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樊城区妇幼保健中医院治疗包皮包茎怎么样襄阳谷城县人民医院妇科专家襄阳市东风人民医院治疗子宫内膜炎多少钱 In 618, Li Yuan established the Tang Dynasty after the fall of the Sui Dynasty, and the Tang Dynasty lasted for 289 years till 907, when Zhu Wen destroyed it.从公元618年唐朝建立到907年被朱温灭掉,大唐王朝共存在了289年。Usually, the Tang Dynasty is divided into two periods by historians ,namely the early stage or prosperous stage, and the later stage or declining stage, with the “An-and-Shi Rebellion” as their dividing line.唐朝一般分为两个时期,即前期和后期,中间以安史之乱为界限,前期是昌盛期,后期则是衰亡期。It was Li Yuan, Emperor Tang Gaozu who established the Tang Dynasty, but it was his son, Li Shimin, Emperor Tang Taizong who spent 10 years unifying the whole country by fighting wars.建立唐朝的是唐高祖,唐太宗李世民领兵用十年时间完成统一大业。Li Shimin ascended the throne upon the “Xuanwu Gate Coup D’Amato”.玄武门之变,李世民登位。During his reign, he devoted all his efforts to make the country prosperous, that the famous period “Zhenguan Times of Peace”,when politics, economy and culture, etc. achieved great success ranked the leading status in the world.他经过励精图治,使唐朝在中国封建社会空前繁荣,出现了“贞观之治”,在政治、经济、文化等各方面都居于当时世界领先地位。Afterwards, during the period of Emperor Tang Xuanzong, the country was strong and the common people were wealthy, the peaceful period went forth again, thafs uKaiyuan Flourishing Age”. However, it was also during the reign of Emperor Tang Xuanzong, the lt;4an-and-shi rebellionm broke out, thus drove the tang dynasty towards decline and fall.lt;4an-and-shi rebellionm broke out, thus drove the tang dynasty towards decline and fall.lt;4an-and-shi rebellionm broke out, thus drove the tang dynasty towards decline and fall.此后的唐玄宗时期又出现了“开元盛世”,国强民富,升平之世再次出现,但唐玄宗时期,发生了安史之乱,从此唐朝走向了衰亡。In the late period of the Tang Dynasty, the state was in anarchy, from “Party Struggles between Niu and Li ” to “Eunuch Grabbing All the Powers”, while farmers’ revolts emerging from time to time. At last, Huang Chao Revolt burst out. Zhu Wen, one of its leaders replaced the Tang Dynasty with the Post-Liang,he first dynasty of the Five Dynasties Period.唐朝后期政治混乱,从牛、李党争到宦官专权,其间农民起义不断发生,终于爆发了大规模的黄巢起义,起义领袖之一朱温开始叛降唐朝,后又取代唐朝自立为帝,建立了五代的第一个王朝——后梁。The Tang Dynasty is one of the most splendid dynasties in the Chinese history. With its puissant national power, prosperous economy and glorious culture, it reached the height of Chinese feudal society.唐朝是中国历史上最为辉煌的一个王朝,其国力强盛,经济繁荣,文化灿烂,达到了中国封建社会发展史上的最高峰。As the strongest and most advanced country, its high civilization influenced Japan, Korea and many other countries and areas.它的高度文明影响了日本、朝鲜等许多国 家和地区,是当时世界上最强大、最先进的国家。The Tang Dynasty experienced 289 years and 20 emperors (including 16 years when Wu Zetian replaced the Tang with the Zhou), Together with the Han Dynasty ,it was considered as the strongest and most prosperous dynasty in Chinese history.唐共传二十二帝,历国289年(其间有武则天改唐为周16年),其与汉朝并称为中国历史上两大强盛王朝。