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As top American swimmers compete for a spot in the Beijing Olympics, another fight is threatening to overshadow the action in the water. N’s Leanne Gregg reports. (more) It’s been said that clothes make the man, but can a suit make the swimmer? That’s the question at the US Olympic swimming trials today in Omaha, Nebraska. A revolutionary new swimsuit has been getting as much attention as the athletes wearing them. N`s Leanne Gregg has our story.At the US swimming trials in Omaha, more than the athletes are making a splash, it’s all about what they are wearing.“When I put that suit on, I had all best thumbs".That suit is a LZR, Speedo's new racer that took more than 3 years and millions of dollars to develop.“You know, it’s faster, the swimmers love it.”Tested by NASA, the suits designed to reduce drag with bounded seams and fabric that compresses the body.“Speedo claims its suit is working, so far this year, from swimmers wearing the LZR, at least 38 world records are counted.”Prompting some international competitors to compare the LZR with technological doping.“Clearlessly, we'd like to think it's Speedo. We are working as hard to make a suit faster, as the swimmers and coaches are in the pool to make the swimmer faster.”“we start pulling the back and come down to major…… ” Another swimsuit maker claims its suits are breaking records too.“I broke the American record in the 200 butterfly in this suit.”TYR says it has one of the best hi-tech racers in the market.“You can take in two different path to the same stop, and we have both achieved a lot of success so far.”So many athletes are wearing the LZR that TYR filed a lawsuit claiming Speedo with help from USA Swimming has an unfair advantage over other swimsuit makers, something the sports governing body and Speedo denies. It’s a new era of swimsuits, that began with Australian Ian Thorpe, who won five medals at the Sydney Games while wearing a full body suit. He wore one again for more Olympic glory in Athens, so did Michael Phelps, who plans to wear a LZR during the trials.“I have a nonsuit question, sorry.”“You are now my favorite.”But for many swimmers, it's not about the suit.“I might just reach to my backpack, and whatever I grab out, that’s what I might wear.”And most are hoping the attention on swimsuits will not overshadow those winning in the water.Leanne Gregg, N News, Omaha, Nebraska.200812/58522Brown-headed cowbirds are robin-sized black birds whose range covers most of North America. From a people’s point of view cowbirds are what we might call deadbeat parents. Cowbirds lay their eggs in the nests of other bird species, and the cowbird nestlings are raised by the foster parents. Since the cowbirds spend their formative months with birds of an entirely different species which has separate habits, songs, etc., “How does a cowbird know it’s a cowbird?” A good question, since singing the right songs and making the right moves are essential to establishing territory and attracting mates, it’s vital that one do these things right. One would think that the cowbird’s behavior would be “hardwired”, that it would just know what it is. But work done by Meredith West and her colleagues has shown that this is not the case.【生词注释】cowbird n.北美产的燕八哥robin-sized 知更鸟般大小的deadbeat a.游手好闲的formative a.影响发展的territory n.领地hardwired adj.天生的棕头色的燕八哥是知更鸟般大小的黑鸟,它便不再北美的大部分地区。在人们看来,燕八哥是游手好闲的父母。它将蛋缠在其他鸟类的我中,幼鸟是由其他鸟类养育的。因为燕八哥在发育阶段是和完全不同种类的鸟在一起生活,那些鸟的习惯和叫声都不一样。