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【Speech Video】The President speaks in Grande Isle, LA after assessing the response to the Deepwater BP Oil Spill and reaffirms the Administration’s commitment to doing all in its power to help protect the environment and the livelihoods of the population affected by the spill.Download Video: mp4 (136MB) | mp3 (13MB) 201005/105055演讲文本US President's radio address on tsunami (January 8,2005) THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Americans continue to mourn the victims of the devastating tsunamis in the Indian Ocean. More than 150,000 lives are now feared lost, including tens of thousands of children. Communities have been decimated from Indonesia, to Thailand, to India, to East Africa. Thousands are missing, or injured; and millions are thought to be homeless, or without food and clean water. The world has united behind this urgent cause, and the ed States is taking a leading role. We're working with other governments, relief organizations, and the ed Nations to coordinate a swift and effective international response. We are rushing food, medicine, and other vital supplies to the region. And we are focusing efforts on helping the women and children who need special attention, including protection from the evil of human trafficking. This past week, I sent a delegation led by Secretary of State Colin Powell and Governor Jeb Bush, of Florida, to the Indian Ocean region. They surveyed the damage in several countries, met with local and regional leaders, assessed the relief efforts in place and began to evaluate what more can be done to help. Secretary Powell reported that American relief efforts are making major visible progress. We have made an initial commitment of 0 million in aid. And those funds are being distributed promptly to organizations on the ground. Navy vessels, including the USS Abraham Lincoln, have moved into the region to help provide, food, medical supplies and clean water. Helicopters and other military aircraft are meeting critical needs by airlifting supplies directly to victims in remote areas. As in so many other places, our servicemen and women are showing the courage and compassion of our nation to the world. We're also seeing the good heart of America in an outpouring of generosity here at home. Private citizens are showing their compassion in creative and inspiring ways. On a rainy day in Washington state, children sold hot chocolate by the side of the road and gave their profits to charity. Seven professional basketball players pledged to donate a thousand dollars to UNICEF for every point they scored in a game. American businesses have contributed cash and products, and many are matching donations by their employees. Churches, temples, synagogues, mosques and other religious congregations are taking up special collections for disaster victims. To draw even greater amounts of private donations, I asked former Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush to lead a nationwide charitable fundraising drive. Their mission is to encourage contributions both large and small, directly to the organizations with recovery efforts underway in the disaster area. I am grateful to the courageous relief groups that have responded so quickly to this catastrophe, including the Red Cross and Red Crescent, Salvation Army, Catholic Relief Services, Save The Children, CARE, AmeriCares and many others. Many of these organizations have long experience with natural disasters and in-depth knowledge of the recovery needs. They're in the best position to use donations wisely and effectively. To encourage support for these groups, I have signed legislation allowing Americans to deduct from their 2004 federal income tax cash contributions made to tsunami relief efforts this month. I urge all Americans to contribute as they are able. More information about making a donation is available on the Internet at www.usafreedomcorps.gov. In this time of grief for so many around the world, Americans have come together to pray for the victims and families of the tsunami disaster. We think especially of the children who have been lost, and the survivors searching for their families. And we offer our sustained compassion and generosity as the people of the devastated region begin to rebuild. Thank you for listening. 200603/5027President Bush Welcomes Members of the 2008 ed States Summer Olympic Team to the White House THE PRESIDENT: Thanks. Welcome to the Rose Garden. Please sit down. We are thrilled to welcome members of America's 2008 Summer Olympic and Paralympic teams to the White House. Welcome. (Applause.) Today we honor skill and discipline. You're here because of the support of your coaches and your trainers and your families and your friends. They are proud of what you've accomplished -- and so are the American people. And we're looking forward to rooting for you in Beijing. (Applause.) Mr. Secretary, thanks for coming. I want to welcome the U.S. Olympic Committee staff; welcome the military personnel who are with us; and welcome the rest of you. (Laughter.)In the coming days, around 600 American athletes will arrive in China for the 29th Olympic Games. You're going to compete in 30 different sports, ranging from soccer to sailing and from judo to gymnastics. Together, the talented men and women of Team USA will represent the great diversity of our country. You come from nearly every state. Some of you are young -- the youngest teammate is a 15-year-old diver -- and some of you are old -- er. (Laughter.) There's a 58-year-old sailor, which gives this 62-year-old mountain biker hope -- (laughter) -- that you may need me in Beijing. (Laughter.)Team USA shows the great power of sports to bring people together -- and there's no sporting event that unites people like the Olympics. All Americans will rally behind you when you compete in Beijing. (Applause.)We will be fascinated by the different stories behind each athlete. We will marvel at your hard work and your discipline. For example, the story of Matt Grevers. Matt seemed like a long shot to qualify for the U.S. team in