At its prime time, the Tang territory extended to Andong Prefecture (now Pyongyang in Korea) in the east, the Anxi Prefecture (now kuche in Xinjiang) in the west, the Rinan Prefecture(now Qinghua in Vietnam) in the south and the An-bei Prefecture(now Halahelin in Inner Mongolia) in the north.其盛时疆域东至安东府(今朝鲜平壤),西至安西府 (今新疆库车),南至日南郡(今越南清化),北至安北府(今蒙古哈拉和林)。After the Revolts of An Lushan and Shi Siming, Hexi and Longyou were conquered by the Turfan and not recovered until the reign of Dazhong (847 ?860) and the reign of Xiantong (860 ?874).安史之乱后,河西、陇右陷于吐蕃,至大中(847 ~ 860 )、咸通(860 ~ 874)始复。During the early stage of the Tang Dynasty,from Emperor Tang Tai-zong to Kaiyuan reign of Emperor Tang Xuanzong, the country kept developing rapidly, its economy, politics, military, foreign affairs and culture, etc. reached all-time prosperity.唐王朝的前期,由唐太宗李世民至玄宗开元年间国家一直处于大发展阶段,经济、政治、军事、外交、文化等方面都空前繁荣。The “Zhenguan Times of Peace” and “Kaiyuan Flourishing Age” structured the “Tang Flourishing Atmosphere” which gave all Chinese people matchless pride and made China distinct in the world.在此期间出现的“贞观之治”、“开元盛世”构成了中华民族引以骄傲的盛唐气象。从而,使中国的世界地位显赫一时。The “An and Shi Rebellion” appeared during the late period of Emperor Tang Xuanzong’s reign, made the Tang Dynasty begin to decline.唐玄宗后期出现的安史之乱,使唐王朝逐渐没落。In the middle and late stage of Tang Dynasty, the emperors lost their power in economy, politics and military affairs.在中晚唐时期,皇帝在经济、政治、军事上已无实权,致使藩镇割据局面形成。Eventually, vassal states broke away from the rule of the Tang Dynasty to set up separatist regimes one after another.最后,各方纷纷脱离唐王朝的统治而成立各自独立的政权。In 617,the late stage of the Sui Dynasty,when the peasants’revolts were flourished, Li Yuan raised troops in Taiyuan.公元617年,隋末农民起义蓬勃发展时,李渊在太原起兵。At that time, the Wagang Troop and Hebei peasants Troop were fighting bravely in central plains; their fighting held down a great deal army corps of the Sui Dynasty, thus the defending forces in Chang,an,the capital and the nearby areas were very weak. In the autumn, Li Yuan led 30000 soldiers to leave Taiyuan for Guanzhong.这时瓦岗军和河北农民军正在中原地区奋战,牵制了大量隋军,隋京都长安地区的防守力量很薄弱这年秋天,李渊率三万人由太原出发,向关中进军。In the end of the year, Li Yuan captured Chang,an,and kinged the Sui prince Yang You as the puppet em-peror.年底,李渊攻克长安,立隋朝代王杨侑为傀儡皇帝。In 618, Emperor Yang of Sui was killed; Li Yuan dethroned Yang You and made himself the emperor, namely, emperor Tang Gaozu. Li Yuan and his son LiShimin wiped out separate forces everywhere, suppressed peasants revolting armies and eventually unified the whole country.公元618年,隋炀帝被杀,李渊废杨侑,在长安称帝,是为唐高祖。李渊和他的儿子李世民消灭了各地割据势力,镇压了各股农民起义军,统一了全国。During the process of establishing the Tang Dynasty, Li Yuan,s second son, Li Shimin’s contribution was greatest, but the eldest son, Li Jiancheng was selected as the crown prince.唐高祖李渊建立唐朝,次子李世民功不可没,但长子李建成被立为太子。In order to consolidate his position as the heir of emperor, Li Jiancheng hooked in his forth younger brother. Li Yuanji to cope with Li Shimin. Thus the conflict between them grew in intensity.李建成为了巩固自己的地位,遂拉拢四弟李元吉共同对付李世民,双方矛盾愈演愈烈。