“燕八哥如何知道那是燕八哥吗?问得好,因为适当的叫声和合适的动作对于建立领地和吸引配偶来说都是基本的。燕八哥能正确地做这些事很重要。人们可能认为燕八哥的行为是“天生的”, 燕八哥天生就知道该如何做。但是Meredith West和同事的研究表明事实并不是这样。 201110/156432Rice Says Decision on Opening Mission in Iran to Be Left to Obama Administration赖斯:由奥巴马决定设伊朗代表处 Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Wednesday the Bush administration supports the idea of opening a U.S. diplomatic "interests section" in Iran. But she says the press of other matters delayed action on the issue, and that the decision will now be left to the incoming Barack Obama administration. 美国国务卿赖斯星期三说,布什政府持在伊朗设立美国外交“利益代表处”的主意。不过,赖斯表示,其它事情的紧迫性推迟了在这项工作的进度,因此这个决定现在要由即将上任的巴拉克.奥巴马政府实行。There have been news reports for several months that the Bush administration was considering opening a diplomatic mission in Iran, and Rice confirmed at her news conference Wednesday that President Bush made a decision in principle to do so some time ago. 几个月来一直有新闻报导说,布什政府正在考虑在伊朗开设外交代表处,赖斯星期三在记者会上实了这一消息,她说,布什总统曾经在原则上作出决定这样做。But the Secretary of State says the Russia-Georgia crisis in August and other issues intervened to delay implementation. She says that now with only two months left in the Bush administration the matter will be left to President-elect Obama. 不过,赖斯国务卿说,8月发生的俄罗斯和格鲁吉亚冲突等问题耽搁了这一决定的实施。她说,鉴于目前布什政府还剩下两个月就要卸任,因此这件事情要留待当选总统奥巴马来完成。Despite the lack of U.S. Iranian diplomatic relations, Tehran has operated an interests section in Washington for several years, technically part of the embassy of Pakistan. 尽管美国和伊朗之间没有外交关系,但是德黑兰几年来在华盛顿开办了一个外交利益办事处,在名义上是巴基斯坦使馆从属部门。U.S. officials have said Iran would not have a strong case to oppose the setting up of a similar U.S. mission in Tehran, which would issue visas for Iranians traveling to the ed States and conduct people-to-people outreach programs. 美国官员曾经表示,伊朗没有充足的理由反对美国在德黑兰设立同样的代表处,该代表处的工作是向前往美国的伊朗人发放签,开展人际交流项目。Rice told reporters President Bush decided to support an interests section in the context of a firm U.S. policy confronting Iranian nuclear ambitions, aggressive actions in the Middle East and political repression at home. But she said the necessary contacts with Iran on the issue never began because of the press of other business. 赖斯对记者说,布什总统决定持在德黑兰设立外交利益代表处的前提是美国坚决反对伊朗的核野心,反对它在中东的侵略行径以及在国内实行的政治压制。但是赖斯说,由于其它事务的紧迫性,美国跟伊朗一直没有就在德黑兰设立代表处的事宜开始进行必要的接触。"Frankly, at the point at which we most likely would have done it, we were right in the middle of the Georgia-Russia conflict, and then a number of other international events I think just made it difficult to do," Rice said."And so I think that within the context of a firm policy toward Iran, something that reaches out to the Iranian people is very important, and you rightly say that eyes on the ground is also very valuable. But it is awfully important that it be understood that the constituency here is not the Iranian regime, but the Iranian people." 赖斯说:“坦率地说,在我们本该最有可能完成这件事某段时间里,但我们却不得不忙于应对格鲁吉亚和俄罗斯的冲突。我认为,接着发生的若干国际事件又让我们无法顾及它。因此,我认为在我们对伊朗的坚定政策的框架内努力接触伊朗人民是非常重要的,你有理由这样说:着眼于这一基本问题也是非常有价值的。但是,我们应该认识到我们的持者不是伊朗政权而是伊朗人民,这点尤为重要。”Rice said the State Department has done internal work on how a Tehran interests section would function but said that "at this late moment" it is better that the decision to proceed be left to the next administration. 赖斯说,在美国驻德黑兰外交利益代表处的职责方面,美国国务院已经完成了内部的工作,不过她表示,既然这项工作已经耽搁了,因此由下届政府进一步执行这个决定比较好。The ed States and Iran have not had diplomatic relations since after Iran's 1979 Islamic Revolution, when Iranian student activists took over the U.S. embassy in Tehran and held many staff officials hostage for more than a year.Diplomats of the two countries have interacted at multi-lateral meetings in recent years, including a Geneva meeting in July when Under-Secretary of State William Burns was part of a big-power meeting with Iran's nuclear negotiator. 近年来,两国外交官员在各种多边会议上进行互动,其中包括国务次卿伯恩斯7月跟伊朗核谈判代表一道在日内瓦出席一个大国会议时有过的接触。200811/57307