the 100-meter backstroke. Because his parents are Dutch, the Netherlands tried to recruit Matt to swim for his team -- offering him nearly a certain trip to Beijing. Instead he chose to compete for the U.S. team, and ended up qualifying in both the freestyle and the backstroke. And when he swims in Beijing, it will be as a proud citizen of the ed States of America.Or we think of the story of Lopez Lomong. When Lopez was just six years old, his family had to flee their village in Sudan when it was attacked by the Janjaweed. Lopez was separated from his family, who assumed he was dead. The little boy spent three years -- three days running from the militants, and then ten years in refugee camps. He finally made it to our country as a teenager and his athletic career took off. Earlier this month, Lopez qualified for the Olympics in the 1500 meters. And now the boy who once had to run for his life is a man about to run for gold in Beijing -- representing the ed States of America. (Applause.)We think about Scott Winkler. Scott didn't spend his whole life training to become an elite athlete -- but athletic competition helped give Scott his life back. Scott was an Army specialist serving in Iraq when an accident cost him the use of his legs. He found healing in the Wounded Warrior Project, in his work to mentor young people, and in wheelchair sports. Last month, a magnificent throw earned Scott an American record -- and a spot on the U.S. Paralympic team. And here's the way he put it: "I fought for this country, and now I'd love to win for this country" in Beijing. Scott, we honor your service to our country, we thank you for coming today, and we'll be pulling for you. (Applause.) America's Olympians have two very important things in common: God-given talent, and an appreciation for the hard work required to achieve true excellence. The amazing athletic displays we see on our TV every four years result from the hard work that our athletes put in during the four years. For us, it's a moment; for them it's a moment -- a life of dedication.Olympians don't rest on their laurels -- they wear them. (Laughter.) Being a champion takes character. It also entails responsibility. In Beijing you will convey our nation's most cherished values. As ambassadors of liberty, you will represent America's love for freedom and our regard for human rights and human dignity. You'll represent to other athletes and to the people of China. In Beijing, you'll also represent our nation's character. As ambassadors of goodwill, you will be humble in victory and gracious in defeat. And by showing respect for your competitors, you will demonstrate America's respect for the world.Laura and I look forward to joining you for the Olympics. I'm fired up to go. (Laughter.) I can't wait to salute our athletes, and I can't wait to share in the joy of your triumphs. And so today we send you off with congratulations on the success you have aly achieved, and on the accomplishments we know will be yours in Beijing.May you and your teammates compete "Swifter, Higher and Stronger" in the games. And may God bless you as you represent our wonderful nation. (Applause.)200807/44591看到这个视频,真是被震惊了,马云这个名字太响了,但是对于他的了解也仅仅限于名字以及他的阿里巴巴和淘宝,还有就是他的惊为天人的相貌。所以打开视频看之前一直也没报多大希望,但是看了一会,就被马云的自信、气度、以及熟练地英语所震撼,尤其是演讲中表达的个人的思想。梦想对一个创业者有多么的重要。坚持梦想,才能成功。相信各位朋友看了这个视频肯定也会有所收获。201008/110663Transcript of the Prime Minister's broadcast on Foot and Mouth Disease I want to speak today about the devastating outbreak of foot and mouth disease, to say what we are doing to control and eradicate it, and how everyone can play their part in ensuring this can be achieved as quickly as possible. The situation is indeed grave for British farming. The funeral pyres of farm animals are the worst nightmare for the livestock farmers. And it is not just the financial loss, massive as that is, which is the cause of so much pain for farmers, the heartbreak also comes from all the hard work and planning, often over many years, that has ended with their animals being slaughtered and burned. This also explains why there is such a tremendous feeling of d and anxiety throughout farming, an industry which has suffered difficult times in recent years. I want to offer my sympathy to all those farmers whose livestock has been infected. I also promise them and the wider industry that the government will do what it can to help over this very difficult period. I can also reassure all farmers and the general public that everything possible is being done to contain this disease, to eliminate it, and in the longer term to put in place any new controls needed to prevent it happening again. It is why we imposed the total ban on the movement of livestock last Friday, and have placed exclusion areas around the farms affected. It is likely there will be more cases in animals aly incubating the disease, but we hope however that the controls that have been put in place will prevent the further sp of the disease. I want too to pay tribute to the tremendous efforts of the State Veterinary Service in identifying, tracing and controlling this disease. But for their work we would now be facing an even bigger problem than we are. I also want to thank the farming and livestock industry itself for the way it has reacted to this crisis, for their advice and their co-operation in putting in place the tough controls needed. Everything we have done has been in full consultation with the National Farmers Union. I can understand too why there may be general concern in the public at large. The scenes of burning carcasses on our farms are disturbing. But it is important to remember that foot and mouth disease has no implications for human health or food. But though we are not at direct risk from this disease, we can play a part, unknowingly, in sping it. Foot and mouth disease is a highly infectious virus which can be picked up by us on our boots, clothes and cars and carried many miles. By staying away from farmland, by keeping off any footpaths through or next to farms or open land with livestock, we can help the efforts to eradicate this disease. We are giving local authorities today the power to enforce the temporary closure of footpaths and rights of way, but we hope people will voluntarily stay away in any case. Farmers, of course, are not producers of our food simply, they are also guardians of our countryside. Their hard work and dedication has created and protects the countryside we cherish and enjoy visiting. So by staying away from farmland areas, unless we have good reason, we can show our support for farmers in these difficult times and help contain and then eradicate the disease from Britain as soon as possible. Thank you. 200705/13286

