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A girl in Kenya who was forced to marry a man old enough to be her grandfather when she was only nine years old has been freed after four years of hell.肯尼亚一名九岁女孩被迫嫁给祖父级男子。四年后,该女孩成功逃跑。Younis, 13, who is part of the Samburu tribe, was married off by her parents in accordance to tribal custom, which also includes female genital mutilation and offering girls to male relatives for sex. She was forced to live with the 78-year-old man for four years until she escaped and walked barefoot to a boarding school for girls called the Samburu Girls Foundation.尤尼斯今年13岁,在肯尼亚桑布鲁部落长大。根据部落习俗,她的父母帮她包办婚姻。其中还包括进行女子割礼,同家族中的男性同房。她被迫与自己78岁的丈夫生活了四年。之后,她赤脚逃到了桑布鲁女孩基金会的寄宿学校。Explaining her harrowing and heartbreaking tale, Younis told CNN: #39;When I was about nine years old, my father married me off to an old man who was 78 years old#39; #39;He told me that I will be a wife but I was just innocent, I wanted to come to school. But that man wanted me to be a third wife. I told him, I will not be your wife, and he caned me.#39;尤尼斯向CNN记者讲述了自己令人唏嘘的经历:“当我9岁的时候,我的父亲把我嫁给了一个78岁的男人。” “他告诉我,我将会成为他的妻子。但是我还小,我只想去学校读书。但是那个男人让我做他的妻子,我说我不愿意,他就用拐杖打我。”Luckily for Younis and around 200 other girls across Kenya, the Samburu Girls Foundation offered her a way out.幸运的是,尤尼斯和其他200名肯尼亚女孩都在桑布鲁女孩基金会的帮助下顺利逃脱。She said: #39;I heard that there is a woman who helps children. #39;I came from Baragoi barefoot, I didn#39;t even have shoes that day. I came to Maralal. Kulea took me to the children#39;s office, she rescued me.#39;她说:“我听说这里的女人们可以帮助我们.我赤脚从家里走来,我那天都没有穿鞋。我找到了马拉拉尔,库拉尔把我带到了办公室,她解救了我。”Run by Josephine Kulea, the foundation takes in girls who have been disowned by their families and helps them deal with the trauma of forced genital mutilation or any other horrific events they have suffered.基金会的创始人约瑟芬库·拉尔收留这些被家庭遗弃的女孩子们,帮她们治疗割礼留下的心理创伤和其他阴影。Josephine, who is also part of the Samburu tribe, said: #39;I realised we are the only ones doing FGM, female genital mutilation, the other communities are not doing it.约瑟芬也是桑布鲁部落的人,她说:“我意识到我们是唯一在做女子基金的人,我们帮助女孩在割礼后抚平她们的阴影,再没有第二家像我们这样的群体了。”#39;I came to realise that there are things that are not right and I need to make a difference, that#39;s how I started rescuing girls.#39;#39;我认识到有些事是错误的,我必须要改变。之后我就开始帮助这些女孩子们。#39;Early marriage is illegal in Kenya but Josephine explained that people within the Samburu community were not pleased that she was rescuing girls from forced unions.在肯尼亚,早婚是违法的。但是亚瑟分解释说,在桑布鲁地区,从包办婚姻中救出这些女孩是不被认可的。She said: #39;Growing up from this community, everyone looks at me like, #39;You should be like us, you should not be fighting us. #39;It#39;s a risk for me but I still give it a go.#39;她说:#39;在这种群体中长大,所有人都觉得我应该像他们一样,而不是对抗他们。#39; #39;这对于我来说是一场冒险,但是我必须要尝试。#39;While Younis#39; story is shocking unfortunately it is not a rare one. Josephine#39;s first rescue was one that involved members of her own family.尤尼斯的故事虽然震惊,但并不是独一份。约瑟芬早期曾救出自己的两个表。She said: #39;My first rescue was my two cousins. One was 10 years old and she was the one getting married; most of the time in my community, when the girl is getting married young, that is when they undergo female circumcision.她说,我的第一次救援就是我的两个。一个才10岁,就要结婚了。大部分情况下,如果一个女孩接受了割礼,那么她就要结婚了。#39;I was alerted that she was going to get married, so I went and rescued her, and after I rescued her I took her to school. #39;Two days later I get a call and I#39;m told there was a wedding in that village, and I#39;m like, #39;I have the girl, so who got married?