Th House of Channel When arts meet the high fasion world... Now do when exhibit work art meets the highest fashion world the house of Channel is celebrating its signature ed handbag with an art exhibition traveling all over the globe. The show kicks three weeks to assemble. Currently is in New York central park. Considered only stop in US and recanting when to check it out.Hey, Hollywood!For the shriek women of Sex and City, Channel purses are a must have. And now in the city where the famous double C symbols, the Mac of all handbags exhibits has landed. This unique design may look like a spaceship but it is actually a traveling pavilion filled with contemporary artwork. All work is inspired by Channel's quilted-style chain handbag first make famous in 1955. Some of the exhibits are obscure like this that shows handbags being used as target practice. Inside these cardboard boxes, naked men and women are lining up for the bags. Other pieces are more vintager now with the signature quilting. This is a replica of cocas of original stereo case. Tell me what you thought about the exhibit.You know, I wasn’t expecting such a sense of wonderments. I think that the Channel brand, you know, it’s so proper yet, it has so much like mistaken, sex appeals. Make you wanna buy a Channel bag?Reminded me that I cannot afford to buy a Channel bag.It’s really interesting when you think about \ temporary art and advertising have been coming close together over the last, you know, several decades and this was, it seems very in that vein. The 7500 square foot pavilion was designed by renowned London architect Zaha Hadid and packs up into 51 containers that can be transported and put back together like a jigsaw puzzle. And just like a jag settling laundry bag, the traveling exhibit \ will be heading next to London, Moscow and Paris. Andre Cannon, A news, New York.200811/56041

Obama Builds Diverse Coalition in Victory奥巴马扩大了民主党的选民基础In the aftermath of Tuesday's U.S. presidential election, many Democrats believe Barack Obama's convincing victory could set the stage for a political realignment that could benefit the party for years to come. 这次美国总统大选的结果,让许多民主党人相信巴拉克.奥巴马令人信的胜利,将导致美国政治舞台上出现新的整合,并将让民主党受益许多年。President-elect Obama won 52 percent of the popular vote, the largest share for a Democrat since Lyndon Johnson won in 1964. 总统当选人奥巴马赢得了百分之52的普选票数,民主党自从1964年的林登.约翰逊之后,再没获得过这么大的胜利。But more importantly, Obama expanded Democratic support among key voter groups including Hispanic-Americans, women, young people and suburbanites. 但更重要的是,奥巴马拓展了持民主党的关键选民族群,包括拉美裔、女性、年轻人以及居住在郊区的人。Democratic pollster Stanley Greenberg has been examining who voted for Obama in the election and why. 民主党民调专家斯坦利.格林伯格考察了在大选中投票给奥巴马的人,并且提出原因。"Latino, African-American, Asian, the diverse country that is increasingly diverse from the lowest ages up, and which helped give us this new politics," he said. "It is not an identity politics. It is a new diverse country that is rallying the kind of message and leadership that Obama represented and the Democratic Party has represented in these elections." “拉美裔、非洲裔、亚裔,从新生儿到老人,我们国家日趋多元化,而这中情况促成了这片新政局。