In 626(the ninth year of Wude), Li Shimin anticipated Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji by laying an ambush at the Xuanwu Gate and shooting them, thus his rivals were perished. The event was called the “Xuanwu Gate Coup D’Amato” in history.公元626年(武德九年),李世民先发制人,在皇宫的玄武门设下埋伏,射杀李建成和李元吉,消灭了对手,史称“玄武门之变”。Shortly afterwards, Li Yuan gave up the throne to Li Shimin, who is the historically famous Emperor Tang Taizong, and the title of his reign is Zhenguan.此后不久,李渊就把帝位让给了李世民,史称唐太宗,年号贞观(627 ~ 649)。In Zhenguan period, the Tang Dynasty came to be strong.贞观年间,唐朝强大起来。The fact that the Sui Dynasty was overthrown by farmers’ revolts impressed Li Shimin deeply.隋末农民战争推翻隋王朝的事实,给李世民留下深刻的印象。After being an emperor, he often summed up the historic lessons from the perish of the Sui with his officials.称帝后,经常和臣下总结前朝灭亡的历史教训。He always said, “The emperor is just like a boat, while the common people like water; water can carry the boat, and it also can overturn the boat.”他常说:人君好比舟,人民好比水;水能载舟,也能覆舟。In order to avoid the disaster of “overturning the boat”,he aroused all his efforts to make the country prosperous.为了避免 “覆舟”之祸,他勤于政事,励精图治。He took much account of selecting officials, thus the important officials around him, such as Fang Xuanling, Wei Zheng, Li Jing, Wen Yanbo, Dai Zhou, etc. all were elites of the time with their own strong points.唐太宗很重视选官用人,他左右掌权的大臣, 如房玄龄、魏征、李靖、温彦及戴胄等人各有所长,都是一时之俊。At the beginning of his reign, the society and e-conomy suffered serious destroy, the masses had no means to live.唐太宗即位之初,社会经济遭到严重破坏,民不聊生。However,only a few years later,The situation changed, according to the history record, “There appeared bumper harvest throughout the country, outcasts all returned their home-town. The price of 10 litres rice was only 0.3 ~0.4 hang . The number of criminals sentenced to death was only 29 in one year.几年之后,据史书载:天下大稔,流散者咸 归乡里,斗米不过三四钱,终岁断死刑才29人。From as far as the sea in the east to the Five Ridges in the south, all the common families needed not bolt their doors at night.”.东至于海,南极五岭,皆外户不闭。In the second year of his reign, Emperor Tang Taizong appointed General Li Jing, the minister of Department of War to crusade against the Turkis and won completely, hence eliminated the threat from the Western Regions.贞观二年,太宗命兵部尚书大将李靖讨伐突厥,大获全胜,从此消除了西域各族对中原的威胁。Meanwhile, Taizong adopted many political measures to maintain the unification and to strengthen centralized emperor rule.与此同时,太宗采取了许多有利于维护统一和加强君主专治中央集权的政治措施。Under his rule, with a series of political, economic, cultural and educational reforms, the great Tang Empire flourished unparalleled. The period was called ^Zhenguan Times of Peace(namely, the golden ageof the Tang) ” in history and became the time which was yearned towards by later ages.在其统治下,通过一系列的政治、经济、文教等方面的改革,大唐帝国空前繁荣,史称“贞观之治”,也成为后世向往的理想时代。 /201601/421844襄阳治疗包皮要多少钱