#39; They said it was the little sister who was seven years old - they replaced her because the cows were here and any girl had to go.#39;#39;所以,我觉察到她可能要结婚了。所以我把她就出来,带到了学校。#39; #39;两天后,我听说村里要举行婚礼。我想我把女孩都带走了,你跟谁结婚呢?结果发现是我另外一个7岁的表。他们把她作为替补,原因是牛都收了,随便嫁一个女儿就行。#39;Beading is also another tribal custom Kulea and her team are fighting to rescue girls from.串珠子是另一个约瑟芬不能接受的部落习俗,他们要把女孩从这个习俗中解放出来。The tradition involves girls being bought by members of the same clan for sex before they are married. The more beads a girl has around her neck the more it will cost the man.这个传统是在女孩子结婚之前可以卖给同族的男性进行同房,女孩子脖子上的珠子越多,价格越贵。Josephine explained how she was in contact with worried Samburu mothers who want to protect their daughters from being beaded, one of whom was only seven years old.约瑟芬解释道,之前一位桑布鲁母亲想找她帮忙,保护自己7岁的女儿免受这种痛苦。Despite so much suffering, Josephine is optimistic about the future, she said: #39; There is hope. And I know when we take more kids to school in future there will be a difference in my community.#39;尽管诸多波折,但是约瑟芬始终乐观。她说:“希望是有的,只要部落中有更多的孩子去上学,就会有很大改变。” /201510/403485Five paintings by British artist Francis Bacon worth an estimated 30m euros have been stolen from the Madrid home of their owner, El Pais reported on last Sunday.西班牙大报《乡村报》上周日报道,英国艺术家弗朗西斯·培根价值预计达3000万欧元的5幅画在马德里一收藏家的住所内失窃。Sources close to the investigation said the theft appeared to have been a highly-professional operation which took place while the owner was away, with the perpetrators disabling the alarm system.据接近该案件调查的消息人士透露,窃贼似乎非常专业,他们趁主人外出时行窃,并关闭了警报装置。The thieves, who left no trace of their handiwork, had tracked the owner#39;s movements to ensure he did not return to his apartment to catch them red-handed, they said.消息人士表示,这些窃贼没有留下任何痕迹,并曾经跟踪过主人的行踪,以此确保主人不会在返回住所的时候当场抓住他们。El Pais ed the sources as saying the artwork, comprising portraits and landscapes, was stolen last June. It was not immediately clear why news of the theft was not made public until now. It was also unclear exactly which paintings were involved, but one contemporary art specialist told the paper they would be extremely difficult to sell.《乡村报》引用消息来源称,失窃画作中既有人物肖像也有风景画。该案件发生在去年6月,但为什么案情直至近日才对外公布,目前还不得而知。目前也还不清楚哪些画作被盗,但是一位当代艺术专家告诉该报称,这些盗贼很难转手卖掉这些画。;It is not at all easy to sell a Francis Bacon.; said the expert, speaking on condition of anonymity. The owner of the paintings was a close friend of Bacon, the paper said.一位不愿透露姓名的专家表示:“出售弗兰西斯·培根的作品可不是件容易的事情。” 根据该报报道,这些画作的主人是培根生前的密友。Irish-born Bacon died in Madrid in 1992 aged 82 and his expressionist-surrealist works, which are often raw and emotional, remain hugely sought after.培根是生于爱尔兰的英国画家,他于1992年在马德里去世,享年82岁。他的超现实主义作品往往是原始的、感性的,直到现在仍然备受追捧。 /201603/432262

The Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period春秋战国时期The Contention of a Hundred Schools of Thought争鸣As an era of great cultural and intellectual expansion in China, the Hundred Schools of Thought (诸子)lasted from 770 to 222 .作为中国历史上一个文化与智慧迅速扩展的时代,诸子始于公元前770年,终于公元前222年。Known as the Golden Age of Chinese thought and the Contention of a Hundred Schools of Thought (争鸣),the period saw the rise of many different schools of thought.这个时代被誉为中国思想的黄金时期和争鸣的时期,它见了不同思想学派的兴起。Many of the great Chinese classic texts that originated during this period have had profound influences on Chinese lifestyle and social consciousness lasting to the present day.不少起源于这个时代的中国古典著作直到今日对中国人的生活方式和社会意识还有着深远的影响。