这并不是操弄族群认同的政治。这是一个新的多元国家,团结在奥巴马以及民主党在这些选举当中所代表的讯息与领导之下。”Tom DeFrank, who has covered U.S. elections for decades and is the Washington bureau chief of the New York Daily News, says Republicans should take note of Obama's winning coalition."He really expanded the map for the Democrats, and that is something that Republicans, who are licking their wounds, have got to really think about hard between now and 2012," he said.The makeup of the U.S. electorate has dramatically changed over the past several decades. 过去几十年来,美国的选民结构有戏剧性的变化。In the 1976 presidential election, about 90 percent of those who voted were white. In this year's election, only about 74 percent were white, an indication of the growing strength of minority voters. 在1976年的总统大选当中,有大约百分之90的投票者是白人。在今年的选举当中,白人的比率只剩下百分之74,这显示出少数族裔选民的成长。Exit polls show Obama won roughly two-thirds of the Hispanic vote, a growing force with the U.S. electorate. 对投票后选民的调查显示,奥巴马赢得大约三分之二的拉美裔选票。拉美裔是美国选民结构当中一股正在增强的力量。Obama also scored huge victory margins with African-American voters and Asian-Americans.Norman Ornstein, political scholar at the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, told VOA's Press Conference USA program that Obama's success with minority voters bodes well for the Democratic Party in the future.  诺曼.奥恩斯坦是在华盛顿的“美国企业研究所”的政治学者。奥恩斯坦在美国之音的“美国记者会”节目上说,奥巴马在少数族裔当中的成功,预告了民主党的美好未来。"Hispanics have moved up to be about eight percent [of the electorate] and Asian-Americans about six percent," he said. "And it turns out that all three groups [including African-Americans] are voting very substantially for Democrats. If that continues, given what we know about our population trends, we are going to have a problem for Republicans. And it is a problem that, let's face it, on the Hispanic front was exacerbated by some of the rhetoric on the immigration issue." 他说:“拉美裔选民目前已经上升到选民总数的百分之八,亚裔也上升到百分之六。这次选举的结果是,包括非洲裔、拉美裔和亚裔在内的三个少数族裔,大多数投的都是民主党的票。如果这个趋势继续下去的话,再加上我们已知的美国人口构成的走向,共和党将来肯定会有问题的。对拉美裔来讲,坦率地说,共和党在移民问题上的立场,是一大问题。”Ornstein says that Obama also overwhelmingly won younger voters, giving the Democrats another advantage as they look ahead to future elections. 奥恩斯坦表示,绝大多数年青选民,也把票投给了奥巴马;这样一来,民主党的前景就很可观。"But these younger voters voted en masse for Barack Obama," he said. "And if you are looking to the future, if you capture younger voters and you can hold them at all, there is a chance that you will capture them for a lifetime. That is the best way to build an enduring majority party."Some Democrats see Obama's sweeping victory as a left of center political mandate for the party, given the party's expanded majorities in Congress as well. 这次奥巴马大胜、而且民主党在国会里的多数党地位也更加牢固,一些民主党人认为,民主党下一步的政策方向应该是中间偏左。"I think it is a mandate that the political class in this country has an obligation to young people in this country to stop fighting over stuff that might have been a big issue 25 years ago, but it isn't any more," he said. "There are a lot of things that have to be done here." 民主党全国委员会主席迪恩说:“全国上下的政界人士都应该意识到,25年前争执不休的一些问题,对现在的年轻人来说,已经不是问题了,也不应该再争了。眼下要做的事有很多。”Predictably, most Republicans scoff at the notion that Obama and the Democrats have won a political mandate."What has changed since 2004 is not the national philosophy, but the national mood," said Mike Duncan, chairman of the Republican National Committee. "President-elect Obama leads a center-left party. But he now must govern a center-right nation." 邓肯是共和党全国委员会的主席。他说:“2004年以后,我们所目睹的变化不是美国社会思想的变化,而是人们情绪上的一种变化。新当选的总统奥巴马所领导的是一个中间偏左的政党,他面临的挑战是,必须要领导一个中间偏右的国家。”