In the coming years, our program for peace and freedom will emphasize four major courses of action.在未来几年,我们的和平自由计划将着重四点。First, we will continue to give unfaltering support to the ed Nations and related agencies,第一,我们将继续坚定不移地持联合国及其有关机构,and we will continue to search for ways to strengthen their authority and increase their effectiveness.继续寻求各种方法来加强这些机构的权威和增加这些机构的效率。We believe that the ed Nations will be strengthened by the new nations which are being formed in lands now advancing toward self-government under democratic principles.今天,不少新的国家正在成立,正在民主原则的指引下向自治方向迈进,我们相信,联合国将因这些新国家而得到加强。Second, we will continue our programs for world economic recovery.第二,我们将继续执行我们制定的世界经济复兴计划。This means, first of all, that we must keep our full weight behind the European recovery program.这意味着我们必须首先全力持欧洲复兴计划。We are confident of the success of this major venture in world recovery.对于世界复兴中这一重大事业的成功,我们充满了信心。We believe that our partners in this effort will achieve the status of self-supporting nations once again.我们相信,通过这项工作,我们的伙伴将再一次取得自给国家的地位。In addition, we must carry out our plans for reducing the barriers to world trade and increasing its volume.此外,我们还必须执行为减少世界贸易壁垒、增加世界贸易额而制定的计划。Economic recovery and peace itself depend on increased world trade.经济复兴与和平本身都取决于世界贸易的增加。Third, we will strengthen freedom-loving nations against the dangers of aggression.第三,我们要加强热爱自由的国家的力量,以抵御侵略的威胁。We are now working out with a number of countries a joint agreement designed to strengthen the security of the North Atlantic area.我们和许多国家一起,正在为增加北大西洋地区的安全面起草一项共同协议。Such an agreement would take the form of a collective defense arrangement within the terms of the ed Nations Charter.这种协议将根据联合国宪章的规定,采取集体防御协定的形式。We have aly established such a defense pact for the Western Hemisphere by the treaty of Rio de Janeiro.我们已经根据里约热内卢公约为西半球建立了这样一个防御同盟。The primary purpose of these agreements is to provide unmistakable proof of the joint determination of the free countries to resist armed attack from any quarter.这些协议的主要目的是明确表示自由国家抵抗来自任何地方的武装进攻的共同决心。Each country participating in these arrangements must contribute all it can to the common defense.参加这些协议的每个国家必须为共同防御贡献出全部力量。If we can make it sufficiently clear, in advance, that any armed attack affecting our national security would be met with overwhelming force, the armed attack might never occur.如果我们能预先充分地表明,任何影响到我们国家安全的武装进攻必将遭到强大的抵抗,那么武装进攻也许就永远不会发生。02/440682

President's Radio Address THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. This week, I gave my official farewell speech to the men and women of America's Armed Forces in a ceremony at Fort Myer, Virginia. For the past eight years, I have had no higher honor than serving as the Commander-in-Chief of these brave patriots. And when Laura and I depart for Texas later this month, we will take with us many inspiring memories of the valor that we have seen these brave Americans display time and again. We saw their valor on September the 11th, 2001, in service members rushing into smoke-filled corridors to save their colleagues at the Pentagon, and in planes patrolling the skies above New York City and Washington D.C. We saw their valor in the days after that attack, when Americans crowded into recruiting centers across our country, raised their hands to serve, and pledged to defend our people and our freedom. We saw their valor in the forces who deployed to Afghanistan within weeks of 9/11, closed down the terrorist training camps, and drove the Taliban from power. We saw their valor in the fearless troops who stormed across the Iraqi desert -- and destroyed a regime that threatened America. We saw their valor in battle-tested warriors who signed up for a second, or third, or fourth tour -- and made the troop surge in Iraq that I announced two years ago today one of the great successes in American military history. America's Armed Forces have liberated more than 50 million people around the world -- and made our Nation safer. They have taken the fight to the terrorists abroad so that we have not had to face them here at home. And the world has seen something that almost no one thought possible: More than seven years after September the 11th, there has not been another terrorist attack on American soil. This is no coincidence. In addition to our military, many other Americans have worked tirelessly to ensure our safety in the years since 9/11. Law enforcement officials have worked to secure our country and remained watchful against future attacks. Intelligence analysts have tracked information that allowed us to disrupt terrorist plots before they reached our shores. And homeland security agents have worked to secure our ports, our borders, and our skies. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of these patriots. Because of their devotion to service, many Americans live their lives without the fear and uncertainty that they felt in the days just after 9/11. This continued safety has been a blessing -- but we must never allow it to foster complacency. America still faces sworn enemies intent on striking our Nation and our people. And we must remain vigilant for as long as that threat remains. I know that our men and women in uniform have remained vigilant. These Americans answer the call to defend freedom when it is under attack. They put their lives on the line to defend democracy and keep our country safe. And they inspire a Nation with their selflessness and their courage. I am proud to have served as their Commander-in-Chief. Thank you for listening. 01/60807

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