The intellectual society of this era was characterized by itinerant intellectuals, who were usually employed by various state rulers as advisers on the methods of government, war, and diplomacy.这个时代的知识型社会以流动的智者为特征,这些智者被不同国家的君主任用为顾问,针对治国之道、治军之道和外交手段提出建议。Confucianism (儒家思想)is the body of thought that has arguably had the most enduring effect on Chinese life.儒家思想可能是对于国人生活最具有长远影响的本体思想。Also known as the School of the Scholars, its written legacy lies in the Confucian Classics, which later became the foundation of the traditional society.它还被称为学者学派,其文学遗产存在于儒家典籍中,这些典籍为传统社会奠定了基础。The representative of this thought is Confucius (孔子),he believed that the only effective system of government necessitated prescribed relationships for each individual: “Let the ruler be a ruler and the subject a subject.”这种思想的代表人物是孔子,他坚信政府唯一行之有效的体制必然是个体之间明确规定的关系:“君君,臣臣”。Furthermore, he contended that a king must be virtuous in order to rule property.除此之外,他主张君主以仁治国。Mencius (孟子) was a Confucian disciple who made major contributions to the sp of humanism in Confucian thought, declaring that man, by nature, was inherently good.孟子是孔子的弟子,他为儒家思想中人道的传播做出了主要贡献,宣扬“人性本善”。He argued that a ruler could not govern without the people;s tacit consent, and that the penalty for unpopular, despotic rule was the loss of the “mandate of heaven”.他认为一位君主不可能脱离人民的默许而治理国家,而不得人心的惩罚与暴虐的管理是“天命”的缺失。Another Confucian follower was Xun Zi (荀子)who preached that man is innately selfish and evil,孔子的另一位继承者是荀子,宣扬“人性本恶”,he asserted that goodness is attainable only through education and conduct befitting one;s status.他坚称教育是唯一能够获得仁善的渠道,而后天的环境会影响人的仁善。He also argued that the best form of government is one based on authoritarian control, and that ethics is irrelevant in the context of effective rule.他还认为国家治理最好的形式应建立在专治管理之上,仁义道德与有效统治的环境没有关系。Legalism (法家思想)greatly influenced the philosophical basis for the imperial form of government.法家思想深刻地影响了国家管理形式的哲学基础。During the Han Dynasty, the most practical elements of Confucianism and Legalism were taken to form a sort of synthesis, marking the creation of a new form of government that would remain largely intact until the late 19th century.在汉代,儒家思想和法家思想中最实用的元素被结合起来,创造了一种政府管理的新模式,这种模式一直被完整保留到19世纪末期。As the second most significant stream of Chinese thought, the Zhou period also saw the development of Taoism (道家思想).中国同样见了国学思想中第二主要的流派——道家思想的发展。Its formulation is often attributed to the legendary sage Lao Zi (老子)and Zhuang Zi (庄子).它由传说中的圣人老子和庄子所构建。The focus of Taoism is on the individual within the natural realm rather than the individual within society;道家思想的核心在于自然境界中的个人而不是社会中的个人。according to Taoism, the goal of life for each individual is to seek to adjust oneself and adapt to the rhythm of the natural world, to follow the Way of the universe, to live in harmony.根据道家思想,每个人的生活目标应该是调整自我来适应自然世界的节奏,顺应宇宙的模式,和谐生活。The school of Mohism (墨家思想)was founded upon the doctrine of Mozi (墨子).墨家学派是基于墨子思想而创立的。Though the school did not survive through the Qin Dynasty, Mohism was seen as a major rival of Confucianism in the period of the Hundred Schools of Thought.尽管这个学派在秦朝没有得以发展,墨家思想仍被认为是争鸣学派中儒家思想的主要竞争对手。Its philosophy rested on the idea of universal love: Mozi believed that “all men are equal before heaven”, and that mankind should seek to imitate heaven by engaging in the practice of collective love.它的理论在于“兼爱”的思想。墨子相信“人人平等”,认为人们应该通过兼爱来模仿天志。