Obama also did better with white voters, religious voters, especially Catholics, and suburban voters than Democrat John Kerry did four years ago. He also demonstrated an ability to attract support from upscale college-educated voters. 和民主党2004年推举出来的总统候选人约翰·克里相比,奥巴马这次在白人选民、信奉宗教的选民、尤其是天主教徒、以及那些住在大城市周围的选民当中,都获得了更多的选票。与此同时,受过高等教育的阶层,这次也都大力持奥巴马。Winning over moderate suburbanites helped Obama win southern states like Florida, Virginia and North Carolina, and competitive states in the Midwest like Ohio and Indiana. 奥巴马在大城市周围那些温和派选民当中的持率,这次帮助他赢得了美国南部和中西部一些关键州的选票,这其中包括佛罗里达、维吉尼亚、北卡罗来纳、俄亥俄、以及印第安纳。200811/55627Premature and low birth weight babies are surviving as never before, thanks to treatments available in neonatal intensive care units. That's mainly true in rich countries. But a new study suggests that these high-tech, high-intensity hospital services make economic sense in middle-income countries, too.新生儿重症监护室的医护措施使现在早产儿和体重过轻新生儿的存活率比以往大幅度提高。这主要是在富裕国家的情况。但一项新的研究认为,这种高科技的重症监护务,中等收入国家在经济上也是行得通的。The often amazing results from neonatal intensive care comes at a hefty price in rich countries — doctor and hospital bills often climb into the tens of thousands of dollars, or more.在富裕国家里,新生儿重症监护的效果令人称奇,但往往伴随高额费用。来自医生和医院的账单,经常高达数万美元,甚至更多。Medical care is cheaper in countries like Mexico, but people have less money, and there are many other competing medical needs.在墨西哥等国家,看病吃药虽然便宜一些,但人们口袋里的钱也比较少。而且,还有许多其它迫切的医疗需求。So Joshua Salomon of the Harvard School of Public Health and his colleagues analyzed the costs and results of neonatal intensive care in Mexico. Using government data, they factored in the costs of medical care plus the costs of taking care of babies who survived with mental or physical disabilities against the value of longer life for babies who might not otherwise have survived. 哈佛大学公共卫生学院的乔舒亚·萨洛蒙教授和他的同事们分析了墨西哥新生儿重症监护的费用和成效。他们根据政府的资料,计算医疗费用加上有心理或生理残疾的婴儿日后的医护费用,然后将这笔钱与因此存活下来的婴儿的较长寿命的价值相比。Salomon says they concluded neonatal intensive care is a very good investment.萨洛蒙说,他们的结论是,新生儿重症监护是一笔非常好的投资。201012/121608Beating biological clock Many women are turning to a controversial procedure to help them have children later in life "...how urgent, she’s like, I knew nothing…"On a weekly health and fitness radio show, Monica Adams talks to women about everything from spa treatments to sex. "... talk about facials, I had caviar facial." But her fast-paced career includes three other jobs: a personal trainer, wellness advocate and morning traffic reporter. "Well, For the most part, you are gonna get there on all highways but 70.""Even though I love my career, that’s been the downfall."Because at the age 37, she’s still single, but y to have a baby. "Ideally, I would like to have two.” As one of a growing number of women waiting until their mid-to-late 30s to have children, Monica decided to find out what her chances are of conceiving. "You are losing eggs, a thousand a month or about 13,000 a year." Doctor Sherman Silber runs the infertility clinic of St. Louis where he specializes in freezing women’s eggs. "The slam-dunk thing to do is just to freeze your eggs and nothing twice about it."The latest science called “vitrification” allows extracted eggs to freeze much faster which Dr. Silber says improves their quality considerably. "There’s absolutely no difference. So we could freeze a 20-year-old’s eggs and twenty years later we could thaw them, do IVF with them and she has a pregnancy rate of a 20-year-old. " But the procedure is not without