襄樊市中医院割包皮手术Divorce lawyers have a reputation for burning through warring couples’ finances. The last thing they need is to spend even more money on splitting up, surely? Yet that is the desire of divorce coaches, a new industry dedicated to helping husbands or wives navigate their way out of marriage.对于“交战”的夫妇来说,离婚律师以烧钱著称。他们最不需要的就是在分手这件事上花更多的钱,是吧?这就是离婚指导师(divorce coach)想做的,这是一个致力于帮助丈夫或妻子走出婚姻的新行业。Karen McMahon, a divorce coach in New York, says: “Coaching is in its and divorce coaching is embryon .” Practitioners come from a range of backgrounds, including financial planners, therapists and mediators. Crudely, coaching — traditionally associated with executives — focuses on future goals and potential, whereas therapy might explore past emotional issues in order to gain insight.纽约离婚指导师卡伦麦克马洪(Karen McMahon)表示:“指导行业正处于发展初期,而离婚指导行业则还处于萌芽期。”从业者拥有各种各样的背景,包括理财规划师、治疗师和调解员。粗略地说,指导——传统上主要是为高管务——着眼于未来的目标和可能性,而治疗则是通过探究过去的情感问题来获得深入了解。Karen Bigman, also based in New York and known as the “divorcierge”, charges about per hour. She describes the work: “We help educate [clients] about their options. We can act as a sounding board, help put together a plan, coach through difficult periods as well as guide clients through meetings with divorce professionals such as attorneys and financial advisers.”同在纽约的卡伦比格曼(Karen Bigman)被称为“divorcierge”,收费约为每小时95美元。她这样描述这份工作:“我们帮助(客户)了解他们面临的选择。我们可以提供意见,帮忙制定计划,指导他们度过艰难的时期、与律师和财务顾问等离婚方面的专业人士会面。”SAS for Women, a divorce coaching business for wives, is run by Kimberly Mishkin and Liza Caldwell. They charge up to 0 an hour and typically see clients in their New York office once a week, though it can be more frequent if required. The two divorcees met in Haiti in 2011 when they were both experiencing a kind of second adolescence and enjoying their post-coupledom freedom. Many of their clients are paralysed by the immensity of the task ahead, coming as it does at an emotional time. Ms Mishkin describes the kind of decisions that assail people contemplating divorce. “They think: what now, where do I live, what do I tell the kids, how do I tell work I need time off for court.”专门为女性提供离婚指导务的SAS for Women由金伯莉猠什金(Kimberly Mishkin,上图左)和莉莎考德威尔(Liza Caldwell,上图右)经营。她们的收费最高为每小时300美元。她们通常在位于纽约的办公室里会见客户,频度为每周一次,不过如果客户要求,会面的次数可以增加。这两名离异女性2011年在海地相识,当时她们都在经历某种“第二青春期”,享受与配偶分手之后的自由。她们的许多客户都因离婚需要面临的繁杂事务而感到不知所措——在这种心情不好的时刻。米什金描述了困扰正在考虑离婚的人群的种种问题:“他们会想:现在该做什么?我要住在哪里?我该怎么告诉我的孩子们?需要请假去法院的时候,我如何告知我工作的地方?”Phyllida Wilson, co-author of A Woman’s Guide to Divorce, notes that many people try unburdening themselves to their lawyers, which is both ex and unwise: “It’s very difficult for a solicitor to provide emotional ad . The majority of solicitors don’t have the time or the skills.” A divorce coach may help clients plan ahead for legal meetings to maximise efficiency.《写给女人的离婚指南》(A Woman’s Guide to Divorce)的合著者菲莉达威尔逊(Phyllida Wilson)指出,许多人试图把自己的负担扔给他们的律师,这个选择不仅成本很高,还很不明智:“律师很难为你提供情感建议。大多数律师既没有这个时间,也不具备这种技能。”离婚指导师能帮助客户提前为他们与法律人士的会面拟定计划,以使效率最大化。In the UK, Sara Davison, who ran a self-development and training business with her ex-husband, stumbled upon the idea of divorce coaching when the couple separated. “I had been coaching for 14 years yet the divorce hit me. I wondered how people without coaching skills got through it.”