His epistemology can be regarded as primitive materialist empiricism; he believed that our cognition ought to be based on our perceptions—our sensory experiences, such as sight and hearing—instead of imagination or internal logic, elements founded on our capacity for abstraction.他的理论可以被看作是最原始的唯物主义。他相信我们的认知应该建立在我们的感觉,也就是我们的感官体验例如视觉和听觉上,而不应该建立在想象、内在联系或是以抽象概念为基础的元素上。In a word, the scene of “contention of a hundred schools of thought” brought forth in the Spring and Autumn Period 2 500 years ago and the Warring States Period over 2 200 years ago and the emergence of various schools of thought and their exponents such as Lao Zi and Confucius about 2400 years ago all occupy a very important position in the world history of philosophy.总而言之,“争鸣”的景象出现在2500年前的春秋时期和2200年前的战国时期。2400年前,诸子的出现以及他们的倡导者老子和孔子都在世界哲学史的发展过程中占据了重要地位。 /201509/397298

An incredible gran is bringing movies to life - and, better still, you can eat them.一个不可思议的老太太把电影做活了,更妙的是,她做的东西可以吃。Carole Gregory, a talented artist, creates astonishingly detailed cakes by transforming her favourite blockbuster films into sweet, spongy masterpieces.卡萝尔#8226;格雷戈里是个有才华的艺术家,她擅长把喜爱的电影元素融入香甜松软的蛋糕,制出精巧无比的艺术之作。The 68-year-old, from Rugeley, Staffs, has crafted jaw-dropping cakes featuring Yoda from Star Wars and Predator, from just sponge and icing.这位68岁的老太太来自英格兰斯塔福郡鲁吉利镇。她已经以电影《星球大战》系列中的尤达大师以及《铁血战士》为主题,仅靠海绵蛋糕和糖衣,就制出了令人瞠目结舌的艺术蛋糕。Brilliant baker Carole decided to take on a new challenge after watching one of her favourite flicks and has been inundated with requests from family and friends.卡萝尔是个才华横溢的面包师。看过最喜欢的电影后,她总会进行新挑战,家人和朋友们的请求也令她应接不暇。Carole said: ;I love a new challenge, even though I#39;ve made thousands of cakes over the years, I#39;ve found making film cakes as a hobby the most fun - it#39;s been great putting movies into the mix!卡萝尔说:“我喜欢新挑战,虽然多年来已经做了成千上万个蛋糕,我还是觉得把电影蛋糕当作业余爱好其乐无穷,在蛋糕中融入电影实在感觉太棒啦!;It makes a change from the usual wedding, birthday, or christening cakes that I#39;m used to and the reception I#39;ve had from friends and family has been amazing.“这不同于我平时习惯做的婚礼、生日或洗礼蛋糕,朋友和家人们的好评简直令我受宠若惊。;They can take me anything from a few hours to days at a time to create depending on how big I decide to make them.“做蛋糕需要的时间从几小时到数天不等,这取决于我想做多大的蛋糕。;Baking the sponge is the easy part but then moulding it into shape and doing the fine details to make the cake come to life is challenging.“烤海绵蛋糕比较容易,但随后的塑形、做栩栩如生的细节就很有挑战性了。;The Predator cake has got the best response so far, everyone#39;s going mad over it and it#39;s been viewed over 10,000 times online now.“目前,《铁血战士》蛋糕得到的好评最高,大家都超喜欢这款,网上的点击率已经上万。;Now I#39;m thinking about what I can do to top it.;“现在我考虑的是怎样才能超越这款。”Carole a grandma-of-four, and great-gran-of-two, has always been artistic and has been in the baking business for over 30 years.卡萝尔已有四个孙儿,两个曾孙,她一直很有艺术天分,在烘焙这一行已经做了30多年。The avid baker now makes the cakes with her husband of 20 years, Richard, 50, and the duo can create anything from two to thirty cakes a week.这位狂热的面包师现在和丈夫一起做蛋糕,她和现年50岁的丈夫理查德已经结婚二十年。什么要求的蛋糕两人都能做,一周可以做出二到三十个蛋糕。Richard does all of the structural work while Carole spends hours on the finer details - making people double-take the amazing creations.理查德负责蛋糕塑形,卡萝尔则花数小时来完善细节,制出的蛋糕令人忍不住多看几眼。Carole said: ;We make a great team, over the years my cakes have become more and more popular so an extra pair of hands in the kitchen is great.卡萝尔说:“我们配合得很好,多年来我的蛋糕越来越受欢迎,所以说厨房里有个帮手真的很棒。;We have such a close family so it goes without saying I#39;d do anything for them, including all of their birthday, wedding, and cakes for any occasion really.