controversy. The American Society for Reproductive Medicine still considers egg freezing an experimental procedure because of limited research. "For that reason, it doesn’t feel that it should be offered or marketed to healthy young women as a means to avoid the consequences of advancing age.” The society does support egg-freezing in cases where it’s medically necessary. "It’s the ultimate gift of life." Diagnosed with breast cancer last year at the age of 20, Melita Ramic ran the risk of becoming infertile from her chemotherapy treatments. When her cancer sp, she needed her ovaries removed to help her survive. "So now it is about to expose the other ovary and fallopian tube.""I might not plan to have kids right at this point of my life. But you have to take into consideration your future partner."Today at least sixty healthy babies have been born in the U.S. using the updated egg-freezing technology. Critics consider that number too low to guarantee success and encourage extensive counseling before women decide to freeze their eggs. Jamie Colby, Fox News. facial: A treatment for the face, usually consisting of a massage and the application of cosmetic creams caviar facial: 鱼子酱面部护理 slam-dunk thing: 铁定的事,板上钉钉的事 vitrification: 玻璃化,透明化 IVF: In Vitro Fertilization, 试管婴儿 chemotherapy treatment: 化疗 ovary: 卵巢 fallopian tube: 输卵管03/63768

Toyota's jobless The global economic slowdown hits Toyota City's people hard. CNN's Kyung Lah reports。They keep coming, one after the other, all in the same situation, fired because of Toyota's cutbacks. Toyota City Japan is seeing historic heights in unemployment. The city's job center stretches to its limits. “All we can do is just focus on doing our best for them one by one.” says the head of the job center, cause think about all of them is overwhelming.Live it like Cecelia Kobashigawa and it's even worse. “Scary”, she says, “and difficult, very difficult”. Kobashigawa's two children are in high school and she needs to support them. But in this one company town that's firing, not hiring, she doesn't feel much hope, neither do her four friends, all fired last December from the same Toyota subsidiary. This married couple, immigrants from Brazil, never thought they would both get fired on the same day. "It's tough”, he says, “We may have to move back to Brazil.”This area is home to Japan's highest unemployment rate. According to this job center, last December, the number of unemployed people looking for a job jumped by 120%. At the same time period, the number of jobs available fell by 50%. More unemployed people, fewer jobs available for them." Huge percent down --90% down..down" That's how much Toyota City is losing in corporate taxes all due to Toyota's losses. Toyota City's Finance Division calls this ‘the Toyota's Shock’-- a seismic event breaking the city's financial books. “We've never experienced the loss like this,” he says. It's straining public services and worrying the jobless. Kobashigawa says her day at the job center came up empty. “All you can do is hope the economy gets better”, she says, for her sake, for her family, and everyone she knows.Kyung Lah, CNN, Toyota City, Japan.词汇注释:1. cutback 缩减 减产 2. Toyota City Toyota City is a city located in the Mikawa region of Aichi, Japan3. company town 企业生活区 4. corporate tax n.公司税 5. seismic 震撼世界的 地震的 6. financial books 财务帐簿 7. public services n.