在英国,萨拉戴维森(Sara Davison)曾经和前夫经营一家自我发展和培训公司。当她和前夫离婚的时候,无意中萌生了从事离婚指导的想法。“我从事指导行业14年了,然而离婚依然让我受到打击。我不知道没有指导技能的人是如何渡过这个难关的。”The long, messy and costly process, involving expensive lawyers, struck Ms Davison hard. A couple of months of therapy had given her more clarity but no strategy so she decided to create a coaching program to get through her own divorce. In the past three years, she has offered it to others for up to 165 an hour. She also runs retreats and has created an app.离婚的过程漫长、繁杂、代价高昂,其中还牵涉到费用不菲的律师,这给戴维森女士带来了沉重打击。几个月的心理治疗让她的思路清楚了一些,但并没有为她提供应对策略,因此她决定设立一个指导项目,让自己度过离婚的困境。过去3年,她为其他人提供这个项目,收费每小时165英镑。她还举行静修活动,并创建了一款应用。Despite the number of marriages that break down, she believes divorce still has a stigma. The issues tackled include how to talk to a child about separation (heaps of reassurance, make them feel loved and make sure they know that it is not their fault; nor should you treat them as a go-between or a therapist); how to hand your child over to your ex; how to move on and forge a single life.尽管破裂的婚姻很多,戴维森相信,离婚依然是一件让人有耻辱感的事情。她的项目解决的问题包括,如何和孩子谈论离婚(大量抚慰、让他们感觉自己是被爱着的、确保他们知道父母离婚不是他们的错;不应该把孩子当做中间人或者心理治疗师)?如何把你的孩子托付给前任?如何继续前进,经营一种单身生活?One issue many clients seem to suffer from, she says, is remaining stuck in the past. “I create little stepping stones, for example, making them commit to going out, rather than hide under the duvet.”她表示,一个令许多客户为之痛苦的问题是他们深陷于过去而不可自拔。“我建立了小小的垫脚石,比如,促使他们走出门,而不是躲在被子下面。”There is also a loss of self-esteem, she notes. Those coming out of relationships can find it tricky to untangle their personality from that of their ex-partner. Ms Davison cites one woman who claimed her favourite television programme was Top Gear, despite hating cars and Jeremy Clarkson. It quickly became apparent that it was not the programme itself she liked but sharing time with her husband snuggled up on the sofa.她指出,还有失去自尊的问题。那些结束一段情感关系的人可能会发现,自己的个性和前任难以分开。戴维森援引了一名女性的例子,她声称自己最喜欢的电视节目是《英国疯狂汽车秀》(Top Gear),尽管她讨厌汽车和杰里米克拉克森(Jeremy Clarkson,译注:Top Gear节目主持人)。很快事实就变得明了,她喜欢的不是节目本身,而是与她丈夫一起依偎在沙发上度过的时光。Many people express feelings of shame about divorce. Ms Mishkin says that part of the process is helping them overcome the belief they are an aberration.很多人表达了离婚给他们带来的羞耻感。米什金表示,指导过程的一部分就是帮助他们克自己是异类的想法。Friends and family are not always a source of comfort. “They’re lovely, but often burnt out” by the divorcing person’s anxiety and anger, says Ms Mishkin. In her own case, she knew when her nearest and dearest had had enough. “Their eyes glazed over and you could tell they thought ‘Oh here she goes again.’”朋友和家人并不总能提供慰藉。“他们很亲切”,但离婚人士的焦虑和愤怒“往往会让他们疲于应对”,米什金表示。在她的亲身经历中,她知道到最后她最亲近的人已经忍无可忍。“他们的目光呆滞,你能够判断出来,他们在想‘不是吧,她又来了。’”Coaching is more interactive and practical than psychotherapy, argues Ms McMahon. The characteristic most of her clients share is their ability to “time travel”, she jokes. “Someone divorcing tends to be filled with regret about the past or fear the future.” Her mantra is to “keep your head where your feet are”.