“我们家人之间很亲密,所以不用说我也愿意为他们做任何事情,包括生日、婚礼以及任何其他场合的蛋糕。;People often ask if I#39;ve ever got bored or wanted to do anything else but I#39;m an artist and I wouldn#39;t change my job for the world.“人们常常问我是否会厌烦做蛋糕,或者想干别的,但我是个艺术家,我不会为任何事换工作。;Our favourite all-time cake is my #39;All you need is love#39; cake, we can adapt and change it but everyone#39;s always blown away by it.“我们最喜欢的、所有场合皆宜的蛋糕是‘你只需要爱#39;主题蛋糕,我们偶尔会改动一下,但它总能艳惊四座。;The most difficult one#39;s to make are the wonky cakes, you have to balance them just right.;“最难做的是‘摇晃蛋糕#39;,制作时必须平衡得恰到好处。”Carole never makes two cakes the same as they all vary in flavour, shape and size depending on what individuals have asked for.卡萝尔从不把同款蛋糕做两遍,她总会根据客人需求变换一下口味、形状和大小。She said: ;People come to me with ideas and visions and I do my best to make them as accurate as possible.她说:“人们来找我时总有自己的想法和希望,我会尽可能准确地再现这些东西。;One of the cakes people are mad for at the minute are the wedding cakes which are divided into two.“现在特别受欢迎的是一款可以一分为二的婚礼蛋糕。;They#39;re pretty and traditional from the front, but completely out there and different at the back.“这款蛋糕的正面既好看又传统,但背面却是另一番景象。;We aren#39;t your usual gran and grandad though, we#39;re often out on our motorbikes or at rock nights in our spare time.“不过,我们可不像普通的爷爷奶奶,我们经常骑着托车出去玩,空闲时间还会跳跳摇滚舞。;Some of my favourite cakes are ones covered in skulls which are a bit more daring, especially when brides and grooms go for them.“我最喜欢的蛋糕中有些是头骨外形,这种设计很大胆,尤其是作为婚礼蛋糕。;I#39;m looking forward to my next challenge, and continuing my hobby - I definitely won#39;t be retiring any time soon.;“我很期待下一个挑战,而且我的爱好会持续下去——我绝对不会老早退休。” /201510/401866All Coca-Cola wanted to do was to wish consumers a happy new year, but instead it ended up stirring anger in two markets, Russia and Ukraine, over the disputed territory of Crimea. The Ukrainian Black Sea peninsula was annexed by Moscow in March 2014 and remains a trigger issue in the Russian-Ukrainian crisis today.可口可乐希望将新年快乐传达给消费者,但是却在俄罗斯和乌克兰这两个市场引起愤怒,这一切都是因为克里米亚这片争议领土。乌克兰黑海半岛于2014年3月并入俄罗斯,至今仍是俄罗斯乌克兰危机中的一个一触即发的问题。In a new year#39;s message on VK, the most popular Russian social media network, Coca-Cola published a map of Russia that did not include Crimea.俄罗斯最受欢迎的社交媒体网络VK传达了一条新年广告,可口可乐发布了一张不包括克里米亚在内的俄罗斯地图。Faced with barrage of criticism from Russian users of VK, it published the map again on Tuesday, this time including Crimea, and apologised. The new map also included the Kuril Islands, the western Pacific archipelago that Moscow seized in 1945 from Japan.面对VK上俄罗斯网民排山倒海的指责,可口可乐昨日重新发布了一张地图,这次包括了克里米亚,并进行了道歉。新地图还包括莫斯科于1945年从日本夺取的西太平洋群岛的千岛群岛。But by including Crimea, Coca-Cola unleashed a firestorm in Ukraine, where demands for a boycott of the soft drink got under way. On Tuesday, the corporation threw in the towel and simply dropped the New Year#39;s message. ;Dear friends! Thank you for your attention. It has been decided to delete the item which caused the upset,; Coca-Cola#39;s Ukrainian subsidiary said on Facebook.但是加入克里米亚的行为又惹怒了乌克兰,该国抵制可口可乐的要求已经开始进行。周二,可口可乐自认倒霉并撤下这则新年广告。可口可乐乌克兰子公司在脸书上写道:;亲爱的朋友们,感谢你们的关注,我们决定删除这条引发混乱的广告。;Late Tuesday Coca-Cola#39;s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia issued a statement apologizing for the issue but blaming an outside agency. ;The Coca-Cola Russia team had a stylized map of Russia created as part of its Christmas campaign. The agency that created the map later made changes without our knowledge or approval,; the company said. ;We, as a company, do not take political positions unrelated to our business, and we apologize for the post, which we have removed.;上周二,可口可乐位于佐治亚州亚特兰大市的总部,对此事件发表了声明进行道歉,但是同时却责怪了一个局外者。