公共事业 公用设施, 公共务 08/81430The IMF国际货币基金组织Time for a change变革时机Why a euro-zone finance minister, even a talented one, should not lead the IMF 为什么欧元区财政部长,即使才能卓越,也不应该担任IMF总裁OFFICIALLY the search for a new head of the IMF, to replace Dominique Strauss-Kahn, who awaits trial on charges of sexual assault, has barely begun. The fund’s member governments have until June 10th to propose candidates, after which a shortlist will be drawn up. But in practice the race seems all but over. That is because European countries, which hold over a third of the votes on the IMF’s board, have rallied around a single contender: France’s finance minister, Christine Lagarde. 为取代因性侵犯指控而等待审判的多米尼克斯特劳斯卡恩,官方物色卡恩继任者的程序已然启动。基金组织成员国必须在6月10日前提交其候选人,最终形成一份总候选人名单。但实际上,这场竞争似乎已经结束。由于在IMF董事会有三分之一投票权的欧洲国家已经联合起来持他们的单一候选人:法国财长,克里斯蒂娜·拉加德(Christine Lagarde)。In contrast, emerging economies, which have long argued that the fund should have a non-European boss, have so far conspicuously failed to fix on an alternative candidate. The Americans, kingmakers in this contest, have said little in public but in private seem happy with Ms Lagarde, not least because they hope to keep both the deputy’s job at the fund and the presidency of the World Bank. Barring embarrassments, one French politician is likely to succeed another.相比之下,新兴经济体国家一直认为基金组织总裁应该由欧洲以外的人担任,但至今他们也没确定一位适合的候选人。在这场竞争中有决定权的美国人,在公开场合虽未说什么,但私下却似乎愿意拉加德当选。重要的是,他们希望将IMF副手和世界的总裁职位都由美国人担任。除了局面尴尬,竞争结局很可能是两名法国政客间的接替。201106/138737O^#dC502ZWK!po+H|w2LTD^b2VW+VtqsSay what you want, but Steve Jobs was the guy who envisioned a computer on every desk, and ear bud in every year and a device that would take multitasking to a whole new level. He didnt just envision. He made it happened.6g.8y|rffryqO1,mmAnd we are calling it iPhone.HusuC|)tF);)+%A3He was about humanizing technology in a way that make it extraordinarily easy and was an absolutely joy and pleasure to use.N(Yr^40MHFHis gut instinct was his genius. Its absolutely unteachable.bFH|_XU)#1~~2@IWVmiIts rare when someone can affect your life in such a personal way and you dont know them at all.lY-+TCUjk+uiMQ_|wqfGenius is not about making complicated things. Its about making complicated things very simply.W^ltuv~6a~QMaking things simple and beautiful, thats was genius of Steve Jobs from the very start.CT_fkmwXr-A_He 一般人都会说出需求,但是史蒂夫;乔布斯把计算机放到了每张办公桌上,他就是这种有奇思妙想的家伙to[Z6m8cCFuCP[h。每一年,一种全新水准的多处理设备就会问世[#%ILCfmFkI)G。他不只是想象Jo7G20n;0aiXX51。他使梦想成真yqIlbIk#uM。我们称这个艺术品为iPhone_3q3)QD4a%~gYVXW@。他的以人为本的技术,使它不仅极其容易使用,而且也绝对能够给使用者带来使用的一种享受于愉悦ULTsj|.@_(iY8Aonu。他的本能就是他的天才wSefRT6(;Y[ph。这绝对是无师自通|%wWN.GNI0。当有人会以这样一种个人方式影响你的生活而和你却无动于衷简直是世所罕见LF8ZIDifG]md4BWdxI。天才不会把事情搞复杂UAbmr3iEHqnKb#uM3.]K。天才只会化繁为简fYJ#KJ+#@MK-,Zo.Y。把事情做简单,让事物更美好,这就是史蒂夫;乔布斯的天才哲学#-AMDcRlIWOLDSn_8xs%。tE+lLN8,~E9TR+@mjs,@~NGbg4[uDxHLrF@Pt9d201111/161014

China中国Off the rails?脱轨?High-speed trains might be forced to go a little more slowly 高铁可能被迫开慢一点Mar 31st 2011 | BEIJING | from the print edition CHINA’s high-speed rail network is probably the world’s most ambitious public-works project, a 21st-century equivalent of America’s Interstate highway system. Officials crow at each new speed milestone and each dramatic reduction in intercity-travel times. But after the disgrace and sacking of the railways minister and a series of other corruption investigations, the construction of the system itself may be shunted onto the slow track.中国的高速铁路网可能是世界上最雄心勃勃的公共工程项目: 21世纪中国版的‘美国州际公路’。官员们对每一个新的速度里程碑和每一次城市间交通时间大幅减少而洋洋自得。铁道部部长的丑闻和撤职被曝光以及一系列其他的腐败调查之后,该系统自身的建设或许要减慢下来。