麦克马洪表示,指导比心理治疗更具交互性和实践性。她开玩笑说,她的大多数客户的一个共性是他们进行“时间旅行”的能力。“离婚人士往往会充满对过去的悔恨和对未来的恐惧。”她的格言是“让你的头留在你的脚所在的地方”。Ms Bigman says the most challenging type of client is one clinging to their version of events and not willing to change perspective. The other challenge she faces is persuading men to embrace coaching. “I find that if I meet a man in a social situation [who] is going through a difficult situation in their marriage, he will share with me and I will end up coaching him and he’s quite receptive. On the other hand, they never follow up. I’m not sure why but I suspect it has something to do with being vulnerable and asking for help.”比格曼表示,最难以应对的一类客户是坚持自己对于事情的看法,不愿意改变自身观点的人。她面临的另一个挑战是说男性接受指导。“我发现,如果我在社交场合遇到一个婚姻出现问题的男性,他会和我分享,最后我会对他进行指导,他也乐于接受。另一方面,他们从不采取进一步行动。我不确定原因,但我怀疑这和感情脆弱之类的因素有关。”However, Ms Davison finds that men feel more comfortable being coached than seeing a psychotherapist.然而,戴维森发现,比起去看心理治疗师,男性更能接受指导。Many people feel concerned that they will not cope without a spouse, says Ms Caldwell. She cites one very wealthy client who is paralysed at the prospect of being alone and worries that she will not be able to look after herself. For the stay-at-home parent (typically women) who does not work, the world of lawyers and courts can be imposing, she says. For this reason she has a list of good driving instructors and handymen to provide clients with practical help.考德威尔表示,许多人担心,没有配偶他们就无法应付事情。她举了一位非常富有的客户的例子,这名客户对孤身一人感到恐惧,她担心自己无法照顾自己。她说,对于全职照顾家庭的一方(通常是女性)而言,律师和法庭让他们倍感压力。出于这个原因,她有一张名单,上面列出了许多优秀的驾驶教练和各种修理工,这能为客户提供实际的帮助。One of the biggest challenges of the job can be witnessing heartbreak. “There are moments when I cry after a session,” notes Ms McMahon. “But it is transitory.”这份工作最大的挑战之一或许是见令人心碎的事情。“有时在指导后我会哭泣,”麦克马洪表示,“但这只是暂时性的。”“Seeing people upset is never easy but because I can help them I feel lucky”, says Ms Davison.“看到人们难过并不是一件轻松的事情,但因为我能够帮助他们,我感到很幸运,”戴维森表示。 /201511/409608谷城人民医院怀孕检测多少钱 The majority of the world#39;s most powerful and influential positions remain in men#39;s hands. But the imbalance is gradually tilting -- and it shows. In 2015, some of the biggest news and successes resulted from the actions of women. Here are the new faces who inspired, defied, guided or moved the world.男性掌握着这个世界绝大多数的权力,他们担任有影响力的职位,但如今这种不平衡正在逐渐倾斜。在2015年,一些重大的新闻及成功源自于女性的作为。以下几位就是鼓舞、反抗、引领乃至推动当今世界的现代女性。Loretta Lynch洛雷塔·林奇Traditionally, the top U.S. law-enforcement official is not well-known outside of the ed States, but Attorney General Loretta Lynch not only made headlines around the world, she also brought a particular kind of change that billions of people had yearned for but thought was out of reach.一般来说,美国最高执法官员在国外并不知名,但总检察长洛雷塔·林奇不仅占据了世界各地的头条新闻,她还带来了一个数十亿人都希冀却遥不可及的改变。Lynch stunned the world by taking on the entrenched, corrupt officials of FIFA, the governing body of the world#39;s most popular sport, soccer. She had the guts to do what nobody else had dared. FIFA officials, she declared, had engaged in ;rampant, systematic and deep-rooted; corruption, and it was time to ;bring wrongdoers to justice.;林奇因对世界上最受欢迎的运动管理机构--国际足联根深蒂固的贪污腐败官员有所行动而一鸣惊人。