该公司称:;可口可乐俄罗斯团队有一张固定的俄罗斯地图,作为圣诞节活动的一部分,绘制这个地图的机构没有告知我们,也没有经过我们的同意进行了修改。我们作为一家公司,在对于与我们业务无关的问题上,不持政治立场,我们为这条广告道歉,并且已经删除。; /201601/420882What would make a smoker more likely to quit, a big reward for succeeding or a little penalty for failing? That is what researchers wanted to know when they assigned a large group of CVS employees, their relatives and friends to different smoking cessation programs.想让吸烟者戒烟,是对戒烟成功大加奖励还是对戒烟失败小施惩戒更加有效?为了搞清楚这个问题,研究人员让CVS药店的一大群员工及其亲朋好友接受了不同的戒烟方案。The answer offered a surprising insight into human behavior. Many more people agreed to sign up for the reward program, but once they were in it, only a small share actually quit smoking. A far smaller number agreed to risk the penalty, but those who did were twice as likely to quit.他们得到的展示了人类行为中令人惊讶的一面。有很多人都愿意参加奖励方案,但在加入之后,真正戒了烟的人寥寥无几。而在同意冒险尝试惩罚方案的那一小部分人当中,成功戒烟的可能性却是前者的两倍。The trial, which was described in The New England Journal of Medicine on Wednesday, was the largest yet to test whether offering people financial incentives could lead to better health. It used theories about human decision making that have been developed in psychology and economics departments over several decades and put them into practice with more than 2,500 people who either worked at CVS Caremark, the country#39;s largest drugstore chain by sales, or were friends or relatives of those employees.这项试验于5月13日发表在《新英格兰医学杂志》上,它是迄今为止规模最大的一项以测试经济奖励能否改善人们健康为目的的研究。该试验采用了心理学和经济学部门在近几十年来建立起来的人类决策理论,并将其应用于美国最大的连锁药店CVS Caremark公司的员工及其朋友或亲戚。合计参与人数超过了2500人。Researchers found that offering incentives was far more effective in getting people to stop smoking than the traditional approach of giving free smoking cessation help, such as counseling or nicotine replacement therapy like gum, medication or patches. But they also found that requiring a 0 deposit that would be lost if the person failed to stay off cigarettes for six months nearly doubled the chances of success.研究人员发现,与传统的戒烟方法,即通过各种方式免费帮人戒烟(如提供咨询,使用口香糖、药物或贴片等尼古丁替代疗法)相比,提供奖励的效果要好得多。但他们也发现,如果要求参与者交150美元保金,且告知他们在6个月内无法戒烟就拿不回保金,戒烟的成功率几乎可以翻一番。“Adding a bit of a stick was much better than a pure carrot,” said Dr. Scott Halpern, deputy director of the Center for Health Incentives and Behavioral Economics at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, who led the study.该研究的负责人,宾夕法尼亚大学医学院健康激励和行为经济学研究中心副主任斯科特·哈尔彭士说:“胡萝卜加一点大棒的效果比纯用胡萝卜更好。”The finding is likely to get the attention of large companies as they sort out what types of benefits to offer employees in an era of rising health care costs. Most large employers, which bear much of those costs, now offer incentives for health-promoting behavior in the form of employee wellness programs, but until now, they have had little evidence of what types of programs actually work to guide them.在这个医疗费用不断上涨的时代,上述发现很可能会引起那些正在考虑该为自己的员工提供何种福利待遇的大公司的关注。大多数大型用人单位承担着员工医疗费用的绝大部分,他们现在多以员工保健计划的形式来激励促进健康的行为,但到目前为止,还没有多少据能实哪种方案可以真正有效地指导他们。And even a small decline could have a big health effect. Smoking is the largest cause of preventable death in the ed States. Diseases linked to it kill more than 480,000 Americans a year.在美国,吸烟是可预防性死亡的首要原因。每年因吸烟相关疾病致死的美国人超过48万人。因此,哪怕是吸烟率的小小降低也将带来巨大的健康效应。 /201510/405408

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