In 2008 China had only 649km of high-speed railway. It now has nearly 8,400km, four times as much as the next-largest network (Japan’s). The total will approach 19,000km by 2014, according to analysts at UBS, a Swiss bank (see map). That would be ten times as extensive as Japan’s. China is also adding copious amounts of traditional track and upgrading lines, mostly intended for freight. Estimates for the bill range from 0 billion to 0 billion in today’s money—comparable to America’s interstate system, which cost over 0 billion in 2006 dollars. 2008年中国高铁里程仅为649千米,现已建成近8400千米高速铁路网,是排名其后的日本的四倍。根据瑞银分析指出,2014年中国高铁总里程将达19000千米(见地图)。那将是日本现在里程数的10倍之多。中国还给传统的轨道和升级了的线路增加了充裕的资金,大部分为货运做准备。用现今汇率计算,估计开的范围在五千三百亿美元至七千五百亿美元之间---可与美国州际公路系统相媲美,其用2006年的钱来算花费了4000多亿美元。201107/145947How do you like a behind-the-scenes look at one of the nature's most luxurious full service, hippos' spas.Our dominant male hippo customer has aly arrived here at the Mezima Spring in Kenya, Africa. The carp goes right to work. It uses its wide, vast big mouth to scour the hippo's hide. The hippo gets squeaky clean skin, and the fish gets a rich buffet of dead skin, algae and parasites.How about that tail that looks kind of like a toilet brush, the cichlid fish takes care of that. Now how about, well, how can I say this discreetly, the hippo's hindquarters, where the hippo produces hippo dung. The barbel fish eagerly dives in here, especially when the hippo was in dung production mode. The barbel is so eager for what the hippo is trying to get rid of that they will race after him like an autograph seeker chasing a rock star.Finally,the hippo opens its mouth, home of the good stuff. And fish rush in like hungry shoppers at a half-off big sale.The hippo was enjoying the full treatment, and after it's done, enjoys a relaxing yawn of relief. 200810/53003Ten years ago, the ed States homeland came under attack. Islamic terrorists flew hijacked passenger planes into the two World Trade Center towers in New York and another into the Pentagon outside of Washington, D.C. A fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania. Sunday, family members attended a 10-year anniversary memorial service, where they were the first to tour the 6.5-hectare site on the original World Trade Center location.星期日,在9/11恐怖袭击10周年之际,恐怖袭击死难者的家人在纽约世贸中心原址参加了纪念仪式。他们是26公顷的世贸中心旧址的第一批参观者。Dawn over New York City. Gorgeous. And, promising. Just like it was 10 years ago until terrorists interrupted a sunny September morning. Family members gathered at the same spot where their loved ones died. 纽约市的清晨,天空晴朗,预兆吉祥。10年前的那天也是这样开始,直到恐怖分子打破了阳光明媚的九月天。死难者家属就在这处地点失去了亲人。At 8:46 a.m. there was silence to remember when the first plane struck the World Trade Center's North Tower. 早晨8点46分是默哀时刻。第一架飞机在此刻撞入世贸中心北塔。President Barack Obama a psalm from the Bible.奥巴马总统朗读圣经诗篇。"Therefore, we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea."他念道:“地虽改变,山虽摇动到海心,我们也不害怕。”Then, family members and friends started ing the long list of victims.接下来,死难者家属一一宣读亲人的姓名。At 9:03 a.m., silence again to mark the moment when the second plane hit the South Tower.9点03分,又一个默哀时刻。第二架飞机在此刻撞入世贸中心南塔。The was more silence for when the third plane hit the Pentagon, the South Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed, the fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania and when the North Tower collapsed. 一次又一次的默哀:第三架飞机撞入五角大楼--南塔倒塌--第四架飞机在宾州坠毁--北塔倒塌。Security was tight because of a new terrorist threat. Streets were closed. Police lined the sidewalks. 由于新的恐怖威胁,周年日戒备森严。街道被封闭。人行道上警察林立。201109/153502

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