她有胆量为他人所不敢为。她宣布,国际足联官员曾参与“猖獗的、系统化的、根深蒂固的”腐败活动,我们是时候将违法者绳之于法了!Ellen Johnson Sirleaf埃伦·约翰逊·瑟利夫When the Ebola epidemic took on alarming proportions in West Africa, it was tough for Liberia, one of the epicenters of the crisis.当埃拉疫情肆虐西非时,这对于疫情危机中心之一的利比里亚而言,是一个极其艰难的时期。Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the leader of Liberia, pleaded for international help. One reason the world responded is because the indefatigable President has international moral stature. She played a key role in guiding her country after brutal civil wars and received the Nobel Peace Prize for her effort.埃伦·约翰逊·瑟利夫,利比里亚领导人,呼吁国际援助。国际社会予以援的原因之一是因为这位打不垮的总统拥有极高的国际道德声誉。在残酷的内战后,她引领国家发挥了关键作用,并因其努力获得了诺贝尔和平奖。Johnson Sirleaf not only helped bring an end to the epidemic, she did something just as remarkable: She revealed her emotions and admitted her faults. When it was all over she said she had been afraid, and conceded she had made big mistakes as a result of her fear. Then she showed gratitude. Instead of collecting laurels, she thanked all the people and countries who made victory against Ebola possible.约翰逊·瑟利夫不仅努力结束疫情,还做了一件同样卓著的事:她表露了自己的情绪,并承认自己的缺点。当一切都结束后,她说,她一直都很害怕,并承认因其恐惧而犯了很大的错误。随后,她表现出感激之情。她感谢所有与埃拉疫情斗争中取得胜利的人民和国家。Aung San Suu Kyi昂山素季The iconic Burmese leader, also a Nobel Peace Prize winner, put the skeptics and the cynics to shame. To those who said nonviolent resistance could not defeat a vicious armed opponent, she seemed to say ;just watch.;缅甸标志性的领导人,同时也是诺贝尔和平奖得主,她让怀疑和愤世嫉俗者汗颜。对于那些表示非暴力抵抗不可能击败恶性武装对手的人,她似乎在说:“只要看着就好。”Following the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., she endured a long struggle against the ruthless military rulers of Myanmar. She enlisted international support for economic sanctions that helped persuade the generals to loosen their grip, leading to elections in 2015 and an overwhelming victory for her National League for Democracy. She remains a global icon of peaceful resistance.继圣雄甘地和牧师马丁·路德·金的脚步,她与缅甸残酷的军事统治者进行了长期的斗争。她说军事大将放松管制,并向国际社会请求经济制裁以获得国际持,在2015年的选举中,她为全国民主联盟取得了压倒性的胜利。她是和平抵抗的全球偶像。Tu Youyou屠呦呦It#39;s a tough challenge to find a single human being who may be responsible for saving as many lives. The Chinese pharmacologist Tu Youyou, one of three winners of this year#39;s Nobel Prize for Medicine, took an unconventional route in attacking one of the world#39;s biggest killers, malaria.一个人挽救大多数人的生命,这是一项巨大的挑战。中国药理学家屠呦呦,今年诺贝尔医学奖的三位获奖者之一,采取了非常规的方式,在攻击世界上最大的疟疾杀手方面取得了巨大成功。Research into ancient Chinese texts led her to discover the compounds that help prevent a disease that still kills about half a million people every year, transmitted by mosquitoes in water-logged jungles. The discovery has resulted in medication that has saved millions of lives.通过研究中国古籍,屠呦呦发现了抗疟有效化合物。疟疾通过积水丛林的蚊虫传播,每年夺走大约50万人的生命。这一发现挽救了数百万人的生命。 /201601/419651襄阳一院女子男科听说不错,有谁去过没?

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