际足联把直播减半了。What you are going to see very quickly is Juliano Pinto in the exo doing the kick a few minutes before we went to the pitch and did the real thing in front of the entire crowd, and the lights you are going to see just describe the operation.你们即将看的是 Juliano Pinto在上场前几分钟穿着骨骼机器人踢球而他将在全场观众面前做这一动作,你将看到的灯光描述了整个过程。Basically, the blue lights pulsating indicate that the exo is y to go.基本上,蓝灯闪就说明机器人准备好了。It can receive thoughts and it can deliver feedback, and when Juliano makes the decision to kick the ball, you are going to see two streams of green and yellow light,coming from the helmet and going to the legs,representing the mental commands that were taken by the exo to actually make that happen. 它能接收我们的想法 并且给予反馈,而当Juliano做出踢球的决定时,你将会看到一串绿灯和一串黄灯,从头盔出来并移动到腿上,代表着机器人接收到的头脑口令让口令变为动作。And in basically 13 seconds,Juliano actually did. 而在13秒内,他做到了他要做的动作。You can see the commands.你能看到他的命令。He gets y, the ball is set, and he kicks.他做好准备 球已放好,而他去踢那个球。And the most amazing thing is,10 seconds after he did that, and looked at us on the pitch,he told us, celebrating as you saw,I felt the ball. 而最不可思议的事情是,他踢球后10秒 他在场上看着我们,庆祝着如你所看到的 他说:我感觉到球了。And thats priceless.那是无价的。So where is this going to go?那么这个发明的未来在哪里?I have two minutes to tell you that its going to the limits of your imagination.我有两分钟来告诉你们它的未来只会限于你们的想象力。Brain-actuating technology is here.脑动技术就在这里。This is the latest: We just published this a year ago, the first brain-to-brain interface that allows two animals to exchange mental messages,so that one animal that sees something coming from the environment can send a mental SMS, a torpedo, a neurophysiological torpedo,to the second animal, and the second animal performs the act that he needed to perform without ever knowing what the environment was sending as a message,because the message came from the first animals brain. 这是最新的情况: 我们在一年前刚发表的,第一个脑脑接口能够让两个动物交换神经信息, 是一个动物在某环境中看见某些东西能够通过发送神经信息, 鱼雷,一种神经生理学的鱼雷,给第二个动物,而第二个动物在无需 依靠环境作为信息来源去执行所需要做的动作,因为信息是来自第一个动物的大脑。So this is the first demo.这是第一次演示。Im going to be very quick because I want to show you the latest.我将会很快展示给你们看 因为我想要给你们看最新的成果。But what you see here is the first rat getting informed by a light that is going to show up on the left of the cage that he has to press the left cage to basically get a reward.但你们看到的是 第一只老鼠被左边笼子的灯提示后它要按左边的笼子去获得奖励。201503/365265 Excuse me抱歉Throughout my life, I have rushed to some of my greatest moments在我这一生中 我匆匆错过了很多伟大的时刻and I said if I made it to this point and when I made it to this point我曾经说过 如果我能走到这一天I would take my time and I would look at each and every one of you我会花时间看看你们每一个人So let me take my time and look at you下面给点时间我 让我看你们Let me realize where Im at让我体会一下自己在哪Let me live in this moment and be present right now让我沉醉在这个美妙的时刻Aint no homecoming like a Howard homecoming没有比回到霍华德更让人高兴的了And it feels so good to be home能回到这里 我感觉真是太棒了I want to give all glory to God for this day今天的荣耀属于上帝Thank you Jesus, thank you God, thank you感谢耶稣 感谢上帝 谢谢Hallelujah哈利路亚I want to thank everyone who made it possible for me to come back home我想感谢所有为我回到这里铺平道路的人们to my Howard family感谢霍华德这个大家庭Ms. Nesta Bernard内斯塔·伯纳德女士I called her mom along, wouldnt know her我甚至亲切地称她为母亲Thank you for all your love and support throughout the years感谢你这些年对我的爱和持Thank you to Earning Jordi感谢厄尔宁·约迪Kasim Reed卡西姆·里德and Barry Ray还有巴里·雷201412/350471昆山哪个医院做人流手术比较便宜昆山市锦溪人民医院包皮手术多少钱



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